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9/2/2021 20:11:59   


Today marks the 10th year since the game came out! Like I've said before, I wanted to make more PVP plushies, but I haven't been happy about making them even though I've planned on doing that. Though at least I've made something, what I wanted to do for a change on this big day was share something from when I was hoarding the game that I haven't yet: My recordings. These were held back because not all of them were titled and organized, and I logged in the game with personal emails that were recorded on some of the videos, so I had to check them and either exclude or cut what ones had those emails to prevent getting doxxed. After everything I've collected last year, I was too exhausted to check and sort out the videos, but after some time, I've done it and they're now ready and safe to share!
Before I share the link, I need to say some things about the videos themselves. They were recorded with Registered Bandicam and on a not-that-good PC, so the qualities aren't crystal clear and the framerate on half the videos aren't good. Other videos have the sound out of sync and I don't know what happened. These issues may not matter on some chunks of these videos depending on the categories they're listed as. (ex. If an 'Animation' video has distracting audio, you can just mute it.) I've tried to remember the contexts of all the unnamed videos since I've stepped back from them for a little while and there's only one I don't remember, as named, but everything else looks set in stone! So here they finally are!!

Post #: 601
10/27/2021 16:14:43   

Look what I found!!

Remember what I said about finding out of bound discoveries in Pony Vs Pony, thanks to Flash Player? Well, here's another one that I should've found months ago: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/pony_vs_pony/images/0/05/Pony_Vs_Pony_-_Heal_Alpha_Cupcake_%28Fully_Shown%29.png/revision/latest?cb=20211027053027&format=original (If the picture doesn't appear, copy and paste the link in the search bar instead. If it still shows nothing, refresh the page. Idk why my image links are having this problem here.)
This is the cupcake of the rarest MagiPet move in the game: Heal Alpha. Only five pets have this power. Two of which are Special Shop pets you can't own anymore. But that's not just what I wanted to show. Notice the cherry on top of it. That part was never shown in the game, whereas it was offscreen, as you can tell by looking at the background. It's kinda funny that I made a plush of the Cherry Twins MagiPet, my OC, just a little while ago and for the game's 10th birthday. Had I have known about that cherry, I would've (re)made my OC with that design. Although, I'm not sure about making that shape since I'm not that advanced of a plush maker yet. I still love the design I made even as is.
Anyway, seeing the whole cupcake, I've also noticed that it was recycled from the cupcake that displays your level. It's the same thing.

That's about it. I know it wasn't much, but that cupcake and especially its cherry deserved attention. I've been working on my PVP wiki again lately, mostly making list pages of each type of item (still under construction). https://ponyvspony.fandom.com/wiki/Pony_Vs_Pony As for the next plush I want to make, I'm not focused on that atm, but I'm hoping to soon. I've done part of it a while ago and I like it so far, so I'm going to return to it once I'm ready. See you then! <3
Post #: 602
12/9/2021 22:50:03   

I've completed the MagiPets page on my PVP wiki!! There were a lot of descriptions to rewrite and I really took my time doing so even if there were type-os. I've rewritten descriptions for handfuls of other items too, but the pets were the biggest priority.

Of course, the list of Special Shop pets is incomplete since those pets are unobtainable now. At least I got their powers. I'm not sure if it's possible to hack the game to get any information from those pets in some way. Just so you know, all of my research from this game was not done by any hacking. If that's not possible, then I'll just have to ask anyone who's played this game in 2011-2012 and have those pets, and any other Special Shop items for that matter, to give me any information on them. If anyone would like to volunteer, that'd be great.

Oh, and I have to mention that the page isn't just a MagiPets list. It also has information about their three powers, as well as the pet shown on the boss pony, Edger Allen Pony. It also has pictures of their powers including the full shot of the Heal Alpha cupcake I showed last time. So the page isn't 100% complete, but it's as complete as I can make it.

Post #: 603
2/16/2022 10:58:36   

2022 Update!
PvP Days Are Numbered...
only a matter of time before it's lost to the sands of time
Battlegems (its spiritual successor has disappeared from storefront Google Play)
Actually has reappeared on google play now
Herosmash has officially shutdown
Payments for Gems & Pony Up! upgrade is still available
still have to do that workaround to get to it though
BAD NEWS (April 9th, 2022 Update)

Adobe NUKED the Flash Player Debugger/Projector of their website for download
now their no way to play it legally (without a third party)
ruffle doesn't work either because from what i said before about the way ruffle emulates flash
Rumored Shutdown and Replacement of Master Account System (UNCONFIRMED BUT POSSIBLE)

I think said Artix Himself said it at one point but bears repeating
with AQ2d or AQW: Mobile on the horizon there have been rumors (ever since they removed MQ/DF/AQ payments off the site)
that they will retire and replace the master account system with something better like 2 authenticator systems (unconfirmed but guessing)
my theory for the new game they possibly want accounts more secure
how this will affect OS and ED is unknown at this time (with HS being gone I'm sure Epicduel might make its own login system similar to Aqworlds)
although OS might be on borrowed time until then if ever happens
what about redeeming merch and such and purchasing gift certs?

Well I'm assuming AE might just move that to its own unique site (where you also redeem it to other of your accounts with 2 auth)

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Post #: 604
6/26/2022 10:36:06   

Is it possible to hack the game even in Flash Player form? I might be able to retrieve its contents and uncover more unused ones better than I ever could!
Post #: 605
7/3/2022 19:33:52   

The Only Way That's possible is to decompile the AE's .swf file of PVP (hack and download the entire server variant of the .swf file
also the only way to "hack" is if you have direct access to the servers (like how aqw bots works)
Post #: 606
7/4/2022 12:42:48   

So I can't do that and am on my own with hoarding?
Post #: 607
7/17/2022 10:52:34   

pretty much
Post #: 608
7/27/2022 9:02:07   

Dang. The only thought left is to ask the creators if they'll share their PVP content.

In other news, I've been retaking pictures of all the MagiPets supersized, which requires me to merge parts of the pet pictures together and make sure the pixels match. Not all of the pets have been retaken yet, but they can be found on my shared drive (under 'Shop Items').

As for the next pet plush I'm working on, I've been procrastinating partly due to depression, but it's coming out well so far! Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to work soon.

Post #: 609
9/15/2022 9:58:17   


Sorry for realizing this a few days late. Anyway, I have retaken all of the MagiPet pictures including Edger Allen Pony's pet! I tried to get back to my next plush, but sadly, I'm suffering an elbow injury and I don't want to aggravate it. I'll get back to it once I'm better. I promise you'll love it when it's done! <3
Post #: 610
10/5/2022 13:42:13   

We are not (almost) forgotten
PVP theme location coming to aqworlds!
in the second or first pic

Never Mind of Course AE took the easy route and made it stupid and made it "creepy" I know it's October but come on
10/24/2022 Edit:
also to be noted they mislabeled "black dragon pet" as from PVP when it wasn't it was directly from oversoul, not PVP
because there are no dragons in this game at all
so I guess we are still forgotten by AE
it's like AE doesn't want to ever knowledge they ever created this one-off game
which seems to be true every day

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Post #: 611
10/24/2022 19:06:26   

This original news made me play AQWorlds to see that prize which I don't think is connected to PVP anyway. Although I wasted my time making progress in the game to look for "Apacolypsepony", at least I got some laughs out of the humor I've seen. It's quite a big game for Artix.

Though dare I say, I'd still prefer PVP just because of the battle system. I'm making randomized chains on the board instead of just sitting there and clicking button 2 over and over again. Randomization is what makes games like The Binding of Isaac way more fun to play!

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Post #: 612
11/3/2022 18:17:21   


Though dare I say, I'd still prefer PVP just because of the battle system. I'm making randomized chains on the board instead of just sitting there and clicking button 2 over and over again. Randomization is what makes games like The Binding of Isaac way more fun to play!

I'll have to agree with you on this one SuKanzoo
aqw IMO has over-complicated its battle system
by the way, did you ever calculate how many gems would take to get everything in the game that's currently able to buy?
Post #: 613
11/4/2022 15:40:59   

I haven't, but I know that it would take an awfully long time, unless if you keep paying for the Pony Up package. After all, the number of gems you win is randomized (100-149).

By the way, I actually did buy the Pony Up package for one of my ponies twice. Not only did I get another 50,000 sparkle gems, but I learned that the number of SG battles you get daily will stack. With two purchases, I get 205 SG battles daily, with the 5 coming from how much you get upon starting your pony profile. Just thought I'd share that.
Post #: 614
11/11/2022 17:41:49   

waaaaait, no! i've been playing since 2012 but the last time i checked the game it was 2019, and now we can't play at all anymore? i'm devastated...



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(But just call me Pam ^_^)

Post #: 615
11/11/2022 22:24:00   


Download this:
"click" open
copy and paste this URL
and, away you go!
of course, you have to re-enter your login details (seems to save afterward)
but you should be fine unless you're doing weird stuff online

No, it can still be played, but on Flash Player. Just follow the instructions that Icetex made.

I never mentioned this, but it can also still be played on the browser, Pale Moon. Flash games like this still run on it!

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Post #: 616
11/28/2022 13:43:17   


No, it can still be played, but on Flash Player. Just follow the instructions that Icetex made.

I never mentioned this, but it can also still be played on the browser, Pale Moon. Flash games like this still run on it!

Although now out of date because adobe deleted the Projector/debugger link download at the beginning of this year
the only way to get is clean flash at https://gitlab.com/cleanflash/installer/-/releases now of days
Post #: 617
4/2/2023 17:38:20   

Well, I've got some surprising news and some bad news.

The surprise is that Pony Vs Pony has appeared in a short event in AdventureQuest Worlds, even though they were pretty much making fun of it, hence being an April Fools event. Type in and enter "/Join MagicMeaderp" in the game to go to that event. Though it's cool that they remembered the game, but that doesn't make up for the bad news.

The game has finally died. It still works, but you won't be able to sign in anymore. I got an "Account Disabled" error message when I tried to sign in with my main account and alts. If I'm not mistaken, the game now can't be played anymore. So R.I.P. Pony Vs Pony.

Even though it was a buggy mess, I still thought it was a fun experience and inspiration! In fact, they must've known that I was their #1 fan because on the promo images for that April Fools event on AQWorlds, it featured a doodled version of my pony from PVP, Cosmic Starlight Wander! That can't be a coincidence and it was a cool surprise! I truly thank them for doing that!

Anyway, I will miss that game. I'm glad to have collected as much of everything from it as I could before it died. The archives I've made for the game can be accessed here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiFbkYs2HK6UwUOu0mIFF1qnyXY8?e=3Qigyn Upcoming content from the April Fools event will also be added in those archives in the "AQWorlds (Pony Vs Derp)" folder.

Good neigh, and goodbye, game.
Post #: 618
4/5/2023 10:53:38   

You Might have to contact player support about your Artix account then that only tends to happen when payment/account issues with said account
I just login today just fine the auth servers are still active
I'm more indifferent about the recent event with PVP in aqworlds I consider it nice we have it at all
I don't think personally making fun of it but I can see your point of view

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Post #: 619
9/2/2023 16:09:47   


So on my last message here, I stated that the game wouldn't sign any of my accounts into the game anymore, but I was told that they still can. My only guess is that it only applies with usernames and not e-mails. I don't know, but it doesn't matter now because unfortunately, and you can correct me if I'm wrong (again), but I think the game is really dead now. I tried signing in from both Pale Moon and Flash Player, but the game won't appear anymore.
If I have any good news even if it doesn't have to do with the game itself, it's that I got another PVP plush done in time for today! It's another one of my OCs: Nutty the Squirrel! Check it out here: https://www.deviantart.com/sukanzoo/art/I-Made-a-Nutty-the-Squirrel-Plush-980360996 I hope you like it. I know it's not perfect, but to be honest, I hate making plushies. At least making them perfectly, thanks to Mr. OCD. Nevertheless, this won't be the last plush I'll make. I have one more in mind, but don't expect it to be done probably for a while.
If I'm correct...

R.I.P. Pony Vs Pony (for real)
Post #: 620
9/24/2023 10:31:03   

Yep PVP is officially gone now It seems that at some point between the last post and now the game shut down seemly without notice much like HS before it I wonder how much time OS has left then?
It shows a 404 error even with ruffle software
it had good run really it's sad I never reached level 20 pony
Post #: 621
9/24/2023 22:41:08   

I've imagined a story series that crossed over this game and My Little Pony for years. After taking my writing more seriously and trying to make the concept work, ...it didn't turn out too well. Still, from what I've imagined over the years, I've had fun thinking about it. It made a good part of my life which is precisely what my last target plush is based on and why I want to make it. As one of the oldest living fans of Pony Vs Pony, that's a promise.

All ponies loved.
Post #: 622
10/3/2023 9:26:54   

Well I'm going to be honest here
The Game was overall fun to play it such a shame the game was never finished
I have fond memories of playing this game overall it was sad after while sad state of disrepair it got
there would be a rant here but isn't safe here on this forum without being silenced by the Archknights
Post #: 623
10/25/2023 7:14:35   

Icetex, I have a question. When you signed into the game, did you use an email or a username?
Post #: 624
11/3/2023 15:44:47   

Sukanko did you forget?
PvP always requires your email to sign in
This is because the login required your portal.battleon.com account aka your Artix account

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