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RE: =HeroMart= Suggestion - Other

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9/23/2012 0:57:54   

Personally I'd like to see

1. Music of AE Volume 2

2. DF Art Book

3. More Plushies and a Stuffed Trobble

4. More Books if you find more acceptable fan fics
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 51
9/24/2012 13:13:01   

I remember that Artix made his armor out of Gym Flooring or something like that. So maybe a do-it-yourself book on making awesome armor? *Hoping to make awesome armor for a chance to get into dragoncon for sixteenth B-day*
And what was first suggested, the blades in hard, sturdy foam, gets my vote fully.
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 52
9/26/2012 12:32:51   

left sock keychain :D
AQW  Post #: 53
10/3/2012 22:05:40   
Soul Valkyrie

Can we buy heromart item code

i don't need the items -.-
Post #: 54
10/3/2012 23:03:03   
Kalen Obsidia

I would be much more apt to buy stuff from HeroMart if more things came with in-game items for games other than AQW (AQ & DF specifically).
AQ DF  Post #: 55
10/8/2012 22:39:50   
Red Komet

Maybe Zorbak Mask
Post #: 56
10/15/2012 0:00:44   
Lady Aleua

I would LOVE to get some Gummy Moglins. That would be amazing and I think it would sell pretty well!
AE blankets would be awesome too! Fighting evil while toasty warm!
Moglin slippers too! Now Im getting crazy ideas!!

< Message edited by Serenity Okami -- 10/15/2012 0:04:31 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 57
10/23/2012 21:10:29   

I would just like to suggest that you guys make more dragonfable themed items that give you items in dragonfable, because, as a dragonfable player and not an AQW player, I don't want to buy something and get a useless item for a game I don't play.
Post #: 58
11/1/2012 20:10:07   

Another soundtrack CD to followup Critical Hits would be nice since the games have added more music over time. I'd especially like to see music from Mechquest's Westion and Mogloween. Was incredibly surprised not to see either included since they were among some of the game's earlier music.
DF MQ  Post #: 59
11/1/2012 23:52:56   

what about a mini sterling silver disc (with AE's logo signed on it) encased in a see through case being a key ring it would have so much class I could just imagine it.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 60
11/13/2012 9:18:46   

Please make Heromart stores or atleast make some of the stores in Southeast Asia (specifically Philippines) to sell your pre-paid cards
AQW  Post #: 61
11/18/2012 17:59:36   


1.Halloween costumes
2.Foam weapons (solid core)
3. Shields
4. More stuff with codes for AQ and DF
5. Plush collectibles
6. More EbilCorp items
7. Toy versions of Z-Tokens, Adventure Coins, Varium, and Dragon coins

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 62
12/11/2012 22:39:40   

I would love to see a chest that includes an exclusive item in each game - only obtainable this way, one item in the chest could be in all of them the rest could be random depending on what chest you get!

Please do not use signature when posting in this board, removed. [Niki]

< Message edited by Niki -- 12/12/2012 2:46:40 >
AQW  Post #: 63
12/12/2012 14:08:36   
walker of the rift

sell calandar codes

HeroMart is a shop for physical things that most often arrive with an in-game item(s) as a bonus. The games already offer various items for secondary currency. [Niki]

< Message edited by Niki -- 12/12/2012 14:59:24 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 64
12/18/2012 21:09:37   
Red Komet

Maybe Mysterious Stranger Mug and The Code will Unlock a Shop for AQ Worlds that has

Mysterious Stranger's Robes as well as Hood and Cape

Mysterious Stranger's Star Sword(A Star Sword with a Black and Red Hilt and a Red Blade)

Shadowscythe Ultra Star Sword(A Double Bladed Star Sword with a Black and Red Hilt and two Red Blades)

Onyx Doom Helm of Sepulchure(The Style looks like Sepulchure's Recent Helm and in Onyx Color)

Golden Doom Helm of Sepulchure(The Style looks like Sepulchure's Recent Helm and is Gold)

Ornate Doom Helm of Sepulchure(The Style looks like Sepulchure's Recent Helm and is Ornate)

What do you think of The Mug Item Ideas as well as The Mug

< Message edited by Red Komet -- 12/18/2012 21:14:32 >
Post #: 65
12/30/2012 10:13:40   

It would be great to see something like a dvd, which you could buy and get some ingame item(s) or which you could download at discount price. Or get both in a combo package.
On the dvd, there could be something like an introduction to the lab, for people who live far away from the lab (like me) and want to know what it is like.
There could also be a few artists, learning the basics of flash
Jason teaching about backgrounds
Milton teaching about making concepts
Steven teaching some flash basics as well as photoshop basics.
There could also be some downloadable base template for some games on it.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 66
1/8/2013 8:52:56   
Warmonger DragonJax

Pendrives! Very Important and why not a Actual Dragon Amulet which you can where and a novel about "The Rose" (The cult which has taken over the dragonfable lore .
Post #: 67
1/10/2013 11:51:19   

Buy merchandise with AE game cards? I doubt it, but it's worth a shot.

< Message edited by Yuttt -- 1/11/2013 8:10:55 >
AQ DF  Post #: 68
1/20/2013 16:39:10   


i would like to see codes being sold like the giftcards but only the codes are of rare items such as dark caster armor, barber class , witch class, and etc. the codes would be set at a certain price so you get emailed your code after buying the code and redeem it on the master then the item will appear in your inventory.
Post #: 69
1/20/2013 22:52:00   

Unless they came with items, that would NEVER happen. Heromart is for real tangible merchandise, not just codes.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 70
1/24/2013 17:36:47   
Red Komet

Maybe a Real Version of The Book of Lore also here an idea for what the code will unlock for AQ Worlds

Chaosgaunt Set(This Set will look like a Nightgaunt with Chaos Tentacles on the body and has Chaos Horns along with Black and Purple Wings as for the weapon well the weapon will be a black and purple chaos spear)

< Message edited by Red Komet -- 1/24/2013 20:50:51 >
Post #: 71
1/29/2013 18:04:10   

How about a AE comic? We had AQClassic Web comics before. Plus we got a book. So why not a comic done by the amazing artists of AE? Something like that. I can see being pretty simple to do.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 72
1/29/2013 18:06:29   

I think Diozz REALLY masters the comic style of art. His artwork amazes me every time...
So I think you should consider making an AE comic book! ^^
It would be amazing to see, and it could even unlock the story of the comic book, ingame! :D
Like a mini story, you can read, watch art and afterwards play the through the story ingame.

< Message edited by quintenii -- 1/29/2013 18:14:01 >
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 73
1/30/2013 2:03:34   
Lord Shmendrick

Would love to have frame quality original artwork!!! (Disney does very well with original movie cells) The AQ MISC would make it all the sweeter!


AQ  Post #: 74
2/6/2013 0:22:12   

Just a question for the peeps who buy lotsa heromart gear like I do.
I never can get a reliable tracking status from stamps.com
I see a electronic notification till the day it arrives and after it arrives it finally shows the tracking history.

The sketchbook is a must buy for me.
I have the 2013 calender framed it's awesome.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 75
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