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Guide to Alexander's past

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Guide to Alexander's past

Note, To quickly scroll to a wanted section, Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard and type what is between brackets of the wanted section.

Also, spoilers are possible here. Do not read unless you do not mind spoilers of any sort.

Table of Content
[XAN02]The Birth of the Saga
[XAN03]The Beginning
[XAN04]A First Impression
[XAN05]Playing With Fire
[XAN06]The Master Apprentice
[XAN08]Petty Squabbles
[XAN09]The Duel
[XAN10]Finding Gold for Alexander
[XAN11]Recommended build or Alexander


Hello Everyone, I am starting this right now so it is easy to follow and everything can be done step by step. This guide is meant to help everyone in playing through the history of Alexander without any unwanted problems.

Alexander's saga (It has no real name yet) is the second one of its kind, the Archknight saga about Ash being the first. Alexander, who was Xan before the "accident", his story will be about how Alexander became Xan and how come he hates Warlic with so much passion that he is willing to sacrifice anything for it. Since the saga plays in the time Slugwarth was still king, we might be able to see why Xan owes him as is said in Bassault's Assault . Well, I hope this guide helps everyone and good luck, the trip through Alexander's history begins NOW!

The Birth of the Saga

Before you can start this intriguing saga, you have to take some steps beforehand. First of all, if you want to follow the story properly, I advise you to complete the Save Lymcrest! saga. Here it already gives a bit of info regarding Xan, Warlic and Jaania.

First of all you must have a DA on your DF account. Secondly you have to venture to Swordhaven.
Swordhaven can only be accessed for now via the travelling Gryphon.
The travelling gryphon can be accessed either by pressing the signboard found in the center of Falconreach and clicking the button "Travel". Or otherwise by going to the guardian tower and then to go right. Directions to the guardian tower: Falconreach center -> up -> left -> left -> up -> up and then go right for the gryphon.

When you are at Swordhaven, you have to go to the burned house. To get there, follow these directions.
Go up -> up -> left -> left -> left -> up through the gate -> left -> up ->right -> right and there is the house. Just enter it and go right. There you will find a book. Open it (by walking towards it) and click on the button.


You just started the Alexander Saga :D

The Beginning

You begin in Swordhaven at the entrance. There are several shops available like: Swordhaven Clothing, Swordhaven Jewelry and Mux's Shop.
And you can access familiar places like The Sewers. In the sewers the Sewer Chests are found. They also have some useful items like Purple Slime Staff and many other items found in the link. All of them will aid you greatly in the quest to learn more about Alexander. But the main thing you can do there is the The Reagent Race.First we get an interesting cutscene that guides us through the story as of how and why Alexander is in Swordhaven. Here you gather reagents like with mana and health potion alchemy training in a so called race with Warlic. A map of all reagent places is found in the link. When you got the last needed reagent, you move to any screen you can move to and you will be directed to a cutscene showing the third main character. Aside from being the first quest to go in the story of Alexander, it also drops 2 weapons giving you a nice boost in power. The drops being Resident Jing's Staff and Resident Jing's Dagger. While you wait with continuing on, I suggest you do the following quests: Swordhaven Forest and Swordhaven Marsh given by the guard captain. They give useful weapons to aid you further in the game.

A First Impression

The second quest of Alexander's saga is a minigame where you boast your levitation skills for Jaania. The minigame is rather easy if you have a steady hand. You have to click and drag the book to the target (being you under the VERY big dot) without hitting the "walls" of your levitation skill. Not many hints for here, just don't hit the walls and even the most tight places where the walls move are possible. just time it well and you will get there. The time needed is plenty, so don't rush it.

Playing With Fire

In the third quest we see Warlic yet again bragging with his magical powers and discover something new about our main character. The quest itself can be rather long but not too hard if played smart. In the beginning, just keep smashing yourself against the monsters on the way. Use your best weapon if you don't have a weapon with the weakness of one of the targets, else use the Ice Mage Staff. Use potions if needed since you will come across a healing pad (FINALLY!!) where you can return to whenever needed. On the screen of the healing pad you will also see a sack, it contains 70 gold so if you want to spare the time and just move on, go ahead, since it isn't necessary. After you finish the quest, you get your very first cape YAY!!

The Master Apprentice

In the fourth quest we get to see a piece of Warlic's past from when he was an Infernal to when he became a human. Afterwards Warlic sets his frustration on Alexander (again) and summons multiple fire creatures on him just to scare him. After the cut scene you have to fight your way to the magic tower. In this quest a bunch of new weapons can be found some are certainly worth getting.


The fifth quest in the saga first shows a cut scene with Alex in his room in the tower. Alex decides to have some revenge on Warlic. There are several items throughout the tower that you can use against Warlic. Go left and through the door. Go to the sink and take the item. Head back out the door and go up the staircase on the right screen from the entrance.Go to the left and head through the door. There is an item at the far end of the room. Once you have both items go to the top of the tower and enter Warlic's room. As you walk towards Warlic's bookshelf, you should see a little jar with green liquid. Take the jar and make your way towards Warlic's bed. You now have access to different pranks that you could pull on Warlic. The ending varies on which option you chose.

Petty Squabbles

The quest starts with a cut scene showing Alex, Jaania, and Warlic in the library. After the cutscene you will have to collect 10 elemental essences. You have to defeat 10 elementals in order to collect their essences. On the second screen, go down and to the left is a healing pad and a boulder elemental.Go to the right and there is a dead end with a water elemental. Go back to the second screen and take a right. After you successfully collect 10 elemental essences, a cut scene will play. You will also recieve a rose staff made in the design of the elemental bouquet. The different colors represent a different element.

The Duel

The last quest in the saga is a fight against Warlic.The cut scene that plays shows Both Alex and Warlic in their rooms. Warlic spews a stream of fire out of his orb, while Alex encases a flower in ice and nods satisfied. In the first fight all you have to do is last 4 rounds against him before a cut scene plays. In the second fight you have to get Warlic's HP down to zero in order to win. After defeating Warlic for a second time another cut scene begins. This cut scene reveals how Jaania got trapped in ice, how Xan's head became a flaming skull, and why Xan blames Warlic for what happened to him and Jaania.

Finding Gold for Alexander

Gold is scarce for poor Alexander, but it makes his life easier. You can get those "expensive" weapons in Mux's shop but for that you need gold.
The best way to get gold is doing the random quests given by the Guard Captain 1 screen above the entrance of Swordhaven on the left or the Reagent Race quest. Sell the items you find in either quest and you should have the gold in no time at all.
Since the 2 new spells have been added, the Playing With Fire Quest has become also a good place to farm gold. The sack you find if you make a small detour contains a neat 70 gold.

Recommended build for Alexander


lvl. 2

lvl. 3

lvl. 4

lvl. 5

lvl. 6

lvl. 7

lvl. 8

lvl. 9

lvl. 10

lvl. 11

lvl. 12

lvl. 13

lvl. 14

lvl. 15


Q: Alexander is so weak. All he can do is a basic attack and a boost. Will this change?
A: Yes, Alexander now has 5 skills that he can use.

Q: What is the maximum level for Alexander?
A: Level 15 is the max

Q: I have found a bug or a glitch in the saga. What should I do?
A: You can use the Bug Tracker to write a report and it will be noted then.

Q: Can you train stats?
A: You can train your stats at Brump.

Q: What are the best items for Alexander?
Weapon: Ice Rose staff and Green Rose staff
Cape: Inferno Bat Wings
Ring: Readers Band
Necklace: Dark Scarf
Belt: Frosty Belt


Thanks to
-- Therril Oreb who was the original owner of this guide
-- Selutu for link correction
-- TheDanishGuy for spelling and grammar corrections.
-- Alanna Zelen for banner.
-- Peachii for extra information of drops and quests.
-- Faerdin for the Save Lymcrest! addition and a spelling correction.
-- Voldy27 for confirmation of Guardianship requirement.
-- Watashig for corrections.
-- SalvationXI for corrections.
-- Hopeful Guy for FAQ entry and corrections.
-- Varen6398 for corrections.
-- Dwelling Dragonlord for link and notification of Xan's link with King Slugwarth.
-- kim346 for the stats FAQ entry, build and best weapons
-- MegaKyle777 for a new farming spot entry and the stat training mention.
-- Genghiskan for the best items add-on, new best necklace and ring, and links for the items

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