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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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6/11/2013 20:09:31   

Character: Reticence
Rank: Legendary
Element: Shadow

There once existed a mighty race whose name now lies forgotten, for the mightier race of the reticence came and destroyed them leaving behind no trace, as though they had never been there at all. In every world they pass unseen and unheard. They travel alone and in small groups it is said, until they find a new city or race to feed on. Always they come to bring down empires, drawn in by power. They are a legend to some, but most do not even know of their existence at all. Always one is to be seen first, preying on civilians before the rest come. And when the Reticence comes in earnest they come in droves and they cannot be stopped.

Nulgath's appearance and growing power has attracted the attention of this, the first who now preys on the innocent and the servants of the archfiend alike in the city of Solace. However there is one thing that a member of the Reticence has never faced before: an Oversoul. This being all but forgotten by time is determined to end everything and everyone outside of its own species.

The Reticence's abilities consist of a combination of stealth, memory-wiping and corrosion techniques designed to destroy the mind and the body of their foes leaving no traces behind. They appear as white shadows with silhouettes that are humanoid. Some have speculated (if they believed in these creatures at all) that their inherent hatred of all things stems from the fact that they themselves have next to no physical attributes.


Defend 500 x 4
Attack 200 x 1
Attack 500 x 2
Poison x 3
Mark of Death x 2
Life Drain x 2
Sacrifice x 2


1 hit: Reticence vanishes and reappears behind the foe to strike.
2 hits: Delivers the first blow (as seen above) and then appears in from of the foe to attack once more.
3 hit combo: Reticence comes from below the foe and raises its hand. Three spheres appear in a triangle shape and they explode one by one in white shadow flames.
5 hit combo: Reticence turns from a white silhouette to a black one. It then appears in front of the foe for the first blow, behind for the second, above for the third above striking down, the fourth coming from behind to in front where he stops and stands for a moment. A sphere just like the ones from the three hit combo, only black appears and explodes for the final hit.
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6/12/2013 2:46:52   


Art: http://twitpic.com/c10vd2
This was hand-drawn and scanned so the quality is not very good. I also made a quick colored version that I thought the color schemes I chose were quite nice. I didn't save it because it was a really crappy paint job and it was partially unfinished.

Anyway, the large spikes on the shoulders, kneecaps, and hair are all supposed to be dark green leaf colored extensions of the armor. The horn-like parts with many lines on them are to be light green and (very light) yellow stripes. However, the "crown" (the small horn on the top of his head) is dark green.The dark markings on the faces should be a glowing dark green. A light brown looks nice on the spikes on the foot, the hand, and as the color of the lines on the horns. Everything else is also (very light) yellow.

Okay yeah, I did a pretty bad job explaining, and if this wins there is 100% no obligation to follow this but I wanted to stay true to the theme. In real life, I raise insects and anymantid breeder knows what Phyllocrania paradoxa--the Ghost Mantid--is. And looking at them, these colors follow the patterns on green specimen quite well (although only females will turn green upon becoming adults, but no one needs to know that :P).
Maybe this pic is helpful, and if not, it's pretty cool to look at. :)

The horde has revealed itself. Every creature, of every unimaginable form spilled from their sanctuary like the sacred Cataracta into our land. Talons shimmered and eyes glowed inhumanly with malevolent intent flashed within their sockets. The tension, the bloodlust of millions of hungry beings sent the Earth trembling below their feet. Then, He, The Dark Lord, the great creature who towered above the legions of monsters rose and uttered a single command.

“Destroy the divine forest patch that spreads across this vast realm of souls,” He rasped, a deep guttural noise. “Let blood spill with your own and capture every soul you find!”
They leaped gleefully into our home. The howls of a billion wolves could not overcome the cries of these beasts. The cries that marked our death.

We had no choice; our kind, the Phyllocrania paradoxa, along with every other creature who resided in the Saltus fled that day. In terror. We did not stand a chance from the very second they invaded our precious lands. I watched as brothers and sisters were slaughtered by the tremendous might of the demon army. Black blood oozed from the gaping necks of the animals. I watched as the souls of every creature in the forest leached from their loyal hosts and devoured for a dark purpose we cannot comprehend. I stood and watched.

I stood and watched until I could not bear it. I watched until my very body was crushed and I lay still on the surface of the Earth. My soul departed and I could feel the very essence of the “Artifact” departure my previous life form.
“Ghost, the--!” a female screeched. Her prothorax was ripped apart before she could finish. But of course, that is to mimic Speakingkind, as we of Mantidae are incapable of speech. Nonetheless, I knew what she meant. My soul not not been taken; I had been reborn into an intangible warrior embedded with my former flesh and blood.


Legend has it that the day the horde arrived, One of the Seven would be revealed. The seven hosts of the souls had been chosen at birth, each carrying a sacred crystal artifact possessing a great magic from the Old Days.This power would be carried in the form of the souls life--for as long as the magic existed, the soul would survive, regardless if the host was destroyed. In addition, the mind of the host would remain intact with the soul which would morph into a new form that would be able survive because of the artifact within.

The soul would then wait until the day the Oversoul--the one soul in it’s universe that is strong enough to escape capture by the horde--comes seeking for its power. The Oversoul would come in any physical form in order to carry this soul. Each crystal is then found and united with the Oversoul, therefore killing the Seven in the process. However, once all are found, the magic shall be completely utilized and the Oversoul can revert to it’s original form whom shall rid the land of the Dark Lord and his minions.


Eighteen years pass in the Saltus

I stood before my land and remembered again about the life that once flourished here. The moon rose across the sky, casting a beautiful luminescence upon the wreckage that still lay. And for the third time that day, my chest was pulsed violently, yet rhythmically and steadily. I touched it with the fingers that grew from my heart after my death as a mantid. Then--the presence of another being. It had come from another warrior, one who had ventured from a nearby village. But I sensed something different. The soul that inhibited this body did not belong and the power it possessed was far too great to be of a no.

It was the Oversoul.

Earth, of course!

Character Cards
200 Attack x1
400 Attack x2
500 Defend x2
Crush x2
Mountain Strike x3
Petrify x2
Stone Strike x1
Stone Wall x3
Neutralize x1
Iron Hide x2

Epic  Post #: 202
6/12/2013 4:45:14   

Name: Charkoal
Element: Fire
Rank: Legendary

Description: A fire demon from the depths of hell
Player: My rage shall devour your soul
Enemy: You shall bow down begging for mercy

1-hit: He shoots you with the gun
2-hit: breathes fire on enemy
3-hit: He hurls the chain mace three times
5-hit: fire erupts from under the enemy and enemy turns red

100 Attack (x1)
200 Attack (x2)
500 Attack (x2)
Pierce (x1)
Defend (x2)
Burn (x1)
Fire Ball (x3)
Incinerate (x2)
Inferno (x1)
Healing Fire(x1) (Attack and heal for 1000)

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6/12/2013 6:40:14   

Oversoul Name: Mazeroth

My Oversoul Character Suggestion: Aqueous
Element: Water
AQW Epic  Post #: 204
6/12/2013 7:23:53   

OverSoul Name: PkerSlayer

Character Backstory Contest Entry: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1rkpfdm

Character Name: Cryolaria
Character Rank: Legendary
Element: Ice (Dominant) + Water
Alignment: Neutral
Ice -
200 Attack (x1)
500 Attack (x2)
500 Defense (x2)
Ice Wall (x2)
Ice Orb (x1)
Frostbite (x1)
Piercing Needle (x1)
Water -
200 Attack (x1)
500 Attack (x1)
Renew (x2)
Fresh Start (x2)
Power Flow (x1)
Possible New Card: Rejuvenation - Heals for 500, three turns in a row. (x1)

Appearance Information:
- Elven
- Has a BloodLetter Katana in front hand, and a water-covered arm as the back hand/arm. Also a bow and arrows on her back.

Controlled Quote: "I was trained in multiple forms of battle. You will not leave this battle in one piece."
Enemy Quote: "What a shame. I thought I was actually going to have to try for this fight."
Victory Quote: "Hm. That was rather fun. I ought to do this more often."

Cryolaria is thirty-one years old. She was born and raised in the arctic tundra's of the north. Her mother died while giving birth to her, and her father was not very efficient at being the single father. He often had troubles containing her outbreaks of violence from ages five to eight. It was at the age of ten that she was forcibly taken from her father to the village monastery where she would be trained to control her urges for violence.

Not only would she be taught how to survive on her own through hunting and cooking, but also in combat. Close-quarters combat with swords, daggers, and other melee-type weapons. Ranged combat with a bow and arrows and throwing knives. Last, but most importantly, magic. She was gifted the knowledge of controlling water at the age of sixteen, at which age was considered to be the age of "womanhood" in her village. With this knowledge, she learned how to not only manipulate water, but essentially ice as well.

At age eighteen, Cryolaria was tasked her final "graduation" challenge from the monastery. To go on a hunt for three weeks and two days. The journey to the destination in the mountains where she would be residing for three of the weeks took one day to travel there. And thus, one day to travel back. Her challenge consisted of not only surviving on her own against nature, but against nature's beasts as well. For in those mountains was the home of the legendary Metal Dragon. She went on to the mountains as planned without fear of her task and with the utmost confidence in herself, and her mentors.

The task had been completed and she was now, officially, a huntress for the village. For the next ten years she defended her village from anything that brought harm their way. Over time, she increased her magical powers, as well as her senses for her physical forms of combat knowledge. From being able to control a drop of water, to being able to completely engulf a burning house.

At the age of thirty, she was titled the "Village Arcane", which was for her valiant services to the tribe for all her life. She has now, one year later, set off on a quest to increase her powers... a quest of which will ultimately lead her to make a heavy choice. One that may change everything about her..

...even her soul.

I hope you enjoyed my entry, and I hope you all can let Cryolaria have a chance to show the beings of OverSoul what she is capable of!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 205
6/12/2013 7:51:24   
Legendary AK!!!

Name: Earth Elemental
Element: Earth
Rank: Veteran
Image: Something like this (not my art)
Lines: enemy - "Feel the power of moving rock"; controlled - "Like all things, you too will turn to dust!"

  • 100 Attack x2
  • 200 Attack x3
  • 500 Attack x3
  • 500 Defend x3
  • Crush x2
  • Stone Strike x2

    Bio: There is a fragile balance in nature. When a foreign factor is introduced, that balance shifts, leading to new and unexpected events. The Earth Elemental is such an event. When the peaceful and wild lands forming an ecosystem were disturbed by a forever expanding, intrusive and menacing force, the Earth Elementals started to arise from the very soil all creatures walk on. Their endless goal, to restore the fragile balance that once was.

    5 hit combo animation: The Earth Elemental tears pieces from its body (chunks or rock, moss and stumps of wood) and throws them at the enemy

    Name: Ancient ENTity
    Element: Earth
    Rank: Master
    Image: Something like this (not my art)
    Lines: enemy - "Like a weed waiting to be uprooted!" ; controlled - "Feel the ancient power of the land!"

  • 200 Attack x1
  • 500 Attack x5
  • Stonewall x3
  • Crush x2
  • Stone Strike x2
  • Mountain Strike x2

    Bio: Almost nothing is known of these majestic creatures covered in mystery. Myths say that when great disasters occur, be they man made or natural, you can hear the very earth weeping and screaming and these almost extinct creatures rise up to help or fight whatever and whomever they feel deserves it.

    5 hit combo animation: Picks up a leafless tree almost as big as him and hits the enemy five times with it.

    Name: Griffina the Nature Mother
    Element: Earth
    Rank: Legendary
    Image: Something like this (not my art)
    Lines: enemy - "I am the mother of what you see here. And I am angry!" ; controlled - "Nature will not tolerate you anymore!"

  • 200 Attack x1
  • 500 Attack x4
  • 500 Defend x1
  • Stonewall x3
  • Crush x2
  • Earth Spikes x2 - enemy takes 900 unblockable damage - cost 10 charges - animation: While Griffina arches her back and bows her head at the earth, spikes come out of the ground from beneath the enemy.
  • Petrify x1
  • Mountain Strike x2
  • Earthquake - After one turn Counter Strike for 1500 damage - cost 12 charges - animation Griffina flies straight up then lands hard back down, making everything on the screen tremble, breaking the ground apart and damaging the enemy.

    Bio: Almost always on patrol looking after the vast lands that comprise a world, this creature is what legends are built on. There are few that still remember the stories telling of her beauty, grace, kindness to all things nature and wrath when something or someone is foolish enough to anger her.

    5 hit animation: Griffina flies straight up then lands hard back down, making everything on the screen tremble, breaking the ground apart and damaging the enemy.
  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 206
    6/12/2013 9:25:59   

    Heres my other entry: http://pic.twitter.com/UsrnSAzBsm
    Name: Helio Fireblade
    Element: Fire
    sorry dont have anymore details since i have limited time left ._.

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    Post #: 207
    6/12/2013 9:55:35   
    Nue Girl

    Sir Sticky

    Element: Neutral
    Rank: Apprentice
    Image: Here

    100 Attacks (3)
    200 Attacks (2)
    500 Attack (1)
    Pierce (3)
    Empower (4)
    Shield (2)

    Story: Legendary Knight From The 2-D World Who Has Taken Possession of the Blade of Absolute Darkness. This Magical Blade Would Power Up His Attacks at a Cost of Limiting How Many Attacks He Can Preform


    Post #: 208
    6/12/2013 10:00:25   
    ND Mallet
    Legendary AK!!!

    Name: Vehicromancer
    Element: Earth
    Rank: Master
    Appearance: Looks like a chauffeur with white hair.
    Quotes: "You're not well enough to drive, let me call you a taxi."
    "Public transit can be a real...pain."
    1 hit- Taxi busts from the ground underneath
    2 hit- A little motorscooter goes through the enemy and back.
    3 hit- Motorscooter goes through and back, then explodes on the enemy.
    5 hit- Road roller da! Steam roller falls on the enemy.

    Bio: Stephen was just the average run of the mill chauffeur until one day he was driving to pick up his client. A truck full of radioactive waste pulled out in front of him and they collided. The waste flowed everywhere and drenched Stephen. To make things worse, he was full of metal chunks from both vehicles. Suddenly, he started feeling strange and the next he knew it a large truck had materialized out of nowhere, as if by magic. He knew, deep down inside, that he had just been given a gift and that it was a really cool one that he could also use to pick up babes by spawning cool sportscars.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 209
    6/12/2013 12:26:23   

    Battle Rapper of Nulgath

    Element: Shadow
    Rank: Master

    Appearance: Looks like Eminem, but with red, glowing eyes and shoulder plates, metal gloves, metal boots (all three meant to look like clothes, but not), and a hoodie with the the Archfiend's symbol in the center.

    Story: Before he met the Archfiend, Slim S. Hady, who went by the name of Stan, was a normal battle rapper who got no love but had a beautiful mockingbird-like girlfriend whose name was Kim and was not afraid to be crazy in love with him. After a deception by Nulgath's followers, Slim's girl was dead, and he was going to lose himself if it wasn't for the fact that he loved the way Nulgath lied to recruit him to his Nation. He joined, thinking he could use the power that he would be granted to turn back time so he wouldn't lose Kim. At first, Nulgath promised all that for total allegiance, then game Slim the power to turn his words in his raps into reality to fight against the toughest monsters of Oversoul. What Slim did not know was that the Old One lied, so that his plans for being with Kim again would not be. Now he won't back down from a rap battle or a challenge, so he can die and move on to be with his girl once more.

    Player: My name is Slim...and I won't back down from you!
    Enemy: My power has put me 25 to life, even though I wanna be with her so bad. Don't think you can beat this Cinderella Man!

    1-hit: Raps a club into existence and then strikes the enemy.
    2-hit: Raps for two knives, then throws them at the enemy.
    3-hit: Raps for boxing gloves, then goes and strikes the enemy 3 times.
    5-hit: Raps for a skele-pistol to appear, then fires it 5 times at the enemy.
    Shield: Raps for a skull shield to appear.

    Oversoul Account Name: tylerbeller13
    Oversoul Char. Name: Jack Riottech

    I realize this one is a full-blown parody of Eminem, and may not be that good, but let's just see how far this one gets.


    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 210
    6/12/2013 16:36:14   

    Name: The Corpse Collector

    Element: Energy

    Rank: Master

    Color 1: #ffc332

    Color 2: #586591

    Player: "I was taken advantage of before... Now its your turn!"

    Enemy: "I bent to your will... Now you bend to mine!"

    Story: The Corpse Collector started as a simple entity in the OverSoul world, a collection of excess mana flowing from the many beings of extreme power and size. Eventually, this mana coalesced into a "soul" of its own, once the mana was drawn on by a bodiless Lich. This raw mana fused with the Will of the Lich itself, creating a powerful yet vulnerable energy. When the Lich's will drove this new being to seek out a skeletal body, the new power warped not only the body, but also the mind of the Lich itself! The mana now knew what it was like to live and the Lich was not strong enough to resist the re-writing of its mind. Now with a Soul and body, the creature seeks out those who used to simply take advantage of the raw mana it used to be…and uses them instead, as armor or trophies.

    5-hit Combo animation: The collector raises its bony arms and a large electrified skull appears over its head, which it then throws at its target. The Skull slows as it hits, dealing the 5 hits of dmg.

    The Corpse Collector

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    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 211
    6/12/2013 20:00:44   
    Cyber doom5

    Exelios: God of Blood
    Since man first walked the overworld tales of blood sucking creatures haunted the night and terrified the people of the land. One story spoke of a reaper drenched in the blood of warriors from battles around the world, another spoke of a monstrous being that dwells in the darkness and longs to be unleashed. The reality is, around the formation of the overworld when The Dark and Light began there war, the darkness saw blood as a potential fuel source for powerful monsters, so from him self the Dark drew a large amount of power, and using the blood of countless warriors fallen in the war. The product was an immortal nightmarish beast, but the trouble came when the Dark could not control him. Exelios swept over the world like a could of death killing both the forces of light and dark. only the humans seemed to be spared from the slaughter. Instead of killing them he created the first vampire, and let it loose on to humanity. Blood flowed in rivers and the oceans where tinted red from the amount of blood that was pouring into them. Before he could finish his massacre both The Light and The Dark working together, caught and bound Exelios to a rift in time and space, as the door to Exelios's prison closed he screamed that when one of his children drinks of the blood of 1 billion souls he would rise again more powerful then before, and when he did the world would drown in a sea of blood. Mages have attempted to summon him thousands of times but each time they failed, even if he where to be successfully summoned he would only enter as a ghostly mass of energy. Exelios has been depicted be the ancients of humanity as nearly 50 feet tall with a 100 foot wingspan, coated with an unbreakable black skin and armed with claws and fangs ans hard as diamond. it is said when he flies the world shall fall into eternal night.

    Name: Exelios
    Species: Divine Being
    Rank: Legendary
    Element: Water

    Blood Reaper

    Did you ever wonder what happened to a vampire once they die? well they go to a place so terrifying that only the most powerful can survive, beasts lurk in the dark that seek to prey on the weak. Typically there is no way to escape this hell for monsters, but in the case of vampires only on the night of a crescent blood moon, can the soul of a vampire be resurrected, but with a body destroyed and a soul to powerful to be contained in a human body the soul must be placed into a powerfully enchanted weapon. The weapon's will is so strong that it can literally destroy the mind of its wielder and posses the body to use it. Usually when one of these creatures is born they are given a human sacrifice to posses, and are sent on missions of revenge to destroy those who have done the summoner wrong. The first Vampire was the most powerful to ever be sent to the afterlife and was the first to be reborn in this process, being reborn into a scythe, but instead of obeying that which summoned him , he turned on his summoner and shredded his mind so badly that it drove him insane, which made him the most deadly of his kind. The being over the centuries he walked the earth, became known as the Blood Reaper, and was present at every single bloody battle in human history to drink the blood of the fallen. It has been said to be a sign of the Apocalypse when the Blood Reaper starts reaping the blood of the innocent, when he leaves the battle fields of humanity, let the gods have mercy on all of the poor souls who are on his menu, because it is believed that after centuries of drinking the blood of fallen soldiers the being with in the scythe is more powerful then death itself. When reaping blood from the living, the blood flows like small rivers trough the intricate designs of the blade, eventually converging with in the center eye and absorbed into the vampires soul, only a single drop is left after the reaping, and it is shed like a tear off the back side of the blade, It is unknown why this happens, but it can only be thought it is what little remains of the human hosts soul weeping at the loss of life.

    Name: Blood Reaper, Death in Red
    Rank: Master
    Element: Water


    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 212
    6/13/2013 1:47:03   
    Nulgaths Void

    Character name: Princess of Monsters
    element: darkness and fire
    Character appearance: a small girl in a pink shirt and shorts with bare feet and messy hair

    Player controlled: There are Monsters under my bed
    Enemy controlled: i hope monster come and Eat you o wait im here to eat you my bad

    magic hit: the girl raise's her arm and a magic rune of evil Surrounds the girl when the spell ends the magic rune Disappears

    combo 1 : the girl walks up to the enemy and her eyes become Evil like a void incarnate then her arm twitch's and turns into a giant monster arm that smashes the enemy

    combo 2 : same as attack one but the other arm joins in for a 2 hit smash

    combo 3 : her whole body shudder's and demonic wings sprout from her back and she flys up above the enemy and sends a blast of dark power in the wind from her wings that hits three times

    combo 5: the girls whole body spasm’s and she becomes a giant monster and breathes a beam of dark energy at the enemy for 3 hits and for the 4'th hit the monster bites the enemy and she turns back to normal in a combustion of dark energy doing the final hit

    alignment: Evil -40


    attack cards: X 3 500 damage cards and X 4 200 damage attack cards

    defend cards X 3 500 defend card

    spell cards X 1 fire ball X 2 poison X 3 sacrafice X 1 scorch X 1 void reflection X 2 drain life

    Evolve into: queen of monsters or king of monsters both Legendary

    evolve cost for both is 6 soul gems but free for 1 month evolves at level 18 for queen lv 20 for king

    so tell me what u think i dont have any idea's for king queen or pre evolves so u can Think of it if u think it needs pre evolve forms

    hope u like
    AQW  Post #: 213
    6/13/2013 6:06:54   
    GM gwynn


    My Character Suggestion Click Here!

    Name: Devil Blade Master

    Element: Fire

    Player: The Blade Master never lose in the battle.
    Enemy: I am half human and devil but I wanted to be a Blade Master.

    - 1 hit he well slash his blade
    - 3 hit combo he well slash his tail 2x and stab using his blade
    - 5 hit combo he well burned up and keep slashing his tail and his blade and the finishing blow is he well be using his tail to stab the enemy and burn the enemy

    Font size reduced. Please do not use a font size over size 3. Anything larger is considered spam. ~Therril Oreb

    Okay. ~GM gwynn

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    6/13/2013 6:53:15   
    Major W

    Art Contest Entry

    Blade Zerker
    Death Bringer- Allignment; Shadow

    Backstory Entry
    Zayark Backstory
    AQW  Post #: 215
    6/13/2013 11:07:51   
    Mr Cognizant

    Art Contest Entry: Monkey King

    Oversoul Character: Schifang

    Character Name: Monkey King (Character name "Wukong", the same as Sir Galahad for Lance Knight).
    Element: Fire/Neutral
    Appearance: http://viewpointy.deviantart.com/art/OS-competition-Wukong-The-Monkey-King-377662200?q=gallery%3Aviewpointy&qo=0
    Rank: Master
    Alignment Chart: 10 Neutral
    Quote (Enemy): The mind should be mastered first before entering combat.
    Quote (controlled): What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease. (Sun Tzu quote)

    Fire Cards:
    Attack 500 (4x)
    Inferno (2x)
    Shield 500 (2x)
    Fireball (2x)
    Incinerate (2x)

    Neutral Cards:
    Neutralize (1x)
    Iron Hide (2x)

    Possible Additions:
    Flame Thrower (5-6 fire mana)= Deal 500 damage and inflict a DoT of 600 damage over 2 turns. (2x)
    Massive Firestorm (10 mana)= Deal 1500 in one huge fire explosion and lose 400 health. (1x)
    Warmth (5 mana)= heal 800 over 2 turns. (2x)

    1 hit= Stab with Ruyiban (stick)
    2 hits= Stab and kick
    3 hits= Extends the size of his Ruyiban and stabs opponent 3 times.
    4 hits= Extends the size of his Ruyiban and slashes at opponent (effect like Founder Knight)
    5 hits= Fire burns your opponent


    Wukong sat on the tallest mountain and looks around him, the misty mountains jarred the fields of Oversoul and the grey sky blanketed all that Wukong can see. The air was colder than he expected and the wind rustled his fur. Wukong closed his eyes and inhaled the mountain air, the scent of trees and grass filling his lungs. He heard a twig break and snapped his eyes open, turning around, he saw a huge silhouette appearing before him. "So this is where you find peace" says Taro, emerging from the mist, "Indeed," Wukong replies, calming down, "The ancients have warned us of the oncoming danger, I decided to take a good look of Oversoul before the destruction of it." Taro sat besides him and gazed at the mountains. "I believe the time to unsheathe our weapons once again is coming" Taro announces, with a slight tinge of happiness. "I still remember when I was young and cocky, me and my master traveled far and wide to discover enlightenment" says Wukong. Taro chuckled, "If it wasn't for your old master, you would've probably be working under Nulgath". They sat there silently meditating, the breeze of the mountain wind burshing against their faces, there were no movements, the mountains respected their power. A howl penetrated the harmony, startling both Wukong and Taro. "Wha-" before Wukong could finish, the glint of steel flashed before them. Wukong drew his Ruyiban, a shape shifting stick, and parried the other sword. The mist conveniently covered the attackers body, "What is the meaning of this?" shouted Wukong, Taro pulls out his Manslayer and proceeds to strike upon the attacker, only to be blocked by another sword, or was it an arm? Using his tail, Wukong grabs his attackers weapon and slams him in the head with his Ruyiban. The body falls to the floor, unmoving. As the mist departs, Taros eyes grew as he begins to recognizes who the assailant was. "No... no..." Taro muttered, "What is it?" snaps Wukong. "Those are the Voidbreeds! A special species of assassins dedicated to tainting Oversoul under the rule of Nulgath!" yelled Taro "Which means, Nulgath has already arrived in Oversoul!" Wukong steps back, "But it's too soon! Perhaps he only uses these as scouts...", "That's impossible... it does not look like a Dimensional Champion of Nulgath at all." hissed Taro, and for the first time, they shuddered in fear. Another howl, this time accompanied by screaming and shouting. Thousands of voidbreeds of all sizes were running into the forest. Wukong focuses his mana and unleashes a huge firestorm upon the ground beneath them, plowing through every object, the screaming was now in pain rather than for battle. Wukong gasps and falls to the floor "We must get to the portal" pants Wukong, standing back up. As they hurried through the obliterated forest, they saw body parts of the voidbreeds all over the smoking floor, the air an immense heat. "Jeez, you shouldn't have done THAT move against them, are you alright?" asks Taro, jumping over a purple arm. "I had no choice, there wasn't enough time." replies Wukong, still a bit dazed, "let's just hope Nulgath didn't make it into the portal yet." A huge roar stopped them in their tracks, "we were too late" whispers Wukong. A massive being appeared before them, its eyes glistened in the smoke while its 2 horns protruded into the air. "Finally..... Oversoul..." Nulgath hissed, Wukong and Taro stepped back, gulping as they waited for the monster to begin it's attack. "What's this? A gift from the planes of Oversoul already?" Nulgath sneers and licks his lips "Let me dine on your souls mortals!"

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 216
    6/13/2013 11:14:48   

    My second entry for the contest, "Amaya"


    Details are in the picture's description :)
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 217
    6/13/2013 11:22:20   
    Oversoul OED

    Here is mine. Darkon drago asked me to improve this one, but i lost it> twitpic.com/cisuan.
    Heres another one. Hope you guys like it>>> twitpic.com/cisw7b thats all.
    http://t.co/x6xhg5BmJa sry my previous link didnt work. Heres the second one http://t.co/4NntsibAf6 . For the second draft, ignore all the words. Look only at the character. My brother is the one who added those words. His element should be neutral or light. For the first one, her element is light.

    Oversoul name: One Eyed Doll

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    Post #: 218
    6/13/2013 12:22:03   

    Note: Lolz, competition seems fierce, good thing I'm only here for the fun (And also experience )

    Oversoul username: Blarius

    Art Contest Entry:

    Graduggah, The Raczalist's Abomination

    Atramos, The Titanic Stabber

    Both of them are preferrably chaos in attributtal power/lineage.

    Kind of a Backstory to this dark-ish duo (I'm apologizing in advance for the poor english)Sorry!

    During the time of Phoebousi, the 17th king of "Blariad", Graduggah was its First Knight and Atramos was his partner, being that Blariad only had barbarians in the past.

    It was snowing hard that time when the king had found the two in a cave underneath Irza Pass and he himself took responsibility during his third skirmish to fend off the Raczalists, the only other intelligent inhabitants of the Blaric Continents who had control of the south. You see, the Raczalists wouldn't have been a problem for the Blareans since they were much weaker than them... the downside, was that they were far more intelligent than any other living being in the whole Realm. Nobody knows where they came from and for wanting the whole continent, no one could've answered it. Only the Blareans could stop them.

    When Graduggah and Atramos joined their first skirmish, they completely wiped out the whole middle eastern Raczalist camps in one night, using not only brute force but also elegance and strategy. Soon by daybreak, the news had already scattered across Blariad and they were immidiately coronized as Heroes. More battles ensued and the Blareans have progressed in ways they never thought they could have done. The Blareans deemed Graduggah and Atramos as their saviors.

    But the Blareans were too naive. They never questioned the origins of the very people they call saviors, and that was their downfall.

    The Blareans and the Raczalist had already declared an all-out war and by then the Blareans are nearing the Raczalist Stronghold and the king was there to lead them. They were already in the midst of completing their final plan when unconsciously, Graduggah and Atramos had unwillingly transformed into something no Blarean could ever forget. They had become fiendish monsters who attacked the very man who had saved them.

    In that moment, the Raczalist's main army had perfectly detected and attacked the camp. Graduggah and Atramos' chaotic outrage, The king's assasination and the Raczalist Onslaught had completely overwhelmed the Blarean troops and in minutes everyone, every single Blarean soldier had been slaughtered and severed. Miraculously, no Raczalist were attacked by Graduggah and Atramos but was it even a miracle in the first place? No, they had been planning it all from the start, all from the point where the king had found the boy and his pet stabber. Every movement was calculated since they could see everything in Graduggah and Atramos' eyes. They were their creation after all.

    Though their was one flaw in their plan, Graduggah and Atramos' memories had been erased from the start so that they could fool the Blareans into taking the. But this gave Graduggah and Atramos a slight consciousness that battled the mind control of the raczalists, which caused a rip in their heads, breaking the control in the process. Then... full frontal instinct kicked in.

    Both sides were destroyed by Graduggah and Atramos leaving the Blaric continent barren forever...

    ...Now that the archfiend has entered the Realm, this has attracted them both to leave the continent in search for the imbalance that the Archfiend has brought into this world...The OverSoul... in other words, YOU.
    AQW  Post #: 219
    6/13/2013 13:30:45   
    Nakana K Rei

    I have two characters to present, Kurogane the Dark Fairy Hero and Shiruka the Fairy Princess. I am pretty sure that fans of Kawahara Reki sensei and his work, Sword Art Online, will appreciate these characters very much. Please listen to this fairy tale that I have to share with you.

    During the Great Evil Wars, the kingdom of the fairies was torn apart and in great despair. The evil Uberon decided to take advantage of the despair of his people and slaughtered the entire royal family. There was but only one sole survivor of the royal family, that being Princess Shiruka. She fled from the ruined capitol of the once beautiful fairy kingdom. Knowing that she was the only one left of the royal family, she would not rely on someone to protect her and become caught and executed to join the rest of her family. No, she would go out and fight! She would not let herself go down without a fight.She was able to obtain one item from her family heirloom. That was the great sword, the Naegling. The sword was supposedly used by a fairy who slew dragons with it. The Naegling had two handles. The explanation for that is because Naegling was actually composed of two sword fused into one. She went out into the unknown territories to train in combat with the sword and practiced the magic which was passed down from her family, which she sought to perfect. It is said that she actually encountered a dragon and slew it, breaking her sword in the process not because the sword was weak, but from her own sheer strength.She would train fairies in refugee camps in how to defend themselves and how to conceal themselves from the enemy's eyes. In a village that she was staying in, fate would bring her to meet Kurogane.
    Kurogane was also a survivor of the Great Evil Wars that wreaked havoc across the entirety of Oversoul. He was a young fairy who lived on the farm lands. How do fairies farm? I am actually not so sure how myself. But he was a farmer boy during the war. When the King Uberon came to power, his village was targeted and everything was burnt down to ashes. He was one of the few survivors, found buried under piles of rubble, burnt wood, and the corpses of other fairies. He was found and trained by one person, and he was an orc by the name of Master Taro. Taro would tend for this young fairy and train him in the art of swordsmanship. Taro knew the hurt that the young fairy felt from the deaths that he saw. Kurogane would train until his entirety was all about the way and art of the sword. Kurogane went out and fought to cleanse the realm of Oversoul of all of it's wrongs. He was able to fight on par with the strongest humans even without his ability of flight, despite his smaller size. Master Taro was unsure himself whether or not he would be able to fight against Kurogane with even with his full power. Kurogane had his back-hand blade, the Steel Rose, forged by the dwarven blacksmiths. In his journey to the Northern Frostlands, he obtained his front-hand sword, the legendary sword called the Deus ex Machina. With his new swords and well-honed swordsmanship, he set forth to defeat the evil king Uberon once and for all. That is how our two fairies are destined to meet.

    Title: The Dark Fairy Hero
    Element: Shadow
    Using two swords, he is the strongest among fairies. His back-hand sword is the Steel Rose, forged by the dwarves. His front-hand sword is the Deus ex Machina, a sword of mystical origins. His wings are shaped like a dragonfly's which is optimal for speed and maneuverability in all directions, allowing him to fly forwards and backwards while keeping his guard towards his opponent the entire time. He also had his wings modified with metallic casings by the dwarven blacksmiths to make them more durable, as well as enabling him to fight using his wings instead of his swords. He has black hair, black irises, black clothes with some greys and metallic trimming. his wings are a dark navy blue.

    Kurogane's swords:
    Steel Rose
    Deus ex Machina

    Kurogane's original art:
    Kurogane Original

    Cards: Implements Light and Shadow elements with Shadow as his main element
    1x Retribution
    2x Penance
    2x Defend
    2x Holy Strike
    1x card that gives 10 light energy in trade of sacrificing a card.

    2x Sacrifice
    1x Void Reflection
    3x 5 Damage
    1x Defend
    1x an attack that deals 1500 damage for 13 shadow energy.

    His move set is meant to be very quick played or you can get a bad hand and die quickly.

    1 hit: slashes with both swords
    2 hits: slashes front hand first then back hand
    3 hits: slashes with both sword upwards, then downwards, then stabs with both.
    5 hits: background glows bright, his swords turn white, then he attacks at incredible speeds, making him seem to teleport. He cuts through his opponent, appearing behind on the first strike, turns around, cuts through his opponent again, this time appearing before, cuts through a third, fourth, fifth, then dashes back to his original position.

    His death animation has his body falling backwards, glowing white, then disperses into orbs of light that scatter away.

    Enemy: You want to dance? Sure, why not?
    Win: That was a most pleasant dance.
    Player: You're my opponent? That's cute.

    Title: The Fairy Princess
    Element: Fire
    The last survivor of the royal family. Her robes are white with red trim pattern. Her hair is white with red in the part that appears to be cat ears. Her eye color is yellow. Her wings are red, black, and white with the iris on the wing being yellow. The tattoos on her legs are also red. The tear mark tattoos under her eyes are also red. She defeats enemies with efficiency, but with elegance and grace.

    Shiruka's wings:
    Wing design
    It wasn't the drawing that was too big, it was the paper that was too small to fit the wings.

    Shiruka's sword:
    The sword broke due to her sheer strength.

    Shiruka's original art:
    Shiruka original

    Cards: All are fire elemental
    2x 200 damage
    4x 500 damage
    2x Incinerate
    2x Fireball
    4x Defense
    2x Inferno
    2x Burn

    1 hit: does an overhead attack with a big red slash animation, nothing fancy
    2 hits: does an underhand slash then overhead slash. Pretty red slash animations
    3 hits: she throws her blade at the enemy, striking the enemy, catches the blade behind the enemy, cuts through the enemy, appears before the enemy, turns around slashing the enemy at the same time, and uses the force of her blow to return to normal position.
    5 hits: The background darkens. the white of her robes and wings darken. the red on her clothes, skin, and wings glow. Her eyes tun red with murderous intent. A flurry of glowing red butterflies engulf the opponent in a horrendous sea of red. She also attacks while her butterflies beat up the now traumatized and greatly confused enemy. She returns to normal at the end of her combo.

    On her death animation, her body falls back, glowing white, then disperses into orbs of light that scatter away.

    Enemy:I'll make a ballad out of your cries.
    Win: I enjoyed the music, play it again for me next time.
    Player: Where do you think you're looking at, creep!

    I hope for the best of all competitors!

    Tribute to Kawahara Reki sensei and Sword Art Online.

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    AQW  Post #: 220
    6/13/2013 16:53:04   

    My character suggestion entry: http://xxwolfassassinxx.deviantart.com/art/Oversoul-s-2nd-Suggestion-Contest-377730697

    (Click on the image to zoom in/zoom out)
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 221
    6/13/2013 17:34:06   
    AQW Lore-titician

    my entry to the contest, all text is written withim the pic
    DF AQW  Post #: 222
    6/13/2013 19:49:39   

    Name: God Hand or Mephala.. or Mephala The God Hand
    Rank: Legendary
    Element: Shadow

    Appearance: Appears to have a blue - symbiotic type armor over his body. The armor does not cover his eyes, mouth or nostrils because he does indeed need to breath. He should be about as tall as any other human lifeform in the game. And last but not least he should have wings also covered in the symbiotic armor.
    Here is a picture of the character this idea inspired from:
    Here is my takes on the art: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BMrl4pmCEAEWAW2.jpg:large

    Player: Envy the beginning of a new darkness... the darkness of light
    Enemy: I Am the God Hand, even Nulgath fears my fury

    Arc 1: The Beginning
    One time long, long ago... a man named Aros had embarked on a quest to become the hero of his nation, and soon learning he would have to become the hero of the world itself. He quickly began to rise in ranks upon the military he had joined, but scorned being lead by another. So he quit the military and set off to become the leader of his own mercenary group that he would have full command over. Over years and years he fought countless battles with them, slaying the beasts that Nulgath commanded to scourge the lands of Suinotlim and destroying the armies that he and his mercenaries were contracted to destroy. He had faster than anyone created the greatest army in the history of Lore itself.

    Arc 2: Fatality
    Years had past and the glory of the mercenary group lead by Aros became even greater than anything, no military's name would ever become as great as this one. But a tragic day was yet to come where Lord Aros had to finally step into Tercessuinotlim to battle against the menace known as Nulgath, he and his men fought bravely all the way until the end but by the time Aros had reached Nulgath's domain in Tercessuinotlim, it was to late for the rest of his men, they had already been lost to the fiends and the makai that dwelled there. It was just Aros who was left to fight against Nulgath... and that he did. They fought for hours, bringing Aros to the point where he had no energy left... while Nulgath was a being of near unlimited fighting energy. Aros knew he would only have one last chance to make a strike so he ran in for the strike... but little did he know Nulgath had been toying with him the whole time, not needing to fight him hand in hand at all. As the last strike headed towards Nulgath's heart the Overfiend Blade jumped in front of the strike blocking it, while the Oblivion Blade flew straight through the back of Aros' heart. Life was over for Aros, or so he thought.

    Arc 3: Second Chance
    When Aros awoke he was in a completely white zone, it felt much different than anything... more real than reality ever felt to him. He was greeted with a voice, "Aros, I have chosen you," Aros felt astonished not knowing what was going on at all. He looked around but failed to see anything besides a bright light, so bright he could not stare directly into it. "Who are you," Aros asked to the light and it replied to him, "that answer is not needed, but you are to serve me on Suinotlim, you are not to be here yet....," he stated to Aros and before Aros could say another word a blue liquid like base started covering his body and soon sprouted wings out of his back. The liquid like base soon turned solid, more solid than anything he had ever felt before and the light spoke once again, "you now have my armor, and the gift of not needing foolish human needs and folly's," Aros gasped, "you are also no longer Aros, you will be named Mephala... the God Hand... and you will do as your name states, you will be my enforcing hand on Suinotlim." And before the new named Mephala could even respond to what the light had told him everything went black, and he closed and opened his eyes, just to once again see his home of Suinotlim. At first he thought it could have been a dream, but he looked at his hands and noticed the armor was still there... he now knew he was to destroy Nulgath for a final time... and he had been gifted with the ability to do it. So, he rose to the sky and also unsheathed his blade holding it triumphantly.

    Quest: Bring me back any five of Nulgaths henchmen to be interrogated to give me his new location and I will gift you dearly
    Quest Completion: Good job, now we are one step closer to finally destroying that blasted Fiend.... oh, yeah.... here's that reward I had promised you (open shop)

  • Mephala The God Hand(Boss) - 12 Sg's
  • Mephala - 6 Sg's
  • Aros - 200 000 Gold <----- Recruit as a child who becomes older up until the form of Master, after master he will become Mephala

    500 Attack Cards - x3
    200 Attack Cards - x2
    500 Defend Cards - x2
    Blood Rage - x2
    Sacrifice - x2
    Life Drain - x3
    Void Of Mephala - Summons a void entity in the shape of his own and it attacks for him, 5 hit combo. Cost: 13 Energy, Damage: 1500

    Boss Stats
    You can decide on the boss stats :)

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  • DF AQW Epic  Post #: 223
    6/13/2013 19:51:42   

    Marion The Joker
    My Oversoul suggestion- Fire master. Battle quote in image.
    Post #: 224
    6/13/2013 21:37:20   
    Puppet Master

    Mine and a friend's entry to the contest. I am not the artist here. I give all credit to my close friend.

    Please let me know any thoughts you have on it ^^

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