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NightLord Ninja

BackStory: A Royal Ninja. When he was young the NightLord found him at the Gate Of The Hell , He once was a gift from the god to the human being but for some reason he was appeared in the so called Gate.The NightLord transform him into the Death's Demon and make him stay in the dark for years. The ninja train and train and train and train just to avenge himself as a NINJA.Not long later the NightLord was killed by the 7 natural element priest.The ninja was suffering in pain when he saw he NightLord being torture with the element . He take the NightLord's place and was trying to revenge for his Half-Father , he swear to kill the 7 Element Priest with his own bare hands

Attack Animation:
1: Fast Teleport and slash
2:Weapon and Right hand attack
3:Summon the night lord's spirit and the nightlord attack with small sword
5:Summon the night lord's spirit and the nightlord use a explosive barrier on the opponent

''I Will Have My Darkness Revenge''


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Element: Fire
Alignment: Good
Player phrase: I will trample, shred, and burn all evil!
Enemy phrase: A master of birds and herald of sages, I'm benevolent, but evil fears my wrath!
Description: Seeing Nulgath gain more and more power, the firebird Suzaku and the unicorn-like Kirin joined their fiery forces. Becoming the ultimate hippogriff, their powers have quadrupled. All evil will tremble before the burning might of the SuzakuKirin.

A lesser rank of SuzakuKirin could be this...

The Hippogriff (I know it's not a drawing, but I did piece the three images together myself at least.)
Element: Neutral or Fire
Alignment: Good
Player phrase: My hooves will crush you and my talons will rip you to shreds!
Enemy phrase: I'm strong as a griffin and swift as a horse... Your defeat is assured.
Monster: Vigilante/ The Vigilante Masquerade.
Name: Masquerade
Element: Shadow and Water
Alignment: Good
Player phrase: This is the end of your pathetic performance! I’m closing the curtain on you!
Enemy phrase: What’s behind my mask? You won’t live to find out!
Victory phrase: On this stage, the spotlight shines down only on me!
Appearance: Female elf, green eyes, punk black hair with a red streak (similar style to this), black punk/assassin clothes with spikes (maybe a mix of this and this), a red flowing torn cape, a flashy silver masquerade mask (like this or this), gloves (some burns may still show outside the mask and or gloves), and a pair of Katar daggers.
Evolution (optional) Masquerade would likely start as a child, so she'd be about as tall as a fairy, wear simple black clothes, a strip of cloth for a mask, gloves, one simple dagger, and use shadow powers. Then she'd be older, human sized, she'd have a simple ballroom mask, tight black assassin's clothes with some small spikes, a regular sized tattered cape, the two katar daggers (or two stiletto daggers), and shadow powers. Finally, as an adult, she'd be taller than a human but still lean and agile, with the tight punk assassin clothes, bigger or more spikes, a flashy mask, a larger tattered cape (possibly split at the bottom to look almost like wings), katar daggers (longer but still narrow if the previous rank had them), and a combination of shadow and water powers. For the first two ranks she might be called the Assassin Masquerade or the Masked Assassin (with Masquerade being the name in the talk bubble), the final form would definitely be called the Vigilante Masquerade or Vigilante (and again her name in the talk bubble).

Story Summary: This story is long, so here it is in a nutshell. The actual story is much more interesting though.

Masquerade was one of the top ten assassins and spies for Nulgath. As a child Masquerade found her village burned and her family gone. Searching for her family through the rubble she received burns to her face and hands. The Pyre Witch who destroyed her village discovers Masquerade, eventually taking her to Nulgath. Masquerade joins Nulgath, vowing to defeat the Pyre Witch. One day she comes upon a forest fire threatening the homes of some fairies. Remembering the traumatic fire from childhood, she saved the fairy village with a wave from her newly found water powers. The fairies thanked her. She liked that feeling better than the cold, pointless killings for Nulgath. But, one of the fairies was a target for assassination, so she captured the fairy to kill her. However, she couldn't go through with it. She then learns the fairy village was set on fire by the same Pyre Witch that torched hers. Masquerade spares the fairy and has a fated fight with the Pyre Witch, gaining her revenge. In doing so she becomes a traitor to Nulgath. Now free, though hunted, she has become a vigilante who targets those who do harm to others. She is the light of justice who wields shadows in the rain. She is the silent and agile killer of assassins. Upon the stage of the world, she artfully vanquishes her foes under the spotlight of a new moon. Her true face and name unknown, she is… The Vigilante Masquerade!!

The Vigilante Masquerade

Walking along a lonely, dark forest path Grit, a young earth adept, heads towards his destination. He carries with him an important message to the forces against Nulgath. Hidden in the shadows among the trees, a lithe figure silently tails the over confident earth adept… waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Grit nears a turn in the path, completely unaware of the danger lurking nearby. Then as he turns, the shadowy figure makes their move! Dropping from the trees like a hawk she strikes with the katar daggers on her hands. Grit doesn’t even have time to defend himself as the elven attacker jabs him in the back, immobilizing and poisoning him. Unable to attack or defend, Grit can only gaze in fear at the terrible beauty before him. An elf, she is tall and slender like the rest of her kind. Her fierce eyes, the hue of darkly shining emeralds, lie behind a flamboyant silvery ballroom mask. Her punk style hair was black as night with a streak the color of blood running through it. Upon her cat like form, she wore tight black leather with spikes, and a tattered burgundy cape that billowed slightly behind her. Lastly, in her gloved hands held just above the knuckles, were the deadly, poison tipped katar daggers. The long narrow blades perfect for both stabbing and slashing, and certain to be the end of the unfortunate earth adept.

Smiling cruelly, the elven assassin bent down and whispered dramatically, “This is the end of your pathetic performance! I’m closing the curtain on you!” As she readied her blade at his throat for the final blow, Grit cried out, “Wait, wait!” He pleaded through labored breaths as poison coursed through his veins. “Please, if I am to die here, at least tell me your name and let me see what loveliness or horror lies beneath that mask.” This was not the first nor the last time that such request was made of the mysterious assassin. So, laughing mockingly she replied, “You want to know what’s behind my mask? Too bad, you won’t live to find out!” And as she drew the blade across his throat she continued, “As for my name… it’s Masquerade!” With that, Grit the earth adept was defeated.

As the excitement and adrenaline faded, Masquerade stared down at her fallen prey and sighed. This target was yet another weakling, a mere errand boy. Even the message that he carried was of minor significance. It made her wonder whether there was really any point taking down someone like this. After all, what threat did he really pose? It bothered her, but she was a servant of Nulgath. She could not disobey orders. She could, however, insist on better assignments when she got back to the outpost. “I’m one of Nulgath’s top ten assassins and spies!” she thought. “Surely I should be able to get more challenging targets.” It wasn’t just boasting saying that she was one of the top ten assassins and spies. Masquerade had been taken in and trained by Nulgath’s forces at an early age.

It happened when she was just nine years old. She had come back from playing in the fields, only to find her home, her entire village, burnt to the ground and smoldering. Not knowing whether her family had fled or been trapped in the blaze, she ran to her house and started digging through the charred ruins. Recklessly she dug through the debris, disturbing a spot where fire still lingered. Suddenly flames rushed up burning her hands and the upper half of her face. Screaming in pain she stumbled back, crawling to what she thought was safety. Unfortunately, her cries did not go unnoticed. There in front of her stood the very one that had set her village ablaze, Flare the pyre witch. “Oh? There’s still one left.” Sneered Flare, as she considered what to do with the wretched little brat. Masquerade was terrified. She realized that this must be the villain responsible. Then as she thought about her family and her village, her fear gave way to a growing anger and hatred. The anger grew so strong that Masquerade was even able to forget the pain of her burns momentarily. “You! You did this!” screamed the tiny Masquerade as she lunged at the pyre witch. Laughing, Flare easily blocked the child’s blow and threw Masquerade back to the ground, knocking the wind out of her. Gasping for air and stunned, Masquerade could do nothing as the pyre witch approached, and then pinned her down underfoot. Flare could have easily turned little Masquerade to ashes then, or simply left her to fend for herself. But amused by the child’s boldness in attacking her, she decided to give Masquerade the option of becoming one of Nulgath’s minions. Masquerade, no longer having a family or a home, had few options. But what clinched her decision was the chance to get stronger, so that some day she could defeat the hateful pyre witch Flare. And so, she became a servant of Nulgath, adopted the name Masquerade after acquiring a mask and gloves to cover her burns, and grew to be an accomplished assassin and spy.

Yes, she had trained hard for all those years, and even become ranked seventh among assassins and spies. She had the unmatched stealth and agility gained from her elven heritage, and there were many masks she could wear as a spy. So, upon reaching the outpost she demanded more difficult missions. To her dismay however, all the best targets were taken. It seemed the opponents of Nulgath were still too few and her rank still too low. She would have to continue swatting at harmless flies. And of the flies, there at least seemed to be a fair number to take care of. There was no point in wasting time. She gathered the few supplies she needed and headed back out into the forest.

Her next job was a spy mission, but it was quite far away. Masquerade chose a path where multiple targets were thought to pass through. This way she could clear off several marks on her list in one trip. She traveled night and day, sticking to the trees and the shadows, resting only briefly. All the while she scanned for signs of her prey, anticipating the next hunt. On the third day she finally spotted some activity. To gain a better view she jumped to a high branch, her cape fluttering behind her like the wings of a bird, and there in the distance she saw smoke reaching up to the sky. But this was no campfire, there was too much smoke. Perhaps this was a celebratory bonfire, she thought. This was worth checking out. If there was a large gathering, she might find one or more of her targets hidden among the crowd.

Smiling at the prospect of taking down a new and hopefully more difficult target, Masquerade leapt forth like a deer towards the rising smoke. As she got closer, she realized this wasn’t a bonfire after all, but rather the beginnings of a forest fire. When she finally reached the place, she found that at the center of the growing fire was a fairy village. Her heart sank, and her mind flashed back to the painful memories of her own home, smoking and in ruins. Masquerade could not bear to see the same thing happen again right in front of her eyes. However, her dark powers would have little effect on a fire. Even so, Masquerade gathered up her energies and focused on making her shadow powers as thick and fluid as possible. Then she released a great wave. Surprisingly, instead of shadows, the great torrent that rushed forth to smother the flames… was water! It turned out that although Masquerade was trained in the shadow arts, she had an affinity for water as well. As the deluge drained away, a few embers still smoldered, though they were easily put out. The fairy village, though charred, was at least not completely destroyed. And the fairies, having not gone far, began to return. Relieved that this village was saved from the same fate as hers, and seeing no other reason to stay, Masquerade turned to leave. But, before she could go far, Masquerade was surrounded by fairies. They cheered, and sang, and thanked her for saving their homes. They asked her to stay and have a feast with them. It actually made Masquerade a little happy and proud of what she had done. But as someone who kills and deceives others for a living, did she really have the right to celebrate one good deed? On the other hand, this would probably never happen again, so why not have a little fun?

Just as she was about to accept their invitation, something caught Masquerade’s eye. Among the other fairies was a light fairy with a golden tiara, and a bracelet of marigolds. This was Queen Lumina, one of the targets that Masquerade needed to eliminate! Masquerade hesitated for the first time since she was a novice assassin. She had just saved these fairies, and now she had to take the life of one so soon after. It felt wrong and pointless. However, an assassin that shows pity for their victims will surely become a victim themselves. She had a job to do, so she must do it. Hardening her heart, Masquerade acted as if she would refuse the fairies request that she stay. She moved steadily towards her target and continued on past. Then, she whipped around catching the unsuspecting fairy queen from behind. Queen Lumina managed to release a blinding flash of light before she was fully in Masquerade’s grasp. Although her sight was momentarily clouded by the flash, Masquerade held tight to the fairy queen and pressed one of her daggers against Queen Lumina’s neck. Again, Masquerade hesitated. The other fairies gathered around, yelling and pleading, unable to attack for fear that either they or Masquerade, would end up harming Queen Lumina. Then one of the fairies said something that roused Masquerade from her conflicted thoughts. “Oh what misfortune today has brought!” cried the despairing fairy. “First that Pyre Witch came to burn us all, and now this masked stranger is about to kill our queen!” Masquerade couldn’t believe her ears. It really was just like back then when her village was destroyed. Could it be that the one who caused this fire was Flare? The very one she vowed to one day defeat? Masquerade demanded that the fairies tell her more. And what they told her confirmed her suspicions. Finally! Finally her greatest enemy was near at hand! Now she could get her revenge!

Yet, there was still Queen Lumina to deal with. Although Masquerade had no desire to finish her off. Furthermore, if she bargained the fairy queen’s life, she could get information to quickly find Flare. But, leaving the fairy queen alive and killing Flare would mark her as a traitor to Nulgath. Masquerade realized that the next decision she made would alter her life. If she stayed a minion of Nulgath, who practically ruled the world, she could rank up and gain ever more power. Although, she’d still have to take orders and eliminate practically helpless targets. If she decided to become free, she could get her revenge, choose her own targets, and make her own decisions. However, she’d be a traitor to Nulgath and become hunted herself. The choice wasn’t hard. Revenge and freedom beckoned more strongly than fear. Moreover, it had felt more rewarding saving the fairy village than any other mission she’d ever completed. And, as for betraying Nulgath, if she were to be hunted as a traitor, she need only get stronger and defeat all her enemies.

Making her decision, Masquerade quickly learned where Flare was headed and released Queen Lumina. In pursuit of the pyre witch, Masquerade moved quickly but cautiously. Flare was experienced and dangerous. She would not be ambushed easily. As signs of the pyre witch’s passage became clearer and fresher, Masquerade slowed to a crawl, all her senses alert. Spotting Flare in the distance, she climbed higher in the trees, and edged her way closer. Silent as a cat, Masquerade went from tree to tree, ever closer. But Flare was not oblivious to her presence. The change in the calls from the woodland animals, and the startled flight of the birds, had warned Flare that she was not alone. Suddenly, just as Masquerade landed on the next branch, Flare spread out her arms and sent a volley of fireballs in all directions! Masquerade narrowly dodged one of them, but in doing so she gave away her position. The next fireball was aimed right at Masquerade and grazed her left shoulder as she leapt aside. Little harm was done though, Masquerade’s leather clothes had been made fire resistant just for this fated fight. Flare recognized her then. “Come for your revenge, have you?” said the pyre witch with a confident sneer. “This time I won’t be so merciful. I’ll turn you into a pile of ash!” Defiantly Masquerade retorted, “You won’t be able to singe a hair on my head! I’ll be closing the curtain on your foul performance for good!”

With that, the fight really began. Flare being a ranged fighter flew up out of reach, sending a barrage of flames at Masquerade. Masquerade was forced to dodge, and tried in vain to get close enough to land a blow. The one ranged magic attack that Masquerade knew rarely hit the evasive pyre witch, and even when it struck it only left a scratch. Meanwhile, with the great number of fireballs being sent out, it was impossible to dodge them all. Masquerade’s fire resistant leather helped, but she was still taking damage bit by bit. If this kept up Flare was sure to win. Then, Masquerade remembered her new water powers. The perfect weapon against fire! However, it would take too much time to make a giant wave like at the fairy village. So for the time being, she summoned a small rain shower. It wasn’t much as an attack, but the numerous fireballs that assaulted her seemed to weaken at least. Now was the time to make her move and get close! Flare however, had other ideas. If several small fireballs didn’t work, then she would summon one huge fireball. Masquerade stopped in her tracks as a growing wall of fire stood between her and Flare. While Flare focused on her gigantic fireball, Masquerade had time to form her own grand attack. Jumping to the ground, Masquerade braced herself as she hurriedly gathered energy for the attack. Flare finished first and launched her enormous fireball. Masquerade held out until the massive fiery orb was practically on top of her, and then finally let loose her great wave. Fire and Water met and the violent eruption of steam knocked Masquerade off her feet. The fog was so dense that she could not see what, if anything had happened to the pyre witch. Then she heard a thud. Flare had been knocked to the ground! Seizing the opportunity, Masquerade stumbled up, her knees still weak from the force of the blast, and staggered to where she had heard the sound. As she got closer, she could finally see Flare through the haze, wet and stunned. Masquerade leapt forward, pinned Flare to the ground, and placed both her daggers against Flare’s throat. Staring blearily at Masquerade, Flare asserted “I spared your life when you were a child, shouldn’t you return the favor?” Regarding Flare with contempt, Masquerade coldly replied, “You burned my home and family, nearly destroyed the fairy village, and ruined countless lives… I’d be a fool to let you live.” That said Masquerade dealt the finishing blow, and Flare the pyre witch was no more. Standing victoriously over her longtime foe, Masquerade threw back her singed cape and declared, “On this stage, the spotlight shines down only on me!”

So, having defeated the pyre witch Flare and spared the fairy queen Lumina, Masquerade became a traitor to Nulgath. Now that she was free, though hunted, she could make her own decisions. She became a vigilante. Hunting down those who did harm to others and defeating any who would target her as a traitor. Turning her back on Nulgath’s evil ways, she has become a force for good.

She is the light of justice who wields shadows in the rain. She is the silent and agile killer of assassins. Upon the stage of the world, she artfully vanquishes her foes under the spotlight of a new moon. Her true face and name unknown, she is… The Vigilante Masquerade!!
Monster: (Master) Terror of Lamuth, (Apprentice, Veteran) Lightning Eater
Element: Lightning
Alignment: Evil
Player line (Master): I’ll rain lightning down on all who get in my way!
Enemy line (Master): A city has already fallen to my thunderous might. If I were you, I’d bolt.
Player line (Apprentice, Veteran): You really believe you can win? You’ll be shocked.
Enemy line (Apprentice, Veteran): Lightning is delicious. Should I give you a taste?

Appearance: (apprentice) A metal pill bug made of corroded copper, with the shoulders and head of a mosquito, and a small proboscis. (veteran) A metal centipede, the round kind, made of shiny copper, with bigger spikier shoulders, head of a mosquito, and long proboscis. (master) A metal centipede, the flat kind, made of copper and silver, with mosquito head, spikiest shoulders, and wicked proboscis. All of them stand up like a snake ready to strike. Their heads are small, close to the body and surrounded on the top and sides by their shoulders which have many hair-like spikes.

The Terror of Lamuth

There is a valley near the mountains, where the wind blows gently, and beautiful flowers grow in the fields. In this valley is a small, rustic village. The people there live peaceful lives, and have few problems with vicious beasts. Of course, even the most tranquil of places will know dark and fearsome things, and this village is no exception. On cold dark nights, when the wind howls ominously, the people of the village will gather around the fire. At home or in the taverns, they will huddle together and tell stories of ghosts and monsters. Of these tales, the one that inspires the most fear is the Terror of Lamuth.

As the story goes, there was once a thriving city called Lamuth, sitting in the shadow of the mountains. It was a large well fortified city full of architects and smiths, whose services were called upon throughout Oversoul. As prosperous as they were, they had one problem. Their city was often the target of lightning strikes. And it wasn’t because of the frequent storms that would come through, but rather the beasts that lived on the mountain. These were the Lightning Eaters.

Lightning Eaters were strange and creepy metallic beasts. The weakest had small bodies like a pill bug, made of corroded copper. The strong ones had tube like centipede bodies made of shiny copper. And the strongest had a large flat centipede body, made of copper and silver. All of them had the wide spiked shoulders and small head of a mosquito. Lightning Eaters would use their long needle like proboscis to feed on lightning from storms, sometimes eating too much. And whenever there was an excess of energy, they would spit it out in random directions, sometimes hitting the city nearby. Most of them were content to live on the mountain, unconcerned about the rest of the world. But one was not.

On one fateful stormy night, the city of Lamuth became the target of stray lightning bolts once again. Most of the bolts were safely captured by their lightning rods. Although, sometimes an untended woodpile would be hit and catch fire. Fearing no real danger, the people went about their lives as usual. Unfortunately, the peace would not last long. First, the ground around the lightning rods was struck, dislodging them and making them useless. Then, the buildings were struck. Stone exploded, wood erupted in flames, and the people panicked believing an enemy army must be attacking. Going into a state of emergency, those who couldn’t fight were sent below ground, and sentries searched desperately for the invading forces. There was not a soldier in sight. Instead, looming in the dark, illuminated by flashes of light, was the terrifying form of a master rank Lightning Eater.

Nearly as tall as the city walls, the Lightning Eater’s eyes glowed evilly as it gathered thunderbolts for its next attack. Meanwhile, the few warriors and mages of the city gathered and tried to defeat the beast with arrow, sword, and magic. The beast didn’t even flinch. All of the attacks bounced harmlessly off its metal hide. The Lightning Eater finished charging, its long cruel proboscis glowing. Then it shot forth its most powerful blast yet. The gigantic beam of plasma paused only moments at the city’s stone ramparts, before tearing through to the main part of the city. It stopped just short of the large central tower. The people who had opposed the fearsome Lightning Eater had been vaporized, and half of the city lay burning, crumbling, or melting. The beast made short work of the rest, chasing out and exterminating most of the people, while leaving what was left of the city mostly intact. Then, releasing a bright victory flash, the Lightning Eater at last took the city of Lamuth as its own. The few who survived the beast’s deadly rampage, fled to other cities and villages, spreading word about the Terror of Lamuth.

In the village it is said that even today, the evil Lightning Eater resides high up in the central tower of Lamuth. There it gathers power from storms and the discharge of lesser Lightning Eaters. For what purpose nobody knows. No one dares go near those cursed ruins. And there are many who fear the day when the beast may leave, seeking greater power and wreaking havoc once again.

So, beware when the sky becomes clouded and lightning flashes. It may not be nature that sends out those thunderbolts. It may be… The Terror of Lamuth!

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the shadow

appearance: A floating tall black creature warped in a deep black cloak with lots of chains on him and a ragged cape. And a hood where you can see two blinking red eyes. weaponry a chain in his hand. hand is a skeleton hand with few rugs on it.

story: Once the first kid in the world saw the first nigthmare in the world the shadow was created, and when the shadow started to haunt people with the most horrible nigthmares anyone has ever seen, the shadow was taken down by nulgath and prisoned in to deep colds of the void, but 6 years ago the shadow escaped and started to haunt people again. They tell that if you wake exactly at the middle of a night because of a nightmare, you may be unlucky enough to see it at the end of your bed and if you do, that means that you're going to die in 6 years. Others say that the shadow has been sent here for a reason, to save humanity,,, or destroy it. Anyhow the shadow is not a thing you want to see...


Enemy: Nigth nigth...
Player:Im fear! Im terror! IM THE SHADOW!
Upon winning: See'ya soon...

1-hit: He hits you with the chain
2-hit: He takes to chains and hits you with them both
3-hit: He Flies into the air and gains energy and shoots 3 black ghost faces into the enemy
4-hit: He summons few black orbs into his hands and launches a big scary ghost face into his enemy

My second post

The wizard battlemage

Appearance: About the same size as the father hour. gold trimmed blue clothing. clothing includes a hood covering the eyes and a mage cloak with a golden chestplate and golden gloves. The cape has a sword held in there and the staff is a long golden one with a green orb on the top and an battle axe head.

story: In the tower of magic are trained the best wizards in the lore, to figth against evil and terror! To keep to wipe all evil away! To keep peace and harmony in the lore! Their long studies start by a tournament to test that are they worthy enough to join the legion of battlemages. If they have passed the tournaments starts a 12 year studying at the tower of magic, they will be given education about various combat styles and spells. Each battlemage has to complete this 12 year study without failing a single exam. If you fail even once you will be thrown out of the academy and you will never be able to come back. When the students have completed their studies, is time for their final struggle, they have to climb on top of the tower of magic and face all the enemies and obstacles that they will face. When they reach the top of the wizards tower they have to battle the spirit of terror. Many good wizards have fallen for the migthy spirit of terror. But if you win you shall get the honorable title of battlemage and eternal glory amongst all the wizards in the lore.

Enemy: I have faced the trials of the tower of magic, i think im able to beat you easily.
Player: our job is to figth against evil and terror! To wipe all evil away! To keep peace and harmony in the lore!
upon winning: Now, give up and i shall end you quickly

1hit: he hits the enemy with his battlestaff
2hit: he swings the battle staff up and hits with the bottom of the staff and then with the axe.
3hit: he fires 3 balls of different elements in this order fire, water, ligth
5hit: he starts to swing his battlestaff and gathers powers to launch a huge beam of every element in the lore.

my third post

the healer

appearance: a woman in white red trimmed cloak and hood with a littlebit of hair showing, hair color blonde, eye color blue. Weaponry, a sword with writing on it.

Story: When someone has survived from a battle and suffered great wounds, the healers will take over. The healers have been trained with the most powerful healing spells and potions. But they also can manage themselves in combat with their top grade sword training. The healer is also an expert in acrobatics to manage themselves around the places without been slowed down by envoeremental objects.

enemy: When im done here im not going to cure you.
player: They always said that i would need the sword training, i guess they were rigth.
upon winning: if it makes you feel any better. You were a good practice.

1hit: She hits the enemy with the sword
2hit: She hits the enemy with the sword twice
3hit: She hits the enemy wit the sword three times
5hit: She charges up and fires a beam of ligth to the enemy

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Creepas. Made of (Human,Spider,Madness) This Creature Now a Complet and Loyal Servant To Madness Olso Seeker Of Poison Items and Stealer Of rare venoms, For Hes Master and Maker.
element: Darkness
Skill : (1hit atack) atacks with back fangs.
skill : (3 Hit atack) atacks with back fangs and slash with both hands.
skill : (5 Hit Combo)all body glow with Green aura and Lower monster part Shoots a Poison gas with little spiders and dark shadows around it.
once an ordinary person but wishing for power at any cost then someone did make it come true making him a loyal and deadly creature with poison Poison skills and eleven o'clock finish getting all poison to create the mix poison Most power is to kill any living creature once thi sis finish get enough Humans to feed its childs to take over the underworld making a new empire to hes master.
By Dark Demon Ozkar

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my fourth post

The spirit of terror

appearance: A huge black creature with glowing white eyes long hands with blades at the end of it's hands and black mist glooming around it.

Story: Locked up at the top of the tower of magic, the last trial of battlemages, created by arc-mage grundar. It has the strength of a 50 men and the magical powers beyond limits. It has no remorse for human life, or anything in the lore, if the spirit would get free it would destroy anything at its path. The spirit is said to be the old arc-mage who tried to create the most powerful creature in the world to protect the lore, but he failed and created a spirit that would destroy anything that would come in it's way.

enemy: I've been locked up at the tower of magic for 1000 years, now im free and i will get my revenge on lore!
player: You are not worthy of battling me, give up now and i shall end you swiftly.
upon winning: Pity, i almost tough that you would be a worthy challenge for me

1hit: It reaches it's hand and strikes the enemy.
2hit: it leans forwards and launches an black magical projectile at the enemy
3hit: It fires 3 black magical projectiles from its hands.
5hit: It gains energy and turns into a white glowing ball surrounded by black flames and flies at the enemy.

my fift and final post

The ice-cream man

appearance: a nomand looking human with white arpon and a hair net and ligth blue t-shirt. Weaponry, two ice-cream cones in he's both hands.

Story: In the battle of good against evil there is always time for little ice-cream, these ice-cream men have been trained with the marital art of cream-jitsu and the with the power of an elephant, an agility of squirrel and wrath of an pet dog.The ice-cream man is the ultimate champion in the lore of frozen cream and waffle cones.

enemy: What it will be? Vanilla? Chocolate? or death!
player: its a hot day, wanna have some ice-cream?
upon winning: cup or cone?

1hit: He throws an ice cream cone (vanilla,strawberry)
2hit: He throws two ice cream cones (chocolate, vanilla) and (strawberry, pear)
3hit: He throws 3 ice cream cones (vanilla), (chocolate), (strawberry)
5hit: He throws a huge ice cream cone (vanilla,chocolate,strawberry)

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Redingard -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/8/2013 14:14:41)

Character: Grand Summoner

Name: Cyrano

Race: Human

Rank: Master

Element: Fire

Backstory: Before he appeared in Oversoul, Cyrano served as a mercenary to his chieftain god, Chaos. Before that, a Lieutenant, Arch Summoner and Mage to his kingdom. Mind you, his religion was a very crude and peculiar one. They worshiped a powerful deity, one of whom kept the balance in the realms. As such, Cyrano took it upon himself to aid the God of Discord. It was a long and weary journey to find the god, and that wasn't even the difficult part. He had to grovel for forgiveness, waltzing up to Chaos without sacrifices or gifts. Chaos was pretty pig-headed for a guy who was meant to keep the worlds stable, especially if you forced people to worship you. As a result, Cyrano had to pledge his life and soul to the God of Discord to keep his life. It wasn't his plan, but it worked. He even became immortal for a short while...that is, until he would leave. The Summoner and God became good friends over the decades. Almost like an adopted son. Chaos even released him from his binding words. Together, the two made sure the worlds had a balance of Harmony and Discord.

However, Cyrano eventually, he grew tired of keeping the balance along his side. Despite the glory and fame he acquired, it was a drawl life. He used to be an adventurer, and serving Chaos was no joyride. Too often was he mocked for abandoning his race and seeking to transcend humanity. He resigned, but much to his master's dismay. The god had grown accustomed to the Summoner, using him for tasks he didn't have time for. Without him, Chaos's job would become that much harder. Cyrano sought to migrate to another world, and keep the balance stable there himself. Chaos, from the get-go, knew that wasn't his intention. He decided to play along though, and gave him passage to traverse the canopy of realms.

And then, the Summoner found the mysterious land of Oversoul. He didn't know what to make of it; but somehow, seemed different from everything else. The dark landscape and cruel lands would give him the new experiences he sought. Untold tales and riches, mystical adventures...he pictured it in his mind, and knew he had to settle down here. It might just provide the excitement he would need. And so, he did move there, much to the Summoner's elation. But Chaos had other intentions; maybe let him take a vacation for the rest of his life there. Resentment and anger often get the best of us. Even the gods succumb to such trivial emotions. Thus, Cyrano has been stuck in Oversoul ever since, trying to find a way back, dreading every day. After all, life under the Great Archfiend Nulgath wasn’t as grand as he thought it would be.

Controlled: Ooooh, another monster to add to my collection of summons!

Enemy: Care to see a magic trick or two?


osuposu -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/8/2013 15:55:35)

Chester The Jester.

Element: Dark
Entrance: He comes up from the ground with a black fog around him.
Desription: His arms never stopped growing so he seeked help from nulgath but he broke the deal...

Quotes: you arent laughing, you dont Think that im funny?

YiZark -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/8/2013 16:26:09)

Hello there this is yi-zark and this is my entry, enjoy.

Back story:he stands in the shadows, he hunts in the night, if you see him you must not stand and fight, he will tear off your head and laugh at your plight, His children will come and dance in your fright, that is if u can-not hide through out the night. the rhyme sung through out lore to teach the humans about Oblitus.
Years have passed since the hero saved our world from The Devourer, but the scars still remain. Oblitus was one of the Devourer's greatest agents. for years he destroyed towns and stole the local children but when the Devourer was defeated Oblitus vanished and the children were found. it was widely excepted that with out the Devourer Oblitus was to weak to even exist so he simply withered away, they were wrong. it was true that Oblitus was to weak to keep holed over his army but he was able to live on, asleep.When Nulgath began his conquest the power he released was enough to jump start Oblitus's soul and he was able to begin to rebuild his army and so he did. he first destroyed a small elven town close to Battlon, than a human town in Darkovia. people did not know what was happening after there was never even a single survivor so there was no one to tell the tale. The only pattern was that any children that were age 14 were missing. then Oblitus came to a town on a small island just off the south eastern coast but when it attacked at let one boy live, he let him live so that he could spread fear into the hearts of others. to let the world know that he had coming, to let them know... Oblitus had returned! when word reached the mainland everyone fell into anarchy. small towns were abandoned as everyone ran to larger city's. homes were made into small fortress's no one would be seen outside after sunset. but this did not stop Oblitus. Sometimes he would send his children into the streets, and when a do gooder would show up to help, the child would set upon them. soon riots were at hand. people trying to kill children or exile them to the wilds in order to keep them selves safe, they were playing into the Oblitus's hand. soon his army boomed, he felt no need to lay waste to city's and towns anymore. he needed only the fear of the people to sustain him. so remember, next time you are wandering the woods at night.....Oblitus is watching.

Character:Lost Child
Spawn/encounter rate:rare
Can be found in any eastern forest
Alignment:Neutral -10
The boy was found in the woods lost and alone and was believed to be a survivor of a bandit attack. He was coated in blood though not his own, he has spoke no words to anyone but is sometimes found mumbling strange gibberish when he is alone. After being brought to a near by village he quickly became interested with the local wizard and that's were he stayed, well until the wizard was found dead at the top of his tower the guards captured the boy and held him in the guard house. to no avail. now the town lies in ruin. the child wanders the wilds looking for a victim to appease his master.
entry lines:
Entry stance: he reach's his out his right hand palm up as if begging for help.
Battle stance:he stands as if barely able to stand knees beginning to bend and his shoulders slouched.
Attack animation:
1 attack:he grins his hands glow red with a black outline and he punch's the foe with his left hand.
2 attacks:he grins his hands glow red with a black outline and he punch's the foe with his left hand than his right hand
3 attacks:he grins his hands glow red with a black outline and he punch's the foe with his left hand than his right hand than he knees them
4 attacks:he laughs his hands glow red with a black outline and he punch's the foe with his left hand than his right hand than he steps back raises his hands and his hands turn black fly off and strike the foe.
5 attacks:his eyes turn red he laughs and he shots 5 red orbs with black outlines at the foe
Battle end stance: he frowns looks at his hands,his hands start to quiver.
Cards:2 shield cards, 3 attack 100 damage cards, 2 attack 200 damage cards, 2 attack 500 damage cards, and a drain life card.
unique card:call of the lost ones: costs 7 shadow tokens. deals 1000 damage after 2 turns time. Animation:Black hands reach out of the ground and grab the foes feet.
appearance:the boy wears a dark brown farmers overalls with a white tea shirt under it and black shoes, he is blonde with short hair

that's my submission (this is an unnecessary but would make me vary, thankful second form)

Character: Oblitus (Latin for The forgotten)
Form:2 Evolve Lost Child at lv.5 (possible soul gem cost of 4-5)
Spawn/Encounter rate:rare
Can be found no were
Alignment: Evil -20
Element: Darkness
Description:He stands in the shadows, he hunts in the night, if you see him you must not stand and fight, he will tear off your head and laugh at your plight, His children will come and dance in your fright,its your time to die this night.
Entry lines
Enemy:i will rend the flesh from your bones. Ha Ha Ha!
Player:Come to me little ones.....Time to feed!
Entry stance he lifts his hands over his head and laughs as black mist rises up from the ground and surrounds him.
Battle stance: he floats just above the ground with his elbows bent as if ready to grab someone
1 attack: he throws a red orb with a black outline at the foe
2 attacks: he throws 2 red orbs with black outlines at the foe
3 attacks: he laughs and throws a large red orb with a black outline at the foe
4 attacks: combo of 1 attack and 3 attacks
5 attacks: he laughs and sends 5 red waves with black outlines at the foe one after another
Battle end stance: he laughs and a red hole with black hands reaching out of it appears under him
cards: 2 shield cards, 1 attack 200 damage, 3 attack 500 damage, an empower card, a drain life card, a sacrifice card.
unique card: call of the lost ones x2: costs 7 shadow tokens. deals 1000 damage after 2 turns time. Animation:Black hands reach out of the ground and grab the foes feet.
appearance: Oblitus is a semi transparent figure in a black robe covered in red symbols at the base of his robe in the place of feet he has dark red mist and under his hood he has 2 red eyes and a sharp smile. his neck is also arched over as if looking down at his foe, he has long pointy fingers.
I thank anyone reading this for there time and say sorry for any spelling mistakes. Thank you

KiritoED -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/8/2013 16:50:02)

Name: Souleater of Suinotlim
Element: Shadow
Rank: Legendary

Oversoul Character: Cloud

Jmagician -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/8/2013 17:13:48)

My suggestions for the contest thus far (Art based):
Dimensional Fighter Element: Neutral Rank: Master
Emissary of Light and Dark Element: Light Rank: Master
Magic Brawler Element: Water Rank: Veteran
Adept Dragon Element: Fire Rank: Master

Kharnix -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/8/2013 18:23:52)

Draazgoth, The Mad Dragon
Alignment: Pure Evil
Element: Chaos and fire
From master to legendary creature
Apearance: A red dragon thats slightly bigger than the black one and without armour.

Story: A dragon just about as ancient as time itself who wants nothing more than to destroy everything in his path, and enslave the survivors. He is the most cruel dragon in history and wants nothing but conquer the world for the dragons and enslave all mortal races. Even as the Dragonslayers have tried countless times to destroy him, they have ended up as dead or worse. Draazgoth answers to no one but those who are worthy and sometimes even offers a deal to mortals and gives them power beyond their imagination in exchange for their souls...

Attack and other animations:
1 hit: bites the enemy once.
2 hit: bites the enemy once and claws them.
3 hit: claws the enemy and cuts them open with his horns.
5 hit: Chaotic fire breath.
Charges: Laughing like a lunatic.
Defend: An aura of fire and chaos covers Draazgoth.

Player controlled: You too shall embrace the madness, worm!
Enemy controlled: Another unworthy opponent? Drown in madness, weakling!
Upon winning: Now, embrace madness or suffer a fate worse than death!

Zahriik, The Cursed Knight
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Shadow and light
From veteran to legendary
Appearance: like any other undead but is not a skeleton though. he wears a full heavy armour and a helmet with a face plate, a large sword and a (great shield at master.) At legendary he gets a only a single sword but also magic.

Story: Zahriik is a very rare kind of an undead because he have what most undead don't have: Free will. Since he is not a vampire or any other undead that in most cases have a free will he is an undead that many people have their eye on because he is pretty much unpredictable. Zahriik have no desire to destroy the world, but to restore order to it and destroy Chaos and then have his soul set free from the curse of undeath. Even though he is an undead with his free will and is not really evil, Zahriik still have to be careful of meeting paladins because they just see another undead who is a plague and must be destroyed. However, death don't stop him from coming back for the curse resurrects him every time he dies even though it might take years sometimes to return...

Attack and other animations:
1 hit: A single horizontal slash. (veteran and master only) Legendary: fires dark or holy magic at the enemy once. (depends on which element you are using
2 hit: Two horizontal slashes. (veteran and master only) Legendary: same as above but twice instead of only once.
3 hit: Charges at enemy and run through them with his shield. (veteran and master only) Legendary: same as above plus a lightning quick teleport slash.
5 hit: Stops time and hits the enemy like crazy with his sword and shield. (veteran and master only) Legendary: hits the enemy with 2 horizontal slashes teleports back and fires a large beam of dark and holy magic at them.
Charges: floats in the air and charges holy or dark power (depends on which element you are currently charging.)
Defend: Enters a defensive stance.

Player controlled: (veteran) Prepare to face an undead with his own free will! (master) I shall warn you only once, run if you care about your life. (legendary) You do realize you are about to fight an undead god?
Enemy controlled: (vetetan) Let's see if you have what it takes to even last for 10 seconds... (master) Life or death, it's your choice. (legendary) Arrogant fool... you have not even seen dark and light in balance and yet you challenge me?
Upon winning: (veteran) A worthy opponent. (master) You should have ran while you had the chance. (legendary) Perhaps now you know better than to challenge an undead god?

Shiro, The Zombified Ninja or Shiro, The Failed Ninja

Alignment: Neutral
Element: Shadow (zombie version) Neutral (fail version)
From master to legendary
Appearance: A zombified ninja who wears black and purple. The other version is just a ninja who is a total failure who got dirty clothes. (because of being a clumbsy fool. He is still alive somehow)

Story: Shiro was a Ninja who drank the blood of an archdemon to become the perfect ninja and was the first to survive that terrible ritual. But as time went by he became more corrupt by the blood and was eventually killed by it. Exactly 10 years later he returned from the dead still with flesh and bone as nobody dared touch his corpse, he was left to rot and was rised up by the demon's blood and became the zombie ninja that is going to destroy the world...

Alternate version's story: Shiro is a ninja who just didn't have what it took to become great. Although he is a terrible ninja, his obsession with The Evil Banana Lord makes him far more dangerous than most people would expect. He will stop at nothing in killing this evil banana even if it costs him his life. Shiro is known for using all sorts of things as weapons, even throws chickens, goats, cows at the enemy or grabbing a chainsaw but he don't know what to do with it though.

Attack and other animations:
1 hit: (fail version) throws a random object at the enemy. (yes, even cows and chickens.) (zombie version) flying kick towards enemy.
2 hit: (fail version) charges at the enemy and fails doing ninja flips. (zombie version) flying kick and horizontal slash
3 hit: (fail version) grabs a guy in a banana costume and hits the enemy 3 times with him. (zombie version) flying kick, backflip kick and vertical slash.
5 hit: (fail version) accidently puts his pants on fire and runs toward the enemy. (zombie version) 5 teleport slashes.
Charges: (fail version) searching his pockets for random items (goes like ? each time he find some really not ninja like such as a baseball bat or a chainsaw) (zombie version) regular charging animation.
Defend: (fail version) Summons a wall full of garbage. (zombie version) enters a defensive stance

Player controlled: (fail version master) I am going to smash your face in with a guy in a mascot suit! (fail version legendary) I shall have my revenge on those cursed bananas! (zombie version) You really think that I'm slow because I am a zombie now?
Enemy controlled: (fail version master) Who are you calling a failure you little piece of garbage!? (fail version legendary) You will pay for selling your soul to the evil Banana Lord! (zombie version) Hey! Do you want to see what your brain looks like?
Upon winning: (fail version master) slips on a banana and says: why do i always have to slip on those cursed bananas!!! (fail version legendary) I shall not rest until the evil Banana lord is defeated! (zombie version) Let's have a look at your delicous brain...

Death Monk
Alignment: Evil
Element: Shadow
Master Creature
Appearance: Might look similar to the Dire Monk but much more dead looking and bones showing on some parts (such as the arms and knees)

Story: The Death Monks were once Shaolin monks who have been Corrupted and cursed with undeath and now serves anyone who can prove themselves worthy or is evil enough to get their attention. They serve only the most powerful beings of evil such as ancient vampires, liches and demons. They are known to destroy villages and then turning the survivors into zombies because that is just what they do to serve their master.

Attack and other animations:
1 hit: jabs the enemy once.
2 hit: jabs the enemy twice.
3 hit: kicks the enemy twice and uppercuts them shaolin monk style.
5 hit: bicycle kicks the enemy.
Charges: meditating.
Defend: enters a defensive stance.

Player controlled: Another sacrifice for my master!
Enemy controlled: You can't kill the chosen of the undead lords!
Upon winning: Have a nice afterlife... As a zombie!

Zombified Dragon
Alignment: Pure Evil
Element: Shadow
Legendary Creature
Appearance: A zombified dragon not much else to say except it is really rotten?

Story: The Undead Lord Nahrahk Always keep turning everything undead and trying to create the ultimate creature of death. He Turned a dragon undead and was pleased with the results, he though to himself: this shall be my new weapon until I can find a way to turn a dragon god undead. The Zombified Dragon is one of the most dangerous dragons that exist because their breath turns everything it touches undead! Everytime there is a Zombified Dragon on a rampage the only way to stop it is to use as few people as possible to stop it because of that dangerous breath. Usually they are very rare and hard to control but those who are able to master them, are very fearsome indeed as they only serve the most powerful and evil beings. Those who don't give them enough souls will soon become souless if they are not careful...

Attack and other animations:
hit 1: smash ground once.
hit 2: smash the ground twice.
hit 3: claws the enemy twice and bites them once.
hit 5: zombie breath
Charges: drains the soul of the enemy
Defend: summons a wall of corpses and bone

Player controlled: Undeath awaits you, mortal!
Enemy controlled: You do realize I can kill you by simply breathing at you?
Upon winning: The dead shall rule over the living soon enough!

aliesterus -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/8/2013 18:33:43)

My OS Contest 2 entry (I was prepared this time XD)

Name: Skexis Void Dragon
Primary Element: Shadow
Secondary Element: Lightning

Yes, I know some of you can recognize it, but I figured it might have a better chance as a contest suggestion than as a suggestion for the master of Skexis Fiend.
However I still hope it could be Skexis Fiend's master, but if not, I'm hoping it'll win this contest at all XD

JediSpartan -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/8/2013 18:42:40)


Element: Chaos
Rank: Master

Appearance: Similar to the TimeKiller class in AQW, but more warrior-like.

Story: The Old One attracts the strangest of beings and entities of the universe. Although not one of Nulgath's servants, the TimeReaper fights in the name of the Archfiend and pushes the Evil that he brings through time and space in Oversoul. The TimeReaper has been, is, and will be there throughout the reign of Nulgath.

Player: I have lived many lifetimes. Do not think that your skill can best mine.
Enemy: Long live the Archfiend (and he will lilve long, I assure you that).

1-hit: It strikes with a TimeScythe.
2-hit: It attacks with a space pistol twice.
3-hit: TimeBomb attack (x3)
5-hit: Strikes twice with TimeScythe, then goes back in time to strike twice more, then finishes with an ultra blast from the space pistol.
Shield: Chaotic stopwatch shield.

Oversoul Account Name: tylerbeller13
Oversoul Char. Name: Jack Riottech

GrimsBane1017 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/8/2013 20:00:40)

Character title: Bowman- Imperial Archer-Trebuchet Master-Cannoneer General OR Bowman-SoulShooter-Necrotic Hunter. I have no clue what they would say.
Character Alignment: Bowman is neutral, first tree is good light and second is evil dark.
Character name: Hood.
Character Appearances:1st arc is like colors of pike man with build of archer. second is black and red colors, with necrotic bow of shadows and shadow for armor.
Character backstory:
It had been too long since Hood wielded the bow... almost long enough to forget why he once wielded it. He'd wanted to revel in the power that the bow gave him, the triumph of the hunt. But he'd given up on that twisted joy for Marcia, to live a normal life with her. But then Marcia left, taken by the one Hood had trusted most, and he was left with only two options: vengeance, which meant taking back the cursed bow and letting it consume him, or service to the king of the realm. He knew what he had to choose.
NOTE: If he does win the competition, I think he should be free. After all he helps the poor... or does he betray them and steal their souls?

Character title: Dracomancer
Character Alignment: neutral fire
Character name: Dirk
Character appearance: like Cyrus, but more edgy, holding a draconic amulet, and a bit younger.
Character Backstory: Dirk despised dragons. His friends made fun of him for it, citing the three century peace between larkvale and the... abominations. Even his sister, kira, was known to tease him about his dracophobia. Then, that one fateful day came. Almost before he awoke, Dirk could smell the smoke. He ran out of his house with his training sword at the ready, only to see a red dragon as big as his house glaring down at him contemptuously. The dragon was polite enough to explain why it had killed all his friends and family; a his name was Acriloth, and he was protecting a mystical orb. He was burning these villages as a warning to Galanoth the dragonslayer. Instead of revulsion or fear towards the dragons, Dirk realized that he hated the dragonslayers, who had driven this beast to kill his family. He didn't just hate dragonslayers, he wanted to see what he could do to control dragons. And then he heard of dracomancy...
NOTE: 5X combo is to summon acriloth who breathes 5-hit fire on enemy using fire orb's magic.

Seanerb -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/8/2013 23:06:26)


Name: Tortured Flesheater
Alignment: evil.
Element: shadow.
Rank: veteran.

Player phrase: Take away the pain, Please!
Enemy phrase: Help, it burns!
Victory phrase: I'm sorry, i couldn't control myself.

Appearance: A male red skinless humanoid with strange carvings in its flesh, small curved claws sprouting from its fingers, a head that only has a mouth that is filled with huge curved teeth with a light brown tattered leather tunic and shorts.

Attack animation:
1 Hit: It walks up to the enemy and bites it.
2 Hit: It runs up to the enemy uppercuts it with its claws and bites the enemy.
3 Hit: It charges towards the enemy it then bites it then lets go puts its claw into the enemy and rips it out.
5 Hit: It screams loudly hurting the enemy it then charges towards the enemy and cleaves it twice it then bites it twice.

Backstory: A innocent citizen was framed for a crime he didn't do he was brought into the jail to be questioned but he kept stating that he didn't do it so they brought him into the torture room to get the answers the torturers couldn't get him to answer the questions so by accident they killed the poor man and the body was then stole by theives and they tried to make a profit by it but the only person who offered to buy the body was a dark wizard so they had to give it to the wizard and the wizard did a dark ritual on the body it was brought to life but the ritual only worked half way so hes constantly in pain he then killed the wizard and left to find help his condition but he can't control himself so he attacks people he comes across

(master version of Tortured Flesheater)
Name: Terrifying Flesheater
Alignment: evil
Element: shadow
Rank: master (cost 4-5 soul gems)

Player phrase: Ha a fool like you chooses to fight me?
Enemy phrase: You are nothing i can cleave you to pieces.
Victory phrase: You really fall that easily?

Appearance: a red skinless humanoid noticeably taller then the Tortured Flesheater with strange carvings in its flesh that slightly glow medium sized curved claws sprouting from its fingers and small blades sprouting from its elbows and small curved spikes sprouting from its shoulders a triangular shaped face with a huge mouth, no eyes and nose with huge curved teeth with scars around the mouth and arms small claws on its toes with a rusty chainmail tunic and rusty plate leg armor

Attack animation
1 Hit: it walks up to the enemy and stabs its claws into it
2 Hit: it runs up to the enemy cuts it with one arm blade and bites it
3 Hit: it charges at the enemy bites it twice and cleaves it
5 Hit: it pounces at the enemy claws it with both arms once bites it stabs one arm blade in it and rips it out

Backstory: once the tortured flesheater found another dark wizard, the wizard finished the ritual and the flesheater then killed the wizard and he began to think "I have the desire for blood and i already killed so i can kill again" so he went off to kill more people and after a few feasts on the people who have died he began to grow rapidly and so he began to become even stronger and he gathered some armor bits from the people he killed and ate so he began to find more people and kill them so he could feast

note: Nulgath you can edit this

The_Archiver -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/9/2013 0:49:22)

Full Name: Nisodario Dar-Shae Nichoris Darnatale

Title: Nisodario Darnatale

*You'll have to copy/paste. The link won't work otherwise for some reason.*

Size: Similar to Father Time

Element: Chaos

Rank: Legendary

Alignment: Evil -50

Description: Nisodario Darnatale is known as the 'Tyrant's God', and with good reason. Nisodario not only rules with a sadistic iron fist, but he is also the Ultionus, a being created from the energy of all things known as the Asedrion, and thus he can wield its power. He is the ruler of the other-dimensional Ceilia Proxia universe, a universe that exists thousands of years into the future. But even the control of an entire universe is not enough, and so he began a conquest of all other galaxies, and has traveled to this one personally.

• (Controlled): You cannot destroy me, so why even try?
• (Enemy): Perhaps you shall be a worthy opponent.

• Intro: Nisodario raises a hand into the air and causes the Ariston to flame up, then puts his hand down.
• Outro: Nisodario floats into the air as an explosion of Ariston surrounds him.
• Stance: Nisodario floats a little off the ground, one hand in his pocket, the other holding a small flame of Ariston.
• Charge: Same as Intro.

• Attack 100 (x4)
• Attack 200 (x4)
• Attack 500 (x4)
• Ariston Fury (x1)
• Alignment Shift (x2)

• Ariston is blue and looks exactly like fire.
• Ariston power deals half your health in damage, and places a DoT, which deals 10% of your health each turn for 5 turns.
• Alignment Shift: Switches your alignment to a random element. This card also becomes a random element specific skill card for the rest of the round.

• Combo (x1): Nisodario shoots a bolt of Ariston.
• Combo (x2): Nisodario shoots a bolt of Ariston, and shortly after a blast of Ariston shoots down from the sky.
• Combo (x3): Nisodario shoots a bolt of Ariston, then creates and throws a sword, and then creates and fires a gun.
• Combo (x5): Nisodario flies over to the opponent and raises his arms as Ariston explodes around him, and then a massive explosion of Ariston covers the screen.

Backstory: All things, existent or not, are connected to something known as the Asedrion. The Asedrion is a giant collection of power that exists outside of all possible and impossible creation. This power is pulled from all things that are, have, or are going to exist, as well as from all things that are not, have not, and will not exist. This power is not limited to only real things, but also things that are not, such as ideas and thoughts. This power is known as Ariston, and is unlike the Asedrion in the fact that it can be seen and used. The Asedrion controls everything, and can do anything from influence a person to reset all existence. These things happen often, and rarely have any errors; however, Nisodario was one such error. He was accidentally created when the Ariston of several incredibly powerful beings collided and slowly formed into one being. Since Nisodario is made of the same energy as the Asedrion, he cannot be uncreated by the Asedrion alone. While his physical form can temporarily be unraveled, the only way to permanently destroy him requires the completion of several nearly impossible tasks. Because of this link to the Asedrion, Nisodario can temporarily pull power from it, grating him power that could destroy all existence. After his creation, Nisodario was sent to a futuristic dimension known as the Ceilia Proxia universe. Because of his power, he easily took control of the entire universe, and quickly created a powerful empire. But he quickly became bored of such a menial job, and decided that the best thing to do was to completely destroy the empire, and all other forms of government, and thus create a universe of perpetual anarchy. This was much better for Nisodario, as it allowed him much more freedom, and he could, at any time, recreate the empire if he ever needed to take control. But after hundreds of years of unchecked chaos, Nisodario became bored once again, and thus decided that the reason for this was a lack of a worthy adversary. And thus he began a quest for such a foe. His search took him across the entire length of the universe, and revealed many such enemies. However, each foe eventually fell to him, and so, with all creatures of great power destroyed, Nisodario began creating his own. This lasted for three hundred years, until Nisodario again became bored of the repetitiveness. Then, Nisodario became intrigued with the idea of traveling to other dimensions, and thus began a search for worthy opponents in different planes of existence. After the conquest of several different dimensions, Nisodario has finally come to the world of Oversoul, and is in search of a great and worthy foe to fight. Having studied this world for many years before traveling here, Nisodario decided that aligning himself with chaos would suit him best, and he changed himself to look both awe-inspiring and regal at the same time. Since leaving his original dimension means a massive decrease in his power, Nisodario had to train to store his own power within himself. While not nearly as powerful, Nisodario still poses a great threat to the inhabitants of Oversoul.

icy storm -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/9/2013 1:03:38)

Name: Xavier
Element: Shadow, preferably
Rank: Master

-Controlled: "May I have this dance?"
-Enemy: "You think my music is hardcore? Just wait..."
-Victory: "The sound of your defeat is music to my ears."

-1 Hit: A basic strike with the guitar
-2 Hit: Two notes are played, lashing out harmful music notes towards the enemy
-3 Hit: Two notes are played, and then the guitar is thrown at the enemy
-5 Hit: Xavier is drove fully insane, and plays his guitar vigorously, causing mysterious dark energy to float around. At the end of his playing, all of the energy huddles to the enemy, attacking them 5 times
-Charge: Music notes appear around him, and then are absorbed into his body
-Stance: He stands, holding the guitar like he is going to play it

-He wears dark colored, almost bard-like rags, and has short, brown, messy hair. He has red eyes, due to his recent encounter with insanity... He also lugs around a beat up guitar with the signature "Frankie" on the back of it.

Xavier's story begins in a small town known as Iverstead, in the year of 1102.

He had lived here his whole life, which isn't much of an achievement. Iverstead is in the slums of the world. It's a disgusting place to be at, giving Xavier a 'filthy' appearance. With nobody to talk to, and nothing to do for entertainment, Xavier instantly gained an interest in music. At the start of his hobby, he could only be found drumming with spoons on wooden boxes. As the years past, he had gathered the materials to make his own guitar. He played on the street corner for money, and put all of it towards his trip to Wilholme, the more sophisticated part of the world. Eventually his funds were abundant, and he set off.

When he arrived, he had met a bard named Frankie. Frankie and Xavier had instantly became friends, due to their common interest in music. Wilholme was raided, not long after Xavier had arrived. Hundreds were killed, maybe even thousands, including Frankie, who had courageously stood up for his hold. Xavier had received the news in a matter of time, and was crushed.

Xavier had locked himself away from the world for a while, and nobody had caught sight of them for the time being. He finally revealed himself a short while after, and immediately headed for Frankie's cabin.

As he approached the cabin, he caught sight of many instruments, and planned on taking one as a memoir. The one instrument that caught his eye was the guitar, of course. The guitar had a signature on the back that read "Frankie" in black ink. Xavier helped himself to this guitar, as a memory of him and Frankie's time together.

Xavier set off to a modern town, named Ostentiin, to get away from the hold he had lost his friend in. He had enormous musical talent, and a sturdy guitar, but could not appeal to the people of the town. This fueled him with hatred. He felt like he had went all this way for nothing. Nobody appreciated him.

He tried signing with numerous labels, and was accepted by none. With the failure to inherit a musical professional, and the loss of a friend, he had gone insane. He expressed his insanity and hatred in his music, and eventually it became so horrid, and so negatively impulsed, that it became lethal. He started to hurt people with his music. He had a bounty out for him, and the only way he could think to get out of the madness of his world was to go to a different one.

He had tried numerous rituals and "spells", and only one actually worked. This magic had brought him to a different realm, away from the madness of his own... A realm we know as OverSoul.

gamoshra -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/9/2013 1:14:31)

Character Name: Ezekiel StormBlade


Element: Energy

Quote when encountered: "Even though I carry a huge blade ,it doesn't mean that its heavy....but IT PACKS A LOT OF POWER FOR BUTTWHOOPING..."

Quote when defeated: You have defeated me.....but soon, I will try to learn and gain my experience as a Blade.

Description: Ezekiel Is fast and skill-full warrior. He's Speed cant be outmatched by any other being...He is part of the Blades..a group of warriors that posses a single yet unique element and has their own special ability. As for Ezekiel, He possessed the power to control he Storms in the skies using them as mass weapons of destruction. He can use the lightning from the storm as an advantage....Despite of his Powers and abilities Ezekiel has a soft heart for the people he loved...and he's solemn wish was to protect everyone from danger...

zero cool09 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/9/2013 3:55:55)


My character suggestion for Oversoul

Name: Vespirator

Element : Shadow

FrightLords -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/9/2013 7:34:13)

Story is in description of Picture
My entry:
Enemy: "I will give you the kiss of death"
Controlling: "Please, don't touch me, or I will eat your soul!"
Name: Madalyn NightWraith

Paladin 4 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/9/2013 16:46:15)

Apprentice/veteran/master/legendary Soultaker (his name is unknown)

Once a paladin but during the war between nulgath and dage he was cast along with the archfiend through the oblivion portal. In his quest to get revenge on dage he signed a contract with nulgath, to ensure dage's downfall, but his power comes at high cost...

Element: shadow and light, depending on move.

Apprentice: looks like a regular paladin but with skulls instead of shoulderplates end his armor and sword are black and red.
Veteran: his eyes start to look fiendish and his armor is now also covered with horns and skulls have become black, he now also carries a bigger sword and has an axe on his back and is a bit taller.
Master: He now carries two gaint axes and his armor is now like that of a dreadfiend but than in different tints of black, he caries a gaint sword on his back. he now has horns and the only thing remaining human about his face is his mouth
Legendary: Wears a scythe and a gaint orb of light and darkness, has grown black wings and, his armor is covered with the skulls of fallen legion warriors. wears a helmet that only shows his red glowing eyes and his hornes are pierced through it.

Any suggestions to this character are welcome, and I believe this character has a lot of options concerning his texts during battle.

Also if possible add some chaos character to the game, like a chaorupted armor or something like that, and give it its own alignment please.

Elite Chaotic Ninja -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/9/2013 17:33:14)

Character: Oversoul Unleashed
Element: A mix of each, picked by the player, chaos, or shadow.
Rank: Apprentice, but grows with the player.

Appearance: The same as the "Wraith" oversoul from the character button and the third person map view. It starts out mostly transparent, but becomes nearly opaque when it is at its full potential. Ghostly flaming skulls wheel around it and grow in intensity when it ranks up.

Backstory: You are the Oversoul. You care not for what the Archfiend thinks, if Nulgath wants to take over the world, he can just do it himself. You're your own man, err... ghost... now. You have decided to follow your own dreams and adventure to your heartlessness' content. You no longer need a body to satisfy your earthly needs, as you have been honing your power and can now affect the physical world. Be a force for whatever you want; It's your world now.

Alignment: You choose. It starts at neutral, but it slides down a certain path depending on what monsters you kill and what quests you do in this form.

Lines: Player: "I am no longer Nulgath's errand boy. Your soul is mine!"
Enemy: "Nulgath can manage his own grudges! You're in my territory, worm!"
Victory: "Another body to add to my arsenal. Not that I need it."
Death: "You... have... not... seen... the last... of me, fool!"

Combos: 1-hit: He floats up and claws you/the foe in the face.
2-hit: He claws () in the face twice.
3-hit: He performs a double claw and sends his burning skulls at the enemy for a series of bites.
4-hit: He does the same as 3-hit but also flies through the opponent with claws extended.
5-hit: Same as 4-hit, but he then unleashes a banshee scream.

Win/loss: Win: He spins in the air and crosses his arms, claws tapping impatiently, while his burning skulls wheel around in a circle.
Loss: He sreams silently while his body destabilizes and explodes in a burst of sapphire light, smoke, and dust.

Kayton -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/9/2013 21:30:21)

Description says it all!

Resk -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/9/2013 21:51:09)

OS Username: Resk, Figured I'd risk naming character after self as I like the concept anyway <,<

EDIT: As apparently this is now an art submission, moving mock up

Character Mock Up (Pretend the light grey is chains, and the dark grey is manacles. Also, Pretend Blindfolded. Also pretend slightly more depressing. as I'm really bad at drawing but ok at using paint :3 )

------> <-------

The Chained Angel: Resk

An angel trapped by an evil human, centuries ago, sealed deep away within a great labyrinthine dungeon that existed on the borders of the underworld itself. She was captured due to her nativity, her willingness to help, and her thoughts that all people are good, which allowed her to be imprisoned by the man, and became naught more than a subject for his experiments to claim her divinity for his own. Yet in doing so, she was forced to fall, her powers running amok, to the point it was said that she could no longer control that which she became as she fell from being a divine being, to becoming one close to a demon, her very bindings merging to her, threatening all which tried to harm her. With her fall came the death of the evil man, yet in his last throes he cursed at her with his dark words, so that she would never be free, never be able to help another, and that she would bring only suffering to those she wished to save.Now, forever aware of the presence of her tainted black wings, the sign of her failure both of resisting, and redeeming the man who captured her, she continues to pray deep within the lonely echoing dungeon… that she will never be set free.

Please...don't release me...

Element: Light/Dark
Alignment: Neutral
Player phrase: Am I forever to suffer...
Enemy phrase: Please...don't release me...
Description: A pale skinned maiden, blindfolded, wearing naught but the slim coverings put upon her by her captor, due to the nature of her imprisonment, as most was taken from her, to allow for easier testing, upon her back, are two large, black feathered wings, the sign of her fall from divinity, while she is held in the air, by quivering chains which seem to twitch, almost alive, attached to manacles upon her ankles, wrists, and neck.

Attack Method: The majority of her attacks, are via her binding chains, which lash out at anyone who approaches, be it to hurt or help her...
So basic attacks would be a variety of lashes or whip actions from the chains, while the 5 fold attack could consist of the chains bursting out from the ground under the foe?

Technical Stuff: The reason for Light/Dark is the fallen angel concept, even if it was forced upon her, so she still retains a little light. The main deck would be Light based, with cards such as Heal & Penance, while also containing some of the shadow cards such as sacrifice & empower, which use either discarding other cards, or discarding HP, rather than requiring shadow Energy, allowing it to charge using mono-light, but still having a different feel than other light characters.

I hope this is fine as an entry :3


apendix484 -> RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III (6/10/2013 0:49:58)

Legendary Bard

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Here

Story: He was an ordinary adventurer traveling in different parts lore, killing monster, doing quests, combat, training, merging, enhancing, buying different equipments and while he traveling across the Lore he saw an ancient guitar. The ordinary adventurer became interested in music... he studied at Bard's School at first the teacher of he always rejecting him and saying to him that "You are Nothing" but the adventurer replied... "I will prove to you that someday I will become a famous bard in the whole lore." and his classmate, and teacher just laugh at him.... suddenly because of his that rejection he leave in that school study only with himself alone. And while he traveling across the frost mountain he saw a chest of course he opened it and he saw a "bard-like" armor... he wear the armor and a monster appeared in that mountains it is a "Frost Void" with a legendary golden sword the frost void attacked the adventurer and he missed... and the bard attacked him with a powerful punch because of the armor... and the Void was not easily defeated he attacked with his "Ice Power" the adventurer try to avoid the attack but NO! he got hit by the void...and he fainted.... and the Frost void draw his sword and do the "last HIT!" skill but his ancient guitar dropped that makes a powerful "music" with a high pitched tone the void becomes confused.. and he covered his ear and die because of the treble of the guitar and the adventurer just wake up and thought that he was dead... but NO! "I AM ALIVE!... uhhhh.... what's that a shiny stone and a sword... maybe it's the "drop" from the void???" and he picked the sword and the stone... while he holding the stone the stone released a power of the music and a power of ice... and he instantly become a professional bard! And he come back to the to the Bard's School.. and his prof. just say "Uhhhh.... welcome back?" and the Bard replied "Hmmm.... that is the first time that I heard that mellow voice..." but his teacher just.... "I'M SORRY FOR REJECTING YOU!".... and he say "Well... It's okay... that is past and I will forgive you" /smiles.... And the teacher introduced him "This the noob bard that I use to reject, but then he became so pro.... and his now "LEGENDARY BARD!"" and he leave the bard school happily.. not because he's depressed but because he want's more adventure... THE END!

Lines: (Read the story so that you can understand.. lol)

Enemy: I will crush you with my blades.... uhhh wait I'm a bard....
Player: I am a Legendary bard!
Upon winning: HAHA! I defeated you!

Attack Methods:

- Attack with his powerful fist
- Play a guitar that hits the enemy/ or by healing himself
- Attack by his sword,
- Attack with he's ice power.

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