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Jr. Squires of Order!

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3/11/2013 14:38:01   

Jr. Squires of Order!

Location: Battleon » Click on Aelthai » Junior Squires!

«You arrive to see Aelthai putting several items into a bag.»

«You»: Aelthai! Going somewhere?
Aelthai: I just got an emergency call to go to Dragonclaw Island. Some magic fields there are getting a little... unstable.
«You»: That doesn't sound good.
Aelthai: Maybe, maybe not. We're... not exactly sure what they do yet. «You», I need a favor while I'm gone.
«You»: *Shudders* It doesn't involve keeping an eye on Radagast, does it?
Aelthai: No, nothing like that. Just helping out Kalanyr a little.
«You»: Oh, yeah? 6,000-year-old sidhe Archmage Kalanyr needs my help? What with?
Aelthai: Nothing big. He's filling in for me while I'm gone, and this is my week to--

«Kalanyr enters.»

Kalanyr: Well, did you you talk «You» into it yet?
«You»: Talk me into what?
Kalanyr: She was supposed to take a group of Junior Squires camping this week.
«You»: And Kalanyr's getting stuck doing it instead? Kalanyr on a camp-out with a bunch of kids? *Snickers*
Kalanyr: How'd you like to find a nerfkitten infestation in your pajamas one night soon?
Aelthai: Just go with them, okay? It's fun.
Aelthai: *Whispers* Kalanyr's been a little edgy lately, since we can't figure out the weird magic issues on Dragonclaw. He needs a break, and this time away from the island will be good for him.
Aelthai: Just make sure nobody gets turned into an inanimate object or ends up with a ravenous grabbi in their sleeping bag, okay?
«You»: Uh--
Kalanyr: Infestation? Pajamas?
«You»: Yeah, sure! It'll be great.

«Scene: Outskirts of Battleon. Kalanyr is standing in the middle of the group. Leaf and Dyami are to his left. T'Shanni and Lang are to his right.»

«You»: So, where are we going, anyway?
Kalanyr: According to Aelthai's map, somewhere in the foothills of the Dwarfhold Mountains.
Leaf: I hope they have room service!
Kalanyr: ...None of you have been camping before, have you? Been out in nature? We'll be staying in a CAVE.
Dyami: With room service?
Kalanyr: No room service! Ice, rocks, dirt. Cave.
T'Shanni: What about McYulgar's?
Kalanyr: No McYulgar's! No room service! CAVE! C-A-V-E! Where'd I leave those nerfkittens?
«You»: Alrighty, then! Everybody ready to go?

«Everyone starts walking to the right but they all stop when Lang turns around.»

Lang: How about an indoor pool? Will there be a pool there?

«Scene: Forest at night»

«You»: Okay, according to Aelthai's notes, we're supposed to set up camp here for the night.
«You»: Building a campfire to roast marshhallows while we sing rousing campfire songs and talk about the honor and glory of being a squire.
Leaf: Roasted marshhallows? Ugg! I thought there was a McYulgar's around here somewhere!
«You»: Well, I guess I'd better get busy clearing a campsite for tonight.
Dyami: You're going to cut down trees? Won't that interfere with the delicate balance of nature?
«You»: Nature's perfectly balanced in Lore already – if nature doesn't like what you're doing, it fights back!«Scene: Campfire. Leaf is sitting on a log to the left of the campfire. Dynami and Lang are standing next to her. T'Shanni is sitting on a log to the right of the campfire; opposite of Leaf. Kalanyr is standing next to two pitched tents in the behind the campfire.»

«You»: So, can anyone tell me what the primary duty of a Squire of Order is?

«Lang turns to face you.»

Lang: To spread chaos and havoc everywhere we go?
T'Shanni: To do the bidding of Kalanyr and Aelthai no matter what?
«You»: Umm, no. The primary duty of a Squire of--
Kalanyr: Leave them alone. I kind of like those two.

«Leaf stands on the log she was sitting on and turns to face you.»

Leaf: Hey, I need to go to the euphemism. «You» will you go with me? It's dark out there.
«You»: It's dark everywhere – it's nighttime!

«Dyami turns to face you.»

Dyami: Me, too!
«You»: Okay, okay. Anybody else?

«T'Shanni stands up.»

«You»: Everybody? Okay, let's get this over with.

«Scene: You and the kids are walking through the forest when...»«You»: Alright kids, please let's make it quick.

«Scene: Back at the campfire. The kids have gone to sleep in the tents. Kalanyr hasn't moved a muscle from his spot.»

Kalanyr: They're all settled for the night?
«You»: Unless someone has to go to the euphemism again.

The next day...

«Scene: outside of the Ice Caves. Leaf points towards the Ice Caves.»

Leaf: Hey! I think I see the Ice Caves!
«You»: I think you're right! Come on, everybody, let's get to the cave before dark and get our fire started!

«Scene: Inside the Ice Caves, next to the entrance. Everyone is gathered around a campfire. T'Shanni and Leaf are to the left of it. Kalanyr, Dyami, and Lang are to the right. A pitched tent is behind you and to the left of T'Shanni.»

«You»: Alright! This is the life, huh? Hiking in the wild, fighting monsters, camping every night?
Leaf: Please! If we wanted to be heroes, we'd be in the junior heroes troop!
Kalanyr: I think you'd be surprised how much overlap there is. In Zephyros, for instance, one can hardly tell the difference most of the time.
Kalanyr: But I guess we better get on with what makes this a Junior Squires of Order event, instead of a Junior Heroes outing.
Dyami: ...But who are we going to sell Junior Squire Cookies to way out here?
Kalanyr: No cookie sales. It means I'm going to share with you the secrets of Order and Chaos - and the Balance between - that binds the Knights of Order and their Squires.
Kalanyr: If you don't think you have what it takes to become a Squire of Order, now is the time to speak up.
T'Shanni: Does this involve anybody bleeding?
Lang: Or knife fights and gruesome death?
Leaf: 'Cause we're basically all nerds.
Kalanyr: No! No blood, no knife fights, no gruesome deaths – although if I hear the word “McYulgar's” one more time on this trip that might change.
Leaf: Okay, then, I think we're all good to go.
Kalanyr: The first and most important thing to remember is that order and chaos, creation and destruction, are... Oh. Ahem.
«You»: What?
Kalanyr: If you'll give us some privacy?
«You»: Come on, I won't tell anybody!
Kalanyr: Junior Squires?

«Scene: You are tied with ropes to a rock found deeper in the caves.»

«You»: When I get back we are going to have a serious talk about trust issues... and how we don't tie each other to rocks. Because that shows a serious lack of trust.
«You»: Jeez! I wouldn't really have eavesdropped! ...Hey, what's that noise? Uh-oh.

«An Abominable Snowman enters the scene from the right.»

Abominable Snowman: Wow! Lunch! Just what I needed for my stew pot!
«You»: Hey, I'm not your lunch!
Abominable Snowman: I think I'll take you back for the rest of the gang. Pickin's are slim around here unless you love snowcones. Which I do, but I'd never turn down a hearty bowl of chili con adventurer!

«Scene: Back to Kalanyr and the kids at the entrance.»

Kalanyr: --and those are the secrets of chaos and order that bind the Knights of Order and their Squires.
Leaf: Wow!
Dyami: Far out!
T'Shanni: This is so AWESOME! I can't wait until I'm a Knight of Order!
Kalanyr: As it should be. Now, go get «You» so we can make dinner and roast the rest of the marshhallows.
All: YEAH!!

«Scene: The rock you were originally bound to. The ropes have been undone...»

Leaf: Hey, where's «You»?
Dyami: You think something got our hero?
T'Shanni: You think something COULD get our hero?
Lang: Well... we did kind of leave him tied to a rock. There's a bunch of big footprints over here. I think something came and carried «You» off!
Lang: We better see if we can find «You» before KALANYR finds out.
Dyami: I'm afraid of monsters.
T'Shanni: I'm more afraid of Kalanyr.

«Scene: Abominable Snowman's hideout. You are tied with ropes hanging from the cave ceiling. A sign to your right reads "DON'T PULL LEVER!! NO MATTER WHAT!!" A large red lever is to the right of the sign. In the foreground, there are several bones scattered on the floor and a cauldron of bubbling red liquid to the left of them.»

«You»: Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.
«You»: Hey, there's some kind of rod over there, sticking out of the wall. If I can just reach it and pull it out of the wall, maybe I can use it to fray these ropes and get loose!

«Still tied up, you swing back and forth several times and manage to reach the lever with your foot and break it. The cave rumbles and rocks fall from the ceiling, knocking the cauldron off-screen. You are free from your bindings, with the broken lever in your hand. The Abominable Snowman enters the scene.»

Abominable Snowman: Oh no! Now you've done it!
«You»: Done what?
Abominable Snowman: We don't really know, no one has ever pulled that switch. Y'know, because of the giant sign. Time to put an end to your meddling! Now get in mah belly!«Scene: Deeper into the hideout is a cell, with Obscurium bars sealing it. The bars disappear and a figure with red eyes appears in the darkness of the prison.»

«You»: What is that?!

«The figure retreats back into the cell.»

«You»: It looks like a golem - a really really large, really really old golem made out of... iron?

«An Iron Golem steps out of the cell.»

Iron Golem: That's right, puny hero! What you see is the magic machine built to contain the spirit of an ancient dark sidhe wizard of unimaginable powers.
Iron Golem: The magical geas laid on these Obscurium bars have kept me prisoner for untold millennia while I waited for someone stupid enough to come by and set me free!
«You»: Hey!
Iron Golem: Sorry. Call 'em like I see 'em.
«You»: Look, Iron Pants, I'm not going to be responsible for unleashing you on an unsuspecting Lore! We've got enough to deal with already!
Iron Golem: Is this one of those, 'over my dead body' situations?
«You»: That's right!
Iron Golem: I was hoping you would say that!

«The Iron Golem blasts you with magic, and you perish.»

«You»: This might be slightly out of my league. Maybe I should go find Kalanyr.
Iron Golem: Kalanyr? Would that be the powerful sidhe that I sense skulking around near the entrance to my prison?
Iron Golem: I've learned a few tricks in my captivity to deal with my goody-goody sidhe brethren who put me here!
«You»: Oh, yeah? Like what?
Iron Golem: They thought they were building a prison... HAH! The iron in which I've been encased for all these centuries has been bathed in the radiation from the Obscurium bars that you opened.
Iron Golem: It has fused into a new molecule – Obsciron – of which I alone am the master. I have learned the secret of creating a Obsciron force field that will drop any sidhe foolish enough to challenge me!

«A red force field surrounds the Iron Golem, which begins to expand. A rumble can be felt all the way at the cave entrance, where Kalanyr is at.»

Kalanyr: What is this? I sense an unnatural force at work here... is that iron? I sensed no iron when we entered this cavern...

«The red force field phases through Kalanyr.»

Kalanyr: Feeling weak... Must... escape... must...

«Scene: The kids come back to the entrance of find Kalanyr collapsed on the ground. You arrive shortly after.»

«You»: Kalanyr! Quick! I-- Somebody unleashed an ancient monster in the ice caverns underneath us! I need your help!
Leaf: I don't think he's going to be much help.
«You»: Why not? Come on Kalanyr, no time for laying about! I need your help to put this big iron monster back in its cage! He's another sidhe!
Dyami: Sidhe? Uh-oh!
«You»: What do you mean, uh-oh?
T'Shanni: Didn't you listen to anything the golem said? He has a force field that can take out sidhe!

«The cave rumbles.»

Lang: THE IRON GOLEM GETTING CLOSER!«Kalanyr recovers.»

Kids: HURRAY! Three cheers for «You»! You beat the monster!
Kalanyr: Thank you, «You». Looks like I need to strengthen my iron wards...
Kalanyr: Well, children, we had better begin heading back.
Kids: Awwwww!

«Kalanyr and the kids are walking through the woods. The kids sing a song as they make their way back, which goes:»


to do our best to do our duty

to serve the Knights of Order with all our might

never bother Kalanyr, no matter what

to never sing rousing Junior Squire songs in Kalanyr's hearing

to dedicate our lives to the balance of all things

to never mention to another living soul that Kalanyr ate roasted marshhallows

and to preserve order in Lore no matter what personal sacrifice is called for

«The scene zooms in on Kalanyr who smiles after hearing the song.»

«Scene: Kalanyr meets Aelthai in the room just like the start of the quest»

Aelthai: So, how'd it go?
Kalanyr: Same as it does every year: perfect!
Junior Squires of Order

Shop Spells
  • Abominable Assault [L. 9]
  • Abominable Assault Z [L. 20 Z]
  • Abominable Assault [L. 29]
  • Abominable Assault [L. 49]
  • Abominable Assault [L. 69]
  • Abominable Assault G [L. 86 G]
  • Abominable Assault [L. 89]
  • Abominable Assault [L. 109]
  • Abominable Assault Z [L. 119 Z]
  • Abominable Assault [L. 129]
  • Abominable Assault G [L. 149 G]

    Shop Pets
  • Jr. Archmage [L. 9]
  • Jr. Archmage G [L. 22 G]
  • Jr. Archmage [L. 29]
  • Jr. Archmage [L. 49]
  • Jr. Archmage Z [L. 54 Z]
  • Jr. Archmage [L. 69]
  • Jr. Archmage [L. 89]
  • Jr. Archmage Z [L. 99 Z]
  • Jr. Archmage [L. 109]
  • Jr. Archmage [L. 129]
  • Jr. Archmage G [L. 149 G]

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  • Guardian Tower!
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    Entry thanks to Daimyo Daimyo.

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