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Stretch of the Imagination!

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5/19/2011 18:07:59   
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Stretch of the Imagination!
It's a Stretch...

Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Quests » Mana Ice

«Scene: Warlic's shop»

Warlic: So, «You», you're interested in helping me figure out my little problem?
«You»: I am, so long as it doesn't involve me getting trapped in Limbo or having to shrink to the size of a pea and flying into a monster's stomach.
Warlic: .....................
Warlic: Not this time, no. At least, neither of those two things SHOULD happen.
Warlic: There is a very special, and extremely rare material called Mana Ice that has been nearly consumed into non-existence over the past year or so.
Warlic: The elemental alchemist Genin Levita made roughly 2 tons of the stuff a few decades ago. What makes Mana Ice so special is that it is a consumable substance--
Warlic: -- that has different effects on each mage who absorbs it. Sometimes the effects are less than useful... as when one wizard turned permanently blue.
«You»: I thought you turned blue just if you ingested too much silver?
Warlic: That IS true. It's not a pretty blue, though. Not like a Schmurf or a Nu'vi from those popular entertainments. More like a sickly gray-blue.
Warlic: AS I WAS SAYING, sometimes Mana Ice causes a bad side effect. But the vast majority of the time it gifts the user with a useful new power.
Warlic: Mana Ice has been a rare commodity in mage circles. But suddenly the remaining stores of it have begun disappearing at an alarming rate. Now, only ONE place has any Mana Ice--
Warlic: -- Isle d'Oriens. I am quite sure that the supply of Mana Ice on the Isle will soon be hit by whomever is responsible for the disappearances of the rest of the Mana Ice.
«You»: What do I do when I find whoever is trying to take it all?
Warlic: See if you can salvage any of the Mana Ice, and capture the thief. That's all I can ask for. Good luck!
  • The Isle!

    «Scene: Isle d'Oriens»

    «You»: Hmmmm... The place seems quieter than usual. Wait-- I hear something...
    «You»: Sounds like some things breaking! What's going on?

    You may now choose either to enter Adder's Forge or to talk to Lady Tomo.

    If you choose to enter Adder's Forge:

    3 BATTLES: Random Fire monsters
    Full Heal after each battle

    «Scene: Adder's Forge»

    «You»: Where is everyone??

    «Adder enters.»

    Adder: «You»! Convenient of you to show up. Fire monsters have been bombarding me all day.
    Adder: I haven't even been able to get out of my forge ONCE today between cleaning out the monsters and smelting my ore.
    «You»: Sorry to hear that. Any idea how the monsters got here? The Isle's pretty secure from anything down on Lore.
    Adder: I can't be sure, but I'd say someone BROUGHT 'em. Check with Falerin. He might have a better idea.

    You are returned to the Isle's courtyard, and you now have an added choice of entering the Library.

    If you choose to talk to Lady Tomo:

    3 BATTLES: Random Earth, Light, and Earth monsters
    Full Heal after each battle

    «Scene: Lady Tomo's area»

    «You»: Hello? Is anyone here??

    «Lady Tomo enters.»

    «You»: Lady Tomo! What's going on? Why were there monsters running amok in your living room?
    Lady Tomo: I don't know! My pet icecat and I were just cleaning some out of my kitchen when I heard these others show up.
    Lady Tomo: There shouldn't be any animals larger than a kitty here on the Isle, anyway. I don't know how they could have gotten here.
    «You»: I'll look around to see if anyone else needs help.

    You are returned to the Isle's courtyard.

    If you choose to enter the Library, you have a choice of entering either Falerin's Domicile or the Boiler Room.

    If you choose to enter Falerin's Domicile:

    «Scene: Falerin's Domicile. Falerin teleports in.»

    «You»: Loremaster Falerin! I'm glad to see you.
    Falerin: Well, «You», I am definitely glad to see you, as well. You are NOT a monster.
    Falerin: I have been hiding in immaterial form from those creatures for the better part of a robot's workday, it seems.
    «You»: Monsters are running wild all over the Isle. Do you have any idea how they all got up here?
    Falerin: I know that you are thinking that I am the only individual with a residence here that is capable of teleporting things, and you would be MOSTLY right.
    Falerin: Vince has been working on his own teleporter lately, but he has run into some difficulties. Something about teleporting a test dummy into some bedrock.
    Falerin: If I had to hazard a guess, I would say an OUTSIDER is responsible for what's happening. So please, find them, stop them, and have a good day. It is time for my afternoon tea.

    «Falerin teleports away.»

    «You»: Why does a god have to worry about missing afternoon tea? *rolls eyes*

    You are returned to the Library.

    If you choose to enter the Boiler Room:

    3 BATTLES: Random Energy, Darkness, and Energy monsters
    Full Heal after each battle

    «Scene: The Boiler Room»

    «You»: Vince-- are you in?

    «Vince enters.»

    Vince: I'm here, I'm here!
    Vince: Thank you, by the way, for getting those monsters out of here. They were seriously hampering my research. Not to mention eating all of my cheese.
    «You»: Do you have any clue as to where they are coming from?
    Vince: Someone with magical teleportation abilities is bringing them here. I think they're a DISTRACTION.
    «You»: What?? Why-- OH YEAH! I came up here to try and save the last cache of Mana Ice from being stolen!
    Vince: See? Distractions really work.
    Vince: The last of the Mana Ice in the world is HERE, on the Isle. I have ONE piece.

    «The piece of Mana Ice falls into Vince's hand.»

    Vince: The rest was stored by Warlic INSIDE the bedrock of the Isle. To find whoever is stealing all of the Mana Ice, we need to look at the best place to collect it would be...
    «You»: Where would that be?
    Vince: I'd have to run a check on-- No, wait! The wall! Whoever it is has kept us all occupied fighting teleported-in monsters because they're OUT IN THE OPEN! You should go, now!
  • To the Wall!

    «Scene: On top of the Wall, where a piece of Mana Ice lies in the open.»

    «You»: Mana Ice! What's that doing just laying out in the open?!

    1 BATTLE: Random Wind monster
    Full Heal

    «You»: Gah-- another distraction!

    «An elastic black arm enters and steals the Mana Ice.»

    «You»: Whoa! What on Lore was that???

    «Turia Levita enters.»

    «You»: Who are you?
    Turia: I am Turia Levita, daughter of Genin Levita!
    «You»: I heard of him. So why are you stealing all of the Mana Ice? It's not yours to take!
    Turia: My father dedicated his life to finding the perfect way to solidify magic. If magic didn't have to just exist as ethereal force or potions, it could be physically integrated into anything--
    Turia: -- and truly become a part of whatever it was joined with.
    Turia: Mana Ice was his one great success. But he was never recognized for what he did. In fact, he was SHUNNED by other magic-users for "perverting magic!" Can you believe that?
    «You»: Why would they shun him?
    Turia: Because Mana Ice proved to be unpredictable when used by living creatures. Eventually, my father died... a broken, unappreciated man, his genius unrewarded.
    Turia: So I decided to show everyone just how great my father's creation IS!
    Turia: I'm going to absorb ALL of the Mana Ice on Lore, and become so powerful that the Levita name will live forever in legend!!
    «You»: That could be bad... As it is, you teleporting monsters up here to distract everyone while you steal the last cache of Mana Ice could have resulted in someone being hurt badly.
    Turia: It's better than me coming up here myself and taking it by force. With my stretching powers and near-invulnerability, I am much more dangerous than those monsters.
    «You»: So you say.
    Turia: Oh look... The last of the Mana Ice is dripping out of the Isle's bedrock, pulled by my telekinesis. Time to grab it up!

    «Three pieces of Mana Ice appear and are absorbed by Turia.»

    «You»: Hey!!!

    «Vince enters.»

    Vince: «You»! I wanted to make sure you knew that if someone IS using the Mana Ice--
    Vince: -- that if they use TOO MUCH of it, they will certainly become weaker over time.
    «You»: That's good to know, since I DID find out who is stealing it, and she DID say she was almost invulnerable. She just gorged herself on the remaining Mana Ice.
    Vince: You need to catch her! What are you waiting for?
    «You»: Where do I go to stop her from leaving?!
    Vince: With her power, she might just teleport off the Isle. But I'd imagine with her over-use of Mana Ice she's now already feeling a little weaker. She'd probably try for the Lo-Flo!
    «You»: Ah-- Your special quick-exit from the Isle! Okay-- Wish me luck!
  • Go!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «Scene: Warlic's Shop. Turia rolls in tied in a knot.»

    «You»: Hi again, Warlic. This is Turia Levita, daughter of Genin Levita. She was the one going around taking and using all of the Mana Ice.
    Warlic: Ahh, Turia... I remember when you were a little girl. I'm sorry about your father. He was a good man.
    Turia: Where were YOU when all the other mages were ignoring his accomplishments, and not paying any heed to him?!
    Warlic: Genin was a bit too reckless. His processes would have upset the balance that is so critical. I had to agree with the others. But we never meant for your father to be left out in the cold.
    Warlic: Ultimately, he couldn't control his jealousies and anger. I tried to offer him help, to guide him back to a proper path, but he refused. I am... sorry.
    «You»: Turia absorbed too much Mana Ice. ... And turned blue. She needs help to get the rest out of her system.
    Warlic: And help her I will.
    Turia: I wish I could undo everything...
    Warlic: You do not need a universal undo, dear. You only need a restart. Perhaps you will let me help you with that.
    Reward Shop: Stretch

    Shop Weapons:
  • Guardian Stretchy Sceptre
  • Stretchy Sceptre
  • Stretchy Sceptre Z

    Shop Miscellaneous Items:
  • Guardian Mana Ice
  • Mana Ice Z
  • Mana Ice
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

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