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RE: =DF= DragonSlayer Armor Discussion Thread

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9/13/2014 1:03:54   

The Question

I only fought Ice Queen, which was a walk-over given the 10% DoT and other damaging stuff. I think everyone would need to try all the D-fights in Hard-Mode to really put the armour to the test of how this is THE DragonSlaying armour to be.


Light: -50 boost to enemy
Darkness: -40 boost to enemy
So... Light gets a better debuff than Darkness Dragon(kind)? Seems wrong...

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 26
9/13/2014 6:06:35   

Well I like the animation change, and it has gotten a fair bit stronger, but there is still room for buffing in my opinion. And any particular reason the call forth the fire dragon move is a lot more effective against none dragons?, I used this move against a dragon and it did around the mid 300's and when I used it against a human it did almost 900, so that really is a bit confusing.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 27
9/13/2014 6:25:11   


Fighting Dragon Drakath with DragonSlayer is pretty easy now... until he gets to 50% health. Then he just full heals and brings my character down in one hit.
Still, a 1128 damage DoT is quite fun to play with.
stun him when at 50% hp and he is dead. but was he with 200 immobility?

the skill is elemental locked, so that may be the reason.

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DF  Post #: 28
9/13/2014 7:00:13   
David the Wanderer
Legendary AK!

The new DragonSlayer seems to be doing really well! I managed to solo Extre Mode Akriloth with it without any problem. The skills as a whole work a lot better now, and DS can hold its ground against all monsters now. I really like where this revamp is going!

Just one question: I noticed that the cooldown of the OMGBBQ skill resets after every battle... Is that a bug or not? Paladin has a similar skill (Full Heal at the cost of all MP), which begins with a looong cooldown, but it doesn't resets after every battle. So, is OMGBBQ supposed to work as it does now, or not?
DF AQW  Post #: 29
9/13/2014 7:19:39   

I'm battling Extreme Akriloth right now. Its doing a lot of 1k Crits, which is really nice! The Multi attack did 1.6k O.o
Also, when I did Call Forth the Fire Dragon Skill, it used an element that had no symbol and also did 1.4k. Really cool!

EDIT: The Slayer's Keen Eye skill did 1.7k O.o

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Post #: 30
9/13/2014 7:22:54   

thats element none or ???
ive fought hard mode melt face akriloth with 2 guests and after 10 turns it was all over... my loooooong stun hit and one more short one. and the dot... 240k hp gone in 10 turns. im speachless.
overall the new ds is awesome.
DF  Post #: 31
9/13/2014 7:36:13   

Am fighting Melt Face Akriloth now, I'm doing really well. I have an Ascendant and a Time Killer as a partner. Ascendant has an Ice weapon and its doing loads of damage. (Did one of its skills with a lot of hits and each did 1.5k O.o, also, a lot of its skills are doing 1.5k to 2.3k to Akriloth. Should I change to this?! Nah, I love my Melee Weapons.)

Dragon Slayer's Poison is very helpful in this fight. Its doing a 6k DoT on Akrliloth)

EDIT: Can't... end this battle... Akriloth... healing...too much...

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Post #: 32
9/13/2014 7:40:48   
Alpha Centipede


stun him when at 50% hp and he is dead. but was he with 200 immobility?
He has 80 immobility, but I'm having terrible luck pulling off the stun.

@above: I feel you... I'm dealing around 5k to 6k damage on average to Melt-Face Akriloth per turn. And he heals 22k hp per turn. This battle is turning into a never-ending nightmare.

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DF  Post #: 33
9/13/2014 9:39:04   
David the Wanderer
Legendary AK!

Oh, OMGBBQ not being Fire-locked is really good! It's a lot more useful that way, especially considering that there are quite a few Fire-resistant powerful dragons.
DF AQW  Post #: 34
9/13/2014 9:53:42   

it is fire locked against non dragons
DF  Post #: 35
9/13/2014 14:02:48   
Shadows Morgenstern

Slay dragons? *looks at what Ash did with DS*

Slay ALL the dragons! :D

This is amazing, I don't even know where to start ._. So I'm going to come back after I'm done going to hell and back with it! xD


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DF  Post #: 36
9/13/2014 14:15:07   

finished training DS, i must say it's quite amazing
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 37
9/13/2014 14:54:14   

Dragonslayer is updated it is alot stronger to other monsters now its really strong on dragons
Post #: 38
9/13/2014 19:21:07   

I'm noticed that there is more turns of a dragon being stunned than if we were facing normal monsters.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 39
9/13/2014 19:40:25   

not only the stun. all skills are better vs dragons.
DF  Post #: 40
9/13/2014 19:58:39   
Doom king of...DOOM!

It finally lives up to it's name is all I can say.
Post #: 41
9/14/2014 0:26:57   

If only Dragons weren't such a niche enemy.

Then again, some of those absurdly powerful abilities would probably be less absurd if that were the case.
DF  Post #: 42
9/14/2014 0:55:09   
Warmonger DragonJax

Using the keen eye skill I hit 3.5 k on Extreme Akriloth ! Every attack goes into the thousands,so great to see an armor which was worthless to awesome after Ashendale tinkers around with it. Goodjob Ash and keep it up and did you fix paladin cause I think the skills are a bit different?
Post #: 43
9/14/2014 5:53:14   

I just fought Extreme Akriloth on Hard Mode. I had WHITE DRAGON MAGE's DEMOGORGE as a partner, which is an Ascendant with an Ice Weapon (Thanks to him! ). Akriloth didn't hit me once. Mostly because he was stunned the whole time (Sleep from Ascendant and stunned for 6 turns from Dragon Slayer) and because of the Poison Skill.)

Amazing Class!

EDIT: Just beat Melt Face Akriloth http://prntscr.com/4mpj3k (I think I want Ascendant now...)

< Message edited by Zeldax -- 9/14/2014 8:00:54 >
Post #: 44
9/14/2014 16:13:44   
Killing time softly

I'm really happy with the new Dragonslayer. I've always liked the armor design, but before the revamp it was honestly pretty useless against any enemy that was not a dragon, and even against dragons other classes would fare better overall. If I remember correctly it was also the only class where free players couldn't even use half of all skills.

Now it's everything it should be in my opinion. It is decent against normal monsters, and absolutely amazing against dragons.

I fought Meltface Akriloth yesterday and invited my two level 80 characters, and it was fun. It took a bit longer than an average boss fight because of his healing ability, but there was never any danger of losing the fight, and it never got frustrating. (I haven't tried hardmode meltface yet though)

I look forward to when it goes live, because then I can save it and try this with three Dragonslayers at the same time. The poor thing won't stand a chance. :D

Thank you Ash! This is much appreciated.
DF MQ  Post #: 45
9/15/2014 16:31:37   

Effects are split by type
- against Regular Enemies
- against Reptiles
- against Dragons

120% damage
125% damage
130% damage

1. Dragon Scales
+120 Melee/Pierce/Magic for 2 turns
+140 Melee/Pierce/Magic for 2 turns
+160 Melee/Pierce/Magic for 2 turns

2. Draconic Strike
- 2 hits for 160% damage
- 3 hits for 180% damage
- 3 hits for 210% damage

3. Draconic Poison
- 90% damage, 20% weapon damage DoT for 5 turns
- 100% damage, 5% enemy HP DoT for 5 turns
- 120% damage, 10% enemy HP DoT for 5 turns

4. Talon Twisting
120% damage, 3 turn stun
125% damage, 4 turn stun
130% damage, 5 turn stun

5. Ire of Scales
- 130% to all
- 150% to all
- 190% to all

6. Draconic Blind
- 80% damage, -30 bonus / 5 turns
- 100% damage, -40 bonus / 5 turns
- 130% damage, -55 bonus / 5 turns

5 turn intro cooldown on all battles
15 turn CD otherwise. Does not carry over due to above.

- 350% damage / Fire Locked / +100 to hit
- 400% damage / (none) element Locked / +100 to hit
- 600% damage / (none) element Locked / +100 to hit

8. Scale Rot
135% damage
- -55 M/P/M for 3 turns
- -80 M/P/M for 3 turns
- -120 M/P/M for 3 turns.

9. Draconic Blaze
Fire locked
- 140% damage, 35% weapon damage DoT for 4 turns.
- 160% damage, 45% weapon damage DoT over 4 turns.
- 180% damage and 60% weapon damage DoT over 4 turns.

10. Dragon's Bane
Ele Seeks to enemy weakness.
- 80% damage, increase weakness by -20 for 4 turns
- 120% damage, increase weakness by -25 for 4 turns
- 150% damage, increase weakness by -30 for 4 turns.

11. Keen Strike
- 170% damage, 100% chance to crit
- 190% damage, 100% chance to crit
- 210% damage, 100% chance to crit

12. Draykwing
- 145% damage, Fire locked, 50% Fire weapon damage DoT for 2 turns
- 160% damage, (none) element Locked, 70% (none) element weapon damage DoT for 2 turns
- 180% damage, (none) element Locked, 100% (none) element weapon damage DoT for 2 turns

13. Draconic Blood
- 120% damage, heals 5% of Total HP
- 135% damage, heals 10% of Total HP
- 150% damage, heals 15% of Total HP

14. Prismatic Strike
Adjusts based on the "weapon" element of opposing dragon.

140% damage and +20 Boost for 4 turns against anything not below.

Against Lizard/Dragon
140% damage and the following.

+20 Boost for 4 turns if not a Reptile or Dragon.

- Fire: 25% / 35% Ice Element weapon damage DoT for 6 turns.
- Water: Regen 25% of your MP while dealing the same amount to opponent's MP
- Stone/Nature: +50 / +90 M/P/M for 4 turns.
- Wind: +30 / +45 Bonus for 4 turns.
- Energy: +30 / +35 Boost for 3 turns.
- Ice: 1 turn stun.
- Light: -35 / -50 bonus for 5 turns.
- Darkness: -25 / -40 Boost for 5 turns.
- ??? (Void): Increase a random element to -100 / -200

Passive effect
If enemy is a Reptile - 20 turn, refreshing upon every attack, -5 Boost.
If enemy is a Dragon - 20 turn, refreshing upon every attack, -10 Boost.

< Message edited by Ash -- 9/15/2014 16:34:18 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 46
9/15/2014 16:40:53   

*whistles* A very powerful skillset. A question, when facing a dragon and a non-dragon in the same battle (like the DragonRose War Boss), does the presence of the dragon automatically triggers all the effects, or do you have to target the dragon? (like if I'm using Dragon Scales, do I have to target the dragon to get 160 M/P/M?)
Post #: 47
9/15/2014 16:42:52   

You should have to target the dragon to get the effect.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 48
9/15/2014 17:02:01   

Wow Ash, you've done a REALLY good job with the revamps! Dragonslayer finally lives up to his name, and it's thanks to you! Speaking of Dragonslayer, when will the dragonbane weps quest come :O ?
AQ AQW  Post #: 49
9/15/2014 17:11:40   

wise Ash. thats pretty much all i have to say :D.

so the 100% bonus for cftfd is the thing that was surprising. now im waiting for the weapons and whatever is next to come :D. great job btw.
DF  Post #: 50
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