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RE: War Ideas/Suggestions Thread

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1/6/2015 17:38:52   

One issue with providing motivation for warring is that different players will have different motives. Some players want more challenging monsters. Other players want less challenging monsters.

One thought I've had recently is to have wars have special missions to count toward the war count (like some of the Blarney wars have had in the past.)

* Special mission #1 is for the players wanting more challenging monsters. The mission limits the encounter pool to monsters of the players level or higher. This could be explained as an elite force of the enemy. By the nature of limiting to player level or higher, this would allow players to receive higher rewards in exp and gold.

* Special mission #2 is for the players wanting less challenging monsters. The mission limits the encounter pool to monsters -10 your level or less. This could be explained as the enemy attempting to overwhelm the adventurers with a swarm. By nature of limiting to player level -10, this would allow players to reach higher wins totals before capping.

If there are to be no rewards for reaching certain levels in wins or finishing with more wins than another player, why not provided all the players with the kind of monster pool they want to see and thereby provide them with an incentive to participate in the war?

Also, if there are ideas that I can incorporate into the war counts that any of you think will increase war participation, please let me know.

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AQ  Post #: 126
1/6/2015 21:34:50   

The Question

The idea looks good and feasible, maybe do-able as we Guardians have that Special Missions on some wars. But it does look game un-balancing because of how you are able to choose the monsters you prefer to fight with.

Given the examples, I would already go straight for #2, because it is easier and it gets the war done faster. #1 would very unlikely be chosen because of how long it would take, along with the fact that this is a war that we all want to end quickly, so I reckon that less than 10% of the warmongers would even go for it (I might be wrong).

It basically disrupts the way RNG works for the monsters we all face, and I do believe that there was a reason for it in the first place - although I don't know where to find that information to confirm.

I really like it, but it does pose as a balancing problem...
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 127
1/6/2015 23:49:09   

Well, you could solve the problem of everyone wanting to do the easier one by saying that hard/challenging monsters mode yields faster war completion to compensate, or at least bring it in line with easy mode.
Post #: 128
1/6/2015 23:55:24   

@ Gaskal - In every war some of the more casual player comment on the rewards in a manner that makes me think some of the casual players would want options #1. Consider option #1 to be encouragement for casual players.

As to option #2 being game unbalancing, then it's already unbalanced. Warmongers basically already create that option my fleeing higher level monsters.


The key to overall speed in a war isn't encouraging the warmongers, it's encouraging the masses of casual players.

Another thought is that I am firmly convinced that some players aren't aware there is a war going on despite the newsletter, the forums, and the news scroll. They log in go to Ballyhoo, get their gold, and log back out.

Would it be possible to have some sort of announcement at Ballyhoo that there is a war going on?


In reality, there are a lot of things that could be done to encourage war participation if that is a true goal of the staff.

Heck, we were taxed gold (decreased gold rewards across the game) for failing to win a war on time. Could the reverse be implemented? Reach 50% on war meter by x date and gold rewards get increased 5% for a week. I realize that would most likely have to manually implemented, but it might provide encouragement to the more casual players to participate at least some in the wars.

AQ  Post #: 129
1/7/2015 8:46:28   

The Question

^ For the 5% increase in gold reward, I thought that meant bad news for warmongers because that means they cap faster and that means lower wave counts?

OK, taking myself as an example of a casual player who doesn't war much, incentives like gold-boosts or exp boosts aren't important to me. In every way, I too also want to get through the waves faster. The means to the end however, is a long journey I'm not particularly interested in putting so much effort myself - although I make up for that in army waves sent.

I would if possible, dump even more gold to clear waves if anything, because gold isn't such a big issue anymore nowadays which is a good thing because we need to grind less to get stuff now. Hence, encouraging myself to war more, like putting in a penalty if we lose, actually does the opposite of what many think would push us to war more.

Encouragement seems to only work for those already part of the war-mongering party. If anything, encouragement helps their morale which is what they mostly need as everyone has been encouraging one another already in the GD.

Announcement at Ballyhoo is a lot more practical, though I'm not sure about players not being aware of current events hence needing Ballyhoo to announce it...
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 130
1/7/2015 11:47:08   

The 5% increase is neutral since it also comes with a 5% in the cap (at least it has every time it's been implemented).

And you are hardly a casual player. You may be a casual warmonger, but not a casual player.

I get what you are saying about warmonger morale, but I think that warmongers have a much smaller effect of the overall war effort than the casual player. If you look at the recent delivery war, the biggest jumps is percentages actually occurred when the hard-core warmongers (other than myself) weren't on an warring.

I think the biggest motivation for both warmongers and casual players is to have the war meter moving (preferably somewhere around 1% per hour or hour and a half).

As to some casual players not being aware of wars, I know that to 100% true. My son plays the game, gets the newsletters, etc, but simply doesn't read them. He has his agenda when he logs on and doesn't really take the time to read anything outside of that. If I didn't tell him there's a war going on, he wouldn't know.

At some point, I'll go through the thread for the most recent wars and compile player comments that are relevant to reflecting player motivation. I think you'll see where I get the notion that some players want more of a challenge and others want less of a challenge. The only way to do that is to have separate options.

AQ  Post #: 131
1/7/2015 13:30:52   

The Question

Hmm... we are not able to have suggestions that segregate player base. BUT you just gave me a light-bulb-moment where it might be possible to combine multiple ones that are able to somehow, somewhat, "merge" into one that would be fitting for all. Anyway, that's just a light-bulb moment.

Yes, I do acknowledge I am not a war-monger. Casual warmonger? Maybe less than that. And a casual player? Maybe that and possibly less. Depending on what the individuals mean by casual. Casual for me is to clear my estates daily, play weekly for releases to keep myself updated on current events, maybe keep my gold at a 200mill threshold so that I don't find myself out of it when there's a good rare coming along or something I'll be interested in when a new item is released.

But I'm not really believing when you mentioned that the biggest jump was not from the war-monger's time of warring, but during their breaks; which I assume you mean that it was from the non-warmongers? How would that be so? I know you've got that statistics to show it, and I'm interested to see them as supporting proof for further "studies" into this.

The constant 5% increase in rewards and cap.... IIRC, it was done once. To me again, it didn't really give me any need to war more. If anything, I would take your idea on being able to go through with mook-level mobs that are -10Plvls below mine so I can clear waves faster in the same amount of time.

I have no access to the data on ratio of the number of player-logins to player-war-participation when they do. If what you're saying is true about not being aware of the war and that the newsletter and events scroll isn't effective in advertising a war that is on-going, then I would expect that ratio to be against the player-war-participation (meaning more than 1:1). Then again, if that is so, we could instead, propose for a revision of war-wave requirements entirely as numbers may have changed over the years of the game's existence.

So say that expected player per war would be 1000, then if only 1000 players are actively participating in the war, then 1-Mill waves should be reasonable enough (not accounting for estate dumpings) to complete the war.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 132
1/7/2015 14:46:50   

Well as to having statistics to show the increases, I don't really having anything that would be considered proof in a court of law, but I do track when each percentage point is reached during a war (by either observing it myself or it being posting on the forum). I also keep the top 25 or so in individual wins on the war counts up on my screen and updated every couple of mintues.

I don't have anything I can show in the form of a document, but I can state positively that during the last few days of the last war, the period of times where the percentages were changing the most rapidly, the individual counts of most of the top 25 were not changing (other than my own).

I'll try to remember to grab a screen shot of my set-up when I'm home tonight.

BTW the 5% gold increases have been done more than once. It's usually for some period of time as a special event. Can't recall the last time it was done though. It's the same mechanic as the gold increase from the golden gift boxes. The rewards and caps both increase.
AQ  Post #: 133
1/7/2015 15:10:49   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

I think the late rush in the delivery war is conclusive proof enough that rewards are better incentives than gold boosts. A 5% increase is barely enough encouragement, when you can get 4-5x more farming other monsters in the game which wont require as much change of equipment.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 134
1/7/2015 16:33:06   

Perhaps I didn't state my idea on the gold reward very well. My idea is a game-wide reward for reaching a certain bench-mark in the war. For example if 50% on the war meter is reached by reset on Monday then following the end of the war there will be a 5% gold increase for one week.

And what I am trying to say overall is different players are motivating differently. If you want to increase participation you have to provide more than one different incentive. Simply having the war motivates some. Some others, you will have to get inside their individual heads to find ways to motivate them.

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AQ  Post #: 135
5/23/2015 0:30:00   


1) If players reach 1000 kills, only then are they allowed to access this special war-monger shop where they can purchase a much better weapon/shield/armour/etc. compared to those who didn't reach the goal.
# This reward system won't be allowed.
The recent raffle event during April's Fool war this year is something like this though, except with 1/4 the requirement but being luck based too.

I am thinking we could go with this idea should the minimum requirement be much less than 1000, or perhaps even combine both raffle and 1k kills idea. Those with 1k kills(or 500 if that's too much) instantly get the item, those who crossed the lower requirement only will have chance of item. Actually this way the warmongers will be excluded from the raffle cos they already got the item, thereby raising the chances of casuals winning the raffle too. A win-win solution/improvement over the earlier war raffle IMO.(though better something than nothing)

As to option #2 being game unbalancing, then it's already unbalanced. Warmongers basically already create that option my fleeing higher level monsters.
I thought of a solution to this, though this solution will end up buffing things on the player's side.

Why not give a killing streak bonus to players who don't flee and scored many kills in a row? I myself am one of those players who have a no flee policy and I am sure there might a few others like me as well. This will give players extra incentive to not "cheat" by sidestepping the stronger mobs.(right now in theory, it is possible for a war to be finished with the stronger mobs left untouched should everyone have a fleeing policy, which is kinda funny from a storyline perspective)

My idea will be something like "every 5 consecutive individual kills nets 1 free individual kill" and when paired with a war currency system, that 1 free kill will also net a free "token" of it as well.

There are plenty of ways this idea can be implemented, we can even throw in a passive damage buff similar to "ranged attack bonus" that resets on every flee/death but is slowly build up with consecutive kills till it reaches a cap.(and at cap, the above "free kill bonus" could be thrown in perhaps)
War Currency idea is really awesome, but since it will involve in-game items players can't really do much to contribute to it unless they get hired as staff.(assuming those who are hired got the required skills to add on to it) This will take a lot of work indeed, well hopefully it gets implemented in the future before archmage. :P

Something purely cosmetic like trophies on the other hand.... well TRB is already doing it. Plus gotta say that his medal events at times really got some players riled up.

The treasure box is also good, like some of the wars have Guardian Missions that have treasure chests at the end. Would really love to see those in every war as well, and also since it gives us an incentive, as it isn't some permanent thing as well, it could be for free-players too?

Another one I want to bring up also from previous pages is: war monster reward multiplier - where monsters in war-zones have better gold and exp, say about *1.3 to there original counterparts. This doesn't exactly alienate the player-base in terms of rewards, because if you didn't even participate at all, you are just in the for end-rewards. The journey wasn't important (which you would let others help you get there). So the journey should be rewarded to those who took it, or at least give them some form of incentive for walking the walk.
There's a reason why I say treasure box instead of an outright gold/xp boost: Daily gold/XP gaps and the soft gold cap. The former especially will affect how many kills a player can get at most in a day.

By putting the extra gold/XP into a separate component that doesn't count towards the cap, this issue will be solved though it requires more work to implement.

Right now players are allowed to practically hoard more than 1 billion gold thanks to GGBs and I don't see what's the problem with having more options like these. My treasure box idea is supposed to be something like that except for various in-game currency only instead of items.(treasure box can contain war currency should we implement both of them btw)]


I would if possible, dump even more gold to clear waves if anything, because gold isn't such a big issue anymore nowadays which is a good thing because we need to grind less to get stuff now. Hence, encouraging myself to war more, like putting in a penalty if we lose, actually does the opposite of what many think would push us to war more.

So something like a "mercenary estates" huh? Sounds neat and why not? A gold sink that goes to something meaningful is always nice and it also combos nicely with some of the other solutions posted here that results in more gold for the players.

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AQ  Post #: 136
5/23/2015 4:36:21   

The Question

The buff from getting win-streaks sounds great. A 5-win should be enough to for players to get an increment of a certain % (say 1%) up to a maximum. Yes, I do believe that they could rip the code from how the Ranged-Bonus works and put it as a general damage buff or accuracy increase for all attack types. So say the buff cap is 10%, warmongers would need to go through 50 straight battles to attain that general 10% damage/accuracy passive buff.

To rationalize it, would be that one would attain a 'blood lust' as the battle progresses on.

Hmm... Raffle tickets may have changed the rules here, but we'll let the staff settle how it works. Yes, it does help rile the warmongers even more as they compete against each other to get it. However, it does alienate the player-base.

You've proven your argument about it, so ideas that are able to also rationalize through this means may stand a placing here. Don't bet on it though - rules are rules still.

Hiring or Mercs might be Cap'n side of work or whoever is in-charge of estates. I think it was under FSI as well (need to recheck) or stated it as one of the plans like Kingdoms. Anyway, that's my entire input on it only. If it goes through, great; if it doesn't, it didn't.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 137
6/17/2015 17:03:29   

After thinking this over for a while, I think one big motivator is "rewards" for reaching bench marks. Even when those "rewards" have been cut scenes, that seems to provide incentive.

I would propose to wars have something unlocked at every 20% (whether it be a shop or a cut scene).

Of course I don't have to code it.
AQ  Post #: 138
9/22/2015 17:09:56   

Hello All!
I have a suggestion regarding Cyber Monday in November. Last year it was more Nulgath based items and this year I think Legion should take over
I think it would be really sick too have a LEDCalabolg, LEDLegionTitan, etc.

Post #: 139
9/25/2015 13:36:17   

The Question

InfiniteDeath, please rationalize and reason out how your comment has anything to do with this War ideas/Suggestions Thread. Otherwise, your comment will be removed as it is irrelevant to the subject matter.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 140
12/30/2015 14:13:17   


Also, if there are ideas that I can incorporate into the war counts that any of you think will increase war participation, please let me know.

TRB, Wondering if you could incorporate on the individual char page on your site in the war history section....what we ended up ranking in the individual wars (ie 1st, 10th, 43rd, etc). This would make it much easier to figure out what we need in order to get to the next title. I"m guessing it's the individual counts that matter here as far as placement...?

Hope this is clear enough. Just a thought that might be a good addition but no idea if you could do or not. In any case, another big thanks for you and your war count site!
AQ  Post #: 141
4/29/2016 16:44:10   

Hello. I have 2 sugestions that i think would be awesome:
1) Revamp all tier 3 classes armors as soon as possible. Increase the elemental and combat defense using gold because at level 140+ they are useless. Read further because this system can apply to all classes and can result in awesome wars and it is not difficult for the staff to accomplish. For example, the necromancer armor starts with the known defenses at level 30 and you could keep upgrading it at level 70, 100, 135 and 150 (to upgrade from level 135 to 150 the cost should be 40 milion). At level 150 it should have like 30 fire, earth + darkness and 50 to the rest + 50 defense at melee and ranged, 60 magic and you can also buy a shield that is available only at level 150 which can lower the defenses -15 each and + 10 combat only if you are a necromancer.
2) Introduce the Dragon Blade in Golden Ultra Rare Giftboxes. That would be truly awesome.

< Message edited by Semceck -- 4/29/2016 16:58:35 >
Post #: 142
4/29/2016 17:22:45   

@above. uuuuuuuuuuuuhn... there are plenty of things wrong with your suggestions

1) none of those are war suggestions, you should have made your own thread for that

2) your numbers are way off for the elemental resistances

3) classes are HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE projects, they are secheduled to be updated when staff has the time (which means probably never with the current amount of staff members)

4) not all classes are meant to reach top level, knight is an example of up to date class in it's intended level, don't expect it to have any version for a higher level than that

5) dragon blade is a super OP item that is only available through a big quest to compensate the fact that it is the most OP item in the game, there will never be a permanent version of it available for sale, not only that, in-game lore also says that there are no more dragon blades out there, it's completely impossible for this suggestion to happen

6) from the FSI

Update this quest/item/monster/etc: The team is well aware of what needs to be updated. Items will be updated when the staff update them. Suggesting to update anything in particular will not increase the speed with which the team chooses to update. If the team desires input on something, they will ask.

so, sorry to be that kind of guy, but your suggestions won't happen, they aren't even in the right place actually
AQ DF  Post #: 143
5/4/2016 12:36:58   

In the past you could get dragon blade trough donations. Why not introduce the dragon blade in the 12000 z-token package because I would buy it on spot. I have bought many z-token packages (the staff can verify) so it would be awesome if those who bought many z-token packages can get the permanent dragon blade as a bonus :D
Post #: 144
5/4/2016 12:52:09   

because there was only one DB given on a donation, and that was way before balance standards were a thing

package items are as good as any other item in the game, they can't be OP

the DB is OP no matter how you look at it, so it can't be offered in a package, AQ isn't a P2W game
AQ DF  Post #: 145
5/4/2016 23:35:33   
  In Media Res
 Pumpkin Pie of Order

The permanent Dragon Blade was given out through people abusing the donation system. It will NOT happen again.
AQ  Post #: 146
6/12/2016 11:11:19   

Hi I would like to suggest a few things as rewards for War of The Giants

I would like to see Dogzilla as a miniature armor or a pet, one of the Dragonrider armors but miniature as well or even a pet, or a ornate sword from a Mecha or a dragon claw, or Kaiju claws, teeth Etc

just giving out a few ideas thanks for reading
AQW Epic  Post #: 147
6/12/2016 12:52:41   

The Question

War rewards have already been planned out. Not sure if any of these will be added on to current reward pool...
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 148
6/12/2016 23:29:00   

A simple suggestion that I think most warmongers will like, I'd actually like war pools to avoid using enemies with status that scale with your elemental modifiers.

The reasoning for this is pretty simple, since most heavy warmongers usually use either a spellcasting armor with celtic wheel, or an armor with fast animation (like decimator) with CIT, most of the time the warmongers have bad elemental resists to deal with the status that can easily kill the player.

Of course this is easily fixed by the ready inventory before battle button, but since wars prioritize speed, most warmongers don't keep the button toggled on, meaning this kind of mobs usually require a refresh of the game for faster killing of enemies.

It's also troublesome to lower leveled players as they can find enemies that are above their level, which ends up with them having statuses that are too strong for them to endure.

That doesn't mean that status inflicting mobs shouldn't be in war pools though, but I think it would be nicer if future mobs that do appear in them, have status that do not scale with the elemental modifiers instead. As that would fix most problems players have with them.
AQ DF  Post #: 149
8/2/2018 11:17:37   

I Suggest To rework obsidian lair and the necromancer class because is pretty not update one no sp use very low cost mana skill dont even use the skill bar to use them you do attack to see your spell from it.
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