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The Bizarre Flecks: Mostly Harmful

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4/23/2011 18:32:04   

Bizarre Flecks: Mostly Harmful

Location: Travel Map > Bizarre Flecks > 6: Mostly Harmless!

Falerin was killed by Seth Cay Dhows- a name that, like much of Dhows' actions has been a lie. All that is known for sure he is a shadowy figure with unknown motives, and that his past apparently involved taking the place of the being who was known to our Lore as the Mysterious stranger, and altering the position as he fit. Somehow Dhows appears to have replaced him completely throughout the timeline of our Lore's history, without actually damaging that timeline. Falerin has now rreturned to the world of the living... but in fragments. The fragment in control of his body has been nursed on the poison that Dhows has spewed... And the others? Well, things are going to get very interesting...

*You may skip the cutscenes at any time.*

*Scene: Outer Space*

In the depths of Nothingness...

???: whaaaaaat doooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuu waaaaaant oooooooof meeeeeeeeeee shaaaaaaaaaaadow
Dhows: Oh, it is not what I want of you that brings me here... but the pieces are almost in place for what it is you want of me...
???: whaaat cooould I pooossibly waaannnt of youuu whooo awaaakeeens meee aaand distuuuurbs myy reeest...
Dhows: You can never fully rest, though... you dream, do you not?
???: I dreeam... I dream such hoorrible dreams.
Dhows: And you have been forgotten, lost, while Lore moves on you are not even the shadow of a memory.
???: They would not...
Dhows: Forgotten... no, worse... IGNORED... Your work, and life, are meaningless...
???: Meaningless?
Dhows: The very fabric of your being has been unraveled by changing time. Uncreation would be kinder, for at least in that there is forgetfulness...
???: You lie!
Dhows: Must I draw you of all people a map? Even named as you are? So be it! I can prove otherwise... do you wish to see? I warn you, it will be most unpleasant.
???: Show me...

*The scene transforms from Outer Space to Darkovia*

Somewhere between Darkovia and Battleon- Our own Lore

Ardendor: They appear to be stabilized, but they still need to be tested and…
Dhows: Yes, yes. I understand the importance of your study.
Dhows: But the window is small…
Dhows: I do not wish to interrupt you, pupil, but it iis necessary that the flecks be obtained quickly.
Ardendor: For what?
Dhows: I wish to reassemble myself, and hopefully in doing so learn how we might reassemble you “correctly” and also to restore another to aid us.
Ardendor: Dude… why do I need those other pieces? I feel awesome already… and who needs another person to cramp our style?
Dhows: I do, you insufferable idiot!
Ardendor: Uh…

The Depths of Limbo / The Void

*Scene shifts back to Outer Space.*

Dhows: Your directions are near complete. I can see you grow more apprehensive already… but there is a bit more…
???: What more…
Dhows: The final proof… of your being forgotten.
???: What proof…
Dhows: Ryuusei Cartwright has returned. Not once, mind you, but twice over!
???: Cartwright’s analogs are not my concern…
Dhows: Oh, but one of the two is your original… there can be no doubt whatsoever… You took your enemies here to prevent such a thing, didn’t you…
???: …yes …
Dhows: I thought so…
???: His escaping death does not explain…
Dhows: You also anticipated them coming to get you… or your body at least. They did nothing of the sort. INSTEAD the Lorians work WITH both Cartwrights.
Dhows: They save his progeny… even the Caelestians answer to his beck and call…
???: Show me…

*The scene morphs back to Darkovia.*

Dhows: It is necessary that we remove our limits, without your other fragments disrupting the process…
Ardendor: Whatever… just let me secure my roaming experiments, and…
Dhows: Never mind that… you stupid egret… I begin to regret saving you…
Ardendor: Whoa… how quickly the story changes.
Dhows: Falerin, I am sorry I yelled. My dear pupil, I realize the importance and value of the work, but we have no time…
Ardendor: But… they might run rampant…
Dhows: True… and that will slow down those who would impede us.
Ardendor: They could be pretty disruptive… buddy and that might draw us unwanted attention.
Dhows: But you said that you wished not to test them, did you not? Think of it as the ultimate experiment into their stability.
Dhows: The Lorians will have to go to war to clean up the mess and you and I are free to do our other work unimpeded…
Ardendor: Ahahahahah… I like it…
Dhows: Now are you ready to transport us?
Ardendor: Allons-y!

*Scene shifts back to Outer Space.*

Dhows: So you see… the very man you were lost to eliminate, they accept with open arms as an ally… while you remain lost…
Dhows: Maxwell, my friend… There can be no other conclusion…
Atlas Maxwell: What do you offer?
Dhows: Return and… vengeance… truth… and lies…
Atlast Maxwell: I accept.
Dhows: I thought you might…

Meanwhile, in some other version of Lore

*Scene changes to an alternate Battleon*

Minister Bree’ha: This world is another loss… their energy here seems to be based around joy and light. That is quite the opposite of our desire… we must try again. G’hup, stream me…
(on Radio) G’hup : Affirmative, Minister… Right away.

*Minister Bree’ha disappears.*

<You>: It’s bad enough that I’m getting nightmares, I just wish it wasn’t the same one every night…
<You>: And Dhows… why does it always have to be HIM? Though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that last stunt with the clock is giving me nightmares… but why now?
<You>: And why do I keep dreaming about him taunting us with a NEW clock?
Eldron: Because he is.
*Eldron moves in the scene.*
Eldron If you look up in the sky, you’ll see another clock.
<You>: … I really don’t want to, Eldron. If I don’t look, maybe it will go away.
Eldron: While that may work with some other things, this is not one of them. I presume you’ve been having the same dreams I have been hearing all about.
<You>: Yeah. Dhows. “Scramble and scratch all you like, as the headless chickens you truly are… there is nothing you can do… my plans cannot be stopped.”
Eldron: Unfortunately I bear bad news. His clock is counting down once again… and new monsters are stirring.
Eldron: They are re-elementized versions of Lore’s native monsters, and I sense Caelestian magic about their transformation.
Eldron: For this to happen now cannot be coincidence, and can mean only one thing: one of the splinters of Falerin’s consciousness has been subverted.
<You>: That is… very bad news.
Eldron: I suppose there ARE ways in which it could get worse, but--
<You>: --don’t. Just… stop right there. Whenever someone around here says “it could be worse,” IT GETS WORSE.
Cartwright: Astute.

*Cartwright enters.*

Cartwright: Astute, but too late. It’s worse.
Cartwright: There is uncreation energy gathering all around, and it is not my doing or any design of my Lord The`Galin. I, too, distrust coincidence.
<You>: …Is that clock still there?
Eldron: Yes.
<You>: Still counting down?
Cartwright: Yes.
<You>: Are those fires of attacking monsters on the horizon?
Cartwright and Eldron: Yes.
<You>: … Then I guess we have some work to do.


Mostly Harmful

Bizarre reversed-element creatures are running rampant throughout the continent... and according to Eldron, they're Falerin's handiwork! Well... part of him, anyway. And now Ryuusei Cartwright is suddenly detecting strange amounts of uncreation energy again... and Dhows is taunting Lore with a new countdown. What's his game this time?

  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    There is a glowing, ominous timer counting down to 12:00 AM, April 19 2011 April 20 2011, Tuesday.

    To Battle!

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • Cenara
  • Eldron
  • Artix
  • By yourself

    Regardless of choice,

    Optional Full Heal

    Stage 2
    After 600,000 waves (out of 840,000 waves; 71%) were defeated, it was adjusted back to 41% and unlocked a new mid-war cut scene.

    War Scroll
      One of the splinters of Falerin has made some very bizarre creatures, and now they\'re running amok causing havoc! In an effort to check their rampage you\'ve tracked them into the depths of Darkovia, even as Ryuusei Cartwright tries to track down this newest source of uncreation energy...

    *You can skip the cutscene at any time.*

    Somewhere in the Deep Void...

    *Scene: Outer Space.*

    Atlas Maxwell: How is it you are able to find me? ...To communicate with me at all?
    Dhows: I have known you longer than you have known yourself, Atlas Maxwell.
    Atlas Maxwell: Meaningless drivel. Answer me...
    Dhows: Tweet tweet tweet...
    Atlas Maxwell: ...I can leave... still...
    Dhows: When I arrived on your Lore from the realm of my origin--
    Atlas Maxwell: --Birth.
    Dhows: Origin. I was not "born," at least not by normal definitions of the term.
    Atlas Maxwell: Whatever.
    Dhows: When I arrived at this place I arrived outside of time and space. I entered Lore first not as it is, not as it was, not as it will be, but something beyond all of these.
    Atlas Maxwell: And?
    Dhows: I entered and I gravitated naturally toward power and strength.
    Atlas Maxwell: Power and strength?
    Dhows: Lore's powers had made several attempts to imbue aspects of themselves, both higher and lower, into the world. The prime orbs were one such attempt.
    Dhows: Another was the Avatars. Both had flaws, but both were used by all of Lore's powers, even the Johnny-Come-Latelies. Though not all employed Annunaki for the purpose.
    Atlas Maxwell: The Avatars...
    Dhows: The Avatars, of course, are avatars. You of all people realize the truth of that.
    Dhows: They are but one set, but those annunaki were sort of primal aspects of creation. Lore is elemental at its core, but other forces antedate the elements.
    Dhows: The annunaki took the names of those other things, even while they too needed to progress toward the elementalization.

    *Diviara, Cartwright, Ryuusei, Eldron, Cenara, Amilara, Gaiden and Twilly stand in Darkovia Forest.*

    Cartwright: There can be no doubt that I am detecting a growing level of uncreation energy. Something is going on.
    «You»: Uncreation energy? But from what?
    Cartwright: That, I do not know. It is outside of phase with our present timeline. The future possibly... or the past. Something is messing around with time.
    Ryuusei: It is my experience that all such effects are... ill-advised.
    Eldron: Generally speaking, I would concur. Chronomancy was banned on Caelestia for a long time for much that reason.
    Cartwright: Certain Network agents proposed that uncreation could be achieved via temporal manipulation, given that it is a temporal effect.
    Cartwright: But it was an experiment I never allowed during my tenure. As zealous as I may have been, I was no fool. Messing with time can affect countless things one does not anticipate.
    Cartwright: Oddly enough, however, this effect seems stable. As if...
    Ryuusei: As if done by someone who already exists outside of time.
    Eldron: If that's the case they are losing their isolation... and that could have untoward effects...
    Cenara: More untoward than these strange elemental creatures running arround everywhere?
    Cartwright: Potentially MUCH more untoward, young lady.
    Amilara: Then it needs to be stopped. These creatures are already effecting large portions of Lore.
    Amilara: Cagliari reports that the undead village in Greenguard is already under siege, and Brontus and Culak's relatives in Augerthorne report similiar problems.
    Gaiden Cartwright: Can we even be sure the two things are related?
    «You»: Of course they are. I never trust coincidence.
    «You»: Cartwright, can you find out where the uncreation is coming from and why? You're the expert. In the meantime...
    Twilly: Uh ohs...
    «You»: What is it, Twilly?
    Diviara: We appear to have incoming company... More of those odd elemental creatures.
    «You»: *Sigh* Like I was saying... In the meantime, I guess we battle on!

  • Fight!

    Stage 3
    After 600,000 waves (out of 840,000 waves; 82%) were defeated, it was adjusted back to 63% and unlocked a new mid-war cut scene.

    War Scroll
      Some unexpected help has revealed that the uncreation energy is emanating from Mount Thrall, so the race is on! Unfortunately Falerin's strange reversed-element creatures have stirred up the local fauna along your route. WHAT is going on up there, and what does this fragment of Falerin have to do with it?

    Somewhere in the Void...

    Atlas Maxwell: You certainly are pouring out your heart and taking a long time to tell me... nothing at all. You're babbling.
    Dhows: A song bird will sing its song, even when none are around to hear... Hoping that a mate might wander close enough to hear the call and enter the nest.
    Dhows: Besides, you still are less corporeal than we would like...
    Atlas Maxwell: Riiiiiight... so... you were saying?
    Dhows: The first being that I encountered in this world was not the being whose countenance I now adopt. I found him later in seeking one closer to my understanding.
    Atlas Maxwell: ...Meaning? What are you saying?
    Dhows: The first being I encountered tried to merge with me. It was Annunaki, and not just any Annunaki, either.
    Dhows: The first being I encounted was one of the Avatar.
    Dhows: But to merge with me proved... problematic to say the least. I tried to communicate and it had already been driven a bit mad. It would have been in any timeline, really.
    Dhows: In that time the Annunaki had a tendency to "number" things according to the Greek alphabet. It is why they called the manifestations of The`Galin Omega.
    Dhows: Which is an interesting tangent in itself. The`Galin cast Cartwright off. I am sure you gathered that.
    Dhows: But it seems it was just a ploy as, upon his return, Cartwright remains as Omega. It can be assumed safely, I think, that the entire scene was an act, a manipulation.
    Dhows: Where was I...
    Dhows: Oh yes... The Annunaki formed some very interesting legends around me and my "race." Not that I am certain that there have ever been others... only a multiplicity of me.
    Dhows: They said of my "race" that it antedated creation, which is true enough. The called the many me "Alpha" because I was supposed to be the first of the fallen universe.
    Dhows: Which is, likewise, true enough; I do come from a universe which preceded this one...
    Dhows: And I too was given a single Greek letter. I am sure you know it well, Atlas Maxwell. They called me Epsilon.
    Atlas Maxwell: Wait... Epsilon? THE Epsilon, the subject of Cartwright's N.O.V.A. program?! But... that's not possible!
    Dhows: The Network of Vesperian Agents, or N.O.V.A., as you call them, is just a small piece of The`Galin's larger network, Atlas Maxwell, my dear emu.
    Dhows: And since your departure, other arms of the Network have plagued the Lorian sector entirely... The Autarchs have arisen.
    Dhows: The Vesperians knew of me, created projects around me... planned to use me to their ends, even. Yet, in the end, it was they who were used, and they never truly understood me.
    Dhows: How could they hope to understand what does not even fully understand itself?
    Dhows: They created paradigms around me, but the future that they foresaw has ended, just as your own timeline was ended by the entry into the past and alteration there.
    Atlas Maxwell: You lie! You can't be the Epsilon! Epsilon was the man-made god!
    Dhows: Lie? LIE?! You foolish gosling! I never lie. Lies are an ineffective use of resources, when the masses so readily deceive themselves with their "truths."
    Atlas Maxwell: No... you can't be...
    Dhows: Oh, can't I? You seem quite sure. Many ARE man-made Atlas Maxwell... even most.
    Dhows: "Man" is also a term subject to interpretation and reinvention... just as I have been reinvented many, many times.
    Atlas Maxwell: ...What are you saying...
    Dhows: If you would stop your bird-brained twittering, you would know already, My would, universe, multiverse... suffered a great cataclysm, My creation was an after-effect of that calamity.
    Dhows: I was never "born," Atlas Maxwell, except in the sense of being born in blood and fire.
    Dhows: I was created by the apocalypse. So you see, I was indeed made by the hand of man.
    Dhows: Particularly disturbed agents of the Network, of course, twisted the story even further... as I intended.
    Dhows: Now... where were we before you rudely squawked you objections? Ah yes...
    Dhows: Eventually they turned, and we began killing off the other "Alpha"... which is to say, I was reabsorbing my pieces that were done with their job.
    Dhows: Those Annunaki were really quite insane, especially the first.
    Dhows: I just... finished the process off, rather strongly in that one. He tried to mimic me in all things, and even became convinced that it too was split, and tried to mimic my reassembly.
    Dhows: I think you know the one... it presently manifests in a form that even dresses as I currently do... more or less... black robes.
    Atlas Maxwell: You are saying that...
    Dhows: I am saying that it was you, yes. I am saying that is how I find you now. The first creature I saw was, but could not handle the, Truth...

    In Darkovia Forest, you are meeting with Diviara, Cartwright, Ryuusei, Eldron, Cenara, Twilly, Amilara, and Gaiden.

    Cartwright: No, it's not from here. There are strong traces here, but... it's somewhere else. It feels to be coming from many directions at once...
    Ryuusei: Where is it most concentrated? That could give a hint.
    Cartwright: I don't know... it is too diffuse. And while I studies Lorian cartography as a general, I am not certain that...
    «You»: There has to be some way to find out! Uncreation energy is not laughing matter!
    Cartwright: Well there is one way, I guess... since a Chosen asks... but I am not sure I dare...
    Diviara: Do it.
    Cartwright: Very well.

    Cartwright transforms into Omega

    Omega: My Lord, a favor is asked of us. A Chosen here asks where we might seek the source of this energy of Your uncreation.
    The'Galin: Ryuusei, my son... your apprehension is not merited. Several of our chosen ones gather. I grant you this boon of knowledge.

    Cartwright transforms back into himself

    «You»: Was that... the Devourer?!
    Diviara: It was... and had Cartwright not asked, I was about to. This is uncreation energy, after all.
    Ryuusei: So... where do we go?
    Cartwright: We go to Mount Thrall.
  • Fight!

    Stage 4
    After approximately 1,750,000 waves (93%) were defeated, it was adjusted back to 75% and unlocked a new mid-war cut scene.

    War Scroll
      The strange clock continues to tick as you near Mount Thrall, and an ominous sense of foreboding settles in across Lore. What is the source of the odd uncreation energies? ... More importantly, what is coming? Time to fight through the last of these reversed-element creatures and get to the bottom of this, once and for all!

    «Scene: The Near Void. Maxwell looks far more corporeal than previously.»

    Atlas Maxwell: Since you seem oddly inclined to disclose your life to me, I may as well ask what happened next.
    Dhows: I came next to Inilar and the city of Tjeli... I sought to communicate, but they understood not. They were warped and corrupted even further under my hand.
    Dhows: Later they were cast into the depths of the icy southern ocean... buried beneath tons of tundra and glaciers.
    Dhows: But at the center you can still see that city beneath.
    Atlas Maxwell: I have heard of the place. I have even heard its technology still functions, and it is quite hostile.
    Dhows: Oh... it does, and it is! But that is a discussion for another time.
    Dhows: Anyway... having twice failed to reach out and communicate safely, I set to find one like me. A shadow...
    Dhows: So next I encountered myself.
    Dhows: Outside of time I encountered myself... or, more properly, whom I now have been.
    Atlas Maxwell: You... stole his form...? Why...
    Dhows: Stole? What is this word, "stole"? I am not a thief! I stole NOTHING!
    Dhows: When I tried to speak to him, truthfully I found no shadow at all, only shade.
    Dhows: And exposed to my darkness he was strengthened, but exposed to my light he was obliterated.
    Atlas Maxwell: You... destroyed him.
    Dhows: He was destroyed... no, more than destroyed... by his nature and by mine.
    Dhows: His destruction occurred outside of time, as I entered from without it. This had the effect of... undoing his creation.
    Dhows: But his kin were "important." They would send others of their kind in time, but Time Itself demanded one be found to fill the role in time and space that he originally did.
    Dhows: ... and so, I took his place. I became him. As reality itself demanded of me.

    After the clock ran down to 0 and only 82% of the monsters had been defeated...

    «Scene: The Broken Guardian Tower of Battleon in Xitra Regeirk's Lore, where Minister Bree-Ha stands, regarding the last Fleck.»

    (on Radio) G'Hup: Uh... sir?
    Minister Bree-Ha: What is it?
    (on Radio) G'Hup: Stream failure, Minister. The power source blocks teleportation. We need to find a means of containing the energy first...

    «Dhows enters the scene.»

    Dhows: Minister Bree'Ha... how lovely to see you again...
    Minister Bree-Ha: ... Have we met?
    Dhows: Why, well, no, not as such, my dracomammalian friend, but I know all about you and your work for K'eld Naer... both within and without the Network.
    Minister Bree-Ha: I see.
    Dhows: I also am quite familiar with the matter you are dealing with... in fact, it is the result of Network action that it was created. There was a meteor storm many months ago...
    Minister Bree-Ha: Are... you saying that THIS is a Bizarre Fleck?
    Dhows: I am indeed... Xitra Regeirk attempted to use the Flecks at my behest, but I fear he was undone by the caprices of fate and his own lack of foresight.

    «Scene fades. New Scene: Mount Thrall»

    Scakk: Something's up...
    Saemic: ǝɥ sǝɯoɔ
    The Hollow: That one's talking even more odd than usual. What did he say, Scakk?
    Anna: Saemic?
    Saemic: eh semoc
    Scakk: WHO comes? Hmm, it will have to wait, we appear to have visitors.

    «Ryuusei, Cartwright, and «You» enter the scene»

    Anna: Both Cartwrights?
    The Hollow: ... Given our history, you have some nerve showing here.
    «You»: We have no time. We have dete...

    «Maxwell appears in the background.»

    «You»: Maxwell?! What are you...? How'd you get back? This is great, but I don't understand... what's going on?
    Cartwright: Careful! Someone has been whispering in his ears.
    «You»: ... DHOWS! Maxwell, you can't trust Dhows, he's a liar!
    Atlas Maxwell: I don't think so. He is among the only people that told me the truth. How could you ever forgive what Cartwright has done?! How could you work with an agent of The'Galin?!
    «You»: It's not that simple, Maxwell. Cartwright has helped...
    Atlas Maxwell: Is he... or is he not... the Omega, The'Galin's manifestation on Lore.
    «You»: ... Well, yes, but...
    Atlas Maxwell: Then I don't need to hear any more. Nothing will EVER convince me to forgive what he has done to me and mine. Epsilon was telling the truth.
    (Simultaneously) Cartwright: Epsilon?! «You»: Maxwell, please...
    Atlas Maxwell: Oh yes... the being you call Dhows is the Epsilon. Didn't you know Cartwright? Your people's plan shall be fulfilled at last!
    Cartwright: Our people considered Epsilon a god. We aided him... before we realized his nature.
    Ryuusei: You cannot trust the Epsilon, Atlas, he seeks to destroy the entire universe.
    Atlas Maxwell: An effort for which he will have my help. We shall kill the Avatar. Then we rebuild Lore in our image.
    Atlas Maxwell: Now, traitors... Stand and fight, or die like the treacherous scum you are. Vengeance is MINE.
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    The Hollow: Max, what's gotten into you?! You never would've--
    Saemic: He is here...

    «Dhows appears, translucent.»

    Dhows: Yes. I am here. Now then... would not what? What wouldn't Atlas Maxwell do, twittery canaries?
    (Simultaneously) Cartwright: So it was true. Dhows is the Epsilon. «You»: Dhows! What have you done to Maxwell?!
    Atlas Maxwell: Oh yes, it is true, Cartwright... and soon it will be Lore, and not just you and your stepfather, that is "Twain"... Heheh...
    Ryuusei: Was that supposed to be a clever pun?
    Cartwright: Clearly Dhows has had a bad influence on him.
    «You»: What have you done, Dhows?!
    Dhows: Done? Why... just shown my new friend the right light in which to view you and your new allies. Working with Omega? For shame... for shame...
    «You»: Ugh... so where is the uncreation energy coming from?
    Dhows: Soon it won't matter...
    Dhows: Soon I will collapse the boundaries of the elements and recreate this world after my own image.
    Cartwright: I do not think I will be allowing that; the Lord I serve has ordered this world spared.
    Cartwright: Even had he not, uncreation is one thing, but complete elemental annihilation is quite another. Reality itself would begin to unravel.
    Atlas Maxwell: And you think that you can stop us? Even aided as you are, the Avatar WILL die at my hand. I will become un-"Forsaken" by forcing all of the piece of the annunaki to recombine into one.
    Dhows: And then I will give Lore a gentle nudge... Without her Avatar, the elements will collapse, even more than these creatures.
    «You»: I don't think so, Dhows. Or Epsilon. Whatever name you use, we'll stop you.
    Dhows: The interview has ended, duckie. I am sick of your quacking. Maxwell, come along...
    Atlas Maxwell: Just a sec...
    Atlas Maxwell: You really shouldn't have left me behind... You should have found a way, whatever the cost, to save me. Anna, I will be coming back to see you. Count on me, daughter.
    Dhows: Time is of the essence, Atlas! Trade your familial barbs on your own time.
    Anna: Father, please...
    Dhows: Oh, it is far too late to plead, child...
    Scakk: We will stop you.
    Saemic: The annunaki never cooperate with oppressors.
    Dhows: Oh, but we know that's not true, young Cor-Dem... But say it enough and you may begin to believe it.
    The Hollow: Didn't even know for sure where you had teleported to with Smith.
    Atlas Maxwell: So then you should have used equipment from the ship.
    The Hollow: That's just it. Most was stolen by Network agents...
    Dhows: Are you going to accept excuses, Maxwell? I saved you where all others failed... Ignore this meaningless banter.
    Atlas Maxwell: Of course I'm not going to listen. They should have found a way. No effort should have been spared... I was worth that much.
    Dhows: Indeed... Now let us leave.
    «You»: You are being abused and deceived, Maxwell. Why can't you see it?
    Dhows: It is you who cannot see, Chosen.
    Atlas Maxwell: So you see, Ryuusei, your wishes shall be fulfilled after all... that you no longer wish them is irrelevant. I wonder... What is it Smith would say at a time like this?

    «Dhows transforms in to Agent Smith.»

    Agent Smith (Dhows): Oh yes...
    Agent Smith (Dhows): Hey baby. You can't blame me for feedin' the hate you created. I just take and use what was there.
    Agent Smith (Dhows): Now Atlas, baby, let's jet...
    «You»: That's... disturbing, Dhows. You should go into show business.

    «Agent Smith transforms back into Dhows.»

    Dhows: Maybe so. This curtain is just rising, birdie... count on it.

    «Dhows and Maxwell disappear.»

    «You»: That was a mess. How could Maxwell fall for such a thing?
    Ryuusei: Dhows must have been working on him in the Deep Void for too long. Remember, too, that vengeance is rarely rational...
    Cartwright: And he is Forsaken given new life. His soul, remember, was taken by Truth. He is not at all Maxwell as he lived.
    «You»: So now what...
    Cartwright: Now we warn the Avatar, and prepare for Dhows's next move...

    «Scene fades. New Scene: Alternate Battleon with Bree-Ha and Dhows again.»

    Minister Bree-Ha: Who are you?
    Dhows: I have been known by many names... the guise I wear on that Lore and another is in fact just that... a guise.
    Dhows: On Arturia I was known as St. Mohrred, on Caelestia I was known as Tholeon Webb, and for much of your Lore's history I took the name Seth Cay Dhows.
    Dhows: None are true names, for I have no such thing, but they will do well enough.
    Dhows: I can aid you in transporting the fleck; and indeed, in using the fleck. ... In exchange, that is, for two little favors...
    Minister Bree-Ha: That name... is known to me from my people's records. During my father's time, you posed as a priest in the forest well to the north of our region, did you not?
    Dhows: That I did.
    Minister Bree-Ha: You deceived the deities of Lore... that is quite impressive, Dhows...
    Dhows: I have many talents.
    Minister Bree-Ha: That I can imagine. What favors do you ask?
    Dhows: I have some unfinished business with this Lore that I would appreciate your Drakel expertise in completing...
    Dhows: And the only other request is that when we do leave, I am taken to your own Lore with you.
    Minister Bree-Ha: That seems reasonable, depending on the business you wish to complete. How else could you help me use the Flecks?
    Dhows: Precisely... also you were looking for someone who wanted vengeance, weren't you?
    Minister Bree-Ha: You seem very informed about my movements...
    Dhows: It is my nature to keep very informed.
    Minister Bree-Ha: I see... your information is correct on that matter.
    Dhows: Well I might have just what you need there as well...
    Harmful Lose

    Shop House Items:
  • Spider
  • Many Faces of Falerin
  • Reverse Shadow Wolf
  • Reverse Fiery Phoenix
  • Reverse FlibbitiestGibbest
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Quest entry help from BlacKitten25, Rhowena , ArchMagus Orodalf. Correctiopn thanks to Kalle29.

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    Stage 1
    Stage 2
    50% chance of fighting a Reversed monster; 50% chance of a Darkovian monster:
    Stage 3
    50% chance of fighting a Reversed monster; 50% chance of a forest monster:
    Stage 4
    2/3 chance of fighting a Reversed monster; 1/3 chance of a Mt. Thrall monster (hills/cave/mountain monsters, plus Devourer minions):

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  • Launch Special Mission!
    Mostly Harmful: Special Mission

    Falerin was killed by Seth Cay Dhows. He has returned to the world of the living... but in fragments. The fragment in control of his body has been nursed on the poison that Dhows has spewed... And the others? The other fragments have been scattered throughout the realms in which Falerin has been active. Falerin has been able to reassemble some of his fragments on his own, but with Dhows's continuing manipulations something must be done to restore Falerin fully, before Dhows can use the situation to his further advantage...

  • Continue

    «Scene: Falerin's Bier. Scene then zooms in on Ardendor's head. The eyes open.»

    Ardendor: Oh... what's this then?
    Ardendor: Hmm...
    Ardendor: Hmmm... but what am I... hmmm...

    «Scene zooms out, Ardendor gets up with a lit staff. He then teleports away. When only sparks remain, a fragment of Falerin on the right remains, speaking.»

    Falerin: Halt playback...
    Falerin: I keep coming back to this event... what am I missing? Abode, halt playback.
    Abode: You are being metaphorical, yes? I assume you mean other than pieces of yourself...
    Falerin: Dude?! Of course I am being metaphorical... Golly gee Case...
    Abode: I am not that analog, Fal. You know that...
    Falerin: Analog... Hmm. If I do not get myself together, I might fragment into analogs... That MIGHT be what he wants...
    Falerin: He is a false analog... so perhaps he wants to make one of me too...
    Abode: He does seem to want to make things in his own image. They would not be false analogs though, just fragmented pieces of yourself.
    Abode: Artificially created, perhaps, but you yourself have done that with magic before... as have others. They are no less real...
    Falerin: Well, right... but artificial or natural, it would be an analog under his influence. That cannot be tolerated. I need to figure out a way to remove the problem.
    Falerin: Nor can we tolerate his incursions into your workings.
    Abode: Perhaps play both sides against the "middle"? With Dhows as the unfortunate middle?
    Falerin: You mean grant access to Donovan and his camp too...
    Abode: Why not? He is no fonder of Dhows than Cenara. Their war is not our war, whatever the cause. You granted access to Cenara as a favor; why not extend that to him?
    Abode: More activity in the Hall will cast greater light on his involvement... Light drives out shadow...
    Falerin: Yes, but shadows also depend on light, and Dhows has been known to manipulate light very well indeed. Donovan is also very... misguided in the pursuit of his goals. Still...
    Falerin: ... The more open the Hall is to others, the harder it becomes for Dhows to hide within.
    Falerin: I think you have it right. Open access to the facility makes it much harder for him, at least, so long as we stay away from his own memories.
    Falerin: Eventually, we will need access to those memories as well, once I figure out how to exclude him. In the meantime, though...
    Falerin: In the meantime, I need someone to counter his whispering in my ears. I cannot do this alone... Fortunately, I think I know just the individual to smack some sense into me...

    «Scene fades as the ghostly Falerin moves upward. Scene: Isle d'Oriens, outside of Falerin's Domicile.»

    Falerin: Thank you for coming, «You». I realize things are a bit chaotic at the moment!
    «You»: Whoa, Falerin! You need to give a person more warning. And yes, the countryside is crawling with strangeness.
    Falerin: I am well aware. Unfortunately, I am also responsible for a good deal of it.
    «You»: That's what Eldron said...
    Falerin: I really need your advice.
    «You»: That's somewhat flipped around. First, tell me what you know...
    Falerin: Okay, but it's a long story...

    Several hours later...

    «You»: What a mess. Dhows must be stopped... I see what we need to do... we need to reintegrate you before HE tries...
    Falerin: Hmm... indeed, that seem a good idea... but it is easier said than done. I dunno if it's even possible.
    «You»: Like you said. Dhows is growing a more severe problem every day... We have to try something.
    Falerin: ... and he continues to influence me.
    «You»: Hmm. Your pieces... any idea where they are?
    Falerin: Scattered far and wide into the many worlds where I was active.
    «You»: Hmm... Hmm... maybe...
    «You»: Hmm... Hmm... I've got it!
    «You»: It is like Beleqwaya, so we need to gather them like we did Bele, too.
    Falerin: Hmm... that IS an idea!
    «You»: Though your pieces are not quite like his. They're more coherent, while his seemed like mere motes of light...
    Falerin: Not quite like his, no. But the process is similar enough. I will send you with a stone, like the one from my staff.
    «You»: It appears almost transparent.
    Falerin: As you gather pieces it will reassemble them and return to its original state.
    «You»: That's the idea! So... Where do I start?
    Falerin: My inner child...
    «You»: Inner child? You have an inner child?
    Falerin: Doesn't everyone? It is broken into two pieces, too, I am afraid... part of it was seen near Battleon, and the other is with my older pieces off-world, somewhere...
    «You»: Okay then...
    Falerin: And «You»...
    «You»: Yes?
    Falerin: Be careful...
    «You»: Careful? Of what? Of you? Why would you be a threat?
    Falerin: I was not the nicest as a younger man. I am the Caelestian god of evil for a reason... There is no telling how you might find me.
    «You»: Right, well I am off. See you in a bit.
    Falerin: Wait! There is... *sigh* Headstrong...
    Abode: I have heard that one about «You» before...
    Falerin: Aye, but there is something else I needed to tell «You». *sigh*
    Abode: And what is that?
    Falerin: My physical body does not appear to be on Lore anymore, either.

    «Scene fades. Ardendor and the Mysterious Stranger stand on a teleportation device on the Starship Centerprise

    Ardendor: Oops, this is not the world we were trying for. Why can't you do this yourself again?
    Dhows: I trapped a part of myself there purposefully already. This interferes with my ability to home in on it cleanly, as I already exist there. Besides, flecks remain near my prison.
    Ardendor: That's kind of weird dude. Locking up parts of yourself. Are you a lich or something?
    Dhows: No no, no-thing, nothing, at all like a Lich. We can discuss the particularities of my nonbeing being later, Ardendor.
    Ardendor: Right. So... Let's see...
    Ardendor: Uh...
    Ardendor: Something is interfering with my teleportation...
    Dhows: You are a deity. Do not be absurd. Quit fooling and teleport us!
    Dhows: I apologize, dove. There IS some powerful force moving this way... I can sense it.
    Ardendor: Yes. It's very strong. ... WAIT. "I"? You used an "I" statement!!!
    Ardendor: See, I TOLD you you had self identity!
    Ardendor: Now we just need to work on...
    Ardendor: Uh oh...
    Ardendor: It's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere...

    «E appears.»

    E: E, I finally have you, you renegade. You will be coming with me.
    Captain Turk: (on intercom) Slock, report to to Transporter room. We are detecting strangely high levels of "E"-lemental energy.
    Ardendor: ... E?
    E: Questions later. You come, Now!

    «E raises a hand and teleports himself and Ardendor away as Slock enters.»

    Dhows: Well, well, well...
    Dhows: This could make the game a bit more interesting...
    Mr. Slock: Interesting? Hey! That's my line! Just who are you, sir?
    Dhows: You can call me Ving.
    Captain Turk: (interrupting on intercom) What's going on, Slock?
    Mr. Slock: No, that's WHO, not what, Captain. Sensors say WHAT he is. He is a transelemental-transdimensional-shadow. Who is what is unknown.
    Mr. Slock: Ving? What sort of name for a shadow is Ving?
    Dhows: Well, it's Justel Ving, actually. Justel E. Ving, and that's my cue...
    Dhows: Definitely more interesting...

    «Dhows suddenly disappears.»

    Mr. Slock: Whoever that odd shadow was, he was not the source of the "E"-lemental energy, Captain. All traces are gone.

    «Scene fades. Scene: Battleon, where there is a bizarrely twisted version of Blackhawke.»

    «You»: Uh... hey... Er, Blackhawke... Do I even want to know what happened to you? And... you haven't seen a ghostly version of Falerin about here have you?
    Blackhawke: Falerin? Falerin?!? That crazy Caelestian IS what happened to me! I was minding my own business being my pleasant, kind, and unassuming self and he just went berserk.
    «You»: Hmm... that seems odd.
    Blackhawke: He went toward Aria's shop... "to play with the pets," he said. Be careful, he's absolutely nuts.

    «Scene: Aria's shop, where there is a much younger version (the hair is darker) of Falerin.»

    «You»: Hey, Aria. Is everything all right?
    Aria: Of course. Better than alright.
    «You»: Listen, Falerin.
    Fal: Call me Fal.
    «You»: Er... right...
    Aria: Is something wrong?
    «You»: It's just that... Blackhawke said Fal here had gone crazy.
    Fal: He said I went crazy? Ooh... that Blackhawke really burns me up.
    «You»: Well Falerin, why did you attack Blackhawke and then attach his head upside down? That wasn't very nice.
    Aria: He didn't attack him... he ran into him. Hans, Falerin, and I were playing Ghost Tag.
    Fal: I was the ghost.
    «You»: Naturally.
    Fal: But he interrupted our game of Tag to chase us out of the inn, and then... oooh...
    Fal: I am NOT crazy! He's just a grump... and he NEVER smiles. So I decided to turn his frown upside down. Now he ONLY smiles!
    «You»: A ha haha. Ha... well, you need to fix it anyway... you can't just reattach body parts as you see fit.
    Fal: Well... I guess not...
    «You»: Fal, I'm afraid that's not all I'm here for. You sent me here, actually...
    Fal: To gather up my pieces...
    «You»: That's right.
    Fal: Darn! Well, this is important, Aria... I better go. Thanks for playing with me and letting me hang out.
    Aria: Sure thing...
    Fal: Maybe I can come back some time and help... once I am more together.
    Aria: I would like that.
    «You»: Everything else alright, Aria? You seem distracted.
    Aria: Well, Falerin has been a real help around here. He even helped me muck out the stalls! It's just that...
    Fal: I love animals. They're SO much easier to understand than people.
    Aria: I know exactly what you mean... that's it exactly. *Sigh* It's Hans... I don't even know if he really likes me. He hasn't asked me out on another date, and it's been a long time!
    Fal: He does like you! I keep telling you! You need to ask him out again yourself rather than wait for him!
    «You»: I agree with Fal. Hans is a nice kid, but he is just a boy... and a nervous one at that.
    Aria: *sigh* You're probably right.
    Fal: We are right. ... I know! We can help... We will do something nice for you for Hans and give you a chance to ask him!
    «You»: Uh... we don't really have time for...
    Fal: You want me to get into that stone, come along, and help you to find my next piece, don't you?
    «You»: Yes, and to fix Blackhawke.
    Fal: Then we find the time to help.
    «You»: This is so turned on its head. First, Falerin is depending on me to give him advice...
    «You»: And next I am trying to fix Aria up with Hans.
    «You»: Well, where can I start?
    Aria: Yulgar asked him to deal with the BURP problem in the inn. Hans has been so busy with the WarpForce and things he hasn't had time to start.
    Aria: Maybe you could cut the problem down a bit.
    Aria: You can do that, right?
    Fal: Sure we can! Just call us the Caked Tubers of Porclen.
    «You»: You mean the Pied Piper of Hamlin?
    Fal: Of course not! If I had meant that crook, I would have said it! He ran off with all the gold, and the children! We're here to help Aria, not get her arrested for abduction!
    Fal: Hey, wait a sec... that's a Terran story. How do you know about it, anyway...
    «You»: Uh, probably something strange YOU said... plus we dealt with that Pied Burper before, too...
    Fal: Hmm... Probably, Lore is full of strange echoes, and Old Me is a real equilateral rectangle... Totally square! How did I ever grow up to be him, anyway...
  • Let's go!

    «Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

    Fal: You have incoming... and he looks quite hungry. You handle that, I will get these other ones...

    1 BATTLE: Starved BURP
    Full Heal

    «You»: That was strangely easy...
    Fal: They really like you. It must be all of the cheesy puns you have been exposed to!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    See BURP list below

    Fal: Otra vez!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    See BURP list below

    Fal: I have put down thirty. How many have you gotten?
    «You»: Eww, you have BURP guts on your shoe. Uh... just the three... but they were a big three.
    Fal: That should be good enough. Let's get back to Aria.

    «Scene: Aria's shop»

    Fal: That should lessen the inn's rodent infestation for a while.
    Fal: I wonder the health department hasn't shut Yulgar down! ... Hey, you've changed...
    Aria: Nothing get's by you, Fal. And, you were so right!!
    Aria: While you were at the Inn, Hans stopped by, and I asked him.
    Aria: He's gotten Pra'Mithia's permission to take me on a cruise on the Alteon next week! And we are going to go for a picnic later today!
    «You»: We told you so! And now with the rodent problem done, he has time for all that.
    Fal: Send my regards to Galrick if you see him there.
    Fal: Well then I guess you need to get my act "together" eh? One fragment down...

    «Fal shrinks and flies into the gem.»

    «You»: Wait, Fal! How am I supposed to fi...

    ««You» disappear.»

    «You»: Whoa... what in the world...
    Aria: Hello? Hello? Where have you gone?
    Aria: I can hear you still, but I can't see you.
    «You»: I think I am being transported someh--

    «Scene flashes and «You» appear in Regeirk's world, outside of the destroyed Guardian Tower that houses the last Bizarre Fleck.»

    «You»: Where am I? This looks an awful lot like Xitra Regeirk's world, but it couldn't be... could it?
    ???: Look... up in the sky!
    ???: It's a bird!
    ???: It's a plane!
    ???: No... it's...

    «Super-strong Ultra Mega Falerin Man™ falls from the sky.»

    ???: Super-strong Ultra Mega Falerin Man™!
    ???: Together with his faithful sidekick, «You», Super-strong Ultra Mega Falerin Man™ will thwart evil, and fight! For great justice!
    Falerin: Hi there, «You». I hear you seek my inner child. I can help! Last time I saw him he was at home.
    Falerin: Oh, and this is the world you mentioned... something's brewing here... but I do not know what... that freaky priest has something to do with it though.
    «You»: That's a good one buddy. I don't know who you are, but if you're going to pretend to be Falerin you really want to do your homework better...
    Falerin?: Darn... you can see right through me. What gave it away?
    «You»: First of all, your hair is the right color but the wrong shade. Your fashion sense is too "warrior chic" for Falerin's more rarefied tastes. Your muscles are way too big...
    «You»: But your biggest problem is your ears.
    Falerin?: Ears?
    «You»: You're human!
    Falerin: So? The old man would be too, except he gave into his vanity... He had himself recreated as an elf, you know. He was never born that way.
    Falerin: Which is to say he was ALWAYS born that way, because our second creation god actually remade him as an elf.
    Falerin: But my parents were human.
    «You»: Uh... sure...
    Falerin: He denies it... but my theory is he patterned himself after Eldron the Good. You have noticed how similar they are, haven't you?
    Falerin: Of course Eldron is the younger... so maybe what I actually copied was myself... copying Eldron...
    «You»: Riiiight... well, with talk like that I have no choice but to believe you are Falerin.
    Falerin: That's a relief, since I AM him. There's a lot more to me than musty old books and singing spells. Now then. Inner child... home...
    «You»: What? The Abode? Why take me off my Lore entirely to get there?
    Falerin: Don't be silly. I did not live in the Abode when I was a child.
    Falerin: My parents could not afford that sort of luxury.
    Falerin: Now let me get in that stone and set you on the right track.

    «Scene: A house.»

    ???: And so the Dashing and Debonair James Frond, a master of disguise, saves the forest once again with the help of Miss Cashnichol and Agent Emen...

    *BANG *

    ???: ... Hey... Who's in my room...
    «You»: *sigh* A little warning would be nice, Muscles... and so would not landing in a bedroom closet full of toys.
    «You»: I think I sat on a top... ouch... Fal? Fal? *sigh* And I'm alone again...

    ««You» walk in.»

    «You»: Hey, kid... you haven't seen any grown ups around here, have you?
    ???: ...
    «You»: So what... are you ignoring me? Hasn't any one ever told you to respect your elders?
    ???: No... but they taught me if I do not have anything nice to say I should remain silent.
    «You»: ... What exactly is that supposed to mean?
    ???: They also told me not to talk to strangers.
    ???: Given your popping into my closet, and having a conversation with yourself, I can tell you are DEFINITELY stranger than me.
    «You»: Hey, that's not very nice...
    «You»: What kind of place is this anyway?
    «You»: ... and what's with your outfit? Do all kids dress like that on Caelestia?
    ???: Er... No! I'm in costume! Duh... I'm James Frond... Double Oh Eleven... Silly! And I'M weird? I'm not the one popping into kd's closets and sitting on their toys.
    «You»: Er... you have a point. So, look. About this adult...
    ???: ... There are no adults here, there never are... they are always too busy for me...
    «You»: Well, this isn't exactly a normal adult I'm looking for. He's more of a ghost...
    ???: ...
    «You»: Ah, that got your attention!
    ???: You are looking for Falerin.
    «You»: Yes! Have you seen him?
    ???: Nope. Never heard of him.
    «You»: Come on kid, I don't have time to be funny. This is serious. Have you seen Falerin?
    ???: You're just another adult with no time for me too, then... I knew it. As to seeing him... Hmm... maybeeee...
    «You»: Please...
    ???: Yeah. I've seen him. I even know where he went.
    «You»: Where is he? Tell me!
    ???: Hehehe, no!!
    «You»: No?
    ???: First you must play with me.
    «You»: I really don't have time for this, kid. I need to find Falerin quickly. It's really important.
    ???: No play... no Falerin.
    «You»: *sigh* I guess I don't have a choice. So you're playing James Frond? Who's that?
    ???: Nah... I'm tired of that game. You can be a hero now. See, I changed costumes? I will be the diabolical beastmaster... you can be the hero.

    «The kid changes into a suit similar to Falerin's.»

    ???: See, I changed costumes? I will be the diabolical beastmaster... you can be the hero.
    ???: If you can defeat my toys... I will tell you what you want to know.

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «You»: Ok, enough play. Tell me where I can find Falerin.
    ???: No.
    «You»: You said you'd tell me if I played with you!
    ???: I lied.
    «You»: Why you little...
    «You»: ...
    «You»: That outfit! I didn't notice earlier - I was too busy with your toys. You think you're so clever, don't you... Falerin...
    Falerin: Teehee...

    «Kid Falerin shrinks (even more) and flies into the gem. Scene: Forest in which three Falerins stand, conversing»

    ??? (Left): So I was like, if you're gonna be that way I'll just take my money and leave...
    ??? (Right): I bet that got their attention...
    ??? (Center): That might have repercussions, y'know... I really think that...
    ??? (Left): Totally did. That will show them to disrespect me.

    ««You» appear suddenly.»

    «You»: Yo ho, what have we here?
    «You»: Hello there young fellow... can you point me toward the home of Falerin?
    ??? (Left): Falerin?
    «You»: Yes. Do you know him?
    ??? (Left): We know him.
    ??? (Right): Just don't get why anyone would want to find him.
    ??? (Left): He isn't at home, anyway.
    «You»: Do you know where he may be?
    ??? (Right): Here... there...
    ??? (Left): Everywhere... *laughs*
    «You»: Can you give me a hint?
    ???: Well... you could always try the caves... heheh...
    «You»: Right... thanks for your "help."
    ??? (Right): That ought to keep him occupied for hours.
    ??? (Center): That's not very nice, you know. He asked nicely for assistance, and...
    ??? (Left): If that tool makes it out at all... teehehe.

    «Scene fades. Scene: Caves.»

    «You»: I hate caves. Caves usually mean trouble, and I--!

    Uses the RA list. Full Heal after each battle.

    «You»: Well, no sign of Falerin here... I, for one, am totally shocked by this turn of events.

    «Scene: The forest from before»

    «You»: He wasn't there, but... somehow I think you knew that.
    ??? (Left): *snicker*
    ??? (Right): *giggle*
    «You»: I like practical jokes as much as the next guy, but I'm really busy right now, and I MUST find...
    «You»: Practical jokes... wait a minute...
    «You»: One of the three of you IS Falerin, is that it?
    ??? (Right): I dunno...
    ??? (Left): Is it? *snorts*
    ??? (Right): Something like that, I guess.

    Which Falerin is the Correct One?
  • Left Falerin
  • Center Falerin
  • Right Falerin

    If you choose the wrong one:

      Oops! That wasn't it! Before your eyes the false Falerin morphs into some random monsters and attacks!
    • Fight the Fakerin

      Uses the RA list. Full Heal after each battle.

    The correct Falerin is the one in the center.

    If you choose the correct one:

    ???: So you found me. How did you know?
    «You»: You were not like the others.
    ???: We were almost identical copies.
    «You»: Almost, but not exact.
    «You»: Your hair color is slightly different. The copies played their games and pranks nicely together. They ignored you.
    ???: *Sigh* That's the story of my life.
    ???: So now what?
    «You»: Now we move on.
    ???: Very well.
    «You»: First, I just need to know...

    «Falerin fades.»

    «You»: ... Seriously?! Now what do I do? ...

    «Scene fades. «You» are left in gray surroundings.»

    «You»: Yeah... we move on, except... I have no guidance at all this time, and I'm not even sure WHAT WORLD I'm on.
    «You»: ... Seriously?! Now what?
    ???: You seek the Arden Door? Pity...
    ???: You seemed like a nice person...
    ???: Looks can be deceiving, though.
    «You»: Who's there?

    «Scene: Falerin in a garden.»

    «You»: Lanfiré Dupre? What are you doing here?
    Falerin: Not exactly.
    Falerin: I just look like him, but that would be obvious, if you had an ounce of sense. My identity should likewise be obvious...
    Falerin: Of course... you are running through the universe after my fragments, collecting them...
    Falerin: Which, I think we both know, proves you have none. Well, enough chatter... time to get in your stone...
    Falerin: Well off to your just desserts. Good luck with my next fragment... you will need it.
    «You»: And here Eldron said Lanfiré didn't generally act like a horse's rear end... I'm beginning to doubt his assessment.

    «Falerin shrinks and enters the stone. Scene: Red cave.»

    «You»: ... Great, another cave. Why did it have to be another cave? And such an oddly colored and dimly lit one, at that?
    «You»: Everything is awash in that odd glow...

    «Red glow disappears.»

    «You»: Okay, so the glow is gone... but now what?
    «You»: Watch your step, «You». This doesn't look too good.
    «You»: Oh, now THIS is lovely! Talk about split personalities... now I'm talking to myself.

    Uses the RA list. Full Heal after each battle.

    You can now choose to go left or to go right. If you go left, then you repeat the four battles. If you go right:

    Ghost Knight: Halt in the name of the Queen! The Lady is seeing no visitors. You shall not pass.
    «You»: It just keeps getting better. Look, I don't know anything about a Lady. I don't mean to trespass or anything - I'm lost. I'm just looking for Falerin.
    Ghost Knight: Nonetheless, you shall not pass.
    «You»: Look, I'm not interested in a fight. I just need to get out of here...
    Ghost Knight: Unfortunately, a fight is what you will get if you proceed. As guardian of these halls, I will not let you pass.
  • Go Back (Proceeds as if you had chosen to go left before)
  • Fight

    1 BATTLE

    Ghost Knight: You have bested me. Very well. You may pass and see the Lady. But be forewarned... you may wish you had not.

    «Scene: A hall with blue walls, where there is a gigantic white spider.»

    «You»: Whoa, aren't you the ugly one. Quite a spider... Never seen one with eyes like that either. Some of them look downright human. So... wonder where this Lady is at.
    Spider: You're not sssssso sssspecial your sssself... Chossssen of Lore... Why do you tressssssspassss...
    «You»: You speak Lorian! Are you the Lady that the Knight spoke of?
    Lady: I am the Lady, and I speak very many languagessssssss... but now it is you who are ssssssspeaking ssssspider.
    «You»: Wait... what? I don't know how to speak spider...
    Lady: It amusessssss usssss to enable our prey to sssssspeak. All who venture here are granted that boon...
    «You»: Prey... So let me guess... I'm prey too, and you're going to try to eat me, right?
    Lady: You, Chossssssen of Lore? I would not invoke the consssssequencessss. Besidessssss...
    Lady: I think you would make a poor ssssoup for me.
    «You»: Well then, since what I'm looking for is obviously not here, I'll be going then.
    Lady: Are you sssso sssure?
    «You»: To tell you the truth, no. The gem did bring me here.
    Lady: Gem?! Sssshow me your gem!
    Lady: Ah, the decahedronsssss... I knowssss thessssse gemssssss...
    Lady: Oh ssso precioussssssss.
    Lady: I knowssss what you sssseek!
    «You»: You do? You must give it to me!
    Lady: Musssst I? And what do you offer for it?
    «You»: What do you want?
    Lady: I want the Goblin'sss eye.
    «You»: Any particular Goblin?
    Lady: It is a precioussssss gem ssssstolen from me. Find it and return it and I will give you what it issssss you seeeek.
  • Search for Eye

    1 BATTLE or 2 BATTLES (equally likely)
    Uses the RA list. Full Heal after each battle.

      Luck Check
      Can you find the eye?
      Difficulty: 51
      Stat Used: Luck

    «Failing the roll gives you two choices - to 'Defy it!' or just continue 'Next'. If you succeed or succeed in defying the roll, then you continue below. If not, then you fight another monster(s) as above and get another chance at the roll.»

    You have found the Goblin's Eye!
  • Return the Eye

    Lady: My eye, you have returned it...
    «You»: Not exactly. I've found it, and I'd be happy to return it - when you keep your end of the bargain.
    Lady: Very well, Chosssen of Lore.

    «A small, green spider crawls on-Scene.»

    «You»: What is this?
    Lady: Thisssss issss my sssspecial child which you ssseek.
    «You»: I think we have a communication problem.
    Lady: We thinksssss not... our obligationsss are fulfilled.

    «The small spider turns into Falerin and then flies into the gem.»

    «You»: This gets stranger by the minute...

    Several hours later...

    «Scene: Darkovia»

    «You»: It took at least an hour to find my way out of that cave.
    «You»: And I have been wandering this strange forest for hours too... the sun was up when I arrived...
    «You»: This place is almost like Darkovia. If I didn't know better, I could mistake it... but even the trees are strange here...

    «Two Orcs enter.»

    Orc Magus: The trees are indeed odd here, offworlder. You wander in Immertot. Even the trees reek of undeath.
    «You»: How lovely... so how do I get out?
    Orc Magus: One cannot simply leave Immertot. One merely hopes to survive it until an opportunity for egress arrives.
    Orc Commander: Enough talk. Intruder! You will either come with us as a prisoner or I will kill you and you will join the teeming undead.

    «The decahedron grows and spins out of your pocket.»

    «You»: Whoa... how did that get out of my pocket... and grow so big...
    Orc Magus: Commander... that be...
    Orc Commander: It be one of his...
    Orc Commander: Be it one of his? This one looks like no priest.
    Orc Magus: Nor do we. Oft they don't. Regardless, it is one of his...
    Orc Commander: We must run!
    Stone: Do you really think you can run from me? ...

    «The stone turns into a ghostly Falerin, who strikes the Commander with a spell.»

    Falerin: You cannot...
    Falerin: Nay, you cannot, and for your abject cowardice I strip you of your service to me and return you to the horrible death from whence you were saved.
    Orc Commander: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    Orc Magus: My lord!
    Falerin: Your lord, indeed. Do you attack my friend?
    Falerin: Are you done with your service, then? ... Did you perhaps give into the rumor that I was gone? Or, think I had forgotten...
    Falerin: I forget nothing. Need I remind you who your patron is, and why you serve... like I just reminded your fellow cleric quite permanently.
    Orc Magus: My lord!
    Falerin: Well now... you do... run along.

    «The Magus leaves and Falerin turns to look at «You».»

    Falerin: «You», I am glad I found you. Immertot is no place for casual wandering...
    «You»: So I gathered. Undead trees?
    Falerin: Even the microorganisms here are undead... it pervades all things.
    «You»: Has something else happened?
    Falerin: I tried to tell you before you left, it appears my body has gone missing, too... had we acted sooner I could have just forced the stone to combine with the staff my duplicate carries.
    Falerin: Now we must instead try tracking them... we must return to Lore and start, if it is not already too late.
    Falerin: First, however, I have in tracking you managed to locate a mysterious floating city that transcends the boundaries of realities.
    Falerin: Here now... I have the stone and my other pieces...

    «Falerin becomes more corporeal.»

    Falerin: Dude, you rock! I can corporealize fully now... but if my other body and I remained segmented, he will become an analog. Still, this does by us some time.
    Falerin: Finding him may take a while. Let's stop in the store of that floating city. They may have something of use in your effort.
    Harmful Mission

    Shop Shields:
  • Ghost Knight Shield
  • Ghost Knight Shield
  • Ghost Knight Shield
  • Guardian Ghost Knight Shield
  • Ghost Knight Z Shield
  • Ghost Knight Shield

    Shop Spells:
  • Guardian Ghost Blast
  • Ghost Blast
  • Ghost Blast Z
  • Ghost Blast
  • Ghost Blast
  • Guardian Ghost Blast
  • Ghost Blast

    Shop House Items:
  • Ghost Knight
  • Ghost Knight
  • Ghost Knight
  • Ghost Knight
  • Ghost Knight
  • Ghost Knight
  • Ghost Knight
  • Ghost Knight
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Shop House Items thanks to AVA. Updated monster lists thanks to In Media Res.
    Monster List

    Level 0-20
    BURP (10)
    BURP (0)
    Baby BURP (10)
    Fat BURP (15)
    Little BURP (20)
    Starved BURP (5)

    Level 21-40
    Little BURP (20)
    D.R.O.U.S. (22)
    Mini BURP (30)
    BURP (40)

    Level 41-60
    BURP (40)
    Drowned Angry Rat (52)
    BURP (60)
    Big BURP (60)

    Level 61-80
    BURP (60)
    Big BURP (60)
    Drowned Angry BURP (77)
    Rabid BURP (80)

    Level 81-100
    Drowned Angry BURP (77)
    Rabid BURP (80)
    Teeny BURP (90)
    Ravenous BURP (100)
    Mega BURP (100)

    Level 101-120
    Ravenous BURP (100)
    Mega BURP (100)
    Drowned Angry BURP (107)
    Frenzied BURP (110)
    Diminuitive BURP (115)
    Maddened BURP (120)
    Huge BURP (120)

    Level 121+
    Diminuitive BURP (115)
    Maddened BURP (120)
    Huge BURP (120)
    D.R.O.U.S. (127)
    Tremendous BURP (130)

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