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=HS= In the Beginning...

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6/3/2011 20:51:19   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Welcome! Welcome to one of the Creative Corners of AE Forums. Have a need to write something? Need to explain to teh world who, what, where, why and how your HS character came to be? Well, look no further. If you have a beginning to tell, we have a place for you.

A couple of rules to make this easiest to read.

1) One post per person. If you need to post small bits at a time, please just edit your post to continue it. Do not make a new post to add to your story. New major events in HS will receive a new thread.

2) Please do not comment on the stories in this thread. If you want to comment on the stories, please go =HS= In the Beginning discussion.

3) If you choose to suppliment your story with pics, they must follow these guidelines: 400x400 MAX, 100KB MAX, no more then 4 per story.

Have fun and please...PLEASE remember the rules in both the AE forums and my own L&L rules.

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6/3/2011 21:18:12   

First, I must say something.
I am not human.
At least...not completely.
I am a vampire.

My tale of vampirism begins when I am but a small girl, in 1582. I was traveling, going to my mother, who is a pirate. I always looked up to her, and she always treated me very well. She probably started my fancy with jewelry and the like. Anyways, I was traveling to her ship when I noticed a small glowing orb. It actually looked like a bright red spider, but I tried not to pay attention to that. I never did like spiders. I continued on my journey. I saw her ship in the distance. I began running to it in excitement. I climbed up the ropes, my long hair dangling. The crew greeted me, but something seemed wrong. I continued to my mothers cabin. Her cabin boy, whom I had a fancy for, told me she was not feeling well. Of course I would have none of this, I has to tell her of the glowing rock, see? I moved him aside and proceeded in. I never knew that decision would change my life.
I walked in. "Mother, I..." I stopped. She was laying down, her back to me. "Mother? Is everything alright?" I walked close to her. I noticed she was very pale. Was she sick? "Mother?" I walked around so I could see her face. I gasped. "Mother! Mother!" I cried. She wasn't moving. Then she coughed. She slowly opened her eyes. "Mother?! Are you alright?!" I was sobbing now. I knew she was dying,but I couldn't accept it.
"My dear...Zafara...You see me now...dying an old woman...No,no, please don't cry little one...I have something for you..." I looked up. She was smiling, and reaching under herself. She pulled out her sword, known to the humans in their stories as excalibur. It glowed blue. I gasped.
"Mother! No! It is yours!"
"No...It is yours now...Think not badly of me..."
"Why would I think badly of you?" I cried.
"I have kept a secret from you...it's about your father..." My father? I had never known about my father. She never spoke of him. I had to hear this.
"What about him, mother?"
"He was a..." She was breathing rapidly. I knew her next word would be her last. I had to savor it, no matter what the word. "...a vampire." Then she sighed. I knew that now, she was dead. She left me in this world...right after telling me that I was a vampire. I had known already that she herself was a vampire. But i thought I was just a simple damphir...I couldn't stand it.
I took the sword and held it, then rushed to the door. I ran past the boy, ran past the crew. I ran and ran. And never looked back.

That seemed to be how life worked for me. Nothing good happened for a long time. Then, I turned 116. Being immortal, this meant i was...16(?) in human years.
The next story is how I became the Queen of Arachnoclan.

I never forgot about that rock. Many times I went back to where I had found it, but it was never there. Until my 116th birthday. I was walking along the path where I had found it some 100 or so years ago, when I noticed a glowing. I turned and walked toward it. it seemed to glow brighter as I approached. I wondered if this could be the rock...I climbed over a rock blocking my view from whatever the glow was coming from. And then I saw it. The rock. And I was right all those years ago...It looked like a large glowing red spider. I walked towards it and picked it up. Suddenly, everything went black. Then i could see agin...but it wasn't the path where I was a second ago...It looked like an ancient battleground. Then, I heard a voice. It spoke,
"Long ago, in a time before time...
Spiders ruled the earth.
There were giants spiders, larger than sky scrapers.
Others were smaller than flies.
But all were ruled by one Spider Queen.

The Spider Queen was a goddess.
But she was not a tyrant.
She loved all of her subjects.
But then came the Clan of the Shadows.
A mythical clan that many thought to be gone forever.
A clan of death and destruction.
They murdered the Spider Queen.

After the Spider Queen's Death, many mourned her.
But sadness soon changed to hatred and rage.
There was a great war between the Arachnids and the Shadows.
Nobody won.
Most were destroyed.
The war continues.

The war began because of the Spider Queen's scythe.
The weapon that made the Spider Queen who she was.
It controlled all.
If ever destroyed, it would bring about the end of the Spider Queen.
From fear of the Clan of the Shadows' capturing it, the spiders hid it away somewhere secret and hidden.
To this day, no one knows where the scythe is...Or what its power is.

Eight is a sacred number to spiders.
Eight legs.
Eight eyes.
Eight souls.
The Spider Queen was murdered, but she was reborn...over...and over...and over.
It is said that on her eighth life, she and her clan will have enough power to destroy the Clan of the Shadows once and for all,
And save the world of spiders forever.
She is on her eighth life.
May Arachne save us all."

And then I blacked out once more.

This was the prophecy of Arachnoclan. Only the chosen leader would hear it, and assemble the clan together to fight the Clan of the Shadows. Apparently, I was the chosen leader, but I sure didn't feel like it.
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6/3/2011 21:23:52   

Defiant is a superhero, who was in-training for 4 years and has been a fully-fledged hero for just over 2 years now. Powers at his arsenal include ability to morph into a human-tiger hybrid, very high IQ, manipulation of several animals and high strength. Defiant is also extremely skilled in swords fighting and can master any weapon in a short time.

Watch this space. /wink

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6/3/2011 21:34:39   

Ancient Darkness is the dark lord who rules all of Shadmania and Drakeness. These are two realms that Ancient Darkness rule over. Shadmania used to be the light realm, Sumania. He is very mysterious and will never tell any of his plans to anyone, not even his trusted army second-in-command, War Pro who is his best soldier. He seem sto know alot about others, and their backstories due to his old age of 498. Ancient Darkness has many compainions who he has betrayed in the best and is claimed to be from 'Light'. 'Light' is a superhero who did many great deeds in SuperCity and waas latered rewarded death by Pandora, because of a villain she needed to defeat. Ancient Darkness has an opposite side who he despises, the seven year old Ancient Light. Ancient Light has great strength and sometimes has visions of his past life(Light). He owns one realm, because Ancient Darkness took over the Sumania when he was 5 years of age. The realm is called, Sumania Two, it consists of every light being that are existing. He comes from the endangered Light Being species who are said to possses special powers from light itself.

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6/3/2011 21:40:48   

Penumbra Onslaught

A long time ago, There was a ancient civilization called the "Sol" which consisted of Paladins and Crusaders. They believed that they existed because they had to fight off a Apocalypse like event called the "Penumbra Onslaught". The prophet of Sol says that one of there kind will turn on them, and summon Nuvoloso, the creator of the onslaught, by a dark crystal imbedded in the persons hand. Now that you know the tale, I can tell you the story.

Our story begins in the civilization of Sol, where there was a child just born, and a scream could be heard of horror. "MY SON IS THE THE ONE!?" A mother said yelling at the top of her lungs in anger. "WHY DOES THE LEGEND FORSAKE ME!?" she said looking the the black crystal on her baby's hand. At that time, guards came in carrying there spears and shields, "I'm sorry, but we will have to take him." One of the guards then viciously grabbed the baby and walked out while the other tried to hold off the mother desperately trying to get her son back. The guard walked out of the house and went off to the prophets house. As he was walking with the baby everyone around him scrambled around to stay as far away from the baby as possible, as if he had a corrosive skin disease. The guard barged open the large door to the prophets home and walked down the large hallway to get to the prophet sitting in a throne at the front. "It is time." the guard said. The guard gave the baby to the prophet. "This young boy shall be named Erebos, after the Greek god of deep darkness. He should also be confined in the room behind me and be taught and fed." the prophet said and then gave the Erebos back to the guard and the guard agreed put Erebos in the room behind the prophet.

15 years have passed and they taught the boy reading, and writing, and fed him regularly, but sparse. The boy questioned about why he was here, and where his mother was. The guards just answered "Because you are different.". What the guards didn't know is that someone...something, was secretly giving Erebos notes with dark spells and the truth written on them, so he could practice the magic to get out of the prison he was trapped in. The next day, when the guards where going to give him breakfast, stale bread and some expired milk, He decided that he was going to get out. "Here's your breakfast boy, enjoy it." The guard said throwing the tray on the ground. "Hey, um, Where's my steak?" Erebos said trying to buy time. "Steak!? You will never get ste-" At that time, Erebos took control of the guard. "That's what that spell does." Erebos said looking at his new hands. "Time to get out of this hell." While walking out he passed a few guards. "Hello Aetos, where you going?" Erebos jumped and looked at them. "Uh...I'm going...err..on a break..." Erebos said unsure. "Okay, have a good break." Erebos then walked out with a sigh of relief he went into a dark alley and turned back to normal leaving a knocked out guard on the ground. He then ran off.

10 years after he was living off the streets and wearing a black cloak and bandage around his hand so nobody noticed he had the dark crystal. One day it started glowing and the shadows around him started going into the crystal, somehow charging for something. One day while sleeping, something came out of the crystal, it was Nuvoloso. Erebos then woke up, surprised. "W-who are you?" "I am Nuvoloso." the dark being said. "Nuvoloso...that's Latin for Overcast..." Erebos said knowingly. "Yes...You can call me Overcast. Master." "But who are you? What are you?" questioned Erebos rubbing his eyes. "I am the one who will destory this world, and humanity, and you control me." Erebos then stood up, now noticing the legend was coming true. He told Overcast to start to attack, a few hours later, the whole city was on fire, and people where dead on the streets and dark monsters were attacking the guards. Erebos was floating in the middle of the city laughing with his red glowing eyes. But one Crusader was strong enough to banish Overcast, his name was Luce. Luce banished Overcast to Vacuus, a dimension filled with monsters that would give anybody a challenge to kill. Erebos then fell to the ground, "He still lives" Erebos said. Luce took Erebos to be executed, and so he was, but before, that Luce took the crystal out of his hand, and kept it locked forever.


1,000 years later, the civilization was no more than some rocks covered in vines and old statues. A few teens where walking though the forest when they found a temple. "Cool, look guys, It's a temple!" One of the teens said. "We should check it out!" They went inside the temple, it was dark and damp. "Uh...Bob, I don't think it's a good idea to be in here" "Shut up cry baby, I bet you there's treasure in here." They walked down the long hallway and noticed something glimmering in the distance. They ran up and grabbed it and the shadows swirled around the room, going into the crystal, and then Overcast came out of the crystal. In shock and surprise the teen dropped the crystal, freeing Overcast. Nobody really knows what happened to those teens, but they do know that Overcast still needs to fulfill the legend...

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6/3/2011 22:14:43   
Doom Desirer

A very long time ago, when space and time had just been brought into existense, a fire burned in the core of the multiverses. From the fire came beings of energy. These beings were the elemental beings of all the elements. They had children, and soon the fire brought a city into existense, then a nation, then a world. Then the entire universe had elemental beings. They lived in a land of peace until one day. On that day, people were doing their normal business. But one being wondered 'What is this fire that provides life?' He went to search it and he eventually found it. He approached it and touched it. And then the elemental being was banished as the fire sputterred out. The multiverses all turned dark with the distortion in space and time, or Continium.

Ugghhh. This was a grunt from an elemental spirit of time who was giving birth to a new baby. Her husband was the elemental spirit of space. Finally with a flash, the baby was born. He had a blue glow around him, the symbol of a powerful being. He had power over both space and time. An elemental sage had came to see them and he saw that this baby was the Continum fire reborn. The sage quickly called the great elemental banishers and Continium was sent to a different world. A world with humans. In this place, Continim opened his little eyes, and the power of the knowledge of time and space flew through him He used his powers and changed his age to a look from age 14 to age 21.

"I, am Continium reborn. My name shall be Range. And those, who try to stop me, will die."

4 years later....
Range had taken on the role of a hero. A dark hero, that is. It wasn't really Range's idea to go undercover with one of the Herospire officials, but after seeing how much the heroes needed him to help, he decided to go along. The mission was to infiltrate SkullDeep and set an explosion on the base of skulldeep.
"What do you think?" The official asked Range.
"I think you should use that telekinesis of yours and throw that guy with the red knight armour into a wall." was the reply.
"But I don't hhave telekinesis abilities."
Range flew out of Skulldeep by thrusting his sword upwards at the rock. The sword turned into a drill constructed out of spacial energy. In about two seconds, the drill left Range an open passage. Range flew out of Skulldeep after he retrieved his sword.

Range's coat flailed in the wind as he collected clouds and stuffed them in his pocket dimension he had created. When he retrieved the clouds from the pocket dimension, they were so condensed that it created a sword with the elements of air and water.

Just then, a pain struck Range, he had a..... half-brother? But this being is of a different race than I am..... how is this possible?

My brother is... David Blitz?

Range's shock crashed down on him.

2 months later... Range's perspective:
I was scanning the area, looking at the base of SkullDeep. There seemed to be villains gathered around, working on a digi-bomb remote. Digi-bombs were bombs that could destroy the software of an electronic. All you needed to do to use a digi-bomb was connect your H.A.L.Droid to an unarmed digi-bomb, mess with the wiring, and insert 50 volts of electricity in. Then you typed the system code of the machine, which everything was gained through the villain H.A.L.Droid and then press the detontation signal.

All of a sudden somebody saw me, and used telekinesis to raise me into the air and choke me.
"Hey, intruder! Thought ya could get away with eavesdropping on our plans? Huh? Here's a pain you won't forget!" and then he continued choking me harder. I never felt a more painful pain in my entire existense. The air was being squeezed out of my lungs. Then I closed my eyes and concentrated. Time stopped as a sword thrust out of the Psychic's lungs. Then I fell to the ground. I summoned my sword and started slashing. A villain caught my sword with his strike and my sword clattered to the ground. A pyromaniac shot a burst of fire at me, which, burned, ALOT. Ignoring the pain I solidified the fire and created an axe out of it. I swung the axe with inhuman might, axe blazing. It caught a villain in the back, and left a flaming grave. I manipulated the flame to jump on to my axe, and then I pointed the axe at the villains, and said, "Firus." Burn. And all the villains burned.

I'll finish this later.....

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delta blitz

I was born David The Nega(in respect to my father) Blitz, son of spacial(my mother) and negative energy(my father) and brother to temporal energy. Even though I was born in a race of powerful energy beings I was more powerful than anyone had ever seen. I was born a extremely rare and powerful energy type called zero energy(the energy of the creation and destruction of omniverses and dimensions). My power at birth surpassed even that of King Athos of the void. The first 100 years of my life was wonderful, I lived peacefully with my family,made friends with princess Maura(energy being of shadow and psychic energy) and I seen many different planets. But then one day fate hit me like a brick wall.

I was off on the planet Aether studying the race of humans who had dragonblood flowing through them. They interested me with their powerful, yet graceful style of living. But little did I know as I was away from my family,King Athos tired of being second best absorbed my family members one by one. When I had came back to tell my family of my great adventure they were gone. So I went to see princess Maura hopeing that she knew where they were and sadly she did know.She told me her father went insane and absorbed my family members and then flew off into the void dimension. Filled with blind fury I warped into the void dimension ignoring the princess crys to calm down and think reasonably. In the void I found him and he said "So you have come boy"? I dont remeber what happened in that battle but the next thing I knew Athos had a bowling ball sized hole in his chest and I was standing over him with my foot on his head. I used my zero gravidon( erase from existance) on him and as he began to fade his last words was "Hahaha Good job boy you have your revenge but I have the lives of your family. I guess we are even now huh"? Those words stung like a blast of negative energy at a point blank range. I warped back to princess Maura and told her that her father was no more. But instead of being mad at me she consoled me for my lost and then she gave me the positon as her personal body guard. Ten years passed and as every year passed I became more and more depressed and more negative. My heart had faded away five years before. The princess seeing this tried to tell me everything would be alright and that they were in a better place but the pain of their lost would not go away. So then one day a energy being of darkness energy came after the princesses head but I stopped him,so he fled to a new galaxy. Seeing this as a opportunity for me to find myself and to cheer myself up the princess ordered me to chase after the energy being and bring him back for judgement. I followed the energy being to a planet full of many wonders and powerful beings. They called themselves superheroes and villains. Exploring this planet a new urge came over me. A urge to prove my existance and a urge to kill.

I joined a reality bender named clown and his clan of chaos hopeing to find myself a purpose,but sadly in my search I lost myself and I had became the monster I worked so hard to destroy. I killed many of villains and heroes(absorbing their life energy) all in the name of my chaos but then one day one seemingly ordinary human confronted me calling me a monster. I shrugged him off saying that I know Im a monster and that is my way of life.But then the human said what would your princess think if she saw you in this state and I was amazed that he knew so much about me. I told him that I did good by killing off villains and that I keep myself from killing off heroes as much. But then he said you are just a purposeless monster who plays both side and I will stop you even if it costes me my life!!His bravado and courage to stand up to a being like myself baffled me. So I asked his name and he said Gray Silouhete and then he left me to think to myself. His words had struck a cord in me that called to my inner hero. So I sat there confused and podered to myself until finally I came to the conclusion to go back and speak with princess Maura.

When I came back to her castle she greeted me with a warm welcome but then her eyes widen when she looked into my souless eyes. She looked at me like she was staring at evil incarnate. Then I spoke to her telling her of my dark deeds and begging her for forgiveness and help. She stared at me for a long time until finally saying what ever happened to the hero who wanted to protect everyone? Then I replied how can I be a hero when I can't even save myself. Then the princess said one of the most wisest things i ever heard."A hero isnt someone who always does good but rather a hero is someone who does what is right". Her words broke the chains that loneliness and purposelessness had put on me. So teary eyed I thanked her and promised to redeem myself and with that I left her to go back to my mission of catching the energy being of darkness. Now adays Im still Im learning more about myself and am doing what I can to redeem myself by stopping villains and curing chaos. I am a hero of loneliness who is shunned on all sides and called monster. But I dont care because I will be that monster who protects everyone and does what is right.

David The Nega Blitz
Hero of Loneliness
Never forgiven but always a hero who does what is right

my current story is here
and its dissucusion is here
Feel free to comment and check it out.

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6/4/2011 3:05:27   
Crystal Lion

Now, this is how the American Lions came to be.

Once upon a time, magic was everywhere. People's dreams and hopes could become real with the help of magic. It was what made fairytales and Lore exist. Animals and people could speak to each other freely. Many a brave knight ran around on their errands. There was a lion-knight, Crystal Lion, who did many great things. Eventually, she married a wolf-warrior with her parents' blessing. They had a daughter who followed in her parents' footsteps...

Sadly, as time went by, people began to doubt the power of magic. Dreams and wishes were dismissed as mere fanciful ideas. Eventually, Lore and its people were forgotten, and magic died.

Only a tiny handful of people were capable of using magic after it fizzled out. Pandora was one of them. One day, she fought the enemy that would consume all of Earth, and her heart burst into millions of pieces. The pieces scattered all over the world, and their beating revived the magic that had been dead for so long. It had been eight centuries since the stuff of fairytales existed.

It was said that when Pandora performed her sacrifice, green stars fell from the sky. Now, the earthlings could become the legends that had been buried long ago. Mulan-likes, Robin Hoods, magic painters and elementalists would roam city streets once again, as had been done once upon a time. And a pair of lions are among them.

The following paragraphs are mainly for my current HS characters. I'll probably post the other characters' biographies even though they may not exist ingame.

Atroxia "Attie" Lion. (Exists ingame.)
Her name may be Latin for "cruel" or "horrifying" but Atroxia isn't in the least bit cruel. She is very fond of sports, unlike her older twin. Atroxia's powers are mainly poison and martial-arts based. Atroxia was tangled in the world of superheroes after running errands with her sister during their college break. She is terribly shy and doesn't like holding people except her twin and her parents. Despite this shyness, she often ends up having to carry injured or troubled people.

Artisa "Isabel" Lion. (Exists ingame.)
An artistic young woman with nimble hands. Her powers rely more on art illusions than physical prowess, although she is handy with a blade at times. Artisa is more outgoing than her younger twin and is a part time art tutor for little kids on her college break. Unlike her twin, Artisa doesn't like sports. She prefers to spend her time surrounded by art and books.

Herakaris Bircokeller. (Exists ingame.)
A descendant of Ice and Meg. The two bloodlines had mated centuries after those two lived on Lore. Hera's powers are sound and ESP-based. She can sing to motivate people or to give them enormous headaches because she inherited the canines' legendary howling voice. Hera also can shoot quite accurately due to being related to Meg, and a lot of firearm training.

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6/4/2011 8:51:58   

Character Bio: The Dealer

Little is known of this mysterious being. Some claim he is a man who seeks power, and will do a chain of deals untill he can grasp something even the gods would give him power for. Others claim he is a demon, making dark deals to corrupt and steal people's souls for his demonic masters. The Dealer himself will tell you he is but a mortal man who enjoys his job. Mind you, he will also point out he IS one of wealth and taste...

Many villains often come to him for many things. He offers powers, minions, weapons of mass doom, and even simple things like a decent lair or a good sidekick. He always asks that you pay in cash if you can. However, if you don't have the cash, there is always the Alternative Payment Service. It might be a favor. It might be an item. He won't ask for souls unless you are talking about a VERY expensive item or items. But there is always a way to pay. Just make sure you can afford the price...

He sometimes does deals with heroes too. But in such cases, a hero needs to be carefull what he offers. If not, he will lure you in with words of gold, and trap you in a cage that you basicly begged for. Words are very tricky things after all, and The Dealer is one of the best at spinning a web of truths. Yes, truths, for The Dealer does not lie. He lets you do that for him...

Do not be fooled by his lack of power or that he can't punch you through a building without gadgets, or by his nice persona, even though that last one is true. The Dealer is one of the most evil, powerful and deadly beings of Super City due to his talents for words alone, and if he ever talks to you, it would be wise of you to keep that in mind.
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6/4/2011 10:19:37   
Gray Silhouette


Character Bio: Gray Silhouette

Not all heroes were infected with the Malachite Mutation. Not all of us have super powers. But we are to be feared by criminals sometimes more than any other Hero Smashers. I have seen the so called Noble, Just, Incorruptible fall to the poisons of Compromise. My City has tolerated so much filth, so many lies, so much madness.

My name is Gray Silhouette. I lurk in the shadows. Striking fear in those who prey on fear. Silent as dark silhouette. Watching for those who dare to threaten the innocent. I strike with no mercy on those who have fallen to compromise. Weak fools all.

I am incorruptible. Never Compromising. Never showing weakness. All for her….EVERYTHING FOR HER! For…without her…I was nothing. I promised I would never fall to corruption. Never fall into their abyss. So I take no prisoners. No archenemies to pretend they reformed and parole only to cause more madness.

They are filthy dogs all. Monsters. Selfish beasts. I take down the untouchables. I remove the vermin who dare invest my City. I shall clean the filth out of my city.

I am hunted by the police. Vigilante Nutcase they call me. A Bloodthirsty Avenger with no respect of the law.

BAH! Hypocrites. Corrupt officials and politicians promising change and preaching about war against crime. I am the war against crime.

My life as a innocent ended when my Rachel died. Her murderer…a grinning Harlequin; crying madness and Chaos.
They called him Clown the Jester, I call him filth. He murdered my love, taunting me as I failed to stop him. His powers to great, and I was not ready for the life of Gray Silhouette. As she died, my love asked me never to Compromise. ALL FOR HER! EVERYTHING FOR HER! For she is dead because I was weak. I will never be weak again.

I spent years training from the best of the best. Every form of combat taught by countless senseis, boxing trainers, street fighters, army generals.
I was taught criminal science from the leading experts. I trained my mind to remember all things. To see connections where there seemed to be none. I studied Physiology to understand how a criminal would think and act.

After so many years. I was ready. Using my three main weapons to guide me.
1.My fists 2. My gadgets. 3. Fear.

Criminals fear going out a night. For they now know...every time they go into the shadows, they are not alone.

I have written case files on the mysteries of this city, including the greatest mystery of all. The Mastermind. A hidden force that runs all the criminal elements of Super City as well as Skull Deep.

I watch in the alleys, the darkness, anywhere the filth dares to show it’s head.

I will take them all down. Never Compromise, never surrender, never back down. All for her. Because without her…I was nothing.

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read Clown the Jester and My new story,

Comedy and Tragedy.

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6/4/2011 20:15:08   

~Origin of Jae, Mind Bender~

She is a skilled psychic that fights to defend all the miracles left in Super City. Her name is Jae Birde, daughter of the brilliant Professor Charle's Birde. After the tragic death of her father in a lab explosion, Jae was sent by the government to live in an isolated facility - a mansion owned by an older woman named Margaret. Margaret raises Jae, teaching her how to cope with her terrible headaches as her Smasher abilities develop.

Jae tries to live a normal life in Super City, working as a secretary in the Corporal offices. But, after forming a brief alliance with ILlussion to take down one of Super City's biggest threats, Dr. Insecro, she is labeled as a heroine. She still attempts to keep a low profile when she walks the streets. Within her heart, Jae longs to join the League of heroes that reside in HeroSpire and to one day become as meaningful as the legendary Pandora - the Greatest of Super City's heroes.

Sensitive and kind, Jae will do her utmost to protect all that is dear to her, even if it means facing the darkness hidden within her past. She believes in the motto, "Mind, Heart, and Soul", completely inspired by Pandora's ultimate Sacrifice.

However, more of Jae's lifestory can be revealed in another story that I am completing: The Puppet Master

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Clown the Jester

When life gets to hard, or you feel like nobody is laughing at your jokes...Even when you...know...it's...FUNNY! You may feel a little stress over the old noggin. The mind tends to snap when the World tries to step on ya...soon you go CRAZY! Howling at the moon, wearing Clown makeup, and start spreading the true Joke...as holy as a book of faith.

Soon you see life is a joke, morals are a gag, conscious or fears melt away like cotton candy in your mouth. Soon...you become more animal then man. You become a Clown. You let go, and let insanity swallow you. Only then are you truly living. HA HA HA!

I am Clown the Jester. Prince of Fools, Ringleader of the Chaos Carnival, Harlequin of Insanity.

I bring Chaos, Murder, Madness, Anarchy, Insanity, and Comedy to whoever I meet.

I was once a simple reality manipulator...small time...then...heh heh heh...things changed...the simple Clown became Super Clown! Then I over ran the Super City...turning it into My own personal Chaos City...heh heh heh....Good and Evil were at my knees.

No one was prepared for such an incredible Show I was bringing. The entire city....heh heh....howling with laughter.

Reality was my toy. I could change anything and everything. I could destory the Multiuniverse, recreate it. I could break all laws of physics.

I destroyed Skull Deep, Hero Spire, slaughtered countless heroes and Villains with a mere wave of my hand. Millions dead. The streets overflowing with the blood of innocents. All the insane, the twisted, the vial were out of their cages spreading my work to the so called "Sanes".

I altered the universe to my own image. A Void of madness...of comedy....heh heh heh.

I was unstoppable...not even the Great and Powerful Drakkoniss could stop me. I was top of the world. Unmatched, invincible.

I had it all planned out. For my finally...I would kill Drakkoniss...my archenemy. A last laugh. The Final Curtain Call... A Grande Finale. He and I in a fight to define all fights. No other two foes could ever hope to match our war...


His amigo Gray Silhouette had an ace up his sleeve, tricked me. Removed my powers. Though it was a good prank on me. HEE HEE HEE HEE!

But I'm back now, and I'll as motivated as ever. I got some pranks in mind for this City. This City will see a show that's never been seen before.

Good and Evil are bad jokes, both trying to seperate themselves from one another...claiming to be seperate entities...HA HA HA! They are the same...both fools, both hypocrites...both no longer funny...old jokes...

I will bring down their Comedy Acts...topple em like a house of Cards...and ONLY MY CIRCUS TENT WILL REMAIN STANDING! WA HA HA HA!

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The Drakkonian Chronicles, part 1 .

Long ago, in a distant land, I A... wait a minute... wrong story...

Here is mine:

It was five days after the sacrifice of Pandora... I personally had seen a portion of the fight... not much though...

Many people were still in shock about what happened, and there were talks of what they would do now, along with a general panic.

I personally was not in quite such a fear driven hyseria as much of the people were... sure I was concerned, but I didn't think there was no need to panic in my oppinion; We could deal with it when the time came, or, if not, then is the time to worry, not now, when nothing is threatening us... I pitied them... In all the vehemont panic many people were taking advantage, and it was becoming dangerous to be on the streets...

As the days went on, I still had to do my job, and one day when I was in the middle of a trial where I was trying to put a murderer (who had killed a shop owner while robbing him of all his store's cash, and then was cornered by the police, and went quietly) in prison, where he belonged... At the end of the trial, after he had been pronounced guilty, and sentenced, something strange happened... the convicted murderer became angry, (as people are sometimes prone to after being sentenced to 20 years in prison) and he ,unlike the many other convicts that have gone previously to the slammer by my hand, did something unprecedented... He shot beams of energy out of his eyes, which froze anything they came into contact with.
The first thing to be hit with his deadly gaze was the jury, all of who were killed it, as he swayed his vision (at first in panic, and then purposefully, as he wreaked his revenge upon them). Next to fall was the judge, who had been judged well indeed, and had been hated by many a criminal in the past, including this one.

While most people would panic in this situation, I did not. While he was distracted with his new power, and killing innocent people, I tackled him. When he fell down, I took control of the moment, and proceeded to pummel him into submission with my fists... While I did so, the spontaniously cought on fire... As you can imagine, this is not something I would have suspected, but I continued to pound him into submission to the point at which the security personel had to pull me off him.

He died shortly after that, from a combination of shock, blunt trauma to the skull which resulted in brain dammage via shards of bone impacting grey matter, and severe heat damage which included burns to the face and neck, along with aparent boiling of the blood in his face and brain...

I personally was shocked, and appauled at what I had done... after a while, I went home, deeply distressed and still somewhat in a state of disbelief... When I got there, I explained it to my wife, and parents, who were over there that day to visit and have dinner after I got home, and told them I was going to bed.

That night 2 things that would change my life happened. I will explain them here: That night someone arived at my home. He came up to my wife and said, "Time to die, beautiful." and lifted her by the neck, laughing all the while, and suddenly his eyes glowed, and she cought on fire. My parents were still there when this occured, and while my mother screamed, my father pulled out a gun, and shot him in the side. This did not even phase him, and he pointed his other arm at him, palm open, and a stream of flame erupted and engulfed him, and caused a burning inferno. As my house cought on fire, there was nothing I could do, but watch as my loved ones were burnt to death. The heat was so intense that nothing should have been able to survive... but I did... I don't remember what happened while he was there, very much, but I remember the burning hatred it left me with... and my urge to stop people like him from ruining this city.

After that, as I stumbled from the burning building, I heard a voice. It told me that it could give me the power I needed to fight evil. It warned me that I might experience more of the same agony that I felt if I accepted. It told me that if I accepted that I would have to leave this city for a while, but that I would be able to return. I did. I accepted all of it, and I yearned for revenge.

The Drakkonian Chronicles, part deux

Shortly after the events of the previous chapter...

As I left the city I noticed changes... My vission had gotten sharper... I... knew things... about whatever I looked at... things I shouldn't know... chemical make-up... all the tiny cracks and ridges of the street... it felt... weird... different; I had changed... I wasn't the same as I had been just a few short hours ago... not only did I apparently have strange powers, but my entire way of thinking was different... I didn't even have to think about the information I was getting... I completely understood...

I saw people... so many of them were different now... changing right before my eyes... the majority of the city would soon have powers... like me... if not the same...

As you can immagine, after all this I was... as some might say... freaked out... Even I was now beyond the mental threshold for calm. Panic took hold... I ran. I ran from the city just like I was told to, even if I didn't do it because I was told...

Soon I wasn't just running. At some point in time I took flight... As most of you know, most of us now have the power of flight... if not all. It's not the same as it was once society got used to the idea... it sent me into even deeper panic... and everyone around me... I saw people running left and right... fleeing from me as if I was some freak... or a monster... ready to swoop down and devour them...

As I ran... something strange happened... one second I was in the city; the next I looked around, and I was in a maze of churning colors and darkness... my eyes told me that, layered thoughout was a cacophony of illusions and portals... and... though I could see that they were there, I could actually see past the illusions... I knew where the portals went, and all I could do was stand there stupified... for a long time I couldn't make sense of what was going on... I knew what had happened, I had slipped into another world... but I couldn't make sense of what had happened to me to get me there...

After a while, I felt an urge to go forward... I couldn't resist... I even tried to rationalize it, saying that I thought I couldn't just stay there... but I knew it wasn't me that was urging my body to walk... or float, rather... into that glowing portal...

As I emerged into broad daylight from the whirlwind of colors and images, I noticed that my eyes didn't even have to adjust... "Odd..." I said to myself, as I took in the view of a high rocky mountain, which now enveloped my field of vission...

Back in the real world, the sense of surreality began to fade...

After a while of gazing upon my new surroundings, I heard the same voice again... It told me to look upon my new home, and be glad... It told me that that I had but to immagine how I would like my new home to be, and it would be so...

And so I built...

Part Trois: The Dark Night

12 hours later...

As I walked down the hall, I continued thinking what more I could add to my fortress, hidden in the mountains (with special generators to create the illusion of the mountain being as it was before it was created), to which I had added so many things already... I had even made it in a way which would allow it to change to my will at a later time... nanobots throughout the facility were made specifically to rearange the matter to my whims, as my mind dictated they change it... Completely automated medical facilities... combat simulators capable of replicating any situation I could remember or imagine...
laboratories filled with all the scientific instruments I could possibly need in the future... a room for generating weaponry I see fit to require of it... a dining hall that had a device to molecularly reconstruct supplies into any food of my choosing... a viewing room for seeing what was going on in the world, by measuring the collisions of molecules based on previous information, and stored data, to be able to show almost any place in the universe (it also doubles for a tv/videogame room)... an entertainment room with all non-digital games I know of, and a few ones I do (such as the chess set actually being able to be played against a computer)... extensive rest facilities...

I had designed it with space manipulation in mind, so that the inside was actually more vast than the outside would make it seem... albeit the outside is still very large... I had used that to my advantage when I had designed the defenses of my new home... I am still thinking of those...


As day was ending, and night's sweet embrace began to envelop my home, I was just about to go to sleep, when the voice contacted me again... It said, " Do not let your mind wander, yet, this night. You still have work to do," and then, "Fly up to the peak of the mountain, and look upon the town that rests in the plain. There you shall meet your first foe on your journey to fight evil, as was agreed."

I did as I was told, although I was tired, and beheld the town of Greyhaven, under siege. It was not under attack by an army, however, but a man... As I watched the destruction, rage burned inside of me, as buildings cought fire, and burned... My thoughts shifted to the inferno I had somehow survived last night, and I rose into the air without conciously willing it... After a moment, I noticed my elevated possition, but I was not so suprised any more...

I sped towards my enemy like an arrow, and punched the side of his face hard enough to knock him out of the air, and into the side of the the house he was floating beside, shouting, " I WILL NOT LET YOU KILL ANY MORE!!!!!!!"
"WHO'S GONNA STOP ME?" he retorted, as he kicked off of the building, and tackled me, in mid air.
"I am," I said, and smiled as I looked into his eyes with his hands clenched in mine, as my fires burned them. Oh, how he screamed in pain as the flesh was seared off... but then he kicked me in the chest, , hoping to escape the pain, and sending me into the building behind me... That, made me angry...

My fury welled up in side of me, and as I glared at him, he burst apart amidst a torrent of flames, which I, myself, had ignited, as my eyes glowed dark red, and energy poured out of them.

Thus, was his death, and my first triumph in my quest...

Afterwords, when the fires were put out, the survivors came to greet me... they offered me thanks, and I was allowed to stay in the home of a lady named Alaiyna... I was even given a new set of clothes, to replace the suit I had been wearing ever since I left the city... They were a nice people... not too many criminals, and many kind, honest, working men and woman that make up the staple of a small town's economy... all destined to die a premature death...


Later that night, I awoke... the city was burning... I was in middle of the street... burning, dismembered, bodies all around me... the stench of blood everywhere...

My head was racing... ideas and explainations poping in and out of my thoughts... one of them was that I might have done it myself, when I was asleep... I had heard there cases of people doing crazy things in there sleep... people who's brains didn't work properly, and didn't stop the body from moving while the dream... I discounted that, though... I had never had that sort of problem before... the idea still stuck in my head though... I thought my new powers might have caused biological changes in my body... or maybe there was something else causing that to happen... It could have been someone else, but I doubted it...

Soon, I could not endure my stay in this forsaken town any longer, and returned to my new home with melancholy in my heart...

Part 4: Death...

And so, I arived, gazing past the illustrious facades that decorated the entrance, while I pondered what had happened in such a short time- my life, as I knew it, destroyed. My wife and unborn child slain. My mother and father gone.

Bile rose from deep in my throat, as I fell to my knees and heaved. Tears streamed from my eyes, as I beat on the floor, and the marble fresco cracked apart. Pure sorrow and self pity. A sense of hatred, and myself, and at the world, for my not being able to do a single thing about it, and somehow being able to escape the death I wished upon myself so badly.

The voices, all arround, the vissions of things incomprehensible, yet understood. The pain; The loss of so much. The deaths of the many I had thought saved, in that poor place: all these things, all streaming through my head, as I wandered aimlessly across my new abode, covered in blood and vomit, shuddering at the memories, all rushing back.

My hand kept me steady, as I walked along the wall, and then stumbling past the fountain in the midst of the titanic aquarium I had built, I eventually came to the regal bathroom the exhorbidance of design of which made me wonder why I had even cared.

My mind had been kept busy by the constant rush of things to do, and the ammount of sheer ideas I had, with my newly improved mind, but as I sank below the steaming water, it all seemed such a farce, making such things for entertainment and beauty, when the love of my life was gone. All joy had been ripped away from me, I thought. My life would be that of a killer, destroying others, and what they have, supposedly for the greater good, all the while empty.

I wanted to drown. I wanted to end it all there, as water flowed over my body, constantly renewing itself and passing away, deep into the systems I had designed. My body wouldn't let me. Though my lungs would fill with liquid, my life would continue.

I tore open my arms with while I trembled there, clenching them like a security blanket, and blood continued to flow, seemingly with no end, as the spirits of the dead and eldritch plains beyond human understanding moaned and passed, all around.

No peace. Not for me.

As I laid there, thoughts of the dead finding peace washed over me, and it seemed strange... and fundamentally wrong. How could they be here, and what could that mean?

Eventually, I climbed out, and clothed myself in the synthetic white tiger fur robe I had placed there before the night. I walked to where I would sleep, my surroundings shifting around me, reflecting my dark thoughts. Iron, obsidian; Dark saphire, and blood stained rubies; Arcs and spirals. Gates and statues of black creatures. Demons; Vehemont dragons that seemed a little too real, and seemed to shift possition as I passed.

Finally, I reached it, my room's entrance having transformed into a tremendous gold-enameled arch, made of a glowing dark material with no name that man has ever given it.

In the center of the arch, surged a dark portal of black swirling energy, lighting like blood streaming out, wreathing a hooded figure in the midst of it.

"Halt," uttered the archon of destruction and mortal passing- for it was he, Death incarnate, shepherd of the damned, bringer of ill fortune, reaper of souls. Darkness seethed from his being, and stretched towards me, tendrils reaching out, seeking to drag me into the depths.

He motioned towards me, a single boney digit slowly rising to point at my heart.

A chill crept up my spine.

I was not dead, but I felt an aching pain, as if my soul were tormented in the bowels of Hell, all the same. My body went numb, and I couldn't speak. My footsteps ceased, and my heart stopped for a moment, as I gasped for breath, as if in the void of space, my lungs collapsing, as they tried to pull in air I no longer needed.

"You," he hissed, a serpentine sound of air passing through the hall, like the wind, escaping him, "you are... a special case. You wish our meeting to come early, and I have come. What say you?"


"SILENCE!!!" the sound boomed, a scream of banshies, and a roar of ten thousand dragons. The lightning burst forth with renewed vigor. "You... You will not have such an easy fate. You will suffer pain the likes of no man who has ever lived, and you shall die many times, but Death shall not have you;- You will break, mortal. You shall reave destruction and pain unto your enemies, and you shall bring me no end of annoyance, but I shall not touch you! ...I cannot."

A flurry of snarls came from behind him, threefold, from the maws of a fiendish hound with glowing red eyes, and a striking black coat, with spikey locks shifting along its length, shishing about as if they were about to strike, giving adding to its appearace of menace and sheer hatred. Spikes ran down its necks and back, and scars layered its coat, down its flanks and upon its legs. Its tail swished back and forth, the gaping jaws of serpents emerging along its length, coming in and out, shifting back into the shadows of its body, as if they were a part, yet weren't. Saliva and venom dripped from its mouths, streaming down the teeth that would have more fit a dragon than a canine. Its numerous ears swept across its heads, back in as if it wished to rip me apart, and yet it restrained itself.

He walked up to me, and with a feeling of dread, I was gripped by the collar.

With a single punch, I was knocked to the floor. Cold enveloped me, and I lost the will to get up and fight. I faded into a sleep, hearing him seethe with malice, "Enjoy."


"A-alex..." I heard, as I awoke.

"It's ok, Alex," she said, as she reached out her spectral arm to my shoulder, and the hand scattered and disolved like mist, while I rolled over.

"Sonia, I-" and she shied away, turning her head to the side, as if in shame. "I'm sorry I could do nothing."

"Don't think that way! It... it wasn't your fault. There was nothing you could have done," she said, with an awkward smile, as her twilight form shimmered in the light of the place.

"I can't stay long, but I don't want you to think like that." She knelt down, and my lost love's knees seemed and hand seemed to support her, bodiless, though she was.

I stuggled to think of something to say, as I lifted myself off the cold stone floor, and managed to sputter out, "You still look so beautiful," and tried to stroke her cheek, but only passing it through, as the awkward feeling grew and time passed.

Tears streamed surreally from her eyes, and she tried to throw herself on me, meeting with just as much success, but holding herself back from passing through me.

"Oh, Alex, I want to be with you so badly, I- not so soon! You can't!" and she was pulled away, dragged into the dark abyss of the swirling pain embodied, reaching out and looking at me with a pleading face.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" was my cry, gripped with pain and sorrow, primal and marked with desperation. I cried towards the heavens, and the my shout was met with nothing but emptiness.

I would never see her again while I yet lived, nor for many deaths thereafter.

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Hiya! im kinda new here but i want to get
involved in the forums so here is my character bio

I am known by many names but my favorite name is the name Celestin and here is my story:
When I was only a child i lived with a mysterious man named Desolous, he told me stories of how one day
i would do great things but i being a logical person only shrugged when he told me such things and thought all parents
think their children would do great things, but in reality this man was not my father, in fact we weren't even related.
As a child I suffered from horrifying nightmares in which people die all the time, life was treated like nothing, and watching endless
war in a post apocalyptic world, these nightmares were so vivid, i couldn't tell if they really happened,and often i would be only watching these horrifying events take place from above, BUT other times i would in the these wars all alone having to fend for myself. One particular thing i noted was that there were no humans in these wars but rather other wordly creatures few people even have the ability to imagine.One day i told Desolous of this and after some mumbling he decided to tell me something i'll never forget. I am not human...... i along with Desolous am actually one of the few survivors of a race of intelligent, peaceful, heavenly beings whose appearance are surprisingly human called Seraphians. We originated in the lost world of Kiyoshi but a mysterious event caused the extinction of ourkind and the demise of our planet including all the other species of creatures inhabiting it and a war to take place. He told of how i was only an infant when my father, the king of Kiyoshi ordered Desolous, his closest friend to escape with me to another world and to salvation....

Desolous also told me of how i wasn't dreaming they were actually visions of what happened on our planet and how when the time came Desolous would have to leave me to fend for myself and to find a purpose for my existence. What he failed to tell me was
how soon that time actually was. When i was 12, i started hearing voices in my head and Desolous told me those were my latent telepathic powers finally appearing because although every Seraphian could fly, the royal blood line for some reason thats unexplained have greater powers than other normal Seraphians, and i would only get stronger with training. Within weeks of my powers sudden appearance, Desolous diappeared and as i searched our entire house i found only 1 piece of evidence that this man ever existed, a note with few words and no reason: "Im sorry but the time has finally come, i hope you can forgive me, good luck and farewell. Sincerely, Desolous

To this day i still have that note and keep it close as one of my few treasured possesions. I am now 15 and have taken up the
position of a hero because due to the tragedies i witnessed and at the same time did not witness i value life that much more
now. I often find a voice unlike any other whispering at the back of my head telling me what i could accomplish if i only changed my methods. Although i fear i may one day give into the voice, i try to pay no attention to it .......... for now,at least ..........

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My backstory... containing quite some interesting things most of you had never heard.

Velmur didn't always believe in Peace. His father, the great and noble Dragonlord, had, for awhile anyway.
With the clan, The Angel StiX, he had the highest ranks going through AQW time in Peace. Then, he slipped, becoming evil and going to the Shadowscythe.
Knowing the great Gravelyn, he had a child with her, but sadly their marriage didn't last long. The baby went with Gravelyn, and Guinea, who was always mistaken for his dragon's name, Velmur, moved out to once again become a hero.
Months later, Guinea found a baby at his doorstep. Picking it up, he found a note.

~To Guinea~
Guinea, I don't have much time. There is a great war going on, between us and Chaos. I don't know if I'll live. I had to send our child, Velmur, to you. Here he is. He has great darkness and shadow powers, guard him well.
Love, Gravelyn~~

Guinea, tears falling from his eyes, picked up the baby. He was a cute one, blond hair and blue eyes, like his father. Soon it would turn to black eyes and hair, sadly. A form of darkness radiated out of him, worrying Guinea. But, Guinea raised Velmur anyway, watching him grow and change from a cute boy to a creepy ten-year-old. While out training, Velmur wanted to show Guinea one of his many tricks.

"Hey dad! WATCH!" Velmur cried, creating a ball of darkness in front of him. Just then, a Clown popped out. Laughing, he pushed Velmur in, while Guinea screamed,
"NOOOO!! MY SON!" Then the portal disappeared. Velmur was gone.
When Velmur landed, he felt dizzy. He looked down, to see he had no feet, just pointed legs.
He sighed, brushing his messy black hair back. That annoying Clown was no where to be seen, and Velmur was so angry he could melt titanium.

And from then on, Velmur raised himself, eventually going to school. At the age of thirteen, he ran into a strange character. The
Dealer. He knew of Velmur's deadly grandfather, Sepulchure, and was willing to give Velmur a power to enhance his great dark powers. A doom weapon. But instead of giving him powers, it took them away.
Sad, angry, Velmur did the one thing he could do. Got at the top on his class. But later, he got killed by Ancient Darkness, a villain who invaded his school and shot him in the head.

In the void, the great god of Water, Thanthoses, contacted him, giving him a chance at bringing light to the world. Now, Velmur's the Minor god of Peace, on his way to being a real, full-fledged god.

Waddaya think?

By the way, I really was part of the Angel StiX, or ASX.

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Velmur likes Peace.
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My backstory is a pretty normal super hero/villain cration, random chemicals in a lab, but I use my powers for good and evil (tilting more towards evil) and I was cursed that when I touch a girl that I'm not freinds with (don't ask how the curse knows) the colors of my hair and armor turn in to that person's colors. (yes it's werid but I dont care)
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The Origin of Wind

Wind never knew his parents. His father left while his wife was pregnant, and his mother died while giving birth. He was raised by his uncle, an accountant.

He was a small child when Pandora made the ultimate sacrifice. In the following years he kept having nightmares of increasing intensity. In his late teens he had his first vision. It was absolutely terrifying, and he does not speak about it.

Wind's powers are visions of the future. He still has little control over them. They come unexpectedly, visions of events he will be involved in. They are always centered on one person or sentient being that he can telepathically speak to (inside the vision, but the future version of the person really experiences it). He is developing more casual mental powers, but so far isn't very proficient in them. His dream is to one day be able to levitate himself, as he always wanted to fly.

He always wanted to work with animals, so when he grew up he became a zoo keeper. He has a good hand with animals and they like him.

One of his visions involved a robbery, and he decided to prevent it. He covered his face to be more believable and warned the shop owner about it. More visions like that proceeded, and both the heroes and the villains realized that there's someone warning people about robberies.

Some villains teamed up and set up a bank robbery, while keeping watch on the bank to see if anyone suspicious will come. And Wind arrived. The villains confronted him, but Wind predicted that too and contacted some heroes beforehands, ensuring their help.

Afterwards, the heroes convinced Wind that he should be more involved with crime fighting, as his abilities are useful. He chose the nickname "Wind", as he always felt somehow attuned to the wind. He knew that, apart from the visions, there's not much he can do to keep himself alive, so he seeked a psychic more proficient than him. He found Jae, and currently learns from her, while helping with fighting crime.

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The most interesting backstory you'll ever read... even if the delivery isn't top-notch.

I know what i was supposed to be: the best, the strongest, the so-called 'super soldier' that could destroy all who got in my way, including Herospire, and still have enough time and energy for a cup of Earl of Grey... or perhaps Rain Flower. I wasn't the first attempt at a super soldier, as I later found out, and also found additional notes within the moderately sized room I was in. Most of them were just information on who I am, a couple history books that I've been studying, and the others before me, but one of them stood out as apparently very important: CONTAINS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL 53|_|= 4\\/\\/4|23|\|355 * PROGRAM! EXTREME CAUTION MANDATED! I wasn't able to find out about this... program since there was no one in the area, and even when I asked about it to everyone I saw, they claimed to know no such thing. The last person I asked told me to follow him to a large training chamber, during the session therein was unrelenting. I had actually felt discomfort of some sort afterwards, which was generally unheard of with the others... they felt nothing throughout the 45-minute gauntlet, but I did... Clearly, I couldn't show the feeling to anyone, lest it started a mass paranoia assault across every corner of Skulldeep, but when I was finally released I hastily made back toward where my supposed 'home' was. The scientist who had shortly arrived before me proved himself to be my creator, along with several others that I noticed in the gauntlet. He explained that I was the first to have that experimental program and that it was meant to, simply, imitate natural life. The latter part genuinely surprised me: a synthetic entity designed to have feelings and emotions just like almost everyone else? Clearly not an easy feat, which would logically explain the experimental part of it. After reminding me that my 'hands' (they're actually rather brutal weapons embedded into my arms that give new meaning to overkill; I have no real hands) are damascus sharp, he gives me a long and admittedly tedious lecture about emotions and how they affect literally everyone who notices. He was interrupted by what looked like a powerful figure that wanted me to go to Super City to truly test my abilities. I eagerly left Skull Deep before anything else was said and explored this new area... stealthily, and saw a couple tough guy wannabes about to bully someone. I curiously walked over and wanted to know what was going on, but when they noticed my not-exactly-real hands, they ran away screaming in an annoyingly high pitch. The would-be victim, an adolescent girl in a sky-blue knee-length skirt and a matching t-shirt, thought at first she was saved, but felt it was a lie when she noticed the fact that I look like I belong in Skulldeep. Nonetheless, she frantically asked that I didn't kill her, and I tried to reply that I just wanted to know about this place, but I didn't get even halfway through before she started thanking me for saving her 'from a hospital trip', and did something that made me feel... happy, if I remember what the scientist told me. I wasn't sure what it was, but it definitely beat the gauntlet by a landslide. She also said that she never thought 'it' would happen so quickly. I thought it was the rescue, but she told me to look what I was doing... and tried to pull away in sheer embarrassment. I don't know how this happened, especially without causing pain, but I found my arms to be wrapped around her. I did manage to let go, but I couldn't move. The girl never let go and actually started pulling me closer to her. What on earth is going on? Why is she doing this? Is it because of what I did? I felt like I was in the middle of an inferno as I struggled to ask her if she knew who I was. She didn't care. Not what I looked like, not where I was from or anything, just as long as I was willing to help her when she needed it. To be honest, I was. I knew it wasn't what I was supposed to be doing, but I couldn't lie to myself like that. Not when I found something I enjoyed and felt truly rewarding. The girl moved her bangs out of her face and asked if she could do one last thing before she had to go. I willfully placed my arms around her, taking great care not to cause accidental harm, and gave her permission. I have only been... 'alive', so-to-speak, for a few hours and I've already had the happiest moment of my existence, but it felt more than that... it was a specific kind that couldn't normally be given, and yet I couldn't figure out what it was; like when someone knows about something, but can't seem to remember. That happiness only magnified when she pressed her lips on mine for a short time, after which she thanked me once more, hoped we would meet again, and reluctantly parted. I remember that moment so fondly, the first time in Super City, because it ultimately helped me decide what I should do. After I returned to Skulldeep to explain the entire ordeal to him, the scientist revealed to me what that happiness was as something called 'love' and admitted that he was about to explain it to me before he was interrupted. Love. I had loved someone who I was meant to terrorize and perform evil deeds against... I couldn't do that.... not to her... After I decided to go back to Super City and leave Skulldeep forever, he admitted that I was his greatest success as an experiment: his only goal was to use his self-proclaimed brilliant mind (no evidence to support or refute the claim to my knowledge) to artificially replicate natural life, and that his decades of research and attempts finally 'beared fruit' as he said. After bidding me farewell, and wishing me the best of luck, I secretly left Skulldeep to find that girl, the one I... love, and to find some way to prove that I wanted nothing more to do with that place ever again.

The teenager who he fell in love with is an average citizen, not any player character or an NPC. Just to clarify.

* Free cookie to the first forumite person who knows what this says!

(edit: changed font face. that's all)

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7/10/2011 20:42:03   
master mix

*Disclaimer: I threw this story together in 5 minutes, and I will bring in somebody to critique it and change it accordingly. The intro also uses ideas from Garth Nix's Keys to the Kingdom series. Enjoy :)*

Once, there were no worlds. No light, no darkness. No wind, no earth, no water, no fire, no ice, no matter. There was nothing. However, this nothing was a very interesting substance. It closely resembled black goo. The nothing had a mind of its own, and came to some philosophical realizations. Nothing was nothing, yet it was also something. The nothing divided itself into the common elements of today, waste, and one small part that commanded the others. The waste was made into matter, which made lore as we know it.

Eventually, the 8 elements revolted against the leader. The leader was the magical substance of draconic mana. The regular elements eventually exiled the draconic mana to the rock of lore. That is how life and magic began. The other elements constantly fought each other, and entrusted their power to the guardians of the lower realm. Meanwhile. the draconic mana eventually supplied lower mana with the ability to choose 1 lower being that would break the exile of the draconic mana. This being would go through the hardest of tests, including losing his family and surviving while every dragon on lore mindlessly hunted and tried to kill him. This being would have the power to take control of the orbs, and restore the multiverse.

"and that is the legend of how lore was created," Blaze's parents said. Blaze was always a bright child, strong and fast as well. He was also very attuned to the world around him. He went into his hand-made tree house for the night. Little did he know that that night would change his life forever. When the moon was at its highest point, a huge burst of mana decimated his house, killing both of his parents. When Blaze woke, he was wearing armor made of draconic mana. The armor talked to him. It only said one word... RUN.

And Blaze ran. He was chased by dragons but he still ran. At the time, Sepulchure had just been defeated, and the ultimate orb was safely locked away, in dragonsgrasp. The dragons of the city sensed that the draconic mana had awoken, and sent Nythera and Ryuugi to hunt the disturbance. Meanwhile, Blaze was running towards dragonsgrasp. Nythera and Ryuugi attacked Blaze head on. Without a thought, he wove chains of pure mana that whipped the two dragons out of the way. From there, Blaze combined the ultimate orb with the draconic mana jewel to form the ultimate draconic jewel, and Blaze went into a deep sleep. When he awoke, it was herosmash!

Blaze retains his memory to this day, and has all the powers of the ultimate draconic jewel, but has learned to control the powers it provides to him. He roams the streets helping those in need under the name of THE DRAGONMANCER!!!

The End.

So how do you like it?

Please comment in the discussion thread for this thread!
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7/11/2011 6:08:38   
uber gamer

Made up a story while writing it so it wont be the best story ever:p.

Deep in the labs of skulldeep there are alot of projects of destroying the world, doom - day manchines and all kinds of evil manchine. Robots as well, that are builded especially for all king of evil needs, they got some "super-powers" devices as well. They can shoot lazer from eyes for example, but its not a super-power. Robots dont have super-powers. The robots need to have balance power so the villian have full control of them so if a robot got one fire "power" the robots will have only "powers" from the type of fire. But villians arent balanced most. Most of the villians are psychos(and they dont got a healthy mind) and they create robots with no balance. The first of them was called "The Prototype" a robot with multiple kinds of "powers". He was a steampunk robot. As for his head he got a HUMAN head. But the creators of the robot did a huge mistake and gave him a brain of a human. The robot was a disaster. He made a rampage all over the lab destroying everything in skulldeep that standed in his path for escaping. Because villians are evil they killede the creators of the robot for the disaster that they created. The robot have made it to Super city but then of course a super hero came and saved the day. he turned the robot off and the robot couldnt harm anybody. But the super hero was so happy with his victory that he forgot that the robot is still operating and he could return.

20 years later, the beginning of herosmash:

A typical and curious man, Dave was his name walked on the streets. He just finished another day of work with his annoying boss. A typical day isn't it?
Porbally it is.
Dave was tired and powerless. Suddenly he say an alley that he never saw before. it seemed that is was a shortcut to his home.
Dave entered the alley. And in the corner he sa a dusty robot and an activate button on it. As was mentioned Dave is curious man. So he pressed the button and on that moment he created his own grave. The robot came up killing Dave. Alot was changed. He dont remember this alley. Its new to him. He thought how muvch time he was there. He then relizes that he was sleeping for 20 years. And that that "hero" was responsible for this. He then with his twisted mind he decided to threat this city, this world to get the hero come for him and to kill him. He also decided to take control of skulldeep because he... ahem... was evil! Yea that is the reason... Anyways that day he became a villian that doesnt threaten only the heroes of this world but the villians of this world. But he decided to do his work from inside skulldeep. He needed to know every single place in there. Getting into skulldeep and joining skulldeep is a hard test but lets just say that he passed. Now he could control skulldeep from the inside and destroy herospire. And he would suscced. I will suscced.
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7/11/2011 21:55:36   

Origin of Luffy

Luffy Personality
Goofy yet Considerate always thinking of others,doesnt trust people easily,smarter than he appears

Born under moonlight luffy entered the world. The place he was born was the most darkess and eviless place in the world there isnt a name for it cause if was ever spoken it will cause a uncontrollable force to control your body and kill everyone near you. it was said anyone born in here would end up to be a detroyer of the inocent and killer of anything and everthing. Luffy however was different he ignored the evil teaching of that place and the people around it. Having a nice child mad ehis family angry so when he was of age he was givin a choice accept his fate and become like them people who were pure evil and shallow or be alone. Presented with this shoice he just smiled and took the latter. A lonely life he lived kicked out of his home and the place he was born so he took to traveling. Unforutanly there was no place to go the place he was born had no surrounding areas. So he put on a hood and tricked the people there to give him a flight to the closest place but not before "borrowing" some scrolls from the evil people. He entered a place near herospire where he saw the "light" of the world...............

Many years later
Luffy was walking back to his new hometown when it was being attacked by the very same people who banished him. he wanted dearly to protect them but he had no power. But suddenly he saw 2 guys fighting near the town. 2 people one who was gleaming green as the earth the other glowing yellow as the sun. Taken over by the beauty of the fight he didnt notice he was in the middle of their to clashing blows. Realizing that they couldnt stop there blows they made Luffy body able to survie the attacks. When he awoke the two figure apolized for hurting him and they said "Usally we dont like people watching our fights but we are glad we saved yeah you got a good heart and i hope you use it well"'
They were both princes of elemental Lords the enegy and the earth and they were sparing. Luffy body had bin enchanced by there power and was givin many super human abiltyes and he was quite attuned to the elements.but the town was still being attack in a few blows luffy took them out and banished them back to where they belong.

Then he saw Mr. Purple and your know the rest , but right before he left he heard the princes voice "your Journey just began but i can see great things in your future some of which i might have to invlove you in. Good Luck and try not to get yourslef killed.

The End????

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7/19/2011 15:19:29   

My name, the one I was born with, at least, is Mike. I was just an ordinary person. 20 years of my life passed without incident, without anything remotely interesting happening to me at all. Then, one day I stumbled across a rip in the air. It was glowing with light, a light that constantly and randomly changed colours, including to several I'd never even seen before. I stood there for what must have been at least an hour. I was transfixed by this portal through space and time, but also I was struggling with myself. Should I go in or walk away? If i went in, there was no way of knowing where it would take me or what would happen, but if I walked away, I might miss out on the oportunity of a lifetime. In the end, I decided to walk away. after a few steps, I looked back, having what were probably about five thousand and second thoughts about going in, but the portal had dissapeared. I then accepted that I would never find out what was waiting for me on the other side. How wrong I was.

A few days after that, I started seeing the portals all over the place. Every time, I would decide not to enter, until, eventually, I came across a portal that was different to the others. The difference was almost entirely unnoticable, but something told me that this was some sort of master portal. This portal I couldn't help entering. I didn't even have to think about it, I just walked straight through.

I found myself in the space where all the portals originated. I could see portals to unimaginable worlds and ones almost exactly the same as my own, and the myriad portals between them. But one world was not there, as if all the portrals to it had closed. I could never return to the world I came from. Therefore, I started travelling. moving between worlds and, on occasion, returning to what I reffered to as the 'Hub World', where my journey had begun.

I travelled between the worlds, gaining much knowledge, many new abilities, and much else besides. I learnt and perfected fighting styles that would be impossible in my world. I entered a world that was what I imagine the inside of the internet to be like. And it was there that I created the costume I wear to this day, with its intricate traceries resembling the layout of a circuit. I continued to move from world to world, finding more and more things to do, to create, and so on.

One day,I wandered into a world I had never visited before. I looked around to see where I had found myself. "Welcome to Super City!", a nearby sign proclaimed. "Super City?" I thought. "What exactly makes it super?" Suddenly, it seemed to me that the sign moved slowly downwards. I couldn't work out what was happening, until I looked down. I found myself floating unaccountably about a meter above the ground. "What's going on?" I asked myself. i tried to return to the ground and found myself drifitng slowly down. When my feet once again touched terra firma, I decided that I'd missed a trick. so up I went again. This time, however, I only rose a short distance, and then I tried moving. I found myself able to move easily through the air. I realised that I was flying.
I travelled the streets of Super City for a while, untl I came across two people offering to show me Herospire and Skulldeep. I decided to look around both areas, and once I had, I decided to join the heroes of Herospire. From that day to this, I have helped my fellow heroes to fight the forces of evil. One day, I might still seek a portal and move to another world, but for now, Herospire is my home.

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9/23/2011 6:51:47   
BadDream Productions

Bonjour, To start off Im a bit of a noob at writing so dont expect it to be Award Winning Literature, My Herosmash Character is Elemental and this is the first part of how he came to Liberty City
The Elements, Some of the most powerful forces ever to exist in the Universe, For many years different cultures and races have been trying to control them Fire, Earth, Water and Wind, But only those Born with the Element Powers can control them, ever since time itself was born the Elements came along with it, The Syro Galactic, the region of space the oldest race has ever lived, They hold one of the greatest powers in their blood in their mind in their heritage, They were peaceful and they contained all the knowledge of life and its origin Until one day… When one is born with the Element’s there is one power, The power of shadow the living darkness that blinds all from the light they had always learned to contain the shadow, But one…One released it and embraced it he believed shadow was a gift of power and fear to any others who believed they were more superior, However the elders did not think this to be true, the Elements are to protect worlds not to destroy, This led to a war.. The forces named ‘The Tainted’ Those corrupted by shadow flowed into the worlds of the Universe Enslaving all to its dark will, The Elders knew it had to be stopped so they formed The E.A. (The Element Army) Led by One of their guardians Who was Named ‘Elemental’ The war broke out to most worlds and other Universes, It was spreading the only way to stop it was to strike the main source down, Elemental was sent to track down The Tainted leader, This led him to many different planets, Until readings of a high source of energy came from a world far from Elemental’s, It went by the Name ‘Planet Earth’ This is where the Tainted source was, This is where Elemental would find not only his Enemy…..But his Future.
Still have a lot to do until it is finished (And makes more sense)

AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
9/27/2011 18:40:02   

Here is my non-main character, Type 40. I'll give you a cookie if you notice the reference.

"Doctor nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Type 40 woke up screaming. He may be a robot, but he is just like a human. It was the same dream, over, and over. The Doctor leaving him forever. He said he would come back, but he knew he wouldn't. "He ran off with another. I'm just trash to him." Muttered Type 40. Following the footsteps of the Doctor, he was a Hero, sometimes sacrificing people for a greater good. Killing species. Just like the Doctor would. He ruins people's lives. But Type 40 promised to himself he wouldn't do that to people. Just help them.
He uses his powers over time and space to protect people.
He got up. Ready for another adventure.


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10/1/2011 4:37:46   
Ramix The Red Ace

Well since mine is a wall of text I'll post a link:
My backstory.
May write more about my character, but his backstory is probably finished.
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