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Blackhawke's Black Heart

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4/18/2012 7:24:03   
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Blackhawke's Black Heart

«Scene: Battleon»

The smell of love fills the air as you wander through the hills of Battleon. You catch Aquella meandering into the pet store. Let's go check in on our good friend Aria and wish her and Aquella a happy Snugglefest!

«Scene: Aria's Pet Store»

Aria: Hello, «You»! Hope you are having a snuggably awesome SnuggleFest this year!
«You»: Thanks Aria! No hearts broken so far this year. I saw Aquella walk in here so I thought I'd stop in and say hi.
Aria: Oh yes, she received a new flutterby from her sweetheart and was shopping for a new cage.
Aquella: Think I found the perfect home for my new pet. Oh, hello «You»!
«You»: Hey Aquella! What a cute flutterby.
Aquella: Oh yes, it's so adorable. Now that I've found it a new home I'm heading back to the waters. What brings you around today?
«You»: I was just on a stroll through town and popped in to say hi.
Aquella: We should stop by Blackhawke's too. I saw a messenger arrive there on my way in.
Aria: Hehe, you are just so nosey!

«Scene fades. New Scene: Zooms in on the top floor of Yulgar's Inn so that Blackhawke is seen.»

Blackhawke: Well met, friends!
(simultaneously) «You»: Hi Blackhawke! Aria and Aquella: Hello!
«You»: Hi Blackhawke! Anything interesting happen today? Any visitors?
Aquella: Yes, Aria said she saw a messenger stop by and wanted to know aaaall about it.
Aria: OH YOU! *grumbles*
Blackhawke: Well yes, actually, I received a letter from a secret admirer. Asked me to meet her somewhere in the woods she has marked on a map.
«You»: Meeting strangers in the woods-- I'm not sure if that's such a great idea.
Blackhawke: Sure, usually, but there are A LOT of hearts on this letter.
Aquella: I was going to be travelling back home so I will be glad to follow you as far as I'm going!
(simultaneously) «You»: I'm not doing anything either. *whistles* Aria: I think that flutterby gave me fleas.
Blackhawke: I am a little nervous. Travel with me, friends, and you'll see it's completely innocent. However, I will have to draw the line at holding hands on our way there.
  • Continue with Aquella!
  • Continue with Aria!
  • Continue by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

    1 BATTLE
    Level 29 and Below: Beetle Zard (11)
    Level 30-49: Beetle Zard (31)
    Level 50-69: Beetle Zard (51)
    Level 70-89: Beetle Zard (71)
    Level 90-109: Beetle Zard (91)
    Level 110-129: Beetle Zard (111)
    Level 130 and Above: Beetle Zard (131)

    1 BATTLE (Full Heal After Battle)
    Level 29 and Below: Asgir'Rook (10)
    Level 30-49: Asgir'Rook (30)
    Level 50-69: Asgir'Rook (50)
    Level 70-89: Asgir'Rook (70)
    Level 90-109: Asgir'Rook (90)
    Level 110-129: Asgir'Rook (110)
    Level 130 and Above: Asgir'Rook (130)

    1 BATTLE
    Level 29 and Below: Forest Demon (6)
    Level 30-49: Forest Demon (26)
    Level 50-69: Forest Demon (46)
    Level 70-89: Forest Demon (66)
    Level 90-109: Forest Demon (86)
    Level 110-129: Forest Demon (106)
    Level 130 and Above: Forest Demon (126)

    1 BATTLE (Full Heal After Battle)
    Level 29 and Below: Owl (10)
    Level 30-49: Owl (28)
    Level 50-69: Owl (48)
    Level 70-89: Owl (68)
    Level 90-109: Owl (88)
    Level 110-129: Grand Owl (112)
    Level 130 and Above: Superlative Owl (132)

    Blackhawke: Think we are getting close. The heart markings on the map point up ahead.
    «You»: Great! Let's go!

    «Scene fades and then shows another similarly green Scene.»

    Blackhawke: This is the spot marked with hearts. I don't see anything here, though.

    «Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks, an enormous dog, drops in.»

    Blackhawke: AH! Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks. Ruuun!
    Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks: That's right, Blackheart and you've fallen right into the trap!
    «You»: Wait, what. Anyone want to explain the giant talking dog?
    Blackhawke: There was a girl whom I once loved named Kyrie and this was our dog.
    Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks: Convenient you forgot to mention how you turned your back on us. Not wise to break the heart of a valkyrie. I'll be taking you back to Kyrie!
    «You»: Not so fast, fluffy! Blackhear... hawke is our friend and you'll have to get through me first!
    Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks: You'll make a tasty snack for our journey. I will have your bones to bury in my backyard! *Woof*
  • Continue with Aquella!
  • Continue with Aria!
  • Continue by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

    1 BATTLE (Full Heal After Battle)
    Level 29 and Below: Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (10)
    Level 30-49: Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (30)
    Level 50-69: Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (50)
    Level 70-89: Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (70)
    Level 90-109: Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (90)
    Level 110-129: Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (110)
    Level 130 and Above: Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (130)

    «You»: We better get out of here while we can. Any other giant pets with scorned women that are going to be trying to eat us?
    ???: Too late! Nice to finally see you again, Blackheart!
    Blackhawke: Oh boy...

    «Kyrie enters.»

    Kyrie: I loved you and you loved me, then one day you decide I wasn't good enough for you!
    Blackhawke: No no, it's just... I'm a fighter. I do stuff. I couldn't be tied down and wanted to avoid a messy situation.
    Kyrie: So you leave me and Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks?! Well, I'm not letting you go that easy.
    Aria: Hmmm, well this is awkward.

    «Scene zooms in on Kyrie's very angry face.»

    Kyrie: One of your little girlfriends? Oh, I'll fix this!!

    «Kyrie blasts Aria and Aquella away.»

    «You»: You really know how to pick them, Blackhawke. Oh, I know, maybe she has a sister that can shoot my friends with tiger power.
    Blackhawke: Kyrie, stop! It just would never have worked out. I'm a fighter and you are a valkyrie. Worlds apart.
    «You»: ...
    Kyrie: You will love me as you once did! I have made sure of that.

    «Kyrie uses a love charm to zap Blackhear... hawke, who then has little hearts sprouting from his face.»

    Blackhawke: Kyrie, my dear, I love the way your hair catches the evening rays of the sun.
    Kyrie: Now, with the power of my love charm you will be mine forever!
    Kyrie: Oh, and thank you!
    «You»: You can't get away with this, Kyrie! This isn't right. What you'll have is never true love, but a slave.
    (simultaneously) Blackhawke: I never noticed how the armor brings out the color of your eyes. Kyrie: Love slave Blackheart has a nice ring to it. Now come, my love!
    «You»: Noo!
    Kyrie: Nothing will keep us apart! Not you, not anybody!

    «Kyrie blasts «You» with lightning, killing «You».»

    Blackhawke: You are so cute when you're blasting people with lightning.
    Kyrie: There's plenty more where that came from if you try to interfere! Let's go, loverboy.
    Blackhawke: Right behind you, snugglehelm!

    «They leave.»

    «You»: Ugh... organs cooking *cough*. You won't get away... from... me. Okay, give me a second.

    1 BATTLE
    Level 29 and Below: Gargoyle (17)
    Level 30-49: Gargoyle (37)
    Level 50-69: Gargoyle (57)
    Level 70-89: Gargoyle (77)
    Level 90-109: Gargoyle (97)
    Level 110-129: Gargoyle (117)
    Level 130 and Above: Gargoyle (137)

    1 BATTLE (Full Heal After Battle)
    Level 29 and Below: Runt Roc (9)
    Level 30-49: Young Roc (36)
    Level 50-69: The Roc (54)
    Level 70-89: The Roc (72)
    Level 90-109: Big Roc (88)
    Level 110-129: Hunting Roc (110)
    Level 130 and Above: Veteran Hunting Roc (135)

    1 BATTLE
    Level 29 and Below: Trobble (8)
    Level 30-49: Trobble (28)
    Level 50-69: Trobble (48)
    Level 70-89: Trobble (68)
    Level 90-109: Trobble (88)
    Level 110-129: Trobble (108)
    Level 130 and Above: Trobble (128)

    1 BATTLE (Full Heal After Battle)
    Level 29 and Below: Nombus (10)
    Level 30-49: Nombus (30)
    Level 50-69: Nombus (50)
    Level 70-89: Nombus (70)
    Level 90-109: Nombus (90)
    Level 110-129: Nombus (110)
    Level 130 and Above: Nombus (130)

    (simultaneously) Blackhawke: If my love for you were an ocean, it would take two eternities to sail across. «You»: Alright lady, I've been attacked by a giant dog and friend with lightning. I'm through messing around! Turn loose Blackhawke!
    Kyrie: You again?! It's getting so a girl can't steal someone's heart and get a moment's peace around here.

    «Scene zooms in on a raging silhouette of Kyrie.»

    (simultaenously) Kyrie: NOW COME ON!! Blackhawke: Your rage eyes are so adorable, sweetie!

    1 BATTLE (Full Heal After Battle)
    Level 0-29: Kyrie (10)
    Level 30-49: Kyrie (30)
    Level 50-69: Kyrie (50)
    Level 70-89: Kyrie (70)
    Level 90-109: Kyrie (90)
    Level 110-129: Kyrie (110)
    Level 130 and Above Kyrie (130)

    «The love charm is knocked out of Kyrie's hands.»

    Kyrie: *WAAAAAH* I only wanted you to love me!
    Blackhawke: It's not you, Kyrie, it's me. Can't we still be friends-- even though you tried enslaving me?
    Kyrie: *WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH* *Sob* Why does this keep happening to me?!

    «Captain Rhubarb enters.»

    Captain Rhubarb: Hello, m'lady, how you doin'?
    Kyrie: *Sniffle* Not so good. Blackheart has broken my heart again!
    Captain Rhubarb: Despair not, there be a table for two on my ship and I grow tired of dining with trobbles. Care to join me?
    Kyrie: Sure, handsome! Lead the way.
    Captain Rhubarb: Arrr! To the Red Betty, then!

    «They leave.»

    Kyrie: Wait! Who's this BETTY you're talking about?!
    «You»: He's going to have his hands full with that one.
    Blackhawke: Oh boy, just hope he doesn't think a giant trobble makes a great gift.
    Blackhawke's Breakup

    Shop Weapons:
  • Blackheart (10)
  • Blackheart (30)
  • Blackheart (50)
  • Blackheart (70)
  • Blackheart (90)
  • Blackheart (110)
  • Blackheart (130)
  • Blackheart (145)

    Shop Pets:
  • Mr. Banjo Ztiltsocks
  • Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (30)
  • Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks G (50)
  • Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (70)
  • Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (90)
  • Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks G (110)
  • Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks (130)
  • Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks G (145)

    Shop Miscellaneous Items:
  • Charm of Adoration (10)
  • Charm of Adoration (50)
  • Charm of Adoration (90)
  • Charm of Adoration (130)
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Correction thanks to Watashig and Pink_Star. Write up thanks to Archmagus Orodalf

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