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Comedy and Tragedy

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5/11/2011 22:26:19   
Gray Silhouette


(HS)Comedy and Tragedy

By Clown the Jester and Gray Silhouette. Based off Hero Smash, and the Form Discussions and many creative friends who gave the idea for this story. Names based of characters that have given consent to use. The Authors would like to thank the Artix Entertainment Staff for the wonderful work they do. Caution story is violent and dark and rated PG-13. Feel free to comment here.

Part One: Out from Darkness
I am Gray Silhouette. I stalk the shadows. I strike fear in the hearts of Criminals. I oppose Chaos, corruption, evil, darkness, and monsters. The people fear me, confusing me as a criminal. The Police hunt me. A Vigilante, not a part of the Smashers that they turn a blind eye to. I am human, yet I am made of myth and legend. I live a life free of Compromise. I am Grey Silhouette.

March 11th, Brick St. 11:45 pm.
I watch the small apartment building. Noting the front and back door, the eight windows, and fire escape. My eyes darting back and forth between the windows watching the final two detectives emerge from the apartment, locking the door behind them.

I remained, crouched behind a trash can in an alley on the opposite side of the street. My black suit, black ski mask, and the shadows around me made me invisible to their eyes.
I recognized both of them. Homicide detectives. However I already knew there was a murder. I heard on the Police Radio of an anonymous caller using a payphone in the next block calling about a loud scream he or she heard that came from the apartment.

When the Police searched the building they found Joseph King’s body. Multiple wounds to the head with strange burns all over his body. His body was already half way to the morgue by the time I arrived.
King was a member of the Truck Raider gang. A large group of thugs stealing supplies from electronic stores to fuel DaVinci’s army of Destroyers.

However the gang stopped their raids after I persuaded their leader to forget the idea…. this persuasion took the form of breaking his fingers.

I waited patiently as the detectives returned to their squad car driving down the street. I ducked back behind the trash can as the car’s headlight swept across the alley like a searchlight. I waited until the squad car had turned onto the next street before I emerged from dark alley. Sneaking across the street to King’s apartment building I glanced one more time in all the windows to be sure it was empty. Using my special key, I unlocked the back door, carefully scrapping the mud on my shoes off on the doormat before entering. I slowly walked down the hallway to the stairs.

I crept quietly up the stairs to King’s apartment door. I quickly examined the lock. Intact. No signs of forced entry. Obviously King recognized his murderer. I quickly unlocked the door with my key, careful to return it to my pocket and slipped past the Yellow Police Caution tape.

Not bothering to turn on the lights I flipped on a small flashlight sweeping the beam across the room. Two dining table chairs knocked over onto their sides. Small burns on a couch. The smell of smoke filling the air. I noticed a shattered ash tray, it’s pieces scattered across the carpet floor. The small television set across from the table, knocked off it’s tray and smashed to pieces.

I examined the body tape, picturing the victim’s position before death. He was on his back, judging by the dark blood stain from across the room that matched the pool surrounding the police tape, the body was dragged here. A series of large bullet holes scattered the walls. Matching a nine millimeter hand gun. Obviously King’s and not the killers due to the fact King wasn’t shot.

Six bullet holes, and after searching throughout the room, I only found five shells. One missing. The ammo stored in a small box hiding in the closet, the door wide open.

My mind raced; trying to construct the murder, imagining the two hundred twenty pound hulk of a man being thrown across the room, knocking into chairs and walls. Seeing King throw the ash tray at his assailant, missing his target as it smashed against opposite wall. The Murderer grabbing King and slamming King’s head against the television screen tossing him back to the ground. King dashed to his closet drawing his hand gun firing shot after shot at the Murderer. Perhaps his aim was off or perhaps his assailant could dodge bullets. Not impossible if you calculated when the bullet was coming and you were fast enough. I have done it on rare occasions.

My gaze came upon a crack in the wall, high up to the ceiling, the impression of a skull. Where the murders lift up King and smashed his head into the wall, throwing him on the couch where he fired a strange corrosive chemical out spraying King across the face with it. Using a beral pipette, I collected a sample of the acid and deposited it into a small test tube and placed it in my pocket. From there, King was either thrown onto the carpet where he was pummeled to death, (judging by the blood stains) and then dragged to the opposite side of the room. Dead and done with. My eyes followed the carpet’s light indentation of the murder’s foot prints leaving the apartment. My mind calculated the height and weight of the murder. Probably 5ft 6. 137 pounds. Rather light to be able to lift a man as heavy into the air and smash him into walls.

I placed the bullet shells into an evidence bag, cramming it into a pocket. I found Joseph King’s mail tossed behind a couch, reading through it. Two cable bills and a letter from a Sam Oliver, another member of the Truck Raiders. I quickly skimmed through it. Asking for money to start a restaurant. I placed the letter in my pocket along with the gun shells and test tube.

I scanned the door handles, walls, the coffee mug on the kitchen counter, light switch for finger prints not matching King. No hairs, no other blood. Nothing. I was about to leave when I noticed something caught in a closed cabinet door. A piece of torn cloth. I carefully pulled it free, and examined it. Almost immediately I recognized it. The dark purple threads.

“No!” I hissed my fists clenching, my teeth grinding. “Not him,” I prayed. But there was no doubt.
I no longer needed to search the room. I knew who murdered Joseph King. I quickly replaced everything I had moved jamming the cloth into my pocket. I closed the door, careful to relock it and stormed down the stairs. No need to tip toe. It had started to rain. My hair and mask already soaked within the first minute outside. I ran down the street, hopping a fence, my mind racing.

I remembered the monster who wore the purple suit. I remembered the crimes he had done. The pain he had caused me. The injuries, both mental and physical he scarred me with. I ran to the Truck Raider hideout on the east side of Main Street. A small restaurant, with pool tables, close to stores they use to rob. It’s owner, the leader of the Truck Raiders.

The doors were locked. Not bothering to unlock them with my key, I kicked the doors down. They slammed to the ground letting out a loud bang that shook the building. Inside twenty Truck Raiders their masks over their heads looked up from their tables, the pool games, and conversation to see the Gray Silhouette storming into roaring at the crowd, “WHERE IS HE!?!?!? WHERE IS CLOWN THE JESTER?”

Part Two: The Lair of the Harlequin
May 12 12:01 A.M.

Sam Oliver’s opened his weary eyes. He barly see. Everything was dark. He tried to move…but to his horror he was bound in large rusty chains. He tugged at the heavy chains wrapped around his round body. His bald head sweating. He felt his blood going to his head and looked up. To his surprise, he was upside down. Hanging by his like a piece of meat.

“Hello?” He cried out, his heart raising. Another chain wrapped around his foot leading to a large hook in the ceiling. He struggled in his bounds desperate to get free. His body swayed back and forth from his jerking movements. “HELLO!?” Sam screamed. Sam let out a gasp of desperation, his skull thumping from the blood gathering in his head.
It was then that Sam noticed the blood red foot prints on the floor above his head…and on the walls, and ceiling. Everywhere. Blood red footprints as if the person had walked on the walls.
Across the black brick wall was graffiti written in purple paint, the paintbrush leaning against the wall.

Phrases in messy disorienting manner.







Grotesque drawings of stick figures being eaten by bears or run over by trains covered the walls as well. A large Smiling face painted in blood was smeared across the black brick floor.
“No,” Sam muttered softly unable to accept what he was seeing. “No…No No No No No! Please no…not him…please!”

Sam started thrashing again swaying faster and faster. Trying to pry his arms free of their bonds, but they didn’t give.
“LET ME OUT OF HERE!” he screamed. He was being held captive by the Clown the Jester…founder of the Chaos Carnival…the largest group of Freak Show monsters in the entire city.
Naturally Sam had heard the stories about what the Freak did to the people he kidnapped. Torture was an understatement. Anyone the Clown did not kill when he grew bored of would wish they were dead.
Sam closed his eyes trying to block out the queasy feeling spreading through his body. He racked his brain trying to remember what had happened.

He remembered being in Brick Street helping with a bank Robbery a few hours ago. He was going to use his cut to open his own restaurant. Then something went wrong. SWAT teams and those ABS bots started swarming around the Money Truck.
Sam and the others were surrounded. Luckily, some Destroyer bots arrived and helped him and his crew push the cops back until Gray Silhouette showed up and beat his comrades and the robots to a pulp. Broke one of their arms and threw another one down a flight of stairs that led to the Subway. The Police yelling for back up as they tried to arrest Gray Silhouette.

Sam didn’t bother to stay at that point. He ran off, despite his comrades protesting. He ran as far as his chubby legs could carry him. The next thing he knew he was leaning against a wall trying to catch his breath when he saw a small windup toy taxi car zooming down the street. It was the size of a shoe. It halted in front of the confused Sam. The passenger side door suddenly flung open, and out from the tiny car a giant cartoonish white gloved hand squeezed out grabbing Sam around the neck. The next thing he knew, he was lift off his feet by the powerful arm and yanked into the pint sized car. His body in the shape of a pretzel, his knees pressing against his forehead, his arm pinned behind his shoulder. He felt like his ribs were about to crack. The small car sped off as the pain and shock caused Sam to faint.

And there he was. In the lair of the sickest, most demented, blood thirsty, heartless, insane man in the city. Maybe the world.

He then noticed there were no doors or windows. The walls were bare. Sam’ heart sank. Clown was going to starve him, or suffocate him, or cause the blood in his head to kill him. He was walled in.


A loud explosion ruptured a large hole in the wall. Sam screamed in terror, the ground now covered in fallen bricks and chunks of broken fragments.

Sam watched a figure emerge through the hole pushing in a small cart. On it was a pair of scissors, a rubber chicken, three daggers, a handgun, a grenade, a medieval battle axe, and a long white feather.

“HOWDY SAMMY BOY! How did Ya sleep? Like a baby I hope!” the Clown exclaimed a large grin on his pail white face.

“Or maybe a sack of babies WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Clown the Jester laughed, pushing the cart up next to the swaying Sam. His eyes bulging, spit flying out of his mouth and spraying Sam across the face. The laugh was absolutely terrifying. Everything about the Clown was terrifying.
The Clown straightened his purple bow tie and suit. Everything he wore was a dark purple. Suit, pants, socks, shoes, tie, purple top hat, even purple hair and eyes.

Sam trembled as the Clown placed a hand on the scissors lifting them into the air. Clown the Jester smiled opening the shears in his hand snipping them open and shut. “What wrong Sam I am?” Clown asked, his grinning. “Don’t like getting your hair cut? Hmmm? Hee hee hee hee.” Sam tried to speak but all that came out was gibberish. The Clown giggled, amused by Sam’s terror. His insane eyes boring into Sam’s. “Dawwww…don’t be scared Samuel. I won’t hurt you with these nasty old scissors…heh heh heh.” Clown the Jester threw the shears across the room.

Sam finally managed to ask in a quaky voice, “Clown…wha….what are you doing? Why..why are you doing this to…to me?”

Clown the Jester’s face turned to absolute hatred. His eyes flashed, nostrils flared, teeth gritting. He suddenly grabbed the rubber chicken and struck Sam hard across the face with it.
“YOU MISERBABLE LITTLE WORM! I DIDN’T GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO SPEAK!” Clown the Jester roared, hitting Sam over and over across the face with the chicken.

Each hit felt like being pummeled by a baseball bat. Sam cried out as each blow slammed into his face. Blood dripped down his cheek, a tooth shattering in his jaw.
After a few more hits, The Clown dropped the chicken back onto the cart, his face changed back to his amused grin.

“Now let’s forget the whole thing. Heck I won’t even attempt to use a Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road Joke,” he said flicking a drop of blood off his green carnation.

“But even though you so rudely interrupted…I think I will answer you anyway. Ya see…I took you from your uh…Little snatching a piggy bank heist…because….well I have to prove a point. First off…nobody frames me for a crime…I didn’t pop Joey King’s balloon…you did. Why…I don’t know or care. Heh heh heh,” Clown mused loading the gun on the table.

Sam watched as the bullets appeared out of thin air and floated into the gun chamber as if being carried by an invisible hand.

“ But ya got me thinking…perhaps it’s about time I did some real serious killings before people start to think I lost the taste for it. Ya see…this guy named David…nice guy…use to work for my Chaos Carnival…a Real team player…until he betrayed me, just abandoned my clan and threatened to hunt me down, and kill me, Yada yada yada,” he continued waving the gun around his head.

“Well anyway…Davy Bltiz…then has the GAUL! TO CALL ME A JOKE! HE SAYS I DON’T HAVE THE HEART TO SLAUGHTER INNOCENT PEOPLE! And people think I’m crazy…anyway…he calls my act smoke and mirrors. Don’t know what that means…but it stings all the same. Well I can’t have my little Circus staff think Old Clown’s gone soft on em especially not when I just declared war on the Drakkonian Alliance…so….I’m gonna have to kill hundreds maybe even thousands of people to show that UNGRATEFUL David….what I have the stomach for and what happens when someone insults the Clown. Because he couldn’t keep his trap shut…I will orchestrate the largest Serial Killing since I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. HA HA! That’s worthy of a knee slapper.”

Suddenly Clown fire the gun into Sam’s leg. Sam screamed. Clenching his teeth in the intense pain. Blood rolling down his leg and dripping across his face.

“Whoopsie! NICE SLAP RIGHT SAM? HEE HEE HEE!…Though I was aiming for the head. WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Anyway…I just wanna kill the first eight of my guys personally one on one…then the others will get the full brunt of my Punch line. All because of the so called redeemed David Bltiz and that noble….HA HA HA HA HA! Noble, noble, Barns and noble…heh heh heh DRAKKONISS! Trying to take my clan members under his nurturing wings. FOR SHAME! And Claiming my Chaos is the same any the evil factions. ONLY A FOOL WOULD SAY THAT! Us Chaos Carnies have such class way better than those Evil wanna Bees,” Clown snickered firing another bullet into Sam’s arm.

Sam cried out. The pain was unbearable. Everything was starting to spin around him.

The Clown pressed the gun barrel against Sam’s head about to pull the trigger when he paused as Sam cried out, “CLOWN LISTEN TO ME! I…DIDN’T MEAN TO FRAME YOU! IDIDN’T THINK YOU’D MIND! I MEAN….PEOPLE WILL FEAR YOU AGAIN SINCE THEY THINK YOU KILLED JOSEPH!” Sam broke into a sobbed, his face smeared in tears and blood.

Clown the Jester snarled angerly at Sam hitting him across the face with the gun barrel. “BUT IT ISN’T REALLY MY KILL! NO GUTS NO GLORY! AND YA DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO TELL! ME! YOU THINK YOU CAN USE THE CLOWN!!?!?” Clown the jester barked jamming the barrel against Sam’s head again.

“No,” Clown whispered pulling back the gun and tossed it behind his shoulder. The gun evaporated like a puff of smoke.

“Hm…your crimes deserve a bigger death…something ironic… don’t you think? Yes…very wise…very wise indeed.” Clown muttered, snapping his fingers. Sam whimpered as a large ball of purple energy formed above their heads crackling like a sphere of fire.

“So you’re a Truck Raider right?" Clown the Jester whispered, his grin widening. "Getting all sorts of goodies for Luigi DaVinci? Then this should look familiar.”

He snapped his fingers again and out from the ball of energy fell a large Chainsaw. Clown the Jester caught before it hit the ground, tracing his pail fingers across the sharp blade. “THERE WE GO! MUST BRING BACK MEMORIES FROM YOUR RAIDER DAYS HUH?” Clown Shrieked turning on the motor. Sam's screams were nearly drowned out by the loud grinding motor.


“WA HA HA HA HA HA HA H A HA HA H A HA H A HA H A HA HA HA H AH A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Clown laughed shaking his head amused.




Part Three:Part 3: Answers and More questions.

My surprise entrance did not please my criminal hosts. As I expected the twenty or so Truck Raiders; feeling their numbers gave them the advantage, all left their pool games, eating, and conversations to take a crack at the Vigilante that sent ten of their friends to prison, and eight to the Emergency Hospital Care.

They gathered around me, forming a ring with me in the center. They wanted a fight. Good. I needed to work off some steam. Show them what happens when they associate with monsters like the Clown.

I counted twenty five Truck Raiders. Some wearing their Ski masks and trucker hat uniform, others mask less. Some brandishing weapons like knives, Pool Cubes, small clubs, and others with their hands out taking a defensive stance.

Their Leader, Aaron Tresker called out, “I think you came to the wrong Club, Mask. Nobody busts up my joint. Not even you. My boys and I are just itching to beat you to a pulp.”

The other Raiders laughed and hooted wildly.
I looked the boss up and down.
“How’s your hand healing?” I asked pointing at the splints on his injured fingers.

Aarron started to tremble with rage, his fists tightening.
“YOU THINK YOU’RE PRITTY SMART HUH?” He barked, flipping out a switch blade.


He charged at me, knife pointed at my heart. Seconds before the knife could touch my chest, I spun my leg around in the air performing a perfect roundhouse kick, kicking Aaron hard across his chin with my heel of my shoe.
He fell to the ground, dropping his knife. A small cut on his chin, and disoriented from my sudden attack. Disoriented he reached out his hand trying to grab the knife. I stomped my foot hard on his hand. A loud crunch followed by Aaron’s scream informed me I just refractured his finger and probably broke a few new ones.

The other raid’s watched in silence, unsure of what to do. Aaron cried out in pain, cradling his injured hand in his lap. “WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR?” he screamed. “KILL HIM! I WANT HIS HEAD NAILED ON MY WALL!”

The Raiders advanced on me. My senses and instincts went into action. My eyes switching from one thug to another, locating their weak points, searching for any surprise attacks.

Two raiders charged at my left; one brandishing brass knuckles, the other diving at my legs for a tackle. I slammed my knee hard against the tackler’s face. He collapsed to the ground, his nose bleeding. His partner swung his fist at me; I dodged the slow attack, punching him once in the gut, the second, an uppercut into his chin. He toppled backward landing on his back.

A Raider tried to punch me from behind. I whirled my hand around grasping his wrist before he could hit me. Before the Raider could react, I twisted his arm behind his back. The thug cried out, trying to free his pinned arms. I slammed my elbow down on his skull knocking him unconscious.

I dropped his limp body to the ground, kicking another Raider in the chest. I dropped to the ground as a pool cube swept over my head, missing me by inches. I grabbed the stick with one hand forcing the Trucker to the ground next to me. A quick punch across the face caused him to drop it. Five Raiders swarmed around me, I swung the Pool Cube out nailing three of the Raiders across the face. I swung it again hitting another Raider, trying to pull a knife on me, hard in the leg and kicked him across the face. I twirled the cube around me, like a boa, hitting a raider to my left, striking another in the head.


I gritted my teeth in pain as the raider hit me over the head with a baseball bat. Trying my best to ignore the pain I swung the Pool Cube around breaking it in half against his head.

The Raider dropped the bat falling to the ground. Two more raiders tackled me from behind wrestling me to the hard wood floor. I shot my hand out grabbing the brass knuckles one of the thugs had dropped and smashed it hard across one of the Raider’s face. He was down. Broken teeth. Maybe even jaw.

I smashed the brass knuckles against the other’s skull. He fell limp as well. Another Raider swung a baseball bat at me, about connect with my skull.
I swung my fist, brass knuckles in front at the bat, breaking through it as if it was glass. The Raider watched wide eyed, as my fist smashed into his face. He was knocked into the air from the impact. The pieces of the bat, falling to the ground. He landed on top of two other raids, the three collapsing to the ground.

Still so many Left, I realized, dodging a poor kick from one of the raiders knocking him out with my one of my own.
Five of the Thugs grabbed me. Each grabbing a limb, one wrapping his arms around my chest. I struggled in their arms. They were too strong together to take down.

“I don’t have time for this,” I whispered hoarsely in one of their ears. I bit down on it hard, through my black mask. He screamed in agony. My teeth tightened.

“GET HIM OF ME!” He screamed releasing one of my arms, trying to push my head away with his hands.


I smashed my fist into his skull, he dropped like a stone. Before I could strike the others, another five Raiders grabbed me, holding me in place. We fell to the floor, me thrashing like a wild animal in their arms.

“FILTH!” I roared, head butting one of the gang members.


Aaron still protecting his injured hand drew out a hand gun from under a table with his uninjured hand.
“Hold him steady,” He ordered his men. He slowly limped over to me pressing the gun barrel hard against my forehead. I continued to thrash unable to break free.

“I’ve been waiting such a long time for this, Freak!” he snarled about to pull the trigger.


Everything started happening fast, my eyes darting left and right.

Aaron screamed as his gun and hand disintegrated. He held out his stub of an arm waving it screaming pain.
FLOOOM! The gang leader burst into flames. My face felt the intense heat emiting from his body. The Truck Raiders released their grip on me fear.

Aaron let out one last scream and fell to the ground turning into a pile of ashes.
I turned to see a man in black and red a sharp threatening axe made out of bone walked in. Dark grey bird like wings sprouting out of his back. As if he was a dark angel. Across his face a tattoo of a Dragon.

The Raiders tried to run, but before they could even get to their knees, the figure held up a hand and fired out a powerful laser traveling so fast I could barley say I saw it. The beams cut right through raider after raider. One Raider pulled out a gun, aiming it at the Smasher, about to fire. The warrior threw the mighty axe. It plunged into the raider’s head. He fell to the ground. Limp like a doll.

He turned to me reaching out a hand to pull me up. “Hi,” he said pulling his axe out of the gang member’s skull with his free hand. “My names Drakkoniss.”

I ignored his extended arm pulling myself to my feet. I knew who Drakkoniss was. A reality altering Smasher. Capable of doing almost anything. Probably one of the strongest Smashers in the World. He was the leader of the Drakkonian Alliance. A so called “Good” clan that spent most of it’s time destroying hundreds of Destroyer Bots and Hacked ABS Bots in Aurora Park war. He was also the obsession of Clown the Jester, the only person to fight the Clown and walk away from the brawl.

“Idiot,” I muttered at the Hero. “I wanted these Vermin alive long enough for me to gather some information from them. Now I have no leads.”

Drakkoniss stared back surprised. We stood there, silent for a few seconds. The raiders’ blood trickled around our feet like a thick layer of red paint. My black shoes and pants legs covered in blood stains. My glare boring into Drakkoniss’s eyes.

“Oh,” he finally said.

He paused shifting his Battle Axe back and forth in his hands awkwardly. “Well…I’m off to the park,” he said finally. His wings spreading, zooming off at light speed.

I shook my head as I examined corpse after corpse. “Smashers,” I mumbled.

All dead. No leads. No….Not exactly. I reached into my pocket withdrawing the Clown’s fabric as well as Sam Oliver’s letter to Joseph King. Perhaps I could learn more about Joseph King’s connection to the Clown through Oliver.

I caught out of the corner of my eye the figure moving outside trying to get closer to the window, watching me.
I slowly turned around to face her.

“Just because I do not have time to bother with you does not mean I do not know you are there,” I called out to the Female spy outside.

She shifted back in surprise, still silent.

“Only someone deaf could not hear your fall out of King’s Apartment window. I would suggest waiting for me to leave the street before you try to follow. I don’t know who or what you are, but you obviously know something about this crime. You do not match Clown the Jester’s type of Chaos Maniacs, but don’t try to find the Clown,” I growled. Annoyed with the stalker.

“If I detected you, then that Paranoid Harlequin would know in a second you are watching him. If he finds you, he will kill you without a second thought. I have little time to worry about someone following me, or another person dieing at the Clown's hands. If you ever try to follow me again, I will deal with you myself.”

The figure disappeared into the shadows.

I glanced down at the letter in my hand, glancing down at Sam Oliver’s mailing address.
My next stop. Sam Oliver. And hopefully after that, Clown’s Chaos Carnival.

Part 4: The Clown Checks In.

Following Arachnid's Story The Tale of Lady Zafara

March 14 1:00 pm- Doctor Blackshock's office


Doctor BlackShock and Lady Zafara were knocked to their feet as the doctor’s Waiting Room doors were blasted off their hinges by a loud explosion.
Clown the Jester slowly walked through the demolished doorway.

“Evening…heh heh…Doctor,” the Clown hissed, aiming a large bazooka at the two dazed Smashers.
Doctor BlackShock jumped back onto his feet, reaching into his Lab Coat.

“What do you want?” Dr. BlackShock demanded, helping Lady Zafara up.
The Clown grinned turning his aim to BlackShock.

Doctor BlackShock drew out two Scalpels. Their small sharp blades glistening in the light.

“I will not tolerate such destruction in my office,” the Doctor stated, his eyes locked on the Clown.

“Not to worry Egghead…Hee Hee Hee,” Clown the Jester giggled. I’M NOT HERE TO SCRAMBLE ANYONE’S BRAIN! UNLESS YA GIVE ME REASON TO! And I thought Doctors were suppose to help those poor Chickens who’s minds have…heh heh heh…crossed the road.”

“My office is open for anyone, but not for someone who does not control himself and puts others at risk,” BlackShock said pointing a scalpel at the Clown.

“Relax I’M JUST HERE FOR THE PRETTY LADY!” Clown exclaimed motioning his heavy Bazooka at the Vampire. “We have some unfinished business to discuss.” Clown the Jester started to advance toward the two, giggling.
“I won’t let you threaten my patients!” BlackShock exclaimed.

“You should have that mouth of yours, checked out, Doc. Too much whining and moaning can’t be healthy. Better pipe down…or I’ll have to treat you myself…and I’ve got quite a treatment,” Clown snarled.
BlackShock leapt at Clown the Jester, knives raised. Before the doctor could touch the Clown, the Harliquin squeezed the trigger to his fire arm.


A large white object shot out of the Bazooka’s gun barrel and slammed into Blackshock’s chest, the force knocking him to the ground. The white ball unfolded and began to wrap around the dazed Doctor’s arm and neck.
A Strait Jacket.

Blackshock struggled as strait jacket wrapped around him. Straps buckling themselves, sleeves tugging his arms under his armpits, a gag wrapping itself around the doctor’s mouth.
Dr.Blackshock was bound, at the mercy of the demented Clown.

“HOW IRONIC!” the Harlequin cried out. “THE DOCTOR WEARING THE STRAIT JACKET AND THE CRAZIES RUNNING THE HOSPITAL! Makes ya wanna….laugh….heh heh heh.”
The doctor angrily thrashed at his bonds, his curses muffled by his gag. The Clown crouched over Blackshock, forcing Blackshock to look into the his wild eyes.

“Ya just couldn’t calm down could ya!?!….don’t worry…Doctor Clown’s got just the cure!” Clown the Jester exclaimed.


The Clown struck BlackShock’s head with his bazooka, swinging it like a club.
Lady Zafara watched in silence as Clown the Jester, wildly, swung again at the doctor hitting him hard in the side.


“THAT SANITY CONIDION YOU HAVE IS QUIET SERIOUS!” Clown screamed, smashing the heavy weapon into the Doctor’s chest. The doctor let out a muffled moan.


“VERY LIFE THREATENING! VERY DANGEROUS FOR ANY ONE! VERY RARE NOWADAYS!” Clown shrieked hitting BlackShock over and over.






“WHAT’S THE TREATMENT? YOU MAY ASK. THE ANSWER….SIMPLE…GO CRAZY! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” the Clown screamed, laughing like a Hyena.
After a final wack, BlackShock went limp. His face bleeding, his glasses shattered. The Clown dropped the heavy Bazooka to the ground.
“Poor Old Boy,” he said solemnly, turning to face Zafara. “Couldn’t take the treatment.”
“What do you want from me?” Zafara demanded, staring hungerly at the bleeding BlackShock.
“Well the first thing I want,” the Clown said, his grin back on his face, pulling out a small whoopee cushion. “Is to test out my brand new toy!”


Clown the Jester pressed down on the cushion, giggling. Out from his prop, a dark violet gas engulfed Lady Zafara like a fog. The Vampire collapsed to the ground. Unconscious.
“Sorry my dear,” the Clown said, placing his whoopee cushion back into his pocket. “But how often do you get the chance to test out the only effective Knock Out gas for vampire? It’s been designed to knock ya out colder than a hammer to the noggin.”
Clown raised his hand over the unconscious vampire. “Upsidasie!” Clown exclaimed as his mental powers levitated Zafara into the air. He snapped his fingers and under the sleeping vampire, a purple stretcher appeared, floating in the air as if carried by Ghosts.
Clown snapped his fingers again and two large orbs of purple energy formed to the right and left of the stretcher.
The balls of energy morphed into two massive gorillas, their faces, covered in messy clown makeup. Their bodies covered in bright purple fur, around their necks poke dot bow ties. On one of the Gorilla’s head, a comically small bowler hat.
“Well Bud, Lou,” the Clown said lowering Zafara onto the stretcher. “Time to get our guest back home. We have a lot to talk about.”
The two apes growled, nodding their grotesque heads.

“LET THE MONKEY BUSINESS BEGIN!” Clown the Jester exclaimed. “But first I got to settle a score with an old friend.” The Gorillas lumbered through the Medical doors, caring the Vampire.
“ADIOS BOYS! WA HA HAH AH AHA H AH AHA HA H AH AH A HA H AHA HA HAHA HA HEE HEE HEE HO HO HO HA HA HA!” the Clown laughed disappearing in purple mist.

Dr.BlackShock finally regained consciousness. His body stung from where Clown the Jester beat him with the bazooka. His Office was in ruin. His strait jacket, and lab coat stained by his blood.
Using his healing powers he recovered his wounds and broken ribs. The doctor began to cut his way out of the strait jacket with the sharp scapulas, still in his bound hands.
Finally free he glanced down at the Clown’s forgotten Bazooka. He watched as it slowly evaporated, as if it never existed.

The doctor pulled out from his desk a list of numbers he used in emergency.
He drew out a card glancing at the number. As he dialed number, he pondered at the strange events he had just witness.
His call was answered on the second ring.

“Hello?” The voice asked on the other end.

“David it’s Doctor BlackShock,” The Doctor said sitting down at his seat.

“Huh? Oh hey Doc, whats up?”

“Clown the Jester attacked my Office,”

“Clown? Are you alright?”

“Fine, fine. But he’s kidnapped one of my patients. She may be in serious trouble. A Lady Zafara.”

“What the Vampire? She always seemed like she can take care of herself.”

“Maybe with normal threats. But this is the Clown, you of all people should know what he is capable of.”

“Alright, I’ll track her down, but first I’ve got to deal with the Clown. Its about time we settle our score.”

“Score? Score…SCORE! David…I think Clown’s trying to lead one of us into a trap…using bait….tell Drakkoniss. He would be interested in knowing the Clown is active again.”

“Sure thing. I’m on it.”

“Good luck David,” BlackShock said grimly.

“Don’t worry,” David Blitz said on the other end. The Sound of crackling energy came from the other end.

“I won’t need luck.”

Part 5: Falling Through Madness.

I scoped out Sam Oliver’s apartment.

Single Room, single window, fourth floor. The glow of a television cast light blue glow in the room. Someone was defiantly in there. I debated over my choice of entry. Word on the streets said Oliver had more guns then the army. Very trigger happy. Paranoid as well.
If I was to go through the front door…there was too great a risk of him hearing me and start shooting up the walls. The risk of hurting the so called “Innocent” was out of the option.

Sam Oliver was a former member of the Truck Raiders. He left the group and became a gun for hire. He worked for many Villain Smashers in Skull Deep. Oliver use to be partnered with a ninja assassin called Whisper. Helping the Pirates in their looting at the River, a part of the recent Brick Street Robbery attempt. However I last heard he was going to retire from the Criminal life and start a Restaurant. The letter in my pocket confirmed my suspicions of his financial problems with opening his dream.

I stood on the ledge of an Office Building across from Oliver’s apartment. My suit and mask soaked from the pouring rain. I noted a Fire Escape leading right outside his apartment window, which would be simple to get through. I could enter quickly through the window, subdue Oliver, and interrogate him.

The windows left and right of his, were pitch black. Either the occupants were asleep or away from home.

I waited a moment and checked my watch.
1:15 A.M.

I hopped off the building landing on a pile of cardboard boxes, without making a sound. I snuck over the metal ladder that lead up to the Fire Escape. The ladder was raised nine feet over my head.
I turned my back away from the wall, took a few steps forward. I leapt backwards doing a back flip, the soles of my shoes slapping against the wet brick wall. Bending my knees together building pressure. Five feet from the ground.

Before I started to slide back down, I pushed off the wall like a spring and was launched another five feet into the air. I grabbed the Ladder with one hand. My gloves nearly slipped off the wet metal. I gripped the next step with my other hand, pulling myself up. I silently made my way up the Fire Escape and crouched outside Oliver’s window.

I saw the outline of Sam Oliver’s round body on his couch. A large blanket draped over his body. My eyes caught a semi-automatic Smith & Wesson .45 hand gun placed next to an uneaten turkey sandwich. Within easy reaching distance for Sam to fire if I made a single mistake. My eyes searched all over the room through the window. Closed Closet Door, a small glass jar of a clear liquid on top of his medicine cabinet. The Television was on a canceled Soap Opera, volume down low.

I drew out from my pocket, a small window cutter. Not wasting any more time, I carefully cut a small circle in the glass with the fine blade. Drawing the glass piece back, I reached my hand through, and unlocked the window from the inside.
Quietly sliding the window open, I sneaked in immediately taking the hand gun from the table. I was about grab Sam, when my eyes fell to the carpet…the same light foot impressions I found in Joseph King’s apartment.

King’s killer was here recently…judging by the impression’s wear, I would say, two days ago.
My eyes darted quickly around the room. Could it be the Clown was here?

No…my mind went back five years ago. I remember the day the Clown changed my life. Ruined my world. Killed the only person who mattered.
I remembered seeing prints of his purple dress shoes. The prints were made from blood. Like a sick picture of finger painting. The image of the blood tracks were imprinted into my mind. The length, width, shoe type.
The Clown’s foot size was almost two centimeters wider than these foot impressions, and was a different shoe type than what the Clown usually wore.

No….it couldn’t be. I quickly went to the sink; careful not to disturb the foot prints on the carpet. I quietly grabbed the bottle on the medicine cabinet, turning it to face the small white label on the side. Written in black marker,


The Chemical Formula for Sulfuric Acid. I quickly reached into my pocket drawing out the beaker of Acid I found in King’s apartment that was used to burn his body. The purple fabric I found.
Far too obvious. Far too easy to deduce. The so called clues I had found were nothing more than fake wild goose chases to keep me from seeing the truth.
Clown never used anything that he did not create himself. Every chemical, prop, and article of clothing was custom made by that Harlequin.
No….NO! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

Stupid! I scolded myself. STUPID! RECKLESS! CARELESS!

I fell for a simple frame up. Clown the Jester wasn’t behind Joseph King’s murder it was Sam Oliver. Actually it was Oliver’s old partner Whisper who visited Joseph, invited in by the unaware target. He was then murdered by the expert assassin.

Oliver needed money to start his restaurant, but with his reputation, and the increasing pressure of police and Smashers, every thief or robbery ended with his cut of any job. When the Truck Raiders’ flow of cash disappeared, due to my intimidating Aaron Tresker out of doing DaVinci’s dirty work, Oliver went to his former fellow gang member Joseph King, the man whose’ skin he saved from being dragged off to jail, asking for money to start his business.

Joseph said no. The enraged Oliver then persuaded Whisper, to kill Joseph King.
Knowing that I was sure to find some connection and hunt them down, Sam Oliver and Whisper, decided to try to pin the murder on a serial killer like Clown. And it worked. I fell for such an obvious trick. My anger, carelessness, and absolute hatred blinded me.

Furious, I stormed over to the couch and grabbed Sam Oliver’s blanket yelling, “Oliver! I know you murdered Joseph King! Tell me where your friend Whisper, is hiding...” I pulled off the cover.
The first thing I saw was the pool of blood, soaking into the couch, covering Sam Oliver’s body. His body…cut to pieces. Piled one on top one another. His head rolled off the couch landing at my feet.…his face…painted white. A large grin stretched across his face, red lipstick around his mouth. He resembled …a clown.

I whirled around as the Closet Door behind me opened.

“VERY IMPRESSIVE GRAPE SILHOUETTE!” a voice, that filled my body with pure rage, cried out.
Clown the Jester himself…stepped out from his hiding spot, twirling a long purple cane, by it’s hooked handle.

The monster….the one who took my Rachel…the one…who…killed so many innocent people for his amusement.

“Gotta say Gray, I too, was baffled that SAM-I-AM…framed me for his dirty deed took me a while to figure it out…and I had the luxury of knowing I wasn’t the one who iced Joe King…heh that’s a pun..WA HA HA HA! Joe King…Joe King….SAY THAT FIVE TIMES FAST! JOE KING, JOE KING, JOEKING, JOEKING, JOKEING! WA HA HA HA HA! IF I had a secret identity…it would most likely be Joe King heh heh..I regret not killing him now…so I decided to return the favor…heh heh…with my own little twist,” he cackled leaning on his cane. “Shame it was you who found my little dead friend. I was rather hopping to get another shot at Drakkoniss…but I shouldn’t spoil myself…I guess I could still have some laughs with you.”

“Clown,” I growled my hands shaking in rage. “You twisted, demented, filthy, abomination….How dare…face me…after…after what you did.”

Clown the Jester yawned, replying, “Are you still crying over her death? That was ages ago. HOW DULL! …heh heh…long forgotten history….I don’t even remember her name….I think it began with a Q!”

I instructed myself to remained calm; I wasn’t going to lose control. I refused to let him win.
“No…hm…R! THAT WAS IT! HA HA HA! R…so was it Richie? NO! I THINK IT WAS RISA! HA HA HA HA HA! MAYBE ROBERT! AM I GETTING CLOSE?” the animal pondered, scratching his chin.

I remembered seeing her scream. The Clown infecting her with a dark purple energy. I could still hear her screaming my name, begging me to save her. I tried…I tried with all my might.

“I do remember how I killed her, HEE HEE HEE! A REAL RIOT! THE WAY SHE BEGGED FOR ME TO SPARE HER! LIKE A LITTLE COWARD!” He laughed, enjoying how angry he was making me.
My teeth grinding…all I could think about was throttling the Clown’s neck.

The Clown shrugged his shoulders whispering, “Makes me glad you failed to save her.”

“SHUT UP YOU FREAK!” I exploded. I lost it. He crossed the line…he always knew how to cross the line.


Clown's smile didn’t even falter, ignoring what I said, exclaiming, “To think, nobody tried to kill that worthless corpse years ago. Maybe you liked her because she was the only one who could stand yourself righteous speech. HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”
I lunged at the Clown, my arms stretched out, screaming like a wild animal. I was so close, the tips of my gloved fingers could feel his neck.


Clown the Jester hit me across the face with the hook of his cane. I fell the ground just a foot short of my target.

“WA HA HA HA HA HA! VERY SPEEDY GRAMPA SILHOUETTE!” Clown mocked, straightening his bow tie. “I BET YOUR GRANDMA MOVED FASTER THAN YOU! Probably would have put up a better fight.”

I leapt back on my feet doing a spin kick at the grinning Harlequin’s face.

The Clown sidestepped the attack, punching me hard against the chin.
The punch was incredible, the blow lifting me five feet off the ground. Like being hit by a sledge hammer.
I landed on the coffee table, my landing breaking it in half.

Clown the Jester grabbed me by my shirt collar, lifting me over his head with one hand as if weighed no more than a feather.

“THIS IS A RIOT!” The Clown exclaimed throwing me across the room. Flying at rocket speed, I slammed head first into the opposite wall falling onto my side. My head screamed in pain.

“I MEAN A SIMPLE HUMAN…TRYING TO TAKE CLOWN THE JESTER ON! AS IF HE’S ANOTHER COMMON CRIMINAL!” The Clown continued. I pulled myself to my feet, charging at the Clown the Jester like a bull.
Clown the Jester stood motionless, leaning on his cane as I swung my fist at his face.


A bolt of purple energy burst out from his eyes, blasting me in the chest. I stopped dead in my tracks. My body surged with pain. I felt hundreds of blisters tearing into my skin, my skin burning. I fell to my knees, my body curled into a ball as I fought against my agony…
“Poor little Gray…trying to play pretend in the real world,” Clown hissed watching my torture with pleasure.

Get up! I told myself. Get up and fight! Don’t let that Madman win! Not this time! NOT EVER AGAIN! HE KILLED RACHEL! FIGHT BACK YOU WEAKLING! FIGHT! KILL THE MONSTER! DO IT FOR HER!
“RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed smashing my fist on Clown the Jester’s gut with all my might
The Clown stumbled back, surprised by my recovery.

I stood up, grabbing one of the broken halves of the coffee table and swung it at the Clown like a club.
Clown the Jester held out a hand, the table turned from oak wood to Styrofoam in my hands. The soft table crumbled to pieces as it came, harmlessly, into contact with the Grinning Clown’s chin.
“So the Grape still has a bit of a fight left in him eh?” Clown muttered swing his cane at my head.

I ducked under the attack kicking Clown the Jester hard in the chest.


I leaped back to my feet; slipping the Brass Knuckles from my earlier fight with the Truck Raiders onto my hand punched the Clown, in the forehead.
The Clown stumbled back, his purple top hat falling off his head. Not even a scratch on his head.
Clown the Jester giggled shaking his head in amusement.

He slapped me across the face with the back of his hand. I flew backwards my back slamming into the couch. The Clown held up a hand and my brass knuckles flew off my fist and into his outstretched clutches
Clown the Jester examined the weapon, curious. A slow smile started to spread across his demented face as the knuckles melted into a gray liquid, forming around his fists like a glove. They transformed, before my eyes, into large leather boxing gloves, with sharp spikes where the knuckles were.

“SO YA WANNA PLAY ROUGH HUH?” He shouted, slamming his deadly fists together. “OK THEN! LETS MUMBO!”
He rushed me, swinging down a spiked glove. I instinctively rolled off the couch as his fist impaled the seat cushion.
Clown the Jester swung his fist again. I rolled out of the way, pulling myself to my feet.

“RUN ALL YA WANT!” Clown shrieked laughing as I dodged swing after swing. “I’LL KILL YA ANYWAY! JUST LIKE YOUR SWEET HEART!”
He suddenly started moving faster and faster, the I dodged punch after punch, each time, the swing came faster.

Suddenly, moving so fast that he seemed to be moving in a blur, Clown the Jester slashed his sharp spikes across my chest.
I cried out in pain, blood leaking out of my chest like water…the room started to spin…I felt weak. The spikes had cut through my suit and my inch thick bullet proof vest as if it was tissue paper.
The Clown plunged the spikes into my stomach. The pain was unbearable.

“Such a pity,” Clown the Jester hissed. His voice seemd miles away.
He lift me into the air with his spikes, cutting deeper and deeper into my chest.
“Goodbye Grape…tell your little Girlfriend I am still trying to clean all her blood out of my suit. BOMB VOYAGE!” He cackled throwing me out the Apartment window. The glass shattered, the world around me moving in slow motion. My business suit torn up, wind flapping at the tears like flags. Rain drops pelting my body like tiny needles.

My arms flailing.

Suddenly I stopped moving, another bolt of pain screaming at my body. Everything is off. No sound, vision blurred, unable to think. My hands felt something wet. Like a liquid. I looked down. My hand was in a puddle of my own blood.

I saw a figure approaching my body. He crouched down next to me trying to say something. I couldn’t hear him. My eyes could not focus on him. The figure suddenly flew into the air firing a large burst of pure energy at the apartment.
The ground seemed to shake as the Apartment Building was reduced ashes….I didn’t hear an expoloshion.

I am dieing, I realized.
All my work. All my morals…all my plans…gone…I failed Rachiel…I failed this city…Chaos and Corruption would rain forever…I was a failure…

My mind snapped back, for a moment. I saw two figures firing large bursts of energy, dodging one another.
One through a ball of purple energy…the other…the other black….who…was fighting the Clown? Drakkoniss? No…not him..who…my mind blanked out from the pain…a few moments later my eyes locked on to the blurred Clown throwing the Stranger into a building, raising some sort of a large weapon.
The building collapsed on the stranger…then to my surprise…he burst back out from the rubble…flying at an incredible speed towards Clown. My vision turned red…the pain…increased.

I was in a pool of my own blood. My arms and legs bent at impossible angles...broken.

The Figure blasted the Clown into the air with another ball of energy.

The Clown…shouted something sounding like,” You….were…traitor…Clown….no….Davy..you…die…where…no…you die…Drakkoniss..both…die…Grape…never…problem any more….You…dead. City….dead.”

Clown the Jester disappeared in a burst of purple light, my savior flew down to me…I lost control of my eyes, they rolled into my head. I felt someone lifting me into the air…someone strong.

I am to die…I realized…I failed…The Clown one…It isn’t fair…I never compromised…yet I lost….

I saw darkness….and a familiar…sweet..sweet..loving hand reaching out for me…I reached out trying to grasp it…wanting nothing more than to grasp it.
The hand disappeared. I was alone again…in the Darkness…


I woke up, lying on a operating table. Two figures stared down at me, one of them, injecting me with something.
“RAAAH!” I screamed my head felt like it was about to explode…visions, memories, random tastes, voices of old friends and enemies..I heard her voice again…it whispered…

“Don’t Compromise…”

All for her…always…for her…without her….I was nothing…I will never forget her…

I sat up, my vision clearing. Dr.BlackShock pulled the needle out of my arm. To his left, my savior looked down on me curious.

“Gray Silhouette,” BlackShock said placing an arm on my shoulder. “We thought we lost you. Welcome back…I hope you feel…”

I cut the Doctor off, yelling angrily, “WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?”
I pointed my bandaged pointer finger at the surprised David Blitz.

“David saved you Gray Silhouette,” BlackShock said, injecting me with another vial of light green liquid.

David grinned reassuringly. “Don’t worry about it Gray, I scared the Clown off. Never was much of a threat when he faced me one on one.”

“Get...out…of here.” I snarled at David, through gritted teeth.

David glanced at Dr. BlackShock, who was still examining the injecting he just made trying his best to stay out of the conversation.
“Gray, I know we have had problems in the past, but…” David said placing a hand on my shoulder.

“DON’T TOUCH ME YOU FILTHY DOG!” I roared at the top of my lungs, hitting his hand away, starting the two.

“NEVER EVER TOUCH ME!” I realized I didn’t have my mask on.

I felt vulnerable, unthreatening, like nothing.

“Where’s my mask Doctor?” I asked turning my attention away from David Blitz.

Dr.BlackShock replied he left in it in his office and let the two of us.
Ignoring David, I examined my body. Most of my wounds healed, the two gashes that the Clown had made, now looked like two long streaks of sunburned skin. Dr.BlackShock's incredible healing skills.

“Look Gray, I did just save your life...” David said. I snorted pulling off the Doctor’s sensors.

“I know you still think I work for Clown’s Carnival…but that was a long time ago,” He continued. “I quit now I’m just like you. Trying to stop the Clown’s madness. The Chaotic beast I use to be is history.”

I glared at him replying, “He isn’t history to the victims you killed in the Clown’s name. Or to their families.”

David started to speak when Dr.BlackShock entered handing me my black ski mask.

I placed it over my head. Once again marveling how the I could see hear and breath without a single hole in my mask.
I stood up pulling out from a cardboard box my repaired, cleaned, and fixed Costume.

“As soon as I change,” I began walking towards the Bathroom door. “I want you to tell me where Drakkoniss is. It’s about time we had a chat about the Clown.

And So Began the Fall of Good and Evil.

Part 6: The Circus and the Bat.

Lady Zafara woke up….where? She didn’t have the slightest clue. It appeared she was in a Giant Circus tent, laying a bright purple tile floor.
The first thing she saw was the grins. Hundreds of clowns surrounding her, all with grotesque grins. The Chaos Carnival Army.

Half of the Army was made up of the Carnivorous Clowns of Killdarro, close to a hundred of the tribe creatures kidnapped from their native homes, tortures, and made even crazier by Clown the Jester. The other half, the hundreds of normal people that came searching for the Clown. Most of them lost loved ones to good or evil or maybe both and wanted a side that could give them revenge. Others just liked killing things. Clown could provide for both.

Two figures pushed their way through the crowd of Clowns towards Lady Zafara. Two of the Clown’s Lieutenants.
One wearing, all black with a Dark Nasone Mask over his face and large feathery wings, sprouting out of his back. The man appeared more bird then human. Sportox.

The second, Inferno wearing a white Nasone Mask, the crooked nose matching Sportox’s. His fiery orange hair and armor glowing in the dark circus tent.

“Hello Zafara,” Sportox said an amused grin on his face. “The Clown will be back shortly, he’s just dealing with an old friend.”

“Yep…and please don’t try to run,” Inferno said, surveying the Clowns around him. “These clowns are Cannibals…they are just dying to get a bite to eat.”

Lady Zafara rolled her eyes snapping, “It’s not these Clowns who will be doing the eating if you guys even think of messing with me!”

“Sounds like an interesting threat,” Inferno growled, his orange eyes glowing.

The Clown appeared in a loud crack of Purple Smoke. An angry scowl on his face.
Inferno left Zafara and Sportox, walking quickly up to Clown the Jester asking excitedly, “Hey Jester how did your fight with Drakkoniss go?”


Clown struck Inferno hard across the face, with his cane.

“Useless Fool! It wasn’t Drakkoniss who found me! It was Gray Silhouette…and David Blitz! Practically every animal, vegetable, and mineral found me except Drakkoniss!” The Clown roared, his nostrils flaring in rage. “You just couldn’t keep your eye on Davy could ya? NO! Too Obsessed with Azaoth’s little teachings! No Time to follow simple Instructions! AND NOW DAVID IS ON DRAKKONISS’S TEAM! Ruining everything! Complicating Matters!”

Inferno glared Clown the Jester, his eyes turning a bright white, anger filling his face.

The Clown reached into his purple vest, about to pull out one of his leathal weapons.
Sportox quickly interrupted the two by calling to the Clown, “Boss, Lady Zafara is awake.”

Clown’s angry scowl turned back to his delighted grin, “OH GOOD!” he exclaimed, dancing over to the Vampire.
Inferno began to advance on the Clown, not letting the assault go, when Sportox quickly grabbed him by the arm.

Clown the Jester, ignoring his angry Lieutenant; called over his shoulder, “Don’t you two have a Maximum Security Prison to loot?”
“Sure thing Jester,” Inferno called out, calming down. “Which prisoners are we to break out?”

Clown paused, his grin widening, “All of them. Every last robber, murder, monster, villain, and Lawyer…WA HA HA HA! I want these streets to be flooding with bad guys and threats!”

“Gotcha Clown,” Sportox nodded, the two disappearing into the shadows. Leaving the Vampire, Clown the Jester…and the two hundred psychopathic clowns.

Clown turned his attention back to Lady Zafara, “Hello again, My Dear heh heh heh....Just the undead Vampire/Spider gal I was looking for....Shame ya ran off on our little..heh heh....earlier date so to speak. Rather rude if you ask me.”

Lady Zafara glared at the Clown. “Rather rude of you to kidnap me,” She remarked pointing to her surroundings.

“Daw I just wanted to keep you safe from Doctor…I know how nervous those Coats can make you. But Anyhoo...lets not let that ruin our potential friendship...its only water under the bridge so to speak...LET IT NEVER BE SAID THIS CLOWN HELD A GRUDGE!...Now where was? I OH YES! I Need someone with your...uh....expertise to do a little errand for me...its small...LITTLE....tiny weeny...little job...more of a favor...YES! A FAVOR! You most certainly owe me one after you broke my perfectly good CHAINSAW! HEE HEE HEE!” Clown continued, holding out the bent, chainsaw. “How am I supposed to perform a massacre with this poor excuse of a blade now?”

“I’m pretty sure that was your fault, what do you want?” Zafara asked, annoyed. Clown’s smile widened.

“I wanna play a little...prank...heh heh...ya thats what it is...on Gray Silhouette...FOR HIS OWN GOOD! HA HA HA HA!” the Clown laughed clapping his hands together excitedly. “ I mean he's such a stiff....heh heh....Never laughing...or even cracking a smile...he cracks people ribs...BUT IT ISN'T THE SAME! So here’s what I want you to do....I want you to break into the Superhero City Police Station, and slaughter as many cops as possible...kill em all if ya want...I'm fine with that...heh heh....But I want you to do it....dressed up as Gray Silhouette!”
The Vampire’s nose wrinkled. “Ughh…But he has no fashion sense.”

“But Zafara,” Clown said his mouth up to her ear, “Imagine how much fun it could be…imagine the carnage, the blood, the Joke.”

The Vampire paused think it over. “Alright, I’m in.”

Clown the Jester laughed hissing, “EXCELENT! HA HA HA! Now the party is really starting! Make sure you are seen as Gray.... Many witnesses; perhaps run in front of a camera or to...heh heh...Make em believe Grape has gone….SCREWLOOSE! HEE HEE HEE! Very nice…this may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship my dear….heh heh heh…now get out there…AND GO CRAZY!”

Laughter in the Dark

I learned I had been unconscious in Dr. BlackShock’s care for two days. Two days wasted. Because of my failure...I failed her...again...everything I did to redeem myself....lost all value.
I was to meet Drakkoniss in two hours at Brick Street. Despite the Doctor’s incredible healing skills, skin still stung from my disastrous fight with Clown.

Fight…hrmph…far too generous…It was no more of a battle than a battle between a man and a bug.

I decided to find the assassin, Whisper, Joseph King’s murder and Sam Oliver’s accomplice.

After some….questioning, I learned that he recently came out of hiding in Skull Deep. My lead did not know exactly where he was, but he knew he was laying low in West Main Street.
Wise move. Despite being so close to a Police Station, there was very little chance of the police having the time to be chasing stories when their they were still recovering from a recent assault of DaVinci Destroyers that struck three weeks ago. Most of the Police were assisting Demolicious and her army of Divas in the Siege of the Park.

The rest were spread out in Brick Street, dealing with recent the recent Bank Robberies.
I only had two hours, no time to spend searching every square in of Main Street. Perhaps I could find his trail back at Joseph King’s old apartment.
Whisper was one of the best assassins in the World. A Smasher gifted with the incredible ability to teleport short distances. Very lethal, silent as a panther. It would be difficult to capture and imprison him, but the L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N. Facility, a maximum security prison made especially for Smashers was use to these kinds of criminals.

Joseph King’s apartment, the Police tape gone, carpets vacuumed, blood stains gone. Any evidence…gone…no clues. Would have been a dead end, except this was different.
Whisper was here…most likely he used his teleportation skills to avoid King’s gunfire three nights ago. If he had teleported then I may be able to track him.
I pulled out of my pocket a small Geiger counter activating it. Immediately the meter rose slightly. Whenever Whisper teleported, he left behind a small amount of radiation that could stay around for days before they wore off.
The signal was still in the safe range, but now I had a means to track the teleported.

I was running on the roof tops, following the small signals of radiation.
After 45 minutes, I came upon a cellar, next to a store that was still under construction. The most recent area that Whisper had teleported to.
I unlocked the doors, slowly walking down the stairs.


Something kicked me hard from behind; I stumbled down the cellar steps, landing on the hard, cold, stone floor.
I spun around. Whisper outside, closing the Cellar doors on me, locking me in.
I was trapped…for the moment. No way to unlock the door from the inside, but the door would not hold me long. I killed at the doors, the wood frame about to give. I caught out of the corner of my eye, Whisper, appearing beside me, in a cloud of grey smoke.

In his hands, knives. Dressed as a ninja, his black hood, covering his face. He slashed at me, I dodged his attack, punching him across the face.
He stumbled back, disappearing in another grey puff of smoke. I walked around the room, pulling back out my Geiger counter, glancing down at the needle, searching for any rise in radiation. Suddenly the meter spiked.
Whisper appeared above me, landing down on me. I fell to the ground. He grabbed me by my collar shirt, raising a knife over his head, about to strike.


I smashed my Geiger counter across his face, the device shattering against his head. He topped off me, I quickly leapt back to my feet, grabbing him by the neck, my grasp chocking him.

Whisper disappeared in my grasp reappearing in front of me, slashing his knives at me. I dodged two swipes, knocking the wind out of his chest, slamming my knee into him.
He stumbled back disappearing again. I stood still, my eyes darting left and right. I saw the teleported appear behind me through a mirror, mantled on the opposite wall. Whisper teleported slashed down his knives, trying to stab me in the back.


I spun around, kicking Whisper in the head. He tumbled to the ground. Unconscious.

I lift Whisper over my shoulder dragging him to the locked doors, kicking them in. We emerged back on the street. I handcuffed and blindfolded Whisper to a bicycle rack. As long as he couldn’t see Whisper could not teleport, without a sense of direction.
I quickly walked over to a payphone calling the police telling them where to pick Whisper up. Anonymous of course.
I glanced at my watch. Thirty minutes till my meeting with Drakkoniss.

I walked down the street, making my way towards Brick Street. I paused.
Sirens….lots of them. Too many for just capturing Whisper. They were responding to another threat. I pulled out a small radio device, specifically made for listening to the Police radio frequency. I turned it on.
A voice announcing, “All available units, converge in West Main Street. Suspect spotted. Suspect is considered extremely dangerous. Lethal force is allowed, and frankly in this case…highly recommended.”

Who? Was Clown attacking in my area? Overcast? Ancient Darkness? Range?
Who could cause so much attention?

The voice continued. “Subject called six minutes ago, confirming he just brought down Smasher Rank# 5: Whisper. Subject usually wears a black ski mask, and business suit.”
The Sirens came closer….merely a block away…

“No…,” I whispered.

Not wasting a second of time, I ran. As fast as possible. Four Squad cars swerving into my line of site, their headlights bathing me in their bright glow.
“Subject Spotted!” Another voice called out on the radio. “He’s heading north, towards Brick Street.”
The cars speeding towards me, gaining. I leapt onto a parked car, jumping of it, pulling myself onto a rooftop. “

“Jeez...Subject is now on the roof tops,” The Voice said. “Still heading north, do we have any units that way? Look at him move.”
I leapt off the building, over an alley. I rolled as I landed on the next roof top.

“Swat team gathering on roof tops, choppers five minutes away.” Another voice announced on the Radio.
I changed directions, running east. I leapt from building to building, the police cars following me.
“He’s heading east, towards East Main Street,” the radio buzzed. I cleared another roof top; as I landed I heard a light roar of fire above me. Like jet engines..But smaller.

I turned, Jetpack Swat team. Ten of them, the mini searchlights on their heads focusing down on me.
One of them shouted, “Open Fire!”

I skidded down a roof top, as if sliding on base in a ball game. Machine gun fire pelting the roof top. Over the ledge, grabbing the roof ledge, with one hand.
I shoved the radio back into my pocket. Dropping silently into a dumpster, I piled trash bag after trash bag on top of me. I sat in the dumpster…motionless…not moving…not breathing. I could hear the Jet Swat teams descending into the Alley.

“Here is he?” One of them shouted.

“The squad cars didn’t see him leave the alley.” The Swat leader answered. “Search this place from top to bottom.”
I heard one, pushing the trash bags around in my dumpster, searching for me.

“Hey,” he said. “I think I see..”


I smashed my feet into his police helmet, he fell back landing on his back. I leapt out of the dumpster. A Jetpack Patrolman fired a burst of machine gun fire at me. I did a back flip over the dumpster landing behind it. The bullets rattling the dumpster. Another two Patrolmen opened fire at me, I crouched behind my cover. Noticing a brick next to my foot.
Pinpointing where the closest Patrolman was standing I chucked the brick over my head, hitting the Patrolman square in the head. He dropped to the ground his partner caught off guard from my attack. I charged him, knocking him into a wall, pulling the weapon from his hands.


I hit him across the face with the gun barrel, swinging it around hitting the third Patrolman from behind.
The other Jetpack patrol men descended on us.
“Neutralize target!” The leader ordered. I quickly threw a gas pellet to the ground.

A thick cloud of smoke engulfed us. Bullets hitting the ground around me. I ran out of the alley as the disoriented Swat team, searched for me.
I ran towards Brick Street. Passing Eolon’s Electronics, a number of Televisions in a display window. I paused glancing over at a news feed.

A Reporter with an artist depiction of me.

“Going by only the name, Gray Silhouette,” the report stated. “He was already wanted by the Law Enforcement for acts of Violence, Vigilantism, resisting arrest, and murdering several criminals. However, due to his recent attack at the Police Headquarters, killing more than twenty Law Enforcement officers before disappearing.”

A video clip filled the screen…showing someone…dressed as me, walking to the police station. Using Ice, and lightning powers…a smasher. The imposter started biting the dead police.
My eyes widened. I examined the figure’s height, width, body outline.
The female who stalked me to the Truck Raider hideout. What did Clown do to her?

I heard a Police Helicopter. I had no time for this.
Hiding in the shadows, I made my way to the Brick Street, Subway entrance. There stood Drakkoniss.

“Gray Silhouette,” he asked staring at me suspiciously. “What is going on? I heard you had been injured in a fight with Clown the Jester.”

Before I could answer a demonic laugh echoed from within an open Manhole, to my right. From within the sewers.

I could see Drakkoniss recognized the laugh, along with me.

“Clown!” we both shouted at the same time.

Part: 8 Raging Inferno.

I dropped into the dark sewer. My shoes splashing in the dark water.
Drakkoniss floated down behind me.

Clown the Jester himself. He was leaning against a large storage container completely wrapped in Birthday wrapping paper, complete with a giant purple bow on top. The box was ten feet high, six feet wide. What was it’s purpose in the Clown’s sick joke?

Clown the Jester’s hand was over mouth of a bound innocent. A poor, terrified woman, perhaps eighteen maybe twenty years old...brunette...blue eyes...no...

On Purpose...THE CLOWN CHOSE HER ON PURPOSE TO REMIND ME...of the other brunette..blue eyes...that I failed.

She was wrapped in a strait jacket, a cone shaped party hat strapped to her head.

“Ah you two!” The Clown exclaimed, excited to see us. “I was wondering where that foul stench was coming from.”

He let out a laugh forcing the poor girl to her knees. Her eyes locked on Drakkoniss and mine.
Fear, and pleading for us to save her.
“Let her go Clown!” Drakkoniss ordered drawing out his axe.

“Sorry, Old Bean, but that would spoil the fun! How can you expect me to throw a party without any guests?” Clown cried out motioning to his hostage. “Besides I’m sure Bud and Lou are just dying to play a silly party game with her, aren’t you boy?”

From behind the large present, two large gorillas, covered in purple fur, emerged. One of them, picked the screaming innocent up with on hand, letting out a loud roar.

“You take Clown, I’ll take the apes!” I shouted to Drakkoniss, charging at the two beasts.

The gorilla, wearing a bowler hat, swung a powerful paw at me. I slid under it, and stomped the heel of my shoe, on one of his toes.
The ape let out a cry of pain, stumbling back into his partner, causing him to drop the Girl.
I led the two gorillas away from the Innocent, they both charged at me, grunting in anger.

Drakkoniss charged at Clown like a rocket, slashing his axe at the Harlequin’s neck. Clown the Jester dodged the attack, punching Drakkoniss across the face and kicking him in the gut. The kick launched the hero into the air, slamming him into the sewer walls.
“Wa Ha Ha!” Clown laughed, pulling out from his purple suit a cream pie. “Hope you don’t mind if I brought pie over cake! I just can't stand lies...don't you agree?”

He hurled the pie at Drakkoniss. The hero dodged the pie, watching it splat against the sewer wall. The pie bubbled, burning a large hole into the wall, like a powerful acid.

“Poor Drakkoniss, just don’t have a sweet tooth,” Clown mocked, about to throw another pie.
Drakkoniss slammed into Clown the Jester, slashing his axe across Clown’s face.

“RRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” the Harlequin cried out, stumbling back. A large cut across his face. The wound slowly began to disapeer, the Clown, regenerating lost cells. Clown held out his hand, glaring at Drakkoniss, pushing at the air as if trying to push an invisible wall.
Drakkoniss was thrown into the air, Clown’s telekinesis, pushing him down the Sewer tunnel.
He splashed into the sewer water, a good two hundred feet away from us.

“Bud, open my present for me if you don’t mind,” Clown ordered his gorilla minion. “Lou, tear Grape Skillet apart! I do not believe he was given an invitation to my party. And this time, make sure he stays dead.”

The Harlequin floated into the air, charging at his archenemy. Drakkoniss leapt to his feet, shooting Clown the Jester down with a laser beam, from his hand. Clown bounced back to his feet, tackling Drakkoniss.

Lou took another swipe at me; I dodged, kicking him in the chest. The beast growled, not even affected by my attack.
The Gorilla punched me in the chest, knocking me off my feet. I gritted my teeth in pain, rolling as Lou smashed his large fists down at me. His partner, Bud tore off the wrapping paper to reveal a large, reinforced square container. Covered by a thick wall of metal. He began smashing his power fists against the container, large dents appearing.

I jumped over Lou’s head landing on his back, smashing my fist into the back of his skull. Lou swung around wildly trying to throw me off him. I tightened my grip around his neck, the gorilla jerking left and right.

Bud tore off a large chunk of metal from the Containment cube, he turned around, seeing me struggling on Lou’s back. In a fit of furry he tossed the heavy metal at me and the Gorilla, hopping to knock me off his partner. I leapt off the dazed Gorilla as the trashcan sized compact metal slammed into his head.


Lou fell, face first into the murky water, a large bruise on his head. The ape would be lucky to survive from the amount of blood he was losing.

Bud pounded his chest in rage, when a loud commotion cut off his shrieks.
The Large metal cube started shaking as if…some other creature was in the cube. Bud, curious, turned around bending the last piece of metal off the box. Revealing the cube’s contents.

The first thing I saw was the cage…then I saw the monster inside it. A deep growl echoing from the animal’s throat. Bud started to back away from the cage, obviously afraid.

Too late. A massive scaly hand grabbed Bud by the head, pulling the terrified gorilla against the bars. The…thing’s razor sharp claws and jagged teeth tearing the ape apart. Bud’s cries of agony and pain echoing of the sewer walls.

The beast….appeared…appeared to be some sort of a humanoid reptile. Possibly a crocodile. Close to ten and a half feet tall. Powerful body, capable of bending steal. Long claws and sharp teeth. His long tail swaying back and forth. The monster appeared to have an orange beard going across the side of his face as wore a torn pair of brown shorts.

I watched motionless. A mixture of revolution and primitive fascination.

The monster swallowed the last part of Bud, his gargantuan body covered in the ape’s blood. His beady eyes locked on the hostage just out of his reach….for the moment.

Oh no…

I ran as fast as I could towards the cage and the petrified girl. The beast began to bend the bars apart with his hands. As I drew closer, the creature bent the bars far enough for his large arm to slip through, about to grab the girl…about to devour an innocent…I didn’t have enough time to worry about my own safety.

Seconds before the monster’s claws could tighten around the screaming innocent, I knocked her out of the monster’s grasp. In raged, the monster grabbed me by my leg, lifting me into the air and pulling me his cage.

Twack! Twack! Twack!

I struck the creature’s hand, chest, and head trying to find a weak spot. The monster took no notice of my attacks about to bight down on me. Instinctively I shined my flashlight directly into the monster’s blood red eyes.
The monster howled, throwing me against cage bars.

I groaned, my shoulder badly injured from the hit, the monster let out another howl, covering his eyes with a massive hand.

I quickly slipped through the bars, the monster’s claws following me from behind. Seeing that I was out of his reach, the Alligator Man tore the remainder of his cage apart, lumbering out from his demolished cell. The beast dropped on fours, pouncing on me, his massive weight crushing my bones.

His fowl breathe causing me to gag as the beast let out another roar.

Quickly I shoved a gas pellet into the monster’s jaws, my fingers barely missing his snapping jaws.
The monster let out a loud cough, the gas leaking from his mouth and nose.
While he was distracted, I struggled out of his grasp.
The monster swung a massive claw at me, I jumped back out of the claw’s reach.


The Alligator Man’s massive tail swiped me from behind, knocking me to the ground. The creature slashed his talons deep into my side. Causing me to cry out in pain. Another swipe threw me into the air, I splashed into the sewer water, the beast lumbering after me.
I have to keep him distracted. Can’t let him kill the hostage.

Blocking out the pain, I stood up charging at the colossal monster. I leapt into the air, flying towards the monster, my leg out in front, aiming for the beast’s massive head. FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Crack! Pain surged through my body upon the impact. I bounced off the monster’s armor like scales splashing back into the water. A large scaly foot slammed down on me. I was pinned. My hands went to my pockets; yes…I still had one last trick left. I gripped a large capsule. My last chance before I was torn limp from limp.

The monster’s jaws snapped down on me about to bite my head off. I smashed the glass pill into the beast’s face. The monster halted his attack, sniffing at the solution covering his nose and mouth.

I let out a sigh of relief as the Alligator Man toppled onto his back, freeing me. Unconscious….for most likely forty eight hours….hopefully.
I wearily pulled my damaged body to my feet. Sprained leg, two large cuts in my chest.

Relatively low damage considering I had fought two gorillas and a giant crocodile. Where did the freakish brute come from? Why was it in the Clown’s possession? I turned back to where the Clown and Drakkoniss where fighting…Gone…both of them. What had happened to Drakkoniss?

I stumbled to the still bound girl; her eye’s wide in terror seeing me. Obviously she keeps up with the news. However I could see in her eyes she was relieved the Alligator Man was neutralized.

I quickly cut her loose of the straight jacket with my window cutter blade.

“Run,” I whispered to her. “Go to down this tunnel and you will find a ladder leading to the surface. Get as far away from here as possible.”

She nodded about to run when a loud explosion knocked the two of us to our feet.

A wave of fire, traveling down the sewer, fueled by the methane gas…. heading towards us…no time to run…no time to find cover…I jumped on top of the screaming innocent. Flames, heat, crackling roar, an inferno of fire, burning…spreading….about to incinerate all in it’s path.

I do my best to cover her from the flames. Pushing her as deep under the sewer water as possible…no room for me...not that it truly mattered.

“BRING IT ON!” I scream…perhaps delirious as the flames surround me.

I let out a cry of agony as the fire engulfed me. Intense heat, major burns, my mind screaming. My costume being obliterated in the flames.

My head races.

Cannot….GRAGH!....cannot move…must….OH MY GAH…Grrrr..no….must…protect the innocent…it hurts so much…NO! NEVER COMPROMISE! NEVER LET ANOTHER INNOCENT DIE! NO!...my skin…it’s burning…I…I am…burning. Dear God…NO! NEVER COMPROMISE! DIE FIRST! DIE FIRST! ALL FOR HER! SHE WOULD WANT IT LIKE THIS! I KNOW SHE WOULD! I…I know she has forgiven my failure…please..say yes…SHOW THIS CITY…show this city….that there are still some true heroes left…I will burning knowing...this time...I did not failed her.

I let out another scream of agony….the girl beneath me, screaming as well…her hair on fire….Burning…no…she will be saved…major burns perhaps..but she will live…survive…live…on…
Darkness engulfs me.

I see that loving hand again reaching for me in the darkness…yes…perhaps…I would be able to grasp it…feel…it’s loving touch…I stretch as far as my hand allows…please…let me hold it again…I miss it so much…

Lady Zafara let out a blast of cool wind over Gray Silhouette and the girl, he was dying to protect. The flames died out.
The girl was in a state of shock, minor burns, but relatively fine.

Gray Silhouette…his skin…hair…Oh…No…

His mask completely burned off…his caracole skin…his face..Strange…Not a look of pain…but of sadness…
He was in a critical state…only has seconds…She didn’t get the chance to fully apologize. Would his death be her fault? She couldn’t let this happen...perhaps…Dr.BlackShock could…maybe…

She would need to be fast.

The Vampire grabbed Gray Silhouette’s body lifting him into the air… running, sprinting, going as fast as she could. Every precious second counted…every millisecond…years off Gray’s life…she had to have him…but could she?

Part 9: Chaos on the Rise...

Drakkoniss lift Clown the Jester into the air, smashing his head into the ground, the sewers shaking from the impact.

" Funny isn't it? I have been doing quite a great deal of effort into luring you here...but all I got was every other hero or villain besides you!” The Clown exclaimed, punching Drakkoniss in the face with his spiked boxing gloves. “We need to get better connection!"

Drakkoniss stumbled back, glaring at the Clown.

“Meh,” he shrugged, cracking his knuckles. “Are you sure you really wanted me to fight you Clown? I suppose I could if you want it so badly. Prepare yourself. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Drakkoniss fired a blast of energy out from his axe knocking Clown the Jester off his feet.

“I have to admit Clown,” Drakkoniss remarked, lifting the dazed Clown the Jester into the air with one hand. “I expected more from you’re so called trap than just a test of might. I’ve always been superior to you in our past brawls.”

Clown let out a low giggle, “You act like I don’t enjoy feeling pain. Anyway…who said I was the trap?”
A large glowing sledge hammer appeared in the Clown’s hand. The demented harlequin raised the weapon above his head bring it down hard on Drakkoniss’s skull.


Drakkoniss stumbled back, dropping Clown the Jester, more stunned than actual pain.
“Besides Zero the Hero,” Clown mocked, smashing the purple hammer across Drakkoniss’s chin. “You of all people should know I always have an ace up my sleeve.”

Clown swung the hammer again at the hero, Drakkoniss dodged the attack, slashing the hammer in two with his might axe.
“DAW! Why do everyone I meet break my toys?” Clown whined.
Drakkoniss slashed his axe across Clown the Jester’s chest.

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Clown the Jester cried out, covering his chest with his pail arm. The hero lead out his hand, his telekinesis smashing Clown the Jester against the sewer wall.

"Amusing Drakkoniss, you fight me, knowing that Grape is gonna get a whooping from my two monkey boys!” Clown the Jester mocked, pulling himself back to his feet. “ I bet you don't even like Grape....ya wanted him to die don't you?"

Drakkoniss rolled his eyes. “To be fair, he is not really in any danger whatsoever... even if he's about to die, I could always spontaneously heal all of his wounds, or make him invincible or something...I decided not to, because I respect his combat skills... might as well give him the benefit of the doubt, right? I am pretty sure he takes pride in the fact that he doesn't use powers,”
Clown smiled, “As do I take pride from using my powers.”

A purple surge of energy fired out of the Clown’s eyes, about to hit Drakkoniss.
The hero calmly waved his hand. A red portal opened in front of Drakkoniss, the beam disappearing, harmlessly into the gateway. Another wave of his hands, the portal was gone.

“Now that’s just cheating,” Clown hissed, jumping to his feet, a rocket launcher appeared his arms.
“I CALL FOUL!” Clown yelled, firing the massive weapon at Drakkoniss.

A large cake, with purple and pink icing smeared over Drakkoniss’s face.
“WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Clown laughed dropping the launcher into the water.

“SO THERE WAS A CAKE!” Clown cried out.
Drakkoniss whipped away a large glob of the cake from his face, he couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“WA HA HA HA HA HA HA! HEE HEE HEE HEE!” Clown the Jester laughed back.

Drakkoniss suddenly grew serious holding out his hand, aimed at Clown the Jester.
“Uh oh…” the Harlequin whispered.


The laser beam struck Clown the Jester in the stomach, launching him into the air. He
Flailed his arms wildly, a Clown the Jester splashed into the sewer water, his face twisted in pain. The tear in his chest slowly healing back. His suit stained in his blood.

“VERY NAUGHTY, HERO!” Clown growled, throwing a half a dozen sticks of dynamite at Drakkoniss. “Shame you had to BLOW away my fun!”


Clown the Jester hopped back to his feet, laughing as Drakkoniss was swallowed in the explosion.
To the Clown’s surprise, the explosion continued to travel down the tunnel, no doubt by all the methane in the sewers.

“Whoopsie!” Clown the Jester giggled, watching the wave of fire disappear deeper into the tunnel. “That will show Gray Eggs and Ham what happens when he sneaks into someone else’s party…heh heh heh. I think I just made scrambled Eggs and Roasted Bacon out of the guy!”

“NO!” Drakkoniss roared, smashing into Clown the Jester.


After a series of punches, followed by an axe to the head, Drakkoniss threw the broken body of Clown the Jester to the ground.
Drakkoniss turned away from the Clown, about to go and save Gray Silhouette, when the Harlequin jumped onto the hero’s back, pressing a shotgun against his head.

“NOW NOW DRAKKONISS! HEE HEE! We’re not done with our dance!” Clown hissed firing the gun.


Drakkoniss fell to his knees.


The bullets didn’t even leave a scratch on his skin. Drakkoniss blasted the Clown back with a ball of fire.
The Clown shrieked, his body on fire, flames burning at his flesh. He slashed into the sewer water, rising out of the murky water, his skin a fleshy brown.

"GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! YOUR RUINING MY PARTY! So many months of decorations and little jokes....GOING RIGHT DOWN THE SEWER DRAIN!" Clown screamed, squirting a face full of acid at the hero.

Drakkoniss dodged the stream of acid, smashing his powerful fists across Clown the Jester over and over, moving so fast, he seemed to be a blur of furry. Drakkoniss paused, Clown the Jester toppled over falling face first into the water.

“Not down the drain, just in a different direction... at least you didn't just waste all of it... I still find your jokes funny... except the one with grey,” Drakkoniss growled, his eyes red in rage. “I don't like it when innocent people get their reputations spoiled. Or when my friends are murdered!”

"You know what Drakkoniss,” Clown hissed, coughing up his blood. “You may be a hoot...but your morals disgust me...almost as much as that dead rat your standing on."

With that Drakkoniss smashed his fist in a devastating uppercut into Clown the Jester’s chin.
The Harlequin rocketed into the air, smashing through the sewer ceiling, emerging into the outside world…
“GRRR! Not enough time yet,” the Clown murmured to himself. “Overcast needs more time….heh heh…So I guess I’ll make some, myself.”
Drakkoniss floated up through the giant hole... see Clown the Jester sitting on top of the Subway train. The Clown snapped his fingers, the train started to glow a dark purple.

“ALL ABOARD!” Clown shrieked, the subway train moving down the tracks, gaining speed.
Drakkoniss flew after the runaway subway, the passengers inside screaming.

“Ladies and Gents…this is your loving and rather nutty Conductor,” Clown the Jester shouted into the intercom system. “We will be traveling at rather unsafe speeds so please hold onto your name tags…heh heh…makes identifying Jane and Johnny Doe’s so much easier. WA HA HA HA HA HA!”

Drakkoniss grabbed onto the back of the subway, trying to slow the train down. Clown the Jester, seeing this, summoned a large cannon pointing it at the hero.


The blast sent Drakkoniss flying backward, the train continued to gain speed.

“Whoops…nevermind…now all I see is a drop to almost certain doom…HA HA! I guess I should get glasses! WA HA HA HA H AH A HA H AH A HA HA H AH AH A HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

Drakkoniss zoomed over the train, dodging Clown the Jester’s cannon fire.
He flew in front of the train, his hands pushing at the subway. Slowing it to a stop just a foot away from the destroyed bridge.
“GRRR!” Clown growled flashing his hands again, the train flashing an even darker purple. Clown the Jester pulled out of his pocket a large Pogo stick.

“Well folks this is my last stop…and yours…you all might wanna cover your ears before the explosion tears them off your head…don’t want ya to die without ears…a real shame. SEEYA!”
Clown hopped off the train, bouncing higher and higher into the air. The glow on the train started to flash faster and faster.
Drakkoniss used his telekinesis to remove the passengers and threw the train 500 hundred feet into the air….


Drakkoniss didn’t have time to appreciate his good work; Clown the Jester bounced his pogo stick on top of the hero.
“HERES A MAGIC TRICK I’VE BEEN JUST DIEING TO TRY OUT ON YA!” Clown screamed pressing his glowing hands on Drakkoniss’s head.


Drakkoniss disappeared in a puff of purple smoke, in his place, a nuclear warhead.
“DAW I WANTED A HEAD OF CABBAGE! Oh well,” Clown mocked punting the nuclear warhead off the bridge.

As it fell, it began to explode. The whole city about to be destroyed…millions would die for the Clown’s sick amusement.
Clown the Jester saluted the falling nuke, disappearing in purple fog.

The nuke started glowing bright red as it fell into the river bellow.
Drakkoniss reformed, breaking away from the nuke, the bomb still beside him. Without pausing to think, Drakkoniss opened a portal throwing it in.

He sealed the portal shut just seconds before it detonated.
Save, the city safe…at least he thought. How wrong he was…in the mere twenty minute fight he had with the Harlequin, all insanity went loose in Super City.

Every News station going crazy reporting the Chaos occurring in the city.

“This just in, the Chaos Carnival assaulted all three Maximum Security Prisons, including L.O.C.K.U.P. The break in has released 1,243 prisoners and Super villains back onto our streets. No heroes were on sight to stop the assault. Every murderer, robber, inmate, criminal, madman, evil Smasher, back on the streets, free to cause havoc.”

“This just in, a large riot lead by the Chaos Carnival member Sportox just took control of the Police Headquarters…200 maybe 300 Law enforcements are presumably killed.”

“This just in, a bomb, believed to be created by Clown the Jester, leader of the Chaos Carnival was detonated in City Hall. Twenty killed. Twelve severely injured.”

“This just in, Heroine Smasher Jae was spotted being severely injured by Inferno…it is believed that she is…dead….in other news a mass of recently escaped convicts just seized control of L.O.C.K.U.P. Facility, they claim to have hostages and are equipped with heavy weaponry.”

“This just in, the Chaos Carnival attacked Demolicious and DaVinci’s forces in the Park, close to forty hero and villain Smashers killed. Dear God, its like a war out there….”

“Police officials recommend you stay in your homes…lock and barricade any doors or windows…do not go out to save loved ones…wait…CHARLEY THEY’RE OUTSIDE THE STUDIO DOORS! HELP! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

“No sign of Drakkoniss, David Blitz, Dr. BlackShock, Numigochi, Atlian, Velmur, Jae, or any other Hero Smasher. If any of them are listening…please save us…Where are you?”

“The Chaos Carnival successfully seized complete control of Aurora Park. They were met with little resistance from the Drakkonian Alliance, Alpha heroes, Army of the Holy Dragons, Hybrid Dragons, Healers Guild, Arachnoclan, or The Sisterhood.”

“I warned all of you about the Smashers and their danger! Now both the good and evil have abandoned us to a pack of super powered Maniacs! The only way to get Clown the Jester’s mercy is to bring him Drakkoniss’s head! We must kill the heroes or we are doomed!”

“The riots are increasing! Government officials have called a State of Emergency, calling in the National Guard…if any heroes can here us…please…wait…A large number of the Cannibal Clowns, that escaped from Zazul’s Carnival are attacking citizens…what remaining police force is being slaughtered by the creatures. Oh no…one of them has seen us…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NO PLEASE GRAH! AH! NO! AH!...gurk……Its Clown…CLOWN THE JESTER! RUN! GET OUT OF HERE! NO!....ha…ha…HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H AH A HA H AH A HA HA H A HA HA HA H A HA HA H A HA HA HA!”

“This just in…WE, THE CHAOS CARNIVAL, CONTROL YOUR LITTLE NEWS FEEDS! WA HA HA H A HA HA H A HA HA HA HA HA HA! Ah, Drakkoniss…I hope you can hear me… I can’t believe you thought my plan involved a fist fight with you…that was just to keep you away from my boys as they started causing quite a few shenanigans….

heh heh heh….Nobody left to deal with me…every hero and villain far to busy with their own threat to stop me…YOU WON THE BATTLE! BUT I WON THE WAR! WA HA HA HA H A HA HA H AH A HA HA HA H A HA HA HA HA HA HA! This city is officially under, CHAOS RULE! LET THERE BE ANARCHY! INSANITY! MADNESS! COMEDY! RISE PEOPLE! STRIKE DOWN THE HEROS THAT ALLOWED YOU TO FALL TO MONSTERS LIKE ME!”
Skull Deep
“OVERCAST!” Clown the Jester called out to the waiting shadow.

The dark figure turned to the Harlequin, “Hello Clown the Jester,” he said, no emotion in his cold voice.

“Did ya get my present?”Clown asked excitedly. Overcast nodded handing Clown the Jester a small box.
“The largest piece I could find. Now tell me, how will this help me in my quest to destroy all humanity?” he asked.
Clown the Jester opened the package looking in.

“Yes…YES! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Ya did good Overcast…I knew you could find it…after all…when a person controls darkness..not much can hid from him.” Clown exclaimed, pulling out from the box a large chunk of a green glowing rock.

“The last remaining piece of the Malachite,” Overcast droned. “Now I have provided you with the piece that gave Pandora her powers, how do you intend to destroy humanity?”

Clown the Jester smiled to Overcast. “Well…it isn’t exactly the last piece…but instead of me telling you my plan…how about I show you.”

Clown the Jester squeezed on the rock, his hands glowing a dark purple…. a surge of incredible energy entered his body...

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” He screamed his body absorbing the never ending energy from the rock.
“Incredible!” Clown screamed, his skin turning a dark purple…his hair spiking up as if a current going through it.
Clown the Jester’s powers to alter reality increased 500%. The Malachite…the most powerful energy source in the Universe…capable of changing a person’s DNA to superhuman level.

A mere fragment in Pandora’s head piece gave thousands of civilians impossible powers, and Clown the Jester just absorbed the powers of an entire piece, all by himself…he was more powerful than five Pandoras…he had limited abilities to alter reality…no…it was just putty in his hands…he could created and destroy universes at the flick of a finger

…Reality was now another joke to the Clown. All this power in the body of the greatest serial killer the world had ever known.

“THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!” Clown the Jester screamed, purple lightning crackling out of his eyelids.

Overcast backed away from the demented Clown…

“Before,” the Harlequin hissed. “I could barly survive my encounters with Drakkoniss…now…I feel I can take on a hundred Drakkonisses…heh heh heh…”

The maniac turned to Overcast pointing a finger at him, screeching,

Part 10: Night Fall…Madness Rise.
“Logically, Clown the Jester, you plan to use your new powers to destroy the entire human race,” Overcast said, watching the Super Clown alter his appeared with his new powers, changing his now purple face, ghost white.

“Correct,” Clown the Jester replied, “Actually no…that isn’t my plan! Killing every human on Earth?….that’s your dream…not mine, a rather boring dream to be quite honest. I didn’t go through all this trouble just to off a few more lives! I have a much larger agenda.”
Overcast’s eyes narrowed, he drew his black and red sword, pointing it threatening at Super Clown.

“Our deal was quite specific Clown the Jester. You promised that if I gave you a piece of the Malachite, then you would assist me in exterminating all humans.” Overcast stated. “I will not have my time wasted by a lying Harlequin. If you do not do as I say Clown the Jester, then I will be forced to destroy you as well.”

Super Clown smiled at the shadow, cracking his knuckles. “Silly, Silly Overcast….I don’t think you get it,” Clown the Jester remarked advancing on Overcast. “Nobody orders me around…especially not now….and one more thing….”

Super Clown held out a hand, firing a large burst of purple energy smashing into the living shadow, rocketing Overcast across Skull Deep.
Overcast slammed through a cave wall, plowing through the solid rock.

“I SAID CALL ME SUPER CLOWN!” Clown the Jester roared, a bright purple glow surrounded the Harlequin. “I bet you most feel silly, giving the most powerful energy substance to the one creature you can always be trustworthy in his eventual betraying you! Not what I would call a bright idea! WA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA HA HA HA HA!”

Overcast soared out of the crater, plowing into Clown the Jester. The two plummeted into Skull Deep, landing on the Statue of the Foe.
“I WILL DESTROY YOU HARLEQUIN,” Overcast boomed, slashing his powerful sword at Super Clown.

The crimson sword passed harmlessly through Clown the Jester’s body as if he was a ghost. Overcast slashed again and again, moving at impossible speeds.

Clown the Jester smiled, snapping his fingers. Overcast felt an invisible force lift him into the air, twelve feet off the ground.
“HAPPY LANDINGS!” Super Clown exclaimed, snapping his fingers again.
Overcast smashed head first into the cavern floor, rock splintering around him.


The Shadow was lifted again into the air, being tossed through Dangerous Tina’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and Gift Shop.
Overcast burst out of the shop, firing a powerful Shadow blast at Clown the Jester, blasting a large crater around the Super Clown.


A crackle of Purple lightning fired out of the crater, electrifying Overcast.
The Shadow fell to his knees, his body emitting smoke.

The ground around him turned into gravy, he splashed into it, bewildered and confused.
He tried to pull out of it, but he was stuck…as if he was in very…very powerful wet cement.


“You cannot destroy me, Clown the Jester,” Overcast hissed, a wave of darkness clouding around him like a fog. “I am Darkness! You cannot destroy me! Wherever there is light, I will be close behind! You cannot destroy darkness!”

A tentacle made entirely out of shadows wrapped around Clown the Jester, smashing him into the ground.
Overcast fired another Shadow blast at the Super Clown.

“RAAAAH!” Clown the Jester roared, blasting Overcast with another wave of his powers. “Oh but I can destroy the dark…heh heh heh…and light…and energy..and even reality compromisers…cause now everything is how I choose it to be…everything is my play toy…I can alter the Multi-universe as how I see fit….observe!”

Overcast felt his molecules shifting….he watched as atom after atom of his body was torn apart, his sword, turning into a stuffed balloon poodle. All that remained was his head.

The Skull deep walls, turning a dark purple, throughout the city, insane shrieks and laughter echoing.
“What have you done Clown the Jester?” Overcast asked watching the Super villains killing one another, setting the Villain stronghold on fire, destroying, laughing.

“Just showed you evils the light..heh heh heh…INSANITY! THEY ALL NOW SEE THE WORLD AS I SEE IT! AND THEY FIND IT HILARIOUS! Now they see the joke.” Super Clown exclaimed. “Your plans, goals, and life…now another joke. Something I can laugh about.”
“LAUGH AT THIS HARLIQUIN!” Overcast roared. A large shadow fell over the two…

A Shadow of a gigantic Dragon. Two hundred feet long. The dark monster let out a wave of Shadowblast at the Super Clown.
“WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Clown the Jester emerged from the darkess, surrounded by a purple force field. “Always been in the Dark…ya know that Overcast?” Clown the Jester smirked, firing a ball of purple energy at the Dragon.


The dragon disappeared, gone. Destroyed

“Goodbye Shadow,” Clown the Jester hissed holding a glowing hand over Overcast’s head. "Tell the Devil, he better open up another floor, cause Clown the Jester's gonna have a full house for his comedy act....millions laughing themselves to death."


Super Clown laughed, pausing to listen to the insane villains bringing down the world. Not fast enough for his tastes.
“This city always pulled the funny bone in me,” Clown the Jester laughed holding out his hands.
The entire Skulldeep, even the colossal skull that supported the city, started glowing a dark purple.
“GOOD BYE EVIL!” Super Clown screamed as the city was blown to smithereens. Thousands of villains dead. Just like that. Not standing a chance, not even having the opportunity to fight back.



Evil has been weakened to the point of no return..heh heh heh…true there are still some do badders left. Ancient Darkness, Range, and what not…heh heh heh…but they are now small potatoes! Next I believe it is time I stopped by at HeroSpire…I’m sure the heros are just dying to have their hang out redecorated…as well as have their bodies redecorated…heh heh heh heh heh…THIS IS GONNA BE A RIOT! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H AH A HA H AHAH HA H AH A HA H A H AH A H AH A H AH A HA H AH A HA H A HA H AHA!

....the next to feel the Super Clown's punchline would be Lady Zafara...dieing trying to redeem herself..and save the city from the Chaos she helped create.....now another of the Clown's victims...another Joke....however..now another hunts the Clown....another Shadow...another evil...hunting for the Malachite.

He thinks he can push the Super Clown around? FOOL! I WILL TEAR HIS ATOMS APART AND SERVE HIM IN A PIE! WHY I DON'T KNOW! No one tries to steal from Super Clown. And if he tries again...well...HE WON'T BE LAUGHING!

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Clown the Jester

Part 11: Last Resistance against Chaos.

My eyes opened to darkness…I couldn’t see. I was afraid that I was blind. My fingers felt the bandages covering my face like a cocoon.

Where was I?

Far off, I could hear Drakkoniss and Dr. Blackshock in the middle of a conversation.
I began tearing off the bandages over my face.

“Gray Silhouette!” Dr. Blackshock called rushing to my side trying to restrain my arms. “We still haven’t performed your final surgery! Drakkoniss and I managed to repair most of the damage done to your body but we have yet to finish repairing your head. We need to rebadge you! Your face is still covered in the scars and burns from your injuries in the sewers.”

“No,” I whispered, pushing him away, tearing off the remaining bandages. “I don’t have time for this.”

I noticed Drakkoniss and the Doctor’s staring at my face, their eyes widened, slight curling of the lips in disgust. They averted their eyes away from my appearance trying to not hurt my feelings.

Drakkoniss filled me in on Super City’s fall to Chaos as well as the destruction of Skulldeep.
“Where’s my mask and suit Doctor?” I asked, pulling myself out of bed.

“You can’t be serious,” Blackshock exclaimed. “You are lucky to be alive! Just 24 hours after I rehabilitated you’re butchered body, you are set on fire from a methane explosion and receive critical burns all over your body! You are getting reckless Gray Silhouette! I respect your work in criminal science and research, but I am telling you as both a doctor and your friend…you cannot keep pushing yourself like this. Drakkoniss and my treatments will not be able to save you if you keep acting like a man with a death wish!”

“So what should I do then? Doctor!?” I shouted back. “Sit out while my city is swallowed up by Clown the Jester’s madness?”


“HARD TO BELIEVE WHEN THE CHAOS CARNIVAL OVERRUNS AN ENTIRE CITY UNNPOSSED BY A SINGLE SMASHER!” I barked back, BlackShock and my face three inches apart, our eyes locked in anger.

“Guys!” Drakkoniss cried out, pushing the two of us apart. “Save it for Clown and his Carnival.”

I silently stormed over to a coat rack at the other end of the room.

A gray trench coat and a black fedora. Perfect. After dressing, I paused looking into a mirror to examine my look.

My face…burnt are worse than I expected, dark burns covering my face, resembling melted tar. Large chunks of skin missing from my cheeks. Grotesque.

Surprisingly the burnt face actually suited my new choice of clothing. The brown and black leathery skin…almost a human mask…terrifying and almost the face of a shadow….perfect in a twisted way. I no longer felt vulnerable without my old mask. I felt as if I had a new and improved mask. A face that could still strike fear in evil.

“Do we have a plan?” Drakkoniss asked.

“I’m thinking…going through some variables in my mind,” I replied, gathering my gadgets and supplies from the Doctor.

I twirled around to see David Blitz warp into the room. Great…I was not in the mood for this.

David Blitz stared at my burned face.
“What happened guy?” He asked.

“Clown happed,” Drakkoniss answered. “His Chaos Carnival has let all the criminals from prison, and released an army of flesh eating Clowns.”

David smiled. “Don’t worry guys, I took out a large portion of them when I came into the city,” he bragged. “I have a plan but I will need Drakkoniss’s help.”

“Sure,” Drakkoniss said drawing his axe, ready for a fight.

“No,” I said in a mater closed tone.

“What do you mean no?” David asked.

“I mean no as in, we are not following the plans of a Chaos Carnival member,” I growled. “ When there are thousands of chaos monsters roaming around, I won’t be putting my life in the hands of one of their former members. I am a master strategist every night I spend hours studying every dog I take down, deciding weaknesses, strengths, escapes, threats. I have orchestrated plans so great, that even the members of the operation did not know they were a part of it. I have spent years studying, researching, planning, training…and do you expect me just go blindly with you and have faith in you when you say you have a plan? Please.”

“Incredible, Gray!” David yelled, shaking his head in frustration. “I cannot believe you still doubt me, after I saved you, killed countless numbers of the Chaos and Evil alike! Look, I know the Clown took the life of someone close to you. I know what it is like to lose the ones you love.”

My nostrils flared in anger…I was definitely not in the mood for this.

“I know the pain you are feeling,” David continued trying to reach out to me. “We should be working together against the Clown. We are so a like…”


I was sick of people trying to reach out to me…telling me they understood my pain…telling me they were changed, reformed, here to help. SICK LIES! MONSTERS! DOGS! ALL OF THEM!

“Gray…what’s your problem?” David asked eyes wide in disbelief.


Blackshock and Drakkoniss watched, almost afraid of where this was going.

Three hero smashers entered from the side doors behind us.

Jae, the mental powered heroine who’s mind had no limits to what it could accomplish.
Thundersmite, the Olympic smasher with the powers of a god.
Defiant, sword drawn and ready to fight. Capable of fighting hundreds of foes at once.

“Gray Silhouette,” Jae called out, a relieved smile on her face “Glad to see your all right…” She trailed off seeing my deformed face, smile faded.

“Ms. Jae,” I nodded tipping my hat slightly.

Drakkoniss called out, “Great more heroes…we may stand a chance of saving the city…I’m tired of waiting around as our city falls to Clown the Jester.”

“So,” Defiant said glancing at all of us. “What’s the plan?”

“We should go to the center of the city, fight off the Clown’s army then deal with the Super Clown himself,” David called out.

“We should try and secure and defend the Hero areas and find as many other heroes as possible,” Drakkoniss called out.

“Both options will end with our forces being falling,” I replied. “However, Drakkoniss and David Blitz’s plans do have some vital importance. We will need to use both plans to take down the Chaos Carnival. However I have a plan to deal with Super Clown myself.”

Everyone turned silent…all thinking the same thing.

“Gray Silhouette,” David finally replied. “You are strong willed but in the end you are just a man and clown is something else entirely. You could not defeat him before he became Super Clown…I think you would need some of our help."

“I would never accept help from a monster like you,” I hissed, my eyes burning into his.

“Gray Silhouette,” Jae said trying to find the right words. “David is right. Clown is far to powerful for a normal human. He has already killed thousands of smashers. Including Overcast as well as Lady Zafara…I just don’t think you should risk your life. It should be David, Drakkoniss or Thundersmite who fights SuperClown.”

“I know what I am doing,” I said shaking my head in annoyance. “We need to stop wasting time. Everyone start fighting as many Clowns as possible. Spread out if you must, find as many innocents as possible and injured. Send them back here. Dr. BlackShock, we will use your hospital as a safe house. We will need you to tend to as many injured as possible. First priority is helping innocent, second is securing the Park or at least Pandora’s statue. No one is to touch the statue until I say so or else we may loose this war. ”

“What will you be doing, Gray Silhouette?” Thundersmite asked, drawing his powerful weapon.

“Going to L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N. I have a riot to suppress,” I replied. “And more importantly, I will be bringing back a specialist who may be able to help us greatly.”

“Alright,” David said. “Everyone get ready.”

We all took our positions…ready for…anything…Clown threw at us….as least we felt like we were.
How many of us would survive the onslaught? More importantly…would we be able to save this screaming city? If we failed…the city failed…I was never a religious man…but I couldn’t help but pray silently…God Help Us.

David teleported us back to the city…in the middle of a never ending army of Psychopaths, criminals, robbers, monsters, freaks, thieves, serial killers, cannibalistic clowns, Chaos Carnival members, demented, super villains.

We charged, surrounded, nowhere to run…no way to turn back…only option…fight…

Part 12: Prison Riots

I leapt into the air, driving my foot into the head of a Cannibal Clown. I ramming my elbow into the chest of a Chaos Carnival member. A serial killer jumped out from behind me, slashing a knife at me. I kicked him in his stomach, pulling way his knife, plunging the blade into his side.

Drakkoniss, unleashing a wave of fire a dozen Cannibal Clowns. David Blitz blasting three Carnival Members apart with a ball of Negative Energy.
Jae levitated a convict into the air, throwing him through the window of a store.

Defiant, grinning, slashed four Cannibals in half with a single slash.
Thundersmite, wielding his powerful weapon casting down a blast of intense energy, incinerating half a dozen escaped villain smashers.

Another wave of freaks charged us, one throwing a flaming Molotov. I caught it in the air, throwing it back. The thug burst into flames screaming.

Fighting wasn’t the plan. Fighting the Clown would not bring him down. It would require thinking…strategy…my plan.

“Everyone go! Remember, Save Innocents and defend Pandora’s statue,” I called out breaking away from the group.

“Gray,” Drakkoniss said, shooting down three flying smashers with his lasers. “We need to defend other areas besides the park.”

I walked down the street, breaking the jaw of a rioter with upper jab.

“Fine,” I replied. “Defend as many important areas as you can, but the Statue must be protected.”
David Blitz teleported a small group of innocents back to BlackShock’s lab.

“Don’t worry Gray, we won’t fail you,” He said, blasting another Chaos Carnival.
“Better not,” I grunted. “Or you all will condemn the world to a cruel fate.”

I broke into a run. Not noticing as a figure formed over the heroes, slicing a dozen clowns apart at incredible speeds.

“Hello heroes,” Range hissed, glaring down at the group. “Where’s Clown the Jester? We have a score to settle.”

The Hero smashers could deal with the Clown’s pawns. That was the only thing they could do.
I couldn’t help but stare at the destruction around me.

Countless buildings on fire, shrieks and screams echoing all over the city, crazed laughter from countless insane. The ground covered in the litter of corpses and blood.
And there was even stranger.

Entire buildings changed into what appeared to be colossal towers of brightly colored legos. The sky, changed to a dark purple. Fish flying in the air like birds…a strange carnival music filling the air. Clouds over the city had the demented grin of the Clown, laughing down at the world. So bizarre…so…random…insane.

Clown the Jester’s powers were even stronger than I thought.

L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N.….immediately I saw the force field surrounding the prison was deactivated. Inside I could hear mad cries, screams of abject terror, and gun shots.

It was going to be difficult to get in the large facility…let alone deal with the escaped convicts.
The turrets sounding the building were out of control, firing their deadly lasers in random directions. I had to dodge several stray fires...however to my luck…the nearly indestructible main gate doors were malfunctioning as well, swing up and down rapidly. Unfortunately the risk of being crushed by their fast speed was a problem.

I watched the doors speed. 2.5 seconds between opening large enough for me to enter and for it to close.
I prepared myself, watching it close and slide as the doors began to open, rolling through it.


Just barely missed me.

I examined my surroundings…hundreds of maximum security criminals mixed with some of the most powerful Smasher Villains in the City were locked in with me.

My eyes snapped to a prison guard running for his life, as twelve convicts in bright orange jumpsuits chased him from behind. Armed with tasers, and police batons.

As the guard passed me, and the first convict drew near, I swung out foot, tripping him to the ground.
I stomped my foot hard into his face, bringing him down hard. I turned to face the other convicts slowing to a stop, forgetting the prison guard they were chasing. Eyes locked on me.
“Whose the freak?”

“Hey it’s Gray Silhouette!”

“That guy sent me here five years ago!”

“Me too! Ain’t so threatening now are ya tough guy? We got ya outnumbered like ten to one!”
“I’m gonna tear out his eyes!”

“Payback time Freak! I’m gonna beat your ugly head to a pulp!”

I glared at them, cracking my knuckles.

“Come and get me,” I whispered, my small body changing into a combat stance.

They charged, the fools thinking numbers outweighed skill.
I punched one in the gut, kicked another in the face. I lift a third into the air, hurling him into the mob, knocking three over. The others surrounded me. My mind raced back for a moment to my recent fight with the Truck Raiders.

A convict tried to jabbed a taser at me, I grabbed his arm, breaking it with a quick twist, pulling the taser from his hand, and plowed it into the face of a charging convict behind me.


The criminal screamed, jerking around wildly, falling to the ground.
“Kill Him!” One screamed before I jabbed the taser into his chest. My mind racing, detecting threats, attacks, planning my strikes carefully…what seemed to take hours were in reality happening in mere seconds.

Another Convict swung a police baton at my head; I twirled my arm around, grabbing the baton in air, kicked him in the gun, and pressed the taser into his hand.

He let out a wild shriek, releasing the baton. I swung it around striking a convict across the face with it.


Baton in one hand, taser in the other, I beat and electrocuted criminal after criminal until all twelve were lying at my feet. One still barely conscious tried desperately to crawl away.


I smashed the baton into the back of his skull. The criminal remained motionless.
My ears caught the sound of a gun being loaded and ready. The prison guard, a handgun in his trembling hands aiming for my head.

“Don’t move!” he cried out…fear in his voice. “Don’t move..or…I…I’ll blow your head off!”

“I’m here to help you,” I replied walking slowly towards him. “I’m not here to hurt you.”

“Like those cops you helped!?” the guard shrieked, breaking into a sob. “You murdered my best friend! You…you…FREAK!”

“That wasn’t me,” I whispered, drawing closer. “I was framed by the Clown. The murder used Smasher Powers. The true Gray Silhouette doesn’t have meta-human powers.”

“Stay back!” He cried out, waving the gun wildly. “You murdering scum! I should drop you here! The world would forgive me!”

“I’m not here to hurt you,” I snarled. I didn’t have time for this childish game.
“Yeah?” the guard asked, fingers about to squeeze the trigger. “Prove it!”


I swung out my baton, knocking the gun out of his hands, and slammed him against the prison wall. Baton pressing against his neck, taser inches from his chin.

“If I wanted to, I could shove this taser down your throat,” I whispered into his ear. “I could snap your neck with a quick twist of this baton…but I will not…because I do not kill those who do not deserve to die….because I’m not here to hurt you. I am here to save you. Either accept my help and be saved, or this mad city will devour you.”

I paused watching his terrified eyes dart back and for, staring at my hideous face.
“Do you believe me now?” I asked.

Trembling he nodded his head profusely. I release him, handing him back his gun.
“Where are the Smasher prisoners?” I asked the prison guard, taking his ID badge that was used to operate the elevators.

“Most of them left when the Clown’s Carnival members attacked,” He replied but I think a few are still here…along with most of the regular prisoners, killing us guards. I may be the only one still alive.”

My heart sank…if most of the Smashers escaped..then…that might mean my target might not be here…but I had to find out, as well as dismantle the malfunctioning turrets on the building and subdue the remaining inmates before more innocents die.

“Stay here,” I ordered him, opening a cell door. “If I do not come back in an hour, unlock the cell door with your keys…and run. There are several Hero Smashers out in the city they will take you to a safe house. Try not to attract any attention.”

He nodded as I sealed him into the cell. I walked down the cell block, beating criminal after criminal.
I approached the Prisoner Transfer elevator, swiped the badge across the scanner, the elevator doors opened.

I entered the small cubical, the doors closing behind me. I prepared myself, listening to the rioting atmosphere.

As the elevator paused at the first floor, my ears caught the sound of a M60 assault rifle being loaded.
I jumped to the ceiling of the elevator, squeezing myself between the two opposite walls, in order to not slip down.

The loud commotion of gun fire, mixed with bullet holes tearing apart the elevator doors.
For ten seconds, bullet after bullet blasted more and more into my elevator. Not just M60s I could hear the gun fire of several handguns, as well as a shot gun.

The gun fire slowly died out, I heard the gunmen hurriedly trying to reload their weapons. I swung down to the floor, leaping out of the elevator, and knocked the first armed criminal over, jamming my taser into his chin, I swung my baton around knocking out the teeth of another convict.

The rioter with the shotgun finally managed to reload his weapon aiming it at me close range, about to fire.

I swung down my baton, knocking the gun’s aim away from me and to his legs as he fired.


He let out a scream, falling to the ground. I felt a handgun being pressed against the back of my skull.
“You’re dead meat!” the filth from behind barked, about to fire.
I dropped the baton in my hand, grabbing the Dog’s wrist, flipping him over my shoulder, dropping him at my feet.

I snapped his wrist, freeing his grip on the gun, bringing my fist down hard on his nose.
I flipped him over his side to prevent the convict from drowning from his bleeding broken nose.
The criminal with the M60 desperately tried to reload his firearm. Shaking wildly, clumsily dropping ammunition.

I picked up my falled baton, walking slowly over to the inmate. Realizing he wouldn’t be able to load it in time, the convict raised his gun, trying to hit me with it.
I easily knocked the gun out of his hands, pressing the baton hard across his neck. He gagged trying to breath.

“How many more of you are on this floor?” I hissed into his ear.
“Nuh…nuh…none,” he stammered, his lip quivering, his pulse speeding up.

I pressed the club harder against his neck. His eyes bulged from the lack of air.

“DON’T LIE TO ME!” I roard, my spit hitting his terrified face. “HOW MANY ARE THERE?”

“ONE!” he screamed, his eyes closely shut. “ONLY ONE MORE I SWEAR TO GOD!”

I released him; he fell to his knees taking in large gulps of air.


I kicked him in the chin, bringing him down.
Listening carefully, I walked down the corridor, passing cell after cell. The heavy smell of smoke filled the air.


I found four dead prison guards. Their bodies a flame. My nostrils flared at the foul smell.

A ball of fire, blasted my taser out of my hand, the device sizzled as it smashed against a cell door.
I turned around to see a convict throwing another ball of fire at me.
I dived out of the way as the intense heat passed me, smoldering the cell door.
The Smasher’s body was completely on fire. His entire body a dark black leather texture, blood red eyes, dark red flames sparking off his body.

“I don’t know who you are,” the pyromaniac hissed, throwing another ball of fire at me. “But I’m gonna burn the flesh from your bones!”

I dodged the other ball of fire, throwing my baton at his head.
The Smasher let out a wild cry as the Baton slammed into his forehead, his burning hands snatched the club and held it up for me to see.

The baton slowly melted, falling apart in his hands like dough.
“Gonna burn you alive!” he cackled, throwing another ball of fire. “Gonna burn you to a crisp!”
I leapt at him, kicking him across the chin.

My shoe burst into flames, I stomped my foot, trying to put out the flames.
The pyromaniac grabbed my trench coat collar, flames catching on the material. He held up his other hand, a ball of fire forming on it.

“BURN!” He screamed.

I raised my hand, the smoke capsule in hand.
“No,” I whispered, throwing it down as hard as I could.
A burst of white precipitant cover us, putting out the Smasher’s flames. He released me trying to catch on fire.

I smashed my fist across his face, knocking him out cold.
I dragged his body into his fire proof cell, locking the doors behind me. No one else on this floor.
I returned to the elevator, traveling to the third level.

I stepped out of the elevator, a low chanting echoed throughout the level.
Multiple people…5 perhaps 7. The chant to low to comprehend.

I walked down past cell door after cell door. Turning a corner and running into the 7 chanters.
Three prisoners, and three prison guards. They were on their knees, bowing, worshipping the hooded figure standing in front of them, his long fingers clenched around a wood staff.

“We are one,” they moaned. “We are one. We are one. We are one.”

I recognized the hooded figure. Nevermore. A smasher with the powers to implant powerful suggestions into the mind of anyone within a hundred feet of him as well as project illusions into the minds of others. Only through intense meditation as well strong will was I able to overcome his mental traps.

Nevermore believed he was given his powers, not by the death of Pandora, but by an unknown entity he called the Omen. Using his powers he forced hundreds to worship him calling his gatherings The Nevermore Cult. I nearly fell into his power before I neutralized the Cult Master.

Nevermore’s hooded head tilted up to face me. His soulless black eyes staring as if he could see right through me.

“Tttthhheee Infidel,” Nevermore whispered. His slaves turned to face me…their faces in hideous animal like scowls, their eye’s glowing a dark red.

“Release them Nevermore,” I growled, advancing on the hooded monster.

“These chosssenssss have received my divine influencccceee,” Nevermore whispered motioning to his zombies. “My disciples worship meeee….becaussssseee…they know I am the lasssst SSSalvation from the final Judgment. The Omen ssspoke truuuee…the beassstsss would rise and destroy all that was wicked and vile, the shrikes of the ssssinerrrsss would only be matched by the laughter of the Demonsss our god had summoned to cleanse the planet.”

I reached out for Nevermore’s throat, when my mind screamed in pain.
My mind flashed with nightmarish images or monsters, freaks, and filth.
I fell to my knees, grasping my head with my hands.

I saw visions of Clown the Jester killing my Rachel…turning her beautiful face into a sick grinning monstrosity…seeing myself falling to the Clown. Hearing Rachel’s sobs.

My mind flashed to the setting of my love’s funeral…the Aurora Park…the place we first met…the sudden assault of DaVinci Killbots followed by the countering Divas causing mass hysteria. Watching as the evil ruin the sacred event.

Other torments flashing before me. The horrors of my past.

“Join ussss,” Nevermore’s voice echoed in my head. “Worsssshhip the Omen…and Never be alone again. We are one. We are one.”

The painful headaches, the feeling the urge to surrender, to bow down and worship the Cultist.
“NEVER!” I roared, rising to my feet, my visions clearing, my mind filling with rage.

“Execute the Heritic!” Nevermore’s dry voice hissed. His followers lunged at me, like animals.
I grabbed the first one, lifting him over my head, and hurled him into the Cult Master knocking his thin body to the ground. His staff rolled out of his hands.

“Punissssh the Infidel!” Nevermore whispered, trying to rise back to his feet. Two prisoner zombies jumped on me, wrapping their arms and legs around my waist.

I fell the ground, slamming my elbow into one of the Zombie’s skull. The demented servant stumbled back gnashing his teeth like a dog. Pressing my foot into the other’s chin, I shoved him off me, and kicked him in the side.

One of the Prison Guard victims, pounced at me like a tiger. I kicked him hard in the face, knocking the zombie to the ground.

“Ussslessss to resssist meeee,” Nevermore whispered as I punched another zombie in the gut. “I am the priessst….worssship meee….obey meeee. Your city is doomed…surrender…follow me.”

I twirled around my teeth clentched, my mind racing, rage…anger…my life’s work.
“ANIMAL!” I roared smashing my foot hard into the Cult Master’s leg.

He shrieked falling to the floor cradling his broken bone. His followers began to shriek with him standing in place, their eyes bulging.

I bend down over the writhing dog, squeezing his scrawny neck.

“HERE’S MY JUDGEMENT!” I barked into his ear, tightening my grip. “Swift, brutal…JUSTICE! INCORRUPTIBLE…UNCOMPROMISED… JUSTICE! ”

Nevermore stopped wriggling, his body limp.
I released his throat…another dog down…permanently…should never have let him go to jail.
His victims…unconscious…but alive.

I left the third floor traveling to the fifth…I would return to the fourth eventually.

I stepped out in the hallway…litering the ground were the bodies of the prison guards along with the damaged security drones that monitored the Prison facility.
I kicked down the Main Control room doors.


A bullet slammed into my chest, I stumbled back, my head racing.


I toppled over onto my back. My fedora falling off my head. My eyes stared at the ceiling.
“Poor Gray Silhouette,” a voice mocked.

I recognized the voice. Qyp…a member of the Chaos Carnival…

I had been hunting him for years for his assassinations, kidnappings, and torturing innocents in the Clown’s name.

My eye locked on Qyp. His face covered in Clown makeup along with his pale white skin. His demented eyes covered by his black hair.

In one hand, he held a sniper rifle, smoke leaking out from the barrel and in his other hand, a twisted axe, a common weapon for the Chaos Carnival members.

“Too slow Gray,” he continued pointing his rifle at the camera monitors behind him. “Watched your fun. Sportox was right about you. For all your brains, you would still be an idiot and fall for a simple trap.”
Qyp walked over to me, placing the gun barrel over my chest.

“To bad you don’t get to see the Clown’s finale. The boss says it’s a scream,” he let out a laugh firing another bullet into my chest.

His eyes snapped open in alarm as my foot slammed into his chin.
The Chaos Carnival member tumbled back, dropping his rifle, smashing into the monitors behind him. Several of the feeds died out, sparks flying out. However more than half of the monitors still remained, their feed still going strong.

I let out a sigh of relief as I saw the man I had come here for, in one of the monitors. Fourth floor. Still in his cell. This wasn’t all for nothing.

Qyp watched, his jaw dropped as I pulled myself to my feet.
“Because I’m not ready to die,” I whispered ramming my shoulder into Qyp’s face.

He was so shocked, he didn't think that I might be wearing a bullet proof vest.

The Chaos Carnival member let out a cry of pain, slashing his axe at me.
I dodged the attack, striking the mercenary across the face with a right jab.

Qyp held out his hand, a wave of ice jetting out of his fingers. I ducked under the cold beam, grabbing him around the waist and threw him over my shoulder.

He tumbled into the elevator, the transport cubical dropping a few inches.
He leapt back to his feet, firing another wave of ice at me.

This time I was too slow. A layer of ice formed over my legs, holding me in place like a statue.
My teeth chattered from the cold.

“Gotcha!” Qyp cried out. “Don’t know why you were so hard for the boss to kill.”
My mind snapped back to attention, locking on the sniper rifle at my feet. I bent over, grasping the gun, twirling it up to point above Qyp.


The bullet sliced through the exposed cables that were holding the elevator.

Qyp let out a scream as the elevator rocket downwards, the elevator’s grinding against the wall out loud screeches, followed by the shattering crash.... silence.

Dropping the rifle, I reached into my pocket, pulling out brass knuckles, placing it over my fist. After a few hard hits, the ice around my leg shattered, I quickly rubbed and beat my leg until the numbness faded.

After deactivating the malfunctioning turrets on the roof, and turning back on the Force field surround the base, I climbed down the elevator shaft, to the fourth floor, prying the fourth level doors open.

I walked down past the empty cells. The Security bots on this floor were missing their mechanical parts. Some were missing an arm, others were missing wires and gears.

I walked down the final prison cell.
#00001. The first criminal to be sent here.

The cell doors unlocked, I slowly side them open. The inmate was huddled over some sort of a gadget he was constructing with the parts he looted from the bots. His orange jumpsuit was now covered in a mechanical combat armor.

“Hello,” I whispered to the prisoner, entering his cell. He stopped working, concentrating…obviously recognizing my voice.

He suddenly twirled around, a laser gun in his hands, firing a long beam of green energy at me.
I ducked, the laser burning through the Cell wall. A quick spin kick knocked the weapon out of his hands. I grabbed him by the throat and lift the convict into the air.

“It’s been a long time,” I muttered bringing his face down to mine. “Mr. Purple.”

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Gray Silhouette


Chapter 13: Pulling Strings and Plugs

Clown the Jester sat at his new throne, made entirely out of the countless murdered Smashers who tried to stop him and his new Chaos riots. A pool of blood surrounded the pile of bodies. His new hacienda resembled a M.C. Escher painting. Stairs leading into the air, twisting around, furniture distorted seeming to fade into the floor and ceiling.

Surrounding the corpse tower, twelve purple hyenas, their demonic smiles revealing their razor sharp teeth.

Super Clown’s grotesque grin, ever stretched across his face, giggling as he watched his madness devour Super City through a window cut into a wall diagonally.

“Mr. Clown,” a female’s voice cried out, diverting Clown the Jester’s attention from the destruction outside his window. “You seem in high spirits! I have brought you a present!”

Super Clown looked down at the grinning Ivory. Her white hair flapping wildly around her demented face. The hyenas started to growl, but as she drew near, they backed away. Their heads drooped, whining in fear.

“Ah, the Ventriloquist! Hope you like your new theater! A fitting present for teaching my…Ultimate Weapon…the ways of Chaos and Insanity,” Clown the Jester hissed, hopping off the pile of corpses and landing besides Ivory. “ I must say…heh heh…I am very excited to see what you have done with her! She is learning so fast! HA HA HA HA! Took me so much longer to learn the true meaning of the Joke!”

Ivory’s crooked smile widened holding out to the Super Clown a small present wrapped in a purple and pink bow.
“This little piece is from her,” Ivory said handing it to Clown the Jester eagerly, watching him unwrap it over his shoulder. “She is hoping you could make it a more appropriate prop for her plans of Chaos!”
Clown the Jester opened the package, carefully removing the Chuddle from the box. He inspected it intensely, and burst out laughing.

“WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Humorous! I thought you and I were the only ones that still manipulated toys…heh heh heh…your protégé keeps impressing me every day…heh heh heh. She reminds me of…well…frankly…heh heh…ME! HEE HEE HEE HEE!” Clown the Jester laughed, the Chuddle levitated off his hand glowing in a dark purple aurora.

“Though my apprentice is still unsure of herself,” Ivory remarked, shaking her head disappointed. “She still sees the other girl as a threat. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Despite the Chaos we were able to create together?” she scuffed.
Super Clown’s grin faded, his face turning completely serious.

“Your leading lady is right to be paranoid, Ventriloquist,” Clown the Jester replied.

“Jae may not be capable of seeing the Joke just yet….but she is still a threat. A very… very serious threat. First her old man….Birdie I do believe started causing shenanigans and now her! I HATE IT WHEN AN ENTIRE FAMILY TREE CAUSES ME NOTHING BUT TROUBLE! But…as for her lack of self esteem…”Super Clown shouted out his hand seizing Ivory’s throat.
The Ventriloquist gagged, Clown the Jester’s grip tightening on her neck. Ivory’s demented face changed to a face of absolute fear.

“You are responsible for raising her with good Clownish values and traditions! Any flaw she has is YOUR FAULT!” Clown the Jester roared, the lair shacking as if it was in the middle of an Earthquake.

Even Ivory was scared of the Super Clown. She knew he was not above torturing his own Clan members when upset.
“So…you better give her the ego boost she needs,” he whispered into Ivory’s ear. “OR ELSE I TIE A PUPPET STRING AROUND YOUR NECK AND HANG YOU OUT TO DRY!”

Clown the Jester released Ivory, she burst out coughing, rubbing her bruised throat.

“But besides my dear,” the Harlequin continued, his face suddenly brightening as if nothing had happened. “I’m sure you can finish your mission before the final act! We are going to see Comedy! Raw! Uncensored! Madness! In it’s most pure a form! Heh heh heh heh…OH SILLY ME! Almost forget! Let’s see what we can do with your little puppeteer’s puppet.”
Clown the Jester turned back to face the Chuddle.

“MAGIC TIME!” He exclaimed snapping his fingers.
Chucky let out a screech, his body distorting as if melting. His skin changing color.
Clown the Jester’s laughter echoed throughout his lair, the entire run bathing in the dark purple glow.
The Chuddle let out one final scream and vanished in the purple light.

In his place, a marionette puppet, with white skin along with wooden purple clothes.
An miniature puppet version of the Clown.

The puppet floated slowly down into Ivory’s clutches.

“Heh heh heh. Beautiful,” Clown the Jester hissed admiring his work.

“What can it do Mr.Clown?” Ivory asked excitedly examining the puppet.
Clown the Jester smiled.

“No clue. All I did was turn the Chuddle into a puppet version of me, and charge it with a little of my new Chaos energy…heh heh heh….who knows what will happen when your apprentice uses it. I mean it looks handsome doesn’t it? Much better than his old form! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Clown laughed.

“Thank you Mr. Clown,” Ivory replied carefully placing the puppet in the box. “My apprentice will love it!”
Ivory disappeared into the shadows, giggling.
Dr. Blackshock was finishing his stitching a casualty…bitten almost in half by a Cannibal Clown.
This wasn’t his last patient for the night. There were hundreds more to tend to. His medical drones working at full capacity. So many injured. So many dying. Just like the city.

The many injured crying, moaning, screaming.

Dr. BlackShock’s mind couldn’t help but jump back to his very…very dark past. Remembering the people he experimented on. Their screams and faces echoing in his mind.

“What’s up doc?” a voice cried out behind him, causing the doctor to turn around.
“You!” Blackshock replied glaring angrily at Clown the Jester. “Leave my hospital now! You caught me off guard the last time, but I’m ready for you. This is your only warning.”

Clown the Jester glanced down at injured child, tracing a finger over the stitches.

“Poor little fella, trying to take more then he could chew!” Super Clown mocked letting out a dark laugh.
“Take your hands off him!” Blackshock roared, slashing his surgeon’s knife across Clown the Jester’s face.
Clown the Jester licked his blood, his smile widening. “Kinda rude treatment of a harlequin Doc. I think I want a second opinion,” he cackled punching Blackshock into the air with a powerful jab.

Doctor BlackShock landed on his medical table, knocking it over. Supplies tumbling around him. The Doctor reached down grabbing two needles filled with a tranquilizer liquid, enough to put a very large horse to sleep.
“Heh heh heh…time for a taste of your own medicine Doc!” Clown laughed, a dozen razor sharp knives and axes appeared, floating above them.

“LETS NIP AND TUCK WITHOUT THE TUCK!” Clown the Jester laughed snapping his fingers.
The knives flew down at Blackshock. The doctor rolled out of the way as the blades sliced into his medical floor.
He leapt into the air, plunging both needs into Super Clown’s neck, squeezing the liquid into the Harlequin’s body.
Clown the Jester let out a laugh blasting Dr. BlackShock through a wall with a burst of purple energy.
“Sorry mommy, but it ain’t my nap time!” He mocked, pulling the two needles from his neck. The two syringes started growing larger and larger until they were the size of two baseball bats.

A glowing green liquid appeared in the needles. Bubbling.
“Liquid Insanity,” Clown the Jester marveled, as the needles floated into the air soaring at BlackShock like two spears. “One little Owie..and you will be a Looney as me! WA HA HA HA HA!”
BlackShock leapt back as the first needle slashed in front of him, missing him by inches. He ducked under the second needle, the point impaling a medical Drone.

“You know, this how deal reminds me of a joke,” Clown the Jester giggled as Blackshock threw a Toxic grenade at the Super Clown.

“So…a lady patient goes to her daily checkup, the doctor looks down at her tests,” Clown the Jester stated, turning the grenade into a bowling ball catching it, and throwing it back at Blackshock.
The doctor ducked under it, slamming his shoulder into the Harlequin. Clown the Jester’s fist turned into a large metal hammer, smashing across BlackShock’s face, breaking his jaw.

“The Doctor,” Super Clown continued, throwing BlackShock into a supply shelf, knocking all the rows of medical equipment to the ground along with the doctor. “The Doctor looks grim and says, ‘I’ve got bad news and good news!”

BlackShock’s fractured jaw slowly rehealed. The Doctor leapt again at Clown the Jester, a pair of surgeon’s scissors in his hands. He tried to stab them into Super Clown’s chest. Clown the Jester’s hand changed into a large rock, smashing the scissors to pieces, and then slamming the heavy fist into the Doctor’s chest, breaking several ribs.

Clown the Jester continued his story, plunging his cane into BlackShock’s stomach like a spear.

“The patient asks for the bad news and the doctor says, ‘She is going to die in one hour.”
BlackShock fell to the ground writhing in pain. His lab coat stained in his blood.
A pistol appeared in Super Clown’s hand.


The harlequin fired three strange, brightly colored bullets into the Doctor’s chest.
“That’s terrible! Says the Patient, all flustered and upset.” Clown the Jester continued, BlackShock pulled out the cane, letting out a blood curling scream of pain. His wounds slowly healing.

Blackshock swung his surgeon’s knife at Clown the Jester’s eye. The Super Clown caught the doctor’s hand, sending a surge of electricity through BlackShock’s body.

“ The Doctor reminds the patient that there is good news,” Clown the Jester continued, levitating the battered BlackShock into the air and smashing him into his filling cabinets.

“But what’s the good news? The pacient asks…and the doctor says…LUCKY FOR YOU, IT’S HAPPY HOUR! WA HA HA HA HA H A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

Clown the Jester fired out a ball of dark purple energy obliterating Dr. BlackShock, the doctor’s molecules disintegrating in the blink of an eye. Dead….permanently…

“Time of death,” Clown the Jester mocked, a giant pocket watch appearing over his head. “2:23AM. The Doc… fell into stitches.”

Clown the Jester set the entire hospital on fire. Every record the doctor kept, every patient under his care perished in purple flames.

By the time any of the other heroes could arrive…it was too late. Their base of operations destroyed, their safe house compromised. Another Smasher was dead…adding to the Super Clown’s never ending Victim’s list.

Chapter 14: Bargaining with the Devil.

I marched the handcuffed Mr. Purple out of L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N. we were the only ones left. The prison guard I locked in was gone. If only he waited a little while longer. There was no doubt in my mind that he was dead.
“What do you want with me?” Mr. Purple demanded as I shoved him forward.

“You are going to help me kill Clown the Jester,” I whispered, punching a Cannibal Clown in the face.
Mr. Purple’s face trembled in fear.

“Kill the Clown!?” He cried out. “You got to be kidding me. That freak has slaughtered very thing he has come into contact with…good…evil…normal…smasher! No way am I going to help you goodie two-shoes!...even if I could kill the Clown.”
I grabbed the vile dog and threw him onto his back.

“You are one of the smartest smashers on the planet. You have created countless robotic minions out of nothing as well as create some of the most dangerous weapons in the world. I know you can create a weapon to destroy him,” I snarled.
I lift him into the air with one hand, glaring into his eyes, my fingers tightening around his throat. “However, if you should fail me, I will show you what I usually do to filthy dogs that threaten the innocent. Do I still sound like a…Goodie Two-shoe?”

Mr. Purple squirmed in my grasp…like a worm. His face turning a lighter purple.

“You’re….choking…me,” He wheezed.

“That’s the point,” I growled dropping him back to the ground.

“Idiot!” He called out, rubbing his throat. “You could have broke my neck!”

I pulled him back to his feet, shoving him forward. “If your neck was to snap by my hands, I would not be an accident. Besides, it is in your best interest for the Clown to die. Because if you fail, you will die. Either by his hands or by mine.”

We continued down the streets, trying to avoid as many of the Clown’s monsters as possible. We finally arrived at Aurora Park in time to watch the war going on inside.
An army of shadow monsters pushing the never ending waves of the Clown’s forces back. Out of the park, causing the Carnival forces to retreat.
Range emerged out of the ranks of monsters.

“Gray Silhouette,” the Smasher called out. “I’ve called in thereinforcements. These creatures are apart of…”

“I know who sent them,” I interrupted. “Where’s Jae? Wheres David Blitz, Drakkoniss, Thundersmite, and Defiant?”

Range shrugged his shoulders.

“I can tell you where most of them, are Vigilante,” a sinister voice hissed from behind me.
I slowly turned, my nostrils flaring.

“Ancient Darkness,” I muttered, pushing Mr. Purple to the ground.
The leader of the Ancient Evil Army, the monster nodded at me, his eyes glowing.

“The Demi-god, the Swordsmen, and the Psychic are…playing with The Clown’s new toy. David is fighting another wave of Clown’s minions in West Main Street. Drakkoniss, I lost track of him.” he continued. “Now tell me…WHERE IS THE CLOWN? I KNOW YOU CAN LEAD ME TO HIM!”
“I don’t take orders from filthy dogs!” I roared.

“CAREFUL MORTAL! YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO MAKE ME ANGERY!” Ancient Darkness shot back. “I will make the Clown pay for destroying Skull Deep, for killing Overcast! I found a piece of the Malachite, with it I shall increase my powers a hundred fold! However Range tells me, you wish this Park to remain intact. Most likely you wish to acquire the Pandorian Malachite under the statue. I can tell you right now, its no longer there.”

I glared at him silently. My heart sank…I needed that malachite for my plan to succeed.

“What are you planning to use it for?” he asked watching me curious. “Planning to finally give yourself powers?”
I snorted, shaking my head.

“What purpose would that fill? Another Smasher even if powered by the Malachite would not be able to kill the Clown. They would only be equally matched and their battles would destroy the universe,” I whispered. “Neither gaining any ground over the other. You would be a fool to waste the Malachite on yourself.”
“Then what is your plan?” Ancient Darkness asked. “If I think it could succeed and destroy that freak of a Harlequin, I would be willing to donate my piece of Malachite to such a worthy cause.”

“What makes you think I need your help?” I growled.
“Well Vigilante, you have two choices,” Ancient Darkness hissed. “Either you accept my help and receive the Malachite right away, or you can spend days, maybe even months searching for another piece while the Clown kills more and more of your allies.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.

Ancient Darkness chuckled. “You do not know? Dr. BlackShock is dead. Slaughtered by the Clown himself, along with his patients and all the civilians you sent to his Hospital.”

No…..The Doctor? God forgive me. May he find eternal peace.

“Fine,” I whispered. “I plan for Mr. Purple to design a device powered by the Malachite that can extract the Chaos energy source from Clown the Jester, rendering him powerless.”
Ancient Darkness thought for a moment in silence.
“Well?” I asked impatiently.

“Sounds impossible,” Ancient Darkness replied.

Mr. Purple spoke up, “Actually, the plan may work. I heard stories about a scientist named Dr.Bird or something like that who did research on Smashers and was almost able to find a cure. Even though I heard the experiment blew up in his face, his research has revealed so much interesting information that may be the key. If I am able to analyze a sample of the Malachite, I could create a device that could vacuum the Malachite out of Clown the Jester’s system as well as any additional powers he gained from the Malachite. However judging by the limiting reach of the Malachite’s influence…the device would need to be a close range weapon.”

“So that would mean someone would need to face the Clown to activate the weapon,” the Villain stated. “While he has his powers.”

“If it is nessisary it will be done,” I replied.

Ancient Darkness gave me a final look.

“I’ll buy it,” he finally conceded holding up his hand. A glowing iron box appeared over my head.

I grasped the box examining it’s contents.
A large chunk of the green Malachite rested in it.

Mr. Purple glanced over my shoulder at the energy source.
“Perfect,” The Mad Scientist said, his eyes widened at the sight of the Malachite. “I should be able to begin constructing the Device by tomorrow.”

“Excellent,” Ancient Darkness replied. “Do not fail me, or I will hunt you both down and kill you. We shall be watching you Vigilante.”
I carefully sealed the case.

“Watch your self Villain,” I growled. “You are not as immortal as you think. I know what your Kryptonite is…and I’m not afraid to use it on you.”

Ancient Darkness laughed disappeared in a cloud of Darkness along with his army.

“What did he mean by “We”?” Range asked.


Ancient Darkness reformed in a large hidden room, filled with hundreds of Surveillance Monitors. Sitting behind a black business desk, a figure watched intently, his eyes flipping from Screen to Screen.
Feeds to Gray Silhouette, Drakkoniss, David Blitz, Jae, and every other remaining smasher or vigilante in the city. The figure could see every Hero or Villain…even Clown the Jester.
Other feeds of the park, Corporal, the Sewers, Police Stations, Main Street, Fair Grounds, HeroSpire, and the ruined SkullDeep.

Eyes everywhere. Not a single nook or cranny out of his sight.

The man was bald with large rimmed glasses over his calculating eyes. Very observant. He wore a black tuxedo, a black bowler had over his head. Clean shaven. He was sickly thin, almost a skeleton, though his presence radiated with authority, intelligence, and scheming.
He was the manipulator of Super City. Almost every crime that occurred in this city, no matter what happened had this Mastermind’s influence in it. His influence in the Criminal Underworld was unquestioned. He unofficially ran the show. He knew everything. He knew everything about every smasher. He knew their weaknesses, strengths, as well as their price. Despite being behind every move in the city, only four people knew of his existence.

Ancient Darkness, Gray Silhouette (Although he only had theories about the Master), Mr.Black (His agent as well as face in the underworld) and the Spectator.

The Spectator, the only force that remained out of the Mastermind’s sight. The only force that truly threatened his plans. The man who kept order and balance between Good and Evil.
“The Vigilante accepted the Malachite,” Ancient Darkness informed the figure.

“I know,” the strange man replied, not taking his eyes off the monitors. “Gray Silhouette would never pass up a chance to kill the Harlequin.”
Ancient Darkness nodded. “Does this mean our business is complete?”
The Stranger laughed, sitting back in his chair.

“Not even close to completion Shadow,” the Mastermind replied. “You still have much work to do for me before you have paid off your debt.”

Ancient Darkness sighed. “What do you want me to do now?” he asked.

“Several of my Cameras have been destroyed by the Riots. I want you to replace them. Imagine, both Demolicious and DaVinci thought the other was the one using the Cameras. Even though they tried to set up their own feeds,” The Mastermind said adjusting his special Bowler hat.

The hat was one of the many defense mechanisms the Mastermind used. This device’s specific use was blocking out any mental influence from his mind. Effectively preventing Mind Reading, Detection, mind control or any other Psychic powers. He could not have a smasher such as Jae detecting his location.

“After we deal with the Clown,” the Mastermind continued focusing in on his feed of the Harlequin, his lips curled into a small frown. “We shall move onto Operation R.E.B.O.R.N.”

Chapter 15: Forging a Sword.

“Get me a radio antenna, two double AA Batteries, and Mr. Purple sat in front of a Work Bench in Eolon’s Electronics store, constructing the weapon that could possibly destroy Clown the Jester. He was working at an incredible speed, grabbing the pieces in front of him, fitting them in like a puzzle, screwing in gears, adjusting wires and other pieces.

Every now and then, he would call out a list of supplies for me to gather from the display shelves for his project.

“Get me two Hal-Droids, five Hardened Gaskets, and another roll of Duck Tape,” he ordered.

In a corner a Purple Minion Drone analyzed the Malachite we had received from Ancient Darkness. His sensors calculating necessary information that Mr. Purple required in order to use the Malachite as a power source.

I watched as Mr. Purple’s work slowly started to take shape. The device was the size of a pen. A long grey cylinder piece with a small flashing green light at the end. Mr. Purple continued to add final touches to the weapon when his drone let out a loud beeping sound. The mad scientist pressed a button on the minion’s side and a light purple hologram of the readings his drone collected flashed over our heads.

“Perfect,” Mr. Purple exclaimed, his eyes scanning the data.

“What now?” I asked, trying to decipher the information overhead.

Mr. Purple’s minion held the malachite in front of it’s master, a new hologram of the Malachite’s blueprints flashed overhead.

“Now I have to cut out a small piece of the Malachite that I can use to power the Device,” Mr. Purple replied aiming a Laser gun carefully at the Malachite.

“How long will that take?” I asked impatiently.

Mr. Purple fired a small red beam into the Malachite, slowly guiding it through the piece of rock.

“Twenty maybe thirty minutes,” he answered. “I have to take my time with cutting this Malachite. The energy emitting from the mineral is incredibly unstable. I have to cut around the fractures in the Malachite or it could cause an explosion not unlike an Atomic Bomb.”

I was about to reply when I heard a soft noise coming from outside the boarded up shop. I silently approached the front door, listening intently for any trouble.

“This Malachite is incredible,” Mr. Purple continued, oblivious to my motioning for him to be silent. “Such Power! I can see why Clown the Jester wants…”

A loud shriek interrupted the mad scientist followed by something slamming into the door. I jumped back, Mr. Purple cried out, turning from his work to face me.

“What was that?” he asked.


A clawed hand broke through the wood boards that I nailed over the door, breaking through it as if it was dry wood. The giggling freaks outside continued tear at the shop.

Cannibal Clowns, I realized. I could hear the creatures everywhere. Climbing on the roof, tearing at the walls, trying to knock down the doors. The lights went out overhead.

“Keep on working Mr. Purple!” I called out to the mad scientist. “I’ll buy you some more time.”

I walked over to the work bench, picking up a heavy Pipe Wrench. As the Clown’s tore at their barriers, I pushed the Shop Aisles as close together as possible without their distance interfering with my attack. Next, I quickly placed a microwave to the side of the door, shoving in a handful of Mr. Purple’s grenades, careful not to remove the pins, and turned the Microwave on high.

As the doors, began to give way, I quickly ran to the Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance room, replacing the water supply with the Jet fuel Mr. Purple used to fuel his jet packs. For my final preparation, I broke away any Sprinklers above Mr. Purple or his work.

Mr. Purple devoted to his work, whipped the sweat from his purple skin, continuing to cut out the small piece of Malachite.

I stood waiting in the middle of the store aisle I created, the wrench in hand.

The front doors crashed down, followed by the freaks swarming into the Electronics store. Thirty maybe forty clowns. They entered through the broken door way giggling at me.

Obviously, under the impression that I would go down with little trouble.

Yeah…like that would happen.

“Come in get me, you filthy dog,” I snarled at the horde of Clowns.

The savages charged at me, gnashing their razor sharp teeth.


I smashed my Wrench down onto the head of the first Clown, fracturing his skull. I swung out my leg, kicking another Clown back into the mob of Harlequins.

The narrow space created by the small store aisles forced the Clowns into a small herd. Their advantage of numbers was removed by having to fight in a confined space. Instead of being able to overpower me in their waves, they would have to wait for the Clowns in front of them to move in order for them to advance.

Two Clowns leapt at me, I slammed the wrench across the first Clown’s face, and smashed my fist into the gut of the second. A third Clown tackled me, knocking me to the ground. He opened his jaws, trying to devour me. I grasped the Clown’s throat with my free hand, trying to push the Clown’s shark like teeth away from me.


I shattered the Harlequin’s teeth like glass with a hit in the mouth with the Wrench, followed by pushing the Clown off me, with a shove from my shoe.

Instantly I was back on my feet swinging my Wrench back and forth, striking Clown after Clown.

As I swung my weapon at one of the Clowns, the freak dodged my attack, and sank his teeth into my hand.

I let out a cry of pain, dropping the weapon, and punched the Creature in the side of his mouth with my free hand.

The creature released my fist, falling to the ground. I stomped my foot into his face, knocking the monster out cold.

My hand was bleeding badly, a deep wound. The Clown’s drew closer and closer. I kicked the wrench that was lying at my feet as hard as I could.


The metal tool bounced off the nearest Clown’s head and flew back towards my direction, landing in my outstretched hand.

I leapt into the air, smashing the wrench over the head of another Clown, and rammed into the stomach of another freak, followed by a quick upward swing into the Clown’s face. I dodged a pouncing clown, and struck the back of his neck with my weapon before he collided into a Wide Screen TV.

A grinning clown leapt onto me from behind, wrapping his arms and legs around me, and taking a large bite into the back of my shoulder.

I stumbled around in pain, grinding my teeth as the Cannibal’s teeth tore at my flesh.

“GET OFF OF ME!” I roared, slamming my head back, knocking it into the head of the filth on my back. I grabbed his dazed body with one of my hands and threw him back into the crowd of other Clowns.


The microwave behind the Clowns exploded blasting ten of the Harlequins into the air. Immediately the sprinklers overhead began to pour down, activated by the smoke from the explosion.

I took my place beside Mr. Purple as the Jet fuel rained down on the disoriented Cannibals. I drew out from my pocket a lighter, flicking on the flame and took aim.

The Clowns soon regained their barring and charged towards us, howling like animals.

I threw the lighter into the middle of the army.


The Clowns burst into flame, their fuel soaked bodies catching on fire, while Mr. Purple and I were fine since our section of the store did not have sprinklers.

I used a nearby fire extinguisher to put out any flames that came toward us while the Clowns fell around us dead.

“Finished!” Mr. Purple cheered as he performed the final cut. “One Anit-Clown weapon ready and fully functioning. BWA-HAHAHAHAHA!”

I turned around to examine the device when the Mad Scientist’s drone fired a burst of energy out at me, sending me flying across the store.

I crashed into an a shelve of stereos knocking then down around me.

I looked up to see Mr. Purple plugging the remainder of the Malachite into his armor.

“BWA-HAHAHAHAHA! Did you ever expect me to give up such an incredible power source?” he cried out as his battle suit came to life, his weapons charging with a dark green glow, two turret arms appearing form his back, his jet pack roaring to life, lifting the Mad scientist into the air.

“Now I have the most powerful energy to fuel my inventions, as well as take advantage of the Clown’s madness,” Mr. Purple continued firing a green laser beam at me from a Death Ray.

I leapt to my feet doing a back flip over the ray as it burned a hole through the floor.

“Since most law enforcements as well as Smashers are busy if not dead with the Clown’s riots, I could steal everything of value in this city and move to another to sell my bounty. And in case the Clown should try to harm me, I could always use this,” Mr. Purple said waving the Anit-Malachite device in his hand.

“SEE YOU AROUND CHUMP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” the Mad Scientist examined as one of his turret arms fired a missile up at the ceiling, blowing a large hole into the roof.

He flew through the hole, about to get away….away with the Malachite as well as the only chance we had to stop the Clown.


I leap into the air, landing on top of the Purple Minion Drone and jumped up as high as possible, grabbing onto the sides of the giant hole, the fire in the store began to spread out of control, the whole building about to collapse.

I looked up to see Mr. Purple twenty five feet above me, letting out a cruel laugh.

I threw my Pipe Wrench as hard as possible, it smashed across the Mad Scientist’s face and landed on a roof top, three or four buildings away from me.

“ARRRUGHH!” Mr. Purple cried out, spitting out two broken teeth. “I’m going to murder you!”

He shoved his Anti-Malachite weapon into his utility belt and rocked down towards me.



The mad man drew two ray guns firing at me.

I dodged the lasers and started running in the opposite direction away from Mr. Purple.

One of his turrets on his back fired a small missile at me. I leapt into the air, as the rocket destroyed Eleon’s Electronics.

I landed on a small green building next to the demolished store continuing to run.

“RUN ALL YOU WANT COWARD!” Mr. Purple roared overhead, firing another two lasers at me. “YOU WON’T GET AWAY! BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

I jumped off another building landing on another roof, pulling out from my pocket the last of my Gas Pellets.

Mr. Purple’s second turret let out a powerful burst of machine gun fire, almost like a smaller version of an M61 or minigun. Obviously modified to be less inconvenient with it’s size and weight to travel with without diminishing it’s rapid fire rate.

I sprinted faster and faster as the rapid firing bullets pierced the roof around me. The roof collapsing behind me from the heavy fire.

I wouldn’t be able to dodge gun fire that rapid. The M61 could fire 6,000 rounds a minute. That would mean it could fire 100 rounds a second.

I jumped over the next roof, throwing the gas pellet into the air and into the heavy M61 Gatling gun.

Mr. Purple let out a cry of surprise as he was engulfed in the murky cloud. Firing his laser and M61 rounds around wildly.

I leapt off the building and grabbed onto the ledge of the next roof pulling myself onto my feet, and found what I was looking for.

My wrench.

I picked up the useful tool and turned to watch Mr. Purple finally get clear of my smoke. A look of pure hatred on his purple face.

I went over a mental diagram in my mind of the design blueprints I studied years ago of an M61 Vulcan.

“DEAD!” Mr. Purple roared, rocketing down at me, his Gatling gun spinning rapidly about o resume fire.

I threw the wrench once more, hitting it across the minigun’s ammo feed that was trailing behind Mr. Purple and jammed into the cooling system.

The bullet feed broke off the M61’s track and fell to the street below clattering to the asphalt. The minigun kept spinning, with no ammo to fire, now useless weight, 150 pounds of useless weight.

Mr. Purple let out another angry cry, as the minigun overheated catching on fire since the wrench jammed the cooling tank.

He tugged out the Wrench throwing it as well as the M61 to the street bellow.

The Mad Scientist soared into me, knocking me off me feet and slammed me into a brick wall that lead into an alley. I tumbled down and landed hard onto a trash can.

Ignoring the pain, I stood up taking the trash lid and climbed up the fire escape ladder back onto the roof.

Mr. Purple fired another green laser at me but I ducked, throwing the trash lid at the Mad Scientist like a Frisbee.


The Trash lid slammed into his nose, causing Mr. Purple to fall back, I leapt off the roof and onto a nearby Street. Another leap off the lamp and I was on Mr. Purple.

“GET OFF ME!” He cried out zooming left and right on his jetpack trying to shack me.

I wrapped my hand tight around his neck, punching him over and over in the back of his skull.

His Missile Turret rotated around trying to get a shot of me, oblivious that the blast would kill it’s master as well. I grabbed the turret with my free arm and tore it off the Mad Scientist’s back.

Tossing the metal gun behind me, I reached for Mr. Purple’s utility belt hoping to grab the Anit-Malachite weapon.

Mr. Purple wacked me across the face with his ray gun, knocking me back. He began to fire randomly behind himself trying to kill me as he concentrated on his piloting.

I grabbed his ray gun with my free hand and broke the barrel with my fist tearing it out of the Mad Scientist’s grip.

Frustrated the madman scrapped across a brick wall, knocking me off his back. I landed on another roof top, beaten and bleeding badly.

Mr. Purple rocket around to face me, pulling out a device that emitted a laser sword. I wearily stood up.

He rocketed down at me, about to slice me in half. I dodged him tearing several parts and wires from his jet pack.

He fell to the roof, rolling, skidding like a stone on a lake. His hand instinctively gripped the side just second before he fell off. He hung by one hand over a twenty foot drop.

Mr. Purple glared at me.

“You think you’re so smart?” he called out, holding up the Anti-Malachite device for me to see. “Well lets see how smart you are without this!”

With that, Mr. Purple broke the device in half, smashing it down onto the roof top. My blood boiled as the mad man laughed throwing the two halves at me.

Mr. Purple’s laughter died off as he heard below him another series of giggles. More Cannibal Clowns below him jumping up and down trying to grab him.

His face grew pail, glancing up at me he called out, “Help me up Gray! Come on!”

He desperately held up his hand. “Please! I don’t want to die!”

I walked slowly over to him reaching down an arm, the Villain let out a sigh of relief.

However instead of taking his hand, I tore the Malachite case from his armor, powering down his defenses.

Mr. Purple’s face turned back to horror.

“No…you…you can’t just…You have to….YOU HAVE TO HELP ME! YOU’RE A FREAKIN HERO!” he screamed, tears rolling down his cheek.

I looked down at him, disgusted at the filth before me.

“Not that kind of Hero. I don’t save unworthy filth,” I snarled.

With that I kicked down hard at his face, knocking him off the roof. He fell screaming into the hands of the Clowns. His shrieks died out as the monsters tore him apart.

I walked off. I knew of only one more person that may be able to fix the damage done to the Anti-Malachite….

I approached his hideout, knocking on the door. After a moment it finally crept open.

There before me was a boy. 17 years old. Dressed in high tech blue combat armor.

“Hello Blue Gear,” I whispered.

The boy smiled wearily up at me.

“Hey Dad.”

Part 16: The Fall of Drakkoniss

After Range, the time walker, as he is called, brought me into his portal he disappearing into another portal he had created.

I could tell that time had passed: a few hours, maybe even an entire day, but that did not matter much.

There were still many of Clown's Minions in the city...1,372 of them, although David was lowering the number...So many of the Clown’s agents. So many threats… and I was prepared, and quite willing, to stop them.

As I checked what had happened to the rest of the people of the city, I noticed none of the team that had started this initiative had died yet.

Good... Grey has already freed Purple from the desecrated L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N. facility, and they were making way for Eloin's Electronics...no doubt planning to construct a weapon to use against the Clown.

As I sensed what had happened to Blackshock, a burning rage encompassed me, and I almost decided to charge Clown's fortress myself, but I held myself back.

I knew that even if I could take down Clown right now, it wouldn't bring the doctor back, and I had other things to do before I confronted him.

The heroes that had embarked with me, Jae, Defiant, ThunderStrike, were fighting a giant "copy" of Clown, apparently having recruited a couple others, Velmur, and War God as well.

Jae seemed to have it handled, and was reasserting the original consciousness of the body and subduing the Chaotic force which Clown had placed in control of the towering puppet.

"I do not think I need to interfere with that," I thought to myself "although, this Raeven person that was talking to Jae in her mind may need my attention later..."

"Well," I thought "I suppose that leaves me to take out some minions..." and then I searched out the twisted consciousnesses of a pack of 100 or so cannibalistic Clowns and attacked from above:

I shot a laser at a somewhat large one's head and taunted them like so:

"Hey CLOWNS!!!" I bellowed “Want some fresh meat? I suppose one way or another will leave you some. IF ANY OF YOU SURVIVE!!!"

I dove into the middle of the mob, creating a wave of dark, ethereal, red flames, giving the closest 20 of them to my impact zone 3rd degree burns, if they were lucky, and then leapt forth onto another clown, while drawing my axe and slashing it down into his head.

Around one eighth of a second after the axe hit, my legs slammed into his shoulders. With super strength, I bounded off the clown into the air 20 feet above his companions, shooting 4 of the Clown's minions in the head with my L.A.S.E.R. beams.

I spun around with my axe as I fell into the crowd again (cleaving 5 of the Cannibals in half with my axe directly, and disemboweling 16 surrounding ones with the energy coming forth from the axe’s head), laughing all the while with a laugh so similar to Super Clown’s… yet from someone so different.

Seeing as the clowns that I had merely disemboweled were still crawling for me, like zombies.

(So profound was their maniacal urge to kill and eat the one who had destroyed their comrades),

I blasted the area around me with a series of small explosions meant to merely turn their brains into mush... a somewhat merciful end; in fact...The creatures caught in the explosions fell to the ground still twitching.

With so many still alive, and my patience growing thin, I used my telekinetic powers to levitate and break apart all of the dead bodies of the clowns I had defeated, and propelled them towards the other clowns at speeds that broke their necks and the surrounding bone, such as the skull, and the various bones in the shoulder/chest area.

"Such a pity," I said "They are so much less entertaining then fighting Clown..."
Time passed, and I killed many more swarms of the Chaos Carnival in such a matter.

I noticed the purple one betrayed Grey, trying to use the Malachite to power his battle suit. Grey kicked him off a roof top and down into another gathering of Cannibals.

I killed all of the clowns that were left after the betrayal and death of that Scientist... interesting that he finally asks for his son's aid, after all this time, but that was not much of my business, and I decided not to pay much attention, considering it wasn't much interest to me, after having noted the original design of the machine designed to take down Clown.
It would probably work, to an extent, but not to completely destroy him.

I had my own ideas about that... and my own ideas for a weapon of a similar sort, to weaken Clown, so I could strike him down... albeit it would have to be done in a different way...

I had realized that Clown was not inherent to one physical body during my first bout with him: I could tell he wasn't even actually there, thanks to my ability to see through illusions, and understand the nature of them, along with basically anything else... It has taken quite a while to figure out how to stop him though, and he was quite entertaining to bout with regardless.

It would have to be done at the opportune moment as well... it would be very complex to erase his existence completely... at least without any damage to the minds of so many people...

Having known that the other members of our force were heading to the park, I took the liberty of stripping a tree of leaves earlier and impaling many a clown's head on the branches to get their attention.
I placed it where the statue of Pandora had been and left a note in a hollowed out chamber near the bottom.

It read:
After I am done killing off the rest of the minions, I plan on heading to HeroSpire, however I may have to intercede in the affairs of Jae and her new enemy if I am needed.
I plan on attempting to stop Clown and his forces from attacking and destroying it, like SkullDeep.

Yours truly, Drakkoniss

9 days later...As the days have gone on, I did not sleep. I had been constant in my vigil. So many nights of slaying the Chaos Carnival’s attacks. The last of the HeroSpire defenses fought bravely with me. I had been drinking a lot of caffeine lately, but after this much sleep deprivation I could barely keep my eyes open...

I was fading... I could not stay awake. It was too much.

As sleep took me, my last thought was this: "My God, what have I done..."

Such a pity, Really. His vigil had been for naught, for even though he had been able to stay Clown's hand, in his fall he had awakened one of the worst terrors the world shall ever see: Himself.
The Drakkonic Evil. For ages it has haunted him. Ever since that first night he had received his powers it has chased him wherever he went. Every night, when he slept, it awoke, and seeked to destroy and enslave this world's population depending upon his whim. It had been he who had slain his own family that night, as well. The Drakkonic Evil hates Drakkoniss, and all he stood for, and seeks to undo all that he has created and saved.

His wrath cost many people their lives. As he arose, his heavy mace in his hand, The Evil laughed, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" and then, eyeing the nearest hero, he blasted a hole in Mr. Maximum's chest, saying “Drakkoniss is such a fool; FINALLY I CAN UNLEASH MY FURY AFTER SUCH A LONG TIME!"
Drakkonic Evil then roared a taunt that doomed Hero Spire, and most of the remaining heroes there:
" CLOOOOOWN!!! COME AND FACE ME YOU PATHETIC FOOL!HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Then, more to himself, Drakkonic Evil whispered this: "And thus begins the end of the heroes..."

Part 17: The Dark Side of Comedy...or...Easy as Pie.

Clown the Jester answered the challenge. He never could resist another round with his archenemy.
His giant floating Circus tent hovering over HeroSpire, blocking out the sun.

The Super Clown jumped out of the tent flaps falling 300 feet. His feet smashing into the ground, forming a crater upon his impact. The Clown strolled over to Drakkonic Evil, twirling his cane around his head.

“You rang? Heh heh heh….I’m glad ya called…we haven’t been able to play lately,” Clown the Jester smirked.
“I truly am sorry for my running off from out little play date back at the subway. So rude of me!” Super Clown exclaimed, his eyes not yet focusing on his foe. “I mean it was downright incessant of me! But rest assured I won’t be running away from you EVER AGAIN!”

Drakkonic Evil hissed at the Harlequin, catching the Clown’s attention. His venomous eyes glaring at his foe.

Clown the Jester burst out laughing, slapping his knees with glee.

“Whoops! Looks like the Jokes on me…heh heh…instead of fighting the so called ‘Champion of Good’, I guess I will be tussling with his Mr. Hyde! Funny how things work out! WA HA HA HA HA!” the Harlequin giggled rolling up his sleeves. “Oh by the way Drakkonic Snivel…IT’S SUPER CLOWN NOW! I’m running this circus act. I have this Planet at my mercy…people are scared out of their clown pants of me.”

“I’m going to show this puny planet that it has more to fear then a failed comedy actor,” Drakkonic Evil snarled.
“Somehow I don’t think a bad guy whose weakness is forgetting to go to bed on time will be so terrifying…maybe surprising…possibly enough for a raising of one eyebrow,” Clown the Jester mocked.

Drakkonic Evil let out an angry cry and leapt at Clown the Jester, his medieval mace raised over his head.
Super Clown sidestepped the Evil being, hitting him in the back of his head with his cane. Drakkonic Evil grabbed the cane handle with his free hand, spinning around in air, smashing his mace into Clown the Jester’s face.

“OW!” SuperClown cried out, stumbling back, a hand over his eye. “I CALL FOUL! Have I said that before? I forget! Things are moving so fast! Hard to keep this universe straight!”

Drakkonic Evil fired a laser at Clown the Jester. The Harlequin’s chest stretched like elastic to side, allowing the beam to pass him harmlessly. Clown the Jester threw a dozen pies at Drakkkonic Evil, who nimbly leapt over the acidic pastries.

Drakkonic Evil landed on the ground, twirling to face his foe and fired a blast of dark red energy out of his hand hitting Clown the Jester in the chest.

The blast sent the Harlequin flying backwards breaking through the Virtual Training building.
Drakkonic Evil fired another blast of red energy at the building causing it to collapse on Clown the Jester, burring the Prince of Fools.

“MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Drakkonic Evil laughed turning away from the demolished building planning to continue his destruction of HeroSpire. He flew into the air, firing a laser out from his palm catching another building on fire.
“DIE! DIE! ALL OF YOU WILL DIE!” He roared, disintegrating another hero who tried desperately to stop the Evil.


A ball or dark energy slammed into Drakkonic Evil from behind, the explosion launched Drakkonic evil down smashing into the ground.

“Drakkoniss! What are you doing? Have you gone insane?” David Blitz shouted from above, floating down to face the blood thirsty villain.

“Drakkoniss is gone,” Drakkonic Evil replied rising back to his feet. “Now only Drakkonic Evil remains!”
David stared confused at the morphed Smash in front of him.

“Wait, What? Drakkonic Evil? What are you…” David began, cut off by Drakkonic Evil zooming into David at lightning speed, smashing his heavy energy mace across the Hero’s face.

The blow sent David Blitz crashing rocketing backwards, smashing through a building and landing on the other side of HeroSpire.
“NOBODY TOUCHES DRAKKONIC EVIL!” the converted villain roared zooming towards David Blitz.
David was back on his feet, whirling around his fist raised, glowing a dark hue.


The Force of the punch launched Drakkonic Evil into the air, escalating hundreds of feet into the air. Higher and higher until he vanished out of sight.

David Blitz held out his hands waiting for Drakkonic Evil. Two balls of Nega-Energy appearing in his hands.
Without warning a bolt of red lightning crackled down from the heavens, discharging into the Nega Being. David cried out in pain as two billion volts of electricity surged through his body. Drakkonic Evil flew down at David Blitz like an arrow heading for a target.
A small tremor shook the buildings on the floating base as Drakkonic Evil clashed down into David Blitz.

David blasted Drakkonic Evil off him with a burst of Zero Energy. Drakkonic Evil grabbed the Nega Being and smashed him head first into the marble statue of Pandora, breaking the bust into rubble.

David jumped back to his feet grabbing Drakkonic Evil’s neck with his powerful hand and smashed his fist as hard as he could into Drakkonic Evil’s face.

The Villain retaliated with a strike on Blitz’s forehead with his mace, and threw the dazed Energy being through a building.
David smashed through wall after wall, as he burst out the other side of the building, the entire foundation collapsed.
The Nega Being teleported over Drakkonic Evil’s head, firing another wave of Zero Energy into Drakkonic Evil. The Evil creature absorbed the energy and fired a laser into David Bitz’s chest.

The two powerful Smashers grappled with one another, unaware of the dark purple glow radiating from the demolished Virtual Training center.

All in an instant, Clown the Jester was upon them, moving too fast for the human eye to follow.
He fired a bolt of Purple energy at David’s face sending the Nega Being sky rocketing. The harlequin held out his cane, grinning as the end transformed into a giant war hammer. Super Clown swung the heavy weapon around, bashing it against Drakkonic Evil’s chest. The force from the impact knocked the former hero thirty feet into the air.

Drakkonic Evil landed on his back, dazed from Clown the Jester’s sudden attack.
“And I thought I had multiple personality problems,” Super Clown laughed, leaning on his giant hammer. “You Sir, take the cake!”

Drakkonic Evil lunged for the harlequin, mace raised but Clown the Jester was far too fast.
He dodged Drakkonic Evil’s swings, and smashed his hammer down on Drakkonic Evil’s head, slamming the Villain back to the ground.

Drakkonic Evil leapt back to his feet, moving at the speed of light, firing a barrage of punches, kicks, and swings from his heavy mace.

The Harlequin blocked attack with incredible speed, followed by a light punch across Drakkonic Evil’s face; the force behind the blow launched the villain backwards.

“Don’t ask me how I did it,” Clown the Jester remarked, stomping his foot down hard on Drakkonic Evil’s slowly regenerating face. “But when ya can alter reality like I can…you don’t stop and consider the physic improbabilities behind it.”

David Blitz flew over head and fired a ball of Nega energy at Super Clown. Just seconds before the projectile would come into contact with Clown the Jester; the Harlequin slapped the powerful energy as if it were a fly and sent it rocketing backwards at the surprised David Blitz.


David plummeted to the ground, landing ten feet away from Clown the Jester and Drakkonice Evil.

“Hilarious!” Super Clown cried out throwing Drakkonic Evil at David with a single hand. “It use to be Drakkoniss would have me beaten to a purple pulp…but this time…I’m doing the beating and your doing the pulping!…NOT ONLY THAT! HA HA! BUT I’M BEATING DAVY BLITZ AS WELL! TALK ABOUT OVER POWERED! DEFIANT AIN’T GONNA LIKE THIS! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

The two Smashers pulled themselves to their feet, eyes locked…knowing they would need to fight together if they had a chance of beating Super Clown.

Drakkonic Evil and David Blitz charged at Clown the Jester.

The Harlequin dodged David’s punches, and swung his leg out, kicking Drakkonic Evil in the face.
“Of course I doubt old Defiant will give a hoot after I give him a sound licking as well!” Clown continued as a third arm appear out of his back wielding a large baseball bat with iron spikes and smashed the club down on David Blitz.

David punched Clown the Jester in the chest yelling back, “Enough blood has been spilt Clown! Even for you!”
Drakkonic Evil hit Clown the Jester in side of his head with his mace, as David Blitz knocked the Clown back with a blast of Nega Energy. The Clown’s third arm was blown off falling in the grass behind them. The bat disintegrated from the blast.

The Super Clown threw his large hammer, hitting it against David Blitz’s face and used his telekinesis to levitate the Nega Being and plow him through four HeroSpire buildings.

“Never too much blood,” Clown hissed throwing a dozen purple grenades into the air, the small explosives landed around David Blitz. “NEVER! Anyway…why cry over spilt blood? I’m sure that flying genie could remove such stains! WA HA HA HA!”


Drakkonic Evil fired a laser into Clown the Jester’s back burning a hole through the Harlequin chest.
“RAAAAAH!” Super Clown cried out glaring down at the breach in his chest. Clown the Jester glared up at Drakkonic Evil, snapping his fingers.

Drakkonic Evil let out a scream of pain as his body burst into purple flames, burning at his skin.
He tried rolling to put them out, summoned a wave of water to crash down on him. The flames burned on. Only after Drakkonic Evil absorbed the energy powering the flames did the fire on his body finally die out.

Clown the Jester’s fist transformed into a giant metal electric Circular saw. The razor sharp device began to whirl, spinning faster and faster.


“I’m gonna chop you up!” Super Clown threatened slashing the circular saw down on Drakkonic Evil.
The burning Smasher held up his mace, blocking at the saw.

Clown the Jester let out a laugh as the sparks flew of Drakkonic Evil’s mace and his chain saw. Suddenly, Drakkonic Evil shoved the saw high enough for him to get a clear shot of the demented Clown.
A red glow materializing on his hand.

“Daw, Son of a…” Clown sighed.


Drakkonic Evil fired a red ball of energy at Clown the Jester launching the insane reality bender into the air.
David Blitz slammed down on the Harlequin, Plowing Clown the Jester face first into the ground.
David lift Clown the Jester’s body, grabbing his arms from behind.


Drakkonic Evil struck Clown the Jester over and over with his heavy mace, while David held him in place.

“NOT SO FUNNY NOW ARE YOU CLOWN!?” Drakkonic Evil roared as he smashed with weapon into Clown the Jester’s face. “DON’T FEEL LIKE LAUGHING ANYMORE!?”

Clown the Jester’s head sagged in David’s grip as if unconscious, Drakkonic gripped the psycho’s throat positioning his head for the final blow.

Clown the Jester’s reptilian eye’s burst open, full of life, glowing a dark purple.

“Ha,” he whispered.


A dark purple blast of burning energy erupted from Super Clown’s eyes blasting a large hole through Drakkonic Evil’s forehead, Drakkonic Evil turned into a dark red mist, the laser passed through. As he reformed, Clown the Jester swung out his leg, kicking Drakkonic Evil away from the Harlequin and David Blitz.

Drakkonic Evil slammed into a brick wall, his impact breaking a large whole in the foundation.
“DRAKKONISS!” David cried out, trying to restrain the struggling clown in his grasp.
Suddenly the Harlequin’s feet transformed into pogo sticks lifting off the ground.

“Going up,” Clown the Jester giggled. The Super Clown stomped his feet down as hard as he could at the ground launching himself, as well as the surprised David Blitz three hundred feet into the air.

As the two rose, Clown the Jester slashed his chainsaw arm into David, sawing the energy being in half.
As the split David and Super Clown fell, the harlequin’s arm changed back to their normal selves, a large bazooka appeared in his hands.

“CONTACT!” Clown shrieked firing the rocket launcher downwards at Drakkonic Evil.


Drakkonic Evil absorbed most of the energy from the explosion, sucking it into his body like a vacuum.
As David fell, his body rejoined together fusing down the middle; he landed in the HeroSpire fountain.
As Clown the Jester’s normal feet came into contact with the ground, he transformed his bazooka into a giant cannon and punted Drakkonic Evil’s daze body into the large cannon. With a kick, Clown the Jester pointed the cannon east.

Drakkonic Evil soared over Hero Spire off the floating base and crash landed through the roof of Titanium Threads down in SuperCity, Mainstreet.

“Too Easy!” Super Clown mocked obliterating the giant cannon with a wave of his hand.
In a fit of furry, David Blitz charged into Clown the Jester delivering a punch that could cave in a mountain into Clown the Jester’s chest.

As Clown the Jester flew back, David Blitz teleported over the Clown’s spinning body,
David fired a ball of Zero energy into the Clown, knocking the Harlequin to his feet.

Grabbing his former Clan Leader by his bow tie, David Blitz began to punch Super Clown in the face over and over.


Clown the Jester caught David Blitz’s hand, crushing it in his powerful grip like Play Doe. David let out a cry of pain trying to use his other hand to pry off the Clown’s fingers. Clown the Jester’s grip held, David was unable to even budge the Clown’s fingers.

“Changed? HEE HEE HEE HA HA HA! Silly Davy…don’t you get it? Drakkoniss turned into this evil twin naturally by his own accord.” Clown hissed, a grin spreading across his demented face. “I guess Drakkoniss didn’t bother to tell you that whenever he gets sleepy he transform into a slaughtering crazy smasher and kills countless humans in a massive genocide….I don’t know why he didn’t feel like sharing this info. Seems like a really fun fact to know if Ya ask me. WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

“No….I don’t believe you,” David said, his face distorted from pain. “You…YOU LIE! YOU ALWAYS LIE! I KNOW YOU! I WILL STOP YOU!”

Clown the Jester laughed, lifting David off the ground by his fractured hand.

“Poor Davy…You still think ya can stop me? WA HA HA HA HA! COMEONE! I’m licking you and Drakkoniss’s grouchy side without breaking a sweat!” Clown the Jester roared, smashing David Blitz’s head through a brick building. “ HA HA HA! Before you had a chance of stopping me. Now…your nothing…but a sad joke that nobody wants to hear. It really was a shame ya left my Carnival…it was the only place where you would fit in.”

David Blitz spat in the Clown’s face.

Clown the Jester paused in his track’s, his grin fading, as his jagged nails scrapped away the spit, trailing down his forehead.
“GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Clown the Jester screamed pouncing on David Blitz like a wild animal.

“ UNGREATFUL….. LITTLE….. PUNK!” Clown exploded, his face changing to absolute anger and hatred, the world around them shaking. Buildings around them breaking to pieces, the ground trembling with intense earthquakes, purple explosions; resembling violent fireworks, booming in the sky. Unbelievable hatred, rage, vile, and insanity.

Clown the Jester impaled his fist into David Blitz’s chest, tearing through the Energy being’s body. David let out a cry of pain. The energy that made up his body, fizzing out of control front the Clown’s violent strike.

“I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING A MONSTER WOULD EVER NEED!” Clown the Jesters snarled, his had discharging a powerful purple electricity into David’s wounds causing unbelievable pain. “I GAVE YOU UNDERSTANDING! CHAOS! PERSPECTIVE! TEACHINGS! MOST OF ALL I GAVE YOU PURPOSE YOU UNGREATFUL LITTLE FREAK! PURPOSE!”

David tried to summons his incredible Nega Powers, but his mind could not concentrate from the intense agony overcoming his body. He knew Clown the Jester’s powers had increased from the Malachite…but this was…impossible…his energy state was being obliterated by the Clown’s chaotic powers…like a virus destroying a human’s cells.

“LEARN THE MEANING OF THE WORD APPRECIATION MAGGOT!” Clown continued, expelling another surge of the purple energy through David’s limp body.


David could see the energy particles that made up his form were slowly disintegrating; his mind felt like it was frying from all the intense pain. Clown the Jester stabbed his fingers into David's skull, sending another blast of the raw Chaos energy into the Nega Being’s system.

“You could have been my successor when I final kicked the bucket or had enough fun from the Game,” Clown the Jester continued, firing another surge.

David could feel his energy destabilizing…barely able to keep his current form. For the first time…he was afraid he might be destroyed….permanently.

“But now your history….I have a new Ace in the hole…being tutored by my favorite Ventriloquist…the things she can do…heh heh...my Ace makes you look…LIKE NOTHING! A MERE PEST! MY CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT! HER POWERS, WITH THE RIGHT TUTORING WILL SURPASS EVEN MY OWN! And…if she so chooses…she will inherit the Chaos Carnival…The New Ringmaster to the act…MY FEMALE MONSIEUR LOYAL! So…with your role being re-casted….there’s no real reason to keep you alive anymore…I don’t find you funny anymore. SO…I hope your ready to die…freak.”

With all his effort, David Blitz hissed, “Go to Hell.”

Clown shook his head disappointed.

“You really should not have left the club,” the Harlequin remarked, his face suddenly brightening. “Speaking of a club….”

Over the two foes, a giant purple golf club appear behind a cloud of purple smoke. Fifty feet long. The club pulled back as if it was about to be swung by an invisible giant.

“FOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRR!!!!!!” Clown called out disappearing as the club swung down. Before David could move, the giant golf club hit him into the air, going straight up, flying higher and higher, breaking through the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere….and falling out of Earth’s gravitational pull.

Instantly Clown the Jester pulled an oversized missile launcher from a ball of purple energy aiming up at the being floating inanimate in outer space.

“ONE ZERO ENERGY SEEKING MISSILE COMING UP!” Clown the Jester roared squeezing the trigger.

The giant missile rocket up, closing in on it’s target.

“HE’S GOING! GOING! GONE! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Clown the Jester laughed.


Clown the Jester laughed seeing the small flicker created by the ten thousand feet wide explosion hundreds of miles away from the Planet.

“One down,” Super Clown mused. “One to go. Now where did I leave that Toppling Doppelganger?”

Drakkonic Evil materialized behind Clown the Jester, smashing his mace at the back of the Clown’s skull. With an upward slash he knocked Clown the Jester into the air, firing laser after laser into the harlequin’s body.

Clown the Jester landed on his feet doing a back flip, evading a downward strike from Drakkonic Evil’s glowing mace.
“Speak of the Drakkonic!” Clown the Jester laughed swinging his fist at Drakkonic Evil. The Evil dodged the attack, and used his telekinesis to lift the Clown into the air and smash him down to the ground twenty feet away.

“You talk too much,” Drakkonic Evil said.

“You never could take the Joke,” Clown the Jester remarked pulling himself back to his feet, throwing a glowing knife at Drakkonic Evil’s chest.

The Evil’s body morphed to a red mist, the knife passing harmlessly through.

“You never could take the Heat,” Drakkonic Evil replied holding out his hand, his eyes narrowing.

The ground around Clown the Jester’s feet burst in dark red flames consuming the screaming Harlequin. His flesh and clothes turning the dark color of burning paper, crumbling off his body until only his skeleton remained. Drakkonic Evil landed down beside the burning Clown.

“Your pain,” the Evil hissed into Clown the Jester’s rotting ear. “My pleasure.”

With that, he swung his heavy mace, obliterating the decaying skeleton to dust.

“MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Drakkonic Evil laughed as he fired a few more of his lasers at the ashes, just in case.

Suddenly out from the ashes, Clown the Jester’s outstretched hand emerged, like a zombie reaching out from the grave, wielding a large handgun in his grip.


The bullets phased through Drakkonic Evil’s faded mist form.

The Super Clown’s body materialized from the ashes, not a burn on his body, can in his free hand.
Clown the Jester fired the gun again, aiming for Drakkonic Evil’s leg.

As the Evil began to turn back to red fog, he felt his transformation slowing down.

His body was slowing down; the Clown had used his powers to slow down time around Drakkonic Evil.

The bullet entered through his leg, piercing through the other side, followed by a gush of blood. This time, the bullet hit it’s target. Drakkonic Evil fell to the ground, his bullet wound slowly healing, but it still hurt.

Clown the Jester’s armstretched out like rubber firehouse, lifting Drakkonic Evil off the ground, by the Villains neck. The Harlequin through Drakkonic Evil through a miniature Pandora Fountain Statue. The Marble shattering like glass.
Drakkonic Evil leapt back to his feet, swinging his energy mace at Clown the Jester’s side.

With incredible speed, Clown the Jester grabbed the mace handle, halting Drakkonic Evil’s swing followed by yanking the heavy mace out of Drakkonic Evil’s grip.

“HOW DO YA LIKE BEING AT THE HITTING END OF THIS THING?” Clown taunted, smashing the mace across Drakkonic Evil’s chin. The Harlequin slammed the heavy object into Drakkonic Evil’s chest.


Clown the Jester started to spin in the air like a twister, faster and faster until he was a blur. The Clown stuck out his leg just seconds before he disappeared from Drakkonic Evil’s sight due to traveling faster than the speed of light.

As he revolved, Clown the Jester’s outstretched foot struck Drakkonic Evil’s face over and over. Far to fast for the Villain to block. After a thousand kicks being delielivered in less than twelve second.

Drakkonic Evil stumbled back, the skin on his face nearly burned off from the friction created by the rapid hits. Clown the Jester slowed back to normal speed, smashing the villain’s own mace across Drakkonic Evil’s head. Drakkonic Evil fell to the knees, beaten, bruised, out of energy.


A ball of Nega energy blasted down from the sky, tearing through the Clown’s overhanging Circus Tent, destroying the lair completely. The ball continued to travel down, slamming into Clown the Jester.

David Blitz teleported in front of the Clown, his appearance greatly altered for the worse. The Nega being was struggling with all his might to maintain his appearance and not fall apart. His body was transparent as if he was a spirit. David was loosing control of the energy that made up his body.

“YOU DESTROYED MY FUN HOUSE!” Clown the Jester roared, knocking David Blitz off his feet with his purple laser beams emitted from the Harlequin’s furious eyes. “FOR THAT…I GUESS I WILL JUST HAVE TO REPAY THE FAVOR!”

A shadow fell over Herospire. David and Drakkonic Evil turned their vision’s skywards….
A gigantic pie…more than 350 feet in diameter…so large. On the top, a cherry the size of a building….purple and green cream. Hurtling down towards HeroSpire…like a meteor.

“Easy as pie,” Clown the Jester hissed as the pie crashed down on the floating base.


HeroSpire shook like an earthquake form the devastating impact. The remaining buildings crushed flat. The intense weight and damage brought Hero Spire dropping from the sky. Falling faster and faster, down on the City the floating base was designed to protect. Falling like a giant missile. There were no screams…no running…no sound…until…


The impact from the dropping base and pie shook the entire city.

Corporal, L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N., West Main Street, Liberty, Market Street, and half of the fairgrounds…whipped out completely. The buildings crushed flat. Entire city blocks torn apart. Streets on fire. Ruins and wreckage. More than a fifth of the city along with HeroSpire….gone…just like that.

Clown the Jester emerged from the wreckage, dabbing his finger into a wad of whip cream from the street covered globs of cream and icing. He shoved the cream into his mouth, a sinister grin forming across his face.

“Mmmm-MMM!” Clown hummed, liking the icing from his lips. “Delicious…but it could use more poison…hm…Is there anyone left to poison? Hm…a few civilians…maybe the few remaining smashers. Heh heh heh. Oh Well…I guess someone out there will eventually get a slice of the excitement. SLICE! WA HA HA HA HA! I MAKE FUNNIES IN MY SUBCONSCIOUS! HEE HEE HEE HA HA HA!”

Drakkonic Evil and David Blitz emerged from under fifty tons of purple cream. Drakkonic Evil…weakened and injured to the point where it took all his might to stand, limped towards the Clown. Clown the Jester stood motionless, an amused expression on his face.

“Comeon Drakkonic Sneevil…heh heh…come and get me!” Clown the Jester giggled as Drakkonic Evil stumbled on towards the Harlequin.

Drakkonic Evil tried desperately to raise his mace, but the effort was too great. Drakkonic Evil collapsed to the ground.

Done. Beat. Finished. Waiting to die.

“I was hopping to get one last crack at Drakkoniss,” Clown said, a powerful ball of energy forming in his hands. “But…this is far too rare an opportunity. And the Game does not allow me to pass such an opportunity unless someone should interferer those are the rules...not yours but mine...to bad...I don't like that rule...I...I really wish I could break that rule Drakkoniss...please believe me. I enjoy our games far to much...but no...it must be done,”

Drakkonic Evil watched, a dull expression on his face, as if he was already dead.

“Bad luck, Old Bean,” Clown hissed firing the ball of purple energy at Drakkonic Evil. "When you loose know this...I loose too. Goodbye Old friend."

David Blitz’s mind raced.

No…Drakkonic Evil…he’s Drakkoniss…I can’t let Drakkoniss die…he is necessary for this planet to survive…I…I won’t…I WON’T LET THE CLOWN KILL ANYONE ELSE! I’LL SHOW GREY!....I…I’LL SHOW GREY THAT I HAVE CHANGED!

David teleported in front of the ball of energy taking the powerful blast in the chest, shielding Drakkonic Evil from attack.
“IDIOT!” Clown roared as the blast began to tear David Blitz apart. “YOU’RE FIRED DAVY!”

David screamed in absolute pain as the remaining energy holding his body together fell apart…his body disintegrating…unable to maintain control…no longer stable…he was done for…


The explosion sent Drakkonic Evil and Clown the Jester flying as David Blitz disappeared in an explosion so powerful that it equaled the rumble of the collapsed HeroSpire.

A small part of Drakkonic Evil’s brain that was still controlled by Drakkoniss realized the impossible.
David Blitz…was dead…the immortal…indestructible…the manipulator of Zero and Nega Energy…was dead. He sacrificed himself for Drakkoniss. Clown killed him. CLOWN KILLED DAVID BLITZ!

“A noble and rather foolish move on Davy’s part,” Clown the Jester remarked lifting the limp Drakkonic Evil into the air with a single hand. “Can you here me Drakkoniss? I know you can. I just wanted to make sure you realized I killed David Blitz. I could just as easily kill you now Drakky…just a snap of my fingers…and POP! You experience the biggest punch line I have to offer…but what would be the point of that? Killing you now? That would ruin the Game wouldn’t it? Yes it would…and then without the game…I would have no purpose..making me nothing. No…NO! Later we shall finish this…another day. Grow strong again Drakkoniss…so I can kill you. Don’t worry, I’ll just kill Grape Silhouette, that girl with the mental powers…Jae I think..YEAH JAE! Though she has her own fun in store for her. Can't ruin that...perhaps Velmur. Yeah. The guy threatened me and my Clan a little while ago…and now I feel like giving the threats. Grow strong for our final brawl Drakkoniss. Give the folks something to talk about.”

Clown dropped Drakkonic Evil snapping his fingers.

Drakkonic fell into a deep sleep. When he finally woke up in his Drakkoniss form…he saw the section of the city… of the city…so much damage…more than a fifth of the city he swore to protect…destroyed.

“HeroSpire…Super City…so many dead…so..so much chaos,” Drakkoniss whispered. “God help us. I need to find Gray.”

Part 18: Countdown Till the Final Laugh.

Blue Gear’s base resembled a high tech underground car repair garage. The walls were covered in construction tools, high tech gadgets, and other devices that I could only guess what their function was. I hadn’t visited Blue Gear’s base for over five years, after our argument. Nor had I seen him since that time.

My son sat at a blue glowing workshop table, reconstructing the demolished Anti-Malachite device. His fingers moving nimbly over the broken parts. Repairing a torn wire, replacing a damaged circuit, checking the energy leak from the fractured malachite piece.

A wireless screen monitor floated over his head, five feet off the ground. A 3D model and blueprints of the original device created by the recently deceased Mr. Purple. Blue Gear had changed the design completely, saying it prove ineffective at it’s current condition and had to be altered greatly if it would have any effect on Clown the Jester.

I paced back and forth behind my son impatiently. What took five hours for Mr. Purple to build, it was taking Blue Gear 9 days.

“What’s taking so long?” I asked. The more time spent here the more time Clown the Jester and his Carnival had to kill more innocents.

“Building a weapon this complex is much easier then repairing it,” Blue Gear replied not looking up from his work. “First I had to diagram every part and function this device had to understand it’s capabilities and risks. Then I had to modify it to fix Mr. Purples mistakes. Last comes the repairing phase which took a long time due to the Malachite being damaged. An energy source as unstable as Malachite should not be rushed through. I still need to cut the mineral down in order for it’s shape to be able to be a successful reflector of the energy fluctuations.”

“You said you could fix it in no time,” I snapped back. “If you can’t repair it then just say so and I’ll find someone else.”

Blue Gear looked up at me, his eyes narrowing.

“If you brought the Malachite to me instead of relying on a mad scientist that would betray you without a second thought then I could have built the weapon in no time.” He shot back. “Why didn’t you ask me first?”

“Because I thought it would be…” I trailed off for a moment knowing how bad this was going to sound. “Would be…awkward .”



“ME THE CHILD? YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S TO EMBARRASSED TO ASK HIS OWN SON FOR HELP AFTER YOU MADE SUCH A STUPID MISTAKE THAT YOU REFUSE TO ADMIT!” He exclaimed throwing the tool in his hand hard against the construction table.

“I didn’t visit because I thought I should let you be independent. You are intelligent enough to survive without me. Though you hardly ever use your Knowledge,” I snapped, my fists clenched.




The entire laboratory shook like an Earthquake. Equipment fell off their place, chairs and tables toppled over. The power went out plunging the underground base into darkness.

“Ben!?” I called out.

“I’m fine,” my son replied. “The backup generators will activate in a second.”

Sure enough the overhead lights as well as the monitors activated, basking the laboratory in a light blue glow.

“Computer,” Blue Gear called out. The large monitor floating overhead turned back on. “Seismograph for area: Super City.”

A Seismograph flashed across the screen showing a single spike in the Earth movements.

“That wasn’t an Earthquake,” I muttered studying the measurements.

“Then what was it?” Blue Gear asked reaching for his blue visor helmet. A sign that he was planning to leave his work.

“I’ll find out, you stay here and finish the Anti-Malachite device. That is the most important objective,” I replied climbing back up to the surface, leaving my son before he could argue.

I stepped out to witness the untold destruction. Building around me on fire, crushed, knocked over. Large chunks of a green and purple cream covering the streets like a river.

HeroSpire, the last stronghold for the Heroes…crashed down onto Super City. More than a fifth of the city destroyed.

“No….” I whispered.

So much destruction. So much damage. So much Chaos.

What of Jae, Drakkoniss, David Blitz, and the other smasher? Were they still alive? I sprinted to Aurora Park as fast as possible. I had to know if I was the only one left.

Aurora Park was still intact. Thankfully I found ThunderSmite, Velmur, Defiant, Range, and WarPro. They were finishing off the last of the Cannibal Clowns in the area. No sign of Drakkoniss, Jae, or David Blitz.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Clown the Jester attacked HeroSpire,” WarPro replied.

“However we here have been victorious,” ThunderSmite said.

“We finally defeated the Chaos Carnival forces,” Range chimed in.

“They are merely pawns of the Clown. They mean nothing,” I scolded the two. “Clown just destroyed a fifth of Super City and you two think we are victorious?”

“We evacuated as many of the remaining survivors as possible.” Velmur replied. “They’re already outside the City.”

“Wheres Drakkoniss?” I asked.

The group fell silent. I could tell they didn’t have the faintest idea.

“No…” I whispered. Drakkoniss was the only force that could possibly counter Clown the Jester if the Anit-Malachite was to fail.

"Gray Silhouette," A voice called out from behind me. I turned around to face two mysterious figures

"We have some information for you,” the female said. Behind her a shadowy monster, his eyes burning like fire.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Arachnid,” She answered. “ I serve…served…Lad Zafara before her demise at the hands of the Clown.”

“Whats his name?” I asked pointing to the Shadow behind her.

“It doesn’t matter,” She quickly replied. “We need to…”

“WHAT’S HIS NAME?!” I roared.

“My name is Shadow Reaver,” the Dark entity hissed. “Leader of the Clan of Shadows. Now be silent mortal and listen.”

“David Blitz is dead,” Arachnid said.

We were silent. David Blitz, he was considered an immortal. How? How was it possible?

“What of Drakkoniss?” I asked Arachnid.

“I’m here,” Drakkoniss muttered behind me.

I turned around to face the Champion of Good, barely able to recognize him.

Drakkoniss looked like he had been in a hurricane.

He limped towards us, one of his wings severely damaged. His body was covered with deep wounds that were still slowly healing. Every step he took, Drakkoniss’s face flashed a look of pain.

“Clown the Jester is more powerful than I ever imagined,” he continued. “He easily beat David Blitz and I with ease.”

“The only way we can beat Clown the Jester is by working together against him,” Arachnid stated. “He must have some weakness.”

“Dead,” Drakkoniss continued, not taking notice to what Arachnid said.

His gaze turning to focus on me. “Are you happy now Grey? He’s dead. He sacrificed himself to save my life.”

I lowered gaze to the ground.

“He died a hero,” Drakkoniss continued, advancing towards me. “He was slaughtered by the Clown. He died saving me, despite all your ridicules, taunting, and insults.”

“Everything I said to him was true,” I rasped.


“My morals are the only thing separating me from filth like Clown the Jester and …”I began to say.




“No,” Drakkoniss replied. “You’re a murdering freak even when you’re awake.”

Drakkoniss threw me to the ground shaking his head with disgust. The other Smashers watched us.

“WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT?” I roared at them.

“Someone with no sense of self control,” WarPro smirked, shaking his head.

“SHUT UP FILTH!” I roared at the former Chaos Carnival, Ancient Evil Army, Drakkonian Alliance member.

“You may have been able to get away with talk like that with David,” War Pro snarled his eye’s darkening. “But if you mouthing off at me, I’ll tear your head off.”

“You don’t scare me filth,” I hissed, pulling myself back to my feet.

“Tough talk coming from a human,” War Pro replied, shoving me backwards.

I stumbled to the ground, from War Pro’s powerful shove.

“Enough! This fighting is stupid,” Defiant said. “This is a waste of our time and efforts. We won’t be able to stop Clown the Jester if we fight amongst ourselves. This fighting is foolish!”

“I BEG TO DIFFER!” A familiar voice hissed behind us. “I think it is most funny! Heh heh heh heh.”

Clown. He was here.


“YOU HAVE A LOT OF NERVE, TELLING ME I HAVE A LOT OF NERVE!” Clown shot back, a grin across his face. “OF ALL THE NERVE!”

War Pro fired to balls of darkness energy at Clown the Jester.

The Harlequin disappeared, the balls of energy blowing a tree apart.

“What?” War Pro exclaimed, his eyes darting left and right. “Where is he? Where is Clown the…”

Before he could finish, a luxury liner cruise ship dropped out from the sky, smashing down on the Smasher.


We jumped out of the way, or teleported out of the large ship’s path.

All at once, Clown the Jester appeared behind Velmur, kicking the water god into Defiant, knocking the two smashers over.

ThunderSmite swung his thunder blade at the Harlequin who easily dodged the attack. Clown the Jester shoved a grenade into the half god’s mouth.


ThunderSmite fell to the ground, coughing in great pain.

Range and Drakkoniss leapt at the Super Clown. A blast of purple energy knocked them backwards.

I wrapped my arms around the Harlequin’s neck, trying my best to strangle him.

I let out a scream as two thousand volts of Electricity surged through my body.

I released my grip falling to my knees. My head swimming.

Arachnid plunged her knife into Clown the Jester’s back, followed by a blast of Darkness from Shadow Reaver.
The Clown stumbled back, his telekinesis lifting Arachnid into the air and throwing her across the park.

Defiant slashed his razor sharp sword at Clown the Jester, only sent flying backwards from being hit by a giant spiked baseball bat.

Range fired a burst of energy at Clown the Jester, knocking him backwards.

Snapping his fingers, Clown the Jester created a mini black hole behind Range, the gravitational pull, yanking Range and Shadow Reaver into the vortex.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Shadow Reaver screeched as the portal closed behind him.

Velmur used his abilities to manipulate water to catch the Clown in a water spout, ThunderSmite fired a bolt of lightning down from the heavens down at Clown the Jester, the water acting as a conductor for the lightning against the soaked Harlequin.


Over their heads, a giant purple gloved hand appeared, slapping it’s powerful fingers down on ThunderSmite and Velmur, pinning them to the ground.

War Pro blasted his way out from under the ship firing two red laser beams out of his eyes at Clown the Jester, blasting the Clown back.

Clown the Jester fired back his own purple laser vision, plowing War Pro through the Cruise liner. Aracnid and Drakkoniss punched the Clown from behind sending the Harlequin flying through the air, towards the waiting Defiant.

The Sword master swung his sword down on the Clown, slicing him in half.

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”SuperClown screamed in agony.

ThunderSmite blast the giant glove off him and Velmur with a burst of thunder.
As Clown the Jester slowly pulled himself back together, Drakkoniss pressed his axe against the Harlequin’s neck.

“It’s over Clown. You can’t beat us alone and your army is gone,” Drakkoniss said.

ThunderSmite held his crackling sword ready, Arachnid with her knife, War Pro holding a ball of energy, Defiant with his sword raised, Velmur pointing a classic ray gun, I pulled out my brass knuckles.


A large grin began to spread across Clown the Jester's face as he snapped his fingers. Another army of Cannibal Clowns appeared surrounding us. A thousand…maybe two thousand more Clown.

“NAH!” Clown the Jester said snapping his fingers again. “I can do better then that…heh heh…MUCH BETTER!”
The Cannibal Clowns disapeered behind a wave of purple smoke. Replaced by a new army…their demonic grins leering at us.

“No…”I whispered. Drakkoniss backed away from the Harlequin laying at his feet.

“Great,” Velmur said.

“Incredible!” ThunderStrike murmured.

An army of Clown the Jesters. The Clone Chaos Clowns giggled at us. Thousands of copies of the Super Clown.

“They may not be as strong as me now,” Clown said flying over our heads over the giggling army. “It would be silly to make an army of ME MYSELF AND I that are equally as powerful as SuperClown! Who knows…they might try to betray me..heh heh..I mean I would…HOWEVER! They are as powerful as I was before I absorbed the Malachite…heh heh heh…still kinda tough! AND QUITE HANDSOME! WA HA HA HA HA HA!”

“WA HA HA HA H AH A H AH AH A H AH AHA H A H AH A H AH A H A HA H A HA H A H AH A HAHA!” the other Clown the Jesters laughed with their Super Clown.

“What do we do?” Arachnid asked.

“There are way to many for us to take on,” Velmur said.

“Nowhere to run,” Defiant snarled.

“Nowhere to hide,” War Pro added.

I cracked my knuckles.

“Only room to fight,” I whispered.

“PLAY BALL!” Super Clown screamed, disappearing in a puff of purple smoke. "STRIKE EM OUT BOYS!"
The Clown the Jesters swarmed at us. From all sides, screaming with laughter.

“I’M GONNA SKIN THEM ALIVE!” one shrieked.









"Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh,"


They were upon us. An army of Clown the Jesters.

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Clown the Jester

Part 19: War Against Madness

I swung my fist, knocking one of the Clowns to the ground, stomping my foot as hard as I could on his face. I pounced at another Clown the Jester only to be kicked backwards into the hands of four outstretched Clown the Jesters.

“Gentlemen,” One of the Clown the Jesters addressed his clones, pulling out a baseball bat out of his pocket. “Lets squash this grape!”
The Jester began punch, kicking, and stomping me. I tried to block their attacks but they were too fast.


Drakkoniss’s lasers knocked the Jesters off me.

“Are you alright?” He asked, slicing a Clown the Jester in half with his axe. The spit Jester laughed grabbing one of his severed legs and swung it like a club, the foot hitting Drakkoniss in the face.

“Never better,” I grunted, as I lit a flaming Molotov and threw it into an advancing pack of Clown the Jesters.

As they burst into flames, the Harlequins let out hoots and shrieks of amusement, plowing past me, knocking me over.

The Clowns barely noticed they were on fire as they charged at Drakkoniss.


Velmur sent a tidal wave of water over a small group of Clown the Jesters, ThunderSmite fired a bolt at the water, electrocuting the pack of Harlequins. Eight of the Clowns tacked ThunderSmite from behind, knocking the Half God to the ground. They began beating him with baseball bats.

“OH HIT! HA HA HA HA! I LOVE BASEBALL!” A Clown the Jester mocked, smashing his bat into ThunderSmite’s skull.

Twenty Clown the Jesters surrounded Drakkoniss, all lunging at the Champion of Good.


“Yeah right,” Drakkoniss said. “MWAHAHAHA!”

Drakkoniss swung his large axe around his head; the powerful swing knocked most of the Clown around him skywards. One of the Clowns punched Drakkoniss in the gut. The Champion of good retaliated, by firing a laser through the Harlequin’s skull blasting off his head.

WarPro unleashed a large burst of red energy, disintegrating fifteen Clowns. Three Clown the Jesters fired bazookas at WarPro blasting him into the air and into another gathering crowd of Clowns.

“YOU’RE OUT!” One screamed with glee.

Defiant slashed three Clowns in half, his swinging faster and faster.

One of the split Clown the Jesters floated into the air, lifting Defiant off the ground with on hand and threw him over his shoulder.
As Defiant flew through the air, three Clowns hopped up to him, riding purple pogo sticks.

The first hit Defiant in the chest with a baseball bat, the second fired a bolt of purple energy into Defiant, the third painted Defiant's left hand red with a large paint brush.

“A-HA! CAUGHT RED HANDED!,” the Clown accused as Defiant crashed to the ground.

Instantly Defiant was back on his feet, beheading another Clown the Jester, while hurling a ball of fire at another Clown.


Another Clown the Jester hit Defiant in the back of the head with a rubber chicken. Defiant fell to the ground, blood dripping down the back of his skull.

“Whoops! Looks like I hit a ground ball!” The Clown joked as eight more of him joined him, beating the fallen Defiant. “I think I may have mixed my rubber chicken up with the lead chicken.”

“These things happen,” another Clown the Jester said, stomping his foot down on Defiant’s neck.

Arachnid was surrounded by twelve Clown the Jesters. She swung out her leg, kicking two in the face, twirling around like a twister, and slashed her knife across one of the Harlequin’s face.

The cut Clown the Jester snarled angrily grabbing Arachnid by the arm, and swung her into the air and slammed her to the ground.

“YOU RUINED MY LOVLY FACE!” Clown the Jester roared, kicking the dazed Arachnid hard in the side. “FOR THAT, I’M GONNA TEAR YOURS OFF!”

I stumbled back as another Clown the Jester punched me in the chest. I shot my leg at the Harlequin, but he easily blocked it.

“Silly Grape,” The Clone Clown the Jester mocked, throwing me over his head and into another wave of fellow Clowns. “You are not threat to us. Ya never were. Never will. Might as well give up and join the chorus of laughter.”

Drakkoniss was fending off more than two hundred Clown the Jesters. He tried his best to hold off the never ending horde of Clowns with a wave of fire on the mob of his archenemies, followed by a dozen laser blasts, but there were far too many Clown the Jesters to take on. They swarmed on him like an ocean pilling on top of him.

Drakkoniss struggled with all his might as the Clowns buried him in their numbers. More and more jumped onto the pie of Clown the Jesters.

“NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A TACKLE!” one of the Clown the Jesters close to the top of the pile cried out.

“WHOOPS! MY BAD!” The Clown apologized.

A single Clown the Jester quickly ran over to the towering Clown pile that burried Drakkoniss.

“CLOWN THE JESTERS!” He called out urgently to his clones.

“WHAT IS IT CLOWN THE JESTER?” They all asked in unison.

“WE NEED TO GET SHOOT DRAKKONISS’S HEAD!” He announced reaching into his coat pocket.


“I KNOW CLOWN THE JESTERS BUT WE GOTTA HURRY!” the Clown said hurridly, sticking his hand into the mass of Clowns tugging Drakkoniss’s head to his neck.

“I’m really not in the mood for this Clown…sorry…Clowns,” Drakkoniss said trying to tug his way free from under the two hundred Clown the Jester dog pile.

“Heh heh heh…this won’t take long Drakkoniss,” the single Clown the Jester replied painting a purple bullseye on Drakkoniss’s head with a paint brush. “Just gotta get your makeup. I already have my perm-a-makeup on.”

“Yeah Drakky,” one of the Clowns in the pile said, tightening his grip around Drakkoniss’s neck. “Ya only get your shooting once. We have such happy trigger fingers.”

The entire mob of clowns burst out laughing, the single Clown pulled out his weapon pointing it at Drakkoniss.

“I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time!” the Clown the Jester said, lining his weapon up with Drakkoniss’s bull’s-eye. “Specially designed just for you Drakkoniss, isn’t that lovely?”

Drakkoniss started struggling more and more, desperate to escape the grasp of his clone rivals.


Four Clown the Jesters above Drakkoniss’s head grabbed Drakkoniss’s flailing head, holding him in place.

“There we go. So childish…oh well…now lets do this,” Clown the Jester said repositioning his weapon.

“READY?” He cried, closing one of his eyes, his tongue sticking out the corner of his mouth.

Drakkoniss tried to fire out lasers from his eyes, but the Clowns restraining his head, shifted his vision left and right of the Clown with the device. The beams passed harmlessly around the Harlequin.

“AIM!” Another Clown the Jester amongst the dog pile called out.

Drakkoniss desperately tried to move his arms free, tried kicking his way out, tried anything.

“FIR….WAIT! WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!...wait. We should have an actually count down,” the Clown with the weapon said. “So we may treasure every second of this legendary moment with our best enemy!”

The other Clown the Jesters let out cheers of support.

“Ok,” he continued reaiming his gun. “Lets start at say…hm….789, 788, 786, 785, 784…”

Velmur fired his Classic Ray Gun at three Clown the Jesters, to his surprise, they dodged the energy beams.
“You may be a god of rivers, lakes, ponds, and damp sponges,” One of the Clown the Jesters hissed throwing a deck of cards at Velmur.


The Cards exploded in a burst of purple light, sending Velmur flying backwards.

“BUT WE ARE THE GODS OF COMEDY, MISCHIEF, MADNESS, AND GAGS!” Another Clown the Jester cried out, levitating Velmur into the air.

Velmur was thrown into the Pandora statue, breaking off the large arm of the Heroine Smasher.

“Yeek,” a third Clown the Jester said. “Property damage like that will cost ya an arm and a leg. HEE HEE HEE HA HA!”

“615, 614, 613…” The Clown the Jester aiming at Drakkoniss continued. “612, 611, 610…”

War Pro blasted thirty clowns back, disintegrating another five to his left.

A Clown the Jester teleported behind War Pro in a puff of purple smoke.

“Boo,” he rasped holding a large purple bomb in his hands, pressing it against War Pro’s head.


The explosion sent fifteen Clown the Jesters flying in all directions. The Jester that held the bomb, fell to the ground, giggling softly. War Pro laided beside him, alive, but badly injured.

Thundersmite cast another bolt of lightning down on forty Clown the Jesters. To his surprise the Clowns appeared unaffected by the attack.

“Never use the same trick twice when dealing with a guy who can change reality,” One of the Clowns hissed, hitting Thundersmite over the head with his cane.

Thundersmite punched the Jester in the jaw, rocketing the Harlequin fifty feet into the air.
“Foul Jokester!” Thudersmite said, slashing his powerful sword through another Clown the Jester.

Four more Jesters slammed into him, one breaking his baseball bat with a powerful swing into the half god’s forehead.

“545, 544, 543, 542…”

Arachnid hurled a ball of fire at the Clown she cut. She leapt back up, stabbing the knife into his chest.

The Clown the Jester let out a scream, blood oozing down his purple suit.

“That was for my Lady,” Arachnid said coldly.

“I…I…I think,” he stammered, trying desperately to speak. “I…think you broke my heart! HEE HEE HEE!”

The Clown punched Arachnid into the air, as she soared backwards, she swung her leg out, knocking another Clown the Jester to the ground. The Clown she knocked over began to stand up, but Arahnid slammed her foot down as hard as she could on the harlequin’s face over and over until he stopped trying to get up. Clown the Jester pulled her knife out of his chest, throwing it at Arachnid, flying through the air like an arrow.

She leaped out of the blades path. Clown the Jester, grin widening, reached both hands into his pockets, pulling out two handfuls of knives, and meat cleavers, throwing them, one by one at her.

She dodged left and right, doing back flips, forward flips, cartwheels, rolling, doing anything she could to dodge the oncoming blades.

Each knife missed her by mere inches. To her surprise, Clown the Jester pulled out a large fire escape axe, hurling it at her.

She dodged to the left, the axe began to pass her, she quickly grabbed the axe handle with an outstretched hand and threw it back at the Clown, beheading the Harlequin.

“232, 233…oh wait…I skipped over 421 a little while back…421, 420, 419…”

Defiant was back on his feet, beheading two Clown the Jesters with a single swing, plunging his blade into a third followed by a powerful kick into the Harlequin’s face.

He caught out of the corner of his eye another Clown, behind him, aiming a gun at Defiant.


Defiant blocked the bullet with his sword. Sending the bullet back to the Clown, the bullet piercing his chest.

“VERY IMPRESSIVE!” A Clown the Jester said, smoke leaking from his hand gun, not even remotely affected by the bullet wound.

Eight more Clown the Jesters gathered around Defiant. All, gun’s raised.


Defiant twirled his blade left and right, the bullets ricocheting off his sword.


He reflected bullet after bullet. Moving faster and faster. The Sword moving so fast that it seemed a blur.


The fifth bullet pierced his leg.

Defiant let out a cry of pain falling to the ground.


Even of the ground, Defiant continued to reflect the bullets.


Another bullet hit him. This time, in his lower side. He continued to reflect…despite the large amounts of blood he was losing.


A Bullet pierced his shoulder, followed by another hitting his left arm.


All three bullets hit him in the chest. Stinging like hot metal.


As Defiant’s life began to fade away, the sword master threw his weapon; the blade impaled one of the Clowns in the heart. The Jester fell backwards.
One of the Clown the Jesters approached the limp Defiant, the sword master’s eyes still twitching left and right. A small sign of life. The Clown pressed his gun against Defiant’s head.

“Good effort,” Harlequin hissed as his finger pulled the trigger. “But not good enough.”



As Velmur began to regain consciousness, his eyes focused on a Clown the Jester that was pointing a large cannon at him.

“REMEMBER THE LAUGHIMO!” The Harlequin screamed as the cannon fired, saluting Velmur.


Just seconds before the cannon ball hit, Velmur’s skin turned to steel. The cannon ball bounced harmlessly off Velmur’s metal head. The Water God picked up the cannonball and threw it like a foot ball at the Clown, knocking the harlequin off his feet.

Twenty Clowns charged at Velmur, each holding a stick of dynamite. The Smasher cast a wave of water over the Clowns freezing the liquid in place. The Clown the Jesters stood motionless stuck in a block of ice.


Velmur slammed his metal shoulder into the block of ice, shattering it to pieces, along with the Clowns.

“75, 74, 73…”

War Pro punched eight Clown the Jesters into the air, firing a concentrated stream of dark energy at another seven harlequins, the beam branching out hitting each one of their foreheads. Their bodies disintegrated leaving only their clothes behind.

Satisfied, War Pro turned away, searching for more Clown the Jesters to fight. To his surprise seven floating clothes, positioned to match how they would be worn by Clown the Jester, tackled him from behind. Moving as if they were inhabited by invisible spirits.

They pressed their purple jacket sleeves to War Pro’s face. Out from the shirt cuffs, purple bolts of lightning discharged through War Pro’s body, causing him to cry out in pain.

War Pro’s body suddenly emitted a surge of energy burning the floating clothes to ashes.

“5, 4, 3, 2,…..1!” The Clown with the strange weapon screamed pulling the trigger. Drakkoniss’s eyes widened.
“SAY CHEESE!” The Harlequin exclaimed as a bright flash of purple light shined over Drakkoniss, the Clowns around him, smiled up at the device, some giving thumbs up.



“PERFECT! I don’t know why you squirm so much when your picture is being taken Drakkoniss,” The Clown with the bizarre camera called out, examining the photo that popped out from the device. “Seems kinda silly to me. WA HA HA HA HA HA!”

All of the Clown the Jesters burst out laughing. The Clown with the photo held up the picture to his clones. In the center of the photo in the middle of the pile of identical Clown the Jesters, Drakkoniss’s face stared into the camera. His face, shocked and confused.

“WA HA HA HA HA HA!” The Clown with the camera laughed, waving the photo around his head. “THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE! PRICELESS! HA HA HA HA! Hold on….hm…DAW! CLOWN THE JESTER # 672, YOUR EYES WERE SHUT!”

“DAW!” Clown the Jester # 672 cried out, bopping his palm against his forehead. “Now we gotta do it all over again. 789, 788…”

“ENOUGH!” Drakkoniss roared, digging his feet down into the ground, pushing up with all his might.

Drakkoniss slowly lifted the 247 Clown the Jesters into the air, a massive huddle. He held his impossible burden over his head.

“MY WORD!” One of the Clowns, near the top of the pile, called down to Drakkoniss, “Somebody’s been working out! HA HA HA! Buffing up a little? I would ask what your power level is…but too many people have already said that joke. Anyway…you don’t have a set power level…do you? Heh heh heh.”

Drakkoniss threw all the Clowns into the air, over his head. As they rose, higher and higher, Drakkoniss began to charge in his hands a large ball of red energy.

Gravity soon came into effect and the crowd of Clown the Jesters fell back downwards about to burry Drakkoniss once again. Drakkoniss fired the ball of energy up at the mass of Clown the Jesters.


The mob of Clowns were scattered in all directions, Drakkoniss flew into the air, slashing his axe through Clown the Jester after Clown the Jester. Soaring at the speed of a fighter jet. Evading Acid pies, exploding baseball cards, spiked baseballs, and anything else the Harlequins threw at him. Moving faster and hitting harder than ever before.

Drakkoniss fired a dozen lasers out, tearing twenty more Clown the Jesters to pieces. As the limps of the clones began to float into the air, Drakkoniss held out his hand, disintegrating the body parts.

Six Clown the Jesters gathered around me. I swung out my leg attempting to kick a Clown to my left, while I used a left jab on the Jester to my right.

Both easily blocked my attack. I grabbed a park bench, tearing it from the ground and smashed it down on one of the Clown the Jesters. The bench broke to pieces on the Clown’s skull, the Harlequin didn’t even flinch.

“I APPRECIATE THE COURTESY GRAY EGGS AND HAM,” The Jester exclaimed, blasting me back with a burst of purple energy. “BUT I DON’T NEED A SEAT!”

The purple energy surged through my body like electricity, I screamed in pain.


One of the Clowns struck me from behind with their cane. My head cried out in pain. I spun my fist around trying to punch the Harlequin in the face.

With lightning reflexes, he caught my hand, twisting it painfully behind my back. I struggled trying to free myself from the Clown’s grip.

“Too slow Earl Gray,” Another Clown the Jester mocked, kicking me in the chin with the heel of his shoe.

Another Clown punched me in the side, a wet crack, and I knew he broke a rib.
“LOVE THE NEW LOOK GRAPE!” One of the Clowns said, hitting me across the face with his cane.


“ESPECIALLY THE FACE! WHAT A MAKEOVER! HA HA HA!” Another Clown continued, slamming his knee into my gut.

I let out a gasp of pain. The Clown restraining my arm, kicked me to the ground, letting out a cruel laugh.

“We men really need to suffer for fashion. HEE HEE HEE HA HA HA HA!” Another Jester laughed.

My fedora fell off my head and rolled away over one of the Clown the Jester’s feet.

FIGHT BACK! My mind screamed as one of the Clowns hit me hard in the back with his cane.


“RAAAAAAAAAH!” I roared, charging into the Clown the Jester in front of me, knocking him over, jumping on top of him.

“FILTHY DOGS!” I roared, punching the Clown over and over with my fist.


The impact of my fist smashing into the Harlequin’s face tremor through my body. I continued to punch, harder and harder. My mind shut out the outside world.
I did not hear the other Clown the Jesters laughing, did not hear the sounds of battle, my mind was fully concentrated on making this freak pay for his crimes.

I kept on punching. My gloves fabric around my knuckles began to slowly tear away as I increased my hitting pace. I continued to punch the Clown, even when my knuckles began to bleed.

“ALL FOR HER!” I roared slamming my fist against the Clown’s chin. “ EVERYTHING FOR HER!”

The Clowns around us watched, amused as their own copy was being beaten to pulp by my hands.

One Clown the Jester pulled out a hand gun, slowly loading it, and held it to the back of my skull.

“My name is Clown the Jester, I killed your love….prepare to die,” The Clown smirked pulling the trigger.

Just seconds before the bullet exited the chamber, an invisible force yanked the Harlequin into the air, his aim changing to one of the Clowns to his left.


The Clown pulled the bullet out of his shoulder examining it, blood tricking down his arm.

“WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT?” He called out, looking up. “There’s always a psychic to spoil our fun!”

A thousand darkness beings flew down on the army of Clown the Jesters, followed by Ancient Darkness and Jae.

“KILL THE CLOWNS!” Ancient Darkness roared, firing a dozen balls of darkness energy down at the the Clowns around him.

Jae levitated three of the Clowns surrounding me, and threw them down to the ground.

“YOU!” She screamed, levitating the fractured arm of the Pandora statue and used it to swipe another twelve Clowns into the air. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY SISTER?”

A Clown the Jester threw a grenade at her; she halted it in midair, crushing it with her mind.


“I know it was you who was behind Ivory’s attack at my dad’s research facility. I know you have been driving her insane,” She continued, using her mind to lift the Harlequin into the air. “Why? What kind of monster would do this? How can you possibly find this funny?”

“A monster that saved your sister from a fate worse than death,” The Clown the Jester said, the grin on his face disappearing, turning solemn. “Imagine what ‘Daddy’ would have done to Raeven when he was done playing with her, if I didn’t save her.”

Jae knew the Harlequin was right. She was still barely able to cope with learning what evils her father had done.

“But real question I have,” Clown the Jester continued the grin reappearing. “Why didn’t you save her?”

“I…I was young at the time,” Jae replied her eyes lowering to the ground. “I didn’t know what was going on.”

“Really? Too young, not enough…heh heh…gray matter in the brain,” He said. “Funny…you were Raevne’s twin sister…same age as her. If she had the powers to kill Charley Birdwatchingman at the age of six heh heh…so would you. Same capabilities…heh heh…perhaps you just didn’t…care about her.”

“I don’t need to explain myself,” Jae said, her mind filling with hate. “ESPECIALLY NOT TO A MONSTER LIKE YOU! You really don’t care, about who hurt, who you leave suffering. Why?”

“As for the pitiful EXCUSE…that you didn’t know,” Clown the Jester continued, ignoring Jae’s statement. “Do you really expect me to believe that a girl who can read minds could not find out from her own father’s mind what…devious things…he was doing to your sweet…sweet sister? The Doc’s mind would have been singing…heh heh…Like a little Birde. That would make you a lousy psychic. So either you didn’t care….OR YOUR JUST STUPID! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

“SHUT UP, YOU MONSTER!” She snapped back. Jae hated the man before him.

Imagine…how many has this psychopath killed? How many had he hurt? How many more Gray Silhouettes had he created? Poor Gray, she read his mind earlier. Such pain. Such guilt. Gray still felt it was his fault his Rachel had died. Perhaps Jae felt the same about her own twin sister. Was Clown right? Was this all her fault? While she lived a life of luxury with Margret after her father’s death while her sister was left in the hands of the Clown before her. Jae had the good life…Raeven had the bad. How could Jae not feel guilt?

“I want you to tell me how to help Raeven,” Jae said, tears beginning to form in her eyes. “If you have any good left in you, Clown the Jester, please…help me.”

Clown the Jester’s smiled turned from a mock to a grin of apathy…perhaps…maybe even compassion.

“Funny,” the Clown said, his eyes sullen despite his smile. “You know…I…I wasn’t always crazy….at least I don’t think I always was…things get twisted in my head. Can’t remember the past so good. Like a hazy dream. I…I….remember trying to live life by your rules. Sane, productive member of society, always willing to lend a helping hand. Ya see…my mind mixes facts up…I don’t know my origin…I see dreams in the wee hours of the night. Sometimes…I see a god of mischief…a deity who loved pulling nasty pranks, forced by the other Gods to release his powers…as a final joke…he secretly snuck the powers into the body of a baby with pail skin, and purple hair.”

Clown’s smile lessened, trying to remember more of his tale.

“Other times, I see the comedy, insanity, and anger of the world leaving the planet and entering a black hole, where a messenger of Chaos formed, preparing to make the world achieve world peace…even if he has to kill them all to achieve it.” Clown the Jester continued. To Jae’s disbelief, a tear trickled down his cheek. “Then I see myself as a normal guy…who had a special gal…a girl who this guy could always make laugh…and she loved to laugh. This normal guy was always pushed around…but he never let his feelings make a fool out him…NEVER!”

Clown the Jester looked over at Gray Silhouette, still punching the clone. Gray was sobbing as he struck the clone over and over.

“The girl loved the normal guy…no doubt of that…they were going to live happy ever after and all that stuff…they are on a rooftop, holding hands, watching the sun set just after having fun at a Circus,” Clown the Jester continued, his sight turning back to Jae, another tear tricking down his eye. “He tells her a hilarious joke about a two clowns…her favorite part of the Circus...said I was her clown. She hears the joke and laughs so hard. I laughed too…it was fantastic joke…we laugh so hard, we start cry, in her laugher…my girl's hand slips from my grasp, she stumbles, falling off the roof...dead. Because of a joke.”

Jae stared at the Clown. She thought she finally found the goodness in the Harlequin. Perhaps…even the Clown could be saved.

“I often wonder if this vision was the true origin…would make a lot of sense,” Clown continued staring into Jae’s eyes. “I also wondered if it was not her who truly fell but me…sometimes I wonder where I landed.”

Jae walked over to the Clown, lowering him back to the ground. Around them, Jae’s friends continued to battle the never ending tide of Clown the Jesters.

Jae took his hand.

“No matter how far we fall we can always get back up,” Jae said, smiling up at him. “Please…will you help me?”

“No,” Clown the Jester said, tears still trickling down his face. “I would…please believe me I would…but…I can’t…it’s…it’s far too late for going back. Thanks for the smile…it means a lot to me…it really does. I...I still have a show to finish.”

Suddenly Clown grabbed Jae by her hair, lifting her into the air. His tears vanishing, his demonic grin appearing, all sympathy gone from his crazed eyes.

“BESIDES!” He exclaimed throwing Jae into the air. “BEING CRAZY IS JUST TOO MUCH FUN! WA HA HA HA!”

Jae fell to the ground, rolling upon impact, her side stung. She slowly pulled herself to her feet.

“BUT SINCE YOU WERE SUCH A TEAM PLAYER,” Clown cried out, a purple rocket launcher forming in his hands. “We have a lovely parting gift for ya.”

He fired the rocket…the missile zoomed towards Jae.

Her mind concentrated on the rocket…trying to stop it.

It flailed around in the air, still zooming towards her. She tried desperately to stop it…the rocket began to slow in mid air, hovering eight feet away from her.

“Very impressive,” The Clown the Jester clone said, scratching his chin, deep in thought. "It appears the more stress your given, the more your powers…buff up.”

Jae dismantled the rocket with her mind, the pieces landing harmlessly around her.

“TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO RAEVEN!” She screamed in rage.

The Clone laughed.

“NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!” he declared, wagging a finger. “I DON’T WANNA! NO DICE! YOU WON’T GET A PEEP OUTA ME!”

Jae focused on the Clown’s mind trying to read it. "You'll tell me what I want to know," She whispered. "Either way."

“AAAAAAAHHHHH!” She cried out in pain, falling to her knees. Her mind...his mind...something was wrong...very very wrong.

Such madness…insanity…chaos…billions of frightening and strange images burst into Jae’s mind. She could see the Clown murdering his victims, torturing innocent people, seeing thoughts so vile…so maddening…that it tore at her head like a thousand punches. She could hear their screams…so loud so many…She tried to cover her ears, tried to push out the madness…but no avail.

Too much! Way to much! Her mind was on fire.

“What’s wrong my dear?” Clown the Jester asked, a large grin on his face. “Don’t like what you see? I admit it’s a little cluttered.”

Jae’s head felt like it was going to explode…far worse than any headache she had ever felt before.

“My mind’s like an open book,” Clown the Jester continued, over Jae’s agonizing screams. “So much to learn…just watch out for the paper cuts.”

Jae focused as best she could, trying to push out the Clown’s crazed thoughts from her head. She felt as if she was going to go insane.

“You think that’s bad?” Clown said. “You should try living with that in skull 24/7.”

Jae’s head finally quieted. Her whole body trembling.

“So more stress equals more might huh?” Clown the Jester said, his grin widening.

“I wanna see what you can really do,” the Clown said strolling over to Gray Silhouette, still pounding away at the other Clone. Clown the Jester pulled out a gun pressing it against the back of Gray’s head. “I wonder… Can you stop a speeding bullet when its fired close range?”

“Stop it,” Jae said.

The Clown, Gray Silhouette was punching, suddenly shot out his hand, grabbing the vigilante by the throat. He slammed Gray Silhouette to the ground pulling out a gun of his own, and pressed it to his struggling captive’s forehead.

“How about two bullets?” he asked, looking up at Jae.

More Clown the Jesters gathered around Gray Silhouette’s struggling body.

“How about three?”

“Four, five?”

“Six? Can ya do six?”

“Stop!” Jae pleaded with the Harlequins.


The thirteen Clown the Jesters gathered around Gray Silhouette…all about to fire.

“I SAID…I…I SAID,” Jae screamed, an invisible force lifting all thirteen Clown the Jesters into the air. “I SAID STOP!”

Jae’s mind crushed all thirteen Clowns. Their bones snapping, blood dripping. All dead. Their corpses fell to the ground.

“Oh God,” Jae said, covering her face with her hands. “No, please no.”

She murdered them. She actually killed them. Dead. Even if they were clones, even if they were a monster as demented as Clown the Jester…she killed them. She never took a life before. Now she killed thirteen.

I walked over to Jae, retrieving my fendora. I placed my hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her as best as I could.

She looked up at me, into my eyes.

“Killing doesn’t make the pain go away,” she said, tears running down her face.

“I know,” I replied helping Jae up to her feet. “It only gives you nightmares.”

“You…your voice...I…I know you from before,” Jae said searching my mind. “You worked at Corporal…Yes…You were the Janitor.”

“That was a long time ago Ms. Jae,” I whispered, my hand dropping to my side. “A lifetime ago.”

“I remember seeing you at my desk, every now and then,” Jae recalled. “Emptying the trash. I never asked you your name.”

“My name then doesn’t matter. My name now is Gray Silhouette,” I said, my thoughts changing away from her questions.”

“You left a few years ago,” Jae continued. “Was that when…Rachel...”

She paused unsure of how to ask.

“Yes,” I replied. “That’s when I left my temporary job, and started my permanent.”

“Do you think killing Clown the Jester will bring you happiness?” She asked.

“No,” I whispered.

“Then why do you kill?” She asked me.

I didn’t answer her, my senses were detecting movement from behind me.

A Clown the Jester, brandishing a butcher knife leaped at us from behind.


Drakkoniss and Ancient Darkness fired two balls of energy destroying the clone Harlequin.

The last of the Clown the Jester clones. All that was left was Super Clown. However where he has hiding…we had no way of finding out.

“We made it,” Velmur cheered. “We won!”

“We have lost contact with Range and Shadow Raptor. Ancient Darkness lost 75% of his forces. And those freaks murdered Defiant,” I snapped at Velmur. “DO YOU CALL THAT A VICTORY?”

The others turned to see Defiant’s bleeding body, covered in bullet wounds.

“He was a true warrior,” Thunderstrike said. “Worthy of being remembered, and honored for all time.”

The half god waved his hands, and Defiant’s body disappeared. Over the night sky, several stars began emerge. Creating the star pattern of Defiant, sword in hand, in battle. A constellation, that would outlive any monument.

“Gray Silhouette, Drakkoniss, guys!” A voice called from over head. Blue Gear’s jet pack rocketed down to Earth, landing beside me. His full combat armor, a light blue helmet over his face.

“I finished it!” He exclaimed, holding out the Anti-Malachite Device.

I took it from him, examining it, the device had similar function and resemblance to a black EpiPen.

“Just stab it into Clown the Jester and it should extract any malachite energy from his system as well from anywhere else within twenty feet,” He continued, showing me it’s functions.

Drakkoniss held out his hand.

“Grey,” he said, knowing how bad this would go over. “I think I should have the device. I’m the only one would could possibly have a chance of being able to inject it into Clown the Jester.”

“No,” I said tightening my fingers around the device. “He would be expecting you to have a weapon against him, he wouldn’t let you come within a mile of him with this device. Even if you were to inject him, the device would take your powers as well. You will be needed desperately after this Chaos riot. The people will look to as a symbol of hope, good, and future. Something a hunted, murdering vigilante like me could never be.”

“Grey, you won’t stand a chance against Clown the Jester,” Drakkoniss said. “He was able to defeat David Blitz and myself. How will you be able to inject him with that device?”

“I know what I’m doing,” I replied.

“Really?” Drakkoniss asked in disbelief. “Just like that? Gray Silhouette has a plan?”

“For the past ten days I have been waiting with Blue Gear as he repaired the weapon,” I answered motioning to my son. “I have had a lot of time to think.”

“Look Gray, I understand you’re the only one here without Super powers,” Drakkoniss said. “But you don’t have to prove your worth to us. We know how valuable an asset you are.”


“But what if you fail?” Ancient Darkness asked.

“I won’t,” I replied, walking away from the group.

“But what if you do?” Drakkoniss repeated, grabbing me by the shoulder, turning me around to face him. “What then?”

“Then we lose,” I whispered.

“This is stupid,” War Pro said gesturing to Drakkoniss and me. “I say we all gang up on Clown the Jester and force that thing down his throat.”

“Yes,” Ancient Darkness agreed. “There’s nine of us, and only one Clown the Jester. We can overpower the Clown.”

“First off, Filth,” I snarled to Ancient Darkness. “This isn’t a democracy. Either you do what we say or your out. Simple as that. Second, nine of us already tried to take down Clown the Jester. We failed and lost three members. If we were to try again, we would just loose more allies.”

Jae and Arachnid watched us argue in silence. I could only guess what they were thinking about.

“Then what can you do that we can’t?” War Pro demanded. “What makes you so special mortal? Why should we listen to…”


A large orb of purple energy flashed high over the city. The roar of countless engine motors drowned out all noise like an army of bees. Out from the purple sphere flew a formation of ten thousand maybe fifteen thousand purple toy airplanes. Each plane had a wing span of two feet.

The nose of the planes had the Clown’s demonic grin, laughing and giggling as they flew. Each toy plane was equipped with what appeared to be small green bombs, strapped under the belly of the aircrafts.


The planes dispersed, flying in all directions, picking up flight speed. So many toy bombers. All having the possibility of unfathomable destruction.


“Go,” I ordered the Smashers around me. “Stop those planes.”

“I don’t care if this planet is destroyed,” Ancient Darkness said. “I just want to make Clown the Jester pay.”

In his ear piece, Ancient Darkness heard Mastermind’s voice.

“You will help destroy those planes,” The Mastermind commanded. “I want this planet intact. The Harlequin has already done a satisfactory amount of damage to Super City. Any more destruction would only hurt my plans. I require the other cities to be standing. It is time for the others to make Clown the Jester fall in order for Operation R.E.B.O.R.N. to succeed. The Harlequin has played his part well, even if he was not aware of it. But I have no further need of him, and he will only pose a nuisance in my plans. My statistics show that Gray Silhouette’s strategy has the highest probability of succeeding.”

“On second thought,” Ancient Darkness said to the group. “I think I will help you, any interference in the Clown’s plan is a victory in it’s own right.”

“Good,” the voice in his ear whispered. “Once you have completed your task, you shall rendezvous with me in Skull Deep.”

War Pro, Ancient Darkness, Velmur, ThunderSmite, and Drakkoniss flew into the air. Jae and Arachnid were nowhere to be seen.

“Dad,” Blue Gear said staring at me. “This is a trap for you isn’t it?”

I nodded my head. “Clown wants me alone. He wants to kill us off one at a time.”

“I can’t just leave you,” My son said.

“You need to,” I answered. “The others will need your knowledge of robotics to dismantle those planes. I know what I’m doing.”

His jet pack roared to life, picking my son off the ground and into the air. Blue Gear soared off to deal with the bomb threats, not saying a word as he flew off into the distance.

I was alone. I knew what was going to happen. I needed to be ready.

It was time I went home.

Part 20: The Final Lesson.

Raeven screamed back to consciousness. Her head…throbbing…her eyes darted wildly around the dark room, her head jerking left and right.

She was chained down to a table…where? Raeven knew all too well. Four brick walls surrounded her, grotesque nonsensical graffiti stained the walls, long rusted chains hanging from the ceiling. The ground surrounding the table had large puddles of dried blood.

She saw this room once before…when she first met Mr.Clown.

Raeven tried to clear her head, the intense pain still ringing through her ears. What was happening? The Last thing she remembered was seeing her sister, Jae escape from her grasp after Ms. Ivory’s demise. Then nothing.

Raeven was instantly afraid. Was Mr. Clown angry with her? Did he think it was Raeven’s fault that her mentor had perished? Clown the Jester only used this room for two reasons.

1. He was planning to torture a new victim. Sometimes brainwashing, sometimes simple murder.
2. He was going to experiment on unwilling test subjects.

How often, both reasons coincided for the same victim.

But why? Ms. Ivory told Raeven that Mr. Clown was pleased with her; said Mr. Clown had big plans for her. Was this what her master had in mind for her? Turning her into another one of his punch lines?

Raeven’s mind jumped back to her the first time she ever met Clown the Jester. So many years ago.
Ivory lead the malnourished, terrified, hateful six year old Raeven out of her father’s Lab, around them, Mr. Clown’s Chaos Carnival gang slaughtering the remaining Laboratory staff. At this time made up of only nine twisted psychopaths. Nine freaks just like their master, who shared his sense of humor as well as his blood lust.

Good. They could rot for all she cared. Raeven hated them all. So many years of playing a guinea pig for these monsters.

As the two rushed down the hall, the world around Raeven seemed to crumble. Doors were ripped off their hinges by invisible hands; medical supplies flew off their shelves orbiting Ivory and Raeven. As they past the fleeing staff members, one look from the girl, and they were dead.

Outside the main doors, eight black Police vans were stationed around the building. Nearly 30 S.W.A.T. team units were already in position. Weapons aimed at every door, window, and exit. Orders to shoot any visible target. Regardless if employee or Carnival member. No taking prisoners, no rescuing hostages. Simply kill.

“Hurry Dearie,” Ivory persisted. “We mustn’t keep Mr. Clown waiting. He tends to get very upset when that happens.”

“But the police,” Raeven protested, as machine gun fire began to shatter through the windows and doors.

Another explosion, far off, shook the building.

“Meer pests,” Ivory assured Raeven, her grin never faltering. “Mr. Clown sent a friend to stomp those gnats out!”

A ball of energy slammed down on three S.W.A.T. vans obliterating the vehicles, the blast sending the gun men flying in all directions. David Blitz dropped out of the sky, landing on top of another van, crushing the front of the vehicle.

David fired another burst of his incredible energy, demolishing another two vans. The S.W.A.T. team opened fire on the Nega Being. Their bullets were ineffective against the Chaos Carnival member. David emited a bolt of black lightning from his palms, incinerating eight of the tactical units.

David Blitz lift the large bent S.W.A.T. Van over his head, tossing it at the gathered law enforcement.

“Holy mother of…” one of the officers began to say, trying to desperately evade the thousand pound truck.

The tactical unit was crushed by the armored vehicle. From a roof top, across the street, a sniper fired at David. The Nega Being teleported behind the sniper, disintegrating the horrified S.W.A.T. member.

“See my dear?” Ivory grinned pulling at Raeven through the shattered doors and to the outside world.

Raeven squinted her eyes. So bright, so different. She had never seen the sun before. Or at least she could not remember it.

“Where are you taking me,” Raeven hissed, tugging her arm free from Ivory’s grip. “Who is Mr. Clown? How can he help me?”

“Mr. Clown can tell you the truth,” Ivory replied, her eyes scanning the road. “He shall open your eyes. Help you see the real world for what it truly is. He will make sure you never feel alone, ever again.”

Raeven wanted to press Ivory for more information, when her ears picked up the faint sound of a happy melody echoing amongst the destruction and screaming.

Ivory’s grin widened, her mad eyes twinkling with excitement behind her glasses. “Tell me, Deary, would you like to stop for some ice cream?”

Before the child could respond, her eyes caught the sight of a large Ice Cream truck, music blaring at an ear deafening volume.

The large white and purple truck sped down the street, veering left and right, knocking over stop signs, and plowing through the smaller cars around it. The truck screeched to a halt, making a hard left, nearly toppling over.

“HOPE YOUR HUNGRY KIDS!” a maniacal voice exclaimed from the driver’s seat. “CAUSE I HAVE QUITE A TREAT FOR YOU! WA HA HA HA HA HA!”

Raeven tried to get a good look of the driver. She could tell he was sickly thin, wearing an white ice cream man uniform. The dark tented windows prevented her from seeing much of his face, all she could see was a large grin, his yellow teeth and blood red lips.

There was something unsettling about the grin. An almost inhuman characteristic in the smile.

“Care for a ride my dear?” the grin beckoned. “It will be a scream. You’ll scream, I’ll scream, WE’LL ALL SCREAM FOR THE DELICOUS PRODUCT PENDING ICE CREAM! WA HA HA HA HA HA!”

The next thing she knew, Raeven was forced into the back of the truck by David Blitz and Ivory, the doors slamming shut behind her.

The van instantly accelerated, the lurch knocking Raeven to her feet. The back of the truck was icy cold, ice-cream containers rolled around her feet.

So Cold. Where was she going? What did Ivory mean when she said Mr. Clown could open her eyes?

Raeven curled up into a ball trying to keep warm in the icy truck.

She would later wake up on a table, chained.

There, in front of her, stood the Ivory, and the ice cream driver.

Raeven couldn’t help but stare at the ghostly pail man before her, purple hair, demonic grin, top hat and cane.

“Hello my dear,” he rasped. “Home you enjoyed the ride.”

“Who are you?” Raeven demanded. “Why am I chained up? Where are we?”

“My name is Clown the Jester,” The strange man replied, dragging a stool over to the table with his cane. “We are in my Chaos Carnival hideout. And why are you bound to a cold table in a poorly lit, claustrophobic’s worst nightmare of a room? Well…I wanted to make a nice impression. HEE HEE HEE HA HA HA!”

“What is this? Another government experiment?” She cried out at the amused Clown, thrashing in her chains. “You also want to control me?”

“Far from it my dear!” Clown the Jester replied hopping onto his stool, his mad eyes boring into Raeven’s.

She couldn’t help but shudder. The Clown’s eyes resembled more animal than man.

“My associate and I liberated you because we want you to be free!” Clown continued. “We want to help you! I know your all alone, your Daddy tried to do icky things to your brain. FOR SHAME! I couldn’t stand by while those small minded fools attempt to steal your incredible talents from you.”

“Why should I believe you?” Raeven asked, tears rolling down her eyes.

“Because Raeven,” Ivory answered, brushing her wild hair out of her eyes. “If we did want to control you, we would have put that chip of Charley’s into your noggin.”

Ivory glanced over at Clown the Jester expecting her master to confirm this.


Clown the Jester struck Ivory, hard in the face, knocking the woman to the ground. Her nose was bleeding, one of the lenses on her glasses, broken.

“DID I ASK YOU TO INTERRUPT ME, VENTRILOQUIST?” Clown the Jester roared down at Ivory, his face twisted into pure rage. “SHE WAS TALKING TO ME! SO IF YOU WILL BE SO KIND…..SHUT UP!”

Ivory shrank away from the Harlequin, absolute fear in her eyes.

“yes mr. clown,” she whispered softly, trying to drag herself as far away from her master as possible. “sorry mr. clown.”

Clown the Jester leapt off his stool, kicking Ivory across the face.


Ivory scrambled to her feet, running out of the room, barley avoiding Clown the Jester’s thrown cane.

“Sorry about my assistant’s stupidity,” Clown the Jester said, turning his attention back to Raeven. “She’s a barrel of laughs, but stupid.”

The Harlequin’s demented smile reappeared across his face, sitting back down on his stool, grabbing Raeven’s neck and forced the girl’s eyes upon him.

“Now where were we?” he pondered, drawing a stained butcher knife from his coat pocket. “OH YES! Wanna hear a Joke?”

And that was how Raeven met Mr. Clown. That is how she learned the Joke, the Chaos, the real world. How she became Ivory’s apprentice, how it all began.

Since then hundreds like her flocked to Clown the Jester. The lunatics, the monsters, the young, the old, the rejected good, the rejected evil, the homeless, the forgotten, and the people the world tried so hard to forget. The Clown offered them change, safety from the evils of the world, fun, purpose. They ate up every teaching the Harlequin said. To them he was a god. He knew how the world worked; he could free them from the horrors of life.
The Chaos Carnival…a madhouse orchestrated by a worthy madman to match…the clan that fed on madness, comedy, and Chaos…as well as anything else that got in their way.

All of it began with a Joke.

And here she was, chained back to the same table, small room, same graffiti, and the only new feature were the blood stains on the ground. There was so many more then the last time she was here.

“Hello Raeven,” a voice that she knew all too well hissed. “Did you miss me? I most certainly missed you. Heh heh heh heh.”

Mr. Clown appeared from the shadows, leering down at Raeven.

“Brings back memories, doesn’t it?” the Harlequin mused. “HA HA HA! My have you grown! I could barely recognize you! So unstable and twisted…a spitting image of me! Why…I remember when you were a wee girl of six, border lining insanity…heh heh heh…you have progressed so much!”

“It’s a shame Ivory broke a leg on stage! Kinda ironic in a way,” Mr. Clown giggled, brushing loose strands of hair out of Raeven’s eyes. “She was quite a tutor! Showing you the ropes of madness and what not!”

Raeven cringed silently at the Harlequin’s touch. His fingers…icy cold…not comfort…no warmth.

“But just because your teacher died from a gory, traumatic death, don’t think you’ll get out class today!” Mr. Clown exclaimed, gripping Raeven by her hair. “Anyway…its about time you have your final lesson…from the head of the Looney Department…PROFESSOR JESTER! HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

Mr. Clown suddenly pulled Raeven’s head forward, jabbing a syringe into the back of her neck, injecting the solution into the screaming teenager.


Raeven’s head began to throb once more, this time hurting far worse than anything head ache she ever felt.

Her mind raced back to life her old life being experimented on by her father. Every day, a needle being injected into her head. The suffering. Why was Mr. Clown doing this to her? WHY?

“Please,” she begged, her head felt like it would split open. “No..please…no…no more,”

Clown the Jester pulled out a new needle, containing a dark green liquid.

“Sorry my dear,” he hissed, injecting another vial into her neck. “I have no intention of stopping. I always loved giving owies! Especially when I get to administer my new patented Head Ache Serum. This nasty little toxin causes quiet a lot of discomfort in the skull as I am told. Mixed with a little pure adrenaline to keep you from passing out from the pain! We don’t want ya going to sleep during class right?”

The pain in Raeven’s head seemed to increase. She let out another scream. The room was spinning around her.

“St…St..Stop…pleee…please,” she tried to say, her teeth chattering in pain.

“WA HA HA HA!” Clown the Jester laughed refilling the syringe. “Trust me my dear, this is going to make everyone except you feel all nice and PEACHIE! I have your best interests in my heart…that’s why I’m injecting these dangerous chemicals into your brain instead of mine…heh heh heh.”

Raeven wanted to fight back, why would Mr. Clown do this to her? Just like her father…she never hated the Harlequin. She was terrified of the mood swinging murderer...she had seen the Jester kill his own clan mates for no reason. But…she had respected Mr. Clown, worshipped his teachings, his stories like Holy Scripture. Despite everything…she always wanted Mr. Clown’s approval. He was the closest thing to a true father she would ever have.

Now…she wanted to kill this maniac, for the pain he was causing. But she was terrified of what her master would do to her if she resisted…WHY? He said he was proud of her…why was he doing this?


Raeven let out another shriek, the room was spinning around her. She couldn’t think only scream. Never had she felt anything this painful. Why was Mr. Clown doing this?

Clown the Jester clamped his hand over Raeven’s mouth, leaning in close to her ear.

“Everyone else saw that Jae as special…thought she was the child that was worth protecting. Thought she was the answer to their petty problems. I’ve met her…and I realized…just how much…of…a WASTE OF TIME she was…I admit I thought that you if she was combined back with you, you would be unstoppable…would help me achieve everything I could ever dream of.”

“BUT I WAS WRONG! That little stiff of a girl would only hold you back. I learned…that all you needed to be unstoppable was enough squeezing…and your mind would do the rest. The power you have deep inside you…God…IT MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A FLEA ON A WALL!”

Over the Harlequin’s head six large metal coils formed. Each was as thin as a garden house, nearly twelve feet in length. The stainless steel coils wriggled in the air like snakes.

“Never have I encountered anything so powerful, so deadly, so chaotic,” Clown the Jester said, stroking Raeven’s head as the coils floated down, wrapping around her wrists tightly. Three per arm.

“Fa…father? Father? It hurts,” Raeven moaned, delirious…reliving that day. “It…huh…hurts.”

“Of course it does,” Clown the Jester whispered, his finger dabbing at the smeared Harlequin makeup covering Raeven’s face. “Your head is still stuck in reality…in the past. We have to cut and pull to free you.”

Clown the Jester’s hands began to glow a dark purple. His eye’s turning an intense violet.

“What do we do when we fall?” He asked placing his crackling hands over Raeven’s face. “WE LAUGH AND DRAG THE OTHERS DOWN WITH US!”

Raeve let out a blood curdling scream as the intense Chaotic energy surged through her body.

Her face and arms…were burning…as they were covered in acid. The metal coils wrapped around her arms changed from a bright shine, to a dark black. Raeven could feel the ends of the metal coils cutting into her arms, traveling up her skin and into her shoulders.
Clown the Jester slowly removed his hands, trails of smoke fuming off metal coils. Raeven’s face burned as if it was on fire…everything about her burned.

“Now you are my daughter,” Clown the Jester said, brushing her harlequin face again with his finger. This time, the makeup stayed in place. Permanent…ghost white skin. Just like her master. “You are so close to graduation. Just one more pop quiz…just like me. Alone, angrey, yet giggling. Blood splattering around you. Your mind finally opened to the true world.”

“Guh…guh…go…awuh..away,” Raeven stammered, her eyes out of focus. Blood was dripping out of her nose and mouth. “Luh…leave me…alone.”


“Leave…me alone,” She whispered again, her eyes icy cold, vacant. “Leave me alone.”

Clown the Jester pulled out another needle.


“I…I…I said,” Raeven hissed, her eye’s turning a dark green. “Leave…me...”

Clown the Jester pulled out another needle.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU! I GUESS YOU WANT MORE!” He snarled, raising the syringe over his head. “MAKE DADDY PROUD!”

The needle in his hand shattered, room began to shake.

The coils around Raeven’s arms unraveled tearing the chain holding her down to scrap metal.

Raeven began to float into the air, her bonds turning to ash. Hyperventilating from her intense rage. Tears trickling down her cheek. The long coils, sticking out of her arms, wriggled in the air like tentacles, emitting a dark green glow.

“I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!” She screamed, eyes boring into Super Clown’s eyes.


Clown the Jester was hurled backwards, tearing through the brick wall as if it was paper.

The room turned to dust, the world around Raeven was gone.

“I THOUGHT YOU WOULD HELP ME!” She screamed, one of the coils wrapping around Clown the Jester’s leg, lifting the Harlequin into the air.

Clown the Jester let out a cry of agony, a surge of energy traveled through the metal coil, burning his body.

The Coil tossed the Clown to the ground. Raeven’s pyhcic powers yanking her master back into the air.


Clown the Jester’s head slammed through another wall, his body thrown down, plowing through the stone floor, the ground fraturing from the impact.

“YOU TOURTURED ME! EXPERIMENTED ON ME! WHY?” Raeven demanded firing a green burst of mental energy into the Clown, the force near tearing the Harlequin in half. “I HATE YOU! HATE YOU!”

Raeven let out one last scream as Clown the Jester’s hideout shattered to dust.

Raeven’s coils wrapped out immobilized Clown the Jester’s throat lifting up to Raeven’s level.

“Why?” She snarled.

“Because I wanted you to be ready,” Clown the Jester replied, his intense wounds slowly healing. “You have just graduated. The Chaos Carnival is yours; show the remaining good and evil how pathetic their little joke is.”

“What?” she asked, taken back.

What was the Clown talking about?

“The Game is moving faster than I thought. The clock is ticking down to the final round. Drakkoniss and me, our final laugh. Whether he kills me, or I kill him, the Chaos Carnival will no longer matter to me. I thought becoming Super Clown would allow the game to continue till the end of time. Raising the stakes…but because of my stupidity…the game is going to end...much faster than I thought. Tonight as a matter of fact. While the other heros deal with my toy bombers, I finish some last minute business with and old friend…then the real game begins.” He said, grinning demonically at Raeven.
“ Drakkoniss and I have our final tussle. This time it isn’t about playing the Game, its about Winning. After that, nothing could ever top such fun. The Carnival would be useless to me, a painful memory of the fun I use to have with the Drakkonian Alliance. But…there is still so much Chaos to be spread. I needed someone to fill my large Clown Shoes. I needed you. You are my successor. I have chosen you to take up my mantle. I knew from the beginning you were the perfect choice. Only you could understand the true Joke…the Joke that only you and I see. The Joke hidden in the Joke I taught my Carnival. Only we see the true humor of the situation now…don’t we? We are so alike…so alike. All the puppeteer was lacking was her marionettes. Her strings…her weapons.” Clown the Jester continued pointing at the coils wrapped around his neck.

Raeven released Clown the Jester, her mind in the middle of anger and confusion.

“But what do I do?” She asked. “What do you want me to do?”

“You’re the Ring Leader now,” Clown the Jester replied, replacing his top hat and cane. “I have my Drakkoniss to deal with; you have yours…make her laugh till she bleeds.”

Clown the Jester disappeared in a puff of purple smoke, leaving Raeven and the Chaos Carnival Members.

Nearly a hundred freaks, monsters, misunderstood, forgotten. Yet when Mr. Clown left her, she was alone. She would never see her mentor ever again.

They surrounded her. She began to order them, instruct them, continuing the joke. Everything she did seemed natural, insane, second nature.

Her mind not even registering what she was saying. Why Should it? Never unsure, never questioning herself. She knew instinctively what to say. After all, she was a…Jester.

Part 21: The Comical Tragedy.

I planned to wait for the Clown in my old apartment…. The place where the dog murdered Rachel, and the place where Gray Silhouette was born.

Seemed only right that I faced the Harlequin there. End things where they began.

Two rooms. One living room containing a single couch, small television set, an old gas stove for cooking, and two closets. A fold up bed, and fold up ironing board. The second room, a small bathroom containing a small sinks and shower.

As I climbed the stairs I marveled how my old home was untouched by the Chaos Riots. As I opened to door, the memories flooded back to me…the apartment….exactly how it was eight years ago…the last time I saw it.

I stood in front of a cracked mirror staring at my deformed reflection. I couldn’t help but feel I needed to do this wearing my old look instead of this makeshift replacement. I removed my Black Fedora and trench coat dropping them carelessly at my feet.

I found a spare business suit I use to wear when I worked at the Corporal Bank…before…my new job.

After I changed, I pulled an extra black Ski mask over my eyes. The feeling of wearing the mask…like finding an old friend.

Felt Good.

Gray Silhouette…the original look…the true face. The feeling of the mask, an extra reminder of my duty.

Time to get to work.
I raided the kitchen shelves, gathering all the knives I could find. Taking the weapons with me, I opened the closet door that contained the fold up bed, attaching the blade handles to the springs under the bed.

The blades pointed out, towards the ground. I carefully folded the bed back in, and turned back to the kitchen stove, turning on the gas, filling the oven and outside with the flammable gas.

Next, I duck tapped a nail gun I raided from a hardware store to the fold up ironing board, the gun pointing forward. After making sure the gun was on safety, I taped down the nail gun trigger, followed tying a loose thread around the safety tab, I unraveled the thread all the way to the bookshelf, weighing the string down with a worn out dictionary.

I carefully slid the Anti-Malachite device up my sleeve, hidden but within easy reach.

I drew out of a brief case I brought from my old hideout, a dozen of my case files. Some solved…others still mysteries that elude my mind to this day.

I tossed the files onto the coffee table sitting down on the sofa next to it. Not sure why I brought them.

Perhaps, in case I should not survive this battle, someone could continue my investigations.

Though if I was to fail, solving some old mysteries would be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

My preparations were complete…still my traps would not be enough to stop the Clown. However their purpose was not to kill the Clown.

My hand instinctively reached underneath the Sofa and pulling out a scrap book Rachel and I made so many years ago.

I flipped it open to a random page. The wedding photos. I traced my gloved fingers over Rachel’s face.

God…she was so beautiful. The picture was of me accidently dropping my slice of the wedding cake on my shoe, Rachel laughing, holding my hand. I was laughing in the picture as well…how long had it been since the last time I laughed? To laugh now would seem almost a disgusting insult to her.

I flipped to another page. The two of us, my arm around her. We standing in Aurora Park, the place where we first met, and where we went on our first date…long before the war between Demolicious and DaVinci. The time where I saw this City as innocent….a friend.

Not the filthy monster it was now.

The next page…my son, Benjamin’s report card in 9th grade. C- and D+ mostly. Next to it, his 10th grade report card. All A+. The year where the Smashers began appearing. The year where my high school son’s intelligence surpassed my own.


In a fit of anger, I tore the scrap book in half. I sat there, ashamed of my lack of control.

“Acquainting thyself with a quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore?” Clown the Jester mocked from behind me, dragging me out of my memories.

I slowly looked up from the two halves of the book; not exactly surprised he was here. This was going to happen.

He wore his purple suit, top hat, and cane. Besides his purple skin, Clown the Jester looked exactly as he did in our previous battle at Sam Oliver’s apartment.

“And just after you brought an end to cult master…NEVERMORE!” the Clown continued tossing his purple top hat on to a nearby coat rack. “I swear you could be an Edgar Allen Poe-It and never know it WA HA HA HA!”

I carefully replaced the torn book under the couch, standing up, turning to face the Clown.

Everything I had done as Gray Silhouette, every criminal takedown, every mystery solved, every deduction, every battle…every death…leading to this moment. The final showdown with the filth that took everything I held dear.

The freak who murdered Rachel.

Who ruined my relationship with my son.

Who deformed me as well as nearly break my mind.

Who created the Gray Silhouette after taking everything that I held dear away from me.

Who nearly swallowed my City in madness and chaos.

Who destroyed HeroSpire.

Who slaughtered countless smashers including Lady Zafara, Dr. BlackShock, Defiant, and David Blitz.

The madness would end tonight.

“Funny isn’t it? This situation seems almost like a fairy tale a child would hear at night,"Clown the Jester grinned.

“A little kingdom would be at the mercy of me, a giant dragon that was planning to kill all that dared to challenge his might. You, the lost knight on a quest to redeem his honor by slaying a vile dragon. Forging enemies and allies to go questing together to take down the beast and free your kingdom. All in vain when the beast separates you all with a simple magic tricks. Heh heh heh.”

I watched him in silence.

“Can you feel it? That Olympic feeling in the air! We are standing in the middle of myths, legends, religious scripture, and the unknown!” Clown the Jester exclaimed, raising his arms dramatically. “THE DRAMA! THE HORROR! THE COMEDY! THE TRAGEDY! HEE HEE HEE HA HA HA!”

Super Clown paused leaning down on his cane.

“How long ago was it Grape?” Clown the Jester asked his eyes wondering the room, as if in awe. “Since our first meet? When I showed you the dark side of comedy? Fun Memories here. I think...I was standing where I am now when I put a smile on your gal's face. Yes...I had her throat in my hand, with a syringe in the other. Heh heh heh. Fun Times.”

I stood motionless. It took every fiber of my will power to stop myself from lunging at the filthy dog. I knew the direct assault on Clown the Jester was a futile manner. The Harlequin had beaten Drakkoniss as well as David Blitz, two of the strongest smashers in existence. I would have to plan this out.

“Seems like ages to me,” Clown mused picking up my stack of case files from the Coffee table. “So long ago.”

“Not long enough for me,” I whispered, my gloved fists clenched, teeth grinding.

Clown the Jester laughed, flipping through my case file on Dr. Insecro.

“Well Ya know what they say,” he replied, skimming my next case file. “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana….OOOH! THIS ONE LOOKS NIFTY!”

Clown the Jester flipped open the bottom file. Examining it’s contents.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! This ones about a gentleman called…uh…hm…Ah! The Mastermind….hm…never heard of him. Oh well!” The Clown exclaimed, tossing the file to the ground. “Talk about a CONTROL FREAK! WA HA HA HA HA!”

I cracked my knuckles, preparing my mind.

Clown the Jester’s grin widened.

“Tiered of Chit-Chat?” The Harlequin asked.

“I’m tired of your madness,” I hissed. “There’s nothing left to say.”

“So…” he said, rubbing his hands eagerly together. “ARE WE READY TO TANGO?”

“Bring it on,” I snarled, my body switching instinctively to my combat stance.

“YOU GOT IT PAL!” Clown the Jester exclaimed, his hand transforming to a giant red boxing glove.


The boxing glove sprung off Clown the Jester’s arm, propelled forward by a spring connecting the giant fist to the Harlequin.

Before I could react, the giant boxing glove slammed into my chest, knocking the wind out of me.

The force of the attack lift me off my feet, I fell onto my back, six feet away from the Clown.

“HEE HEE HEE! I’M A SNEAKY RASCAL! WA HA HA HA!” Clown the Jester laughed, his glove hand transforming into a giant axe blade. The Harlequin raised the axe over his head, swing it down at me.

I rolled out of the weapons path, the sharp blade, sliced through the floor as if it cut through cheese.

I leaped back to my feet, punching the Harlequin in the face. Clown the Jester’s axe arm turned back to his normal form as I kicked him back, away from me.

Using the distance, I charged into Clown the Jester, ramming my shoulder into his chest, followed by an uppercut into his chin.

The Harlequin struck me across the face with his cane hand. I pressed on, ignoring the pain. I punched the Clown in the stomach, followed by a right jab at the side of his head.

I swung my fist again, this time Clown the Jester blocked my attack. Before I could perform another strike, the Harlequin grasped my head with one hand, slamming my skull against a wall.

I let out a groan of pain, as Clown the Jester slammed my head over and over against the Apartment wall.

The Jester tossed me over his head, I crashed against the plaster ceiling fall back to the ground.

I leapt back to my feet, throwing my gas capsule at the Clown’s feet.

As the cloud of foggy mist engulfed us, I swung out my leg, kicking the Harlequin in the chest. Despite my vision being blinded by the gas, my other senses were as sharp as ever. I shot out my fist, the punch connecting with the Jester’s skull.

I attempted a round house kick, however, Clown the Jester somehow managed to block the attack with his elbow, his cane struck me across my cheek.

I swung my leg again, nearly falling over when I hit nothing but air.

Where was he?

I found the dark mist that I had created changed from an ally to a hindrance as I stood completely still, my mind focusing on trying to detect that Clown.


Clown the Jester’s can hit the back of my head, moving silently, undetectable.

I stumbled forward; my hand touched the back of my skull. Even through the gloves, I could feel the slippery liquid on my finger tips.


I scilently slashed my arms and legs in every direction, the mist covering the Clown and my location began to fade away.

Immediately my eyes locked on the Harlequin’s. He was standing in front of me, our noses almost touching.

“Boo,” He hissed. Out from the Clown’s forehead sprung a muscular purple arm, punching me in the face. “HEAD’S UP!”

The grotesque arm swung at me again, I dodged the attack, grabbing the limb by it’s wrist, and it’s shoulder.

With a quick twist, I broke the third arm. To my surprise, the arm transformed into a cobra in my hands, it’s tail breaking away from Super Clown’s forehead.

The serpent thrashed about in my hands, trying to sink it’s venomous fangs into my arm.

I dropped it to the ground, stomping at the snake’s hooded head.

The Cobera transformed into a floating frying pan, slamming against my face.

I stumbled backwards, my head screaming in pain.

“How do you like your brain?” The Clown ask, as I dodged the frying pan’s second swing. “Deep fried, or Scrambled? WA HA HA HA!”

As the frying plan flew down at me again, I swung out my leg, doing another round house kick, knocking the pan away from me.

The pan clattered to the ground, inactive.

“Did I ever tell you Rachel begged me to kill you in her place?” Clown the Jester asked, his grin widening. “She was so terrified of me that she wanted you to die first. Not so noble loving gal was she?”

“ANIMAL!” I roared, throwing a falled lamp at the Clown. The lamp turned in giggling butter flies, fluttering harmlessly around the sick Jester.

“Can’t face the facts huh, Oh Sleuth?” The Harlequin taunted. “Trying to hide behind that smelly mask?”


I charged at Clown the Jester, leaping into the air, foot raised in front. A jump kick. Full speed ahead, all power and energy into the attack. All my might. A hit that could shatter bones like glass.


To my dismay, I passed, harmlessly through the Clown as if he was a fog. I slammed into the front door, my leg breaking through the door frame. I desperately tried to pull my leg out, but Clown the Jester gave me no time.


Clown the Jester hit me over and over with his purple cane. I tugged my leg free, leaping backwards, elbowing the Clown in the face.

Clown the Jester’s foot transformed into a spring, slamming into my chest, building tension and pressure as he pushed his spring foot.

As the spring released it’s building tension, I was sent flying backwards, knocking the door behind me off it’s hinges.

I tried to stand up, only to be knocked down by another hit from the Clown’s frying pan.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Clown the Jester roared, lifting me into the air with his telekinesis, throwing me down onto the coffee table. The table collapsed from my impact. The psychic force yanked me back into the air, slamming me against a wall. My body nearly broke through the foundation. I fell to the ground, my teeth gritting in pain.

“YOU THOUGHT A LITTLE KARATE WOULD TAKE ME DOWN?” Clown the Jester laughed, kicking me in the side.

The kick lift me off the ground, I bounced off the opposite wall, landing on the kitchen counter.


The Clown threw me to the ground, stomping down hard at my face.

I let out a cry of pain. I could feel the blood tricking down my noose, leaking through my mask.

“All you have are little punches and scratches. I have expected you to have at least some form of a plan. I thought you were the great strategist.”

“I do have a plan,” I snarled. In one swift motion, I swung open the kitchen stove door, allowing all the gas inside to leak out, while striking a match against the kitchen floor. I leapt over Clown the Jester’s shoulders, throwing a match behind me, into the stove.


The explosion form the combusting natural gas blast the bewildered Clown backwards, crashing against the fallen couch.

Pulling the string that revealed the ironing board, and the nail gun’s safty feature, I aimed the selfing weapon at Clown the Jester.

“WAAAAAH!” Super Clown cried out as nail after nail pierced into his skin like bullets.

The Harlequin began dodging the rapid fire at incredible speed, tiling his head left and right, ducking left and right. Moving at the speed of a blur.

The nail gun disappeared in a wave of purple smoke. Before I could move, Clown the Jester punched me in the chest, the hit launched me backwards.

The Clown’s strength was incredible. I felt his incredible strike through the inch thick bullet proof vest. Like being hit by a truck.

“And I thought I was sneaky,” Clown the Jester smirked, firing a small burst of purple energy at me. I rolled to my right as the purple energy surged past me, blowing a large hole into the wall behind me.

Clown the Jester pulled out a sawed off shotgun from a ball or purple energy floating over his head.



I leapt behind the couch, the gun fire blowing my furniture apart.

I doubled checked to make sure Clown the Jester was directly in front of the closet that led to the fold up bed.

The string I tied to the door, leading to the shelf behind me. So close, almost within reach.

“COMEON GRAPE!” The Harlequin cried firing another blast at the couch. “COMEON OUT IN THE OPEN! I WANT A SHOT! HA HA! GIVE ME A SHOT!”

I reached out my hand, as far as I could, my fingers snatched the small string. I yanked on the cord as hard as I could. The Closet door swung open, the bed began to fall from it’s place. The Super Clown turned his head to see the fold up bed crashing down on him, the knives impaling into his body like some sort of an old torturing device.

The Harlequin collapsed to the ground, the bed on top of him.

I knew he wasn’t done yet. The Clown wasn’t even trying. If he was…I would be dead.

The bed burst into purple flames, I backed away as Clown the Jester rose, his knife wounds healing.

“Good as new!” The Harlequine exclaimed, holding out his arms as his wounds faded away.

“Now I know how the monsters feel when they have to go through those nasty traps set up by those meddling kids and their dog.” Super Clown chuckled, snapping his fingers.

Over his head, eight pies, with green and purple whip cream materialized.

“SO YA WANNA SLICE OF THE PIE HUH GRAPE?” Clown the Jester exclaimed snapping his fingers again. “WANT YOUR CUT? I'LL GIVE YOU THE CUT OF A LIFETIME!”

The pies rocketed down at me.

I did a cartwheel to my left, evading three of the deserts. I could see out of the corner of my eye the pies splattering against the bookshelf, their acidic contents melting through the wall.

Two more of the acidic pies flew down at me, like a bird of prey.

I dive rolled out of their path, the pies burning circular holes through the apartment floor. The Final three pies surrounded me, revolving around me. Like herding cattle.

They charged at me…closing in fast.

I leapt into the air, doing a double forward flip. The pies collided into one another, their own toxic chemicals corroding themselves away.

Clown the Jester created a deck of glowing cards, throwing them at me like knives. I jumped left, right, cart wheeled, back flipped, forward flipped, rolling, dodging, twisting myself this way and that. Each card I dodged, exploded as soon as they came into contact with the walls or floor.

The explosions left behind a cloud of purple gas. No doubt poisonous. I held my breath, evading card after card.

“PICK A CARD! ANY CARD!” Clown the Jester cried out, his throwing speed increasing. “I’VE GOT A FULL HOUSE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!”

I jumped over the Clown’s head, drawing out my window cutting blade, stabbing it into the back of the Harlequin’s neck.

Clown the Jester spun around, his arm stretching like elastic, wrapping around my body like a python. His stretched arm pulled me into the air, his bounds tightening around my neck.

“A stunt like that will cost you an arm and a leg,” The Super Clown hissed, his eyes glowing a dark purple.

Clown the Jester threw me face first to the ground. As soon as I landed, the Harlequin pressed the heel of his shoe against my back, preventing me from moving.

As I struggled, the Clown grabbed one of my legs, lifting it up behind me.

“All those nifty little traps. Did you think they could hurt me if I didn’t want them to? You must be pulling my leg,” Clown the Jester’s smiled widened, grinding his foot into my back, tightening his grip on my leg. “Speaking of pulling legs…”

He began to pull at my leg with inhuman strength. I began to scream, trying to struggle free. I heard the crunch of my leg first, followed by an intense pain. The Clown broke my leg.

Clown the Jester pulled harder and harder. I let out another cry of pain. Then…the pain in my leg stopped. For a moment I thought he had released me. Something long fell in front of my head. I turned to focus on it…my…my…leg…three feet away from me.

The pain immediately surged through my body.


The pain. It hurt…it hurt so much….my leg…it was gone. The amount of blood I had lost. I was going to die if I could not stop the bleeding….DEAR GOD MY LEG WAS GONE!

“WHOOPS! SEEMS LIKE I PULLED YOUR LEG A WEE BIT TO HARD!” Super Clown laughed, throwing my torn limb over his head.

Clown the Jester approached my fallen body.

My hands wrapped around the bleeding stump where my legs use to be.

I let out another scream of pain.

“WA HA HA HA HA HA! YA GOTTA SHOW ME MORE LEG GRAY IF YOU EXPECT RESULTS! HEE HEE HEE!” Clown the Jester laughed, levitating me off the ground with a wave of his hand. I floated five feet in the air. Blood dripped to the bare floor under me. Small dabs of blood splattering all over.

“You’re dead this time Gray Eggs and Ham. No question about it,” The Super Clown hissed, his fingers flickering with small crackles of purple energy. “No Davy Crocket Blitz to save Ya, no Drakkoniss, no Jae, not a Lady Zafara. Heh heh heh. Not even a Doctor BlackShock to heal your scrapes and bruises.Your all alone with a maniac who can destroy the very fabric of reality...FOOD FOR THOUGHT!”

The Super Clown impaled his fist into my chest. I let out another cry of pain. Sparks of purple energy surged through my body. I never felt pain like this. I could feel my body being burned away. Atom by atom. The world began to whirl around me. Spinning faster and fast. My body was riddled with dark purple burns replacing the ones I acquired in the subway.

“Too bad they are all too busy with my bombers to save you, mate,” Clown the Jester said, withdrawing his hand from my torn up chest, licking my blood off from his knuckles. “Tastes like Cherry Coke. Heh Heh Heh.”

I could feel my throat tightening up, I began to cough, the effort causing my insides to sting like crazy. With a great deal of effort, I removed my mask, dropping it to the ground. I coughed up blood, the red liquid splattering on my suit. I felt as if I was queasy and in incredible pain at the same time.

“HEY HEY! GRAPE PLEASE TRY NOT TO GET BLOOD ON MY SUIT! HEE HEE HEE!” Clown the Jester laughed, dropping me to the ground. “How unpleasant! HA HA HA HA!”

The Harlequin kicked me in the side, launching me off the floor and into the air, I slammed against the demolished couch, falling back to the ground.

So much pain, so weak. Not only was I loosing far too much blood, fatal external and internal injuries, but I no longer had the energy to fight on. All this time, ever since Joseph King’s murder, I had not slept throughout the many weeks. Exhaustion. Most of my injures had not fully healed.

Never before had I ever pushed myself so hard, so many injures, so little energy to back it all up.
Fighting the Truck Raiders.
Being sliced apart by Clown the Jester back in Sam Oliver’s apartment.
Being tossed around by that smasher freak in Dr.BlackShock’s Hospital with Lady Zafara.
Perused by the Police.
Nearly being crushed by The Clown’s Gorilla henchmen and almost torn to ribbons by the Alligator Man.
Having my skin burned off by that Pyromaniac Harlequin.
Fighting for my life against the Chaos Carnival Army.
Suppressing the L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N. riots, as well as the criminal smashers.
Chasing Mr. Purple across rooftops.
Fighting Clown the Jester’s army.
Trying to survive his Clone onslaught.
Now…this. Too much. Too much pain and madness.

I wanted to sleep. Rest give in…maybe…



“TRY AND GATHER THE PLANES TOGETHER!” Blue Tech called out to the other Smashers as he disabled another twenty nuclear bombs.

More than two hours of trying to disable plane after plan. The risk of setting off a nuke prevented the smashers from using their full powers. A single detonation…would mean the end of

Drakkoniss, Ancient Darkness, and the returned Shadow Rapter used their telekinesis to collect the three hundred planes together. Forming a giant ball of nuclear bombers.

Even though Shadow Rapter had returned from his imprisonment at the hands of Clown the Jester, Range was nowhere in sight.

Where was Range? Why couldn’t he get back to the group? Teleporting and dimension traveling was his area of experience. Did Clown the Jester send him to a different location? More difficult to escape than where Shadow Raptor was sent? Did Clown the Jester kill Range?

Blue Tech threw an EMP bomb into the mass, flying as far back as possible. The Pulse neutralized the bombs as well as the plans.

War Pro disintegrated eight nukes.

Velmur, following Blue Tech’s instructions, dismantled another nuke.

Thousands still active.

Thundersmite created a surge of energy similar to the effects of an EMP dropping another two hundred of the bombs.

The planes began to drop their bombs over a city. Thousands of nukes…only one was needed to destroy the town.

The bombs began to explode in mid air. Not nuclear explosions. Normal combustion.

In a nearby river, a giant Pirate ship fired wave after wave of Cannons at the bombs, destroying them before they could detonate. Thousands of cannonballs fired into the air. Each, with incredible accuracy.

The Ship belonged to Wiiman, Lieutenant of the Arachnoclan. Next to him, Lady Zafara. Alive, wielding her intact scythe.

“We need to get back to Gray Silhouette,” Blue Tech called out to the Smashers. “This whole stunt was the Clown’s way of keeping us busy while he went after Gray Silhouette.”

"He's crazy! We have to help Gray Silhouette! Everyone, get on the ship! We have a friend to help!" Lady Zafara called out.

Before the Smashers could gather onto the ship, something underwater collided against the bottom of the ship, nearly capsizing the boat.

“What was that?” Velmur called out.

Nobody answered, their eyes scanning the water, searching for the cause of the collision.

The water in front of the ship began to bubble, rising into the air. The thing was gigantic. Possibly two hundred feet high.

“Is that a…?” ThunderStrike began to ask, to shocked to finish his question.

“Yes,” Drakkoniss replied. “It’s a giant mechanical Rubber Ducky.”

“COME ON!” Velmur cried out in frustration. “First an army of clones, then a never ending air force with nukes now a Duck-zilla? When will this end?”

“FIRE!” Wiiman ordered, the ship’s cannon’s launched their cannons at the Titanic Duck.

The Cannon balls bounced harmlessly off the Duck’s thick armor. The giant fowl swung one of his powerful wings, knocking the ship out of the water, flying fifty feet until it plummeted back into the river, sinking like a stone.

War Pro fired a ball of dark energy, pushing the floating duck back. Thunder Strike casted down a bolt of lightning, hitting the Mechanical Fowl’s beak.

Drakkoniss raised his axe, about to join the fight, when his head snapped behind him, as if he saw a horrific sight.

“Grey’s in trouble,” he whispered. “Clown the Jester is killing him.”

“What?” Ancient Darkness asked, trying to confine the colossal duck in a mass of darkness.

“Can you take care of this?” Drakkoniss asked the Shadow being, motioning at the Mechanical Fowl.

The Duck launched a dozen heat seeking missiles out of it’s beak, blasting Thunder Strike and War Pro out of the air, and into the water.

“Sure,” Ancient Darkness scoffed. “What will you be doing?”

“I’ve got to help Grey,” Drakkoniss replied.

He zoomed back towards Super City, his speed increasing to the point where he turned into a blur.


Never back down. Never give in, my mind recited.

Despite all the pain, all the exhaustion…I knew I couldn’t die just yet.

My hand, shaking, reached out, my fingers dragging my immobile body across the floor. It hurt to move. As I crawled, my body left behind a long blood stain.


As I dragged my useless body over to the Filthy Animal that murdered my Rachel, I gripped his leg tightly with one of my hands. Squeezing as tightly as possible, knowing what would happen next.


Clown the Jester stomped down hard at my hand, crushing it completely.

I let out another cry of pain, trying to tug my fractured hand out from under the Harlequin’s foot.

“You just won’t give in,” Clown the Jester said, with a look of almost admiration. “You’re almost as much fun as Drakkoniss…almost…but not quite. Too bad you could never pose a true threat to me…if ya did then we could party like a party breaking out in the middle of a another party! But you can’t threaten me. You couldn’t beat me when I was a normal Clown…now…I’M SUPER CLOWN! HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY THINK YOU COULD STOP ME?”

I concentrated on my goal. So close…so close…just a few more minutes.

“One of the only so called heroes that had no powers besides a whispery voice. But that don’t count as much of a power. Heh heh heh,” The Harlequin mocked.

I placed my other hand on top of his foot, trying desperately to pry his shoe off my broken finger.

“You failed Gray,” Clown the Jester hissed bending down on his knee, his demented face inches from mine. “You failed Rachel, you failed this city. All this time of your bloody crime fighting…what have you accomplished? HUH? DIDN’T YOU KNOW YOU WOULD DIE? WHY WOULD RACHEL FORGIVE A MISERABLE VIGILANTE LIKE YOU? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THAT IS SO GREAT? HUH? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? YOU EMPTY SHELL OF A MAN! I’VE WON! I’VE WON EVERYTHING! NOW THE UNIVERSE IS PUTTY IN…MY…HANDS! I WIN!”

As soon as the last world came from his filthy lips, I knew I was ready.

In one motion, I slid the Anti-Malachite Device out from the sleeve of my hand that rested on the Harlequin’s shoe, plunging it into his face.

Super Clown let out a shriek of pain and surprise, the needle sticking into his forehead. The Anti-Malachite device began to hum, emiting bright green light from the needle.

“What?” The Harlequin stammered, still trying to recover from my sudden attack. “What…what happened? What was that? WHAT IS THIS THING!?”

“You just lost,” I snarled up at Clown the Jester. “AND I WON!”


Green energy began to spike out from Clown the Jester’s mouth and eyes, his body shaking wildly as if he was having a seizure.

The world around me started changing violently as Clown the Jester struggled to maintain control of his powers.

Intense earthquakes.

Billions of bizarre Clown the Jester clones, their bodies twisted and melted out of their normal shape as if they were made of clay that was squashed carelessly out of their form, falling to the ground bellow.

I watched plummet to their death through the apartment window.

The grinning clouds and purple moon over us, began to shriek in fear or pain.

As the energy emitting from the Harlequin’s mouth and eyes died down, Clown the Jester struggled to maintain his composure.

Across his face green cracks in his skin, as if his head was a broken vase, materialized. The Cracks began to grow larger and larger, green light pouring out from the fractures. Clown the Jester pulled the device out from his forehead, bending it into a small ball as if it was rubber.

“My powers…GRAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Clown the Jester snarled, concentration with all his might to maintain control. “YOU WON’T….YOU….YOU WON’T TAKE MY POWERS AWAY SO EASY!”

I did it.

All those blows, all the damage he did to me. Necessary to make him overconfident, make him think I was done, make him careless.

Clown the Jester loved to make his battles draw on. He enjoyed making sure his opponent or victim would suffer for a long time.

He may have had the power to kill me instantly, maybe destroy the entire universe instantly, but wouldn’t. Not until he was bored of his prey. He would keep me alive for a little while. Torture, maim, taunt, cripple me, but not kill that early.

It was why Clown the Jester did not go after Drakkoniss in the beginning. He wanted to save the best for last.

It was why I was the only logical choice. Because he found me the least threatening.

If I had tried to inject him with the Anti-Malachite Device in the beginning, he would have easily overpowered me and we would have lost the only weapon that could have stopped Clown the Jester.

After he thought I was beat, then he was the most vulnerable, most careless to my attack.

Clown the Jester continued to battle the Anti-Malachite’s effects. The walls around me began to stretch, widen, shrink, and melt.

“I…I can’t stop it!” Clown the Jester cried out in frustration as the green crack on his forehead slowly began to expand. “But…but I can slow it down. Funny thing about being able to alter reality…you can slow down time just like that…even slow down the age process of your own body…but..DAW! THE PROCESS IS SPEEDING UP AS WELL! Looks like I only got one hour left till I’m outta juice. Better make it count right Gray Eggs and Ham?”

An hour? NO! In that small amount of time, Clown the Jester could destroy the entire universe.

“First things first,” The Super Clown snarled, gripping me by my throat and lift me back into the air. “I’m gonna make sure I get the last laugh.”

His free hand began to crackle with purple energy.

“You’re wrong Filth!” I hissed back, my eyes boring into the Harlequin’s. “I get the last laugh. You are going to die. Which means you loose The Game. The only thing you care about. YOU JUST LOST EVERYTHING YOU EVER CARED ABOUT! THAT’S THE REAL JOKE!”

“NO!” Clown the Jester snarled impaling his hand into my skull, his finger piercing through the bone. “YOU HAVEN’T DESTROYED THE GAME! YOU JUST CHANGED THE RULES!”

I let out my final scream, the purple energy tearing my body apart. Skin disappearing form my bones, my clothes evaporating from my body. Atom after atom torn apart.

“THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS GRAY!” Clown the Jester exclaimed firing a bolt of concentrated purple energy into my chest. “I could just tear you out of existence at any time, but I want to take a little bit of time, make you suffer a little longer.”

"Shame the Joke was on me this time," Clown the Jester whispered.

My skeleton separated itself away from the remains of my flesh and organs…but…I was still alive somehow.

My eyes lost focus and the world around me went black.

All I could see was the never ending void of nothing. No…I…I could see something emerging out towards me…yes….it was the hand…the hand of my Rachel.

“Please,” I begged wearily, another surge of pain tearing through my disappearing body. “I…I did it…I’ve brought Clown the Jester’s end. I’ve done my part…please. I’m done. I…I’m done. Please.”

I stretched out my good hand; reaching….reaching as far as possible…seemed almost as if my arm stretched a mile.

Her fingers brushed mine, grasping my hand in hers.

At her touch, my pain vanished. My ehxustion ending. I felt whole again. Safe. Forgiven. I could finally rest.

The touch was warm, comforting, loving.

I gripped her hand tighter afraid it would slip away.

For the first time in eight years since the day I lost her, I smiled. Tears rolling down my face. I did it. I saved the city. I saved the world. I did everything without falling to Compromise.

“All for you,” I whispered. “For without you I would be nothing. I love you Rachel.”

“I love you too,” Rachel’s voice whispered back.


Gray Silhouette’s bones shined a bright purple, Clown the Jester snapped his fingers, and the remains of the vigilante turned into dust, violet light shining throughout the destroyed apartment. Blood splattered against the walls, the pungent order of burning flesh filling the room.


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” A voice from behind the Harlequin wailed.

Clown the Jester turned to see Drakkoniss, his face in complete shock, horror, disbelief. Drakkoniss stood in the outside hallway. Arriving far too late to save Gray Silhouette.

“AH! Drakkoniss!” Clown the Jester exclaimed, his purple cane, and top had reforming in his hands. “Right on time.”

“You killed him,” Drakkoniss whispered, his eyes turning a dark red.

“OOOH! We’re gonna have some real fun now!” Clown the Jester said excitedly, rubbing his hands together. “We got an hour to take the game to the next level. LETS MAKE IT COUNT!”

“YOU KILLED GRAY SILHOUETTE!” Drakkoniss roared, raising his axe, wings spreading, his eyes, the eyes of true hate.

“I know funny isn’t it?” The Clown exclaimed, postioning his top hat over his head. “Reminds me of a joke. Two guys are in an insane asylum, and one says to the Looney who butchered his wife…”

Drakkoniss slammed into Clown the Jester, blasting the Harlequin through the apartment walls and into the outside world.

Drakkoniss’s assault had knocked the Super Clown five hundred feet away, gaining altitude from the impact. The Harlequin smashed down on a roof top of one of the few standing skyscrapers.

It had begun to rain during Clown the Jester and Gray Silhouette’s fight.

Pouring down hard on the two smashers. Possibly at the moment, the two most powerful smashers in the universe.

The sound of thunder boomed overhead. Flashes of lightning creating false light over the dark battle ground.

Super City.

Drakkoniss rocket towards Clown the Jester, axe raised, letting out a war cry. His speed increasing faster and fast. The rain drops pelting his body.


The Super Clown leapt up at the last minute from the crumbling rooftop, punching Drakkoniss in the face just seconds before Drakkoniss’s axe could touch the Harlequin.

Drakkoniss was launched backwards, unable to fight the force of the attack, unable to beat the momentum created by the Clown’s impossible punch. The incredible blow sent Drakkoniss plowing through eight office buildings, coming to a stop halfway through the ninth.

As Drakkoniss pulled himself to his feet, Clown the Jester teleported behind the Champion of Good, firing a large blast of purple energy into the Smasher’s back.

Drakkoniss let out a cry of pain as he was blasted through the remaining half of the office building. Clown the Jester teleported above Drakkoniss’s out of control flight, kicking down hard at Drakkoniss’s stomach.

The hero rocketed down to the streets below crashing through the sidewalk pavement like a meteor.

Drakkoniss lied in the twenty feet deep crater. After some effort, he pulled himself back to his feet.

Dazed, and trying to recover from the incredible blows, Drakkoniss was not aware of Clown the Jester appearing behind him.

The Harlequin knocked Drakkoniss back to the ground with a powerful swing from his cane. Before Drakkoniss could move, Clown the Jester slammed the heel of his shoe into Drakkoniss’s throat.

“Grape thought he would ruin the game,” Clown the Jester hissed, a ball of purple energy charging in his hands. “BUT WE JUST WENT INTO OVERTIME! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

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Clown the Jester

Part 22: The Tragic Comedy

Drakkoniss slowly pulled himself back to his feet, his powers slowly regenerating the massive damage done to his body.

“Doing alright there slugger?” Clown the Jester mocked, swinging his cane at the hero.

Drakkoniss ducked under the cane, slashing his axe across Clown the Jester’s chest. The Clown jumped back, the large gash across his healing instantly.

“HEY! YA TRIED TO CUT ME IN HALF!” The Harlequin laughed, as he dodged another slash from Drakkoniss’s axe. “THIS COULD BE DANGEROUS! GREAT! WA HA H A HA HA!”

Drakkoniss began to punch Clown the Jester in the face, over and over, his fists moving so fast it was almost impossible for anyone to see them.

The Super Clown’s hand suddenly shot out, slamming into Drakkoniss’s chest, the force of the punch sent Drakkoniss flying into the air, plowing through four apartment buildings. Drakkoniss zoomed into the air, rain still pouring overhead, looking down at the remains of Super City in search of the Clown.

He watched Clown the Jester float up into the air at Drakkoniss’s altitude, the green cracks in his skin grew an inch longer in length.

“You killed him,” Drakkoniss snarled at the Harlequin. “You killed Gray Silhouette!”

“OF COURSE I KILLED HIM!” The Clown laughed, a flash of lightning followed by the boom of thunder cracked overhead. “I AM A SERIAL KILLER, REALITY TWISTING, SUPER CLOWN! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? ANYWAY…I GOT TO ADMIT…I WAS SLIGHTLY SURPRISE! I EXPECTED YOU TO HAVE THE GUTS TO MASH FISTY CUFFS WITH ME EARLIER…BUT YA SENT THE GRAPE INSTEAD…ya sent a simple vigilante with a smelly mask to take me on. Did you really expect him to walk…or even crawl away from a fight with me? Even to a guy as naughty as me that’s kinda mean.”


“WA HA HA HA HA!” Clown the Jester laughed, shaking his head amused. “Of course I’m aloud to talk about Grape…after all…I CREATED HIM! HEE HEE HEE HA HA HA!”

Another crack of thunder boomed over their heads, Drakkoniss’s eyes wandered the damaged city.

Millions slaughtered by the monster before him. So many of Drakkoniss’s friends destroyed by Clown. Grey’s death was too much. Drakkoniss could not allow any more bloodshed from the Clown.

“This ends now Clown,” Drakkoniss growled. “I have tried to help you…to reform you…but you refused. No more of this madness. You die tonight Clown the Jester.”


“BRING IT ON!” Drakkoniss cried out, charging like a missile at the Harlequin.


Drakkoniss slammed into Clown the Jester, sending the two hurtling down to the streets bellow, tearing the block to pieces.

Drakkoniss slashed his axe down on the Clown, sinking the blade into the Harlequin’s skull. Clown the Jester’s hands turned into a cannon firing a cannon ball into Drakkoniss’s chest knocking him off the Clown and plow through an abandoned bus.

Clown the Jester’s hands reformed, gripping a rocket launcher that materialized out of thin air.

The Clown fired the rocket at the bus, causing the vehicle to explode. Clown the Jester laughed, strolling over to the flaming wreckage.

“Heh heh heh DRAKKONISS?” Clown the Jester called out, twirling a newly formed cane around in the air. “You still alive…I would hate to think all this build up end so quickly…wouldn’t that be just tenacious?”

Drakkoniss teleported above Clown the Jester, slicing his axe down at the Harlequin, cutting the Harlequin down the middle.

“HEY!” One of the spit halves cried out, swinging it’s single arm at Drakkoniss. “I HALF expected you to SPLIT after my little bus exploding thingy. GOOD FOR YOU!”

The other half of the Harlequin pounced on Drakkoniss from behind, wrapping his arm around the hero’s neck.

The other spit Clown swung his only leg out, kicking Drakkoniss in the chin. Drakkoniss caught the Harlequin’s second kick, throwing the Clown backwards. Drakkoniss’s body burst into flames, burning the other half of Clown the Jester off him.

Before the spit Clown could move, Drakkoniss hurled a wave of fire down on his foe, burning the Clown to ashes.

The ashes reformed back into Clown the Jester. The Harlequin snapped his fingers jumping fifty feet away from the Champion of Good, a giant ship liner fell from the sky slamming down on Drakkoniss.

“BOY OH BOY DO I LOVE DROPPING SHIPS ON PEOPLE! WA HA HA HA!” Clown the Jester laughed as Drakkoniss slowly lift the massive ship into the air, the belly of the vessel resting on the Smasher’s back.

Drakkoniss threw the ship liner at the Clown, the vessel loomed over the Harlequin like a mountain.

The Clown laughed, snapping his fingers again, transforming the ship into a thousand guns. Pistols, m60s, sniper rifles, shot guns, bazookas, a cannon, and other firearms floated in front of the Super Clown as if carried by invisible gunmen, all the weapons aimed at Drakkoniss.

“FIRE!” The Clown roared, the countless weapons opened fire. Drakkoniss faded into a dark red mist, the bullets passed harmlessly through the vapor.

“DAW! THAT’S CHEATING!” Clown the Jester whined, the guns colliding together melting into the shape of a vacuum cleaner. The Clown pressed the on switch with the toe of his shoe, the vacuum roared to life, the nozzle sucking in the red vapor.


Clown the Jester turned off the Vacuum kicking it lightly with his shoe.

“I was planning to use a mop instead of a vacuum but my wife said it wouldn’t Hoover. WA HA HA HA! GET IT? HOOVER! HEE HEE HEE HA HA HA!” Clown the Jester giggle, shaking the Vacuum cleaning bag violently in his hands. “WHO AM I KIDDING! I COULDN’T GET MARRIED! IF I DID…I WOULD HAVE TO PLAN A CLEAN GETAWAY! WA HA HA HA!”

The vacuum cleaner swelled like a balloon, tearing apart as Drakkoniss reformed, punching the Harlequin under the chin, launching the Clown into the air and across town. As Clown the Jester crashed down on the remains of the Corporal building, Drakkoniss teleported over the Clown, firing a dozen lasers from his hand, blasting hole after hole into the Clown’s body.

Clown the Jester pulled himself back to his feet, his wounds regenerated in an instant.

Drakkoniss fired another laser, this one aimed for the giggling Clown’s head. To his surprise, Clown the Jester snapped his fingers and Drakkoniss’s laser changed it’s course back towards Drakkoniss tearing through Drakkoniss’s chest.

The Smasher let out a cry of pain, stumbling backwards as Clown the Jester pounced at Drakkoniss, his hands transforming into massive iron spike punching gloves.


Each punch broke shattered bone after bone, Drakkoniss used his telekinesis to shove Clown the Jester back as he began to reconstruct the broken bones in his body.

“PUT EM UP! PUT EM UP!” Clown the Jester laughed, slamming his boxing glove into Drakkoniss’s stomach. “COMEON! I’LL BEAT YA TO A PULP! COMEON! WA HA HA HA!”

Drakkoniss head butted the Clown, followed by plunging his axe into the Clown’s chest.

“I’M GONNA KNOCK YOUR BLOCK OFF!” The Jester screamed, smashing his fist into Drakkoniss’s chin with a bone shattering upper cut.

Drakkoniss was sent flying into the air, rocketing higher and higher. Drakkoniss fell back to Earth, landing on the ruins of HeroSpire. The Champion of Good struggled to pull himself to his feet, his regenerating powers were weakening from overuse.

For the first time, Drakkoniss realized there was a chance he might loose this battle. His mind was still barely able to grasp just how powerful the Clown had become. Clown the Jester was always a threat before his exposure to the Malachite, but his threats were more physiological than physical. When they did fight, Drakkoniss would usually be able to overpower Clown the Jester and send him running. Now…The Clown seemed unstoppable. Why wasn’t he loosing his powers? Gray Silhouette’s weapon should have drained his malachite energy by now. The Clown seemed stronger than ever.

Clown the Jester’s hand gripped Drakkoniss by his soaked hair from behind, slamming the hero’s head face first into the concrete, shattering it like glass.

“COMEON DRAKKYPOO! I EXPECTED SO MUCH MORE FROM YOU!” Clown the Jester taunted, smashing Drakkoniss’s face down a second time. “HECK EVEN GRAY EGGS AND HAM PUT UP MORE OF A TUSSLE!”

Drakkoniss twirled his axe around, the weapon glowed a dark red aurora.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Drakkoniss whisper, firing a wave of energy out from his weapon and into the Clown.


Clown the Jester was sent skyrocketing into the air, as he gained altitude; Drakkoniss appeared over the Harlequin, firing a ball of energy into the Clown, causing him to plummet into the asphalt of Brick Street, causing the entire block to collapse into the Sewers bellow.

Drakkoniss held his hand over his head; a giant ball of fire appeared in his hand. He hurled the flaming sphere down to the collapsed block incinerating the entire area.


To Drakkoniss’s dismay, Clown the Jester rose out from the demolished streets, unharmed.

The Super Clown smiled up at Drakkoniss, snapping his fingers.


A giant gloved hand slammed down on Drakkoniss from above, swatting him to the ground.

The hand slapped down on Drakkoniss again, breaking every bone in Drakkoniss’s body.

“I would give you a helping hand,” The Clown laughed as Drakkoniss began to hack away at the giant glove’s fingers with his axe. “But you seem to have a handle over the situation.”

Drakkoniss sliced off the hand’s index finger, followed by setting the entire hand aflame.

As Drakkoniss threw the burning, limp hand over his shoulder, turning to face the Clown. He charged at Clown the Jester, leaping into the air, axe raised, his eyes red.

Drakkoniss slashed his axe across the Harlequin, dodging a wild swing from the Clown’s cane, firing a dozen lasers into the Super Clown’s body. Not allowing the Clown to recover from the attack, Drakkoniss grabbed the Harlequin around his neck, lifting him into the air with one hand, throwing him through the overturn Subway vehicle.

The Clown tore through the metal doors, smashing through an opposite window. Drakkoniss levitated the entire train into the air with his telekinesis, dropping it down on the Harlequin.

Without warning, a dozen Clown the Jester clones formed around Drakkoniss, giggling, advancing on the Champion of Good.

In their hands, they brandished rolling pins, mallets, crowbars, and…bananas.

Drakkoniss sliced the first Clown in half, another Clown hit him from behind with a rolling pin, the wood weapon snapped in to upon impact with Drakkoniss’s skull.

Drakkonss used his telekenesis to levitate him into the air, slaming him down on his comrades.

Drakkoniss kicked another Clown the Jester down the Subway tunnel, out of sight.

The Harlequin with the banana swung the fruit down, hitting it across Drakkoniss’s chin.


The banana squished harmlessly into Drakkoniss’s face.

“Oh…ah…yeah…” The Clown stammered trying to smile innocently at the fuming Drakkoniss.


Drakkoniss dropped the remains of the Clone, searching for the real Clown the Jester.

An invisible force suddenly yanked Drakkoniss into the air, pulling him two thousand feet into the air. Drakkoniss stared down at the City bellow. The street, the size of a ruler.

A pair of arms wrapped around Drakkoniss’s neck.

“Lovely view!” Clown the Jester giggled. “Lets get a closer look! WA HA HA HA!”

Suddenly the force lifting them was gone, gravity came into effect and the next thing Drakkoniss knew…he was falling.

The Clown’s laugh echoed in Drakkoniss’s ear as they crashed into the middle of Liberty.


Drakkoniss began to pull himself to his feet, he was hurt badly, even with his healing powers, it took all his will power not to collapse to the ground.

Clown the Jester stood next to him, unharmed, besides the glowing cracks on his skin, unharmed.

Drakkoniss swung his axe at Clown the Jester, the Clown ducked under the swing, impailing his cane through Drakkoniss like a spear.

The Champion of Good let out a cry of pain as he felt the cane tear through his heart, his healing powers regenerating at full gear.


“I couldn’t agree more,” Drakkoniss snarled, planting his feet into Clown the Jester’s chest, pushing as hard as he could out of the cane, flying backwards.

As he traveled backwards, The Champion of Good hurled a ball of red energy at Clown the Jester blasting him through a building causing it to collapse.

Drakkoniss dropped to the ground, trying to catch his breath. Besides the pouring rain, and crack of thunder, Super City was silent. However Drakkoniss knew he wasn’t done yet. The Clown was never so simple.


Drakkoniss watched the immense figure lumber towards him from the other side of the City. Crushing Cars, snapping street lights like twigs, toppling small buildings over with his massive strides.

“HERE IN PERSON!” The titan boomed, his voice so loud that it shattered the windows of the building surrounding him. “THE ONLY ONE WITH A SHOE SIZE OF 250! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…I GIVE YOU THE ONE…THE ONLY…SUPER CLOWN! WA HA HA HA H AH A H AH A HA H A HA H AHA HA HA!”

Clown the Jester must have been 300 hundred feet tall, looming over Drakkoniss like a mountain.

The Super Clown lumber to Drakkoniss, each step bringing him hundreds of feet closer and closer.

Drakkoniss floated into the air, his body at level with Super Clown’s bus sized nose.

“I’M GONNA SQUASH YOU LIKE THE BUG YOU ARE DRAKKONISS!” The colossal Clown boomed, crushing a skyscraper with a swing of his massive fist.

Drakkoniss rocket at the Giant Clown, his glowing axe raised, aiming for the Harlequin’s heart.

With a powerful swipe, Super Clown swatted Drakkoniss into the street bellow as if swatting a fly.

The Champion of Good’s impact fractured the sidewalk.

Clown the Jester let out a laugh, drowning out even the thunder.

“DARN PESKY SMASHERS!” He boomed, stomping his massive foot down on Drakkoniss. “IT’S LIKE A BEETLE EXPOSED TO MALACHITE! WA HA HA HA HA HA!”

The entire city shuddered from the impact of the stomp. Drakkoniss was plowed through the street and into the sewers. His body shattered. Never had he ever felt such pain. The Super Clown began to grind his colossal heel into Drakkoniss’s torn up body.


The Super Clown removed his foot from Drakkoniss’s remains, shoving his gigantic hand into the crater he created, seizing the regenerating Drakkoniss in his grip.


Drakkoniss let out a growl, feeling himself exerting every ounce of power in him.

No…I will avenge Gray Silhouette…I will avenge everyone this monster has hurt. I won’t let the Clown win. I WON’T!

Drakkoniss rocket off Clown the Jester’s hand, slamming into the titan’s chest. The force of the attack was deafening.

The gargantuan Harlequin was thrown into the air, crashing to the ground, flattening a dozen apartment buildings.

As the Super Clown pulled himself to his feet, Drakkoniss slammed into the giant’s massive shoulder, tearing through the Harlequin’s body like cheese. Drakkoniss plowed through to the other shoulder, firing back like a bullet through the Clown’s neck. Exiting, tearing through the Super Clown’s gigantic thigh.

Drakkoniss zoomed all over the Clown, tearing up piece after piece of the Harlequin. Moving faster and faster, more and more holes began to appear in the Clown’s body, like tiny bullets. Faster and faster.

Clown the Jester swung his massive arms left and right trying to swat away Drakkoniss, but the Champion of Good was moving far too fast.

The giant Harlequin began to fall apart, as his arm began to slide off his shoulder, it pulled out from his coat pocket, a gigantic pistol, aiming at Drakkoniss.

Drakkoniss charged head on towards the crumbling titan as the massive bullet excited the chamber, rocketing at Drakkoniss.

The Bullet was the size of a rocket ship, moving at the speed of a Jet. Drakkoniss collided into the bullet, countering the speed and power of the bullet, shoving it with all his might.

Clown the Jester watched as the bullet hurtled back towards him, piercing through his massive skull.

The Super Clown’s titan sized body collapsed backwards, the colossal corpse turned to dust.

Drakkoniss dropped to the ground, exhausted, weak, drained, his body screamed in pain.


A ball of purple energy slammed into Drakkoniss blasting him across Super City.

As Drakkoniss struggled to his feet, a purple laser beam tore through his body, the force throwing him across a street and through a torn up store.

“Ya gave a good shot Drakkoniss,” Clown the Jester hissed, appearing next to Drakkoniss beaten body. Normal sized. “We had our laughs. Heh heh…and I guess times up. Let finish this.”

Drakkoniss slowly pulled himself to his feet, raising his axe over head, trying to find the strength to attack. His hand dropped the axe at his feet, unable to fight on.

Clown the Jester impailed his fist into Drakkoniss unleashing a surge of his powers through The Champion of Good.

Drakkoniss let out a cry of pain, his cells disintegrating away.

Clown the Jester sent another surge through Drakkoniss.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do after I destroy you,” The Clown hissed solemnly, firing another wave of the intense energy through Drakkoniss’s body. “I guess destroying the Multi-universe before I lose my powers. I mean…it’s just…without a Drakkoniss…I will be purposeless..nothing…pointless. This reality will would just bring to many bad memories. All the fun we had. All the excitement of the Game. Why not just end everything. A final ending Joke. A last laugh. I certainly have the power to destroy Everything. Why not put it to use.”

Drakkoniss let out another scream of pain, coughing up a mass blood over the Clown’s face. He could feel himself die. This death…was going to be permanent. No coming back. No reforming. He could feel this was the end.

“You were a good friend Drakkoniss,” The Clown continued, firing anther blast of the energy through the Champion of Good. “The Best Friend. Always a barrel of laughs. Too bad it couldn’t last. Ya never got to see my last prank I had stored for you. Such a shame. I guess I win the Game…which in a strange way…I…I feel like that means I lose the Game as well. Heh…funny isn’t it? How life has it’s way of still Joking with us.”

Drakkoniss’s body began to fade away like a ghost…becoming more and more faint.

Clown the Jester’s other hand began to charge up a ball of purple energy. The purple electricity flickering at his fingertips.

“Thanks for the laughs,” Clown the Jester hissed, a tear tricking down his eye. “Goodbye Drakkoniss.”

Clown the Jester fired the burst of purple energy…but to his surprise…the powerful energy began to wither, disappearing before it could finish off Drakkoniss.

The Harlequin stared at his hands.

“No,” He whispered softly. “No…No…NO! NO! NO! NO! NOT NOW! NO!”

Drakkoniss slowly solidified, pulling himself back to his feet. Clown the Jester fell to his knees, intense green energy leaking out from the glowing cracks in his skin. Pouring out and vanishing from sight. His skin changing from a dark purple back to a pail white, the purple glow emitting from his eyes died out. The green cracks disappeared. His face whole again.

The world around the two foes began to alter back to it’s normal form. The grins on the thunder clouds disappeared, the purple sky faded away, turning to match the darkness of night time. The city…still in ruins…the dead…still diseased.

Drakkoniss approached solum Clown, lifting him into the air by his pail neck.

“Funny,” Clown the Jester whispered, a faint grin appearing on his face. “I thought I would only lose my Super Clown powers…and still have my old powers…heh heh…but nope. Nothing…I’m human again. A normal...insane…Looney…mad…me. Still have pale skin and purple hair though…that’s a plus. Heh heh heh. The Game is over…you win.”

Drakkoniss glared at Clown the Jester, memories of all the people the Harlequin had hurt flooding his mind.

Clown the Jester stared emotionless into Drakkoniss’s eyes.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Ya won. We really are the same, you and I. We both never let anything get in the way of the Game. We are the same. Ya just didn’t realize it till now. But ya won. Ya found a way to win. Ya stopped me. Finish me,” The Harlequin hissed, tightening his hands around Drakkoniss’s grip. “I…I deserve it. I killed millions of people, ruined an entire city…killed The Doc, Defiant, and thousands of other smashers. I killed Gray Silhouette. Come on…do it. The World will praise you.”

Drakkoniss hesitated, his mind in conflict between his desire to avenge his fallen and wondering if he should allow the Clown to be put on trial. No…Gray Silhouette would have wanted the Clown dead…but Drakkoniss wasn’t Gray Silhouette…he did believe some people could be redeemed. But what if the Clown escaped? Who knew what he could still do. But if he…

“Comeon Drakkoniss kill me,” Clown the Jester hissed softy. “You know you should do it. You know you should kill me. Do it. Finish me. Kill me.

Drakkoniss wished he could think this over. Would killing the Clown make Drakkoniss no better than the Harlequin? Were they really the same?

“Kill me,” Clown the Jester whispered.

If only he would shut up, Drakkoniss wished trying to think .

“Kill me,” Clown repeated, his voice rising.


“KILL ME!” Clown the Jester screamed at the top of his lungs.

Drakkoniss let out a cry of anger, he lost control.

Clown the Jester’s head was blown apart. Blood spattering like paint over Drakkoniss.


Drakkoniss dropped the Clown’s remains, his stomach lurching as the body bent into unnaturally angles.

Drakkoniss stared down at the corpse. His foe. Dead. Murdered by his hands. Somehow…despite all the Clown’s sins, all his crimes, Drakkoniss felt he did the wrong thing. He felt…like the Clown.

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” Drakkoniss screamed up at the sky tears boring down his cheeks.

Drakkoniss’s eyes surveyed the remains of the city…all the dead…all the loss…all the pain.

Once again…Drakkoniss felt alone.

He disappeared. Back home. He wasn’t needed now. Drakkoniss saved the Universe. That was enough for now.


Symbols and Legends…they are more difficult to kill than men. You cannot make a symbol bleed; you never break the will power of the Legend. They are a whole different breed than man. They become myths. Faultless heroes who did something so incredible, so impossible that they must have been extremely brave or stupid. The flesh of Legends like Gray Silhouette and Clown the Jester can die, but not the ideas.

Even after the Clown’s death and the revival of Super City from a generous donation from an unknown benefactor, stories of the Harlequin would still spread. Rumors of the Clown’s ghost still terrorizing the city would last decades after the Clown’s death.

Of course, The Chaos Carnival was still a threat to the city. Under new management…though the new Ring Leader was just as terrifying and no doubt as insane as Clown the Jester. Every day it was rumored more than a dozen people would leave their homes, families, former lives, in search of the Chaos Carnival…joining the ranks of the insane.

No…the legacy of the Chaotic Clown would never die. The world would never forget the madness he created.

Of course Gray Silhouette’s legacy would survive a different manner. Instead of being a memory…his mantle would be taken up by another. His son. Blue Gear.

Blue Gear entered his father’s old apartment…the place where Gray Silhouette and Blue Gear’s mother raised him. He saw the blood stains on the carpet, the sofa, torn apart by bullets, the remains of his father’s corpse.

This room…the same room where Clown the Jester butchered his mother. His mom…his dad…dead.

Blue Gear half expected himself to break into tears…but no. He didn’t feel remorse for the loss of his father. Nor glad that the man who became more obsessed with wearing a mask than guiding his son was dead.

Blue Gear felt empty. Hollow. Nothing.

He couldn’t help it. How could he miss something that was never there for him? Blue Gear became a super hero to try and please his father. Of course, Gray Silhouette didn’t seem so impressed. They only worked together on one mission.

That mission ruined their relationship. Gray Silhouette was never so ashamed of his son as then. He knew Benjamin would not be willing to do what was needed to be done.

Never again.

But now…the man…as well as the Legacy that made up Gray Silhouette was dead. Gone. When this city recovered…would the criminals of the night still have second thoughts before they went out to hurt the innocent, without the threat of something lurking in the shadows preparing to strike at any minute?

It was then when Blue Gear realized just how important Gray Silhouette was. Even if the city hated him, Gray Silhouette was force that as much power behind it as Drakkoniss, David Blitz, or any other Smasher. Gray Silhouette would still be needed. As long as there was evil and chaos in the world…there would need to be a Gray Silhouette.

Blue Gear found the blood stained black ski mask. The mask that Gray Silhouette wore.

Blue Gear knew that his Super Hero identity...his Blue Gear persona…it was expendable…Gray Silhouette’s…vital for the future of the city.

Blue Gear stared at the mask in his hands. He knew what he needed to do. Gray Silhouette’s legacy would be continued. The Second Gray Silhouette would rise…however…the world would never know the first ever died. To them…Gray Silhouette was always watching over the streets. Never weak…never old…never dying…never compromising.

The Remains of Skull Deep.

Ancient Darkness materialized in front of the collapsed city.

The Mastermind was already stationed there, his arms folded behind his back, like a general.

“The Clown is finally dead,” Ancient Darkness hissed. “Drakkoniss finished…”

“Yes, Yes I already know,” The Mastermind interrupted impatiently. “Our subject is over here.”

The Mastermind walked over to what appeared to be a large puddle that contained a black liquid. Like oil or paint.

“This is him?” Ancient Darkness asked, joining the Mastermind. “Why can’t he reform? What’s happened to him?”

“The Clown cancelled out The Overcast’s control over his form,” Mastermind replied coolly, pushing his glasses back in place. “Without Overcast’s mental control, his form destabilized. Alive…but immobile.”

“I still don’t see why we need him,” Ancient Darkness hissed. “His powers are relatively the same as mine. I mean…I’m not even sure we can control him. I think we are better off without him.”

“Your opinions are irrelevant and unnecessary,” The Mastermind replied, glaring up at the Shadow Being. “As for controlling OverCast, like every pawn, all he needs is the right motivation. Now enough wasting time, do it.”

Ancient Darkness fired a stream of dark energy into the remains of Overcast. The fallen shadow being slowly began to rise into the air, Overcast began to reconstruct into his former shape, his body stabilizing.

“That’s enough,” The Mastermind ordered.

Ancient Darkness cut off his energy flow, causing Overcast to fall to the ground.

“What…what is this?” Overcast asked with difficulty. “Why can’t I feel my powers? What have you done to me?”

“My associate has only restored a forth of your former powers,” The Mastermind replied coolly. “Of course it isn’t your powers you should be worried about but your control over your form. You see, Ancient Darkness has only given you a fraction of the Darkness energy you use to manipulate your form. Since you are not able to reconstruct more of the same energy at your moment of weakness…in less than Twenty Four hours you will destabilize again. Powerless, useless, immobile. Unless…you do what I say.”

“If I do your bidding you will restore my powers?” Overcast hissed, pulling himself off his knees.

“No,” The Mastermind replied. “He will only give you enough powers to be useful for me without being powerful enough to be independent of his assistance, and when you run out of powers, he will recharge you and so on. You will be working for me for quite a long time.”

“I don’t take orders from pathetic mortals,” Overcast hissed.

“You seem to think you have a choice,” The Mastermind mussed. “If you don’t do what I say…you will become an empty shell once again. Now tell me…are you sure that’s what you want?”

Overcast lowered his head. He was trapped. His best option would be to work for the Mastermind until he could find away to restore his full powers.

“Now that that’s settled,” The Mastermind continued facing away from the two shadow beings. “We can move to the next stage of Operation R.E.B.O.R.N. Gentlemen, lets get to work,…we have a City to rebuild.”

To be Continued in...

Operation R.E.B.O.R.N.

The Children of Clown the Jester

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