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Lt. Lore: The Revengers Part 3

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1/11/2013 13:17:28   

Lt. Lore: Revengers Part 3!

Location: Travel Map » Zorbak's Hideout » The Revengers! » Lt. Lore!

«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Duke: Have you heard about this new hero?
Lou: Yeah, everyone’s talking about him. He sounds amazing.
Duke: Did you hear the one about him slaying a dragon with only a spatula?
«You»: What about the one that he's the son of Lorithia herself? The champion of Lore?
«You»: Who are you guys talking about?
Duke: You haven't heard?
«You»: No, why would I be asking if I didn't know?
Lou: He's truly a marvel. Supposedly he is faster than a speeding zard and stronger than Xerxes himself.
Duke: ...and indestructible too, don't forget that! Like a super man.
«You»: Alright, so where did this "super man" come from?
Lou: No one knows. Some say he was an experiment in a lab to create the first ultra hero.
«You»: Ultra...hero? (As if I don't do my job well enough...)
Duke: Some even say he was an old villain turned good.
Lou: That's just some silly rumor, so cliché!
Duke: There is this one rumor that he actually was...
«You»: That's it for rumor time, thanks for the help guys.
Guys: No problem!
«You»: I have to meet this hero for myself...

«Scene: Tall grass»

«You»: Since trouble always seems to find me, I’ll wait until some: monsters show and I'll pretend to need help.
«You»: After all, everyone knows you can find lots of cute and powerful monsters in tall grass!
    See monster list below
    Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
«You»: Heeeelp, heelp, oh whatever will I do now? Woe is me, who will save me now? (I REALLY should have taken those acting classes)

«Lt. Lore enters throwing his shield to defeat a Frogzard.»

Lieutenant Lore: Salutations citizen of lore! I have come: to lend you assist - oh, it's you.
«You»: You've heard of me?
Lieutenant Lore: Of course, who hasn't heard of <you>, the great hero of Lore?
«You»: Well, I, uh..hehe thanks.
Lieutenant Lore: I see you wanted to meet me, usually these small fry would be no match for you.
«You»: *shrugs* They say when there's trouble, you'll be there on the double.
Lieutenant Lore: Well, there's trouble now. How would you like to work together?
«You»: OMG YES! I mean *coughs* sounds cool
Lieutenant Lore: Err, right, let’s go...
«You»: (whispers) Yeeeeeeeeees!

«Scene: Cabin in the woods»

«You»: So what is the problem here?
Lieutenant Lore: Some goons stole some gold and are hiding away in this house.
Lieutenant Lore: You know what? Why don't you take the lead on this one?
«You»: Alright!

«You enter the cabin»

«You»: Hellooo? Bad guys? Where are you?
«You»: Weird, this always works in horror movies. Then the unsuspecting character falls right into a ...

«The scene goes dark; all that's left are your eyes.»


«Your eyes are seen falling over.»

Several hours later...

Lieutenant Lore: Glad to see that you're awake.
«You»: Lieutenant Lore, I'm glad to see you. Someone knocked me out...
Lieutenant Lore: Yeah, that was me.
«You»: I can’t move my arms and legs!?
Lieutenant Lore: You don't recognize me do you?
«You»: Can't say that I do...
Lieutenant Lore: Well then, let me refresh your memory...
«You»: Oh man, let me guess, a flashback? You guys are so predic-

«Lieutenant Lore throws his shield at you. You experience the death animation.»

Lieutenant Lore: Now where was I? Oh yes, I was once a hero just like you...

    «Flashback: Lieutenant Lore, wearing Guardian Armor, stands atop the head of a dead dragon.»

    I was respected, I was idolized, and I was loved by all. Except for my enemies, of course.

    «The Scene shifts to the center of Battleon. Lieutenant Lore stands in front of a statue of himself and gives it a thumbs up.»

    I was the champion of Lore. None were my equal. I basically built BattleOn with these two very hands.

    «Lieutenant Lore reclines on a beach chair under a beach umbrella on a beach.»

    Then it all came to an end...

    The day Akriloth attacked, I was on my annual vacati-

«You interrupt Lt. Lore's story--»

«You»: Whoa whoa wait, you got vacation time?
Lieutenant Lore: Yes it was part of the benefits package - stop interrupting me!
«You»: Sorry.
Lieutenant Lore: As I was saying...

    «Scene returns to the center of Battleon. All that remains of the statue is a leg and a half. A "!" appears above Lieutenant Lore's head as he looks at it.»

    While I was away, Akriloth attacked. Then I hear that he was defeated by some wannabe punk of a hero.

    «Lieutenant Lore sheds a tear.»

    That punk is you, by the way.

    «A line of red travels across a map of Battleonia.»

    Slowly, but surely, people started noticing you and forgetting me. Eventually I left Battleon and tried moving to different places to become their hero, but word of your abilities spread fast.

    «In a cave, Lieutenant Lore hands a bag of gold to a black Werewolf and a Vampire Lord.»

    It got to the point where I started hiring people to commit crimes so I could stop them, but soon they saw through my ruse. One of the people I hired squealed to the Guardians. I was embarrassed, ashamed, and shunned from the world I loved. All because of you.

    «Lieutenant Lore walks away into the shadows as the Werewolf takes the gold. He turns and shows it to the Vamprie Lord, who shrugs with a "?" above his head. Scene changes to show Lieutenant Lore in his current outfit.»

    So what did I do? I spent the years hiding, training, changing my appearance, just for this day. The day where I get rid of you, then become the hero of Lore once again!
«Scene: present. Lt. Lore throws his shield at you, this time cutting the chains keeping you captive.»

Lieutenant Lore: I am a generous and honorable man, when I destroy you I want you to fight your hardest. Untying you makes sense.
«You»: Gee, thanks.
Lieutenant Lore: Draw your weapon!«Lieutenant Lore kneels before you.»

Lieutenant Lore: Not bad *cough* Guess you have to finish me now?
«You»: That's not how I do things. You're going away for a long time Lieutenant Lore.
Lieutenant Lore: HAHA, you should know better than anyone that you don't mean a long time.
«You»: They do tend to escape a lot, I really should look into that...
«You»: Alright, enough talking, let's go.
???: Stop right there, «You»!

«The Revengers enter the Scene.»

«You»: Oh no, not you guys.
Irony Man: Sorry, but he's not coming with you.
Dr. Boom: He iz vith us now!
Invincible Hogg: Hogg smash puny hero!
Logan: Grrrrrrr!
Varnak: Not today, Hogg and Logan, we have planning to do.
«You»: Like I'm going to just let you take him...

«Irony Man pulls out a smoke bomb. They vanish, leaving a note behind.»

«You»: Ah well, at least they left a note...

Until we meet again hero.

- The Revengers

«You»: (sigh) I need a vacation...
Lt. Lore

  • Lt. Lore's Shield [L. 11, 31, 51, 71, 91, 111, 131 | 134 Z | 46 G, 141 G]

  • Lead Skull
  • Lead Skull
  • Lead Skull
  • Lead Skull
  • Lead Skull

  • Lead Skull
  • Lead Skull
  • Lead Skull
  • Lead Skull
  • Lead Skull

  • Hero Serum [L. 41 Z, 66 Z, 116 Z, 129 Z, 141 Z | 16 G, 91 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Encounters list from Scakk. Entry thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.
    Monster List

    Level 1-30
    Wolverine (8)
    Lesser Djinni (8)
    Trobble (8)
    Bigfoot (10)
    Evil Tiki (10)
    Nombus (10)
    Molten Beast (10)

    Level 31-50
    Owl (28)
    Frankencarrot (30)
    Bigfoot (30)
    Hybee Larva (30)
    Nombus (30)
    Qubak (29)
    Trobble (28)

    Level 51-70
    Ice Cweam (50)
    Deathwood (50)
    Bigfoot (50)
    Owl (48)
    Frankencarrot (50)
    Trobble (48)
    Braken (48)

    Level 70-90
    Ice Cweam (70)
    Trobble (68)
    Beastly Bush Baby (70)
    Nombus (70)
    Owl (68)
    Frankencarrot (70)
    Qubak (69)

    Level 91-110
    Selkie (87)
    Beastly Bush Baby (90)
    Chimera (90)
    Big Roc (88)
    Trobble (88)
    Braken (88)
    Bubble Elemental (90)

    Level 111-130
    Fishguts (110)
    Nombus (110)
    Molten Beast (110)
    Frankencarrot (110)
    Trobble (108)
    IceCat (110)
    Braken (108)

    Level 131-140
    Molten Beast (130)
    Nombus (130)
    Doom Sheep (130)
    Frankencarrot (130)
    Trobble (128)
    IceCat (130)
    Sea Squirt (130)

    Level 141+
    Fire Mantik (146)
    Thunderbird (142)
    Dragoncat (140)
    Ice Cweam (140)
    Hydra (145)
    Grand Deery (142)
    Forest Demon (146)

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