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RE: ShadowScythe Elites [AQW]

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10/15/2012 6:21:23   

why is Legion Slicer Silencer on your list? He is in the Defenders of the Scythe and we do not allow membership with other clans, I did not receive a notice that he left the clan.
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10/24/2012 1:05:41   
How We Roll Winner

^no need to be aggressive. DOTS are an ally clan, and LSS is a good pal of LT. Calm down dude...


AQW  Post #: 27
11/7/2012 7:10:45   

AQ Worlds Character Name: Joon121
Clan Codename: Eric
Email OR BattleOn Forum Username: emoric28
Number of Rank 10 Classes: 2
AQ Worlds Character Level: 50
Months of Membership Purchased: 3 Months Expired already
How Did You Hear About This Clan?: Just surfing the forums to find/join a guild
What Do You Have to Offer for This Clan?: My Loyalty and Trustness
AQW  Post #: 28
12/5/2012 19:02:25   
Legion Slicer Silencer

Sorry guys, my laptop and my computer both broke, so I got a new windows 8 gaming laptop. 1 terabyte memory and 8gb RAM. I also got a 4 year warranty so I'm back to helping you guys out.

I am no longer part of any clan, if you find me in-game (computerdragon5), you'll notice it shows I own a guild --LegionSlicerSilencer, its not a guild, its just my forums username to allow other forum members to identify me on the forums.

I will be helping Lord Thanatos..jont2 quite often from now on.

So, from now on, any person on the forums or in game can request a clan join, alliance, or additional information.

The LSS Has returned from HELL.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 29
12/7/2012 19:15:14   

AQ Worlds Character Name:FDBlackKnight
Clan Codename:Knight864
Email OR BattleOn Forum Username:FDBlackKnight
Number of Rank 10 Classes:3
AQ Worlds Character Level:34
Months of Membership Purchased:0
How Did You Hear About This Clan?:When i was searching for a evil clan
What Do You Have to Offer for This Clan?:My loyalty and my sword at the battleground
AQW  Post #: 30
12/7/2012 21:36:50   
Legion Slicer Silencer

I would like to meet you in game FDBlackKnight, arrange me a time and server please. This will confirm whether you qualify for the clan or not.


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 31
12/8/2012 7:53:24   

I'll meet you at Artix server tomorrow 3:00 pm (Malaysia time) at shadowfall

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12/9/2012 2:12:19   

where are you?
AQW  Post #: 33
12/9/2012 15:43:59   
Legion Slicer Silencer

I am unable to meet you in game due to our time differences, however, I will alert Lord Thanatos, who is the clan leader, of your clan request.

And for future references, please do use the edit button, there is no need for two separate posts as it just causes page extension and spam.


I have come to a conclusion that you would seem rather nice in this clan, I approve your request FDBlackKnight.

Please do register at this forums. http://seshadowscythe.webs.com/apps/forums/ that is our clan forums.

Since the guild has already been created and officially been started by Jont2 in AQW, there is no further need to update the clan members' list, though it seems impossible to accept everyone on the list into the clan member inside the guild, it would be quite expensive. Therefore I will be arranging a waiting list to keep order.

To be set up in the waiting list, please provide the following information.

1. Username of AdventureQuest Worlds
2. Level
3. Reason of being clan member
4. What can you do to help increase this clan's potential.

Thanks guys.

Also, I require a response from every current active member of the clan. This is to ensure that you guys are true members and have not yet gave up on this clan. What I request is to write a statement proving your still a part of this clan.

You have one week to do so, though, Jont2 will be responsible from actually removing inactive members.

Also, with this being said, have a great day... or night


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 34
12/15/2012 9:29:23   

Long un-live the ShadowScythe! This is my application to the guild.

1. Username of AdventureQuest Worlds --> millsart
2. Level --> 49
3. Reason of being clan member --> whish that someday would battle with others :)
4. What can you do to help increase this clan's potential. --> Battleon Battleon Battleon !!! and hope to reach lvl 50 in a few days to start my search for the clan enemy and destroy him in pvp

This was my application to the clan when I was accepted :

AQ Worlds Character Name: millsart
Clan Codename: Mill80
Email OR BattleOn Forum Username: norian@melita.com / millsart
Number of Rank 10 Classes: warrior / ninja (had pirate but deleated it due to inventory space as I'm a non member)
AQ Worlds Character Level: 36
Months of Membership Purchased: 0 but intend to purchase 1 year membership this week or mostly next week
How Did You Hear About This Clan?: in nearly a year of playing AQW I sided evil from the begining and now that I'm going to upgrade to a member I did a search for evil sided clans via search engines
What Do You Have to Offer for This Clan?: a year of battle experience and loyalty on the battleground
PS. I know that with a level of 36, and at the moment also a non member might seem bad and noobish but I can assure you that I will give all the help you need in game, also my inventory might seem poor but as a non member I had to delete quite a few non member epics due to space limit and due to keep all the essensial items to join Tercessuinotlim

These are the things that changed from the date of application :

--> rank10 classes--> warrior deleted but acquired chuinin, Vindictor of they, Necromancer, blood ancient and doomknight, Prismatic clawsuit 12,
--> AQ Worlds Character Level: 36 to 49--> Months of Membership Purchased: 0 but intend to purchase 1 year membership this week or mostly next week TO 10 months membership

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12/21/2012 3:13:52   

Updated Clan List:

1. Lord Thanatos (Jont2, Lord of the Elites, SC Vendor)
1.5. Agent Minion (Agent Minion, Alter Ego, Assistant SC Vendor)
1.75 Legion Slicer Silencer (ComputerDragon5, Executive Elite, Infinite SC)
1.99 Azazel (Shunu, Elite Administrator, Thanatos's Apprentice, Champion of the Elites, Infinite SC)

2. Temple (Temple Abernathy, Thanatos's Right Hand, Champion of the Elites, 8000 SC)
3. Six (Extrumos VI, Thanatos's Left Hand, Champion of the
Elites, 6715 SC)
4. Vagaran (Vagaran, OverLord of the Elites, 5000 SC)
5. XXXDarkRulerXXX (XXXDarkRulerXXX, OverLord of the Elites, 5000 SC)
6. In Too Deep (In Too Deep, Champion of the Elites, 1025 SC)
7. Deathmyke (Meezymike, Champion of the Elites, 1000 SC)
8. Duffy (King Duffy2, Champion of the Elites, 3025 SC)
9. Krall (ShinXsLashER, Champion of the Elites, 3025 SC)
10. Fate (Bone Baron, Elite BannerSmith, Champion of the Elites, 3025 SC)
11. StellaLuna22 (StellaLuna22, ShadowCoin Collector, Champion of the Elites, 12025 SC)
12. Knight of Death (Giratina01, Champion of the Elites, 6625 SC)
13. Afgkiller (Afgkiller911, Champion of the Elites, 6625 SC)
14. Zayrus (Chaos_Lord_Zayrus, Champion of the Elites, 6475 SC)
15. Bennett (Itzz B3nn3tt OO, Champion of the Elites, 6275 SC)
16. Jack Antler (Jack Antler, Champion of the Elites, 3025 SC)
17. Hito (Golden Rhino, Champion of the Elites, 4025 SC)
18. Yo Yo Boy (Yo Yo Boy, Champion of the Elites, 6025 SC)
19. ShadE (Shadow E2, Champion of the Elites, 3025 SC)
20. Bane (BaneLord013, Champion of the Elites, 5025 SC)
21. DarkLordVampire (The Thunder123, Champion of the Elites, 1000 SC)
22. THE PARAGON (Naruto11156, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
23. Weaver (ChosWeaver, Elite Undead, 3025 SC)
24. KingTiger143 (KingTiger143, Elite Undead, 6625 SC)
25. Ben14715 (Ben123123124, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
26. The Fr0st Monarch (The Fr0st Monarch , Elite Undead, 6275 SC)
27. Skyrax (Skyrax00, Elite Undead)
28. Gravity (Gravity Shifter, Elite Undead, 6225 SC)
29. DragonExterminat0r (DragonExterminat0r, Elite Undead, 4100 SC)
30. Doom Lord Noobody (Noobody, DoomKnight Reaver Elite, 7435 SC)
31. Spikejo (Spikejo, Elite Undead, 6100 SC)
32. Neeeel (Neeeel, Elite Undead, 5525 SC)
33. Jkage (Jream, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
34. Grish8 (Grish8, Shadow Founder, THE TRAITOR, 5250 SC)
35. Mill80 (MillsArt, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
36. NecroManiac (JoshJm1, Elite Undead, 4025 SC)
37. Msheengun (Msheengun, Elite Undead, 3025 SC)
38. MWKTStorm (MWKTStorm, Elite Undead, 4500 SC)
39. Count Shadow (Agent Dr, ShadowFounder, 4685 SC)
40. AThirstyMonkey (AThirstyMonkey, LarvaeMancer, 6150 SC)
41. Slayer22 (Slayer22, Elite Undead, 6625 SC)
42. Pariox (Pariox, Elite Undead, 6125 SC)
43. Master Grimlon (Grimlon the Werewolf, Elite Undead, 6300 SC)
44. Littio (Littio, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
45. Mickael Max (Mickael Maximum, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
46. ShadowZick (SpartaZick, Elite Undead, 5525 SC)
47. XxSoMeBoDyXx (XxSoMeBoDyXx, Elite Undead, 5525 SC)
48. Dage's Champion (Tristan876123, Elite Undead, 1000 SC)
49. Phil7 (Phil7, Elite Undead, 6625 SC)
50. Lbear8 (Lbear8, Elite Undead, 6000 SC)

This is the Picture of the clan's Official Enemy.

Bio Data:
Name: Belak84.
Level: 43.
Class: Chunin.
Items Equipped: Sandrunner.(Armor)
Glacial Destroyer Halo.(Helm)
Destructo Tacos 12.(Weapon)
Chunin Kaanji Cape(Cape)

I am sorry if the image is a little outdated. Its 14 days old. Also there is no gap between "Belak" and "84". So the name is "Belak84"

Official Enemy of the Clan, Belak84

Here is a link to his Char Page:
Belak84's Char Page


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AQW Epic  Post #: 36
12/22/2012 19:28:41   
Legion Slicer Silencer


We have achieved 50 clan members, inactive or active, so that is a very nice goal to achieve, congratz.

Shadow On!

@I got mad

You have met the requirements, therefore I have personally accepted you into the ShadowScythe Elites.

Although, the clan leader did mention that the clan is "Not Dead", but many of the members of the clan have jobs or school/education to attend to, so they can't be on often.

I request Shunu to add your name to the clan list. Welcome aboard and enjoy the shadow cookies.


EDIT: Posts merged.~Theosenia.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 37
12/22/2012 21:01:50   
I got mad

thanks. Also one thing I forgot to mention is that I can only play on non-chat enabled servers. Don't know why but I activated my email and it says that I need to upgrade. Too bad.

I do have another account that is able to go on chat enabled servers, and his in-game name is: drakath the noob

He is a really low level, but at least he can talk. I also have skype if that is an option
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 38
12/23/2012 4:31:38   

I'll be waiting

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AQW  Post #: 39
12/23/2012 15:08:58   
Legion Slicer Silencer


Please be patient, it takes effort to continuously edit the clan members.


If you do wish to join, I'll place you under the waiting list. Please forgive us and do be patient with us. Patient is a virtue.


< Message edited by theosenia -- 1/1/2013 13:25:59 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 40
12/30/2012 23:51:24   

Sorry for being inactive for a bit ive had plenty of exams and assignments aswell as my computer suddnley dying on me but luckley i have a new computer and nothing important on my schedual so im backa nd ready for action.

BUY the way if ur looking 4 new members i have a friend sjian21 he is lvl 37 and ive taken him under my wing from lvl 1 he is cuurntly looking for a clan/guild and i will get him to contact us.

here is his char page = http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=sjian21

Don't double post, it is considered spam if you have something to add use the edit button. ~Hollow Knight

< Message edited by Hollow Knight -- 12/31/2012 10:39:52 >
AQW  Post #: 41
1/1/2013 11:00:16   
Legion Slicer Silencer

Welcome back Joshjm1.

Glad to hear you have survived the exams and now have a new computer. For your friend, being a level 37, I am not permitted to accept him under the strict rules that now you must be at least a level 45 to join, but for the members who already have joined before this new requirement level will be able to remain in this clan, but to join now, level 45 is the key and it is out of my control.

However, I have talked with Lord Thanatos and he told me that under circumstance, He might allow players under the level requirement to join the clan. So, please do contact Lord Thanatos first.

Second, seeing as our list is massive enough, 50+, I have constructed a waiting list for players waiting to join, please do take this seriously, as after permission, I will begin kicking out inactive players and begin accepting active members, most likely January 24.

So, for now..
Welcome back

Waiting List

1. sjian21
Level 37


Thread has been edited to merge posts and remove signature over-use.Please do not double post and keep in mind that only one signature per person/per page is allowed.~Theosenia.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 42
1/1/2013 17:33:32   
Lord Thanatos

Announcement XL from the Clan Website:


Announcement XL

So, I know it's been a while...again, but I have come to wish you all a Merry Frostval and a Happy New Year (Or whatever you might celebrate)! But, I will also need to address some other issues. First off, about membership. We currently have 15 spaces in the In-Game Guild, 1 of which, is occupied by me. With fourteen spaces left, I will only accept the strongest and most dedicated. With that being said, the requirements for joining the in-game guild is a minimum of Level 45 or higher, unless I say otherwise. But even if you meet the level requirement, there is no guarantee you will get in. Here is the application for the in-game guild made by Legion Slicer Silencer, who has decided to rejoin.

AQW Character Name:

Character Level (Minimum 45 for In-Game Guild):

BattleOn Forum Username/Email:

Why I Should Accept You into the Guild:

What You Can Contribute to the Clan's Cause:

Note: You only need to be Lvl 45+ to join the In-Game Guild, but to join on our website, you can be at a decent Level (30+).

Note that I left out the Clan Codename. This is because it did not work out as well as I expected, so I will remove it effective immediately. And since we are in-game now, there is really no need for that. But if you currently have one, you can keep it if you so desire. And if you are in the in-game guild, and someone else who fits the requirements applies, you may be removed from the in-game guild if he/she is better than you.

If you do not fit the requirements to join the in-game guild and are between Level 35-45, you may join if you buy 2 spaces. One for yourself and one extra one for the guild. So basically you can "buy your way in." If you join in that manner, you are pretty much in forever unless you quit, are inactive for over 3 months, committed treason toward the Elites, or I have some other reason to remove you.

- Lord Thanatos

< Message edited by Lord Thanatos -- 1/1/2013 20:59:47 >


DF MQ AQW  Post #: 43
1/3/2013 17:46:53   
Eris Blackwood

Hi guys! Im the latest member to the guild click below for my character page :D


Check out my Gallery!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 44
1/3/2013 23:01:46   
The Fr0st Monarch

Hi guys,Legion Slicer Silencer feel free to kick me out of the guild i stopped playing aww for a while
best of lucks- The Fr0st Monarch
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 45
1/4/2013 16:49:45   
Legion Slicer Silencer

@The Fr0st Monarch

Hello there, as per requested, I have removed you from the guild as per request on my part as clan officer. I wish you the best of luck in-game and in life.

Have a great day, and do feel free to request to join the clan once more whenever you wish.



We currently have 15/50 clan member slots in game and only 4 slots available. First come first serve.


< Message edited by Legion Slicer Silencer -- 1/4/2013 17:00:01 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 46
1/4/2013 21:56:28   

I have been thinking that we need to do something big to become reckonised maybe by declaring an all out war on another guild maybe a guild allied with good by destroying them all in pvp. We need to do something reckonisable to assert ourselves a strong and powerful guild but this is only a thought.
AQW  Post #: 47
1/5/2013 6:54:05   

My application to the guild was done in 15/12/2012 as seen above. tnx
Post #: 48
1/5/2013 11:42:05   
Legion Slicer Silencer


I'll take that idea into consideration, but we need to first become better organized. Anyways, I will be conducting a list of PvP players who wish to participate

At first, I will only be accepting the first 5, me being the first and taking up the first slot.

Also, do realize that, I am NOT looking into level restrictions, level in PvP doesn't matter much, I am looking to skills.

1. Legion Slicer Silencer --Computerdragon5 http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Computerdragon5

We also need to find a guild/clan willing to PvP.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 49
1/5/2013 22:22:23   
Lord Thanatos


Actually, we have had a few PvP war requests, but it seems they have lost interest and have been inactive. So, until we do have another guild that wishes to PvP and commits to the war, we won't be doing any PvP for now. And, I don't care that much about your level, but you have to be at a decent level, such as 35+ and have a good PvP class at at least rank 5, depending on the class. And, we will be taking 10-12 members into the PvP, some as primary members and others as alternates.

@ JoshJm1

Your idea will be considered, but recognition is not our primary concern. Right now, we need to gather a group of strong, committed individuals to join the guild.

-Lord Thanatos.


DF MQ AQW  Post #: 50
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