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Reki -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (4/30/2013 15:30:27)

Character Name: Reki
Rank: Master
Element: Light
Alignment: Good 45

Character Tree: Reki (Master) --> Reki, Ultima Form (Legendary)

Appearance: *master form*

enemy- "I will end you..."
player- "Don't worry, this will be quick..."

Bio: Reki is a seraphim of immense power who found his way to this realm after being lost between dimensions for an unknown amount of time, as the 'Bringer of Order' from his realm his goal is to save this one with his mysterious power while keeping a balance of good and evil....for without one the other can not exist.

Moves: *very fast movement*
1 hit- Dashes forward with a stabbing motion with sword through the enemy.
2 hit- Dashes forward with a stabbing motion with sword through the enemy and appears behind the enemy and slashes upward along the back with the sword into the air.
3 hit- Dashes forward with a stabbing motion with sword through the enemy and appears behind the enemy and slashes upward along the back with the sword into the air and finishes by once again reappearing in front of the enemy with a hard downward slash with sword.
5 hit- Holds front arm straight outward and after a quick power up aura surrounds him a spectacular powerful beam attack shoots from his arm and at the enemy for 4 hits and explodes around the enemy for the 5th hit.

Pierce (x1)
200 Attack (x2)
500 Attack (x2)
Defend (x2)
Blessed Strike (x1)
Greater Heal (x1)
Heal (x2)
Holy Strike (x3)
Might (x2)
Retribution (x1)


Finncollier -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/1/2013 5:34:48)

Title: Dark-caster
Name: Rolok'ka
Rank: Master-Legendary
Element: Ice-Shadow

Appearance: Looks like the Dark-caster class from AQW

Controlled: Dage is my master, and your soul will be his
Enemy: Your death will be swift and i will take your soul

- Attack 1 (3)
- Attack 2 (3)
- Attack 5 (3)
- Shatter (1)
- Ice-wall (2)
- Ice-orb (1)
- Sacrifice (3)
- Deaths embrace (1) Deaths embrace: Costs 8 Ice energy, deals 6 damage and stuns for one turn

- 1 hit: Drops an etherial sword on enemy's
- 2 hit: Summons a Skull-taker to smash enemy's twice
- 3 hit: Drops Three etherial swords on enemy's in an order of, right, left, center
- 5 hit: Summons Thanatos to obliterate enemy's

megakyle777 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/1/2013 13:21:17)

Name: Helixos, The Blood Dragon

Element: Shadow

Rank: Legendary

Story: Age Old Lore says that powerfull magic can be worked by blood. Dragons are some of the largest and most powerfull beings alive, so their blood would contain great power. At least, that was the logic of Helixos. Once a mere Black Dragon like his bretheren, he took the secrets of the magi and learned the forbidden blood magics, using his own blood to become an horrific creautre unlike anything ever seen, with extraordinary power. Now, he seeks... you know, noone knows what it is he seeks actualy. More Dragon Blood? To rule the word? Unlimited Rice Pudding? Whatever it is, to look upon The Blood Dragon is to look upion Death.

Apperence: He looks like a Black Dragon, but he is covered in a Blood Red Armour. If you were to look closely at it, you would even mistake it for blood. Armoured all over except for a few spots such as the wings, this ornate Blood Armour makes him look more intimidating then his Draconic Bretheren.


1 hit: Blood Claws slice at you from nowhere.
2 hits: Blood Claws slice twice.
3 hits: Breathes a stream of fire.
5 hits: His armour comes off and attacks you.


5 Sacrifice
4 Life Drains
2 Void Reflect
4 Sheilds

I know, it looks like a bad deck and probably is, but allow me to explain the premise here: the idea of this character is that it strikes powerfully with it's HP, while keeping the charges for defense and reflections to avoid damage so it can keep using it's HP to kill the foe quickly and cheaply.


Controlled: My power is too great for one such as you to end!

Enemy: No Oversoul can posees something like ME!

UnderSoul -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/1/2013 19:03:50)

Abyssal Fiend
Rank: Legendary
Element: Water, with a single Empower

Appearance: A large muscular fiend, a bit taller than the Xmas Fiend, but a little skinnier. It is covered in old seaweed and seashells. Its head is like Quaztk's, but larger and it has tentacles. It has two large wings sprouting from its back, and its skin is a sickly sea green. It has blue plating covering its shoulders and lower body. It has two red, swollen, crab claws for hands.

Story: When Nulgath came, all life was affected. The air, the land, and the sea were corrupted by the Great Fiend's very presence. Seeking to evaid him, a warrior trained in the way of the water dove down to the deepest part of th ocean, believeing that Nulgath's influence had not yet spread that far. but wherever there is darkness and fear, the Fiend can be found. Unknowing of the evil that permeated his hideout, the sea creature sat at the edge of the deepest trench and simply stared, trying to ignore his problem. But you know what they say about staring into the abyss... Now a hideous mockery of its former self, the Abyssal Fiend seeks to prove the ocean's dominance over all, including Nulgath.

Player: The abyss has claimed me, as it shall claim you.
Enemy: You shall submit, or be washed into the abyss.


1-hit: He pinches once with a claw.
2-hit: He pinches twice with his claws.
3-hit: His beard tentacles strike three times.
5-hit: His wings flap and a portal opens under the enemy. Then, a swarm of tentacles attack.

Finncollier -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/2/2013 9:00:07)

Name: Helios
Rank: Master
Element: Fire

Appearance: Basically looks like a Blood-red dragon, covered with black armour and fire chains, and has a helmet with a large flaming horn protruding from it, and has glowing flame wings

Controlled: The sun will die when i fully awaken, and the world will perish in flames
Enemy: My awakening has started, your world will soon be destroyed

- Attack 2 (2)
- Attack 5 (4)
- Fire ball (2)
- Incinerate (1)
- Scorch (2)
- Inferno (3)
- Burn (2)
- Dragons gambit Dragons gambit: Deals 20 damage (using 5-hit combo) yet stuns you for 1 turn and takes 5 health

Basic dragon animations

megakyle777 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/2/2013 12:51:42)

Name: Montana Wyvern, Senior Archeologist/Temple Robber

Element: Earth

Story: Lost civilisations litter the world we live in. Some contain great treasures, the likes of which makes the vaults of kings look pitiful in comparison. Others contain weapons so powerfull they make Nulgath look like a Frogzard. And Montana Wyvern considers it his job to destroy the weapons and... redistribute the gold into society, so to speak. Having a legendary knack for hunting down lost ruins and age old secrets, this Raider of lost Tombs has tangled with monsters and traps using nothing more then his wit and his speed.


Apprentice: Looks like a guy wearing a shirt and jeans. Has a gun and a whip.

Veteren: Gets a cool looking shabby coat.

Master: Gets a Fedora and a bandoleir. His whip is now glowing for some reason.


1 hit: WHips the foe.

2 hit: WHips the foe twice

3 hit: Shoots the foe three times

5 Hit: Tries to shoot the foe five times, but the gun has stopped working. So he runs up and whacks the foe with the butt of the gun five times.

Mondez -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/2/2013 21:17:25)

Name: Shard of Carnax
Rank: Legendary
Element: Energy

Appearance: Carnax

Player: ...
Enemy: ...

Backstory/Quest(Just for the fun of it): My have you come to seek more challenges from me hero? I have one that would put you up to something that Nightbane could not fathom to become and that is the eternal destroyer... Carnax. Sadly, this Carnax is nothing more than a illusion of what's left of its past form, but I do hope you can put a stop to the beast since the longer it is materialized in this world, it will continually become stronger and the illusion will become reality.

Quest Completion: Oh my, you defeated even the destroyer, Oversoul? I am impressed by your tenacity and will reward you for your efforts like last time, but the price shall be more than last time. [sm=zorb_smilie.gif]

Shop: Carnax - 250,000 gold

5 Damage Attack Cards - x4
2 Damage Attack Cards - x2
3 Shield Cards - x3
Neutralize - x1
Iron Hide - x2
Energize - x1
Storm - x2
Charge - x1
Surge - x1
Sacrifice - x2

Boss Stats
HP: 2000X based on level. Example: Player = 5200 HP, Carnax = 7200 HP

Boss Cards
5 Damage Attack Cards - x4
8 Damage Attack Cards - x3
3 Shield Cards - x3
Death Flow - x1
Iron Hide - x2
Storm - x3

Entropic Riftwalker -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/4/2013 16:07:01)

Necrotic Berserker: Master

The Necrotic Berserker is a powerful warrior fueled by anger and hate of the light.
Appearance: Wears maroon armor with a cape made of black fur. Holds a gargantuan sword, bigger than itself. Helmet is made of an Undead Bear Skull. Face is not visible. There is just black with two deep orange eyes.
Battle stance: Stands holding sword upside down. Pants and rasps. Blue mist can be seen coming from the face.
Shield stance: A black ring appears around the berserker.
Near death: Kneels. Panting.
Entrance: Purple stone rises out of the floor and berserker smashed it with a swing of his sword.
Defeat: A void opens up under him and then he is pulled in by black hands.
Dialogue: Entrance: ( Controlled ) : Your soul will be mine to feast on! ( Enemy ) : Killing you will be as easy as killing a mouse. ( On winning ): A new vessel to control!
Animation: ( Hit with shield on ) Laughs. ( Taking damage ) : Falls back. ( 1 attack ) : Stabs with sword. ( 2 attacks ) : Claws 2 times. ( 3 ): Basic 2 combo, then 1 combo. ( 4 ) 2 combo, then 2 combo. ( 5 ) : Summons a rally of skeleton warriors charge at the enemy.
Element: Primarily shadow. But also some neutral attacks.
Cards: Basic 500, 200, 100. 500 defence. Iron hide. Powerstrike. Poison. Empower. Cat reflex. Death flow. Thrash. Bash. Mark Of Death. Life Drain

@ UnderSoul: That's a thing now- or something similar.

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Dan2000eve -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/4/2013 16:24:20)

~Mr. Anderson

Name: Woodworks Soldier (Apprentice) [:)]
Rank: Apprentice
Element: Earth
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Human

Appearance: Has male peasant clothing that doesn't cover the legs. Clothes/Armor always green. With a rectangular wooden shield and wooden stick.

Controlled: Do not take me for granted, I'm a hell of a fighter!
Enemy: Sticks and stones may break your bones, I'll grind yours into dust!

Backstory: A soldier who fights for the "good" of earth only for the result to come into his favor or his master's wishes. The master of the woodworks army is unknown, but they have been quickly spreading to take control as much as ground and territory as they can so they can become rich since being wealthy is tied to land owner ship for them.

There goal is also to wipe out all Hork's. They strongly seem to dislike them since they are fighting also for land.

Shop: (Character shop) 12,000 Gold

Pierce x1
100 Damage Attack Cards - x2
200 Damage Attack Cards - x3
500 Damage Attack Cards - x4
Shield cards (Blocking 500) - x1

Advanced Cards
Power Strike x2
Petrify x1
Stone Strike x1
Heal x1 (Heal for 300)

Hit 1 - Comes up and strikes with stick
Hit 2 - Comes up, hits with stick and then hits with shield
Hit 3 - Comes up, hits with stick and then hits with shield, finally kicks enemy in gut
Hit 5 - Comes up, like a golf club he swings it up doing one hit and the rest of the damage happens quickly
Veteran Form (Levels up at level 4 Apprentice.) [:D]

Controlled: Even the maggots reject you, how sad...
Enemy: Tell me, how well do you decompose?

Appearance: Has added shoulder armor like the old version of Earth Adept. Instead of a stick and wooden shield, carriers duel axes. (Not long ones)

Pierce x1
200 Damage Card x3
500 Damage Card x3
Shield cards (Block 500) x2

Advanced Cards
Power Strike x2
Petrify x1
Stone Strike x1
Heal x1 (Heal for 300)
Bonus Cards
Boulder Dash x1 (Player raises 1 axe and a green sphere grows from your enemy then disappears. After 1 round, a boulder falls and hits your enemy causing 1300 damage)
Cost: 12

Hit 1: Comes up and crosses both axes above his head then slashing the enemy making an X appear across the enemy.
Hit 2: Comes up and stabs the enemy with Front dagger and then back dagger
Hit 3: Comes up and stabs the enemy with Front dagger and then back dagger then crosses both axes above his head then slashing the enemy making an X appear across the enemy.
Hit 5: Chargers up at position, then goes and stabs enemy 5 times with axes. Front axe, back axe, Front axe, back axe and then Front axe.
Master Form (Levels up at level 10 Veteran) [:@]

Controlled: You need to learn some respect, kid!
Enemy: Step aside Rookie!

Appearance: Has a sword and wears armor.

Pierce x1
200 Damage x1
500 Damage x4
Shield (Blocks 500) x1

Advanced Cards
Crush x1
Petrify x1
Stone Strike x1
Stone Wall x2
Heal x1 (Heal for 300)
Bonus Cards
Boulder Dash x1 (Player raises sword and a green sphere grows from your enemy then disappears. After 1 round, a boulder falls and hits your enemy causing 1300 damage)
Cost: 12

Hit 1: Does a truss and stabs the enemy.
Hit 2: Does a truss stabbing the enemy, raises sword slashing the enemy returning back to position.
Hit 3: Stabs enemy (Truss) Raises sword (Slash) and finally hits by doing a strike going down. (Slash)
Hit 5: Throws sword into air, then jumps catching it. Slashes enemy once going down, then the rest of the damage will follow.

Hatterwell -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/5/2013 8:58:27)

Breaks away from tradition...
As in kind of like the trainee evolution line, but starting at Ninja initiate, and evolving up different paths to 4 legendary specialists

Valoroth -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/6/2013 18:26:16)

Character Name: Gabrielsslf

Element: Shadow

Alignment: Neutral

Rank: Master

Appearance: Poisoned Skull Sword


Controlled: Akizutsu will possess your soul.

Enemy: I'll give your soul to my master Akizutsu.

Dan2000eve -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/6/2013 18:28:18)

~Mr. Anderson

Name: Dr. Light
Rank: Veteran
Element: Light
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Human


Controlled: To late to beg for mercy! Now you will all feel the wraith of Dr. Light!
Enemy: What's the matter? Afraid of the light?

Backstory: A scientist who was mocked for his inventions that seemed to always end in failure. After being called many names and put down he worked on a super suits to obtain his revenge. After about 8 suits that didn't work, his 9th suit entitled "Project 9. Solar." He now wears it out for his thirst of destruction.

Shop: (Character Shop) 10,000 Gold or 4 SG Gems. I only have 1 SG

Pierce x1
200 Damage x4
500 Damage x3
Shield (Blocking 500) x2

Advanced Cards
Holy Strike x1
Blessed Strike x1
Heal x1
Might x1
Light Shield x1 (Gain +1000 Defence)
Master Form (Levels up at level 10 Veteran)

Controlled: Prepare to get extinguish by the BRILLIANT Dr. Light! HAHAHA!
Enemy: HAHAHA! Bow down to the new LIGHT LORD.

Appearance: (Without tube)

Pierce x1
200 Damage x3
500 Damage x4
Shield (Blocking 500) x1

Advanced Cards
Retribution x1
Mega Heal x1 (Heal for 1000) Cost: 13
Holy Strike x2
Might x1
Light Shield x1 (Gain +1000 Defence)

BumFoolingGuy -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/7/2013 16:39:40)

Name:Energy EnCrasher

Appearance:The same appearance of the Darkon Drago and the Light suggestion(A modified version of the Energy Knight), Except he's old and he wears mechanical armored leggings.

Controlled:So you want to see this old man best you in clashing with energy.
Enemy:May the battle crash with our spark of warmongering in our blood.

3 Hit Combo:Laser from the head and then the arms transforms into lances and throw charge strike.
5 Hit Combo:A Laser from the head for one hit. While the rest of it is that the arms reforms into gauntlets, and the head transforms into a spear and throws it for the rest of the 4 hits to make it a combo.

Mondez -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/7/2013 18:03:53)

Name: Fragment of Wargoth
Rank: Legendary
Element: Fire

Appearance: Wargoth

Player: You...cannot win....

Backstory/Quest(Just for the fun of it):
Warlic *earth shakes* Do you feel that Oversoul? This overwhelming power is something I did not wish to encounter again. Long ago I once materialized into a being bent on destruction known as, Wargoth. Though Wargoth was defeated, I believe he left a fragment to materialize a clone to finish what he started. I need you capture 3 Atleans and 2 of his Imps so I can utilize their energy to neutralize Wargoth long enough for you to fight him on even terms.

Quest Completion: I am in your debt to have faced such a monster of my former self. I will allow you to obtain Wargoth's form, but I cannot give you such raw power for free.

Shop: Wargoth - 300,000 gold

5 Damage Attack Cards - x5
2 Damage Attack Cards - x1
3 Shield Cards - x3
Sacrifice - x2
Empower - x2
Incinerate - x2
Fireball - x3
Inferno - x2
Burn - x3
Eruption (Deals 1500 damage in a 5 hit animation, charges up to 2 turns, costs 12 Fire energy) - x1

Boss Stats
HP: 4000X based on level. Example: Player = 5200 HP, Wargoth = 9200 HP

Boss Cards
5 Damage Attack Cards - x3
8 Damage Attack Cards - x5
3 Shield Cards - x3
Eruption - x1
Fireball - x2
Fire Storm (Deals 1000 damage [500 per turn] in 2 turns) - x1

ValkyrieKnight -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/7/2013 18:53:22)

Name : Traveling Bard
Alignment : Neutral

Story and whatevers in image.

Finncollier -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/8/2013 2:20:05)

Helios, the dragon god
Element: Fire
Rank: Legendary

Appearance: Looks the same as master form, except he is much larger and his wings are on fire, he now has 2 horns both on fire

Controlled: The sun will die, I have awakened
Enemy: You will all burn, my power is absolute

5-hit: explodes into a flaming paragon and drenches things in magma

megakyle777 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/8/2013 11:53:41)

Character Name: Mimic

Element: Earth, with no cost Shadow Cards

Story: If you see a treasure chest lying in your path, do yourself a favour and attack it from a distance with some kind of fireball or something. Do not get close, do not get tempted by it's fancy looks, and whatever you do under any circumstance do NOT try and open it with your sheer strength and both hands on the chest. Or blink. Blinking's bad too. Odds are good it's probably safe. But if you are really unlucky, it may well be a mimic.

Noone knows just why these things are shaped like chests of gold, or why they eat anything that tries to open them. Earliest tales of these monsters go back to when the first chests were made, and many rumours abound as to their origin, from demons made from mankind's greed to the creation of a insane mage who wished to protect his stuff. The oldest and most powerful among these monsters are said to look so ornate that the chest looks more valuable then the items inside, and can show a man his heart's desire... right before swallowing him whole.

So next time you see a ornate chest full of gold, attack from far away. Or just run. But then, you will never get rich if you run from every chest now will you...[sm=zorb_smilie.gif]


Apprentice: Looks like a ordinary Treasure Chest.

Veteran: The chest is bigger and more ornate. It is made of better looking wood.

Master: The chest is quite large now, and looks even more ornate. The chest is made of the finest wood and gold.

Legendary: The chest is massive, and looks almost eldritch in it's ornateness. It is made of the blackest obsidian and looks like it has small stars.


All forms save legendary 1 hit: Runs in and bites the foe.

All forms save Legendary 2 hit: Runs in and bites the foe twice.

All forms save Legendary 3 hit: Runs in and bites the foe 3 times.

All forms save Legendary 5 hit: Throws a flood of molten gold at the foe.

Legendary 1 hit: Throws a flood of molten gold at the foe.

Legendary 2 hit: Throws a flood of Molten Gold twice

Legendary 3 hit: Molten gold flood three times

Legendary 5 hit: Swallows the foe whole, portal opens above the foes spot, and the foe is dropped from the portal having been attacked by monsters.

Mondez -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/8/2013 14:04:35)

Name: Awagamuk the Loser (Inspired by Kumagwa from Medaka Box)
Rank: Master
Element: Neutral

Appearance: Awagamuk the Loser

Player: Ehhhh?? You want to fight? I might lose though.
Enemy: Why can't I win? I must be going sentimental.

Awagamuk the Loser is known for one thing and that is losing. With a record of 0 Wins out of 10,000 Losses you may think that he isn't dangerous, but of course that is contradiction in Awagamuk's eyes because in reality he has killed 10,000 in the amount of times that he lost. Reason? There is no reason with such a monster because he has a power known as a "Sunim". A "Sunim" is an ability that is born in the populace of 1 of 1,000,000,000 humans that thrive in the land and in reality the real name of the ability is "Minus". Awagamuk's "Sunim" is called "All Things Fake" which is an ability to undo existence. For example if the sky is blue then "All Things Fake" can undo the existence of the color blue and all things associated with "blue" hence rendering "blue" out of existence. (Medaka Box manga reference) This ability has costed the lives of 10,000 though it costed Awagamuk 10,000 wins, will you add another tally to his losing streak or will you finally be a means of giving him a win?

5 Damage Attack Cards - x2
2 Damage Attack Cards - x5
3 Shield Cards - x2
Iron Hide - x1
Counter Attack - x2
Cat Reflex - x3
All Fake (Renders one's death non-existence. When HP reaches 0 during 3 turns it is active then the player restores 1000 HP. Costs 6 Neutral Energy.) - x2

1 Hit Combo - Throws a screw at the enemy.
2 Hit Combo - Throws two screws at the enemy.
3 Hit Combo - Throws three screws at the enemy.
5 Hit Combo - Runs at light speed and appears behind the enemy and five screws pierce the enemy.

cardshockmasterb24 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/20/2013 14:15:20)

Hey all my fellow Oversouls, im back with my 4th member of my character group The Cursed Marionettes!
Character name: Terrorcotta
Alignment: -20 Evil

When encountered as a PvE monster: The earth itself shall destroy you!

When used in combat as your character: Made from earth, born of darkness, now i just need another soul, yours will do just fine.

Description: One of the Cursed Marionettes, a puppet about the size of a small child. Made from earth,mud,and twigs, brought to life with an evil hex by the Puppet Master. Little is known about this creature, as it is one of the Puppet Masters most prized pieces. He only ever resorts to useing them if someone poses a threat to him,or his place of residence. (which i will eventually get to as a dungeon hopefully) Strong,durable, and able to crush rocks with a single punch, the Terrorcotta are physically the strongest of the Cursed Marrionettes.

(Veteran) The doll has a very earthen design to it, twigs and leaves sticking out in places like the arms and legs, the body could also be animated with dripping mud. Its eyes are grey, since they are basically stones cut into the shape of eyes. This basic design is ment to make it so whoever fights them underestimates them.

(based on Ogre Bandits deck,with a few unique cards)
3-200 damage attack cards
3-500 damage attack cards
1-100 damage pierce card
1-500 defense card
1-Rock Crusher(basically a stronger version of crush,it converts up to 1600 defense into an attack)
1-Mountian Strike card
3-Stone Strike cards
2-Shell of Earth(The puppet uses its own body to create a shield 2000 power strong, it costs 12 energy to use)

Single attack animation: A mud ball is tossed at the foe
Double attack animation: The dolls fists turn into whips, lashing the foe twice
Triple attack animation: The monster sticks its tongue into the earth, which comes back under the foe three times in the shape of a spike.
5combo hit animation: The doll turns its fist into a giant one, then sends it flying at the foe.

Victory animation:The doll turns into a giant mudball and bounces up into the air out of the battle.
Death animation: The doll turns into a pile of mud, the stone eyes blinking angerly at who so ever killed them

(If you have any suggestions, please Pm them to me. Id like this suggestion to be as good as possible)

TotalHavok114 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/22/2013 10:00:54)

Gimlith Stone-Hammer(The dwarf)

Alignment:Good +40



A red bearded dwarf wielding a massive stone hammer with jewels embedded into the handle whilst wearing heavy looking gold and jade armour and around his waist is a belt holding pouches and trophies from his time spent within the deep mines of Moriad.

Attack moves:
1-hit: Hits enemy with hammer.
2-hit: Punches and then hits enemy with hammer.
3-hit Throws two pickaxes at enemy before smashing them with his hammer.
5-hit: Smashes hammer on the floor causing a huge boulder to land on enemy.

Bezerk: Converts all defence points into attack points.
Stone wall: Adds 1000 points to defence.
Smash: Deals 500 points of damage whilst adding a 1 turn stun
Rockfall: After 2 turns 1000 points of damage is dealt to enemy.

Controlled:"Never toss a dwarf!"
Enemy:"You wouldn't last a day in the mines of Moriad."
Victory:"Another victory for the dwarf."

Postmaster General -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (5/24/2013 10:52:57)

Race: Half-Giant

I've got a few different classes in the works, including Skirmisher, Warlord, and Grunt.


Character: Spellsword
Alignment: Darkness

Jmagician -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/1/2013 17:09:41)

Name: Magician Fighter
Rank: Apprentice
Element: Neutral

Description: Merlyn comes from a long line of fighters from an unknown dimension. His people are capable of crushing mountains and are well known for their tactical strategies. They are also known for their unique ability to rip holes in space as a means of travel through different dimensions. Merlyn is one of the weaker ones of his kind. He also isn't as smart in battle as his enemies tend to laugh at the goofy adversary. When all hope seemed to be lost for Merlyn, he took up special magic lessons from a banished member of his race. Although magic isn't a crime, this mystery mentor has supposedly found an alternative method for travelling through dimensions. An ability that Merlyn's people hold to heart and with pride. Merlyn being too weak to create his own dimension hole eventually mastered all the teachings of his mentor and ultimately learned the alternative method of his people's trademark skill. He knew he would be hated for it, but none of that mattered because there is a whole universe full of friends that he could make and enemies he would encounter.

1 Damage - x3
1 Damage (pierce) - x3
5 Shield - x2
Cat Reflex - x2
Incinerate - x1
Surge - x1
Crush - x1
Ironhide - x1
Space Rift - x1

Special Card: Space Rift - The user taps into a magic power that enables an opening in space. For the enemy, the result is a voided area in which they will be thrown into. Costs 5 energy and stuns the enemy for 2 turns.

Quote Controlled: Hehe. . .you know you can't win right? My magic abilities will be too much for you!
Quote Enemy: You look funny! Try to defeat me if you can!

dragonxd9011 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/7/2013 14:38:40)

ok Her name is Aliser her story is her being the greatest black smith making all weapons for people then one day she wants hunt down excalbund dragon but then she faces up to it and looses her hand due fight but the dragon does get away so she decided to smith her hand with the material she got from it and in each picture is my suggestion and here types on hands the robotic cyborg metal guantlet is when she improves it so much heres images heres links


Done by Draco9011

Thankyou for reading

Slimeshine -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/7/2013 15:48:19)

Character name: Rhyfelwr, the Nordic Berzerker.
Element: Ice.
Location: North, in the mountains.
Entrance 1 - "I will grind your bones to dust at my feet!"
Entrance 2 - "Your blood will run rivers through this land!"
Victory - "For the glory of the gods, your soul is mine!"

Stage 1 - A stout man with leather armor and stubble, sporting a crude axe and a small buckle shield.
Stage 2 - More pronounced, with more elaborate armor, covered by little steel plating, and a beard. Carries a larger axe and kite shield.
Stage 3 - An almost Orc-sized man, covered in tank like armor, which is inscribed with runes, and sporting a large beard. A beautiful but deadly-looking battleaxe and a shield resembling the maw of a dragon are in his tow.

Entrance - He crushes a skull below his foot and points his axe to the opponent.
On hit - Standard knocked-back animation.
Shield - Braces himself, an thin layer of ice surrounding him.
On hit with shield - If he has defense remaining, he stands ground, pushing the opponent back. If he runs out of defense, the ice shatters around him.
Attacking - Standard hack 'n' slash action.
3x combo - Two slashes of the axe, and a bash with his shield.
5x combo - The raging winds of the North send his axe into the opponent, bringing ice shards with it.
On victory - Knocks shield with axe and raises it up in triumph.
On defeat - Falls to the ground, becoming enveloped in ice, which shatters.

Specifics on card deck - I'd like to see a standard ice deck, perhaps with some neutral cards to use.

Short background story:
As time marches forward, Rhyfelwr tanks with it, growing in strength, determination, and, more obviously, size. As he forges his path through the twisting roads of OverSoul, he will gain more muscle and armor, crafting them from the steel ore of the land and his brute force. He has set up his camp in the barren north, and will be difficult to defeat without both bravery and wit. Though he may seem to be a lummox, his mind is as sharp as the axe that he plans to ram through your skull.

MasterofSorcery -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/7/2013 16:12:52)

Character Name: Lehava

Lehava is a fire angel, she is loved by all people for her compassion to help others and save people she is a guardian beacon to all and an inspiration to everyone around her that you must always fight to your last breath. She always tries to bring peace between races that have conflict or friction for example orcs and ogres. She is okay with letting evil happen as long as its not attacking her otherwise there is only a pile of ashes where her foe once stood. She hopes that with a kind heart she can bring peace to everyone or that was the case until Nulgath came to OS.

After people had gone missing in one region she found one child who had survived the fate of his village by hiding underneath the hay in his family's barn the kid was sadly traumatized by what he saw and could only mutter one word "Nulgath". Lehava was terrified by these events and she had to find out what was happening. she flew the child to a nearby village so he could be checked by the village physician. when she left the physician's house a man had been running towards the village entrance screaming "There here, there here please run there coming". Lehava grew concerned over this but just then a winged man like herself appeared with katana in hand he slew the man that was screaming. Behind the winged man was an army of creatures of unspeakable horror, the village was in panic but Lehava knew what she had to do and that was to protect the villagers from this rampage. Lehava took to the skies while her winged foe did the same and the creatures went to attack the village. Lehava wasn't afraid and said to the winged man "Who are you and why are you doing this". The winged man replied "The name is Revontheus and as for what I am doing here is gathering souls for my master Nulgath" the name "Nulgath" came back to Lehava's mind and she remembered the surviving boy saying only one word "Nulgath". Lehava replied "souls? what right do you have to take one's soul?". Revontheus laughed at her reply and said "I don't need a right to take anything, the powerful can take what belongs to the weak thats a fact of nature". Lehava grew in fury and conjured up her phoenix blade Revontheus looked on in excitement knowing a worthy opponent when he saw one Lehava attacked Revontheus only for Revontheus to block. Lehava and Revontheus then fought relentlessly for quite some time it was clear Revontheus was having fun while Lehava was fighting with all her power but to no avail even infusing fire in to her sword attacks was not helping. Lehava knew she needed to end this to help the villagers and so she then moved back and released a mighty fire from the tip of her blade but Revontheus quickly split it in half like butter. Lehava had no idea what to do what could she do? Revontheus was in a whole another league than her and she was growing tired as their battle kept going she was in trouble but the people needed her. Lehava knew she had only one option, she summoned as much fire magic as she could and placed it in the blade and released a great fire which formed into a phoenix Revontheus was taken back by this and then the phoenix moved and attacked Revontheus head on and they both hit the ground after the smoked cleared Revontheus was still standing with only minor injuries and bruises. Lehava felt as though she had failed but before she could think of a way to attack him again Revontheus flew straight to her and got behind her and before she could turn around he hit her on the back of the neck knocking her out.

When Lehava awoke hers hands and wings were in chains and she was being carried away in a cage by the monsters who had attacked the village with Revontheus being next her he told her "Don't worry girl your soul won't be taken. No nulgath would love to have someone of your power to be on his side for with his power you could become much stronger and more useful to him". Lehava replied "Well have you ever thought I don't want to be your masters helper" and Revontheus smiled and said "Whether you want to or not is not the problem, its whether Nulgath can restrain himself from wanting to devour such a delicious souls as yours". Lehava knew that there was nothing she could do her fire magic was being shut down by the special chains on here. Lehava was taken to the side of a mountain where Revontheus and the beasts went into a cave which seemed to go on forever until they reached a bright light and there Lehava saw a portal. Revontheus and the creatures along with Lehava stepped into the portal and they came to be in a beautiful place almost like a gigantic castle. The creatures who attacked the village dispersed while Revontheus and few other looking creatures which Revontheus called "Skexis Fiends" took Lehava and a cart full bright of orbs which Lehava deduced were the souls of the villagers that had been attacked.

Revontheus and the Skexis Fiends went down a series of passages and hallways almost like a maze until they reached a rather large beast sitting on a throne with a floating sword next to the throne he looked at Revontheus and asked "What have you brought me my Revontheus". Revontheus bowed and then stood back up and replied "Nulgath I brought you souls as you requested but also someone of great power which I think you will find is worth more still having her soul" Nulgath smiled and said "I was wondering where you had gotten such injuries, if one could cause that to one of my generals then yes they would be useful show this person to me" at once Revontheus had motioned the Skexis Fiends to take me out of the moving cage and place me before Nulgath on my knees before him Lehava thought to herself "I have never felt so helpless before, and in front of such a beast foreboding such incredible power I never thought a beast of this much power could exist". Nulgath had a look of excitement on his face "Revontheus you did a great job to find this one she would be an excellent addition to my followers". Lehava replied "Hold on a minute I would never agree to help a monster like you I protect the weak and innocent I wouldn't take their souls I would never help you in anyway, you can kill me where I stand, I would rather die than help you". Nulgath then chuckled and said "My dear girl I am not asking you to change who you are I agree with you in protecting the weak for at times they sometimes grow to become very powerful. You see my dear if you had my help you would be doing things just as you are but with better efficiency you would eliminate the orc and ogre problem by helping Klunk the king of the Ogre's keep his people from being enslaved by giving them weapons that will help them to be able to defend themselves from the Orc's. You can make humans into fiends who would be able to better defend themselves. You see girl I help the weak tap into their full potential and become much stronger and in gratitude they help me. The souls I take are only because I sometimes require them to become more powerful, create more powerful items, or they are the souls of those who pledged their loyalty to me and then tried to take the cowards way out so you see those souls are not really going to waste my dear. Joining me would be not just helping you but rather helping everyone you wish to help. It would be beneficial to join me but I will let you choose". Lehava thought it over she always wanted to help others to help them have the ability defend themselves and with Nulgath's assistance she could help people the best way possible. Finally Lehava said "Yes I will help you as long as I can continue helping others with the help of your power" and Nulgath smiled and replied "of course my dear" Nulgath then motioned one of the Skexis Fiends to come over and it broke off the chains on Lehava's hands and wings and then she got up and then a paper appeared and a pen in Lehava's hand appeared as well and Nulgath replied "Now this contract forever stating your loyalty to me and then you shall have my help in granting your desire to help others fulfilled and if you shall ever break this contract then you will suffer at my hands personally this contract is biding and legal and once signed there is no way of backing out". Lehava then signed it and the deed was done.

Lehava now has a weapon infused with Nulgath's power known as the "Dark Phoenix" and No her fire is not black its the regular color of fire but Lehava herself now fights with the help of a higher power on her side giving her the power to make her the best person to help others and all the while Nulgath continues to grow more powerful with her added help along with his minions. Lehava doesn't know whether she was manipulated by Nulgath or not but since the contract was signed she felt it best not to think about it as questioning him would be foolish. Lehava continues her work of helping and peace but when told by a minion that Nulgath was in need of her assistance she never hesitated to obey her Master after all he made full on his promise and she had keep up her end of their deal.

But Lehava was no fool and she would not stand for Nulgath's evil no she needed time to grow more powerful and that was when she made her move she swiftly dealt a blow to some of Nulgath's minions who attempted to attack a village reducing all but one creature to ash and it was there she threw away here prized weapon that as she saw now was tainted with Nulgath's evil she allowed one creature to survive so that he could send Nulgath a message that an enemy is now here and his evil will be destroyed.

When the creature told Nulgath of Lehava's betrayal Nulgath only chuckled and said "I knew she would betray me. I hoped she would have grown more wiser to realize my power was greater than she could ever understand". Nulgath made it clear that she was to be killed but none of his creatures has managed to defeat here yet. Lehava got a new sword one forged by a priest of Light using the feathers of a Phoenix. Lehava's determination to fight an enemy against all odds to protect those she cares about even when up against a great evil makes her a hero to all around her.

Element: Fire

Quotes: Enemy-"I fight with a Heart of fire you cannot win"
Possessed-"I warn you if you fight me there is no guarantee you will live to tell about it"

Appearance: Lehava would have fiery wings she would wear a yellow dress thats a skirt that would be in the spectrum of matching fire and would be puffy on the shoulders and cut off then have sleeves with the same color yellow but are not attached to the dress, she would have black gloves and black colored leggings that would go down and then have black colored high heels

Info for Character

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