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Emerge from the Shadow

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Emerge from the Shadow

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Seekrat » 4: Emerge from the Shadow

You recently met a strange shadow creature in the shape of a kitten, which calls itself 'ElBhe'. He was wrongly accused of slaughtering villagers, but it turned out to be a deception planned by the Seekrat, an insane villain who seeks all the world's knowledge. After his defeat, the SeekRat fled into hiding, and after you parted ways, ElBhe hasn't been seen since that day.

But now, all of a sudden, ElBhe has sent you an invitation to his home in the Dark Jungle, and it sounded quite urgent. What new danger could merit such an emergency invitation as this...?

«Scene: Dark Jungle»

«You»: So ElBhe lives in the Dark Jungle too, huh? It's a little weird that he'd invite me all the way out here...
«You»: Oh well, guess it's time to go searching!
    You fight Earth, Darkness, Earth, and Darkness monsters. Full Heal after every other battle.
«Scene: Different part of the Dark Jungle, where ElBhe is.»

ElBhe: So it's decided. We'll go out for lunch today. There's a nice little village close by...
«You»: ElBhe!

«ElBhe turns around.»

ElBhe: «You»? ... What are you doing here?
«You»: You invited me, remember?
«You»: ... who are you talking to? Am I interrupting something?
ElBhe: No, no, you're just in time to meet my family!
«You»: Your family? Is that the "litter" you were talking about?
ElBhe: Yep! We call ourselves "The Litter" in fact. It'll also be our name if we start our own band.
«You»: ... you mean there really is more than one of you? I was kind of hoping you were kidding.
ElBhe: that wasn't very nice. I thought we were best buddies!
«You»: I barely know you, and besides that you're somehow both adorable and incredibly creepy at the same time.
ElBhe: I'm going to pretend that means yes, because if that means no, then you would possibly make me cry.
ElBhe: And I know you're not heartless enough to make a kitten cry.
«You»: ... *sigh* Fine. Yes, we're good friends, ElBhe.
ElBhe: Guilt trips always work on you humans.
«You»: Can we move on to meeting your family now?
ElBhe: Oh right! Meet my family!

«Four small shadowkittens enter the scene.»

«You»: You've got to be kidding me.
ElBhe: What?!
«You»: You all look alike!
ElBhe: That's ridiculous. We're nothing alike.
«You»: .........
ElBhe: Here, I'll show you.

«Scene fades and then shows ElDhe alone on the edge of a rocky, mountainous area.»

ElBhe: This is ElDhe. He's a bit overdramatic.
ElDhe: I'm king of the hiiiiiiillll!!!!!

«Scene fades and shows EssEll eating out of a bowl labeled "ESSELL".»

ElBhe: EssEll eats only the most gourmet foods. She only knows better than anyone about what she calls 'the happiness of eating'.

«Scene fades and shows YewVhe reading in front of a Frogzard next to a river.»

ElBhe: YewVhe is a bookworm, capable of telling wild tales that completely distract and annoy her enemies.
ElBhe: She once ran into a Frogzard that tried to eat her... she drove it mad with her storytelling.
YewVhe: Once upon a time, there was a princess kitten who longed for one thing: the freedom to go out into the world and fight great dragons!
YewVhe: One day, while her father, King Kitten, was away on business, she snuck out to find a dragon to fight.
YewVhe: On her way, she met a sneak, which tried to tickle her! But she wrestled it until it begged for mercy.
Frogzard: ......... riiiiiiiiiii-baaarg.
YewVhe: Suddenly, a werewolf jumped out and scared her, making her drop all the fruit she'd gathered! So she grabbed her feather duster...
YewVhe: Wait, what was the princess going to do, again?

«The Frogzard tries to gnaw its leg off. The Scene returns to the Dark Jungle.»

ElBhe: And then, of course, there's EffAay, but he's kind of an embarrassment. He's afraid of flashlights.
«You»: ... well, I guess that makes sense, but...
ElBhe: No, it doesn't! We're partially made of Light!
EffAay: I can't help it... it's so bright and scary...
«You»: Hey, ElBhe... why did you bring me out here? It wasn't just to meet your family, was it?
ElBhe: I wish I could say it was.
ElBhe: We have a problem, «You». The SeekRat left his house recently, and seems to be in search of something.
«You»: I thought we were done with him.
ElBhe: Unfortunately, no. And I'm worried. He's been looking for a way to get even with us ever since we defeated him.
«You»: I wonder where he's gotten off to?
ElBhe: We'd better find him, fast!
ElBhe: Thankfully, he left a trail of trail mix for us to follow. I'll show you where to start!
  • Go!
      You fight Earth, Darkness, Earth, and Darkness monsters. Full Heal after every other battle.
    ElBhe: ... I don't like the way we're going...
    «You»: What do you mean?
    ElBhe: There is a lost temple back this way... a place that should never be visited by your kind...
    ???: sssssssssss
    ElBhe: Sounds like a sneak...
    «You»: That's ridiculous! This isn't a plain!
    ElBhe: I suppose not...
    «You»: Get ready, ElBhe. Here it comes, whatever it is!

    ElBhe: ... oh my, «You»! Stop!
    «You»: What? They're just more monsters.
    ElBhe: No, you don't understand!

    «Darkshifter enters.»

    «You»: Oh, you want some more?!
    Darkshifter: Wait--
    ElBhe: What is this? Why are you attacking us?
    Darkshifter: We apologissssse. We thought your friend was a follower of that rat... But we should have recognissssed you, ElBhe.
    ElBhe: ... so the SeekRat was here? Did he find the temple?
    Darkshifter: Yesssss. and he has ssssstolen the ssssscrollsssss...
    «You»: ... you're doing that on purpose, aren't you?
    ElBhe: Not the time for that. We have a big problem.
    «You»: Then start explaining.
    ElBhe: I'll explain on the way. Let's move!
  • Go!
      You fight Earth, Darkness, Earth, and Darkness monsters. Full Heal after every other battle.
    ElBhe: Have you ever asked yourself where I come from?
    «You»: Huh? Aren't you Lorian? Or wait, are you part of the Exodus?
    ElBhe: The Exodus are only a mimicry of the people of my world...
    ElBhe: And no, I am not Lorian. I come from another universe... one that runs parallel to this one. A universe composed of shadow...
    «You»: A shadow universe? Do you play any child-based card games there?
    ElBhe: .........
    «You»: Shutting up now.
    ElBhe: As I was saying...
    ElBhe: This shadow universe was once a normal universe, like your own.
    ElBhe: But everything changed when the planes of light and darkness collapsed.
    ElBhe: The resulting destruction obliterated the universe as it existed before, and the result was a universe composed of shadow, and filled with shadow creatures.
    «You»: Like you?
    ElBhe: Yes, like me. Our kind are bound to our universe, which grants us great power, and control over both light and darkness.
    «You»: Hold onto that thought, ElBhe, we have company!
    ElBhe: How rude, to interrupt me in the middle of my tale! Do today's monsters have no decency?
      You fight Earth, Darkness, Earth, and Darkness monsters. Full Heal after every other battle.
    ElBhe: Anyways, people of your universe have known of our universe, and many have tried to obtain our power.
    ElBhe: But in order to have our power, you pay a great cost. You must allow your shadow self to cross over from the other side and possess you.
    ElBhe: We then act as symbiotes, for the most part, granting you access to our power in exchange for being able to escape from our torturous homes.
    ElBhe: But for many, that is not enough. We 'shadow selves' grow stronger, and eventually challenge our Lorian counterparts.
    ElBhe: Those who lose the battle with their shadow selves... become Darkshifters, like those you see here. Humans who have become slaves to their shadow selves.
    «You»: That sounds horrible!
    Darkshifter: We can't survive in your realm for long periods of time without some way to tether ourselves to this universe, like our Lorian counterparts.
    ElBhe: And normally, we can only cross over when someone in your world opens a gate to the other side, to our universe.
    «You»: And you think the SeekRat is going to open that gate?
    ElBhe: I know he will. There is no other reason he would go to that temple.
    «You»: Then we'd better hope that we catch him soon!

    «Musical notes fly in as the Pied Burper enters.»

    Pied Burper: Can't let you do that. The SeekRat has ordered me to take you down.
    «You»: Pied Burper! Long time no see.
    Pied Burper: Likewise. Now prepare yourself to face -- the music!

    «Scene fades to flashback. A Darkshifter faces the SeekRat.»

    Darkshifter: You cannot do thisssss... you do not know what you are trying to unleasssssh.
    Seekrat: Silence! I know what I'm doing! I will open the gate to the Other Side, and unleash The Old One, to obtain its great power!
    Seekrat: I need only to capture ElBhe's family... then I shall have enough power to open the gate!
    Seekrat: As for you...

    «Scene fades to darkness as the Seekrat moves toward the Darkshifter. Great green slash marks are seen where the Darkshifter was previously.»
    Reward Chest: Emerge From Shadow

    Shop Weapons:
  • Flashlight
  • Flashlight Z
  • Guardian Flashlight
  • Guardian Flashlight
  • Novel of the Winds
  • Novel of the Winds Z
  • Guardian Novel of the Winds
  • Guardian Novel of the Winds
  • Frozen Dinner
  • Frozen Dinner Z
  • Guardian Frozen Dinner
  • Guardian Frozen Dinner

    To Be Continued...

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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