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Fire War: Final Battle!

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2/3/2013 12:49:47   

Fire War: Final Battle!

There are just too many reinforcements... you have been selected to sneak through enemy lines and enter Drakonnans lair... and meet the powerful pyromancer face to face. The fate of the world lies in your hands! Battle on!

Zorbak: Well, where are all you Guardians and Adventurers waiting for! I did all the hard work and broke through Drakonnan's force field! Now let's go in there and find him!
  • Heal me
      Zorbak:Do I look like a little red Moglin with a big stupid grim on my football-shaped face?! No, I think not. That little twirp probably went back to town with his tail between his legs!
    • ...
  • Come with me
      Zorbak: Heh.... let me get this straight, you want me to tag along as one of YOUR little pets? Meh.... how about you join ME as my pet. Just do not get in my way while I annihilate these fire monsters!
    • Let's go!
  • Back to Town
      Zorbak: What the--?! You want to go back to town?? What kind of Adventurer are you?! There is one of the most powerful foes you'll ever face in that cave and YOU want to go BACK to TOWN??
    • Yes, I really do
    Twilly: Awww... *snuggles* That silly willy Zorbak! He tries to act so tough, but he has a big heart. Why else would he come all this way to help us!
  • Heal me
      Twilly: There you goes! All healed! Good luck defeating Drakalakaonnanannananananannaananannn. Twilly knows you can do it!
  • Back to Town

    "If you take one more step you will be in Drakonnan's lair..."
    "Enter at your own risk! Or if you want to kick some firey butt!"
    "Maybe if you click on this tree something will happen!. Or maybe not.";
    "You shouldn't trust Zorbak as far as you could throw him. Then again, you could probably throw him pretty far."
    "This is Smoke Mountain."
    "This is still Smoke Mountain."
    If not a Guardian: "This treasure chest can only be opened by a Guardian. Perhaps it contains armor?"
    If a Guardian: "You open the treasure chest and find Flame Guardian Armor!"

  • Battle the army!

    «Walk around quest!»

    4 - 8 - 9- 10*** E** G H I
    |**Boss *******|*** \|/
    3** | *** C ----- D --- F
    |** 0*****|
    |** | *****|
    2 - 1 - A - B

    «You start at 1. Fire Orbs are at 7 and 10, and prisoners are at G, H, and I. Drakonnan's entrance is at 0.»

      At Scene #1:
        You start with Zorbak as a guest.
        Zorbak: Eeeeyahhh! Gotta watch out for those gysers adventurer... that hot steam gets up under my cape and... nevermind.. lets just keep going.
        «Sign»: Beyond ye' shall find the throne room of the unstoppable fire mage Drakonnan. Enter at thy own risk.

      At Scene #0:
        «Treasure Chest»: This treasure chest can only be opened by a Guardian. Perhaps it contains armor?
        «Treasure Chest»: "Congratulations! You have obtained Flame Guardian Armor!"
        This is your last chance to turn back... (Pssst... when is it the last time you remember being able to walk right up to the final boss monster? Perhaps there are some things elsewhere which will help you win.)

      At Scene #4:
        Zorbak: Oh man... is that Twig? He is the only Moglin dumber than Twilly. Let me kick'em
        Twig: Awww.... *Huggles* Hiyas! Are you weally going to fight Dra...khoon..... um dat ebil guy that libs down here? You must be sooo stwong! You can west here at the fire! Oishii sent Twiggles up here just in case you neebed heawing when fighten da bagguys and getten doahs Fwire Worbs!

      At Scene #5:
        If you take the Left path around the rock: Zorbak: Hah! Too easy... we went right around that monster.
        If you take the Right path around the rock, you fight an enemy from the above war list.

      At Scene #6:
        You can fight up to 9 random encounters from the above war list.

      At Scene #7:
        You can take the Fire Orb
        Zorbak WHAT!? No fair! Using Elemental Orbs to create monsters... that was my idea! Oooh you're gonna get it Drakonnan!
        «Left Sign»: This Fire Orb generator is for Fire Monster creation use only! Do not touch or clean. Molesting this orb will disrupt the creation of new monsters and severely reduce Drakonnan's personal attack power.
        «Right Sign»: Anyone caught tampering with a fire orb will answer directly to Drakonnan!

      At Scene #8:
        Ribs: Hmmm... looks like they are defending something. Drakonnan would not have stationed so many monsters here if he was not guarding something very important.
        Kaley: Wooohooo! Now that you are here we will win for certain. We will hold the line here while you fight forward. Good luck defeating Drakonnan, we know you can do it!
        You can fight up to 3 random encounters from the above war list.
        «Treasure Chest»: You found 9,999 mana potions!!! Oh... wait... nah, there were just 2 in there.

      At Scene #9:
        You can fight up to 3 random encounters from the above war list.
        «Treasure Chest»: You open and count two... *lightning* two Haahahaha health potions!

      At Scene #10:
        You can take the Fire Orb.
        You can fight up to 3 random encounters from the above war list.
        «Sign»: ATTENTION: Not that anyone will ever make it this far, but guard this fire orb with your life... it acts as a food source for all Fire creatures and if removed will drastically reduce Drakonnan's health.
        «Treasure Chest»: You have found three very tasty looking health potions!

      At Scene A
        You can fight up to 1 random encounter from the above war list.

      At Scene B
        You can fight up to 1 random encounter from the above war list.

      At Scene E:
        Zorbak: Meh heh heh... Treasure, now that is what I am talking about!
        «Sign»: ATTENTION: Room for dangerous captured artifacts. Do not open.
        «Chest»: You find a sweet scented Ice Katana in the treasure chest.

      At Scene F:
        Zorbak: Prison cells! Bah! Lead me to them. I can zap those bars away.
        You can fight up to 1 random encounter from the above war list.

      At Scene G:
        «Sign»: Male Prisoners (Special note to Frooza the -20 INT Fire Knight -- It is Male, not Mail... do not deliver them to the post office... again)
        Sonic: Thank you for rescuing me! I overheard the Guards talking about the fire orbs that give Drakonnan and his army their power. They are located somewhere in the North-West of this volcanic lair.
        Galanoth: Thank you for saving me! Did you happen to see my Vanilla Ice Katana? Artix and I were trying to make improvements to the standard Ice Katana and then Captain Rhubarb spilled his Ice Katana and then Captain Rhubarb spilled his Ice Cream on it... it hits as good as it tastes!

      At Scene H:
        smbDoll: Thank heavens you got here! It's been SO horrible! *Sob* That horrible Drakonnan smudged my nice, shiney armor. when you fight him, get a good shot in for me!
        Lady Tomo: My Hero... You saved me! Are you the one who is going to fight Drakonnan? Then... wait.. before you go. I had a thought. If the Fire Orbs are the source of power around here, messing with them might make Drakonnan weaker.
        Oishii: From an artistic perspective Drakonnan's volcanic lair looks great! But it sure could use some air conditioning! Oh, have you seen Twig, my pet Moglin around here anywhere?
        «Sign»: Girl Prisoners: Fire Dragons beware, they have nails too......

      At Scene I:
        «Lower-Left Chest»: You have found 3 magic potions!
        «Middle-Left Chest»: You have found 5 health potions!
        «Upper-Left Chest»: You have found 999 Fire Gems!
        «Upper-Right Chest»: You have found 2 magic potions!
        «Lower-Right Chest»: You have found 2 health potions!

      Going through the door at scene #0:
      Zorbak: Drakonnan's throne room! Meheheh.... but where is Drakonnan? Obviously he is scared senseless of my power and ran off like a little girl!
      Zorbak: The Drakster has some good taste in Furniture though... Meh... Meh...

      «The Lights flicker»

      Zorbak: Whoa.... what the?

      «The lights flicker again»

      Zorbak: Mehehe.... Mehehe.... Mehehe.... Mehehe.... !

      «Zorbak jumps up and down and the lights flicker more»

      You: Zorbak!!! What are you doing?
      Zorbak: Mehehe... What? This is great! I am definitely getting one of these chairs when I take over the world.
      Zorbak: But in black! Lots and lots of black. All pure 100% Nightzard black leather! Yeah... with Beholder eyes replacing these stupid yellow things. Yeah! Lots and lots of......
      Zorbak: Did you hear something?
      Zorbak: OMG!!!!!
      You: OMG!!!!!

      1 BATTLE
      Drakonnan (90)

      You: We did it... we actually defeated Drakonnan!
      Zorbak: Who cares! He took my chair!
      Zorbak: Hey... you down there!!! Give me back my chair!
      «You»: But Zorbak, the world is safe now... we just defeated the greatest villian in history.... um, Zorbak, you are a little close to the edge.
      Zorbak: Shhhh.....
      Zorbak: Hey Drakel-head! If you do not give me my chair back right now I am going to come down there and get it myself!
      Zorbak: Hmmm... oh yeah, almost forgot about this.

      «Zorbak pulls out a Fire Orb»

      Zorbak: Hey Drakonnan! I have your ultra fire orb right here... I will trade it to you for the chair! Just throw it up!
      «You»: Zorbak!!! What are you doing? Where did you get that?
      Zorbak: Meh meh meh.... found it in the closet over there. Now shush! Grrrr.. Drakonnan... CAN YOU HEAR ME DOWN THERE!!!!

      «The throne flies up and hits Zorbak»

      Zorbak: Why you little......

      «Zorbak throws the Fire Orb down»

      «You»: Was that the fire orb he uses to power up his monsters? This is not good...

      1 BATTLE
      UltraDrakonnan (200)

      «Zorbak is dragging Drakonnan's helm»

      «You»: Zorbak, you're kidding right?
      Zorbak: Meheheh...
      Zorbak: Because when I take over the world....
      Zorbak: ... I am going to sit on this instead.

      You are the champion of the great fire war! Thanks to you, Drakonnan and his fire army have been defeated. The world is safe... for now. We should expect Zorbak to join us on more adventures in the future. If you enjoy the events we have been running please support us by becoming a Guardian sponser of the game. If you want to take a piece of AQ history home with you... get our first ever T-shirt. Of course now, you will understand what the image on it means. Zorbak is smirking so triumphantly sitting there on Drakonnan's helmet.
    • Guardian
    • T-Shirt
    • Town
      Clicking on Guardian or T-shirt will not inturrupt your game.

      «The war ended after 2,000,000 enemies were defeated»

      Level 19 and Below
      FireZard (1)
      Fire Drakel Warrior (4)
      Fire Drakel Wizard (10)
      Fire Fiend (10)
      Fire Knight (11)
      Fire Mantik (6)
      Fire Seed Spitter (6)
      Hellhound (15)
      InfernoZard (11)
      Torch Foot (2)
      Young Fire Dragon (20)
      Young Phoenix (11)

      Level 20-44
      Demon Steed
      Draegan Avenger (32)
      Djinni (45)
      Fire Cobra (35)
      Fire Golem (25)
      Red Dragon (35)
      Searlok (41)
      Young Salamander (33)

      Level 45 and Above
      Big Salamander (75)
      Fire Demon (50)
      Fire Eater (47)
      Fire Gloop (51)
      Fire Knight (45)
      Fire Orbs (71)
      Forgah (39)
      Huge Salamander (105)
      Magman Superior (78)
      Shadowfire Knight (80)
      War Dragon (70)

      Thanks to icydarkstary and UltimateAQ.com. Images and the walk-around part thanks to the BTN.

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