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Alchemy for Beginners and Experts

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10/24/2011 11:54:11   
Therril Oreb
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Table of Contents

[ADE11] - Introduction
[ADE21] - What is alchemy and what is the use of it?
[ADE31] - Health potions
[ADE32] - Gathering the reagents
[ADE33] - Breaking your brain on the training
[ADE34] - Health Alchemy Training (Step By Step)
[ADE41] - Mana potions
[ADE42] - Gathering the reagents
[ADE43] - Solutions when encountering issues
[ADE44] - Mana Alchemy Training (Step By Step)
[ADE51] - Credits
[ADE61] - Logbook

Press CTRL + f and type in the section you are looking for to quickly scroll through the guide in search of what you need.

[ADE11] - Introduction
Hello everyone. This is my first guide, so bear with me.
The reason why I make this guide is because I see questions or cursing about it on regular basis, so I thought I might as well help everyone wanting the help out ^^
I try to make this guide cover as much about alchemy as possible. If you have comments, something to add or anything else about it. Don't hesitate to me. All help is appreciated :)

[ADE21] - What is alchemy and what is the use of it?

Alchemy is the big name for health potion and mana potion training. There were ideas of an alchemy class but that got lost in the void of time. Both are trained in Falconreach.
To get to the places, you just start at Falconreach and go 1 screen to the left.
You can train your alchemy level up to your lvl +1
So if you are lvl 20, you can train your alchemy up to lvl 21.
The maximum level of alchemy is 40 so you have to be lvl 39 in order to maximize your alchemy.
Training your alchemy level for MP and HP potions increases the amount it heals. At lvl 40 it can be very helpful to heal 625 HP instead of 100 from the beginning ^^
Your Alchemy level also unlocks 2 shops.
Reens' Rings and Alina's Helm Shop. For more information on those shops, just click on the links.
For those still at a loss here, I have a map for you: Map

[ADE31] - Health potions

Health potion training is found in the right building, with the big nameboard "Health" on it and given by Reens.

Health Alchemy table
Alchemy level          heals X HP
5                           100
6                           115
7                           130
8                           145
9                           160
10                          175
11                          190
12                          205
13                          220
14                          235
15                          250
16                          265
17                          280
18                          295
19                          310
20                          325
21                          340
22                          355
23                          370 
24                          385
25                          400
26                          415
27                          430
28                          445
29                          460
30                          475
31                          490
32                          505
33                          520
34                          535
35                          550
36                          565
37                          580
38                          595
39                          610
40                          625

[ADE32] - Gathering the reagents
Before you can start training your HP potion alchemy, you first have to gather certain reagents. They are found in the quest Reagent Search
For more info about the reagents, the list and anything else regarding the reagent search quest, click on the link above.

Just like Reens tells you, you also have "invisible" monsters but in Lore we don't know that, we just call them AMBUSH! Only some reagents have such an ambush on them, and this is fixed. So don't worry about unwarned ambushes, they will always stay the same. The reagents with an ambush are: Azure Leaf, DOOM Dirt, Pretzel Root, Sourpalm.

NOTE: You can only hold up to 10 temporary items, so if you have nothing in your temporary items bag, you can only hold up to 10 reagents. It would be handy if you could gather all reagents in 1 swoop but sadly this is not possible. only 10 so make sure you have all the reagents you need before gathering others.

After gathering the needed reagents, we go on to the test.

[ADE33] - Breaking your brain on the training
First of all, in my opinion, Health alchemy training is easier, but that is only if you have a good short memory. The test is very simple, you get to see a transmutation circle like this.
The red buttons will light in a specific order. Afterwards, you have to redo this yourself. Make a mistake and you "lose a life" so to speak.
The higher your Health Alchemy level, the longer the series of buttons will be. It will start with a short 2 or 3 chain but in the end you will have to remember all buttons at once.
Now don't worry for those with a not so good short memory.
1) There is no time limit, so take your time and breath at ease.
2) The chain is not random, they are always "pre-connected" meaning there is already a path to the next button, you just have to choose the correct one.
You see the red lines on the transmutation circle?
Those are the paths i spoke of.
You have to repeat this until you have the needed quota of circles.(whom are found on the bottom side of the transmutation circle)

In the end it is more tedious to train Health alchemy rather then difficult. But it is worth it when you can heal a wooping 625 Health that might turn the tide in a fight.

Extra hint:This hint is for those have big trouble remembering the sequence: When the chain is shown to you, you can take a screenshot And paste it in something like Paint. That way you only have to remember the start.

[ADE34] - Health Alchemy Training (Step By Step)
To put it step for step.

1) Gather The reagents needed to perform the training.
2) Start the minigame.
3) Watch the sequence you have to repeat (Use the given hints if needed).
4) Repeat what has been shown.
5) Repeat from step 3 until have the needed amount of completed circles.

[ADE41] - Mana potions

Mana potion training is found in the left building with the big nameboard "Mana" on it and is trained by Alina.

Mana alchemy table
Alchemy level       Heals X MP
5	                100
6	                105
7	                110
8	                115
9	                120
10                      125
11                      130
12	                135
13	                140
14	                145
15	                150
16	                155
17                      160
18	                165
19	                170
20	                175
21	                180
22	                185
23	                190
24                      195
25	                200
26	                205
27	                210
28                      215
29	                220
30	                225
31	                230
32	                235
33	                240
34	                245
35                      250
36	                255
37	                260
38	                265
39	                270
40	                275

[ADE42] - Gathering the reagents
Same thing as with Health potion reagent gathering, in Mana Reagent Search you search for reagents (more runes and crystals rather then plants). But, You can have all reagents of Mana alchemy in your bag unlike in Health Mastery. Meaning you can get them all in 1 run and if you are lucky, then you don't have to run a second time looking for reagents.
There is 1 known ambush, found right above Entil.
More info about the quest is found in the link above.

[ADE43] - Solutions when encountering issues
This minigame used to have some issues with the timer that has since been removed. You might still encounter certain problems like visual glitches, and they are rather easy to fix.
So let us start from the beginning.

This game is not a memory one. It is more like a stress test. You start with 1 red glowing orb, and after clicking it a new button will glow red. You have to click and hold the left mouse button, and drag your way to the next glowing orb. Just like in the health potion training alchemy, in this mini-game you will have paths to follow through. This time they are in purple. If you fail to draw the path successfully, you will have to try all over again. After clicking the first glowing orb, draw the line along the path until you finished a circle. Similar to HP alchemy, you have to do this a certain amount of times, and drag to more orbs whenever your alchemy level rises.

Now, many of you won't have a problem with this, but I am sure some might still encounter issues. The most known and common ones are shown below, along with the solutions listed.

Problem 1:You cannot see where you traced the orbs anymore and only a straight line from 1 of the previous orbs follows your mouse.
Solution: Don't mind it. Just keep going to the following orbs. It will not make a difference in the end and probably only distracts you.

Problem 2:I click on the first orb and it doesn't respond, I don't see a new orb glowing.
Solution: Hold the mouse button and move it a bit in the orb. It will respond to you eventually.

Problem 3: I have to reach an orb but I need to pass through another orb for this.
Solution: To get around this, you can trace the outline of the orb you need to go by so that you don't trigger the reset.

[ADE44] - Mana Alchemy training (Steb By Step)
To put it step for step.

1) Gather The reagents needed to perform the training
2) Start the minigame.
3) Click on the first glowing orb (Check Problem 3 in above section in case you have problems there).
4) Move to the next glowing orb without straying from the path or releasing the mousebutton (Check Problem 1 in the above section in case you have problems there).
5) Repeat step 4 until have completed the cirle.
6) Repeat from step 3 until you have the required amount of compelted circles.

[ADE51] - Credits
Thanks to
-- All forumites for they, with all their questions, gave me the idea of starting this.
-- Everyone that worked on the pedia. Without it, many would live in the dark emptiness of nothingness.
-- Gingkage for fixing a few spelling errors and adding 1 more hint for the mana training.
-- San Robin for helping in some of the less known facts of alchemy.
-- Alanna Zelen for pointing out a few mistakes, suggesting a small map towards the potion houses and making this banner.
-- Rhowena for the extra hint for the Health potion alchemy.
-- Superjars for telling me about the extra things I should work on.
-- Helixi for pointing out another bug in Mana alchemy.
-- Branl for spotting Problem 5 and giving a solution for it.
-- Everyone else that helped me here.

[ADE61] - Logbook
10/24/2011 - Started on the guide, writing the table of contents and filling what I know.
10/25/2011 - Made some spelling corrections, added a link here and there and completely revised the guide in search of possible problems with and without help of other forumites.
10/31/2011 - Added an extra hint Thanks to Rhowena.
11/8/2011 - Added the short versions of training Alchemy and fixing some spelling and grammar errors.
11/11/2011 - Deleted the bigger parts from the pedia entries.
01/28/2012 - Made another check for errors.
02/02/2012 - Approved and send to guides.
03/16/2015 - Added another solution.

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