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(AQ) Dragons in the Snow: A Drakonnax Frostval

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12/6/2013 23:26:14   
Sir Arceon

CnC here.

Dragons in the Snow: A Drakonnax Frostval

by Drakonnax, Dracomancer Supreme

Chapter 1: First Snow, Last Laugh

Frostval. Every year on this day, the Great Frost Wyrm, Terra Suul, assembles his army of Reigndragons, who work with Lore's heroes to give gifts to all, spreading cheer and happiness. And every year, someone tries to ruin it...

Drakonnax ducked down behind the snowdrift, out of sight of the shadowy figure beyond. "This is it," he told himself. "Time to end this once and for all!" He leapt up, drew back his arm, and...


A snowball hit him square in the face.


"Heehee, sorry!! Not!" Amoria called playfully, then flew off to escape the barrage of snowballs that followed.

For those of you who don't understand what's happening, allow me to explain. Amoria was the physical manifestation of love, given life and sentience(quite accidentally) by Visia the Shaper during Snugglefest 2010. Growing too powerful, she cocooned all of Battleon in a large, tree-like prison in No-Man's-Land. After her defeat, she wandered Lore as a bodiless consciousness, learning the ways of the world and understanding right and wrong. Years later, she finally amassed enough love energy to recreate her physical body. While not as strong as she had been with Visia's uncreation energy, she had still been considered a grave threat. During the mission to hunt her down, Drakonnax had a fateful encouner with her, which led to a rather ridculous series of events, and at the end of it all, Amoria was given a pardon for her past actions and invited to stay with Drakonnax and his surrogate family at Medrovia. Many months had passed since then, and now, Frostval was rolling back around. It was, in fact, the first Frostval Amoria had ever been able to celebrate, and the first time she had ever gotten to play in the snow. Unfortunately, the thing Amoria wanted to try first was snowball fighting.

"I'm gonna get you for this!" Drakonnax called, running as fast as he could after her with an armful of snowballs. Again and again he threw, but she kept swerving through the air, dodging every one, until one at last brushed against her right wing, throwing her off balance.

"Woah, woah, wooooaaaahhh!!" she yelled, trying to restabilize. Feeling a drop of snow on her back, she looked up... and her eyes bulged as she saw Drakonnax, in his Half-Dragon form, drop a huge pile of the cold stuff on her from above.

"Looks like I win," he said, dropping to the ground and resuming human form. He casually walked up to the snowdrift, as Amoria popped back out, shivering.

"Brrrrrrr... I k-keep f-forgetting how c-c-cold sn-now is," she managed through chattering teeth.

"I thought you might have something to say about that," Drakonnax said. He walked over to a nearby tree and pulled out something from behind it, then returned to Amoria, grinning ear to ear. "Here's an early Frostval present from me," he said, holding out a Two-Bearskin coat and a mug of cocoa.

"Awww... you're so sweet," Amoria said, wrapping her new coat around her shoulders and taking a sip. "Speaking of Frostval, I really want to get started! What do we do first?"

"Well," said Drakonnax, "we usually begin by helping Robina decorate the huge tree in the square. Sometimes I wonder if that's worth it, though; the ornaments are usually guarded by snow monsters..."

"I'm liking this already," said Amoria with a slightly sadistic grin. "Let's get started."

As they walked off, Drakonnax paused. For a moment, he thought he felt a draconic aura... He shrugged it off and continued on his way.

Meanwhile, in a forest clearing, a certain blue Moglin was chatting it up with two certain Drakels...

"It's about time you showed up!" snapped Zorbak.

"I believe you requested our help," said the Drakel scientist.

"You may want to be a bit more civil, Moglin," said Minister Bree'Ha of Keld Naer. "I may tolerate your race more than the other interlopers, but I will not brook disrespect from the likes of you..."

"Do you even know me?" asked Zorbak.

"I know that you are wasting my time, Moglin!" shouted the scientist angrily.

"You are the necromancer," observed Bree'Ha. "Didn't you start the year with an unfortunate setback in your power? It is no wonder you need the aid of superior Drakel technology..."

"No need to be insulting!" Zorbak said. "Can you do what I asked?"

"It is possible," said the scientist.

"The more pertinent question is, why do you wish to do such a thing?" asked Bree'Ha. "It would not do to have it interfere with my own plans."

"Because I hate the cold," answered Zorbak. "If I could nudge Lore a bit closer to the sun, I figure it would warm it up a bit."

"Actually, you have it backwards," corrected the scientist.

"Typical Moglin," sighed Bree'Ha, "no appreciation for cosmology. You are no better than your peers..."

"Backwards?" asked Zorbak.

"Yes," answered the scientist. "Actually, during the cold time, Lore is actually close to the sun."

"Close? That makes no sense."

"*SIGH* Since Lore is close, the energy is spread out over more of Lore, thusly, we get less energy in one spot, thusly, it is colder."

"So what you are saying is, I need to move Lore further away from the sun."



"Well what?"

"You could do that?"

"Theoretically. If we have an engine with enough power and place it correctly, it could do the trick."

"Wonderful! I need you to get to work on it."

"You can't be serious!"

"Oh, but I am."

"What's in it for me?"

"For you? You Drakels are so selfish!"

"You are wasting our time," snapped Bree'Ha, who began speaking into his communicator. "Bree'Ha to Naer - two to stream, G'hup."

"Just think of the prestige," said Zorbak quickly. "You will have advanced science beyond what any other Drakel has ever accomplished."

"Hmmm, this little blue rat creature makes a good point, Minister," the scientist pointed out.

"Belay that order, Commander G'hup," Bree'Ha said into his communicator, then turned his attention back to Zorbak. "You are quite right. It would be quite a feather in the Drakel cap to permanently shift the orbit of Lore. The tremendous profit it will make us in gold will be very nice, also."

"Gold?" asked Zorbak. "Who said anything about gold?"

"We may be selfish," said the scientist, "but I am greedy, too."

"I have many of my own expensive projects for my scientists to be funding," explained Bree'Ha. "Think of all the projects you are being put ahead of. One must pay for that sort of exclusivity..."

"How much gold?" Zorbak asked warily.

"How much do you have?" asked the scientist.

"Oh, no need to be uncivilized," said Bree'Ha, "we are certain whatever the debt you incur, Zorbak, you will make good..."

"Really?" asked Zorbak.

"Oh yes, very certain... as the alternative would be entirely unpleasant for you," Bree'Ha finished with a classic evil grin.

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12/21/2013 13:50:32   
Sir Arceon

Chapter 2: Dragon's Deception

"Man, those ice monsters were tougher than I thought!" remarked Drakonnax.

"Yeah, but look! Now the tree looks all pretty," said Amoria, watching the reflected light bounce off the decorations with a similar twinkle in her eyes.

"Yeah... I think we better go see Twilly, though..."

"Yeah, alright."

With that, the two left the square to meet Twilly under the big tree he always hangs out under... and found him talking to Kabroz, Zorbak's older brother. Exchanging a quick glance, they tried to back away, but to no avail.

"Oh no you don't, Drakonnax - get back in here!" called Kabroz.

Reluctantly, Drakonnax and Amoria walked back, wondering what in the name of The'Galin he wanted this time...

"Let me guess, Twilly, Kabroz is here to save Frostval this year. Why not? Zorbak did it last year. Next year we can go for broke and Kabak can do the honors!" said Drakonnax with very badly hidden sarcasm.

"While I may no longer be a necromancer, Drakonnax, I am quite adept at some other magics you might find equally unpleasant should you not dispense with your dry sarcasm immediately," Kabroz backfired.

"Is that a threat!?" growled Amoria, her pink eyes flashing angrily.

"Not a threat, my dear," said Kabroz, "a simple fact."

Amoria took a threatening step towards Kabroz, but Drakonnax held her back, giving her a "he ain't worth it" look.

"You're as bad as Zorbak when it comes to asking for help, you know that?" Drakonnax said. "Whatever happened to politeness and civility?"

"If you expected either of those things from me, you clearly hit your head," Kabroz said with a roll of his eyes. "Twilly and I believe that the Drakel have abducted Zorbak."

"Are you sure?" asked Amoria. "What would the Drakel want with Zorbak?"

"He teleported from the lair very suddenly," said Twilly. "Warlic says the teleportation used has magiscience elements, and that the destination appears to have been Keld Naer. But that Naer has protections that prevent him from being more specific."

"Bree'Ha has caused many problems before," observed Kabroz. "As to what the Drakel might want with Zorbak... the fact that he has been able to start regaining his necromancy where others, including myself, failed might have something to do with it... or the fact that he is a Moglin Necromancer at all..."

"They want to do terrible experiments on him, I just knows it!" Twilly exclaimed, shuddering with fear.

"Unless you want my wrath, Drakonnax, you will rescue my dunderhead brother. Only I get to kick him around."


"Meh, fine. As the Chosen of Lore, you are charged with the protection of her people. My brother is one of her people, and any Drakel experimentation on him could be bad..."

"How bad?" Drakonnax asked.

"Try 'it could yield fiendishly horrifying results even I could not imagine,'" Kabroz put simply.

Now it was Amoria's turn to shudder. "That is bad!" she remarked.

"Exactly," said Kabroz, "so we had better get moving."

"Well, Amoria, you up for this?" Drakonnax asked.

"Oh, sure," she said. "My first Frostval, and I get to spend it trying to rescue an annoying necromantic Mogin from an entire domed Drakel city, which is probably filled with magiscientific weaponry that could obliterate us in less than a second, and he probably won't even give us so much as a 'thank you.' Oh yes, this is the best Frostval ever."

Drakonnax put his arm around her shoulder. "Hey, once we save his little blue derriere, I'll make sure it is," he told her with a smile that she couldn't help returning.

"Well, alright," she submitted. "But if we get captured, it's on his head."

Drakonnax laughed loudly. "Deal," he said, and the two of them began the journey to the southwest, where Keld Naer stood, waiting for them.

Security around the city actually wasn't that bad. A Fire Warrior, a couple of Water Magi, another Fire Warrior, an Air Raider, three Enforcers... pretty much the usual. From there, it was only a matter of finding Zorbak...

Meanwhile, the esteemed scientist and Commander G'hup were having a somewhat disturbing conersation...

"So what exactly is Bree'Ha's involvement with Arakue?" asked the scientist. "That being is anathema to our studies and research."

"Precisely why you had better plan on relocating far from here," said G'hup. "I have made arrangements with some distant relatives on Deren. If I were you, I would make similar arrangements."

It was at this point that Drakonnax and Amoria quite literally burst in, courtesy of a punch from Drakonnax's suit of Leprechaun Power Au-rmor.

"We have company, G'hup," the scientist stated. He then pulled out a magitech handgun and turned to the heroes. "How DARE you invade my lab? Prepare to die!"

Remarkably, the scientist did have considerable skill, dodging Drakonnax's Blade of Awe!!! and letting out energy shots whenever he saw an opening. Unfortunately for him, he was completely unprepared for Amoria's Pheremone Wave attack. While he stood there, completely entranced by Amoria's now overwhelming beauty, Drakonnax took his gun and bonked him over the head.

"Enough of this," Drakonnax declared as the scientist, now over Amoria's hypnosis, scrambled back to the better-armed G'hup's side. "Where is Zorbak? We know you have kidnapped him!"

"Haha," laughed G'hup. "Kidnapped? Hardly..."

"What a ridiculous accusation," remarked the scientist.

"It is the Moglin who came to us," explained G'hup.

Just then, a panel opened up in a nearby machine, revealing Zorbak, sound asleep and seemingly grinning to himself, wearing a metal helmet adorned with sensor wires.

"Oh noes!" exclaimed Twilly, who had just run in behind Kabroz.

"What have you done to him!?" shouted Kabroz. "Release him at once!"

Just then, Bree'Ha teleported in. "Why have you come, Drakonnax?" he asked. "Have you been reduced to being a lackey for the Zombiemaker and this healer? How apropos. The Chosen of Lore is already an over-glorified errand-person for the gods... why not for every two-bit villain and dogooder?"

"Why you..." Amoria began.

"That's enough out of you, Bree'Ha," said Drakonnax with more than a hint of anger in his voice. "Release Zorbak at once."

"That is a problem, I am afraid," said Bree'Ha. "Zorbak, of course, can leave whenever he chooses, but at present he appears very much to choose... not."

"What have you done to him?" Drakonnax demanded.

"Given him his fondest wish and desire," Bree'Ha answered. "A world without winter, and so, without Frostval."

"Sounds dreadfuls!" said Twilly.

"Sounds marvelous!" said Kabroz at the exact same time. "But it's just an illusion? Trickery created by Drakel science."

"Created by Drakel magiscience, yes, but not trickery," said Bree'Ha. "Just what is reality? Where do the boundaries lie? To your brother, I wager, the world is very real indeed."

"However stimulating your simulation may be, Bree'Ha," said Drakonnax, "it ends now. Release Zorbak."

"Oh, it's not at all that simple," said Bree'Ha.

"You lot are really among the most foolish of the many human races," mocked the scientist.

Amoria growled, evidently becoming more furious with every insult projected at her... what was he? Boyfriend? Lover? Companion? She wasn't sure what exactly to call him... but either way, he meant a lot to her, and she was not about to let him be insulted by this idiotic excuse for a half-dragon.

"Why?" askd Drakonnax. 'What are you not telling..."

"Nothing at all," replied Bree'Ha. "We told you already; Zorbak is within and he does not want to leave. If you disconnect his body now, his mind will remain within the simulation."

"But no longer supported by our science," continued the scientist, "his body will perish..."

"Only from within shall he be freed," finished Bree'Ha. "Now, run along, and return when you are ready to fight through a world designed by the whim of the Moglin himself."

Amoria started over to give this condescending jerk a fist to the face, but Drakonnax put his hand on her shoulder. "Not yet," he said. "If it's Zorbak's Dreamworld, things are bound to be crazy... we'd better prepare ourselves." And Amoria knew he was right. Before they left, she shot the Drakels a "this isn't over" look, and she and Drakonnax left, followed by Twilly and Kabroz.

"I do not fancy his chances, Minister," said G'hup. "Are you sure we should allow it at all?"

"All the better, G'hup," said Bree'Ha. "If Drakonnax succeeds, then Zorbak will still owe us, and will no doubt be furious with him."

"And if they fail, Minister?" G'hup asked.

"And if they fail," said Bree'Ha with a hint of villainous determination in his voice, "then he will stop being a thorn in my side altogether."

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Sir Arceon

Chapter 3: Welcome to your Nightmare

After making their preparations, Drakonnax, Amoria, Kabroz, and Twilly returned to K'eld Naer.

"Alright, Minister," said Drakonnax. "Time to extract Zorbak from the world you created."

"Oh, how little you understand, Drakonnax," said Bree'Ha. "This is not merely a virtual reality; it is a consensual illusion."

"Meaning?" asked Amoria.

"Meaning that the world created is like a persistent lucid dream," explained Bree'Ha. "It is created not by the machine itself, but by Zorbak's own mind."

"Oh really?" said Drakonnax. "And does the Nightmare Queen know you are impinging so close on her territory?"

"Lucidity means that it falls outside of the realm of nightmares, and thus, totally outside her authority," explained Bree'Ha. "Regardless, the Queen and I have a standing agreement."

"I wager it will still be a nightmare for them, eh, Minister?" chuckled the scientist.

"Given that they will be very physically within the projection of his thoughts... I should say so," said Bree'Ha with a fiendish grin.

"Wait, what?" asked Amoria.

"Four to stream, G'hup," ordered Bree'Ha.

"Four to stream right into the imaging chamber so they can enter the virtual world directly, Minister," confirmed G'hup.

With that, Drakonnax, Amoria, Twilly, and Kabroz were all engulfed in a flash of light...

Somewhere in Zorbak's Dream...

Next thing they knew, they were standing in the middle of Battleon... except everything was dark and dismal, the plants were twisted and dead... and for some inexplicable reason, every building had a straw roof.

"Bah!" exclamd Kabroz, breaking the silence. "This is what that skull head dreams about?"

"Twillies don't like this," said Twilly. "There's no snow, and Battleon looks like a necwomancer decorated it!" He then turned to the barren stump in the center of the square. "...and the twee, the beautiful twee we decorate every year!"

Kabroz turned to Twilly with a look of pure annoyance. "Treee," he said. "T-r-e-e-e, there is no W!"

"Did he just spell 'tree' with three E's?" asked Amoria.

"Why, yes," said Drakonnax, "yes he did."

"Wow. Did he even finish school?"

"I think they expelled him for zombifying his superintendent."

As if to prove his point, Kabroz read the grave next to the stump: "Rest In Peace Stoopid Tree. Mehehehe. Funny, but he left an E out of treee." Drakonnax and Amoria's reaction to this was a continuous synchronized facepalm.

"C'mon, we've gotta find Zorbak!" said Drakonnax finally, his forehead reddened from the repeated facepalming.

"Then you'd better start clearing out some of these undead Guardians, Drakonnax," said Kabroz.

"...Oh zard spit."

(Two Krie-Guardian Magi, One Krie-Guardian Warrior, and Three Krie-Guardian Rogues later...)

Drakonnax and Amoria stood amongst a pile of bones, black armor, and darkness-aligned Guardian weapons, trying to catch their breath.

"Whew, now that was what I call a workout!" said Amoria cheerfully, wiping the sweat from her brow.

Drakonnax picked up a skull, the sockets of which were glowing with a fading blue flame.

"Those weren't just undead Guardians," he said. "Those were Krie-Guardians."

"Xitra Regeirk's footsoldiers?" asked Amoria, to which Drakonnax nodded.

"Oh, great!" said Kabroz, exasperated. "If he's here, that means we have to deal with him too, am I right?"

"Isn't that him over there?" asked Twilly.

Everyone looked. Sure enough, it was Artix's dark analog, Xitra, himself, along with Zorbak, a necromancer-dressed Twilly, a seemingly normal Twig, and Kabroz, dressed in a servant's robes, with a plate of drinks... who was instantly vaporized by a burst of black lightning.

"Not even in your dreams, brother," said Kabroz, the skull on his staff smoking.

"Heya's Twilly," said Evil Twilly.

"Hi's Twilly!" said the regular Twilly.

"Wait, what?" said Zorbak. "Kabroz? What have you done? What is going on? Why are you here with Drakonnax and that pink-haired girl?"

"None of this is real, dunderhead," explained Kabroz. "It is all a Drakel illusion by your own illusions and even delusions."


"It's true!" said Twilly.

"'That pink-haired girl?'" thought Amoria, annoyed that Zorbak didn't even remember her name.

"Seriously?" asked Kabroz. "Battleon just happens to look like you built it?" Undead Guardians running around? There is a dracolich statue on top of the Guardian Tower!"

"I assumed that was my Frostval wish coming true," said Zorbak. "Notice the distinct lack of snow, also." He looked around, noting the differences. "I see. So. So what?"

"So you're coming with us," said Amoria in a slightly threatening tone.

"I don't think so," said Zorbak. "My personal League of Dastardly Necromancers shall take you out."

"Sorries Twilly," said Evil Twilly.

"It's ok, Twillies," said regular Twilly.

"I'm not," said Kabroz, who then proceeded to turn Evil Twilly to ash.

"Really, Kabroz?" said Zorbak. "Was that really necessary?"


"The pain in your brain shall surely entertain," said Evil Twig, speaking up for the first time. "I shall render you into an undead fish sundae. Yummy." He licked his lips in the most evil way any of them had ever seen.

"Okay," said Drakonnax. "I don't know what that is, but it's definitely not Twig."

"YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH, ABMOINATION!" cried Kabroz, frying Evil Twig also.

"...You were fooled by that, Zorbak?" asked Drakonnax. "That didn't sound like Twig at all."

"Yeah, well, I HAD been teaching him diction," said Zorbak. "Do you have any idea how hard I worked?"

"Not really, but it doesn't matter, Eliza Doolittle," said Amoria, cracking her knuckles. "He wasn't real anyway, and you're coming with us."

"I don't think so," said Zorbak. "Xitra, avenge the fallen! ...and then we'll raise them."

"As you command, my leige," said Xitra, advancing towards them...


Drakonnax began with a powerful blast from his Mooncrest Staff, then Amoria transformed and followed that with a burst of pink flame. Xitra, seemingly unfazed, used his necromancy to raise a swarm of undead hands, and while Drakonnax stomped them back down, tried using his dark powers to control him. Amoria, seeing this, broke Xitra's concentration with a tail to the face, giving Drakonnax an opportunity to strike while Kabroz blasted the bony arms back into the ground. Enraged, Xitra struck with his dark battleaxe, but Drakonnax's staff caught it, and the two struggled, their weapons locked.

"You can't win, hero," taunted Xitra. "I've killed and resurrected far greater warriors than yourself a hunded times over!!"

"Yeah," countered Drakonnax, "but in the end, the villain always gets theirs, no matter how many undead they raise."

"Oh really?" said Xitra. "You mind explaining that to them?"

Another pair of skeleton arms grabbed Drakonnax's legs, trying to drag him down. Drakonnax struggled, both against Xitra himself and the arms, when Twilly came and started beating at them with his stick. This gave Drakonnax the opportunity to push Xitra forward onto the ground, draw his Bladeof Awe!!!, and leap through the air to deliver the final blow. Xitra caught his second wind and rolled, dodging Drakonnax's Blade. As Drakonnax struggled to pull his weapon back out of the dirt, Xitra raised his axe to execute him... but then caught a whiff of a strange scent. He turned, curious, and there was Amoria, who for some reason, looked even more attractive than before.

"What sorcery is this..?" Xitra asked, becoming more and more overwhemed by the pheremones.

"Come over here, necromancer," said Amoria, motioning for him to come closer. "I wanna tell you something..."

"Yes, o vision of purest beauty?" said Xitra. Now it was Zorbak and Kabroz's turn to facepalm. They couldn't believe he was falling for this.

As Xitra drew nearer, the phermones became stronger, and his blackened heart longed more and more for this fuschia-haired angel. She took his head in her hands, stroked his goatee... and then Drakonnax dealt the final blow.

"Don't mess with my boyfriend," Amoria said, letting Xitra drop.


"...Boyfriend?" asked Drakonnax.

"Well... y-yeah," said Amoria. "I thought... w-well, I mean... is it okay if I call you that..?"

Drakonnax smiled. "I don't see why not," he said.

Suddenly, he, Amoria, Twilly, and Kabroz were streamed out of the dream world and back into Keld Naer. They looked around. Everything seemed... dull and colorless.

"No," he thought, "it can't be..."

Just then, Zorbak woke up and leapt off the table, looking more than a little miffed...

"Whoa," said Amoria. "What is going on here!?"

"Are we still in your goofy simulation?" asked Kabroz.

"This is no part of my doing," said Zorbak. "It looks more like..."

"Truphma!" said Drakonnax, his voice dark with loathing.

"We better get out of here!" said Twilly. "There are gifts to deliver, Drakonnax."

"Meh, great," said Zorbak. "Speaking of..."

A group of what appeared to be a Truphma-corrupted Drakel(hmm... perhaps... Trakel?) began to advance towards them.

"Not again..." said Drakonnax.

To be continued...

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Sir Arceon

Chapter 4: Dragon's Downfall

As the five made their escape, it seemed as though the entire city had been bleached by the lackluster Truphma. What had happened? Had Bree'Ha, in his quest for power, made a dark deal with Xov Arakue?

"The entire K'eld will be taken over at this rate... this has to be stopped!" observed Drakonnax a while. "It appears the corrupton of the Truphma knows no bounds."

"I'd say it's an improvement," said Kabroz. "At least they are much quieter now."

"Mehehehe," chuckled Zorbak. "Good one."

"You pipe down!" snapped Kabroz. "You are the whole reason we are in this mess to begin with. Just wait 'til we get home!"

"Oh, you want a piece of me?" yelled Zorbak. "I'll turn your bones to jelly, smear it on some toast, and use your cape to wipe my mouth when I'm finished!"

"Okay, eww!" said Amoria, gagging.

"C'mon, you two, said Drakonnax, "we need to get back to Battleon."

"Wait, said Zorbak, "what was that?"

"Oh, now what?" asked Amoria.

Suddenly, a Trakel in a souped-up, yet still bland Power Chariot wheeled up, its massive gun ready to fire.

"I had to ask."

"You will go no further," stated the Trakel pilot. "The queen will not allow it."

"Now there's something you don't see everyday," said Kabroz.

"And out here, necromancy's weakened," said Zorbak. "THANKS, KABROZ."

Drakonnax closed his eyes. "Mighty Airenal, Lord of the Skies, grant me your blessing," he said. In a gust of wind, and with the earsplitting screech of a bird of prey, Drakonnax was granted the set of items used by Airenal's Champion.

"You ready for this?" he asked Amoria.

"I was created ready," said Amoria as she finished her own transformation.

"Why do good guys always get the good stuff?" lamented Zorbak.


Drakonnax took to the skies to avoid the Power Chariot's barrage of paint bombs. "Ironic choice of ammunition," he thought as he tried to strike the chariot from behind. As he did so, it wheeled around and sent a wave of various paints his way. Amoria whacked the pilot's cockpit with the bladed leaves on her tail, giving Drakonnax the opportunity he needed. Raising his weapon, Airenal's Cunning, he summoned a barrage of twisters and sent the paint straight back at the Trakel. As the pilot raged about having ACTUAL COLOR all over his armor, Amoria and Drakonnax combined their Fire and Wind attacks to finish him off.

(STOP THE MUSIC!! Oh come on, don't look at me like that! I know it's short, but I'm pressed for time!)

"We'll sort this Truphma mess out later," said Drakonnax. "We are running out of time, and those presents have to be delivered on time!"

"Right, Drakonnax," said Twilly. "Frostval's right around the corner. We need to make deliveries. Besides, if Bree'Ha can build a machine that makes entire worlds, he can handles the Truphma."

Drakonnax nodded, and he, Amoria, Twilly, Zorbak, and Kabroz left. As they did, Drakonnax began to once again wonder... did Xov do this by herself, or did Bree'Ha allow this to happen?

To be concluded...

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Sir Arceon


After setting Zorbak free(and practically forcing a simple "thank you" from him), Drakonnax, Amoria, and the rest of the Vartai Royals helped to engage in what was arguably the best part of Frostval: delivering gifts!

"Thanks again, Plutarch!" called Drakonnax. Plutarch the Red-nosed, one of the Great Frost Wyrm's most famous Reigndragons, roared in reply as he flew off.

"Whew!" said Amoria as she fell back onto a nearby snowdrift. "Is the delivery list always that long?"

"No," said Gaspar, looking over the list once more, "It is usually twice so, sometimes even more."

"Must've been because there were so many heroes helping out this year," guessed Xerxes as he cleaned the frost from his axe-blades.

"All in all, I would say this has been another successful delivery," remarked Cyrus.

"Speaking of gifts..." said Sheila as she nudged Drakonnax in the arm, winking.

Drakonnax nodded, and his heart began to race as he pulled a relatively small box from his satchel.

"A-Amoria?" he called nervously. "There's something I'd like to give you..."

Suddenly, the six were interrupted by Bree'Ha, jumping out from the snow-covered trees in a strange powersuit.

"You have got to be kidding me," thought Drakonnax. He put the box back, drew his Blade, and stepped forward.

"That's enough, Bree'Ha," he declared. "Zorbak has been returned to Lore and all the presents have been delivered! Your scheme is done!"

"Tell me, Chosen," said Bree'Ha, "do you enjoy wasting time and energy, or is there a script you have memorized that you must superstitiously follow for fear great calamity will befall you?"


"In all of your many conficts, including our own past interactions, has even one one person responded to such a demand with 'Yes, of course, you're right. I give up now.'?"


"That is simply not how it is done, Drakonnax. Does not matter, as you can see, I didn't come for talking. Now either defeat me in armed combat, or be defeated."

"THAT'S IT!!" exploded Amoria. "I have had it up to WAY BEYOND HERE!!! This is my first Frostval, and I had hoped to spend it having a fun time with my boyfriend and his family, but did I? NO!!! I had to spend it breaking into a domed city, diving into a dream world, fighting off hordes of Truphma, almost dying like five times, and for what?! An ungrateful, narcissistic, annoying little Moglin necromancer who is too busy plotting his 'Ebil' revenge to even remember my name! All of this, on top of the fact that you villains insult him at evey available opportunity!! Well, you know what I plan to give you for Frostval, Prime Minister Bree'Ha!? AN UP-CLOSE AND PERSONAL MEETING WITH THE REAPER!!!" With that, Amoria transformed, grabbed Bree'Ha by the leg wth her dragon arm, and threw him on the ground like a rag doll several times, breaking off pieces of his armor with each hit, and finally resumed her nomal form, standing over Bree'Ha and breathing heavily. Every widened eye was on her, and every sentient being observing, at that same exact moment in time, was thinking to themself: "Remind me not to make her mad."

Drakonnax, having recovered from his initial shock, walked up to Bree'Ha and pointed his Blade at the defeated Drakel minister.

"Now, stand down, Bree'Ha!" he demanded.

The minister, having finally recovered his breath, chuckled weakly. "But of course, Drakonnax," he said. "You have won the day. Bravo. I am only sorry you cannot stick around K'eld Naer for more conversation."

"What the... what is with this guy?" thought Drakonnax.

"And you are very wrong, by the way," continued Bree'Ha, struggling to get up. "My schemes, of which there are several, have not even yet begun."

A look of shock appeared on the faces Drakonnax and his kindred.

"One to stream, G'hup," called Bree'Ha into his communicator.

Some static crackled on the other end of Bree'Ha's communicator, which he had evidently left on loudspeaker, before they heard the response. "Commander G'hup is not here, Minister. He has already departed."

"Ah, of course," said Bree'Ha, remembering. "Very well, one to stream, Mr. O'frai'un."

As Bree'Ha was streamed away, Drakonnax turned to see Amoria, sniffling to herself on a rock. He understood why she was so fed up, and he believed now was the opportune moment. He walked up to her and out his hand on her shoulder.

"Amoria? There's somethng I'd like to give you."

Amoria looked up at him, and he placed the relatively small box in her hands. She opened it, and once more, her eyes brimmed with tears. But these were not tears born of the final straw, but instead those born of joy. For in that box was the most beautiful pendant she had ever seen. It was shaped like two dragons, flying together in the shape of a heart, with a heart-shaped amethyst in the center. Drakonnax pulled it out of the box and showed her that it was actually two necklaces, with one of those charms that can split in two and be rejoined later. As he placed the necklace carrying the right half around her neck, he looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Happy first Frostval, Amoria," he said.

Amoria, too overwhelmed by her own emotions, simply wrapped her arms around Drakonnax's neck, and the two engaged in their first kiss, bringing an "awwwwww" from every Frost Moglin and a beam of pride from the Vartai Royals.

"It's going to be hard to top this next year," said Amoria after they finished.

"I'll see if I can't find a way," said Drakonnax. Amoria giggled, and they kissed again. As the snow fell around them, one thought crept through both their minds.

"Best. Frostval. Ever."

The End


Later, at Medrovia..

Drakonnax closed the door to Cyrus's throne room behind him. The others had gone to bed, but Cyrus had calld him away to discuss a vital matter.

"You've taken a big risk, giving her half of the Dragonheart," said Cyrus, his back to Drakonnax and a grim look on his face.

"Look, the only way its power is going to trigger is if we stick the charms back together, right?" asked Drakonnax. "If we don't do that, we're in the clear."

"Did it occur to you that maybe I put it in the great vault for a reason?" Cyrus asked, turning to Drakonnax and raising his voice.

"I'm pretty sure I can trust her with it, brother," said Drakonnax with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"And when do you plan to tell her about its power and the risks that come with it?"

"When the time comes."

"That's not an answer."

"Yes it is. Look, what she doesn't know won't hurt her, alright? Is it so wrong that I wanted to give her something nice for her very first Frostval?"

Cyrus was silent for a few moments, then turned back to the wall. "No," he said. "But one day, you will have to tell her. The Dragonheart is a relic of great power, used by Limkragg and Ser'Mathis themselves before their ascension. It is your responsibility to ensure that its halves do not fall into the wrong hands."

"I promise," said Drakonnax. "Good night, Cyrus."

"Good night."

As Drakonnax left, Cyrus began thinking to himself. "I can only hope that theirs do not end up being the wrong hands..."

The End (For Real)

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