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4/9/2012 19:40:48   

Honour, Hope, Love


Location: Battleon » Click on Robina's Shop » Quests! » Next * 2 » Hunted!

«Scene: Battleon. «You» are meeting with Robina.»

«You»: Hi, Robina! I heard that you're looking for me.
Robina: Yes, I have been looking for you, «You». I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather have help hunt the RoBear.
«You»: Did you say... RoBear?
Robina: Yes I did. No one knows where it came from, but it's been causing tons of trouble.

«Jurg enters.»

Jurg: 4 TONS of trouble, actually.
«You»: And who might you be?
Jurg: Jurg, professional hunter and renowned tracker. Nothing, living, dead, or none of the above, can elude me in the wild.
«You»: I thought I was helping you, Robina.
Robina: Unfortunately, today is one of my "give gold to the monsters" days. But Jurg is very good at what he does.
«You»: Okay. I trust you.
Jurg: Great! Shall we begin our hunt?
«You»: I was talking to Robina.
Robina: Good hunting, friends!
  • Battle with Jurg's help
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
    Encounter list below.

    «Scene: Plains.»

    «You»: Hey, Jurg! Where are you?? I think I got ahead of you--

    «An enormous, spiked hammer hits you as the message "Oops! You tripped a trap!" is displayed on the top of the screen.»

    «You»: OOOOWWWW!!!!

    «Jurg enters.»

    Jurg: Ah, I see you stumbled into one of my traps.
    «You»: I didn't "stumble" into anything. If you knew there was a trap nearby, you should have SAID something!
    Jurg: Calm down! You'll spook the wildlife. Here, have this concoction of herbs and bark!

    «Jurg tosses you the concoction. You receive a full heal.»

    «You»: *phoot* Yuck! That tasted horrible!
    Jurg: I didn't say EAT IT! You were only supposed to rub it on your wounds. Hmf. We should keep moving. Something large is up ahead...

    «Scene: Desert.»

    «You»: Well? Where is it??
    Jurg: Keep your voice down.
    Jurg: ..............
    Jurg: Uh-oh.
    «You»: *whispers* What is it?
    Jurg: The wind direction shifted. I do believe the beast has scented us.
  • Battle with Jurg's help
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    «You»: If we had not bathed in a few days would that make a difference?
    Jurg: I usually refrain from bathing for several weeks while on a long hunt. Oftentimes it helps you blend in with your natural surroundings.
    «You»: Good. I'm glad it's not my fault it smelled us.

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
    Encounter list below.

    «Scene: Forest.»

    Jurg: There!! Our quarry is yonder.
    «You»: Wow! It's-- a robot bear.
    «You»: With guns mounted on its shoulders. and great big teeth.
    Jurg: Observant. Luckily, I have hardened the point of my spear enough that it should be able to cut through steel.
    «You»: You're not going to claim this victory all by yourself, Jurg.
  • Battle with Jurg's help
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    «You»: I wonder where this thing came from.
    Jurg: Quite. You don't know anyone who might have built something of the sort?
    «You»: Hmmm... Actually--

    «Kamui enters.»

    «You»: Kamui!
    Kamui: There it is, looks like my "RoBear" as everyone's been calling it doesn't have any permanent damage.
    Jurg: Hmf. I didn't figure on you tracking this thing, too. You're truly a multi-talented technomancer.
    Kamui: I'm not a Technomancer by trade, Jurg, I'm a scientist.
    Kamui: I'm also not the kind of frail nerd that just sits in the lab all day, I'm perfectly comfortable out in nature as well.
    Jurg: No. You're a completely different kind of nerd.
    «You»: You two know each other??
    Kamui: Jurg has a talent for... creating crises which require his talents. In this case, on a quest to find some dangerous game--
    Kamui: -- he broke into my testing compound and released the Ursinus Cyberneticus while I was testing its combat capabilities.
    Kamui: However, the final adjustments to its AI and Friend Or Foe system were not yet complete.
    Jurg: Such a complainer. You should be proud of your inventions! Let the whole world see just how GOOD you are at making things!
    Kamui: I would prefer that the world see my inventions when they are FINISHED, and not when they are going to go on an unintended destructive rampage.
    «You»: ... What he said. The RoBear has destroyed a dozen homes and could have killed people!
    Jurg: Hey, what can I say. Survival of the fittest! Now, ehem, if you'll excuse me, I have a reward to collect for bringing down the beast.
    «You»: I don't believe you actually deserve that reward. Plus, I was the one who brought it down!
    Kamui: I'm in agreement with «You», one doesn't get a reward for cleaning up their own messes. Especially when said messes have the potential for loss of life!
    Jurg: Well, if you won't let me collect my reward, the n I'll just have to be content with having YOUR HEAD mounted above my fireplace!!
  • Fight!

    Kamui: Thank you, «You». If it weren't for you Jurg's antics would have caused a great deal more damage than they already have.
    «You»: No problem, Kamui. What's going to happen to the-- Ursinus Cyberthingy-- now?
    Kamui: First, repairs. Next, I need to adjust his AI and install the FOF system I mentioned earlier. After that he will be FAR less dangerous, relatively speaking.
    Kamui: As a nice bonus, he will be a great deal smarter than the average bear.
    «You»: That will be a little... weird. But okay. No more smashing houses?
    Kamui: No, he wasn't designed with demolition in mind. I can assure you that he at least won't be doing impromptu renovations on the homes of the good or innocent.
    «You»: Deal.
  • The End
    The Hunted

    Shop Armors:
  • Zkilled Hunter
  • Novice Hunter
  • Skilled Hunter
  • Advanced Hunter
  • Expert Hunter
  • Peerless Hunter
  • Deadly Hunter

    Shop Spells:
  • RoBear Rampage Chi
  • RoBear Rampage Gamma
  • RoBear Rampage Psi
  • RoBear Rampage Beta
  • RoBear Rampage Alpha
  • RoBear Rampage Omega
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    New names for rewards thanks to big E. Write up thanks to Archmagus Orodalf. Location update thanks to 1stClassGenesis.

    Random Encounter List

    Level 0-28
    Asgir'Rook (10)
    Nombus (10)
    Beetle Zard (11)
    Deery (12)
    Altidont (14)
    Harpy (14)
    Qubak (14)
    Hatchling Roc (18)

    Level 29-53
    Harpy Scout (25)
    Altidont (29)
    Qubak (29)
    Asgir'Rook (30)
    Nombus (30)
    Beetle Zard (31)
    Deery (32)
    Young Roc (36)

    Level 54-68
    Asgir'Rook (50)
    Nombus (50)
    Beetle Zard (51)
    Altidont (54)
    Harpy Warrior (54)
    Qubak (54)
    The Roc (54)
    Deery (62)

    Level 69-93
    Deery (62)
    Harpy Warrior (65)
    Altidont (69)
    Qubak (69)
    Asgir'Rook (70)
    Nombus (70)
    Beetle Zard (71)
    The Roc (72)

    Level 94-118
    Big Roc (88)
    Asgir'Rook (90)
    Nombus (90)
    Beetle Zard (91)
    Altidont (94)
    Harpy Warleader (94)
    Qubak (94)
    Deery Elder (102)

    Level 119-133
    Asgir'Rook (110)
    Nombus (110)
    Beetle Zard (111)
    Altidont (119)
    Qubak (119)
    Harpy Queen (120)
    Deery (122)
    Hardened Hunting Roc (125)

    Level 134+
    Asgir'Rook (130)
    Nombus (130)
    Beetle Zard (131)
    Deery Veteran (132)
    Altidont (134)
    Qubak (134)
    Harpy Queen (135)
    Veteran Hunting Roc (135)

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