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Hope Reborn!

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8/6/2011 0:24:38   

Hope Reborn!

Location: Travel Map » Chessmaster Saga » 3. Hope Reborn!

«Scene: A cave. ??? speaks from the darkness on the left.»

???: Oh there you are! We were wondering when you'd return!

«Purple eyes open in the darkness.»

???: Oh dear, it seems you were met with failure. Did they hurt you terribly?

«Blue eyes open in the darkness.»

???: A blowhard like that? The only thing they'd hurt would be his pride when they knocked the wind out of his sails.

«Six more pairs of eyes open.»

????: After your failure at Lolosia, you have no right to speak to your brother that way.
???: (off-Scene) Now now, he did learn quite a bit from that outing.

«Scene shifts left, further in the darkness, where a pair of yellow eyes open.»

???: Now, then, tell me what happened in Paxia.

«Scene fades to darkness.»

???: And will someone please turn on a light?!?

«Scene: Paxia from a distance, and then Paxia where you, Geoto, and Jacques are conversing.»

«You»: Wait, you mean Geoto gave you the power of his clan while you still had the power Nautica gave you?
Geoto: Indeed I did, «You». Ordinarily it's taboo, but the situation was dire and our mutual friend volunteered to take the risk.
Geoto: Even so, I wish such action had not been needed.
Jacques: Desperate times do call for desperate measures.
Geoto: Be that as it may, it is my sincere hope that we never have to do this again. You proved resilient to this amalgamation--
Geoto: -- but we have no guarantee that others would fare as well as you have.
«You»: Darn, and here I wanted to give it a whirl.
«You»: Okay, okay! So what do we do now?
Geoto: Recent events confirmed my fears that the orb would not be safe here. Unfortunately, as I understand it, the best place for it was destroyed some time ago.
«You»: What about the Temple of Hope?
Geoto: Did I not just say that it was destroyed?
«You»: Oh, that's what you meant? Didn't you know they were rebuilding it?
Geoto: ... Clearly your sources are better than mine. Yes, the Temple would be ideal. And though I hate to prevail on you for another favor--
«You»: Yeah, yeah, I'll take the orb there. I know you're busy with your clan and all.
Geoto: I appreciate your understanding, my friend. Fare well on your journey, and may you reach your destination safely.

Some time later, at Deren Beach...

«You»: Well that's weird. I get all the way to Deren without a monster popping up? That must be a new record.

    Full Heal
    Full Heal

«You»: I think I spoke too soon.
???: Oh, you don't know the half of it.
«You»: Awww...

    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

«Scene: Outskirts of Deren City.»

«You»: All right! I made it! Deren City never looked prettier...

«Scene: The throne of King Tralin.»

King Tralin: Am I hearing you correctly, «You»?

«Tralin stands up.»

King Tralin: -- They just stopped attacking when you reached the city limits?
«You»: Yes, your Majesty. I'm just glad I didn't have to face their boss again.
King Tralin: Their boss?
«You»: You know, the one that led the attack on Paxia? The one with the lisp?
King Tralin: Ah, yes, you mentioned that. That would indeed be unnerving if he is as powerful as you say. And to have sent his minions after you...
«You»: Well, you don't expect someone hunting a Prime Orb to just give up on it.
King Tralin: Very true. The Temple of Hope is not yet secure, but I shall make arrangements for the safety of the orbs until it can house them again.

«Scene: Deren, scrolling through.»

«You»: I have a feeling that our enemies are just biding their time...
  • Continued!
    Hope Reborn

    Shop Weapons:
  • Icy Deren Blade
  • Automated Deren Staff
  • Biting Deren Blade Z
  • Guardian Clockwork Deren Staff
  • Frigid Deren Blade
  • Mechanical Deren Staff
  • Bleak Guardian Deren Blade
  • Glacial Deren Blade
  • MechaniZed Deren Staff
  • Wintry Deren Blade
  • Electrical Deren Staff
  • Arctic Deren Blade
  • Guardian Supercharged Deren Staff
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Beach Monster List

    Level 0-29
    Killer Whalezard (18)
    Sea Squirt (10)
    Selkie (18)
    Selkie (7)
    Zardine (10)

    Level 30-49
    Big Amphibious Oyster (20)
    OrcaZard (35)
    Sea Squirt (30)
    Zardine (30)

    Level 50-69
    Huge Amphibious Oyster (55)
    Sea Squirt (50)
    Selkie (42)
    Zardine (50)

    Level 70-89
    Blecch (68)
    Sea Squirt (70)
    Selkie (63)
    Zardine (70)

    Level 90-109
    Blecch (88)
    Enormous Amphibious Oyster (90)
    Sea Squirt (90)
    Selkie (87)
    Zardine (90)

    Level 110-129
    Beach Boy Imitator (90)
    Blecch (108)
    Enthusiastic Selkie (107)
    Gigantic Amphibious Oyster (105)
    Zardine (110)

    Level 130+
    Beach Boy (110)
    Blecch (128)
    Colossal Amphibious Oyster (125)
    Hyperactive Selkie (127)
    Wrothful Zardine (130)

    Monster List

    Level 0-29
    Bun-Bowman (15)
    Griffin Scout (14)
    Hatchling Roc (18)
    Sphinx Acolyte (7)
    Wasp Zards (11)

    Level 30-49
    Bun-Bowman (35)
    Griffin (34)
    Harpy Scout (25)
    Hirroo (30)
    Rockzard (30)
    Wasp Zards (31)

    Level 50-69
    Bun-Bowman (55)
    Harpy Warrior (45)
    Hirroo (60)
    Magical Sphinx (47)
    Mummicane (47)
    Wasp Zards (51)
    Wasp Zards (51)

    Level 70-89
    Bun-Bowman (75)
    Enchanting Sphinx (67)
    Giant Mummy (65)
    Grand Griffin Queen (74)
    Great Blue Wyvern (68)
    Harpy Matriarch (65)
    The Roc (72)

    Level 90-109
    Ancient Blue Wyvern (89)
    Big Roc (88)
    Bun-Bowman (95)
    Great Grand Griffin Queen (94)
    Harpy Queen (85)
    Hirroo (96)
    Mummicane (87)
    Wasp Zards (71)

    Level 110-129
    Great Grand Sphinx (107)
    Harpy Scoutmaster (105)
    Harpy Warleader (120)
    Hunting Roc (110)
    Magnificent Griffin Queen (114)
    Mummicane (107)
    Vrictus Spectre (70)
    Wasp Zards (111)

    Level 130+
    Harpy Warleader (120)
    High Grand Sphinx (127)
    Mummicane (127)
    Phoenix Rising (130)
    Uncle Wyvern (124)

    Level 0-29: OmNomNombus (10)
    Level 30-49: OmNomNombus (30)
    Level 50-69: OmNomNombus (50)
    Level 70-89: OmNomNombus (70)
    Level 90-109: OmNomNombus (90)
    Level 110-129: OmNomNombus (110)
    Level 130+: OmNomNombus (130)

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