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ShadowScythe Elites [AQW]

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6/26/2012 16:57:29   
Lord Thanatos

(The banner was made courtesy of GFP)

About Us:

We are the ShadowScythe Elites, an elite army that is few in numbers compared to Dage's Legion or Nulgath's Abyssal Army but great in power. The ShadowScythe Elites travel across the face of Lore in their conquests, recruiting followers as they go. Although we primarily serve the Empire, we welcome Dage's Legionaries, Nulgath's Abyssal Warriors, and anyone else who has gained power through the dark arts and will remain loyal to our cause.

Clan Lore:

Many years ago early in the Era of DragonFable, there lived a young man of no more than 18 (I'm not really 18) in a small village in the outskirts of the territory under the rule and protection of the Kingdom of Swordhaven. The warrior’s name was Kane, and although his melee combat skills were fine, he chose to bury himself in books and study magic and wizardry while the other boys trained to be Paladins. One day a rouge necromancer who parted his ways from Sepulchure came with his army and attacked the village, which received no help from the King. The men of the village grabbed their weapons and fought valiantly, but were easily felled by the necromancer’s undead minions. When young Kane was caught up in the fighting, little did he know that higher powers would not let him fall. When he was cornered by the enemy soldiers, the Elemental Plane of Darkness came to his bailed him out and caused him to cast a powerful darkness spell, destroying all the attackers. Horrified by what had happened, his village banished him, leaving him for dead. He spent many of his days wandering about the forests trying to sustain himself until he was taken in by another village which was oblivious of his dark powers. Some of the local Pactagonal Knights and guards decided to take it upon themselves to harass the young mage, until eventually they ended up in a fight, leaving Kane with mortal wounds. Although his injuries were fatal, Kane fled before they finished him off, deciding that his affiliation with Swordhaven and the powers of good were over. He managed to sew up and treat his wounds with herbs and other materials he found in the wild, buying him some time to live, although it was really the Plane of Darkness that was just barely keeping him alive. The half-dead Kane eventually found his way to ShadowFall, where he made a deal with some ShadowScythe Leaders (and a very young Gravelyn for some odd reason): a new undead body in exchange for his service in the Empire’s Undead Army. One day while he was patrolling the forests as part of his guard duty, he saw the silhouette of a mysterious figure. He approached the figure, and was told that if he could do some favors for the mysterious man, he would teach Kane how to create himself a new body and a set of DoomKnight armor so he may escape the curse of his current undead form. Kane consented, and both held up their end of the bargain, although no one else knew what would happen with the two. In his new body Kane was strong as ever, excelling in magic and melee combat. He soon took on more Doom Weapons and artifacts, but he disappeared soon after, and no one knew where he went or anything about his affiliations with the DoomKnight Armor and Doom Weapons. Many years later (he would not tell us what he was up to), Kane returned to ShadowFall to reveal himself with a band of followers, only to find the majestic Flying Fortress to have crashed into a mountain and Sepulchure dead. He went to Gravelyn, the new ruler, and she did remember his deal many years ago, as her father had her listen and learn about the Empire. The Dark Empress agreed to let him pay off his debt of servitude in the manner of leading an elite fighting force of only the most powerful dark warriors and mages catering to the Empire. Henceforth as a servant of the ShadowScythe and unknowingly to the Plane of Darkness, Kane became known as Lord Thanatos and his band of followers as the ShadowScythe Elites.


- Dark Lord of the ShadowScythe Elites: The supreme ruler of the ShadowScythe Elites and is the only one that can bestow the rank of Dark Acolyte to an Elite.
- Dark Acolyte: A very powerful Knight of Shadows who has slain countless minions of Chaos or King Alteon. They have mastered melee combat and dark magic, and usually wear robes for preforming ceremonies, deal with inter-clan relations, sometimes grant knighthood to Dark Apprentices, lead Elites in battle, and are loyal servants to the Dark Lord of the Elites.
- Knight of Shadows: An esteemed Knight of the Elites who is well known for his/her skill in battle and is feared by all adversaries. This is also the equivalent of "Officer" in the AQW Guild Panel
- Knight of the Elites: A warrior who has earned knighthood and has slain thousands of adversaries in battle. Most new coming Elites qualify for this position. This is the equivalent of "Member" in the AQW Guild Panel.
- Dark Apprentice: One who is new to the powers of darkness and has not earned knighthood. This is the equivalent of "Duffer" in the AQW Guild Panel.


If you wish to join the ShadowScythe Elites, you must meet the following requirements.

- Level 40 or higher

- Plays AQW on a regular basis

- Not a member of any other guild


How to Join:

To join, fill out this application and comment it below. Your chances of acceptance will be higher if you take the time to fill it out, use correct grammar, and answer thoroughly.

[b]1. AQW Character Name:[/b]

[b]2. Character Level (40+):[/b]

[b]3. Member (Yes/No)[/b]:

[b]4. BattleOn Forum Username (Only if you applied by E-Mail):[/b]

[b]5. What You Can Contribute to the Clan's Cause:[/b]

[b]6. What You Hope to Gain from Joining the Clan:[/b]

[b]7. Continent You Live In:[/b]

[b]8. What Times Do You Usually Play (Server Time):[/b]

[b]9. How You Heard About Us:[/b]

[b]10. What Made You Choose Us Over the Other Guilds:[/b]

[b]11. About Yourself:[/b]

[b]12. Noteworthy Details:[/b]

Allied Clans:

- The Absolute Shadow Minds
- The Akatsuki
- The Death Legion
- The Defenders of the Scythe
- The Legendary Legion
- The Knights of Azariel
- The Spirit Wardens


Clan Leader:

Lord Thanatos/Jont2, The Dark Lord of the ShadowScythe Elites
Agent Minion, Shadow of the Dark Lord

*Jont2 and Agent Minion are my AQW Accounts. Lord Thanatos is just what clan members refer to me as and is my AE Forum Username.

Dark Acolyte:

- Shunu
- Temple Abernathy

Knight of Shadows:

- ComputerDragon5
- Extrumos VI
- Khyara

Knight of the Elites:

- Bata Batuta
- Bob Frankfurter
- BvbFhgf
- DivinePanther
- FDBlackKnight
- Golden Rhino
- Grish8
- Gylbert
- JiroLance
- Kisame100000
- KnightLLX
- Massicare
- Millsart
- Mystical Champion
- Noobody
- OOO Scary
- PhArAdCo
- RedPanda2016
- RugbyBeast
- SuperMageGuy
- Sword the Doom
- Tifa Lockhearth
- XXXDarkRulerXXX
- ZihanHuang1

Dark Apprentice:

- ZhenPods

*The names of the people in the clan (Excluding My Accounts) are listed under their ranking group in alphabetical order. This does not necessarily reflect how I view your value to the clan.

We are also proud members of The Keepers Allaince


The Keepers
Suscipiant Ordinis

The Keepers are a powerful ancient order within the world of Lore. They maintain the Balance and Order of the world with political ingenuity and if necessary Military might they come from across Lore from the strongest to the weakest guild is represented by The Keepers.

In the beginning of civilization the Gods and Elemental Lords tasked a group of powerful leaders to keep the order and balance within the world of Lore.

The leaders created simple rules to follow over the eons the rules expanded and were cemented.


Each member Guild of the keepers is to be protected by other member guilds.
An attack against a member guild is considered an attack against all member guilds.
Obedience to the rules and High Council is mandatory failure to comply will result in war.


High Council: The High Council serves as the leader group in the Guild Council they are the only allowed to add and remove rules from the guild council, they declare war and they manage all decisions within the Council. They are composed of all the leaders or if necessary an established representative of the leader of that guild. The main leader who shall be titled High Lord is Hollow Knight.

War Council: The war council is in charge of the top pvpers or persons appointed the Guild leader of each guold, they will be the ones directing the military might of the guild council for as long the as the High Council allows it. It will be leaded by a person appointed by the High Council at this moment in time the High Warlord is Drake Hemmings.

The Lower Council: The Lower Council oversees all the necessities of all the guilds and proposes rules and actions towards the High Council. The lower council is comprised of all the able members of all member guilds.


High Lord of Order: Supreme Leader of the The Keepers he is the Leader of the Keepers and it's head, his power is addressing the High Council on the state of the Coucils, be it's representative on official business. This post is for life or until he is removed by a majority vote from the High Council or willingly leaves.
His powers include vetoing Council edicts and laws which can be overridden by a majority vote from the High Council, Declaring war, assigning posts of trust.

Current: Hollow Knight Emperor of Oblivion, High Lord of Order

Viceroy of Order: Second in command of the Council, he acts as the leader of the Council until the High Lord returns and has all his powers in his absence otherwise he is just another member of the High Council, he must be chosen by the High Council among their numbers. He cannot be from the same guild as the High Lord.

Current: Vacant

Secretary of Order: A post of confidence given by the High Lord, he is the shadow of the High Lord and it is his assistant helping him with his duties as much as possible. Can be any person in the council not necessarily a High Council member. They also serve as the ambassador of the High Lord.

Current: Watashig

Warlord of Balance: Leader of the War Council, leads the Council of War along with all the other generals of the other guilds, he reports directly to the High Lord.

Current: Drake Hemmings

Lord of Order: Leaders of all the other Guilds, they are the body of the High Council they along with the High Lord lead The Keepers. They are the respectful leaders of the Keepers, they can vote on resolutions, laws and edicts. Each of them has a ambassador.

Ambassador: Represents their Guild on the High Council when their Lord of Order is not present, they also serve as the secretary of the Lord.

Clan Signatures:

Signature #5 was made by AwesomeLLX.











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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
8/4/2012 18:52:21   
Legion Slicer Silencer

Congratulations on being accepted. So looks like this is one step closer to become an official clan. I would be making signatures for you, forget coxy :D

Interestingly enough, I remember being in your clan and now in my own. :D. I hope you good luck and I'll be the clan page proof-reader and editor if you do now mind.


Another thing your clan could use is a punishment system for breaking a rule. You should be a little stricter.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
8/4/2012 23:56:29   

May I join your clan? you remember me, im scottlind713, cya in AQW, meet me Aug. 5th about 1:00 Pacific Time i'll be in PTR farming for tokens, maybe we can get to know each other and fight the archfiend traitor, Nulgath!!!
AQW Epic  Post #: 3
8/5/2012 9:23:54   
Legion Slicer Silencer

Scottlind, you are a member of my clan, the legendary legions. If you wish to leave, PM me so, until then, DO NOT ACCEPT HIS REQUEST

LT, I made another signature:

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
8/8/2012 2:41:46   

No I do not wish to join jont anymore, btw look at my char page im really ranking up in dage Items, by tommorow i'm gonna have titan by thursday i'll have legion titan helm and cloak, and by fri. I will possibly get overlord again, after that im gonna collect tokens while the quests are still here, hopefully get dage set :D
AQW Epic  Post #: 5
8/10/2012 17:05:28   
Chos Weaver

I'm sending an email to you at the moment, I look forward on joining the tribe.
Over and out$
AQW  Post #: 6
8/30/2012 20:16:23   
How We Roll Winner

Why isn't meh in da list? (Stellaluna22)
AQW  Post #: 7
8/30/2012 20:38:44   
Legion Slicer Silencer

@LT, Misty_Kitty is right, you didn't include her in the clan list.

Misty_Kitty (Stellaluna22)


I am not a part of this clan, all the work I do is to help out Lord Thanatos by volunteering means.

I also have been given permission by Jont2, also known as Lord Thanatos, the ShadowScythe Elites clan leader to answer question and update the forums as we go along, so treat me with respect please and I'll treat you with respect.

Note that to be fair, as LT, being the clan creator and the leader is to register the this clan as soon as the guilds are released, do not take credit for his work. Understand this statement well.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
8/31/2012 17:41:24   
Lord Thanatos

LSS, here is an example.

1. Lord Thanatos (Jont2, Lord of the Elites, SC Vendor)
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
8/31/2012 17:47:59   
Legion Slicer Silencer

LT, I have not noticed exactly how to now fix the members, I will do that later on.

For now, the decision on how the ranks are placed to members is done in three different accounts based on:
1. Level of player
2. Number of Rank 10 classes
3. Number of character page badges


My current goal as the clan executive is to re-organize the members list based on Level, Rank 10 classes, and character page badges, will begin doing that tomorrow.


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
8/31/2012 20:08:42   
Lord Thanatos


Also note that if there something you don't like about Legion Slicer Silencer's work in the clan, just let me know. I don't want to be that boss that hires someone to help around and has no idea what is going on behind my back and all of the workers are too scared to say anything. In addition, I have the final say, so you can't be kicked out unless I say so. Though LSS is a nice person and I expect that he will be a good evil helper, but if there is something that you feel that needs to be said, just say it.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
8/31/2012 20:51:58   
Legion Slicer Silencer

@Lord Thanatos and fellow clan members, you guys have nothing to fear, I will ask and submit to Lord Thanatos before fully editing a section so nothing is done without his permission.


Misty_Kitty, you have been added to the clan members list.

Members Section Updated with Character Page link, all links seemed to work, pm me if your name is not on here or the link isn't working, or perhaps I have misinterpreted your information, I apologize. Also note, I have had to type and place the information for each player, took a while so please appreciate my contribution. -I AM NOT CHARGE IN MOVING YOU GUYS UP OR DOWN YOUR CURRENT RANK, LT WILL DO THAT-

1. Lord Thanatos (Jont2, Lord of the Elites, SC Vendor)
1.5. Agent Minion(Alter Ego, Assistant SC Vendor)
1.75 Computerdragon5 (Legion Slicer Silencer-LSS, Elite Executive, Infinite SC)
2. Temple Abernathy (Thanatos's Right Hand, Champion of the Elites, 5000SC)
3. Extrumos VI (Thanatos's Left Hand, Champion of the Elites, 3715 SC)
4. King Duffy2 (Duffy, Champion of the Elites, 25 SC)
5. In Too Deep (In Too Deep, Champion of the Elites, 1025 SC)
6. Shunu (Azazel, Champion of the Elites,13475 SC)
7. StellaLuna22 (Misty_Kitty, ShadowCoin Collector, Champion of the Elites, 9025 SC)
8. Giratina01 (Knight of Death, Champions of the Elites, 3625SC)
9. Afgkiller911 (Afgkiller, Champion of the Elites, 3625 SC)
10. Chaos_Lord_Zayrus (Zayrus, Champion of the Elites, 3475 SC)
11. Itzz B3nn3tt OO (Bennett, Champion of the Elites, 3275 SC)
12. Jack Antler (Jack Antler, Champion of the Elites, 25 SC)
13. Golden Rhino (Hito, Elite Undead, 1025 SC)
14. Yo Yo Boy (Elite Undead, 1025 SC)
15. Banelord013 (Bane, Elite Undead, 2025 SC)
16. ChosWeaver (Weaver, Elite Undead, 25 SC)
17. KingTiger143 (KingTiger143, Elite Undead, 3625 SC)
18. The Fr0st Monarch (The Frost Monarch. Elite Undead, 3275 SC)
19. Gravity Shifter (Gravity, Elite Undead, 3225 SC)
20. DragonExterminat0r (DragonExterminat0r, Elite Undead, 1100S SC)
21. Doom Lord Noobody (Noobody, Doomknight Reaver Elite, 3435 SC)
22. Spikejo (Spikejo, Elite Undead, 3100 SC)
23. Neeeel (Neeeel, Elite Undead, 2525 SC)
24. Grish8 (Grish8, Shadow Founder, 3250 SC)
25. JoshJm1 (NecroManiac, Elite Undead, 1025 SC)
26. Msheengun (Msheengun, Elite Undead, 25 SC)
27. MWKTStorm (MWKTStorm, Elite Undead, 1500 SC)
28. Agent Dr (Count Shadow, ShadowFounder, 3625 SC)
29. AThirstyMonkey (AThirstyMonkey, LarvaeMancer, 3150 SC)
30. Slayer22 (Slayer22, Elite Undead, 3625 SC)
31. Parlox (Pariox, Elite Undead, 3125 SC)
32. Grimlon the Werewolf (Master Grimlon, Elite Undead, 3300 SC)
33. SpartaZick (ShadowZick, Elite Undead, 2525 SC)
34. XxSoMeBoDyXx (XxSoMeBoDyXx, Elite Undead, 2525 SC)
35. Phil7 (Phil7, Temp, 3625 SC)
36. Lbear8 (Lbear8, Intern)

I will now be taking over this area, accepting clan members and answering questions, feel free to pm me.


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
9/1/2012 13:38:06   

I shall be helping too and I would like to point out that when we had completed the clan goal of getting 35 members. SCs were not distributed
AQW Epic  Post #: 13
9/1/2012 17:32:34   
Legion Slicer Silencer

I have done the honor of adding the goals and achievements onto the recruitment page.

Recruit a Member
Get 5 Members
Get 10 Members
Get 15 Members
Get 20 Members
Get 25 Members
Get 30 Members
Get 35 Members
Get 40 Members
Get 100 Members
Have a Meeting
Become Allies with a Clan
Become Allies with 5 Clans

Become Allies with 10 Clans
Become Registered In-Game as an Official Clan when Guilds are Released

As many of you (and myself) have noticed, the members of this clan (including myself) have been relatively inactive. First off, I'll explain my situation of inactivity. As of now, we are recruiting for the ShadowScythe Elites vs Death Infusion War and applications are still open and will be until I say they will be/are closed. And since nothing major dealing with the clan has happened, I will also not make many announcements since there is nothing to announce. And for clan members, I won't kick you out of the clan if you are not very active since most of you probobaly have to deal with school, and I can realate, with the High School Credit classes, but no, I'm in Middle School taking some High School Credit classes because I passed the requirememnts needed to take them. Also, instead of saying "HI", I'll probably say "HAI" instead.

In addition, ComputerDragon5 (Legion Slicer Silencer of the AE Forums), has volunteered to help around the clan, and for now, he will be incharge of managing the members (as in updating the list and stuff). If he does a good evil job, I may let him open a ShadowScythe Elites Q&A somewhere.For now, his rank will be "Executive Elite" and "Leader of the Legendary Legion"


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
9/2/2012 3:56:15   
Blade Master Jase

Post #: 15
9/2/2012 9:50:30   
Legion Slicer Silencer

Blade Master Jase

First off, why would you ask a question on how to put something on your clan page on another clan page?

Anyways, to add your banner, you must have a banner which meet the requirements of:

Banners are a Max Size of: 500 x 500 and 75k
b or less[/U]

Then you would upload it onto the website: www.tinypic.com and copy the code it gives with the tags [IMG][/IMG] and paste the code onto your clan page, but replace the [IMG][/IMG] with [image][/image] tags. and you should be good to go.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
9/25/2012 20:29:06   
Mickael Maximo

AQ Worlds Character Name:Mickael Maximum
Clan Codename:Mickael Max
Email OR BattleOn Forum Username:oiermickael@gmail.com
Number of Rank 10 Classes:0 but i will do it.XD
AQ Worlds Character Level:9 and i will increase
Months of Membership Purchased:0
How Did You Hear About This Clan?:I just searched this forum for Evil clans
What Do You Have to Offer for This Clan?:I will do anything the clan gives for me:Challenges,Quests and more.

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Post #: 17
9/25/2012 23:15:35   
How We Roll Winner

@above: I'm pretty sure you're supposed to PM LT?
AQW  Post #: 18
9/26/2012 5:25:11   

AQ Worlds Character Name: millsart
Clan Codename: Mill80
Email OR BattleOn Forum Username: norian@melita.com / millsart
Number of Rank 10 Classes: warrior / ninja (had pirate but deleated it due to inventory space as I'm a non member)
AQ Worlds Character Level: 36
Months of Membership Purchased: 0 but intend to purchase 1 year membership this week or mostly next week
How Did You Hear About This Clan?: in nearly a year of playing AQW I sided evil from the begining and now that I'm going to upgrade to a member I did a search for evil sided clans via search engines
What Do You Have to Offer for This Clan?: a year of battle experience and loyalty on the battleground
PS. I know that with a level of 36, and at the moment also a non member might seem bad and noobish but I can assure you that I will give all the help you need in game, also my inventory might seem poor but as a non member I had to delete quite a few non member epics due to space limit and due to keep all the essensial items to join Tercessuinotlim (my favorite map site after shadowfall)
Post #: 19
9/29/2012 14:09:02   

AQ Worlds Character Name: Meezymike
Clan Codename: Deathmyke
Email OR BattleOn Forum Username: Meezymike
Number of Rank 10 Classes: 21
AQ Worlds Character Level: 45
Months of Membership Purchased: total: 1 yr 6 months, left: 1 1/2 weeks
How Did You Hear About This Clan?: By searching through this forum.
What Do You Have to Offer for This Clan?: I'm dedicated to the Shadowscythe cause, and am also a loyal follower of Miltonius since the beginning of his emergence. I'm an above-average fight in the Player-versus-Player environment, and I'm all in all a smart, friendly person. I'll bring laughs, wins, and commaraderie into the clan.


AQW  Post #: 20
9/29/2012 21:06:23   
Lord Thanatos

Okay, Meezymike, you have been accepted. Since Guilds are Official, I won't be updating/maintaining the Members List very much. You can also find me in AQW. My name is Jont2 and I'm usually on PTR.


DF MQ AQW  Post #: 21
9/30/2012 3:27:10   
How We Roll Winner

LT, your going to need to get our clan into the AQW Official Guilds List made by Hollow Knight!
AQW  Post #: 22
10/1/2012 13:34:15   

AQ Worlds Character Name: Littio
Clan Codename: Umm... Littio
Email OR BattleOn Forum Username: SumGuy058
Number of Rank 10 Classes: 3
AQ Worlds Character Level: 32
Months of Membership Purchased: 3
How Did You Hear About This Clan?: the forums
What Do You Have to Offer for This Clan?: dedication, constant time in game, member since it started and getting back into it. Oh and humor, im good at that thing...
Post #: 23
10/12/2012 23:44:08   

Here is the Updated Clan Members list:

1. Lord Thanatos (Jont2, Lord of the Elites, SC Vendor)
1.5. Agent Minion (Agent Minion, Alter Ego, Assistant SC Vendor)
1.75 Legion Slicer Silencer (ComputerDragon5, Executive Elite, Infinite SC)
1.99 Azazel (Shunu, Elite Administrator, Thanatos's Apprentice, Champion of the Elites, Infinite SC)

2. Temple (Temple Abernathy, Thanatos's Right Hand, Champion of the Elites, 8000 SC)
3. Six (Extrumos VI, Thanatos's Left Hand, Champion of the
Elites, 6715 SC)
4. In Too Deep (In Too Deep, Champion of the Elites, 1025 SC)
5. Duffy (King Duffy2, Champion of the Elites, 3025 SC)
6. Krall (ShinXsLashER, Champion of the Elites, 3025 SC)
7. Fate (Bone Baron, Elite BannerSmith, Champion of the Elites, 3025 SC)
8. StellaLuna22 (StellaLuna22, ShadowCoin Collector, Champion of the Elites, 12025 SC)
9. Knight of Death (Giratina01, Champion of the Elites, 6625 SC)
10. Afgkiller (Afgkiller911, Champion of the Elites, 6625 SC)
11. Zayrus (Chaos_Lord_Zayrus, Champion of the Elites, 6475 SC)
12. Bennett (Itzz B3nn3tt OO, Champion of the Elites, 6275 SC)
13. Jack Antler (Jack Antler, Champion of the Elites, 3025 SC)
14. Hito (Golden Rhino, Elite Undead, 4025 SC)
15. Yo Yo Boy (Yo Yo Boy, Champion of the Elites, 6025 SC)
16. ShadE (Shadow E2, Champion of the Elites, 3025 SC)
17. Bane (BaneLord013, Champion of the Elites, 5025 SC)
18. The Thunder123 (The Thunder123, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
19. Weaver (ChosWeaver, Elite Undead, 3025 SC)
20. KingTiger143 (KingTiger143, Elite Undead, 6625 SC)
21. Ben14715 (Ben123123124, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
22. The Fr0st Monarch (The Fr0st Monarch , Elite Undead, 6275 SC)
23. Gravity (Gravity Shifter, Elite Undead, 6225 SC)
24. DragonExterminat0r (DragonExterminat0r, Elite Undead, 4100 SC)
25. Doom Lord Noobody (Noobody, DoomKnight Reaver Elite, 7435 SC)
26. Spikejo (Spikejo, Elite Undead, 6100 SC)
27. Neeeel (Neeeel, Elite Undead, 5525 SC)
28. Jkage (Jream, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
29. Grish8 (Grish8, Shadow Founder, 5250 SC)
30. Mill80 (MillsArt, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
31. NecroManiac (JoshJm1, Elite Undead, 4025 SC)
32. Msheengun (Msheengun, Elite Undead, 3025 SC)
33. MWKTStorm (MWKTStorm, Elite Undead, 4500 SC)
34. Count Shadow (Agent Dr, ShadowFounder, 4685 SC)
35. AThirstyMonkey (AThirstyMonkey, LarvaeMancer, 6150 SC)
36. Slayer22 (Slayer22, Elite Undead, 6625 SC)
37. Pariox (Pariox, Elite Undead, 6125 SC)
38. Master Grimlon (Grimlon the Werewolf, Elite Undead, 6300 SC)
39. ShadowZick (SpartaZick, Elite Undead, 5525 SC)
40. XxSoMeBoDyXx (XxSoMeBoDyXx, Elite Undead, 5525 SC)
41. Phil7 (Phil7, Elite Undead, 6625 SC)
42. Lbear8 (Lbear8, Elite Undead, 6000 SC)

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AQW Epic  Post #: 24
10/14/2012 21:53:37   

can you up update mine too my aqworlds name is tristan876123 my clan codename is Dage's Champion
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