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(HS) The Tragic Tale of The Unknown Brothers

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4/21/2012 13:14:29   

This is intended to be a short tale about a time far back in the past of The Dealer. This is a tale for Herosmash and is pretty much just something I decided to write up just now. I don't know if I will continue it but I may do so.

Without further ado, I give to you:

The Tragic Tale Of The Mysterious Unknown Brothers: An insight into brotherly ties, magic, and the vileness of demons.
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4/21/2012 14:03:44   

Chapter One: A Magnificent Con

England, 1103

People gathered around near the edge of town when they heard the noise. It was an infernal clanking and clattering, as if a thousand knights were marching along the road to the fair city of Dungsborugh. But there was no sign of knights or indeed of any sort of armoured beings. Instead all there was was a unusual, yet utterly ruined style of horse drawn cart heading for the town itself at a extrodinarily slow pace. On this odd method of transportation was two raggedly dressed people who looked to the locals like they had never done a day's work in their whole lives. Had they thought about that a bit more they probably would not have been happy at their arrival, and indeed would have driven them out of town. But the people were always ready for a show and this looked promising, so they let them pass and set up in the center of town.

The horses stopped near the middle of the town, and getting a closer look at what could only be described as a sort of small four walled cart for storing things, it seemed to bear the logo "The Unknown Brothers, Establishd." It did not look like there was a date on the cart.

The two people, assumed by the crowd to be the Brothers in question, stepped off of the cart and headed for the crowd. One started talking.

"Well hello there, my good ladies and gentlemen, how are you? Allow us to introduce myself. While I decline to bring a name to myself, you may call me The Salesman. My brother here, The Dealer would like to inform you of the oppotunity of a lifetime!"

The man who had been identified as The Dealer began speaking. "You may wonder why we and our magnificent mode of transportation are in such a state as we are. Well, the truth be told, we had a horrific, terrifying and brutal encounter against none other then the Fairy Queen herself! But we bested her and her magics to bring you lucky people THE SECRET OF IMMORTALITY!" With that, The Dealer held up a jar full of some kind of liquid. But this was no ordinarly liquid. It was an everchanging colour, glowing from green to yellow to red to purple and all kinds of other colours that the people of Dungsbrough had not often seen.

With that said, The Dealer and the Salesman told a tale of daring, bravery and cunning that went along the lines of this: the two men had got lost in the woods one day and had entered the land of Fairee utterly by accident. Captured by guards of great power they were brought before the queen herself with the intention of the brothers being made her new playthings. But the brothers, always quick on their feet, challenged her to a duel of cunning, which if they won she would give them her greatest secret: The secret of Immortality. They swore on a block of wood that the queen said was sacred to her people, and then they posed her a riddle. The queen could not solve this riddle no matter how hard she tried, for it concerned the power of caring and affection, which were beyond her kind. Eventualy she admitted defeat. But at the last she tried to pull off a trick of her own, revealing that the wood was not important and thus she had no obligation. However the brothers countered this, revealing that while she had not been looking they had thrown a vial of Holy Water over the block, and thus she was forced by holy power to adheer to their swear. However, they had not sworn that they would be given safe passage to the own realm. Knowing death was staring them in the face, they grabbed some iron from their belts and fought their way to their transport and drove as fast as they could out of there, breaking free of Fariee with Jars of Immortality.

Surpisingly enough, everyone beleived this. Maybe it was the Holy Water thing, maybe they hoped it would teach the magical being a lession in humility. Probably it was the way The Dealer and The Saleman told this tale much better then anyone else could have. Anyway, they were given so much money that they had to put bags of it in the cart. People went home to try this new found miricle cure.

When everyone had went, the men made their move.

Off came the "damage" of the fake damaged wheels. Off came the bits of wood that would have caught on things. Off came the stock of prettly coloured mud. And the horses, well rested from the slow walk and unburdened by the once heavy load, ran off carrying the wagon, with the two brothers laughing all the way out the city at the stupidity of the common man.
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7/14/2012 14:59:51   

Chapter Two: A poor night's sleep

That very night

The Dealer and the Salesman had finally reached the forest of Greywood. Since they felt this was a good way away fron the city they had just conned they decided to stop and rest the horses. Having brought some beer with them they decided a good time tio drink it would be now.

"The tale of the Fairy Queeen! Hahahahah! We need to remember that one man!" The Dealer said.

"Just you wait till you hear my next one brother! Basicly it's about this king of old right, and he pulls some kind of enchanted sword out of a rock-

"A magic rock or just a plain old rock?"

"I don't think the magicness of the rock really matters. Anyway, he unites the warring lands under his rule, dies in a big battle and is sent to a magic island to await the land's darkest hour!"

"Oh man, they will lap that one UP! I think it needs some kind of wizard though."

"Oh, I'm sure I can fit one somewhere. Anyway, lets get some sleep."

WIth that the two brothers put down their heads and went to sleep.

"Ahhh...The Dealer is it? Or that's the name you go by now...?"

"Wazzat? Who's there?" The Dealer woke up, or at least thought he did. Everything seemed to have a slight red tinge to it. From out of nowhere a collum of flame rose and a red being appeared from it.

"My god. Stand back demon!" The Dealer said while making the mark of the cross.

"Oh please. That sign only works for those who beleive in it. You haven't beleived in anything for a long time, have you?" The demon said. "Anyway, I am here to offer you a exchange. If you do as I ask, I shall give you the ability to convince anyone of anything."

"And what would I have to do to get that?"

"It's quite simple. You must murder your brother."

"Never. I refuse."

"You have no choice in the matter. One way or another, a soul will be nine. Sooner or later, you will come round." With that, the demon vanished in the same colloum he had appeared in.

The Dealer woke up in the morning. The Salesman had woken up already and was cooking bacon. "Hello brother. Feel like some good breakfast?"

The Dealer shivered, only partly out of cold. "Sure, thanks. Hey-"

The Salesman replied "Yes?"

"Oh, nothing. I'm sure it's not important."
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