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Rilami -> =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/10/2013 13:28:43)

OverSoul will be a unique game since you'll be able to play as nearly any type of character or monster.


There is no standard character model in Oversoul. Which means almost any kind of character you can think of can be played in Oversoul as long as they aren't too big. The Character Tree allows characters to make dramatic transformations from say a human to a vampire, werewolf, slime, clouds, inanimate objects, clowns, birds, ninja, swarm of bugs or even to a dragon.(Medium sized dragons.) The possibilities of progression are endless!

Alignment Character Chart:

Above is a small list of character types you can expect to find in your alignment. And there will obviously be a variety of each type as well as new kinds of character to be added as the game progresses! Including suggestions like a Moose and Cybernetic Moose.

This begs the question, what types of characters would you like to play as in OverSoul? What would they evolve into? Would they be Good, Evil or Neutral?

This thread is only for character submissions only. Please use the Character Suggestion Discussion Thread for any feedback and opinions you have on the subject. Thank you! ~Balu OverSoul ArchKnight

Cyberbeast10 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/10/2013 21:04:24)

Necromantic Swordsmaster

While many necromancers would have minions to do their undead bidding. This swordsmaster uses her undead to train herself, so that she may never need to be dependent on them. This necromancer's skill with the sword are just as, if not, sharper than her deadliness with the dark arts.

Appearance: This necromantress wears a brown shirt with sleeves ending at the elbow, and matching pants ending at her knees. Her arms and legs are covered in chain mail and taters on the clothes show that she also has them under her clothing. She carries a long sword and a large buckler shield. Her straight, black hair can be seen at certain times.

Standard Battle Stance:
She stands with her slightly legs spread, knees bent, with her shield in front of her face. She points the sword in a thrusting style next to her shield. Occasionally, the "wind" blows her hair.
Near-death Battle Stance: She starts panting, her sword begins to drop, her legs begin to shake.


1. She appears kneeling on the ground with her back turned. Suddenly, an undead appears behind her and she quickly gets up and severs it at the waist in the blink of an eye. The undead dissolves to dust and is blown away by the wind, but before it does, it severs at the head, implying she had swung her sword twice even if it looks like she did once. She takes her standard battle stance.

2. If she fights a Light character, she will walk into her side of the screen and begins to unsheathe her blade. As she does slowly, halfway, she finishes with a flick of her wrist as she the sword comes loose and appears to cut the very air. Her hair is brushed over her face and she pulls it back and she takes up her shield. She takes up her standard battle stance.

3. If she fights an undead or necromantic character, she begins the battle cutting down a hoard (3) of skeletons charging at her. She assumes her standard battle stance.


1. Her shield gives, she drops her sword, kneels down and nurses her injured arm.


For entrance 1: I suppose you can make adequate practice.
For entrance 2: You'll find I'm more trouble than you think.
For entrance 3: A minion is only as strong as their master. How pathetic.


Shielding: She braces for any attack.
Hit (With shield): She stands her ground.
Taking damage: She lowers her sword and staggers at the impact.
1- hit: A lunge with her sword.
2-hit: Following hit 1, she slashes sideways.
3- hit: Following hit 2, she bashes with her shield.
4- hit: Following hit 3, she takes a step back and lunges again, with even more force.
5- hit: She summons an undead knight, before she charges her sword with dark magic. The Undead performs hit 1 and follows hit 2 as a upward strike. Hit 3 is a downward strike and hit 4 is the step back and lunge with added force. When the undead finishes the 4th hit, the sword attack is finished and with one clean swipe, a dark energy shatters the wind, obliterating the undead knight and damaging the opponent.


Her deck consists of only Void Reflection, 2 and 4 attack cards (No piercing), defense cards and Life Drain. She also possess a card called "Swordsman technique" which turns all her shield cards into "counter" cards, like Void Reflection; and all her attack cards into piercing (this effects only converts cards that are on the playlist).

aliesterus -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/10/2013 22:03:18)

This is from SOOO long ago but...


Character: Dragonlord
Alignment: 0-Neutral
Element: Water and Lightning
Description: Dragon Champions of Lore, able to use a variety of skills. Very few members are known because of their secrecy and being a chosen companion of a dragon is rare. A select few Dragonlords had followed a mysterious entity into this world, and has then resided here permanently.
Stage 1: I wanna see what YOU'VE got for this one Nulgath.
Stage 2: once again, what you've got, I wanna see.
Stage 3: I think you get the idea.

Shield Cards:
2 10 shields for a cost of 6 lightning chages
3 5 shields for 3 charges (good = light, evil = shadow, neutral = neutral)

Attack Cards:
3 - 5 attack cards (good will give this light, evil will give it shadow. If it's neutral, it stays nuetral.) for 4 charges.
3 - 2 attack card (element charge same as above.) for 2 charges.
2 - 1 attack card (element charge same as above.) for 1 charge.
3 - 4 Unblockable (element charge is lightning) for 5 charges.

Special Cards:

2 Shieldbreaker Charge(charge cost of 10 lightning): uses up all your shields to break the enemy shield, also deals a Damage over time of 2 per turn. DoT lasts for 4 turns. Will allways be the first card to be used. You must have at least 5 shields for this card to be used.
2 Drake Bleed (charge cost of 7 Water): deals a poison of 3 for 4 turns, and heals you for the same ammount for each turn.
3 Drake Charger (charge cost 0 water) requires you to discard one card to use this, and stocks 3 charges of lightning as well as 5 charges of water. Will allways be the last card to be used.
3 Scale Regeneration (charge cost of 0 Lightning): Adds two lightning charges for each water attack card you use. This will allways be the first card to be used after an attack.
2 Dragonspear (charge cost of 5 water): Discard as many cards to charge up the power of this spear, the damage is the number of cards discarded multiplied by 2. You gain 1 lightning charge for each card discarded.
1 Super Charged (Charge Cost of 2 water): Gain 7 Lightning at the expense of healing the opponent by 4. The opponent must have at least lost 10 health for you to use this card.
2 Dragonsurge(4 Water): Adds 4 damage to all attack card excluding unblockables. Must discard two cards to use.

Changed the cost levels, as well as some other details. So whadya think?

Blackshock -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/10/2013 23:20:01)

Character: The Dread Soul
Appearance: *click me*
Allignment: 0 neutral
Element: Shadow
Description: Powerful souls of the demon dragons roam the borders between life and death, looking for poor souls who are willing to give up anything for revenge and a second chance at life. As a certain demon dragon came across a soul hungry for revenge, he offered him power in return for control of the mortal's body. Expecting an easy catch, the dragon was overwhelmed by the iron will of the host. Overpowering the dragon's will and making the beast's power his own, the dread soul roams the lands in search for vengeance against those who left him or dead.

Player: Death is kindness to the man who's lost everything
Enemy: The dragon demands to be fed


1 hit: Raises hand and summons an orb of darkness energy to strike the enemy
2 hits: same as 1 hit, but is followed up by the orb exploding
3 hits: floats up to charge up and collects darkness energy around the enemy and makes them spontaneously combust.
5 hit combo: Summons a magic circle/rune between him and the enemy, floats up and fires a "spirit gun" like beam of energy from his fingers towards the rune and it becomes amplified and turns into a giant beam of dark energy, striking the enemy for massive damage.

BumFoolingGuy -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/11/2013 0:52:44)

Character:Raving Vartai

Description:A male vartai that has decided to disappear into the world...and appeared above ground with what appears to be modified technical machine swords that changes between colors in it's hand to strike people with it's energy.

Appearance: The swords are mechanical. He's wearing glow in the dark bracelets The pants appears to be painted with glow in the dark as well. While the shoes appears to be modeled of advancement except painted with glow in the dark and waterproof LEDs.

Controlled:Ready to strike when it's night or twilight or mydnite.
Enemy:Eh...nothing for me to slip into.

3 Hit Combo:Same as below except without the spin
5 Hit Combo:Flying charge at the enemy, then a drop strike with both swords, to a upward kick, to spin around for two more sword strikes.

Character:DJ (____)Can't think of the name yet.

Description:This lady appears to harness her ability of making music into chakras and shock anybody by throwing them.

Appearance:A lady with stereo headphones on with detailed with a thunderbolt and a X. While the clothes will be normal except with a X-Dead on the shirt. The pants and shoes is similar to Witchblades.

Controlled:Shall I light up and shock your feet to dance on until you drop dead.
Enemy:Beat by beat of rhythmic sound to surprise your face!

5 Hit Combo:Swoops down to throw her chakras into the air as it turns into a lighting orb, to jump and then volleyball spike it towards the enemy.

DragonWarrionz -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/11/2013 4:55:09)

*Please forgive me if you think I'm demanding you mods, I would please like you to delete my post on page 29, last post. because I can't edit it because of the locked page, thank you :)*

*This character is inspired by ND Moose Guy's Painweaver, check the character suggestion out!*

Character Name : Prisoner Goblin Ghost

Alignment : 35- Evil

Element : Shadow

Rank : Master

About : Prison Goblin Ghost is a dark fiend who possess the knowledge of the weak muscles points of a soul because of it's crystals chained to it's body. The weapons on it's hands and legs are small pieces of shards of nightmares turned into one, and it can break the muscles attached to each other, so basicly, the shards and the weapons works together to make a huge performance. As he dosen't haves too eyes, he also uses the crystals to see and have good eye sight. The Prison Goblin Ghost is a nightmare-turned character.

1 hit : Gives a quick jab at the opponent.
2 hit : Gives a quick jab at the opponent and drive through the opponent like a drive.
3 hit : Gives a quick jab at the opponent, drives through the opponent and simply gives another drive while moving to it's place.
5 hit : The Goblin stands at it's place staring, but later, drives through the opponent 3 times, and jump high enough to let the weapons to attack the head.

Controlled : I will rob your soul.. till your body muscles take no control, and then I will eat the remainings as dinner.
Enemy : Soon, your body will take no control, and will rot.

Cards :
4x 5 attack
3x 5 blocks
1x Empower
2x Mark of Death
1x Poison
1x Muscle Control
1x Blood Mark

Muscle Control (5 Points) : You charged up your mind and your enemy will hit himself using the cards he used to hit you.
Blood Mark (9 Points) : Do 4 damage for 5 turns.

Finncollier -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/11/2013 6:00:45)

Name: Lord Richard of the lion (reference to richard the lion-heart)

element: Light

Rank: Legendary

1x retribution
2x greater heal
3x 5 attack
2x 2 attack
2x holy strike
1x blessed strike
3x 5 defence
2x heal

controlled: for the light and for the kingdom, i shall smite thou
enemy: the hammer of justice shall be brought down upon your head

1 hit: slashes upwards
2 hit: slashes upwards then stabs
3 hit: slashes upwards then stabs then brings the sword up and slam's it downwards
5 hit: an etherial golden hammer appears in his hand which he smashes on the enemy

ChaosRipjaw -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/14/2013 15:18:40)

This is going to be on ME, k? Oh, and I should say, if this suggestion is chosen, please warp it a little. I don't want it copied directly. Thanks.

Both characters picture: Grand Master and his Disciple.

1st Character.

Title: Grand Master of the Disciples of Crizox
Name: ChaosRipjaw

Rank: Master/Legendary
Alignment: N/A fits whatever alignment thou chooses.
Element: Shadow (obviously)

Backstory: ChaosRipjaw is the Grand Master of the Disciples of Crizox. The clan has three sacred duties
1) To pass on the Way of the Hellfire martial arts and worship the demon named "Crizox."
2) To protect the Tombs of Crizox.
3) Balance the world by causing destruction when neccessary.
It is ChaosRipjaw's job to carry out these duties. One of those ways is to spam number 3.

Controlled: Pray to whatever gods you wish. This is will be your final hour.
Enemy: Crizox will not spare you. I don't intend to either.

The same style as Lei Blades and Shadowdance for attack 1, 2, and 3.
5 attack: Throw both blades in the air, rush toward enemy, and perform Five Ultimate Fists. (Punch two at shoulders, two at stomach, and one in the face. Each punch makes a dark red orb on enemy, which then explode.)

Cards: Like Witchblade, but Death Flow is replaced with Five Ultimate Fists.

*I'll edit this post again to include the second character later okay?
**Hope you guys all like this! [:D]

Back to work. Second Character

Name: True Disciple of Crizox
Rank: Veteran/Master
Alignment: N/A
Element: Shadow/Neutral

Backstory: The True Disciples are direct apprentices of ChaosRipjaw. They obey him without a thought of rebellion.

Controlled: Run away now . . . if I die by your hand, the Grand Master will kill you.
Enemy: I serve Crizox. Are you friend of foe?

Attack 1 - Blade in left hand sidesweep up.
Attack 2 - Attack 1 then stab with other blade.
Attack 3 - Same as Lei Blades and Shadow Dance.
Attack 5 - Blades boomerang into five slices at the enemy.

Special Cards:
Paralyzing Blow: Disciple man his shoulder of foe hard, which paralyzes him/her/it for two turns. 8 Shadow.

Okay, NOW enjoy [:D][:D]

UnderSoul -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/14/2013 15:59:25)

We have Ninja, Snow Ninja, and Lei Blades/Crossbows, so I thought I'd make them a rival. Behold the honourable Samurai!

Element: Neutral

Stage 2(Samurai): A man clad in traditional Samurai armour with a simple katana by his side. He wears a standard Samurai helmet, but without horns and has no faceplate. He has the same face as Nomad.
Stage 3(Samurai Warlord): He is taller now and has an ornately decorated katana. He also now has a traditional oni faceplate and horns on his helmet.


Veteran Player: For honour!
Veteran Enemy: May your death be swift!

Master Player: Death to the dishonourable!
Master Enemy: For the Daimyo!

Defeat: I... have... failed....

1-hit: You stab the enemy.
2-hit: You stab the enemy, pull out, and slice them.
3-hit: You slice them 3 times.
5-hit: You unleash a flurry of strikes with the sword.

pyroskope -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/16/2013 19:01:00)

Character: "Z" (V for Vendetta. Not an exact copy obviously, but a reference character)
Alignment: Neutral
Desciptionr: An Unpredictable assassin Hell bent on vengeance.
Weapon: (for all stages) Sai of Steel(duals) (from AQW)
Stage 1: (Apprentice) Basic V w/o cloak and hat.
Stage 2: (Veteran) V w/ cloak but no hat.
Stage 3: (Master) V with cloak & hat.
All stages attacks:
-(Single hit)Runs at opponent, sticks one knife in for about 1 second and looks into face. Then turns around and teleports back to platform.
-(double hit)Throws both knives at opponent. Takes out two more.
-(triple hit)Throws two knives at opponent. Grabs two more and runs behind opponent. When behind opponent, slashes both knives. Then turns and teleports back to platform.
-(five hit combo)Throws three knives. Grabs out two more, jumps at opponent. Stabs down into opponent's chest then crosses knives in an X on opponent. Teleports back to platform.
Beginning of match(Stage 1): Says nothing and bows.
End of battle(Loss/Win): Kneels and says,"You have fought viciously and valiantly"
Beginning of match(Stage 2): Says nothing and takes out knives.
End of battle(Loss/Win): Kneels and says,"You have fought viciously and valiantly"
Beginning of match(stage 3): Stands motionless and says,"The only thing we have in common is we are about to die"
End of battle(Loss/Win): Kneels and says,"You have fought viciously and valiantly"

Inspiration: I love V for Vendetta and AQW just came out with a reference armor of V for Vendetta so I thought I'd try pushing the references into of AE games.
Why Neutral?: I picked Neutral for his alignment for two reasons.
1: When weaknesses come out he will do extra damage to Chaos. And in the movie V for Vendetta he fights against a corrupt government.
2: Z is a rouge and doesn't side with anyone but himself.

Alternate Tree Section:
So I just thought of this so I'm going to add it. The Character tree above^ is for "Z" and goes down the middle. This new one goes on the right character tree. It's still a reference character, but for girls ;)(THIS STILL STARTS FROM APPRENTICE "Z")

Stage 2a:
-Name-Zoey Hamlet
-Appearance- (basic girl base) Wears a small black dress. Has light orange hair(redhead/ginger).
-Weapon- Sai of Steel from AQW (duals)
_(1 hit)_ Throws a knife
_(2 hits)_ Flips knives around in hand twice and throws both
_(3 hits)_ Throws both knives. Runs at opponent and punches opponent.
_(5 hit combo)_ A "Z" writen in blood appears behind Zoey. Zoey kneels and a train comes from left of screen hitting opponent and exploding on impact.

At start of battle: Zoey says,"I will no longer live with fear..."
At end of battle(win): Zoey drops knives, closes eyes and looks to the sky and gives a slight smile. (If possible have rain during this)
At end of battle(loss): basic dieing animation

If you guys don't want to make movie reference characters than what you should take from this everything but is the look of the characters, but the names would remain the same. Also, if not wanting it like this, Zoey's 5 combo would be different because it is a reference.

~thnx for reading

Dragon Elite X -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/17/2013 14:49:15)

I WILL personally rage quit and lol do a lot of unnecessary stuff if THIS doesn't make it into the game and no I didn't draw it. However it is SO boss attention needed to be called to it. Please find this guy and add him to the art team one and two aha thank him for making me want to cry. This is legendary character worthy art.

Asuka -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/19/2013 23:43:22)

I'm going to leave this here >o>


Finncollier -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/20/2013 5:45:29)

my second post
name: the alchemist
rank: legendary
element: neutral, fire

cards:4x 5 attack cards
3x 2 attack cards
3x 5 shield cards
2x power strike
1x iron hide
1x burn
2x incinerate
special made up card that shouldn't be added: cost 10x neutral and fire, its called...elixir epsilon: deals 10 damage and applies a DOT that deals 4 damage a turn for 4 turns while healing the alchemist for 5+ for two turns

quotes: controlled: ah, a new subject.
enemy: come drink this, boy, girl, whatever you bloody are.

megakyle777 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/20/2013 7:47:29)

A certain release that will happen in AQW has caused me to take matters of kittens into my own hands:

Character: Doomkitten

Element: Nuteral/Shadow.

Apprentice: A normal looking kitten. Untill it attacks...

Veteren: The kitten looks even cuter. It now has a smirk on it's face, knowing that when it attacks...

Master: The kitten has reached full cuteness. Now when it attacks...

Attack Animation:

1 hit: The doomkitten runs and slashes at the enemy.
2 Hit: The doomkitten runs and slashes twices.
3 Hit: The doomkitten opens a portal and a evil feind attcks for a three hit attack.
5 Hit: If it's not the master form, it opens a portal and the feind lauches a five hit attack. If it IS it's master form, the very sky darkens, a flash of lightning strikes the entire screen and the true horrific form of the cat in the darkness realm is revealed, which attacks extremly quickly and horrificly before reverting to cat form.

2 Attack: 3
5 attack: 3
Cat Reflexes: 2
Counterattack: 3
Empower: 2
Poison: 2
Sacrifice: 2

Mondez -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/20/2013 15:15:34)

Name: Sargos the Sealed Undead Leviathan

Color Scheme: Dark Purple, insignia is dark grey, dark green for the scales on the neck, the hair is regular red, and splotches of dripping blood from the mouth and the open wound.

Rank: Legendary

Alignment: Evil -50

Element: Water

Story: There are secrets in the world and many are about treasure, but what if it isn't treasure that one seeks. What if it is a weapon of destruction and despair that one seeks to control? There was once a leviathan that Battleon feared due to its destructive nature and power that many perished to. Sargos was once the god of the sea, but was corrupted by the evil magic of chaos turning it into a Demon-God. The heroes of lore face Sargos, but were only able to wound the mighty creature who then was sealed by the usage of necromancy in which transformed the beast even further into evil. Necromancy is never used to seal unless a condition is made and that is; whoever finds the tomb of Sargos shall be able to control the water titan of terror lest he has the power or the undying beast shall once forth bring back the destruction that Battleon once remembered.

Player Quote: *RAAAAAARGHH*


3 attack x3
6 attack x5
Shield x2
Whirlpool - Deals 12 water damage for 4 turns, heals 2 HP each turn. Costs 7 water energy. x2
Power Flow x1
Tsnumi - Deals 8 water damage, absorbs 4 HP. Costs 8 water energy. x2
Renew x1

Combo Animation
1 Combo: Bites the enemy.
2 Combo: Bites the enemy and slams head onto the ground.
3 Combo: Hydropumps water from its mouth.
5 Combo: A giant pillar of water bursts from the ground.

Mautha -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/20/2013 21:26:51)

Name: Little red riding void


Player Quote: I dealt with the big bad wolf, so you won't be a problem!

Enemy Quote: The forest is a dangerous place you know. Because I'm in it!

Alignment: -45

Rank: Master

Attack anamation:

1-throws beehive at opponent
2-throws beehive then bees swarm out and attack
3-summons a grey wolf(same animation as lightning wolf's 3x attack)
5-transforms into werewolf and mauls opponet

3x 5 attack card
3x 2 attack card
4x 1 attack card
2x 1 unblockable attack
2x iron hide
3x 5 defence card
2x power attack
1x moonlight rage (transform into werewolf form for 2 turns- adds 1 damage to every attack card you play)

Finncollier -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/21/2013 6:07:14)

my third post

name: soothsayer

element: water

quotes: controlled: the world will be well again young-one
enemy: the rain will come soon...i hope

rank: master

appearance: has the same face and body type as the katana zon char but wears blue ropes and has a blue bead band around her wrists

3x 5 attack card
2x 2 attack card
1x 1 attack card
3x water rapid
1x fresh start
1x power flow
3x renew
0x refresh (the worst card ever)


1 hit: raises left hand and has the water rapid attack animation
2 hit: raises left hand and has the water rapid animation in two large fountains
3 hit combo: raises both hands, a puddle appears under the enemy and three water tentacles strike the enemy
5 hit combo: raises both hands, a deep blue oversoul circle with the legendary triangle in it appears under the enemy and 5 large varying water rapids stab up from the circle

oversoul: deep blue with the legendary triangle in it

please consider adding more water chars because we really need more theres only 5 two are only minor evolutions

Newominus -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/21/2013 7:01:34)

Name: Large Skeleton

Element: Shadow

Alignment: -25

Character Cards:
1 Attack x2
2 Attack x3
5 Attack x5
5 Defend x2
Empower x3
(Vet) Life Drain x3
(Mas) Sacrifice x2

Player Controlled: ...
Enemy: ...
Player Controlled: You cannot withstand such strength!
Enemy: Feel the mighty blow of my axe!
Player Controlled: Ah, another one for my blade, its thirst shall be quenched!
Enemy: My blade hungers for battle!

Apprentice: A barebones large skeleton with an axe (or femur club)
veteran: A large skeleton with a more viking/nordic look consisting of fur, leather and metal plates, the axe gets a more vicious look.
Master: A further development of the previous character, more heavily armored and the axe gains a more evil look with a maw. Skulls hang from his belt.

X5 combo: Gathers energy into the axe, then throws the axe, the axe pauses slightly in between each hit.

DragonWarrionz -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/21/2013 8:15:37)

Name : Jack Nature

Element : Neutral

Alignment : Good 25

1 hit : Raises arm with staff, dealing a attack.
2 hit : Raises arm with staff, then swing it again, dealing 2 attacks.
3 hit : Raises arm with staff, then swing it again, lastly, the Nature Orb glows bright, enemy deals 3 attacks.
5 hit : Jack Frost, Nature Orb, and the Staff glows, then a huge wave of leaves hit towards the enemy.

Character Cards :
1x 2 Attack
3x 5 Attack
3x 5 Defend
1x Power Strike
1x Waves of Leaves
1x Nature Staff

Waves of Leaves : 6 attacks in 3 turns. (2 attack once a turn)
Nature Staff : The staff and the Nature Orb combined, you deal 10 damage.

Controlled : The nature in Oversoul is unpredictable! You won't stand a chance.

Enemy : The tree, birds, flowers and leaves, they will all crush you!

BJEBLE -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/21/2013 11:10:16)

Name: Orc Ninja
Element: Shadow
Alignment: 0
1x 1 attack
2x 2 attack
3x 5 attack
2x Shields
2x Life Drain
2x Poison
2x Mark of Death

UnderSoul -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/22/2013 22:44:20)

Here are some suggestions to out-dark the Dark Lord!

Element: Shadow
Rank: Veteran

Appearance: A creature with completely black skin and wearing tattered clothes, like a destroyed version of AQW's No Class. It's face however, is very pale, almost sickly. It is bald, has many fangs, and has pointed ears. It's hands end in long claws. In battle, it stands hunched over.

Story: When Nulgath came to power in OverSoul, the Darkness spread like wildfire. It infected all it touched, corrupting them into different forms. Some turned into fiends, others into forms simlar to that of Nulgath's loyal servant Revontheus. The worst however, were the ones that were completely overtaken by pure darkness and evil. They knew no allegiance besides that of their incessant thirst for human blood. While vampires had always been present on OverSoul, these Thirsters, as they came to be called, were a new sort of monster. Even now they still plague the lands, preying on any who come within sight.


Player: I thirst...
Enemy: Only your blood will quench my thirst.

1-hit: He runs and slashes one of his claws at you.
2-hit: He follows up the first slash with another from the other claw.
3-hit: He follows up the two slashes with a headbutt.
5-hit: He jumps and slashes at you three times, then bites you and kicks off, returning to the place he started.

Element: Shadow
Rank: Legendary

Appearance: He is about the size of Vergil. He has pure black skin all across his body. He has no shirt, and you can see a six-pack. He does have a flowing tattered black robe that starts at his waist and covers his legs and feet. His head is a three-horned skull shaped like a bull's. He has black tentacles sprouting from his back and neck and has a black tongue hanging out of his mouth. His eye sockets are black and completely hollow. Also, in one hand he carries a jagged sword.

Story: Unlike his namesake, Thanatos is not a god of death. However, none of his opponents ever lived long enough to realize that. He was once a simple human mercenary, though more skilled than most. His jagged blade was the most famous instrument of death in OverSoul. Then, one night he was killed by an assassin from a rival merc company. Upon hearing of his death, a Necromancer that had been settling in the village decided to revive the famed killer for his own cause. Such a skilled fighter would make a useful minion. However,, the mercenary's will was much stronger than the wizard had intended, and he quickly gained free will. He slew his former master, who had only had that role for less than five seconds, and ran off to begin life anew as an Undead. He recovered his jagged blade and set off to challenge something difficult, as opposed to the easy kills he had found in life. He found out about the Great Fiend Nulgath, and decided to seek out him and his servants. After effortlessly carving a path through his guards, he found humself face to face with the Dark Lord. Instead of fighting the Undead Mercenary, he offered him a gift. Grand and dark powers in exchange for his eternal servitude. Thanatos accepted the offer without hesitation. But once againt the figghter's indomitable will was more than anyone could handle. Even Nulgath himself only kept Thanatos in his servace for a day. With more strength than ever, Thanatos set off to be a more powerful bringer of death than even his namesake, and so far all who've seen him would say he is. That is, if they were still alive to say so.


Player: There are worse things than death, so really I'm doing you a mercy.
Enemy: Do you think you can kill me? Been there, done that.

1-hit: He throws the sword at you.
2-hit: Hethrows the sword and follows up with a quick shot of dark energy.
3-hit: He flies over to you and swings his sword three times.
5-hit: His sword morphs into a long scythe, and he swings it down sending a large blast of dark energy at you.

Chaosyn -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/23/2013 21:28:52)

I do characters....but not cards or animation.

Voidrix -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/24/2013 18:47:20)

Element: Shadow
Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: A creature with no face,a brown hood and brown tunics splattered with blood,with a grave on the back.

Story: Some die suddenly,without fullfilling their purpose on life,wraiths stay on the overworld to do so,without caring for mortals,usually killing them.


Player: Your agony is my enjoying...
Enemy: Feel my pain!

1-hit: It zaps you with a black energy ray.
2-hit: It zaps you with both hands.
3-hit: It turns black,its eyes become red and charges at you.
5-hit: It becomes invisible,punches you through your chest,charges at you from behind,its hands morph to swords,slashing you with both of them and stabbing you,then it goes back to the starting place.

UnderSoul -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/25/2013 21:51:19)

Element: Fire
Rank: Legendary

Appearance: A large Minotaur-like creature, but completely hairless with pale skin. It has a bull-shaped head with horns though. It has two large legs that are covered with fire. It is extremely buff and it has black, sharp fingernails.

Story: Ardente was once a minotaur of average strength. He was very strong, though he lost his Labyrinth to the mightier and much more famous Taurus. After his defeat, he fled to a Labyrinth much more dangerous. The Nightmare Dungeon, which he seeked out in search of power. There, he only found defeat after defeat. Until one day when he found a lonesome Burn Mage who was practicing his fiery art. He demanded the Burn Mage give him power. He threatened the life of the wizard, though even Ardente himself was not sure whether or not he would win. The mage agreed, but gave his gift a terrible price. He imbued Ardente with the element of Fire, which increased his strength tenfold. However, the fire also stripped away his hair, and caused him unending agony. Enraged by the consequences, Ardente crushed the mage and proceeded out of the Nightmare Dungeon. After sccessfully battling his way out, he turned his attention to old grudges. Soon Taurus will see his true power...


Player: Feel my fiery wrath!
Enemy: My anger burns!!!

1-hit: He walks over and punches you.
2-hit: He punches you twice
3-hit: He punches you twice and then clasps his hands together and slams them down on you.
5-hit: Fire envelops him shortly before dying down, and then he breaths a stream of fire at you.

Tally -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (2/26/2013 19:05:09)

Character: Wandering Rogue
Character name: Tally
Element: Fire
Alignment: Neutral -10
Rank: Veteran

Standard appearance
Activated ability
Attack and battle animations

Story: The petty life of a thief was how her story began. One day, she happened to steal from the wrong person, and failed. The man offered her a new job instead - an assassin. Having no real choice at the time, she accepted.
She was properly trained and equipped for the job, most notably was her "welcome" present. She had undergone a surgery, and when she woke up from it, she had a new eye...one of her employer's. It granted her the gift of fire, but naturally her ability was limited. Controlled.
Weeks, months, years went by, but one thing about her contracts stuck in her mind that she was never allowed to know. Why? Why did those people have to be killed? What had they done that was so terrible that she had to meet them? Why. For all she knew, they might've been completely innocent people. Maybe there were innocent..why did that matter to her now? She had stolen from seemingly innocent people long before. Was it really all that different?
It had haunted her thoughts and her contracts for far too long, even as she began to feel a need for the thrill of the hunt. She went to search for information, answers to things she didn't know. Unfortunately, she found it.
It was not about why those people were sentenced to die, but regarding the gift she had received, the eye. It was not for her. She was only supposed to be a host to it until its power reached its peak. And then, it was to be ripped back out.
The girl, now a fugitive from an employer of killers, fled that day. She escaped with a scar on her cheek, and a power that is not hers. Vowing to try to never again cause harm without knowing a reason why, she keeps her distance and wanders from place to place. But give her even the slightest of reasons, and she won't be able to stop herself from making her next kill. So if you happen to see the traveler with mismatching eyes, heed these words, and be wary of the Wandering Rogue.

Battle phrases:
Player: "Give me one reason why I shouldn't end you."
Enemy: "I suggest you run now."

3x 200 damage cards
4x 500 damage cards
3x shields
1x Fireball
2x Incinerate
2x Sear
2x Ignite

Ignite: Discard 2 cards for 10 fire energy.
Sear: Take 2 damage the turn used, heal 700 health next turn. Costs 4 energy.
Apprentice pre-evolution

Character: Thieving Youth
Character name: Tally
Element: Neutral
Alignment: Neutral 0

Appearance: http://twitpic.com/cpw41e

Battle phrases:
Player: "D-don't underestimate me just 'cause I'm a kid!"
Enemy: "Just..just hand over everything you've got."

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