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Artistic Ruins!

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6/4/2012 8:30:43   

Honour, Hope, Love

Artistic Ruins!

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 5: Artistic Ruins

After an accidental mishap with Eukara Vox's magic which transported you back in time to witness the emergence of Lady Tomo, you discover a bit of the history regarding the Western Expanse, a place that hasn't been inhabited in a very long time.

With the revelation of a civilisation at warm the mystery of Lady Tomo's appearance is solved, but a new mystery is opened up. Who were these people? In an effort to discover more, we join Eukara Vox at the doorstep of Karuna's home, readying to go on an excursion to solve this new mystery.

«Scene: «You» and Eukara Vox enter near the door of Karuna's home. Eukara knocks with her Bell-staff. The door opens and Mara comes out.»

You may skip this cutscene at any time.

Mara: Hi, «You»! Who's your friend?
Mara: Oh, you have wings! Where did you get those?

«A spirit moves behind Eukara.»

(simultaneously) Mara: Why are your eyes so big? Mara: Do you know what I had for lunch?
(simultaneously) Mara: Can you fly? Mara: What's with the stick with the bell? Mara: Are you going to take Baldev on an adventure?
Mara: I wanna go. Why can't I go?
Mara: What do you think you will find?
(simultaneously) «You»: ... Eukara Vox: ...
Eukara: Um, well, you certainly have a lot of questions.

«The spirit behind Eukara disappears as Karuna enters.»

Karuna: Go ahead and run along now, Mara.

«Mara skips back into the house.»

Karuna: Ms. Vox, I take it?
Eukara: Yes, I trust you received my letter of inquiry?
Karuna: Yes. Baldev was very excited about what you wrote in it. I have some... concerns, though. Baldev has a little trouble moving around.
Eukara: Trouble? As in coordination? Or something more?
(off-Scene) Baldev: Vita said we had some visitors, mom?

«Baldev rolls in on a wheelchair.»

Baldev: Hi, I'm Baldev. Pleased to meet you.
«You»: Well, that answers that question.
Eukara: Indeed. Hello, Baldev. I am Eukara Vox. Karuna tells me that you are excited about this expedition.
Baldev: Heh, mom told you that, did she? Well, I guess it's true. I just hope I don't end up being a burden.
Eukara: A burden? Nonsense, Baldev. There is always a way to do that which we greatly desire. Care to see?
Baldev: See what?

«Eukara's Bell-staff disappears. A book appears in the hand that was originally holding the staff.»

Eukara: Ah, an aspect of my abilities, Baldev. What would you say to transportation that gives you the freedom to move?
Baldev: Like a new chair?
Eukara: Yes, actually. You see, Baldev, I am the guardian of creativity and imagination. With that comes certain... special abilities.
Eukara: Anything that I draw or imagine will manifest itself.
Eukara: This book has something in it I think you would appreciate. A chair that hovers over land and water and is easy to maneuver.
«You»: What... Did you get that design from the Smartzard?
Eukara: Actually, no, it didn't come from the Smartzard. This book comes from another world and was found in my Library.
Eukara: It is a Multi-Universal Library, a place to collect literature from everyone and everywhere. My night job, if you will.
«You»: I see, well, my visits have always been odd and this explains a lot.
Eukara: Anyway... Baldev, would you be fine with this?
Baldev: Sure! It sounds like fun.
Eukara: Karuna? Is this satisfactory?
Karuna: Just so long as it's safe.
Eukara: I mentioned that this would be a mystery. I don't know what we will find, but I asked «You» to come along to guarantee that we will be safe.
Eukara: Baldev is my primary concern and I will not let anything happen to him.
Karuna: ... Alright. I trust you. But I'm holding you personally responsible for my son's safety. Both of you.

(simultaneously) «You»: Yes, ma'am! Eukara: You have my word.

«Eukara closes her eyes. The form of a chair slowly manifests at her feet and then comes fully into being. It looks the same as Lord Terror's hovering chair.»

Eukara: At your mark, Baldev.

«Scene shows Baldev zooming across plains and mountains as «You» and Eukara follow. Baldev yells:»


«The group then enters the portal and exits at a desert by a mountain. There are ruins in the distance, toward which «You», Eukara, and Baldev face.»

Baldev: Ms. Vox, is this... the place you wanted to explore?
Eukara: Yes, it doesn't seem like much, but it has a great amount of history. One which, until very recently, I was not sure of.
Eukara: I knew this place held some import, but I found an old book in my library that told its story.
Eukara: This is where Lady Tomo first came to Lore. The results of that rendered this area uninhabitable by person, though quite a few beasts roam here.

«Several Ramleons run past.»

«You»: Ramleons!
Eukara: Interesting... Being half serpent and possessing such large paws, a desert wasteland seems more suited to a Ramleon than a forest.
«You»: Those seem to be rushing off towards Greenguard Forest, though...
Baldev: They look scared. Like they're running from something. What would they be scared of?
Eukara: I don't know, Baldev. Perhaps there are a few dragons around? Could it be that the Ramleons are actually from this area?
«You»: And if so... what has settled here that is driving such a creature away in droves?
Eukara: ...
Eukara: Here I thought we had solved one mystery, only to have another to take its place. Now I have TWO mysteries to solve again. Looks like we have our work cut out for us, Baldev.
Baldev: Nothing is without hardship, Ms. Vox. At least, that's what I was always taught. But anything worth having is worth the hardship.

The "Skip Cutscene" button skips to this point in the Quest.

«The group enters the proximity of ruins.»

(off-Scene) ???: *RAWR*
«You»: I was wondering when something would notice us...
Eukara: I will cover Baldev, you get rid of the monsters.
«You»: Well, I am just a weapon, after all. And here I thought you were giving me a chance to show my intellectual side...
    Full Heal
    Full Heal
«You»: Fun... Exploration, sunburns, sand everywhere and eventually in places I don't want to mention, monsters...
Eukara: Oh, try to see the positive in this!
«You»: There's a positive? Well, let's head inside.

«The group has enters the ruins.»
    Full Heal
«You»: What exactly am I getting out of this?
Baldev: Whatever drops?
«You»: Nice, kid. Really.
Baldev: Look at all this. Sculpture, mosaics, pottery... I mean, it's all half-buried, but wow.
Eukara: Well, then, I am definitely glad that I was able to conjure up that hoverchair. Let's get to work!
Dig for Treasure!

Select an arrow to dig in that spot for rare artifacts, potions, or even healing! Leave at any time by clicking 'I'm Done!' or start in a new section with 'Start Over!'

Warning: There are monster hiding in the sand!

Example screen

On a HEAL square:

There's nothing here -

Wait. What was that?

Someone just healed you and snuck away. What could or would do that... a ninja cleric?

Really. Why wouldn't whoever it was stick around for thanks?

  • Continue!

    On a NOTHING square:

    There's nothing here -

    Nothing at all.

    Maybe... ... nope, that's just a larger pebble.

  • Try again!

    On a BATTLE square:
      1 BATTLE
    On the REWARD square:

    Wow! You found something impressive!

    Surely there's a reward for this!

  • Reward!

    After you finish digging:

    That's all the treasure in that area!

    What to do now?

  • I'm Done!
  • More Digging!

    Continuing to dig results in larger and larger maps. (4 by 4, then 5 by 5, then 6 by 6, etc.) These maps have increasing amounts of treasure in them (1, then 2, then 3, etc.)
    After you finish digging for real:

    «Full Heal»

    «You»: Wow, that was actually... fun. Just don't tell anyone I said that.
    Eukara: I won't.

    «Scene shifts to where Baldev is. Eukara flies in. Baldev is looking at a golden statuette in the sand.»

    Eukara: What did you find?
    Baldev: I found this beautiful statue. Just trying to clean it off and all. But, the details is fantastic. So beautiful.
    Eukara: Good! That's why you are here. You have an eye for detail and art.
    (off-Scene) «You»: Um, Eukara?

    «Eukara turns to face the direction the speech bubble comes from.»

    Eukara: Yes, «You»?
    «You»: I think you may want to come look at this.
    Eukara: Baldev, I will be back. You just keep working on that statue.

    «Eukara enters the Scene in which «You» stand, surrounded by broken pieces of mosaic.»

    «You»: The head is a Ramleon. But what does the rest look like? The pieces are all scattered around.
    Eukara: Perhaps you should put it together?
    «You»: But...
    Eukara: I found literature, intact, buried in the sand. Let me know when you are done.

    «She flies away.»

    «You»: ... Fine.

    Place the pieces of the mosaic in to the correct locations on the wall!

    Completed Puzzle

    Eukara: Unbelievable...
    «You»: Wait... isn't that the same mage I saw the last time I visited you... when I got sucked into the past through your random magic?
    «You»: It is!
    Eukara: So... this mage is the one who summoned Lady Tomo? Then, the Ramleons predate her arrival.
    Eukara: I wonder if this incident marked his change from creature creation to demon summoning?
    Baldev: That's quite a jump for a mage.
    Eukara: It is...
    Baldev: Oh, Ms. Vox?
    Eukara: Yes, Baldev?
    Baldev: When I was cleaning off the statue, I noticed something weird. Some of the artifacts... the beautiful vases and paintings and statues...
    Eukara: What is it, Baldev?
    Baldev: Well, Ms. Vox... they were, they were losing their color. As if something was slowly stealing it away.

    «Scene shows several treasures losing their color and turning gray.»
    Artistic Ruins

    Shop Shields:
  • Shield of Sands
  • Shield of Sands
  • Shield of Sands Z
  • Shield of Sands
  • Guardian's Shield of Sands
  • Shield of Sands
  • Guardian's Shield of Sands

    Shop Spells:
  • Sands of Suffocation [L. 14, 64, 103, 118]
  • Sands of Suffocation Z [L. 34 Z]
  • Sands of Suffocation G [L. 85 G, 136 G]

    Shop Miscellaneous Items:
  • Urn of Prevailing Winds Z
  • Urn of Prevailing Winds
  • Guardian's Urn of Prevailing Winds
  • Urn of Prevailing Winds
  • Guardian's Urn of Prevailing Winds
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Encounter list:

    Desert Monsters

    Level 0-33:
    Fire Mantik (6)
    Salamander Hatchling
    Harpy (14)
    Chimera (11)
    Runt Roc
    InfernoZard (20)
    Hellhound (15)

    Level 34-63:
    Fire Mantik (26)
    Young Salamander
    Harpy Scout
    Chimera (45)
    Young Roc
    InfernoZard (40)
    Hellhound (35)

    Level 64-84:
    Fire Mantik (66)
    Harpy Warrior (65)
    Chimera (60)
    The Roc (72)
    Forest Demon (46)
    Hellhound (55)

    Level 85-102:
    Fire Mantik (86)
    Big Salamander (
    Harpy Warrior (85)
    Big Roc (85)
    InfernoZard (80)
    Hellhound (75)

    Level 103-117:
    Fire Mantik (106)
    Huge Salamander
    Harpy Warleader (105)
    Chimera (105)
    Hunting Roc (105)
    InfernoZard (100)
    Hellhound (95)

    Level 118-135:
    Fire Mantik (117)
    Enormous Salamander
    Harpy Queen (120)
    Chimera (105)
    Hardened Hunting Roc
    InfernoZard (120)
    Hellhound (115)

    Level 136+:
    Fire Mantik (132)
    Humongous Salamander
    Harpy Queen (134)
    Chimera (135)
    Veteran Hunting Roc
    InfernoZard (135)
    Hellhound (135)

    Dig Monsters

    Level 0-33:
    Beetle Zard (11)
    Salamander Hatchling
    Scorpion Zard (11)
    Flee (11)
    Undead Knight (20)

    Level 34-63:
    Beetle Zard (31)
    Young Salamander
    Scorpion Zard (31)
    Young Flee (30)
    Undead Knight (35)

    Level 64-84:
    Beetle Zard (51)
    Scorpion Zard (51)
    Flee (60)
    Undead Knight (50)

    Level 85-102:
    Beetle Zard (71)
    Big Salamander
    Scorpion Zard (71)
    Elder Flee (71)
    Undead Knight (75)

    Level 103-117:
    Beetle Zard (91)
    Huge Salamander
    Scorpion Zard (91)
    Flee (105)
    Undead Knight (90)

    Level 118-135:
    Beetle Zard (111)
    Enormous Salamander
    Scorpion Zard (111)
    Flee (120)
    Undead Knight (120)

    Level 136+:
    Beetle Zard (131)
    Humongous Salamander
    Scorpion Zard (131)
    Flee (135)
    Undead Knight (135)

    Completed Puzzle thanks to afterlifex. Write-up thanks to Archmagus Orodalf. Correction thanks to Nova Gryphon and big E.

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