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RE: =OS= Card Mechanics/Combos Discussion

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4/28/2015 15:01:52   
Gorillo Titan

Same deck messes it up for other character who are forced to cost sgs. Two characters have the same deck one is free and the other is free which do you choose?
Post #: 326
5/7/2015 22:37:23   
Elite Tuga

The bugs that i'm (we are) aware of with an adequate explanation are as follows:

1. Chaos Spikes card has an animation defect (red box appears around the users level area). The Legendary Drakath versions (Chaos & Fiend) can somewhat confirm that it’s the actual card that is bugged and maybe not the character itself (unless Drakath forms are all bugged), since both characters when using the card in battle get the visual fault.

2. Discarding card(s) mode has an issue when placing card(s) from the hands to the 'queued area' and re-drawing them back to hands. Next turn after drawing 1 or more new cards will allow you to discard the previous card(s) that we're not discarding.

3. When placing a card to the 'queued area', re-drawing it back to the hands and pressing 'charge up' all in a 'split second', that card will disappear and only when drawing new cards it will come back on your next turn(s).

4. Health glitch can be triggered sometimes when a player uses a ‘Counter Shield/Void Reflection/Reflection’ along with other cards the opposite players health will glitch. I haven’t found out specifically how it works as it’s a 'complex bug' but I think those counter cards need to be checked out or re-coded just to see if that would resolve the issue.

I'm just giving a heads up for those who don't know and also for those who have not reported. We need more players to do so if we want the 'Bug Team's' attention.
Anything else players know about that I didn't mention please report specifically to the ' Bug Tracker'.

There are other bugs (like the 100+ level bug, ext) but I do not yet know the explanation too, we just need to hope our 'OS Team' fix at least the ones we know how occur, I expect them to fix any bugs when they make changes to the 'Chaotic Flux’ (re-balancing).
Otherwise we will have to re-notify them from time to time on the Oversoul ‘ Bug Tracker’ if we really hope to see a better PvP/PvE experience in OS.


Epic  Post #: 327
5/8/2015 13:43:11   
Gorillo Titan

I'm experiencing another glitch every time I log on my CC changes back to what it was have taken chain lightning off at least 3 times now.
Post #: 328
5/8/2015 14:57:33   
Elite Tuga


I'm experiencing another glitch every time I log on my CC changes back to what it was have taken chain lightning off at least 3 times now.

That's an old bug it can be a bit annoying but theres a way to by-pass it. When you change CC's to other CC's always make sure you either 'Log-Out' appropriately (NOT refresh) OR just do a quick 'Monster' battle and when you get back to Solace & leave game and re-log, your CC's should be as you last left them.



Another bug i'm annoyed with and most of you probably know if you try to play PvP for the Leader-Board. The 'Player' system is clearly messed up because for example: I can't fight a friend/player with my level 13's or 14's against his 20's but yet I have fought others unexpectedly as low as level 1-7 against level 20's. This match up system of ours clearly is so messed up it has no logic, its just biased and random. This explains why we don't get much PvP 'Player' action in OS as the system mechanics are rekt (and probably since Alpha phase).

I'll have to report it to the ' Bug Tracker', the Coder could fix this (willingly) and set the system different for fair & better play match-up experience(s).
Two of these ideas are just options of how i'd like the PvP 'player system' to match-up players:

1. Lv 1 up to Lv 10 and Lv 11 up to Lv 20. This way we would get more PvP battles during the day at the cost of a probability in playing against max 10 level's difference opponents.


2. Lv 1 up to Lv 5, Lv 6 up to Lv 10, Lv 11 up to Lv 15, and Lv 16 up to Lv 20. This way would be much more fair for players but at the cost of having less chance to find the appropriate player for one's level.

Either option would definitely improve the current 'dead like state' of the PvP 'Player' system and the ' Leader-Board (Oversoul Index)' would be much more alive.
Epic  Post #: 329
5/10/2015 20:20:12   
Gorillo Titan

For the legendary eye character at least 1 chaos flux 1 regen 2 chaos spikes and 1 chaos plagues with 4 500s 2 shields and what ever else you want it should be good with that deck
Post #: 330
5/17/2015 16:32:20   
Fallen Crest

Maybe I've been gone too long, but how do chaos characters break through 1000 reflect, 500 shield, and 1500 health in one turn? Like regular attacked me 3 times to break through defenses then a 5 hit combo of 315 each? O_O
AQW  Post #: 331
5/17/2015 16:57:44   
The Jop

Chaos characters have pummel which does 700 damage in a regular attack and chaos spikes that do 1000 damage.

The only way a chaos character would do that 5 hit combo is by CCing a powerflow, retribution, or death flow and using chaotic flux on it.

< Message edited by The Jop -- 5/17/2015 17:03:30 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 332
5/17/2015 17:21:12   
Fallen Crest

Ah, now it makes sense. Hmm smart.
AQW  Post #: 333
5/18/2015 17:32:59   
Gorillo Titan

Why not rebalance levels so it requires less fights to level up and raise max level to 25 those with extra exp from going to level 25 gaining levels straight from it?
Post #: 334
5/23/2015 1:41:08   

Hey guys what is a good CC for Ommiknight?
DF  Post #: 335
5/23/2015 4:35:44   
Ahsan the legend

U can add whatever it is like lighting or water!
Post #: 336
5/23/2015 5:45:04   

well healing from water, DOT from energy, neutral is up to you, and I'd say light/alternative cost cards/neutral(if it's a low cost neutral u are already using) for the other 2
Post #: 337
5/23/2015 6:17:19   
The Jop

I use healing spring, electric arc, and corruption. Iron hide is good too, but I find it does too little damage without the corruption.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 338
5/26/2015 14:08:55   

i find Omni's strength is extending fights, if you get the healing springs with a greater heal on the stack it just lets you keep on going(like the energizer bunny lol), but Omni's specialty imo is that he can start a sort of trench warfare(you can ask tfp how that went), so anything that keeps your opponent focused on defense as opposed to beating you would do well for him
Post #: 339
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