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Building Truphma II

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8/19/2012 5:24:15   
Times Silent Keeper

Building Truphma: Part 2
Color on the Inside

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 6: Building Truphma » 2: Color on the Inside!

«Scene: Battleon School»

Eukara: Leaders of Lore, I've called you here for one reason. Some of you have already dealt with the blemish that is the Truphma, some of you have not. For those of you that have not...
Eukara: Truphma are a race of people whose entire goal as a society is to rid planets and people of creativity and imagination, rendering the people stale, bland, and completely submissive.
Eukara: When they invaded, we banded together and fought them valiantly and beat them, but the warleader escaped my grasp.
Eukara: I falsely hoped that our unity in that war would drive them away--
Safiria: But they returned, yes?
Eukara: It's not that they returned, Safiria.
«You»: It's that they never truly left...
All: ....
Constantin: Explain yourself.
Eukara: I've done some research, sent out my assistants...
«You»: And exploring...
Eukara: And I believe that the Truphma have actually been here for a very long time.
«You»: Centuries even.
Captain Rhubarb: How that be possible?
Tralin: Where on Lore could they have hidden themselves that we could not reach them?
Eukara: The Western Expanse.
Warlic: The Wastes... That makes perfect sense. We've all ignored it for so long because the area is supposed to be uninhabitable.
Cyrus: So, all this time, they've watched and waited? That doesn't sit well with me, to have an enemy here all this time and no one knowing.
Aquella: But, why wait until now to attack? We are stronger now, more so than even a decade ago, not to mention centuries ago.
Eukara: I don't have an answer for that, Aquella. I am as baffled as you.
«You»: I say we go after them. For once, I want it to be US that attacks first, US that take them by surprise and US that seize the day.
Eukara: As much as I agree, «You», we can't just go in there willy-nilly. We need a deeper, more thorough reconnaissance.
Galanoth: Then let's send «You». Since the Adventurer wants to take action, let's use that energy for our sakes.
Eukara: «You»?
«You»: I would love nothing better, Ms. Vox.

«You leave the scene to hunt down the Truphma.»

Cenara: I hope «You» learns what we need to know.

«Scene: Western Expanse. Dull mobs roam the area.»«You»: The monsters are gathering. There are so many of them. This just makes me want to push forward even more. I need to get all the information I can.
    Full Heal after battle #2

    Same list as above
«The scene pans across the Western Expanse, and several tents can be seen. A strange beast lay near the civilization, asleep. A silhouette of you can be seen observing the tents and beast from afar.»

«You»: Gods of Lore... Is that, is that a town?
???: Who goes there?
«You»: One who cares deeply for Lore. I will not be lenient on you, trespasser!

«A silhouette of a Truphma enters the scene.»

«You»: !? Come closer, step into the light.

«The silhouette reveals itself to be a Truphma, surprisingly with some colors on it!»

???: Please, Adventurer, have mercy. I only wish to talk.
«You»: Talk!? Truphma only spout stupidity and nonsense.

«A loud *ROAR* echoes the area.»

???: It's found me... I don't have the energy to fight. Please, Adventurer, save me!

«A second *ROAR* happens. A Ramleon can be seen in the background.»

«You»: Might as well. You will be more useful to me alive.???: Thank you, Adventurer.
«You»: I didn't do this for you. I did it for Lore.
???: I... I understand. I don't blame you. I know why you are here.
«You»: Then you understand what I must do.
???: Before you do that, please listen. I can show you what you want to know.
«You»: And that is?
???: You are here because you have felt something is wrong. You seek the Truphma Lands. I can take you there.
«You»: And I am just supposed to follow you into the territory of my enemy?
???: I can understand your suspicions, but I have been fighting their power. I never wanted to be what I am becoming, but my people had no choice.
???: Some days are harder than others. Perhaps I don't want to see another race hurt by them.
«You»: How can I trust you?
???: You... can't. Yet, I am all you have. I can get you close, but I have to have your protection.«You manage to approach closer to the tents. A silhouette of you and the Truphma assisting you can be seen from behind a tent, eavesdropping on a conversation between some Truphma.»

Truphma 1: Things are going as planned. We are nearly ready.
Truphma 2: This world fights, but they will fall. All worlds fall.
Truphma 1: As planned, the Order of Moravion will fall. Archanius and his pet will not prevail.
Truphma 2: Yes, and the Order is failing. Fewer are found worthy of joining, leaving less to fight us.
Truphma 1: Our message will spread more efficiently once the Order is done with.
«You»: Enough!???: Do you want to see more?
«You»: Yes.
???: Then come with me and play along.

«You exit from hiding behind the tent and confront another group of Truphma face to face.»

Truphma 3: Greetings, Lookout. You have brought a new recruit.
Truphma 4: Yes, Lookout, and this one looks strong, perhaps a fighter. One less for the world of Lore and one more for our cause.
???: I found this one lurking within our borders. I stopped the trespasser before any reports made its way back to the world's leaders.
Truphma 4: Good work. Take the recruit to the Hub.
Truphma 3: Yes, the outpost master will want to see this one.
???: Move, recruit.

«Scene: Entrance to the Hub»

???: Preparations for Xov's conquest are underway. We will be ready.
???: And the world of.... Lore?
???: It is ready as well. They all think they have defeated us. False hope breeds content and lax efforts.
???: Rather stupid of them considering we have been on this world for so very long, watching.
???: Ignorance is one of the worst results of imagination. Xov will turn them to our ways.
???: And if they refuse us?
???: They die.
«You»: The only ones dying will be the Truphma. I will not stand here and listen to any more of this garbage. Time to drive home a point they've yet to learn.???: You have to go before this is discovered.
«You»: Come with me to BattleOn.
???: No, Adventurer. I serve a better purpose by staying here. As long as I can fight off fully becoming one of them, I can be of help to you. Hurry before the few of us fighting lose our ability to stand strong.
«You»: Good luck, then.

«You return to confront Truphma 3 and Truphma 4.»

Truphma 3: We will... Hey! Why are you free?!

«Truphma 3 turns to face you.»

Truphma 4: Stop him before he gets away!«You»: Time to go home and report what I've learned. No one will be happy about this.
«You»: And, I need to talk to Eukara Vox. She needs to explain what the Order of Moravion is.
Building Truphma: Part 2

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