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=BG= Review/Feedback Thread

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3/20/2014 21:12:19   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Here is the place you can leave a review for BattleGems and discuss your opinions with each other. If you want to post a review but are not sure where to start, below are a few bullet points you can work off of in the form of questions you could try to answer (though you are more than welcome to come up with your own!):

  • How do you find the actual gameplay? Is it fast, slow, rewarding or lackluster?
  • Is the gameplay good, needing improvement? Why?
  • How is the gameplay difficulty, it`s learning curve?
  • How easy or hard it is to get accustom to the concept?
  • What are your thoughts regarding the length of the game, if applicable?
  • What is your opinion on the sounds, the music, the graphics and the animation?
  • How fun and rewarding is a gameplay session? Needs improvement?
  • How do you feel after multiple gameplay sessions spread through a few days? Is the game still appealing after a lengthy period of time spent ingame. Yes? No? Why?
  • How does it hold up with others similar concept games? Why is it better or why is it flawed in comparison?
  • How do you find the game overall? Who should play it? Is it for everyone? Why? Why not?

    Please remember that when posting you are more than welcome to disagree and/or disapprove something about the game. However, you are required, not asked, to post your criticism in a constructive manner. If you don't know how to do that, read the BG GD Board Rules for an example.

    Thanks to XapApp for the thread suggestion!

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  • DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
    3/21/2014 1:19:37   

    Hello BG

    The actual game play is awesome and fast to learn. Thats why i got the Founders Package and got my achievement badge on my aqw char Killaguap :D.
    The game is good, well I am close to finishing it. I hope the add more releases and maybe a PVP in it.
    It was pretty easy to get accustom to the concept of the game. AQW players that are playing this game should understand it right away, i mean the Battle gems have everything you see in AQW :).
    Length of the game seem pretty ok to mean, it's a good time killer. Since i downloaded it i have been playing it.
    Graphics i give it 5 star, animation i give it 5 star and music 4 star.
    Some quest can be pretty hard to find the monster you're trying to kill, but i got nothing but time. /flex
    I enjoy the length period of time. Yes, it's appealing and addicting if you're on a killing strike.
    Overall it's excellent game to play and hope it become top FREE game to play in the App store. kids 7+ should play with brightness of the phone set a little bit low due to the awesome graphics.

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    AQW Epic  Post #: 2
    3/21/2014 2:56:51   

    A game with simple mechanics, fast-paced, and really rewarding - making you play more. Though the idea of incorporating battle mechanics with jewel games is not new, AE did an awesome job. I must say though that the skills are purely for aesthetics. Gotta love that equipped items have no effect, but only the number of items you have, the unique aspect of the game.

    Leveling could be better. Exp should be given more emphasis, and not level after every battle (I'm only level 40, so that might not be true for later levels). At first, your level does not seem important, because I just kept playing and playing without noticing and caring for my level. The game feels that casual, which is not a bad thing, I guess. I read somewhere that the current cap is 484? Should be condensed to somewhere around 100.

    I did not notice the "Power" system at first. When you attain your first "Power", a simple dialog should pop up, explaining what powers are. There should be an indication somewhere on what powers are currently active, especially during battle. Or indications if a certain power is being triggered, like when performing combos.

    Music is good, but I noticed that clicking buttons have no sound.

    Right now, BG is a dress-up, very casual, grind-oriented game. The game is easy, but quests after some point will make you grind for a couple of minutes.

    Just saw the game in the Best New Games chart, which is nice. Awesome game, with rooms for improvement. My only worry right now is the medium quality graphics of the game in my iPad. Looking forward for the android port!
    DF AQW  Post #: 3
    3/21/2014 3:37:09   

    I would appreciate it very much if they incorporated an option to upgrade to founder status through the artix account even though I heard it will be too messy. I enjoy this game very much. I am somewhat confused with leveling up though. Maybe they should have a tutorial or an xp bar because I have been level 10 after at least 10 quests. I feel the game is very modern and incorporates a lot of current cultural trends on the internet.
    Sounds, music, graphics, animations: 8-10.
    I hope they fix the many frequent crashes though, it could be I'm playing on the ipad 2 but that doesn't seem to be a problem with other apps. Actually, if you have problems with crashes, restart your Apple product. It will make the game run SOO MUCH BETTER

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
    3/21/2014 4:02:55   

  • How do you find the actual gameplay? Is it fast, slow, rewarding or lackluster? It is fast and smooth. During 190 quests played, the game crashed once which is acceptable.

  • Is the gameplay good, needing improvement? Why? I find the "powers" to be an interesting concept. It makes character unique because player can only select 4 powers at once. However, the descriptions somtimes are confused. There could be an explanation or example for some new effect, such as changing type of gems, on website's FAQ or in-game. I also find website's FAQ to be useful.

  • What is your opinion on the sounds, the music, the graphics and the animation? Animation is smooth, but the backgrounds (in cutscences, etc.), menu screen (where there are "PLAY" and "OPTION") and large icons (crossed swords icon in "BATTLE", etc.) look blurred on iPad.
    In addition to graphics and animation, it would be cool if skill's upgrade also improves skill's animation, like after 4 Fire ball's upgrades, the ball will be bigger.

  • How do you feel after multiple gameplay sessions spread through a few days? Is the game still appealing after a lengthy period of time spent ingame. Yes? No? Why? It is still appealing me after playing 190 quests. However, the problem is that quests' dialogs will stick to the post-battle ones forever after they are completed. Endgame players may find this boring. I suggest to add the initial dialogs back, like there will be "before completion dialog" button after the completion.

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  • Post #: 5
    3/22/2014 13:49:15   
    Demi Viral

    Hello Battle Gems! First and foremost this "review" is from the eyes of a person who has not purchased the Founder Package; I would love to, and will, but I simply do not have the money at this time.

    I found the gameplay to be rather fun, I love the banter you get and the humor is pretty spot on with that Artix Entertainment flair that I have grown to love. Although I am now sitting at the first (of several I'm sure) timed gates that require 3 keys, either by waiting, getting them from friends or in-app purchase. Now I won't say my mind on this now I would rather not taint this review for an otherwise exemplary game.

    So far I am level 56, and just beat Lavawing and have all available items up to this point (that I know of) and I have not even come close to dying, I can't speak for the later game because I haven't made it that far yet, but I have found this game to be VERY easy. Not that that is a bad thing, just some options for harder difficulties would be welcome.

    The sounds are nice and crisp, and the graphics are charming, although seeing the same model recolored 5 times is a bit... lazy? (the dragon generals/lava wing) Also the animation is very nice by what I have seen, there has been a bit of slow down but that may just be my phone.

    I haven't played to many gem based puzzle games, usually that's not really my cup of tea usually. Although this game has kept my interest a bit more because it inter-layed a nice story to go along with its rather repetitive game play. The only game that I have played that is similar in that rite is Tetris Attack for the SNES, and I don't think it would be fair to compare this to a game I have VERY heavy nostalgia goggles for.

    I find the game to be very charming and I honestly think anyone who even remotely likes gem based puzzle games would be able to have fun for a few hours at least. Although people in the know when it comes to internet sub-culture will probably have FAR more to like about this game.

    Now for the elephant in the room... those bloody time gates. I have to say time gates that halt all progress on a game for upwards of a day with out help from friends or some exchanging of money is the WORST game mechanic out there, dare I say it's worse then Quick-time events. It is nothing more then a money grab placed into a game to extort money from the impatient and punish those who want to just have a fun time progressing though a game at a leisurely progress. I am rather disappointed in AE for not realizing what a terrible mechanic this is, there is absolutely no value to that what so ever. I don't mind the battle fatigue (for lack of knowledge off the top of my head to the actual name for that) it makes the game feel less grind-y to me, as well as allowing for a stopping point every half hour-hour, which is the recommended length of play time generally.

    Now if you excuse me I'm going to go back to waiting for the next 15 hours so I can progress in this game. If I find anything to add to my post after being allowed to progress I will edit this post later.

    Thank you for your time.
    Post #: 6
    3/22/2014 18:45:06   

    This is an amazing game, I absolutely love it. Iphone games either: Suck, are really good but then get boring, or are this. How long will the founder package stay out? My dad agreed to buy it to me if I exercise for 10 days straight, so I hope it doesn't go off sale before that.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
    4/16/2014 19:09:13   
    Jake Harrison

    How do you find the actual gameplay? Is it fast, slow, rewarding or lackluster? - Well that all depends on the phone, considering I have many apps with loads of lag it's the fastest game on my IPhone. So far, I haven't had any problems, good job Artix Entertainment.

    Is the gameplay good, needing improvement? Why? - Every game needs improvement on something, but the game doesn't have that many.

    How is the gameplay difficulty, it`s learning curve? - It's pretty easy to complete a lot of these levels, especially due to getting items and skills every time one is completed.

    How easy or hard it is to get accustom to the concept? - It's pretty basic, the only mistakes with the gems is when I have to change my fingers direction while sliding it across.
    What are your thoughts regarding the length of the game, if applicable? - It's pretty long, but as I said, it's easy, it probably wouldn't take that long considering how addictive it is.

    How do you feel after multiple gameplay sessions spread through a few days? Is the game still appealing after a lengthy period of time spent ingame. Yes? No? Why? - I feel like I'm in Adventure Quest Worlds, playing its tutorial over and over but getting loads of experience. The cut scenes and items are still entertaining (i.e cutscene after BrutalCorn fight, flappy bird item)

    How does it hold up with others similar concept games? Why is it better or why is it flawed in comparison? - Compared to the puzzle game, Bejeweled Blitz, it's not frustrating because it's not timed yet just as addicting.

    How do you find the game overall? Who should play it? Is it for everyone? Why? Why no- Anyone can play the game and I mean PLAY the game, it's not hard and it's kid-friendly.


    I don't play solo because I don't have friends, it's because I'm just that good.

    That One Solo Player,
    Jake Harrison
    DF AQW  Post #: 8
    4/17/2014 23:04:27   

    Have to say, loving the game, with its quirks and such.

    How do you find the actual gameplay? Is it fast, slow, rewarding or lackluster? I found the gameplay quite smooth and fast, however, sometimes the speed of which I increase in power is not identical to the increasing power of the Monsters, and sometimes I get overwhelmed. However, I would definitely say the gameplay is good as it is.
    Is the gameplay good, needing improvement? Why? I think it's mostly good; it needs some sort of technical improvements. Often I'd click an item and the game would crash and that would be annoying, and sometimes the game takes a seemingly long time to load, as well as that animation. The gameplay itself, though, is great, since it does have lots of quests you have to go through, providing less boredom.
    How is the gameplay difficulty, it`s learning curve? This is a tough question.. but I'd say the learning curve is Medium-Easy. While these kinds of games are easy to understand, they do introduce lots of strategy. I would think that as you progress, the learning curve actually increases, but I'm generally not good at most games.
    How easy or hard it is to get accustom to the concept? I would say this is an easy concept to grasp, as it's very familiar to me.
    What are your thoughts regarding the length of the game, if applicable? I personally think the length of the game is great! It'll keep people interested.
    What is your opinion on the sounds, the music, the graphics and the animation? Overall this is great, the graphics of the equipment are awesome*SHINY* and appealing.
    How fun and rewarding is a gameplay session? Needs improvement? A session usually is rewarding, but I feel that the problem with the gameplay is that as you rpogress, the items you're able to find are becoming too weak too easily, hindering your progress a little as you re-try.
    How do you feel after multiple gameplay sessions spread through a few days? Is the game still appealing after a lengthy period of time spent ingame. Yes? No? Why? Yes, and I feel that I'm still quite intrigued with the game after a few days. There's enough interest in the earlier storyline for me to keep going.
    How does it hold up with others similar concept games? Why is it better or why is it flawed in comparison? I would say... hmm. Yeah, this will hold up well if more people knew about the game in general. I think that what would hinder the popularity increase of the game is the fact that the storyline isn't very popular amongst MOST children, adults, and teens alike.
    How do you find the game overall? Who should play it? Is it for everyone? Why? Why not? I'd give this game, ATM, a 4.32/5. It definitely gets the high marks for originality, graphics, and replayability, but the technical issues hold it back a bit, as the frequent crashing gets on my nerves a LOT. The pros of the game would include the aforementioned graphics being great, and the storyline being rich and interesting(at least to me). The cons of the gameplay would be in its learning curve and equipment system, For I think that the amount of weapon variety you get per section is not varied enough and the power is a bit weak as it is what is currently holding me back. Also, in the pattern that the gems generate throughout the battles, I found it incredibly hard to defeat the dragons that had immunities to a type of attack, for example the Ice dragon. The dragon does wayy too much damage for me to be able to beat it while maximizing damage myself. My recommendation for this would be to not fully immune the enemy from an attack unless absolutely necessary; make it a very high resistance instead,. As for the equipment, I would introduce more equipment drops and more special effects that the equipment can give, such as the Dragonblade giving a bonus against Dragons.

    That's all from me :) Love the game, BattleOn~!

    Post edited to darken text. Please do not use colors that are difficult for others to read. ~Gingkage

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    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 9
    4/29/2014 13:35:43   

    My first impressions/mini review of Battlegems for android.

    Right of the bat on both my nexus 5 and 7, i felt quite a bit of transition lag, when moving from a battle scene to the map it felt pretty jittery. After having played it for a while it doesnt feel so jittery but its still noticeable.

    Gameplay is pretty well done and i have no complaints there.

    One thing that really frustrated me though, is how the game does not make use of the back button.

    Most android phones have a dedicated back button whether it be hardware button or software button, so if possible id like to see the game updated to where if i press back it will close what i just opened (a shop for example) and take me back to the previous screen.

    If for whatever reason the above is not possible, then id like to see immersive mode enabled for those on kit kat 4.4+ (not sure if its possible to have immersive mode on previous android versions)

    Aside from that i think the android launch was pretty smooth


    AQW  Post #: 10
    4/29/2014 14:08:50   

    After reaching about level 80 on someone else's Apple device, I really want an option to restore my progress on my own Android device.

    Furthermore, I was unable to restore my founder purchase on Android. Hopefully they will find a way to work it out.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 11
    4/29/2014 23:51:15   
    Warmonger DragonJax

    The Android Version works fine ( until now) . It is really addicting
    Post #: 12
    5/8/2014 17:15:23   

    Having cleared the game, I have to say I enjoyed it...though I do wish that there was...a better way of gathering gold post-Dargon. I still have about 6 items to get, which are the extremely expensive ones. I can still gather between 5k and 6k gold per battle, but it feels...extremely grindy, for being the "Battle King". Thats my two cents as to what could be used to improve it. Also, not sure if its a bug, or typo, but when first facing Dagron, the description said he was immune to weapon attacks. Upon battle, however, I found that he is NOT immune. That's something that should be looked at, because it is currently misleading, when going into the final battle. This is on the Android version, at least.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
    5/9/2014 6:47:28   

    The game seems inoperable on low quality for me. Battles refuse to load, as does my character, shops hang on loading, etc. Switching back to high quality seems to make it function for me. This is on the Facebook version, and I just updated my Unity player. Otherwise, the game seems to work fine--controls are responsive and easy to use, battles and quests are enjoyable, and I had to laugh at the Swear Wolf, it took me a second too long to get the joke.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
    5/20/2014 4:47:51   

    The only piece of feedback I have for Battlegems is that I'd prefer being able to log in with my Artix account. Might even buy the founder package if that was possible.
    I don't like linking things to my facebook.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 15
    5/21/2014 16:56:27   

    The game itself is pretty well structured, I enjoy the customisation feature as it allows us AQW non-member players see what the paladin armour and doom knight armour look like really close-up (even if it is a different game). The storyline is easy to keep with, your hero is just a character looking to battle monsters when you start the game and your hero just enjoyd the fun of covering his/her fear with pointless catch-phrases, which is quite humorous.

    At the moment, I haven't seen anything yet that could need improvement, just maybe those wit for the the skeleton keys is a little too long but not long enough to complain about. The gameplay is reallly easy to catch onto as said before, AQW players would know how this works better.

    What would be cool would be if you could name your hero and link it's account into the AE entertainment master account! but I am not sue if that is in progress or I just haven't figured that out yet.

    The music is alright as long as the sound effects match the music' genre otherwise it just won't sound good. Say for example have peaceful music at the first forest you start in and then gradually created a more dramatic, but still reasonable, soundtrack as the genre changes from each chapter.

    Overall, I bound rate this game 5/5 stars becasue it was an easy game to follow-through with both story-line and gameplay, I would'nt mind seeing seasonal/birthday items that appear during the week of the occasion ut apart from the suggestions above, it's a pretty cool game. Great Work!
    AQW  Post #: 16
    5/22/2014 2:36:16   

    my suggestion is that when you finish the game battlegem youll recieve a reward in aqw or any badges that can unlock a shop with new items or you can win golds or ac in aqw when you finish the game battlegems so many players of aqw will play the game battlegems thats my suggestion
    AQW  Post #: 17
    5/22/2014 3:13:33   
    How We Roll Winner

    I've been meaning to write this for a while. I hope you like this review, I've tried to make it as detailed as was possible without revealing too much.


    Firstly, Battle Gems is not your typical storyline-based game as one would come to expect after having played classic AE titles like AdventureQuest and DragonFable. It is rather, a refreshing departure from a genres such as those.

    For those of you who continue to search for a good story to follow, there is one, as a matter of fact. As a Hero, our task is to take out the numerous enemies in the various segments that the game-world is divided into and ultimately make our way to the Gore Chasm where resides the final boss, Dagron the Destroyer(the very same creature whose rather intimidating face graces the gameís icon).

    Furthermore, BattleGems boasts of a number of side-missions sprinkled across each segment. Digging deeper into these side-missions will tell you a bit more about random monsters and a few side-bosses as well.


    Now this might seem similar to the next gem-crushing game thatís out there but youíll find it to be quite different when you notice that thereís a random gem-tagging feature in this game that allows you not only to connect gems in a straight line, but to try and connect the maximum number of gems that are of a similar kind all over the board. You just place your finger on one gem and then slide it across all the similar gems that connect to the previous ones either vertically, or horizontally. Fun, isnít it?

    And thatís not all. The gameplay is two-fold and this is where AE Fans will have a field day.
    Each of the Gem types, namely Sword, Pet, Magic and Potion, upon being tagged trigger different aspects of our Heroes repertoire. Tagging Sword Gems will cause our Hero to attack the enemy using his weapon. Tagging Pet Gems will cause our Heroís ever-present Pet to launch its attack. Magic Gems cause our Hero to unleash Magic while Potion Gems have a variety of effects, from healing our Hero to serving as Molotov Cocktail(literally).

    The more Gems you tag, the harder it hits the enemy and it gets a bit tricky further on in the game when you battle enemies that are immune to a certain Gem type.

    This innovative gameplay is easily one of the unique selling points of this Game and is sure to suck in newcomers and seasoned players alike.

    Content(Everything Else)


    Energy is basically something that sets a number of battles that you can fight for that moment before you run out and then have to wait till it refills. The standard energy number is 15 and the time taken for a refill is 10 minutes per energy, so a total of 2 and a half hours for a full refill. At the start of the game however, Players start out with nearly twice the amount.


    Thereís plenty do in the game other than checking out the Monsters and the landscape. Fighting monsters gives you gold that you can use to buy equipment, and pets in the In-game shop. The shop, much like the game itself is divided into segments each of which opens to the player when he/she gains access to the corresponding segment in the game world.

    Equipment bought from the shop in turn boosts your Gem stats. This game follows a More Equipment=More Power Rule seeing as every equipment has something to contribute to the Heroís Gem stats. The Player is then required to buy all the equipment for that shop segment and consequently every shop segment in order to maximize his or her Gem Stats.

    BattleGems has a variety of items ranging from the AE Classic DoomKnight Armor to some newer additions that one can find only in Battle Gems. So players know that this section has not been compromised upon.

    MonstersÖ RunÖ!

    The Game is huge and filled with all kinds of monsters that you might or might not have seen before. Thereís Zards, Undead, Ghosts, Werewolves and of course, Sneevils(Gimme my box, Gimme it.) There are few new villains to be seen as well. Thereís a few Dragons towards the beginning of the game that are tricky to beat(immunity and all that).

    Puns A-Pun-ty

    The puns-oh my god-are just absolute killers. Like literally, some puns are deadly enough to kill you if you have an eye thatís sharp enough for them. Battle Gems boasts of a million puns, whether its from the Internet, or Television or media of any kind. If the monsters donít, then these Puns are sure to keep you engaged all throughout the game.


    AE has always been known for its amazing team of artists and not surprisingly, AE delivers here as well. The artwork is gorgeous and an absolute delight to look at every time you start the game. The Monsters have all been reworked to look their best for this game. Youíll notice the Zards looking a lot more detailed and polished and some of the other monsters too. No worries here.


    I think this is the only department where the team couldíve spent a bit more time. Thereís few soundtracks to set the mood. Thereís two for combat and they really do their best to set a pace and put you on the edge. The Music that is there is Heroic and generally well-done.


    Like any other AE Game, this game too allows you to create your own Hero at the beginning of the game. You can manage his hairstyle, hair color and skin-tone for starters. AQ Players know what to expect.

    Concluding Note:

    There are a few parts that I didnít consider were important as one would find them in most every mobile game of this scale, such as the Payments. Battle Gems has a Founder Package System that Players can buy. It enables them to access the Founderís Section of the shop wherein is a whole DragonKnight Set. It further allows players to move from one segment to another without waiting like normal players have to.

    All in all, itís a fine game thatís had a lot of heart put into it. Itís playable on all platforms except Windows. iOS, Android & Facebook have it.

    Play Battle Gems for the Art, the innovative Gameplay and the Puns(especially). If thereís one thing you wonít be, itís disappointed.

    I hope this review helps Players looking to play the Game. If Iíve missed something, please feel free to PM me.

    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 18
    6/24/2014 17:16:04   

    First let me say that the very first thing I did was buy the Founder package because I was really excited about this game. So I've had the unlimited access from the very beginning.
  • How do you find the actual gameplay? Is it fast, slow, rewarding or lackluster?
    Gameplay is fairly fast but not all that rewarding. You get a little gold, a level (which so far as I can tell are fairly meaningless) and overall it's just sort of the same thing a lot.
  • Is the gameplay good, needing improvement? Why?
    Gameplay is alright. As I said before, it's really just the same thing over and over again. The worst are the quests where you have to kill a lot of enemies (like anything above 5 irritates me), as it's just an huge amount of grinding to get through it. If they are hard monsters it's even worse.
  • How is the gameplay difficulty, it`s learning curve?
    The learning curve is fine. The difficulty, though... Sometimes monsters are really easy and a battle can be won in a few moves. Other times, in the same area or even the next quest, the difficult jump is INSANE. Monsters hit for huge numbers, they've got a ton of health, and they're nearly impossible to defeat, when the quest before had super easy monsters. Overall the difficulty isn't too hard but there are some jumps that are mind blowing.
  • How easy or hard it is to get accustom to the concept?
    The concept is pretty easy to get used to, it's not a new concept and so it's pretty familiar and comfortable.
  • What are your thoughts regarding the length of the game, if applicable?
    Though I haven't beaten the game yet, I was playing yesterday and decided to look how far the map extended. And I scrolled. And scrolled. And scrolled. And scrolled. And when I finally got to the end, I was not thrilled at how long it was going to take. I felt that I'd already done a ton in the game, only to discover that I hadn't even done half. I was not pleased. I feel that the game is waaaaay too long, considering you're doing the exact same thing over and over.
  • What is your opinion on the sounds, the music, the graphics and the animation?
    Sounds and music I always have off, so I wouldn't know. Graphics are fun and cartoony, and I like them. The animation is pretty basic, but it's not overly boring. Though I don't notice it much, since I spend most of the time looking at the gems and not my character.
  • How fun and rewarding is a gameplay session? Needs improvement?
    A gameplay session (which for me is usually about 10 minutes) is fun for the first couple minutes, but then it quickly goes downhill since I'm doing the same thing. That, or I get to one of those difficulty jumps and it the fun factor falls off a cliff.
  • How do you feel after multiple gameplay sessions spread through a few days? Is the game still appealing after a lengthy period of time spent ingame. Yes? No? Why?
    I wouldn't really say that after a few days, the game keeps the appeal level. It's pretty clear early on that you're going to be repeating things over and over, and as you play over a couple days and realize that's exactly what you're doing, the game quickly loses appeal. And for me a "lengthy period of time spent ingame" is anything more than 20 minutes, after which I ask myself "Why am I even still playing this?" and turn it off.
  • How do you find the game overall? Who should play it? Is it for everyone? Why? Why not?
    Overall I am rather disappointed by the game. I had really high hopes and expectations for it. But there are some things that I just really don't enjoy about it, and unfortunately most of those aspects are gameplay based. The number of puns and references AE was able to get into the game is absolutely mind boggling and I enjoy seeing those, but that's really it. Everything else is repetitive and a bit of a letdown. I'd recommend it to people who want something to do in the 5 or 10 minutes between some other activities, or people who want to see some more famous AE puns, but it's not a game for the serious, hardcore gamer or someone who's really into mobile games.

    Just as some last thoughts, here are things that bother me a lot about gameplay that could really be improved upon:
    -Things like the rocks that lock gems or the chains are irritating, but the worst are immunities and the Slime Shield. The Slime Shield is massively hard to break because so much depends on what gems fall, and the damage reduction from it is really high. The immunities are annoying because you can't use (generally) a quarter of the available gems to do anything, so it's really easy to fall behind in the battle.
    -Not choosing your attacks. The fact that it's entirely random which attack you do is really frustrating, as you could really need to do a certain attack (like heal) and end up doing something you don't want, causing you to lose. I know that there are a really high number of attacks, but if they'd done fewer attacks and let you chose which you wanted, it would make it a lot more strategic and less frustrating.
    -No numbers for HP. This drives me nuts. I have no idea how much HP I have or my enemy has. Plus, the HP bar seems really wonky. A hit of 4000 seems like it barely takes off more than a hit of 1800, and sometimes it looks like the enemy must have at least 8000 HP left and in reality they've got less than 2000. It makes it really hard to tell how you're actually doing in the battle.

    Overall, I was really excited for the game, but having downloaded it and played it with the Founder package, it's just disappointing. The best parts are the puns and references, but to get to those requires a slog through repetitive, erratic gameplay. I've give it a 2, maybe 2.5 out of 5.

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  • AQ AQW  Post #: 19
    6/25/2014 11:52:59   
    Alastair Q

    How do you find the actual gameplay? Is it fast, slow, rewarding or lackluster?
    I liked the gameplay here; it's nice and easy to understand after just a few tries. As for the speed, earlier in the game I do feel it went by much faster than in the later stages, probably because of the smaller amount of side-quests earlier on. Later in the game, I didn't like how slow my progress was; even with the Founder Pack it became very mundane to chew through hordes of enemies. The rewards are nice(it's good to see Dage's art in the game), there is definitely a great range of items to choose from and customize your character with if you have the gold for them.

    Is the gameplay good, needing improvement? Why?
    The game is nice and simple - easy for beginners to pick up and master very quickly. Mechanics like slime, rising lava and rocks I enjoyed at first; over time, these mechanisms showed up with little variation, which felt rather lackluster at time. A possible improvement would be to add new mechanics (e.g. "Fire", sets certain gems alight, inflicts DoT over time unless you can put it out) or even vary existing mechanisms so as to create varying experiences for each zone (in the Deadly Dunes, replace slime with rising sand, which has a chance to blind the Hero)

    How is the gameplay difficulty, it`s learning curve?
    Gameplay isn't particularly difficult should you be buying items and taking side quests to make yourself more powerful; if anything, gameplay feels more or less the same as the game progresses, with enemies sometimes posing a challenge.

    How easy or hard it is to get accustom to the concept?
    The concept of Battle Gems is pretty easy to master, as mentioned before.

    What are your thoughts regarding the length of the game, if applicable?
    The length of the game is good - areas are nice and varied, monsters are fun to battle.

    What is your opinion on the sounds, the music, the graphics and the animation?
    Sounds, I don't mind. Graphics and animation I also enjoy (though for RP purposes, I would enjoy the ability to choose our own animations). However, the music is rather repetitive and sometimes doesn't fit with the area I'm in. If I'm in the Gore Chasm, I wouldn't be expecting something melodious to play.

    How fun and rewarding is a gameplay session? Needs improvement?
    Gameplay sessions are good; it's always nice to try and pair different talents together to see what works best together.
    I do wish there was more endgame content for those who have finished the battle with Dagron - replaying old battles for gold farming can turn stale after a while.

    How do you feel after multiple gameplay sessions spread through a few days? Is the game still appealing after a lengthy period of time spent ingame. Yes? No? Why?
    They're still enjoyable even if there's a few days' space between them - the only problem I foresee is the repetition of certain mechanics in-game. That for me detracts from the experience and just turns a fun game into a boring slog.

    How does it hold up with others similar concept games? Why is it better or why is it flawed in comparison?
    Battle Gems is one of the more unique mobile games out there - never over-relying on micro-transactions to provide a smooth, fluid game experience. In my opinion, this makes Battle Gems MUCH better and so much more fun than many other similar games.

    How do you find the game overall? Who should play it? Is it for everyone? Why? Why not?

    Overall, Battle Gems has been a really fun game to play. Though some aspects can be annoying and repeat themselves from time to time, the game is a much needed break from similar ventures that require you to shell out more and more money just to progress further. For that, Battle Gems get a 4 out of 5 stars from me.
    AQW  Post #: 20
    7/22/2014 3:24:33   

    Great job on your first mobile game, AE. The puns are funny, the quests are interesting and the battle concept is very original.

    Pros :
    - Unique battle concept
    - Awesome graphics
    - Thrilling themes and storyline
    - Simple to play and understand
    - Difficulty brilliantly adjusted
    - You can wear any item without power loss
    - Various powers and special habilities
    - User-friendly

    Cons :
    - Very redundant
    - Limited powers selction (should be higher than 4 when your level is higher)
    - Very long wait for energy for free players
    - 216 PvP ranks is okay but the amount of trophies needed is ridiculoualy high
    - Too much randomness in fights. More strategy should be used.
    - Upgraded players are absolutely not stronger than free users in any way. Big issue. The dragonknight armor set does look cool but you guys should add a special members-only power. I.E. a high damage buff and the ability to use 6 powers instead of 4.


    DF  Post #: 21
    8/10/2014 3:07:17   
    Lord Heisinger



    1) Level 472 players should only battle level 472 to 467. I have been battling over 50% of my cap against level 460 and below and it slows the game down greatly to the point it's almost unbearable.

    2) Since there is a world ranking system, put the rank next to your level. I'm always wondering who is ranked what and I personally can only see the top 14. I'm ranked 4th in the World ranks so it would look like this, For instance: The Great Angelicwarrior (472)(4)
    AQW  Post #: 22
    9/18/2014 2:31:30   
    Jrr Kein

    Here goes!!

    How do you find the actual gameplay? Is it fast, slow, rewarding or lackluster?
    The gold reward after beating a monster was fair, finish quest gives you larger reward. Heck! There's side quest which gives you plentiful of gold which you may buy items. Sometimes, you want to advance another area and needs beating monsters in order to grid some gold it can be bit tricky at first until you formulated a strategy. The <insert quantity ques item> to max was very mundane, but the rewards are proven to be awarding than single quest. You would find it fast at first, later it range from moderate to lackluster. This game offers lots of customization after you bought items from the shop.

    Is the gameplay good, needing improvement? Why?
    Gameplay is cool. As I said you want to buy that item, repeat and rinse the previous battle to get some small gold as I like progressing my progress I find the battle can lead to TRIAL and error

  • Slime: weakens your attack
  • Rising Lava: the tile above it rendering it useless unless you score a perfect or form a longer chain to lower it down
  • Immunities: especially the grid is COVERED with gems that boss immune too could frustrate you a lot, Making certain gems nullified.
  • Locked Gem: make the gem unusable for duration of turn
  • Rocks: these things are much annoying than locked gems and like above crack it to give you a new space

    As you progress, monsters later on isn't easy like previous zones and can be tricky if you just pull a few chains before but with new abilities and skills it can a great help, but skills like potions it have a mind of its own. Simply die, you need to rework your strategy or simply grid like crazy and buy an item empowering your stats. Because monsters are now hit you much harder and even more harder with a critical hit! OUCH!

    and doing quest which require X completion is rather dull especially facing stronger monster just to halt your progress, it's fine for side-quest, but repeating this steps is rather very mundane.
    Maybe adding some elements like the gem is covered in fire to hurt the player or poison the player and etc which makes the game more thrilling

    How is the gameplay difficulty, it`s learning curve?

    First it was easy, sooner or later it's get hard to epic hardest. Boss immunities, slimes and lavas throws the game to even more depths of trials making the game beyond harder and rethinking your play-style to clear the field. Lock and rocks are also the key of making the game puts you into pressure and carefully making a move to avoid retries. As monsters bash you with critical and hits you harder than the easy-peasy monsters it put you even more pressure than before. If strategy didn't help you, then you depending on buying equipments or compeleting side quest to make your STRONGER. This is more trial and error thing than a GAMEPLAY.

    How easy or hard it is to get accustom to the concept?

    It's easy to master if you calculated just right

    What is your opinion on the sounds, the music, the graphics and the animation?
  • Music: The battle music are very tasteful, but the music on the map should change to follow the theme, such as deathly hollows should sound spooky and ghostly instead of melodious peace music.
  • Sound: Sword boop, thunder zap, magical missiles or elemental blast hurl, punching, sword slashing. The sounds are fine as they should.
  • Graphics: The graphics are so crispy and very detailed, Glad to see some Dage's art in-game :)
  • Animation: ranging from thunder strucks, blast of water, rising fire to icicle clashing. Animations are mediocre because dark fire actually repetitive of fire.

    How fun and rewarding is a gameplay session? Needs improvement?
    It's very enjoyable in many ways. to those people finishing to the endpoint should have a new game+ mode which twice the difficulty as replay value or offer more items for people to buy

    how do you feel after multiple gameplay sessions spread through a few days? Is the game still appealing after a lengthy period of time spent ingame. Yes? No? Why?
    Aside from waiting for KEYs, I find it quite addicting after many times, but soon things get repetitive and downright mundane.

    How does it hold up with others similar concept games? Why is it better or why is it flawed in comparison?
    Battle Gems is a fun game, you can enjoy much as you pleased without worrying about the company milking your money for such silly things providing more fun than requiring to get some freemium items or any other currencies like most other games.

    How do you find the game overall? Who should play it? Is it for everyone? Why? Why not?
    In conclusion; It was a letdown due to repeating cycle of the game mechanic.Like most sisters games of Ae. Needing to buy other currency is not necessary here or forcing you to halt down and wait (exclude waiting for keys) which makes this game great and fun also much like AQW, MQ, DF and AQ which needs UPGRADE which milk out little money from your wallet or phone bills (if facebook) just keep progressing and getting a supporter or founder perk.

    All of that

    Game Play 3.6 / 10
    Musics and Graphic: 9.5 / 10
    Puns and Parody: 9 / 10
    Items: 7.5 / 10
    If you want serious game than the horrendous boredom of repetitive plays, then this isn't your typical game. I find it like heroes and monsters that needs power too.
    but if you like puzzles and like candy crush saga, go ahead and give it a try until you reach the endpoint of the game, you'll udderl-ly surprise until the game gets an update
  • AQ DF AQW  Post #: 23
    9/26/2014 10:18:49   
    301st Legion

    My feedback or rating of the game can be likened to Arthur's post, because we share the same mindset and point of view regarding BattleGems and its gameplay. With that said, I don't have to reiterate what Arthur said, so I'm just going to state some matters that have not yet been said.

    PvP With regards to my opinion on how well the PvP system works, I would say that it really isn't THAT thrilling when you're facing AI-controlled variants of other players' characters, as compared to facing your opponent in real-time combat. Of course, this has become an accustomed practice of AE games (set aside the MMO's such as EpicDuel and AQWorlds) and since BattleGems is not an MMO itself, this could be the least possible reason that the PvP system isn't real-time. Aside from that, I see no other flaw in BattleGems' PvP system. I also approve of the fact that the PvP rewards are quite expensive, giving the players the incentive to work hard for the item/s.

    Founder Package Availability Period This is the most noticable flaw in BattleGems. Not only is the Founder package's availability WAY over its due, but I've also noticed how careless the BattleGems team is becoming - by not being aware of such an obvious flaw. I hope this gets addressed immediately, because it would only seem fair and it would only give justice to the other AE games' Founder package availability periods (which, I think, had definitely shorter periods, as compared to how long BattleGems' Founder package is currently lasting)

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