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RE: Zooka and Gun Enhancements

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4/20/2011 20:20:01   
Light Stridr


They are blind and/or don't even test play the game they develop, and really need to re-establish their priorities.

Fixed to get the meaning across.

But really, just remove enhancements altogether, along with introducing 2v1, actually closing the gap between F2P and P2P.
Or do what I said earlier: call ED P2P and spare us what I can predict to be the black hole in AE.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 126
4/20/2011 20:35:37   

^I agree kill enhancements. But this is a money game......
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 127
4/20/2011 20:48:30   

I've had enough these greedy developers know nothing about this game! The game was already bloody balanced by the previous update! Now stop breaking promises and stealing money from us. Why don't you atleast implement a subtle marketing strategy unlike "more enhancements" and "more enhancements". Yes I buy varium and am doing good financially, but I dont want to throw away money on a game like this! I quit AQW to play ED because I preferred the gameplay and the well designed weapons, but now since beta ended and enhancements were introduced this game is going down the wrong path. Keep the players happy, they will buy varium.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 128
4/20/2011 21:09:20   
Spectating from the Sidelines

All the staff do is try to make things better for YOU. Shame that you guys flame and troll them so much.
I repeat. IF YOU THINK THIS GAME IS TO MUCH MONEY THEN DONT PAY! YOU CAN STILL MANAGE AND PLAY THE GAME! If you hate this game so much, and honestly dont want to play anymore, then why do you bother? Nightwraith has said PLENTY of times before, quitting is as simple as closing your browser.

I dont understand how anyone in their mind could EVER talk like you just did.

If both Titan and Nightwraith really didn't want to make things for us, there would be no EpicDuel, and everything you are trolling at and flaming at now would not be here. Im also probably older than you. Young people also have the ability to see things differently than a person who has fogged his mind with things preventing him/her from seeing the full perspective.

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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 129
4/20/2011 21:11:40   

^ No they don't Practel. It's a shame you think you know everything, listen to those older than you because they have more experience in the world. There's a reason why there are restrictions placed on teenagers and kids...

EDIT: I've seen you on youtube so I'm aware of your age.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 130
4/20/2011 21:22:43   

Credit price reduction of 40% for all enhancement is a good idea, why not make it an epic idea and do a 50% reduction.

Varium prices are so high, we need a reduction, +10 should cost 1000 maximum, and since the new item do not last long before a better item come, the cost of enchantment should go down a lot. (at 1000 it would still be a huge cost).

I don't see why we need new enhancement on gun & bazooka, it will let varium user (me) get even more of and advantage over free player, even with the reduction in credit cost, they need to enchant more item, and enchant new item they buy so they will always be behind and short on credit.

If we have new GUN and Bazooka enhancement please make it modest 2 or 3 each. (you need to enchant most of your gun & zooka to use a varitey of build to not get bored to death).
So this increase the cost of playing the game by a lot, I'm a varium user and always short on credit, (even more than varium).

Varium item should cost 0 credit.

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Post #: 131
4/20/2011 21:28:31   
One Winged Angel1357

Prac ive seen you play both sides of the line pls pick a side

Anyway Shad that is a novel way of thinking about it(even though you had to state it twice in this thread for people to finally take note of it) But i dont see why people cant be smarter about it and use the enhancements to cover there weakness insted of just adding max STR to all of there gear for a spam build
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 132
4/20/2011 22:27:43   

Epic  Post #: 133
4/20/2011 22:36:29   

crap that means ill have to waste my credits -.-
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 134
4/20/2011 23:10:38   

Apparently this is good news to the people that spends LOADS on varium. I can't believe there's actually people in this game tyt have the best gear and buy loads of varium yet they dont even have warlord :/
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 135
4/20/2011 23:14:18   

ikr lmao.
tons of rich kids in here but they dont even have 5k wins.

on topic:
well this cant be completely bad.
hopefully they fix the credit prices.
AQW Epic  Post #: 136
4/21/2011 3:15:47   
Buffy A. Summers

Shadronica writes:

"Hmmm. I find that this update a little conflicting. The more stats we apply the more we get nerfed right? But we can buy more stats ...

In effect one part of the update is going to cancel other parts of the balance updates. What is the point?"

They Took Away Our Stat Points, So We Pay To Add More...But Yet, Are Still Not As "Powerful" As We Were Before.

This Is Insane.


That's All They Care About.

Not The Players (Customers) Or The "Good" Of The Game

AQW Epic  Post #: 137
4/21/2011 3:28:15   

There are 2 pretty big problems here:
1/ % skills will be too powerful now
2/ Varium cost for Enhancements will be too high
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 138
4/21/2011 4:15:40   
King FrostLich

Credit cost enhancements should now decrease for this.....oh and now I gonna waste alot of CREDITS and my last 100 varium :D. MY NPC build will be more overpowered than before now :D.

< Message edited by FrostLich -- 4/21/2011 4:16:19 >
Epic  Post #: 139
4/21/2011 4:17:43   

they are cancelling their own update ...


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 140
4/21/2011 4:24:36   
King FrostLich


No they aren't I want this update so much T_T.
Epic  Post #: 141
4/21/2011 4:38:34   

I always thought that Armour and Primary enchancements was too much. Now Sidearms and Aux??? What next??? I feel like quitting.

Epicduel is definately desperate for money.
Epic  Post #: 142
4/21/2011 4:58:40   

What gave the need for Gun and Aux Enhancements? Aren't the Armor and Primary ones enough?

Non-Var Players are sooo dead. 40+ Gap between F2P and Var Players? NOT GOOD!

Like me.

IF you want to cap AS and other stuff, why not just cap Damage per Turn at 35 or something?

Or just Cap da skill. :/

< Message edited by drinde -- 4/21/2011 5:06:57 >
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 143
4/21/2011 4:59:44   
Buffy A. Summers


What Makes It Worse Is That They Did This "Stats Adjustment" To Further 'Sell' The Need To Enhance Guns & Auxes.

Purposely Adjusting The Stats System To Set Up 'Forcing' Players To Have To Spend Insane Amounts Of Credits And Varium To Fully Enhance Yet Again.

Most Players Use More Than 1 Gun And Aux. And Will Not Only Enhance Their 2 Or 3 Best But The Next 2 Or 3 Guns/Auxes They Buy. This Is Meant to Drain Players Of Their Real Life Money.

And Still No Varium Buy Back At All! LOL


The Gap Between Varium And Non Varium Will Widen Yet Again...As "Rares" Have More Slots To Enhance. Therefor Defeating Their Purpose Of The Recent Stat Adjustment...

Unless That Purpose Was To MAKE MORE MONEY!

What A Joke ED Has Become!

Off Topic ~ Fame Was The Begining OF The End.

It Really Was A Last Gasp Desperate Act To Keep The Game And It's Players "Busy" And Distracted From The Lack Of Prior Promises And Actual Game Improvement.

Their Number One Concern Is Making Money. Many Players Can See That Very Clearly Now More Than Ever.


Vick Vega Wrote:

"Ok so you nerf stats to be basically pointless at high levels and then you're going to sell stats for aux and gun? Ummmm?

Or here is a better enigma. You dumbed everyone down stat whise, now you nerf skills thus weakening everyone and sell stats to make us pay to compensate for losses that were inflicted by you? Wow. Clap Clap Clap....

It would be like AQW saying "Everyone is way to strong and defeating bosses too easily so we are going to lower attack by 5 to "balance" the game. But guess what guys! Super $50 sale on +5 attack at the cash shop!!! "

~ I Could Not Have Said It Better Myself!

< Message edited by Buffy A. Summers -- 4/21/2011 5:14:20 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 144
4/21/2011 5:15:12   
Fay Beeee

Why not just wait, see exactly what comes with the update, see how if affects you/all and then debate it?

I always think that to debate before the update is like (for example) counting how many currants you have in a bun before it is even made.

But then this is just my view on things.


Epic  Post #: 145
4/21/2011 5:16:40   

^ I'll start complaining on Friday then :D
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 146
4/21/2011 5:22:14   
Fay Beeee

You mean giving constructive criticism. :)
Epic  Post #: 147
4/21/2011 5:23:20   

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 148
4/21/2011 5:26:59   

constructive complaining FTW! :)

< Message edited by jegaggin -- 4/21/2011 5:29:20 >


AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 149
4/21/2011 5:37:23   
Buffy A. Summers

TITAN Writes:

"I want to clarify a few points:
1. The addition of diminishing returns on skill improvement will primarily affect those players that have created one-way stat builds (like a Mercenary that invests 120 points in Support to perform an unblockable Artillery Strike) "

This Is Yet Another Lie...Case In Point... I Had A +5 Focus Build That Was A Bit Heavy On Dexterity. Low HP And Low EP. Not A "one-way stat build" In Any Sense. It Was VERY "Balanced".

My Entire Build Was Nerfed. My Attacks Were Weaker (Strike,Gun,Aux) And My Defense Was Lowered (Physical).

NOW... I Have To "PAY" To Fully Enhance My Gun And Aux To Come Close To The Same Stats I Had Before (But Still Less, I'm Sure Do To The Stats "Cap").

TITAN Writes:

"We are really trying hard to create a game that's fun, balanced, and fair for all."

Why Don't You Say The Truth For ONCE?

~ We are really trying hard to create a game that makes players spend as much money as possible to play.

That Would Be More Accurate.
AQW Epic  Post #: 150
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