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All you need to know about Zardbie

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9/3/2012 13:06:10   
Friendly! Creative!

By Hopeful Guy and .Joerte


This guide is meant for those people who have a armor closet and want to know how to use this armor.

The Zardbie armor is quite a offensive class, and can only be accesed via Armor Closet or in Mogloween (Resident Sneevil: Uprising). It is quite a fun class to use and is quite good against bosses. Unlike other armors (or some other armors), it only has 11 skills. However, that isn't that much as a problem as the skills are quite good anyway.To quickly zoom to a different part click control + f(command + f on a mac).

[001] The Skills
[002] The Strategies
[003] Stat Builds
[004] The Tips
[005] The Accessories


The Skills

Mana Cost::35
Skill Cooldown::9 Turns
Effect:3 hits of 60% damage.

Tips:This hit has good damage potential. If you have high crit it can do 360% per turn hit. Thus this is best with high crit. If you don't have crit that is 60+ use it to take out low Hp monsters.

Mana Cost::25
Skill Cooldown:8Turns
Effect1 hit 100% damage, -35 boost to enemy

TipsThis is a good nerf to your opponents. You may want to use this on a heavy hitting boss it will put him or her back in their place.

Mana Cost::0
Cooldown::14 turns
Effect:Restore to you the 12% of your total health and mana.

Tips:This is a hit you should use if approaching zero mana. However in a boss fight that looks like more than 20 turns use it when you lose 100 health.That way when it cools down you will have healed twice.

Mana Cost:35
Cooldown:9 turns
Effect:1 hit 150% damage.

Tips: Its another potential OHKO (one hit knockout) but again it is really dependent on your crit. If you dont have a lot avoid using it since there are better skills on a Zardbie.

Bone Throw:
Mana Cost:55
Cooldown:9 Turns
Effect:1 hit of 100% damage and inflicts "Dealing damage over time!" (DOT) on the enemy for 5 turns (50 % damage).

Tips:Make sure you have a lot of mana before you use this.Never EVER use this when not fighting a boss.

Mana Cost:20
Cooldown:7 Turns
Effect:+80 Block for 3 turns.

Tips: Pretty self-explanatory. Best to use when your health is low and your mana and health regeneration has a lot of cooldown.

Mana Cost::32
Cooldown: 9 turns.
Effect:1 hit 100% damage and 3 turn stun. MP 32 CD 9

Tips: Best to use at the start of a boss battle or when farming with low HP.

Effect:1 hit 100% damage.
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 0 turns

Tips:Self explanatory

Effect:1 hit 80% damage.
Mana Cost:10
Cooldown:2 Turns

Tips:Don't use this skill ever.. Seriously you are better off pressing the attack button.

Effect1 hit 150% damage.
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown:6 turns

Tips:Same as slash, but different amination and uses less MP.

Effect:1 hit of 20% damage and inflicts "Damaged by Zardbie infection!" (DOT) on the enemy for 3 turns (random damage ranging from 20% - 300%).
Mana Cost: 65
Cooldown: 9 Turns

Tips: If you are feeling lucky you may want to use this. NOTE: When I say lucky I don't mean the stat.

Effect:6 hits of 50% damage.
Mana Cost:60
Cooldown:19 Turns

Tips: The best time to use this is at the start of fight with a low to medium HP monster.

If you equip this in the Resident Sneevil war camp, the attacks do a LOT more damage (rare).


Whenever farming make sure your crit is insanely high for extra destructive power.

NOTE: Make sure you're crit is high whenever farming with Zardbie.

Farming against normal enemies:

1. Outbreak

2. Feast.

3.If they aren't dead by now start using a boss based strategy or if they are very low on HP just attack.

Hp remaining based fighting against normal enemies:

1. Braindead.

2. Outbreak.

3. Feast.

4. If they are not dead refer to the boss strategy or if they are very low on HP just attack.

Farming against multiple enemies:

1. Start with outbreak on one of them.

2. Use Scratch Feast and Slash until the rest are dead.

Hp remaining based fighting against normal multiple enemies

Never use this against multiple enemies if you want to remain with high HP.


Note: As soon as you lose 100 HP use regenerate.

1. Use Braindead

2. Use Decay

3. Use Bone Throw

4. Use Feast

5. Use Dodge

6. Use Bite

7. Use Scratch

8. Use Slash.

9. Still alive, If so you are either a low level or you didn't do what I said.

10. Attack

11. Attack

12. Braindead.

13. Use Scratch.

14. If possible regenerate if you can't you're probably dead.

Thanks to the staff for making this class, and Armakuny for info. Thanks to Faerdin for the BBCode. Thanks to the previous owner lord evilguy. Thanks to Peachii for the image of the skills.

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DF MQ Epic  Post #: 1
9/3/2012 14:28:26   
  Hopeful Guy

Hope Upbringer! (DragonFable)


Stat Builds

Zardbie is a mana-eater, so focus your stats on STR/INT/DEX and WIS.

Level 80

WIS: 75
END: 120

Level 70

WIS: 75
END: 70

Level 60

WIS: 75
END: 20

Level 50

WIS: 50
END: 20

Level 40

WIS: 50
END: 20

Level 30

WIS: 25
END: 20

Level 20

WIS: 25
END: 20

Level 10

WIS: 20


Pros and Cons


1. Excellent heal skill- also a mana regen
2. Skills do high damage
3. Fairly good DoT skills
4. Bite is a very good nerf skill


1. Only 11 skills.
2. High MP costs.
3. Effectively costs 1000 DCs, as it needs the Armor Closet.

Other Useful Information

It is best using Zardbie along with other seasonal classes like Frost Moglin Armor, as if you are spending the 1000 DCs, this will fully utilise your DCs.

There is no need to stick EXACTLY with the builds provided; some deviation to suit your playstyle may be a good thing.

To choose whether you need STR, INT or DEX, read this guide: A Simple Guide to Stats.



Zardbie looks like this by default: (image from the pedia)

Some weapons that look good with Zardbie are:

Zardbie Katana (looks the same as the default weapon)

Zardbie Scythe (now rare)

Blackwyn Weapons

Zardbie looks better with helm and cape hidden.

The Final Word

Zardbie is a powerful offensive class that has an excellent heal. It is a good class for general use, whereas it can be coupled with other armors from the closet for optimal use.

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