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BS15's idea bank (Table of Contents in Post #1)

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1/9/2012 22:59:16   

List of Suggestions: (All of these are hyperlinks)

Harpy's Talon [Toggles between light and wind but has a special that deals either wind or light damage as well; inaccurate and receives elemental compensation on its special]
Crimson Bloodscythe [Toggles between light and darkness. Has a minor backlash but can inflict bleed as well]
Toxical Tempest [Darkness melee weapon that can poison the player but gives a big boost afterwards. It's a strong poison but your damage output is greatly increased as well]
Drakewood Wand [100% magic wind weapon that poisons and element seeks vs Dragon and dragonkin]
Hydraen Blade (and Spear) [No proc water weapon that has a chance to deal more damage the lower your health... like the Hydra which gets 2 heads once it's HP is 50%]
Plaguing Pollen [A 100% weapon that deals no direct damage but rather inflicts poison (darkness damage) on the monster and that poison stacks every turn.. Good for defensive set up]
Septic Slasher [No proc slightly-inaccurate darkness weapon that tries to inflict bleed and then a secondary poison after the bleed is inflcited
Spell Sword [No proc inaccurate darkness weapon that has a SP toggle to boost spell bth and damage]
Kamikaze's Katana (and variants) [No proc water weapon with a built in spell.. costs twice as much though due to the built in spell]
Alchemized Argentum [No proc slightly-accurate earth weapon that triggers a damage boost vs Fire and Energy monsters but after 10 turns, you get a major backlash (reasons explained in entry)]
Gizmo Bow [100% "no special-special" energy bow with 3 SP toggleable skills that have various effects.
Heavy Weight Bolo [Highly inaccurate 100% earth "bow" that can "daze" the enemy... uses STR for it's save though]
Blade of Awwww-man [Temporary melee weapon that is Earth (for adventurers)/follows Guardian No Drop element; "gag weapon" sorta thing.... It's just for April Fool's"]
Monster Breaker [Melee Earth Hammer that has a low special rate that can inflict "Fragile" or can "Cripple" undead foes]
Sensing Blade [Magic Darkness Sword that can do Special damage to HP or MP (and heal slight MP) depending on your mana levels]
Wub Gun [Accurate Wind Ranged weapon with a 100%-rate special. Deals additional damage for not having an actual Special attack. Can Toggle between Wind and Harm at a cost of SP]
Eternal Shadow Trident [No proc Darkness Magic trident with a built in quick cast spell that attempts to "Terrorize" both the monster and the player]
Wrath's Warhammer [Inaccurate non-proc fire melee maul that has a SP toggle to increase power and make it an even more inaccurate lean]
Lust's Longbow [Accurate non-proc fire ranged 100% bow that has a SP toggle to increase accuracy significantly at the cost of some power]
Sloth's Staff [Neutral lean non-proc fire magic staff that has a SP toggle to deal additional damage at the cost of a turn]
Nandaka [Non-proc fire melee sword that can burn the monster at the cost of SP]
Agneyastra [Non-proc fire 100% bow that can burn the monster at the cost of SP]
Vajra [Non-proc fire magic scepter that can raise player INT at the cost of SP]

Davy Jones's Storm Corsair [Mid offensive water and wind armor; has a second form that has locked water and wind damage that deals more damage due to elemental compensation]
Void Hunter [fully offensive fire armor with an initiative boost. 2 attacks: 1 accurate and one not-so-frequent inaccurate attack]
Titan Colossus [fully offensive energy armor with a built in shield but disables the shield inventory]
Copy Cat [neutral MC flat resistance armor; follows the monster's base element and receives elemental compensation; MC bonus goes towards monster bth loss]
Gluttony's Garb [Fully Defensive Fire armor. Has a toggle that can "consume" your pets and guests and heal you. This locks your pet/guest summon slots but adds more power to your attacks based on your CHA]
Pride's Pauldrons [Fully Offensive Fire armor. Has a toggle that can increase damage and bth]
Asura the Fire Demon [Neutral Fire armor that deals more damage the lower your HP; the armor lean changes depending on if it is equipped with the Face of ____ misc]

Malleating Metal [Earth shield that adjusts MRM based on attacks taken... Secondary light defense that has a minor "Dazzle" effect... Getting hit by fire attacks inflicts a powerful burn... Getting hit by energy attacks paralyze you]
Lunar Frenzy [Darkness shield that triggers against "creatures of the night" to inflict control. Against Werewolves, it shifts elemental defenses according to the Were's attacking element and also makes the Control effect more likely and more powerful]
Blood-Lust Barricade [Darkness shield that can inflict "Daze" against all creatures and against vampires, it increases MRM AND make Vampires "Enraged" (-bth but more damage as well)
Decaying Defender [Earth shield that can inflict Bleed when blocking an attack. If the monster is already Bleeding, then it attempts to either inflict a renamed Poison or renamed Choke on further blocked attacks]
Snare Shooter [Water shield with a built in skill that deals 0 damage but attempts to Entangle foes. Monsters tagged as "Fish" and "Flying" are more likely to be affected by the effect]
Envy's Escutcheon [Fire resistance-focused shield that has a SP toggle that can reduce monster bth]
Asura's Aura [Pure fire shield that has a SP toggle to "enrage" the player to reduce player accuracy but increase damage output]

Feverish Frenzy [Monster weakening spell that stacks effects against the monster]
Evocation of the Elemental Dragons [Random element spell that uses Cha for damage and bth... has a chance to use Cha and Luck to element seek as well]
The Almighty Fingerz [2-hit energy spell that has a chance to inflict "Static Attraction" that makes all energy attacks from spells/weapons/pets/guests/skills gain bth]
Kamikaze's Wrath [A 3 hit spell (2 wind and one water) that gets proper elemental compensation]
Sound Sleeping [Spell that heals you but inflicts you with a 2-turn "Asleep" (Paralysis) that reduces incoming damage for the two turns AND gives a slight boost for two turns to make up for the 2 lost turns]
Summon FlappyZard [Summons FlappyZard]
Shadow Terror Assault [Quick cast spell built into Eternal Shadow Trident. It deals 0 damage and attempts to inflict Afraid on both the monster and player.]
Blood Ritual: The Summoning [Fire spell that seeks between Fire and Darkness. Costs normal MP and 5% of 0 END for seeking rather than MC. NOTE: This spell idea was made BEFORE the implementation of the Destruction Burst spell :P]
Spell Bound/SPell Bound [Quick cast MP/SP spells that deal 0 damage but attempt to Entangle foes. Monsters categorized as "Sin" are paralyzed instead of Entangled.]
Celestial Aura[Light spell that makes monsters vulnerable to Light attacks and can make certain monsters "Alive" again]

Tiny Typhoon [Mastercraft Wind Pet with an accurate attack. The Pet has a small passive to inflict Choke on the monster (MC Bonus). Pet also has a toggle that can attack monster's SP]
Prismic Dragon, Jr. [A guest that deals random element damage. Instead of a 132/109 boost, it deals a powerful Prismatic Burn instead]
FlappyZard [An extremely random heavy standard wind guest with MC bonus of Enraging the monster (lower bth but more power)]
SarkMan [Water MP guest with a MC boost of doing 200% damage 5% of the time. Has 2 inaccurate and 1 accurate attack. Summoned from the Sarkanian Emblem misc.]
Jr. Footballer [A pet that has 1 normal attack, 1 Daze attack, 1 Crippling attack, and 1 power boosting attack]
Serena's Simulacrum [A wind guest that uses AI to either deal Wind damage or purifies status effects]

Miscellaneous Items:
Insignias of the Beasts [3 misc items in one but each costs SP. Can summon a melee blade that uses Cha for damage]
Enchanted Dragon Crystal [Summons the Prismic Dragon, Jr. and boosts its attack power]
EMT Field Generator [Creates a Chi Shield that blocks energy damage and comes with a built in skill]
Vampiric Shroud [Boosts INT and CHA. Gives Vampires a chance to insta-dodge. Gives other subraces slightly different effects]
Lycan Wrist Cuffs [Boosts STR and DEX. Gives Werewolves a chance to deal double damage on a normal player attack. Gives other subraces slightly different effects]
Werepyre Pendant [Boosts STR and INT. Gives Werepyres a chance to gain Regeneration for a turn. Gives other subraces slightly different effects]
Dracopyre Wings [Boosts END and LUK. Gives Dracopyres a chance to inflict Afraid on the monster. Gives other subraces slightly different effects]
Sarkanian Emblem [Boosts bth for Water attacks and boosts CHA. Has an additional trigger against "Fish" monster to attempt to inflict Control. Click on it to summon a MP water guest (SarkMan)]
Greed's Gold Pot [Fire misc that provides Fire resistance and boosts LUK. Has a toggle that consumes Gold but provides a boost to a random stat or provides further Fire resistance]
Cornucopia[Earth misc that raises END, gives Earth defense, a passive regeneration, and can summon the Serena guest]
Face of Fury [Misc that provides Fire resistance and raises STR; converts the Asura the Demon's armor into FO and gives +5% damage]
Face of Forlorn [Misc that provides Fire resistance and raises DEX; converts the Asura the Demon's armor into FD and gives +3 MRM]
Face of Felicity [Misc that provides Fire resistance and raises INT; converts the Asura the Demon's armor into FO and gives +4.5 BTH]
The Void Hunters!
Al-Kam-y [Don't kill me Kamui D:]
The Seven Deadliest Sins: Part 1
The Seven Deadliest Sins: Part 2

Corrupted Set

Archer/Bowman [Tier 2 Rnager]


Void Hunters and Void Assassin
Digital Dragon [3.75 CEB similar to Essence Dragons; Glass cannon; can paralyze you on SP attack, passively shock you, and has a 'Chi Shield']
Titanium Dragon [Power level 4 Boss; Has different abilities for almost all different elements!]
Iris, the Prismic Dragon
Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Pride, and Lust [Strong bosses (re-skins of previous monsters) with additional/modified effects)
Asura the Demigod [Strong Fire boss with a hybrid build. Boss of the Asura MC set. Can deal damage and effects based on %HP left]

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AQ AQW  Post #: 1
1/11/2012 21:16:49   
Blue Exorcist

Well, I love the basilisk except for the powerful but inaccurate. It has 150dex, so it wouldn't be much of a challenge for the pure builds. It would be a nightmare for the no dex builds.
AQ  Post #: 2
3/11/2012 18:58:38   

I can't say much for the weapons and the other monsters because I think they are o.k., but Rainbow Dragon can be a dragon that can use all of the elements at random, and you could call it Prism Dragon (sounds like a nifty change there) ;)

EDIT: Didn't see it do prismatic burn. Still, it sounds like a great addition to the Void for high level players...

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
3/11/2012 18:59:51   

I thought about all the elements at random, but I figured it would be a little too strong and hard to beat. However, I do like the name :D

*goes to edit*
AQ AQW  Post #: 4
3/12/2012 8:52:26   

The Question

^Not true. Depends on when it changes it's elements. Upon it's turn or upon the player's turn? Or is it upon it's per attack, or per player attack? There are a few possibilities to consider. Of course, if it changes based on per player's attack, that would be OP-ed unless you get a DB...
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
4/5/2012 19:49:36   

New spell. Any thoughts about if this would be feasible or not is definitely appreciated. Also, any suggestions for my other things would be awesome xD

Feverish Frenzy
Element: "?" Element (like the Wyvern Poison) OR Darkness (although it doesn't matter)
Appearance: Your enemy is surrounded by 4 rings of glow-in-the-dark-green that surround the monster, and then one ring at a time, the rings close into your enemy and is somehow absorbed by the monster. The animation is sorta slow because as one ring closes in to the enemy, one of the status infliction is happening... so it should take about 10ish seconds
Description: Once an arcane incantation that was only known to the greatest witches, this spell will inflict a terrible disease and deteriorate your enemies.
Damage: 0-0
Number of hits: 4

1st hit (first ring): Attempts to Offbalance your opponent for -50 DEX. The message pops up: Your foe gets lightheaded and can't aim properly as the spell attacks it's system. Lasts for 5 turns.

2nd hit (second ring): Attempts to Cripple your opponent for additional -50 STR (max DEX loss is still -30). The message pops up: The disease slowly cripples your foe. [Lasts for 5 turns.

3rd hit (third ring): Attempts to "Clouded Mind" your opponent for a -50 INT. The message pops up: Your foe can't think straight as the spell begins to attack their system. Lasts for 5 turns.

4th hit (fourth ring): Attempts to cause the opponent to be Panicked and reduces effectiveness to 75%. The message pops up: Your foe starts to panic as their fever rises! Lasts for 5 turns.

5th hit: [activates depending on the number of statuses that succeed]

If at least 3 of the effects succeed (not necessarily consecutively), then your opponent gets inflicted with a guaranteed Paralyzed for 1 turn (it increases to 2 turns if 4 out of the 5 status conditions work). In addition, the monster's Ice resitance is multiplied by 1.5* fire resistance (opposite of Freeze... sorta). Message pops up: "Your opponent goes into a feverish frenzy as fever reaches its highest point!"

If 1 or 2 status conditions succeed, then your opponent just gets inflicted with a guranteed Disease with -50 END. Message pops up: The previous effects take their final toll upon your foe. Lasts for [# of succeeded status effects] turns (so either 1 or 2).

If NO hits connect, then nothing happens. The RNG must not like you D:

All effects will have appropriate save rolls attached to them. Please keep that in mind. Save roll will be:
Level: 150 vs MonsterLevel
Major: YourINT vs MonsterSTAT*
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

*MonsterSTAT depends on the hit:
1st hit: STAT= DEX
2nd hit: STAT= STR
3rd hit: STAT= INT
4th hit: STAT= END

BtH: +40 plus stats
Price: X
Sellback: .5X
Level: 150G
Mana cost: .6* cost of a level appropriate spell since it deals no damage whatsoever and relies on stacking effects.


Monster categories "undead", "golem", "robot", "mecha", and "incorporeal" are immune to the ALL of the effects.

Notes: I understand that this would be very hard to code, but I think it would be fun to see at least once in AQ history :P (although it can be any other type of stacking of status conditions). The idea may seem like it is too OP maybe, but keep in mind that there are save rolls for these effects. In addition, the actual spell does NO damage at all... The real damage comes from... actually there is no damage at all. This spell severely weakens your enemies over the course of 5 turns (maybe 6 if at least 4 effects succeed). In addition, the effects are reasonable and not as powerful as other variants of the same thing.

Ex: The Off-balance/numb effect is -50 DEX and does not stack for an additional -50 DEX with the Cripple effect. The Panic effect is not too drastic of a damage loss in most cases (disregarding glass canons/high LUKy strikes). The final effects potency depends on the previous success of the other effects so it is fairly balanced in my opinion.

This is basically a monster weakening spell so it relies on other sources of damage. As a result, the MP cost is lowered and has an accurate lean.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 6
4/5/2012 20:28:43   
Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

Hmm. Questions.

1) I assume if no effect succeeds, Disease is not inflicted?
2) When an effect fails, does it attempt the next effect on the list on the next turn, or re-attempt the same effect?
AQ  Post #: 7
4/5/2012 20:33:49   

oh whoops sorry for not clarifying those.

1) if no effect succeeds, then I can either make nothing happen OR make a minor Daze effect just for the unluckiness xD
2) different effects every turn but i could look into the same effect thing later

edit: hmmm looking back into it, I think it would make more sense to make each status effect until it succeeds because that would make more sense than having a really strong effect out of nowhere. But of course, I am willing to change it to help make it easier for the staff to create :P (I really like this suggestion xD)
Also, does this spell need to be MC'd for its effects? I don't really see a reason to because I have a level penalty and the spell does no damage... I think I will make this a regular level 120 spell with a bth of 27 plus stat and maybe make it more expensive in case I choose to make the status conditions a bit more potent

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AQ AQW  Post #: 8
4/9/2012 11:12:24   

well how about the angel also takes away curses and poison ext.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
4/9/2012 16:32:48   

That would make sense. I can try to incorporate something into the good special that has a chance to "cure" you of any poison. I think that poison will be the only status condition that it can heal though... unless i choose to make it negate all status conditions. that would make me change the "bad" special too in order to make it a bit more balanced. If i choose to do all conditions, the staff should also be able to inflict a darkness hit in addition to the poison then. Any other ways to make it balanced though?

Evocation of the Elemental Dragons

Element: Neutral
Appearance: You raise your weapon and create a ripple like from the "Summon Woolly Thoctar" spell. Then, the hole opens up and can hit your enemy with a "shadow" of a dragon. The color of the shadow would be related to its element. [red for fire, blue for water, gray for wind, very light blue (like ice) for ice, green for earth, dark yellow for energy, light yellow for light, and purple for darkness)
Description: Summon an elemental spirit of a mighty dragon to pummel your foe. Those with luck and charisma can at times tap into the correct elemental plane to unleash the most powerful dragon.
Damage: 180-573 [no accuracy leans]

The spell normally does damage from a random element and gets *132/109 damage. However, there is a [[CHA/16]+[LUK/16]% chance to greater element seek from the 8 natural elements. *This does not get the *132/109 boost.*
Number of hits: 1
BtH: 38 plus stats (Stat uses CHA as well though)
Price: Cost of a 150 MC'd spell
Sellback: half of buying price
Level: 150G, MC
Mana cost: 653

This shouldn't be too bad to balance out because it uses it's MC bonus for the chance of element seeking 25% of the time for lucky beast mages. Since it also uses CHA for it's bth stat, it's not really optimized for even beast builds.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 10
5/21/2012 19:39:23   

Davy Jone's Storm Corsair
Level: 145G, MC
Element: Water
Price: 145 cost of 2 MC armors due to it being 2 armors in one
Sellback: Half of above
Location: A pirate related quest of course (TLAPD?)

Melee: 40
Ranged: 50
Magic: 40

Fire: 90%
Water: 41%
Wind: 41%
Ice: 90%
Earth: 90%
Energy: 90%
Light: 90%
Darkness: 70%

Attack 1: (this is the regular form)
Hits: 1
Type: «All as weapon»
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 612% BR; 1211%Stats
BtH: +18 plus Stats each (no-lean)
Rate: 100%

Animation: You basically jump at the enemy and slash at your enemy.

Attack 1: (this is the Storm Demon form that is activated when clicking the belt buckle)
Hits: 3
Type: «All as weapon»
Element: «As Weapon; Wind; Water»
Damage: 216% BR and 429% stat; 255.47% BR and 505.51% stat; 255.47% BR and 505.51% stat [204% Base and Random and 403.67% Stat damage for all hits; Hits 2 and 3 get a 105% damage due to being elemental locked plus a further 112.25% damage for being poorly related elements]
BtH: +13 plus Stats each [-5bth lean]
Rate: 100%

Animation: You quickly strike with your weapon, but then swing your arm back and quickly swing it at your enemy. This forms a strong gust of wind for the wind damage. Then you make water come up from the bottom of the screen and hit the monster for the water hit. And just a harm sign above the characters head shows up for the backlash

You receive Armor Lean x1.125: You take 12.5% more damage in this armour. The 112.5% damage multiplier has already been factored into the attack damage above.
Storm Demon's form takes -5 BTH and deals *85/80 damage. (Already factored into above numbers.)

Regular form:
It looks like Sea Scourge but has spikes protruding from the arms, a belt buckle that looks like the hit of the stormvale sword, claws for hands and feet, sharp teeth, and an angry face and red eyes.
Storm Demon form:
Same as above, but your skin turns bright red and your eyes turn stormy-gray.

Description: "ARR this robe was found in Davy Jone's Locker. Rumor has it that clicking its belt buckle can summon a vicious demon to imbue its rage and power upon you and call forth the powers of the mighty seas!"


This is a mid offensive water and wind armor. It sacrifices Magic and Melee defenses for better Ranged defenses and compressional abilities.
The MC bonus is the ability to have 2 forms without a penalty

The first form is a regular attack with no lean.
The Storm Demon form has a strong inaccurate regular attack and 2 powerful wind and water attacks that get the appropriate compensation. Compared to AC's elemental lock and Chillax Crusader's Elemental lock, I'm not sure how to compensate it. Considering it defends only against water and wind with slight darkness resistance, I think that the elemental compensation should be much higher so idk.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 11
5/21/2012 19:52:00   
Lives to Slay Dragons!

i certainly enjoyed the description of the dragon & the last armor sounded Kewl - ( always luv offensive armors)
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 12
5/22/2012 12:01:50   

thank you very much! :D

The last armor def needs some work though (esp with numbers)

and which dragon were you referring to? the Prismic Dragon or the Evocation of the Elemental Dragons spell?
AQ AQW  Post #: 13
5/22/2012 13:50:30   
Lives to Slay Dragons!

the Prismic Dragon - i admit i missed the spell - i will have to go back an find that part
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 14
5/22/2012 15:11:51   

it's a BM spell that is located above the armor suggestion :P
AQ AQW  Post #: 15
5/22/2012 15:20:08   
Lives to Slay Dragons!

actually does sound kewl - would also make a killer special for a warriors dragon themed blade
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
5/22/2012 20:30:55   

a killer special for a dragon themed blade? It does sound cool for that, but i don't.. eh... I can look into it and maybe try to make one later (unless you want to do it; go ahead ^__^) :D
AQ AQW  Post #: 17
6/13/2012 11:54:57   

Insignias of the Beasts
Level: 145G, MC
Price: X gold (1.1* for MC bonus)
Sellback: half of above
Element: Neutral
Location: Beastmaster Shop

It has 3 forms that can be used all at once like the Fire/water/bronze signs BUT all of it is in one misc. Click on the item to open up with a pop up option of three items: Power of the Pride, Strike of the Snake, and Jaws of the Predator. If you have all three items active, then you gain access to a temporary weapon. You can summon all items in one turn.

Cost: 0 turns, 35 SP per insginia [so 70 for 2 of the insignias and 105 for 3 insginias]

Apperance for the Power of the Pride: A small picture of a Cthulion appears either under the HP bar area or on the top of the screen.
Effect: Gives you +40 CHA (Message pops up: You gain the charisma and authority of a pack leader)
In addition, you gain a small chance to trigger a Celerity effect based off of 12.5*[number of hits connected/number of hits total]% and a save roll of:
Level: 148vs. MonsterLVL
Major: PlayerCHA vs. MonsterCHA
Minor: PlayerLUK vs. MonsterLUK

Apperance for the Strike of the Snake: A small picture of a Snakeeither under the HP bar area or on the top of the screen.
Effect: Gives you +15 bth (*4/3 boost for magic weapons and *1/2 boost for spells) (Message pops up: You gain the swiftness and accuracy of a Snake.)
In addition, you gain a small chance of an insta-dodge based off of a flat 12.5% rate.

Appearance for the Jaws of the Predator: A small picture of the Sea Fiend either under the HP bar area or on the top of the screen.
Effect: Gives you +40 STR (Message pops up: Your body surges with the power of a Sea Fiend).
In addition, you gain a small chance of making the monster Bleed with a stacking power level at a rate of 25*[number of hits connected/number of hits total]% and a save roll of:
Level: 148vs. MonsterLVL
Major: PlayerSTR vs. MonsterEND
Minor: PlayerLUK vs. MonsterLUK

As for the weapon that's gonna be summoned when you have all three items activated:

Level: 148
Location: Automatically appears when you have all three items equipped in one turn.

Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: 14-49
BTH: 18

Appearance: It is a blade with a Cthulion's head on the hilt, a snake coiled around the blade, and has blue-ish fins similar to the Sea Fiends' ear protruding from the top side of the blade.

It deals 109% damage due to the lack of a special.
MC Bonus is that it uses CHA for a stat instead of DEX.

Description for the misc:
An artifact that contains the power of the most dreadful predators on Lore. Summoning the power of all three at once creates a mighty blade that uses charisma for damage!


This misc has a MC of compressing 3 miscs and a temporary weapon into one item. As a result, it costs the same as 1.75* the cost of a MC weapon (3 Miscs = 3* .25 cost of a weapon + 1 weapon). However, since each misc version has its own SP upkeep, the only MC for the misc goes to compressing the miscs into one slot. The weapon itself requires an immense SP upkeep and the activation of all three items that pay for its "compresion". The MC bonus of the weapon goes towards the weapon using CHA as a stat.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 18
6/13/2012 12:08:22   
Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

Hmm. You could almost fit those three boosts on a normal misc with no MC bonus.

MCing doesn't increase powerlevel. It also wouldn't be able to pay for triple element seeking (two elements at best).
AQ  Post #: 19
6/13/2012 12:25:41   

oh ok. I'll change the power levels

and so the triple element seeking isn't possible? I was hoping the MC will be able to allow all three items to be used at the same time at a bit lower cost compared to other 120 miscs... and a bit of the MC plus the high upkeep cost would be able to balance the element seeking... I guess I'll change it to maybe lesser element seeking between earth and wind? Since those two are opposite elements, a monster should be weaker to one or the other

but what about the power boost because of being a costly temp weapon? is that fine or does that need to be tweaked too?

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AQ AQW  Post #: 20
6/17/2012 14:21:50   

I'm just curious, but are we allowed to suggest ideas for weapons that are gonna be revamped but haven't been revamped just yet?
AQ AQW  Post #: 21
6/17/2012 22:17:04   
Lord of Nightmares
Some Dreams

Not as far as I'm aware. If the staff have already announced that they're going to be revamped/updated, that means they've already got the new stats more or less planned out or even finalized.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
7/27/2012 22:00:02   

Harpy's Talon

Level: 140 G
Power Level: 143 MC
Price: 10 Mill-ish (twice of a regular weapon with an additional cost for MC and weapon compression)
Sellback: half of buying price
Location: Anywhere you see it is fitting (Either LTS OR a little quest that involves Harpies somehow....)

Type: Melee
Element: Light**
Damage: 15- 46
BTH: 18

Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Light
Damage: 1507% Base and Random each
Stats: 1107% each*
BTH: 52
Rate: 10%

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Wind
Damage: 1507% Base and Random each
Stats: 1107% each*
BTH: 52
Rate: 10%

*Stat damage only applies when a lucky strike occurs.

** The weapon can be toggled between Light and Wind (like a Harpy's elemental attacks)
All normal Player attack and weapon Specials with the weapon deal *85/80 damage but take -5 BTH [factored in already]
The special attack does 106% damage for being unreliable [factored in already...]

This blade was made from the feathers shed by Harpies, creatures cursed by both the Lords of Light and Wind. Wield this blade and harness the power of the Harpies... and their curse. (Can toggle between Light and Wind)

First forged by Battlesiege15.

Appearance/ Animations [ PICTURE]

Weapon- Its shape is like a regular sword. The hilt is golden and ends in a little claw. The sides of the hilts are small golden wings with purple feathers (like a Harpy's) There is a little purple ribbon going around the blade's hilt. In the center of the hilt, there is a gray gemstone (the color of the Wind elemental hit).

It's blade comes in 2 forms. In the Light form, it is a regular blade that glows bright yellow (like the Light element).
In the Wind form, it is a regular blade that glows light gray (like the Wind element).


Special 1: The blade forms a radiating glow that travels upward to form the outline of a harpy. The harpy then goes over and smacks the enemy like a regular harpy's animation for a one hit magic attack.

Special 2: The blade forms a cyclone around itself with small purple feathers. The cyclone suddenly blasts itself at its enemy for one hit of ranged wind attack.

Summary: This weapon is a sorta unwieldy blade that takes an accuracy lost for more power. It is toggle-able between Light and Wind (to represent the nature of Harpies).
The weapon descriptions says that it wields the power of Harpies (the elemental switching), and also says that it wields their curse. This means that the special can either be wind or light, which can be a little unbeneficial at times, BUT is still quite alright due to the elements being close to each other in the elemental wheel.

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8/6/2012 12:29:56   

i have a new weapon planned but i was wondering this before I posted:

so... let's say that a weapon can toggle between 2 elements AND can inflict bleed...

would that be possible if... let's say the weapon had an MC boost AND did some self harm per turn in order to have no penalty for dual elemental nature and a lesser penalty for bleed?
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8/6/2012 12:37:16   
Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

That would be possible, yes. The MC bonus could cover either bleed or dual elements, but not both. Normally the penalty for dual elements would be having the weapon deal 95% and the penalty for inflicting a status depends on how strong and how often it's applied. You can exchange a damage penalty with self-damage in order to keep the weapon at 100% damage though.
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