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Guide to the DoomWood Saga

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9/9/2014 0:38:48   

To search through the guide simply use the Ctrl+F function and enter the Roman Numerals behind each section. However, remember to add a [ ] around it.

How to search: For example, if the section is labeled as: LXI, type in [LXI] in the search bar.

Table of Contents

  • I. Introduction
  • II. Part 1

    • III. Doomwood Forest
    • IV. Lightguard
    • V. Chopping Maul
    • VI.Necro Tower
    • VII. Necro U
    • VIII. Light Temple
    • IX. ShadowFall War
    • X. Arc Attack
    • XI. Mountian
    • XII Vordred Boss

  • XIII. Part 2

    • XIV. Necropolis Dungeon
    • XV. Necropolis Cavern

  • XVI. Doom War

    • XVII. DoomHaven
    • XVIII. DoomWar (Location)
    • XIX. Sepulchure (Location)

  • XX. Conclusion
  • XXI. Q&A
  • XXII. Credits
  • XXIII. Bottom



Welcome to the Guide to the Doomwood Saga! The purpose of this guide is t give you a step-by-step walk-through of the Doomwood saga. Here are a couple of points you should take note of before beginning your quests. The storyline quests in this saga can only be done once. In addition, the quests are also linked and you have to complete the quests one at a time, you must complete the former quest before the latter or else, the latter quests will be unavailable to you. this guide also includes the Doom War, better known as, AQW Zombies. Do note that I have linked the /join information to the wiki where you can find out more specifics about the location and the screens there.




Doomwood Forest
/join doomwood
The first location of this saga is the Doomwood Forest. Simply enter "/join doomwood" into the chat and you will join the screen 1 of the location. There you will see an NPC, he is called "Arryd" click on the "!" exclamation mark above his head and click the quest option.

Arryd's Quests (Screen 1)

  1. Bony Battalion
    The Undead have overrun DoomWood and are closing in on Lightguard Keep! The bony battatlions, led by skeletal sergeants, must be driven back if the town is to stay safe! Bring back proof that you're face our foes skull-on!

    Ball of Ectoplasm x3 (Dropped by Doomwood Ectomancer)
    Bonespikes Collar x4 (Dropped by Doomwood Bonemuncher)
    Distal Fingerbone x4 (Dropped by Doomwood Soldier)

    Locations: Screens 2 to 9

  2. Warrior Rez-queue
    We are not sure where all of the Paladins have disappeared to, but in their absence, the Keep's soldiers have been vailantly battling the Undead! Unfortunately, our warriors are being beaten back, and some have fallen. Please, Hero, rescue them before the Undead can get to the wounded!

    Warrior Rescued x5 (Golden Warriors around Doomwood Forest)

    Locations: Screens 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

  3. Bone-tired Backup
    I've just receive word that there is a long warrior huarding the clearing at the end of the upper-hand path. Waves of Undead are attempting to buy him! Can you help him defend this vital vantage point?

    Warrior Reinforced x1 (Defeating Undeads on Screen 4)

    Locations: Screens 4

  4. Reconnaissance Route
    Relay messengers from the front have sent word that they have seen our worst nightmare in action. Undead Paladins! Hero, please, to put an end to ours fears, make your way through the fighting to see if these horrors - perhaps our fallen warriors - have actually had their Light extinguished.

    Path Cleared x1 (Go to Undead Paladin)

    Locations: Screens 10

  5. Fight Agaisnt Shadowed Light
    We CANNOT leave the animated bodies of our slain in the hands of the Undead. Even if they are fighting agaisnt us! Please, Hero, liberate the undead Paladin. He- he would want to be free!

    Journal Entry x1 (Dropped by Undead Paladin)

    Locations: Screens 10

  6. Camouflage: Skelly-Style
    It has been decided. To easily move behind enemy lines, you will need to go undercover and place a transport rune. To know your enemy, you must BECOME your enemy! Ha! No, we're not going to kill you Hero. But you will need to make an Undead Costume to feel just like one of those numbskulls.

    Muncher Manubles x5 (Dropped by Doomwood Bonemuncher)
    Stainted Skulls x5 (Dropped by Doomwood Bonemuncher)
    Ecto-Coated Cloth Scraps x10 (Dropped by Doomwood Ectomancer)
    Fractured Tibia x10 (Dropped by Doomwood Soldier)

    Locations: Screen 2 to 9

  7. De(ad)ception
    It's all up to you now, hero! Now that you're my undead slave, you have no choice but to serve me! May the darkness be with you and the light be never at your back.

    Reached Keep x1 (Go to the end of DoomUndead)

    Locations: Screen 10

After completing the quests above, you may now move on to the next location: Lightguard!


/join lightguard
The second location in this saga is Lightguard. Even though there is only 1 quest from this location, the rest of the area is chock-full of side-quests that provide you with EXP, GOLD and REPUTATION. After entering the gates of lightguard, you will be at screen 2 of the map. Here, you will find a hooded figure whose (could be a he/she you will know soon!)name is "Vayle". Click on the "!" exclamation mark above his head and click the quest option. In order to complete the following quest, you would have to go to the "Chopping Maul" (see below).

Vayle's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Zorbak's Hideout
    Locate Zorbak in his Hideout to get more information on Vordred!

    Hideout Unhidden x1 (Go to Screen 9 at Chopping Maul)

    Locations: Screen 9

That was fast... Next up: Chopping Maul!


Chopping Maul
/join maul
The third location of this quest line is the chopping mall. As you might have guessed by now, its name was derived from the words "Shopping Mall". But lets just say, it was altered to fix its appearance. (That's just my guess) Anyways, upon arriving at screen one, you will see "Vayle" again. You can also accept the above quest from here, simply proceed to screen 9 of this area and you will complete Vayle's quest. After that, complete the quest and keep going till you fin a Blue Monglin (screen 11). Its name is Zomboda and your next quests will come from him.

Zomboda's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Stink-tuary
    Mehehe. Pretty ripe, the last humans to use the mall were. My undead in an unmanageable frenzy are. Around the mall my favorite incense, "Rotting Noses & Dying Roses," you should place. CLICK ON THE SPARKLING ARROWS you must!*

    Stinky Candle Placed x13 (Click on blue glowing arrows on map)

    Locations: Screen 9

  2. The Infected
    Feh. The last time humans the swamp as sanctuary used, one of the heroes crazy went, and the ghouls bit, not around the other way. Backwards bonehead. Starting to turn… normal, the Undead are. Talking about golf and accounting, they are! Get rid of them or infect the rest they will!

    Slimeskull Quarantined x6 (Dropped by Slimeskull)
    Chopper Quarantined x2 (Dropped by Personal Chopper)

    Locations: Screen 2, 4 to 10

  3. Chopping Spree
    In the middle of a highly complex experiment right now I am. Understand it you wouldn't, hmmm? But running out of parts I am. Time to go chopping at the Maul for parts I have not. In my place I need you to go. Some necrotized resources bring back. Fresh they must be!

    Body Part Donation x10 (Dropped by Slimeskull, Shelleton, Personal Chopper)
    Pile o' Parts x2 (Click on arrows near Zomboda)

    Locations: Screen 2, 4 to 11

  4. GraveStop the Creature
    What? No! Creation, stop you must! Command you I do! Your master I am! Stoooop! Hero! That demented pile of parts, subdue you must! Into the GraveStop Game Shop, it was headed…

    Creature Uncreated x1 (Dropped by Creature Creation)

    Locations: Screen 3

Stop looking at those clothes, there is no time for that! Time to climb the: Necro Tower!


Necro Tower
/join necrotower
The fourth location in this saga is known as the Necro Tower. At screen 1, you will see a dark gloomy tower in the distance. Simply proceed to screen 2 and you will see a little Green Flying Eye thing... Its name is "eyeCOM" Your following quests will be from him.At the beginning, you will not have access to the tower but FEAR NOT upon completing eyeCOM's third quest you will gain access to the tower and a surprise is waiting for you inside...

eyeCOM's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. ID What You Did There
    You're going to need a Necro U Student ID if you want to enter the campus grounds! If you can't FIND one, why not make one? The first step is finding the right materials. Stars with the basics - paper and ink. DoomWood Treants can usually be counted on for paper, and Undead Slimes produce toxic ink!

    Pain-per x5 (Dropped by DoomWood Treeant)
    Toxic Goo x5 (ropped by Slimeskull)

    Locations: Screen 2 to 4

  2. The Ego and the ID
    Now, all good necromancers - and students - have a pretty big ego. Whata's why all IDs have pictures on them. For that, you'll need a camera. The soldiers should have one. And why not see if the case they keep their dead-tags in will hold your ID, too?

    Nekron CruelPix Camera x1 (Dropped by DoomWood Soldier)
    Tombstone-Tuff Case x1 (Dropped by DoomWood Soldier)

    Locations: Screen 2 to 4

  3. An IDeal Seal
    Just having a Necro U Student ID isn't enough; it has be an OFFICIAL Student ID! Otherwise no on will believe you're really. You'll neeed to manufacture a Sear of Improvable If you want your disguise to be complete. You can one from Bonemuncher spikes and leather.

    Seal Components x1 (Dropped by DoomWood Bonemuncher)

    Locations: Screen 2 to 4

  4. Need for Speed (Reading)!
    Old tomes contain knowledge vital to necromancers. It is advised that you read through them and commit all of the knowledge to memory. Beware though, time is of the essence! You had better read fast! The 11 tomes you'll find in the room must be read in one minute.

    TIPS: For quests like these, they require the players to do a little more thinking. If you were to do it normally, you would have just under 5.5s to finish each book that is simply not enough. Instead one of the books grants Speed Reading if read first. This allows player to read the books much quicker and complete the quest. Simply click the books in this order to ensure the fastest speed possible. Even if you do not want to go follow the tip exactly, be sure to click on the book circled in red FIRST. Click the picture to check out the video.

    Books Read x1 (Click on the books scattered around Screen 5)

    Locations: Screen 5

How has all that reading worked for you? Head hurts? Prepare for more studying because we are headed to the: Necro U!


Necro U
/join necrou
The fifth location in this saga is known as Necro U. As you might have already guessed, this location is kind of like a University Campus for Necromancers. Alittle insight for you is that when you head to the doors of the "University"(Screen 3), you will see the Necro U logo. Their motto reads as "Death is Power -- Smelly Power". Cool Eh? Urgh I can just smell the stench of reanimated bodies... There are several professors you would have to visit here, they are located in screens 7,9,12 and 16.

Professor Ghoulliver's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Silence is Ghoulden
    Undead are not, as a rule, allowed to talk. Many minions disregard this rule. Because there are so many minions, we ask that all students enforce this rule whenever possible. Remember - "If they aren't saying "ARREEOO", you know what do to!" Silence 10 Ghouls to demonstrate your ability to apply this school statute.

    Ghoul Silenced x10 (Dropped by Ghoul)

    Locations: Screen 1 to 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 to 15

  2. Ghouls with Gall
    Ghouls are often among the most unruly of minions and are always wandering off when they should be attending to the tasks you've set them. They have some nerve (really, you should have removed all nerves during reanimation)! To summon them back to your side, place these 5 Ghoulstones around the school!

    Ghoulstone Placed x5 (Click on the blue arrows around the location)

    Locations: Screen 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9

  3. Goals for Ghouls and Other Undead
    In this New Age of Necromancy, pathetic people plead that we do not understand our minions. As if they have minds of their own! To placate these do-gooders, I advise you to at least make a token attempt to understand their desires. Bring back the Wishes of a Ghoul and the Dreams and Ambitions of Undead Soldiers.

    Undead Wishes x1 (Dropped by Ghoul)
    Undead Dreams x1 (Dropped by Doomwood Soldier)
    Undead Ambitions x1 (Dropped by Doomwood Soldier)

    Locations: Screen 1 to 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 to 15

Professor Bonevert's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Knee Bone's Connected to the Thigh Bone
    You have a desire to pass the class, and I want tenure. So we both have something we knee-d. But if I'm going to teach you bone-heads how to build an anatomically correct skeleton-minion, we'll need Boneset Blooms to bind the bones together. Bring back 6 blossoms! Well? Go! What are you waiting for?

    Boneset Bloom x6 (Click on the flowers on Screens 1, 2 and 3)

    Locations: Screen 1(3 flowers), 2 (1 flower), 3 (2 flowers)

  2. Hip Bone's Connected to the Back Bone
    You students aren't hep to what's hip these days. You think we're all old curmudgeons. I'll tell you what's "hip," DOING YOUR WORK! So go out there and take apart some poor freshman's skeletal soldier-minions and bring back the parts so we can study what joins independent body parts together.

    Hip Bone x3 (Dropped by Doomwood Soldier)
    Back Bone x3 (Dropped by Doomwood Soldier)

    Locations: Screen 1 to 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 to 15

  3. Back Bone's Connected to the Neck Bone
    Boneset Blooms are excellent for binding disparate bones together. However, when you want to fix BROKEN bones that come into your Lab, or just hold whole bones together while setting them in place, you'll need splints. Kill 7 Treeants to get the splint-wood and gather 3 Bonemuncher collars to provide the material.

    Splint-wood x7 (Dropped by Doomwood Treeant)
    Bonemuncher Collar x3 (Click on the collars on Screens 4, 11 and 14)

    Locations: Screen 1 to 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 to 15

Professor Goordan's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Slip 'n Slimes
    If you're going to deconstruct slimes, you must IMMERSE yourselves in them! Embrace the slime! And what better way to do that than by playing with a Slip 'n Slime? Kill 5 slimes to get the Sheets of Slime, and bring back 5 slime-bubbles to make sure you have a GOO-d experience.

    Slime-bubble x5 (Click on the goo puddles on Screens 5, 10 and 15)
    Sheet of Slime x5 (Dropped by Slimeskull)

    Locations: Screen 1 to 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 to 15

  2. Sl-eye-me
    This lesson really touches on the core of deconstruction. You must observe and record slimes which have experienced near-total disassembling. Search out smooshed-slimes, which have had unfortunate encounters with other minions. FEEL their pain, see the haunting torment in their eyes.

    Smooshed-Slime Eyes x5 (Click on the goo puddles on Screens 6, 8, 10, 11 and 13)

    Locations: Screen 6, 8, 10, 11 and 13

Professor Skulltz's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Bones Over Brawn
    The saying goes - "Mind over matter" and "brains over brawn." But what do you do when oyur minions are mindless? Why, use their skulls as centerpieces in a new skullicious creation, of course! Bring me the heads of 6 soldiers, or you'll find YOURS taking their place.

    Empty Skull x6 (Dropped by Doomwood Soldier)

    Locations: Screen 1 to 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 to 15

  2. Skullaton Shells
    To be truly creative, you must use diverse material or your art will stagnate! Today I want you to experience multiple mediums - skulls and shelleton shells. The Shelleton population grows too large, so we are also doing our fine school a service by culling 3. Gather 3 skulls, place and observe 3 shells, and take out 3 shelletons.

    Skull x3 (The halls of Necro U)
    Shelleton Shell x3 (Click on the skulls around the location)
    Shelleton Bale Culled x3 (Dropped by Shelleton)

    Locations: Screen 1 to 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 to 15

Enough of the smell? Me too. Let's head of over to the: Light Temple


Light Temple
/join temple
After the dark gloomy halls of Necro U, hopefully we will get something brighter after the all, the location is called Light Temple right? Wrong! Despite its rather misleading name, the Light Temple fulfills all the necessary requirements of a "Dark Temple". Gloomy, purple skies, halls filled with undead, dark corridors and of course, Necromancers (You'll see). When you first enter the gates of the light temple (screen 2), you will find the Stone Paladin. You may ignore him for now, but if you wanted to know more about the temple, you can always ask. Proceed to screen 3 there you will see a little "Quest" bar located at the top right hand corner of the screen. Click it and accept the quests. Every room you go to will have a new quest. Simply complete them and you can proceed to the next room.

Button-on-the-top-right-corner's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Level 1
    *A thought whispers in your mind, the strength of a steel blade behind it.* Hero, undead vermin have stolen into the upper levels of the temple's crypt. Slimeskulls, Bonemunchers, and Shelletons are defiling our sacred ground. Bring back proof that thou hast slain five of each!

    Slimeskull Trophy x5 (Dropped by Slimeskull)
    Munched Boneshard x5 (Dropped by Doomwood Bonemuncher)
    Shelleton Shrapnel x5 (Dropped by Shelleton)

    Locations: Level 1

  2. Level 2
    *The sadness in the Guardian's mind is balanced by determination, and you can hear it resonate inside you.* Undead mages were crucial in bringing about the downfall of the temple. They corrupted holy runes and even now infest the Crypt. Remove 10 Mages and 3 Ectomancers, and salvage 6 of the runes.

    Corrupted Rune x6 (Click on runes on Level 1 and 2 in Light Temple)
    Necrotic Rune x10 (Dropped by Undead Mage)
    Ecto-Covered Rune x3 (Dropped by Doomwood Ectomancer)

    Locations: Level 1 and 2

  3. Level 3
    *A picture forms in your mind of ghouls and lichs desecrating this level of the once-proud temple.* My friend, avenge my bretheren. Slay the ghouls and lichs that remain, and bring back proof of your success in the form of their armor!

    Ghoulish Gear x1 (Dropped by Ghoul)
    Haunted Habiliment x1 (Dropped by Lich)

    Locations: Level 3

  4. Level 4
    *You feel the heat of phantom flames caressing your cheeks, and a chill runs down your spine* These most private halls were put to the torch. Fight fire with ethereal fire by placing Aether torches around the Crypt to clear the temple's aura and take revenge in my place against 10 of the Fire Mages.

    Aether Torch x8 (Click on arrows around Level 1 to 4)
    Flame Extinguished x10 (Dropped by Skeletal Fire Mage)

    Locations: Level 1 to 4

  5. Level 5
    *A shining Key, bathed in Light, hovers before your eyes. When you reach out to it, your fingers close on empty air.* Every five levels the Temple Superiors locked passage deeper into the Crypt. You will need to find the Auroral Key. Any of the Ectomancers, Skeletons, or Slimeskulls could have it.

    Auroral Key x1 (Dropped by Doomwood Ectomancer, Skeleton Fighter or Slimeskull)

    Locations: Level 5

  6. Level 6
    *Screams of terror echo in your ears, and a ghostly vision of gaping mouths filled with razor-sharp teeth assault your wide-open eyes. *The mouths, the horrid, gaping jaws! They rent our novices and ripped apart our warriors. Avenge our memories, Hero, by slaying 5 Bonemunchers and 5 Sanguine Souleaters.

    Masticated Mandible x5 (Dropped by Doomwood Bonemuncher)
    Freed Soul x5 (Dropped by Sanguine Souleater)

    Locations: Level 6

  7. Level 7
    *You close your eyes for a moment as you catch your breath, and a vision of the Temple as it once stood fills your inner eye. * My friend, you can see how far our fair halls have fallen. The detritus of the last battle still fills the rooms of Crypt. Remove 12 of the cast-off armors of the invaders!

    Cast-off Armor x12 (Click on armors on Level 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the Light Temple)

    Locations: Level 4 to 7

  8. Level 8
    The Stone Paladin's thoughts, which have been a constant companion on your journey deeper into the Crypt, falls silent, and you can sense that it is his utter sorrow which has silenced him. Fury rises inside you, and you vow to take it out on mages. Two of them carry Orbs of power. Strip the undead of them!

    Conflagration Orb x1 (Dropped by Skeletal Fire Mage)
    Ectoplasmic Orb x1 (Dropped by Doomwood Ectomancer)

    Locations: Level 8

  9. Level 9
    The Crypt is infested with Ghouls! You congratulate yourself on investing in Anti-Ghoulstones. Place them around the levels of the Crypt you have conquered so far. The stones do not work instantly, so you'll also need to take out 10 Ghouls to get the exodus started.

    Anti-Ghoulstone x8 (Placed at Level 7, 8 and 9)
    Ghouls Gone x10 (Dropped by Ghoul)

    Locations: Level 7 to 9

  10. Level 10
    You have once more reached a level locked by one of the Temple's Key of Light. One of the thieving Ectomancers, Skeletons, or Ghouls MUST have stolen it. Battle them until you find the Luminous Key, and your journey will be able to continue.

    Luminous Key x1 (Dropped by Doomwood Ectomancer, Ghoul, Skeleton Fighter)

    Locations: Level 10

  11. Level 11
    *You feel a pressure in your mind, as if someone is pressing on your shoulder to get your attention. *Time grows long, and the evil corrupting our Temple grows stronger. The souls that remain are awash in terror. Set out 10 Benevolence Beacons to soothe them and free 10 of those trapped by the Sanguine Souleaters.

    Benevolence Beacon x10 (Placed at Level 8, 9, 10 and 11)
    Souls Soothed x10 (Dropped by Sanguine Souleater)

    Locations: Level 8 to 11

  12. Level 12
    *The feeling of slime running down your skin has you shuddering in disgust.* Yes… that is what that last of our defenders felt as they were attacked by Slimeskulls and Ectomancers. Kill as many of them as possible, and bring back a Slime-Soaked Skull and Ecto-Covered Core.

    Slime-Soaked Skull x1 (Dropped by Slimeskull)
    Ecto-Covered Core x1 (Dropped by Doomwood Ectomancer)

    Locations: Level 12

  13. Level 13
    *Phantom sparkles fill your field of view. They swirl and float, and finally coalesce into the image of a violet Orb.* Those are Aether Orbs. We would place them in the halls to keep the Temple's atmospheric energy healthy. The undead removed them all. Put 12 of them back, and the Temple will be on its way to restoration!

    Aether Orb x12 (Click on the orbs on Levels 11, 12 and 13)

    Locations: Level 11 to 13

  14. Level 14
    *The clanging and scraping of steel on steel fills your mind. You put your hands over your ears, but there is no escaping the aural assault.* Yes… yes. That is what we heard when the Skeletons overran the Temple. They remain, much to my sorrow. Wipe out 15 of them, and perhaps the wounds in my soul will begin to heal.

    Skull x15 (Dropped by Doomwood Soldier, Skeleton, Skeleton Fighter)

    Locations: Level 14

  15. Level 15
    *The sight of the Incadescent Key floats before you, calling to you.* I know thee canst sense it. Feel the pull of the Key. It calls to thee, but its summons grows faint. I can only tell that the beacon comes from either a Lich, Ghoul or Slimeskull.

    Incandescent Key x1 (Dropped by Ghoul, Lich, Slimeskull)

    Locations: Level 15

  16. Level 16
    *The image of an young girl trying on her first set of armor appears before you, and you feel a phantom tear trickle down your cheek.* My daughter, Anora. She was so young, during that last battle. I fought for her, and slaughtered many skeletons. Place 12 of their skulls around the Crypt to warn away the rest.

    Warning Skull x10 (Click on the arrows on Levels 14, 15 and 16)

    Locations: Level 14 to 16

  17. Level 17
    *You feel as you are grinding phantom bones under your boots.* Thee knows what an undead swarm is like. And now that I am helpless to cleanse my Temple, I need thee! Take out the remaining Bonemunchers and Skeletons, and bring back a Spiky Collar and Vertebrae Trophy.

    Spiky Collar x1 (Dropped by Doomwood Bonemuncher)
    Vertebrae Trophy x1 (Dropped by Skeleton)

    Locations: Level 17

  18. Level 18
    *You feel your skin begin to grow hard, and your muscles tense, locking you in place. Your jaw clenches and your head grows heavy.* Yes… that is what I feel, my friend. It was magic that did this to me, and I fear only magic can undo it! In my name, slaughter 5 of the Undead Mages and 5 of the Fire Mages!

    Tattered Necronomicon x5 (Dropped by Undead Mage)
    Scorched Necronomicon x5 (Dropped by Skeletal Fire Mage)

    Locations: Level 18

  19. Level 19
    *A sense of the Stone Paladin's pride and anticipation fills you.* Sadly, our Crypt has not been cleansed since the invasion. Remove 6 of the piles of Bonemuncher bones and take down 10 of the Shelletons and 3 of the Skeletons who continue to defile my home!

    Bonemuncher Bones x6 (Click on bonemuncher bones on Levels 16, 17, 18 and 19)
    Screaming Shell-skull x10 (Dropped by Shelleton)
    Grinning Jawbone x3 (Dropped by Skeleton)

    Locations: Level 16 to 19

  20. Level 20
    *Ghostly cheers ring in your ears, and you feel a phantom hand grip your shoulder in a gesture of solidarity.* Thou wilt need the Radiant Key to pass beyond this chamber. It was stolen by a Lich, or perhaps either a Skeleton Fighter or Soldier. I KNOW thou canst find it!

    Radiant Key x1 (Dropped by Doomwood Soldier, Lich, Skeleton Fighter)

    Locations: Level 20

  21. Defy the Dracolich
    *A vision of two shining keys appears in your mind's eye. One shatters, and the shards fly outward.* Yes, two Keys exist, though only ONE is needed. One is on the Dracolich, and the 40 shards of the other have been stolen by Undead and Fire Mages, Liches, and Ectomancers. Bring them to me and merge them into one.

    Tips: Well as said in the description, there are the 40 shards on the NPCs while the last one is with the Dracolich. However, all you really need to do is kill the Dracolich. it is A LOT faster than farming the shards.

    Temple Key x1 (Dropped by Dracolich)

    Locations: Boss Screen

  22. Restore the Tome
    10 of the tome's pages have been scattered around the Crypt. Find them and return them to unlock the secrets of this ancient repository of knowledge!

    Untorn Tome Page x10 (Scattered throughout the Light Temple)

    Locations: Level 5 to 7, 14 to 20

  23. Recover the Pages
    10 of the tome's pages have been stolen by the monsters invading the Crypt. The pages could be on any of them! Recover them and bring them back to unlock the secrets of this ancient repository of knowledge!

    Restored Tome Page x10 (All monster EXCEPT for the Bosses, just head to level 20 and get them from there)

    Locations: Level 20

  24. Reconstruct the Codex
    The last page was stolen by the CryptKeeper, a Lich who had aimed to make our fair halls his home. Show him that he cannot defile this sacred place! Retrieve the last of the Tome's pages and defeat the CryptKeeper.

    Final Tome Page x1 (Dropped by Cryptkeeper Lich)

    Locations: Boss Screen

Now for this really weird transition to: ShadowFall War


ShadowFall War
/join shadowfallwar
This location in the saga is more or less simple. When you spawn at shadowfall war, proceed to Screen 2. There you will see 4 enemies upon defeating them, proceed to screen 4. Next, kill the other group of enemies located at screen 4 and go to screen 5. After finishing the cutscene, defeat Noxus and you would have finished this section of the saga. I'm not sure about you but personally I think that there is a reference to a particular Star Wars episode where Princess Leila is strapped in here undergarments and then chained to the ground as a form of entertainment by the monster Jabba. Similar to the scene in the cutscenes here in AQW. (that's just what I think).

Note: After defeating Noxus, there will be a button on the Boss screen at the top right hand corner labeled "Castlemania". Simply click on it and you will be sent to /join yard. Over there, there will be a list on the right side of your screen. Click the first button labeled "Lab" and you will be sent to, well, the lab! There, you may proceed with your next set of quests below.

Finally, Part One is almost over, all that is left is: Arc Attack!


Arc Attack
/join lab
Upon joining the map, you will enter a cutscene that explains what had happened at this lab. After the cutscene, you will spawn just outside a dark, gloomy castle. On your left, is Joe, the Mad Guitarist/Scientist. You will receive your next set of quests from him.

Joe's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Reconstruct the Codex
    There are no vampires in THIS creepy castle, only crazy scientists! But if you're going to join the band, you'll need an instrument. Super-charged music demands a electric guitar. Sam says there should be one in Back-up Room. Now you've just got to FIND it!

    Busted Guitar Found x1 (Click on the guitar on Screen 4)

    Locations: Screen 4

  2. Stringing Your Enemies Along
    We've primed our experiments to respond only to us, so they're not just going to hand over the guitar strings you need, even though the monsters are carrying them! You'll need to TAKE them, and you'll need 15 — even though the guitar only has six strings, some of theirs are probably broken or bad.

    Guitar String x15 (Dropped by Ant Giant, Frank, Giant Scorpion or Swamp Thing)

    Locations: Screen 3 to 6

  3. Out of Tune(ing Knobs)
    If you're going to play with us, you're going to have to be on time and in key.We've developed magi-scientific tning knobs which are attuned (pardon the pun) to the person who uses them. You can find 6 boxes on monsters and in various rooms and bring them back to find the set which suits you best.

    Tuning Knob x3 (Dropped by Ant Giant, Frank, Giant Scorpion or Swamp Thing)
    Box of Tuning Knob x3 (Click on the boxes around the location)

    Locations: Screen 3 to 6

  4. Code of Conduct-or
    Our experiments, behave pretty well for us. But that's because WE created them! I'm sure one of them will have a miniature lightning rod - we used them all the time. Maybe now that they've experienced your martial prowess, they'll give you what you want. But it's not likely.

    Miniature Lightning Rod x17 (Dropped by Ant Giant, Frank, Giant Scorpion or Swamp Thing)

    Locations: Screen 3 to 6

  5. Sending Out a SOS to the World
    Transmitters? You want to broadcast, eh? I think we can help with that! Ou monsters should have all the parts you need to construct a top-notch transmitter. But they're small, so you'll need a lot of them! The monsters should all be carrying the components you require.

    Note: After completing this quest, you will enter a cutscene and then respawn at the front of the lab again. Here, talk to Joe again and accept the rest of your quests from him.

    Transmitter Component x20 (Dropped by Ant Giant, Frank, Giant Scorpion or Swamp Thing)

    Locations: Screen 3 to 6

  6. This is FINAL ZAP
    Our equipments is specially modified to enhance output TO THE EXTREME, but it takes specific settings if they're going to do what you need them to, Hero! You'll need to attach output-enhancificators to all of our machinery. That'll turn their levels up to 11… MILLION!

    Equipment Charged x6 (Click on arrows to activate the equipment around the location)

    Locations: Screen 3 to 5

  7. Wire You Doing This Again?
    Wiring is a tricky business. Cut or connect the wrong one and BOOM! You've got to be careful when working with wires. But i think we'll able to handle the hands-on part of the project while Beat keeps Vordred distracted. You just bring us as 17 spools of wire. They're all over the Lab, and the monsters have some, as well!

    Spool of Red Wire x7 (Click on wires around the map)
    Spool of Blue Wire x10 (Dropped by Ant Giant, Frank, Giant Scorpion or Swamp Thing)

    Locations: Screen 3 to 6

  8. Die, All of You!
    We need more DIALS! We can't control the levels that we're going to push the amps and other equipment to without dials! We think 20 dials should do the trick! That'll give us enough to outfit all our machines. The X,Y and Z usually keep dials in their backpacks since we need them so frequently.

    Missing Dial x15 (Dropped by Ant Giant, Frank, Giant Scorpion or Swamp Thing)

    Locations: Screen 3 to 6

  9. Ample Amp Requires
    If we were going to ramp up the power, we're going to need a AMP up the Lab! Thanks to your efforts and our tinkering, we now have 10 super-charged, high-voltage amps! Place them around the Lab to ensure complete and total aural annihilation!

    Amp Placed x10 (Click on arrows around the lab)

    Locations: Screen 2 to 6

    Note: Upon completing the above quest, you will enter a cut scene and the final quest would appear. After accepting that quest, follow the quest guide below.

Last Mission of part 1! Lets go to the: Mountain!


/join mountain
This is a little short area you would have to go. Simply accept the quest from Joe (as stated above) and join the Mountain.

Joe's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Upward Over the Mountain
    The hills are alive with the sound of music, and the mountain is alive with the sound of thunder! You can hear it all the way in here. You need to get to the top, but our creatures and experiments have been told to guard the pass with their lives. It's too late to change their orders now. Battle your way up the mountain!

    Mountaintop Reached x1 (Reach to Screen 5 on Mountain)

    Locations: Screen 1 to 5

Button-on-the-top-right-corner's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Charging Up
    A disembodied voice issues from the speaker: *You have entered Area 42. Energy-Mana Amalgamation Test Subjects 1-4 have been placed here to protect top-secret research projects. Clearance Diode #10-26BD not detected. Leave at once or you will be recycled.* Kill each of the four Test Subjects to charge the atmosphere.

    Atmosphere Charged x1 (Defeat the 4 enemies on Screen 6)

    Locations: Screen 6

Now for the showdown with Vodred. Do you think you can make it? Let's find out at: Vordred Boss!


Vodred Boss
/join vordredboss
This is one of the parts of the saga where you might be unsure what to do. Well, now you know! When you first join the Vordred Boss location, you will enter a cutscene. After the cutscene, you will realise that a menu has appeared on the right of the screen. However, most of the buttons are grayed out (for now). What you need to do now is click the button at the top of the screen labelled "Continue". You will then enter another cutscene. Halfway through the cutscene, 4 options will appear. 3 are labeled "Evil" while one is "Good" As of right now, the one labelled "Good" is grayed. A note at the bottom also states: "You must do each of the EVIL options before you unlock the GOOD option".

What to do next: : As of right now, there are no quests, what you need to do is just follow the story. When you see an enemy, defeat it. There are also more choices to make along the way, but they do not really change anything in the end. The first enemy you will meet is Vordred with only 2000 Hp defeat him and another cutscene occurs. Next, you will meet an Electric Undead. After that, is Enraged Vordred. he also only has about 2000 Hp.After another cutscene, is Shadow Vordred, or Vordred in his true form. He also only has 2000 Hp.After defeating the last Vordred, repeat the missions but this time, choose the other 2 options that you did not select.

Bad Ending: If you were to pick the "Betray Artix" option, you will encounter a Bad Ending. Of course, you will be able to back track and redo the quest but you will unlock the "Bad Ending" Shop. I won't tell you what cutscene pops up if you betray Artix, why don't you find out yourself?

Warning: I would warn you that this section is EXTREMELY repetitive and boring. You basically have to watch a bunch of really LOOOOOOONG cutscenes 4 times. But it can be pretty interesting watching the cutscenes for the first time.

The GOOD option: The good option is pretty much the same as the Zorbak option. The only difference is that you actually get something useful in the process. The "Blinding Light of Destiny Handle" If you want to find out more, check out this Guide to Legendary Items.'

Whew! Its finally over isn't it? NOPE! Part 2 is next! Let's go to the next SEGMENT: Part 2!




Necropolis Dungeon
/join necrodungeon
This part of the saga is pretty interesting. It is chock-full of tons of things. be it Evil, Undead, Quests and even Lore and History! There is also a very sad thing that occurred in the creation of the guide for this location> I had spent 2 HOURS on this section, both going through it with my Alt and writing out the Quests. For some reason, when I clicked the "OK" button, my profile SIGNED OUT! I lost E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!!!

Button-on-the-top-right-corner's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Descent into Darkness
    To enter the depths of Necropolis, blood, sweat and bones are required. For each Skeletal Bellhop you slay, you'll descent one floor lower. Kill 10 Bellhop on this first foray into darkness.

    1 Floor Descended x10 (Dropped by Bellhop)

    Locations: Screen 5

  2. Retrieve the Past, Room 1
    You may be on a mission for the Empress of the ShadowScythe, but the Necropolis Soldiers do not bow to her. Slay 7 of them and find the Page 1 of Sepulchure's History to pass!

    Necropolis Soldier Slain x7 (Dropped by Necropolis Soldier)
    History Page 1 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 6)

    Locations: Screen 6

  3. Retrieve the Past, Room 2
    It never hurts to bring a Empress tribute, and if you return with 5 Gilded Slimeskulls, Gravelyn will only be more appreciative. Bring back the Gilded Skulls, and retrieve Page 2 of Sepulchure's History!

    Gilded SlimeSkulls x5 (Click on blue arrow at screen 6 to 8)
    History Page 2 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 7)

    Locations: Screen 6 to 8

  4. Retrieve the Past, Room 3
    These Slimeskulls are vicious! Squash 8 of the slime sentries and try not to get any on Page 3 of Sepulchure's History!

    Slime Sentry Squished x8 (Dropped by Slimeskull)
    History Page 3 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 8)

    Locations: Screen 8

  5. Retrieve the Past, Room 4
    If you are to find the FULL truth of Sepulchure's past, you will need to descend deeper into the Necropolis. Kill the 4 Ghoul Guardians and take the Slimed Elevator Key from the Necropolis Soldier. Do not leave without finding Page 4 of Sepulchure's history!

    Ghoul Guardian Slain x4 (Dropped by Ghoul)
    Slimed Elevator Key (Dropped by Necropolis Soldier)
    History Page 4 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 9)

    Locations: Screen 9

  6. Deeper into Darkness
    Every step on a journey requires energy. Descending into the Necropolis is not different. The psychic energy from the deaths of 10 bellhops will fuel the elevators drop down 10 more floors.

    1 Floor Descended x10 (Dropped by Bellhop)

    Locations: Screen 10

  7. Retrieve the Past, Room 5
    Every step on a journey requires energy. Descending into the Necropolis is not different. The psychic energy from the deaths of 10 bellhops will fuel the elevators drop down 10 more floors.

    Suspicious Slime Bribed x3 (Dropped by Slimeskull)
    Suspicious Soldier Bribed x4 (Dropped by Necropolis Soldier)
    Beacon of Hope Placed x3 (Click on blue arrow at screen 11 to 13)
    History Page 4 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 11)

    Locations: Screen 11 to 13

  8. Retrieve the Past, Room 6
    Bonedust is said to have many great properies, including that of hastening growth and healing. It would be wise to collect the vials you find here, along with locating Page 6 of Sepulchure's history!

    Bonedust x5 (Click on blue arrow at screen 11 to 13)
    History Page 6 (Click on blue arrow at screen 12)

    Locations: Screen 11 to 13

  9. Retrieve the Past, Room 7
    It is said that the beast which guards the Monster Subway has a fondness of Slimeskulls. Kill 9 Slimeskulls and cover yourself in their scent. If you are lucky, perhaps the Doomcrawler will not fight you… as hard. Page 7 of Sepulchure's history will be found in this room; do not leave without it.

    Vial of Slime Scent x9 (Dropped by Slimeskull)
    History Page 7 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 13)

    Locations: Screen 13

  10. Monster Subway Ahead
    The Doomcrawler guards the entrance to the Monster Subway, and the only way to board the Subway Crawler and get from this wing of the Necropolis to the next is to slay him! If you are luck, the DoomCrawler will not have eaten Page 8 of Sepulchure's History, so make sure to look for it.

    Doomcrawler Destroyed x1 (Dropped by Doom Crawler)
    History Page 8 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 14)

    Locations: Screen 14

  11. Underground RailRoad to... DOOM!
    You must ride the Subway Crawler, bit it will not carry you without incentive. It is even hungry, and always happy to eat its passengers! Kill 8 Ghouls for Crawler Feed and place the bits by Crawler's head. I believe one of the pages of Sepulchure's History is stuck a carapace.

    Chunk of Crawler Food x8 (Dropped by Ghoul)
    Crawler Fed x8 (Click on blue arrow near Monster head each time you defeat a Ghoul)
    History Page 9 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 15)

    Locations: Screen 15

  12. Retrieve the Past, Room 10
    If you would to continue on in the quest Empress has set to you, you must secure the Key from the Necropolis Soldier guarding the Elevator's door. Do not fail to find Page 10 of Sepulchure's History, or the Empress will rage.

    Bony Elevator Key x1 (Dropped by Necropolis Soldier)
    History Page 10 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 16)

    Locations: Screen 16

  13. The Deepest Descent
    I am sure you are familiar by now. Hero, with what must be done. Those who travel through the Necropolis must pay the toll. Slay 10 Bellhops, and you will be free to exit into the final section of the Necropolis.

    1 Floor Descended x10 (Dropped by Bellhop)

    Locations: Screen 17

  14. Retrieve the Past, Room 11
    The darkness enfolds you, overwhelms you, filling your senses, taking over your mind. Or it would, if you let it. Hero, place 5 Beacons of Hope in this chamber. They will light your way to success and show you where Page 11 of Sepulchure's History lies!

    Beacon of Hope Placed x5 (Click on blue arrow at screen 18 to 20)
    History Page 11 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 18)

    Locations: Screen 18

  15. Retrieve the Past, Room 12
    Your journey is almost at an end, the history is almost complete. The penultimate page waits to be found, but the Necropolis Soldiers guarding this hall will not let you search in peace! Slay a squad of 7 to ensure you may search ininterrupted.

    Soldier Swayed x7 (Dropped by Necropolis Soldier)
    History Page 12 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 19)

    Locations: Screen 19

  16. Retrieve the Past, Room 13
    The last battle waits in the next chamber. If you would succeed, it is recommended that you come with an offering. Strewn about the floor lay 5 Dracolich Teeth, stolen from us in our youth. Return them and you may yet survive to see the light of a new day. The Last History page may be found here, as well.

    Slimed Dracolich Teeth x5 (Click on blue arrow at screen 18 to 20)
    History Page 13 x1 (Click on blue arrow at screen 20)

    Locations: Screen 20

  17. Five Times the Fury
    The Guardians of the Gate waits for you, Hero. A biding vow was made before you were born, and it shall not be forsworn. The Gate can be opened, but hearts-blood is the oil that must grease its hinges.

    Dracolich Head 1 Defeated! x1 (Defeat the 1st Head of the 5 Headed Dracolich)
    Dracolich Head 2 Defeated! x1 (Defeat the 2nd Head of the 5 Headed Dracolich)
    Dracolich Head 3 Defeated! x1 (Defeat the 3rd Head of the 5 Headed Dracolich)
    Dracolich Head 4 Defeated! x1 (Defeat the 4th Head of the 5 Headed Dracolich)
    Dracolich Head 5 Defeated! x1 (Defeat the 5th Head of the 5 Headed Dracolich)

    Locations: Screen 21

  18. The Past Will Haunt You
    Enter the tomb to understand Sepulchure's motivation. Inspect the effigy and read the inscription. Take word of your journey and the Diary you have gathered back to the Empress.

    Who could THIS be?! x1 (Reach Screen 22 of the Location)

    Locations: Screen 22

And you thought it was all over! Looks like Vordred is back and more CHAOTIC than ever! Let's find out more at: Necropolis Cavern!


Necropolis Cavern
/join necrocavern
Sigh... Necropolis Cavern, what can I say? Its got caves, darkness, bones and a ton of other gross gross stuff that I don't want to talk about... Too Bad! You are gonna have to d it anyway. I mean, Necropolis + Cavern = Bad News (and bad smells).

Button-on-the-top-right-corner's Quests (Screen 2)

  1. Thou Shalt Not Pass
    To descend into the shadows, you must first disperse the shadows' guardians. Slay the 3 Shadowstone Elementals in the room to continue on.

    Shadowstone Shattered x3 (Dropped by Shadowstone Elemental)

    Locations: Screen 2 and 3

  2. Blinded by the Darkness
    Darkness overwhelms you as you step into the pit of despair. Take care that the denizens of the Dark - the Shadow Imps - do not slay YOU! Send 6 of the Shadow Imps back to their nether world and place 6 Beacons of Bright Light in the tunnel to drive out the Dark.

    Shadow Imp Slain x6 (Dropped by Shadow Imp)
    Beacon Shining x6 (Click on the arrows around the screens)

    Notes: After completing this quest, proceed to screen 5 and click the arrow. This will move your character.

    Locations: Screen 2, 3 and 5

  3. The Tale Never Dies
    Weberich, famous author of Sepulchure's tale, lingers here in the depths of the Necropolis. Restore his tools to him and perhaps he'll have another tale to tell! Bring him 5 vials of Shadow Ink from imps, 1 Inkstone from the Shadowstones, and hunt for his quill and 3 parchments!

    Shadow Ink Obtainted x5 (Dropped by Shadow Imp)
    Inkstone Obtained (Dropped by Shadowstone Elemental)
    Quill Found (Click on the arrows around the screens)
    Parchment Retrieved x3 (Click on the arrows around the screens)

    Notes: After completing this quest, proceed to screen 5 and click the arrow. This will move your character.

    Locations: Screen 6 and 7

  4. Doom Outside the Dome
    If you would enter the Dome of Light ahead, you will need the key. No ordinary key, this piece of Obsidian stolen by the Shadowstone Elementals emits a tone which reasonates in tune with the sonic-galss of the the dome. You will be allowed to enter… IF you have the key.

    Obsidian Key (Dropped by Shadowstone Elemental)

    Locations: Screen 9

  5. Last Bastion of Light
    I am plagued by the Shadow Creatures who keep invading my park! Juanita Park is MY home… my only home, and the last place left where Light holds sway. Please, Hero, I would be so grateful if you could remove 4 of the imps and 3 of the Shadowstone creatures. I - I fear for the Light I have left!

    Lilyandra, Guardian of Juanita Park, is plagued by the shadow creatures who sneak into her protected forest. Slay the creatures who are trying to corrupt the forest with darkness.

    Slay 4 Shadow Imps

    Slay 3 Rock Guardians

    Imp Invader Slain x4 (Dropped by Shadow Imp)
    Rock Intruder Shattered x3 (Dropped by Shadowstone Elemental)

    Locations: Screen 9

  6. Shadowy Corruption
    I must keep eternal watch over the shadow creatures who would destroy my home. If you would help me defend my home, I would be grateful! Pour these 5 vials of elixir around the perimeter of my dome, and I am certain that the darkness will find no refuge here!

    Light Elixir Poured x5 (Click on the arrows around the screens)

    Notes: After completing this quest, proceed to screen 5 and click the arrow. This will move your character.

    Locations: Screen 11 and 13

  7. Strength of the Darkness
    The night is Dark and full of terrors… like the Shadow Dragon that awaits you. So long as its heart beats, the drawbridge will securely raised. Slay the beast and your path to the Shadow Support which holds up the Necropolis will be clear.

    Shadow Dragon Defeated! (Dropped by Shadow Dragon)

    Notes: This part can be a *bit* misleading. At least, for me it was. When you spawn after the cutscene, go to your left. There you will find the Shadow Dragon.

    Locations: Screen 16

  8. Bring Down the Necropolis
    This is the stone column which bears the weight of the entire Necropolis. If you have enough strength and fortitude to shatter it, the entire structure will collapse! Be warned, though. The Necropolis would not rest on something fragile; you will need determination to break this load-bearing rock!

    Necropolis Floored (Dropped by Shadowstone Support)

    Notes: Defeating the 100k+ Hp Shadowstone Support might seem difficult (at least for lower levels) but the truth is, it does not do any damage to you AT ALL. So calm down...

    Locations: Screen 15

OMG! Is it over? YES! IT IS! Woohoooo! Wait... we still got the final part of this guide: Doom War/AQW Zombies!



The story so far...Gravelyn's wish is granted and Sepulchure returns as if Drakath never attacked that night in the Swordhaven Castle. However, it is Sepulchure's body that returns, not his soul, so he attempts to defeat Artix and Gravelyn to unleash true darkness on the world, starting the Doom War.


/join doomhaven
What? Did they just turn this beautiful town into this? Corpses, skeletons, that smell.... HOW DARE THEY! We can't let them do this, CHAAAAAAAAAAARGE!

Artix's Quests

  1. Bring Down the Necropolis
    This is the stone column which bears the weight of the entire Necropolis. If you have enough strength and fortitude to shatter it, the entire structure will collapse! Be warned, though. The Necropolis would not rest on something fragile; you will need determination to break this load-bearing rock!

    Slain Skeletal Soldier x10 (Dropped by Skeletal Soldier)

    Locations: Screen 1

  2. Skull Crusher Mountain
    Yet again, the Skeletal Ice Mages are trying to break the castle walls with their ice magic! Give them the cold shoulder! Battle Skeletal Ice Mages and bring me back 8 Frozen Boneheads. Maybe we can use them to put out some of the fires!

    Frozen Bonehead x8 (Dropped by Skeletal Ice Mage)

    Locations: Screen 1 to 7

  3. The Undead Giant
    You took the Undead Giant down before, and you can do it once more! It is the only thing standing between you and the castle. If you’re going to save the King again, you’ll need to beat it! Defeat the Undead Giant before he succeeds and bring me back his Undead Giant’s Sword to boost the morale of the townsfolk!

    Undead Giant's Sword x1 (Dropped by Angry Undead Giant)

    Locations: Screen 8

Its not over just yet... Next up: DoomWar!


/join doomwar
First SwordHaven, now Battleon? That's it Sepulchure! You have gone way too far this time. Time to get rid of you ONCE AND FOR ALL! On a side note, once you have completed all the quests earlier, go to the "Warp Camp" at DoomWar. There, talk to Artix and select the "Keep Battling" option. You can continue the quests from him there.

Artix's Quests

  1. Keep the Area Clear
    Zombies are all around us, my friend! Defeat 5 of them so that we can help Gravelyn face her destiny!

    Zombie Slain x5 (Dropped by Angry Zombie)

    Locations: Artix's Keep Battling Button

  2. Defeat Zombie Dragons
    They are coming right for us! The dragons Zombie Galanoth had for lunch are here to snack on you, Hero! You will need to defeat 3 of them before they destroy Battleon!

    Zombie Dragon Defeated x3 (Dropped by Zombie Dragon)

    Locations: Artix's "Keep Battling" Button (Screen 1)

  3. Defeat Your Fallen Friends
    If we are going to save Zombie Cysero, Alina, Rolith and Zhoom, we will need to subdue them first. Defeat each of your friends so that we can save them later.

    Fallen Friend Defeated x5 ( Dropped by Cyzerombie, Zombie Alina, Zombie Rolith, Zhoombie, Zombie Warlic or Zombie Galanoth)

    Locations: Artix's "Keep Battling" Button (Screen 2)

  4. Long Unlive the King
    Zombie King Alteon must be defeated if we are to have any hope of returning him to life. Head to the second room inside the in and take down your King!

    Fallen King Defeated x1 (Dropped by Zombie King Alteon)

    Locations: Artix's "Keep Battling" Button (Screen 3)

Its time for that final boss battle, against: Sepulchure!


/join sepulchure

  1. Dark Sepulchure Must be Slain!
    It is time to face your Darkest foe… in his Darkest armor! Slay Sepulchure for the Good of all!

    Defeat Dark Sepulchure x1 (Dropped by Dark Sepulchure)


Its.. finally over....



So... how did you guys find the saga? Hope that my guide helped you through your journey. So, if you guys have found any mistakes or errors in the guide, please feel free to state them below. If you guys also need any form of clarification, or some form of visual aid for certain quests, just request for them. Also, if you have any suggestions or questions to be added to the Q&A below, feel free to speak up too. If I feel that your question is a good and useful one, it will be added into the Q&A section of the guide (found below). I also include in the Q&A how completing the guide can be advantageous to you.

[9/9/2014] Thread created
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[10/9/2014] Completed Necro U Quests
[11/9/2014] Completed Light Temple Quests (Level 1 to 13 20)
[11/9/2014] Added Banner to Guide (See credits Below)
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[12/9/2014] PART 2 COMPLETE
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[29/9/2014] Q&A COMPLETE

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For any questions you have or might have

What are the advantages of finishing this saga?
The list of advantages are numerous. Besides being able to get hold of some more exclusive armor drops, one is also able to get a deeper understanding of the history of Sepulchure. In addition, if you were to farm Dark Sepulchure, you will be able to get several types of armors. Such as the Unholy armor, Tournament helms etc.

In addition, when you complete the GOOD option of the Vordred Boss Fight, the one with Daimyo, the shop contains the handle for the Blinding Light of Destiny, or BLoD. Also, the completion of the DoomWood Saga is often necessary for getting certain Legendary items, one way or another especially Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor. For more information, check out the Comprehensive Legendary Items Guide.

To add on, if you noticed, this saga also gives you a whole lot of rep for the DoomWood and Arcangrove factions (more for DoomWood). This can give you access to the rep shops and their unique classes. The Arcangrove rep shop can provide you with the Evolved Shaman and Shaman classes. On the other hand, the DoomWood rep shop has the DeathKnight and UndeadSlayer class for you legends out there. There is of course, the usual range of the sickest blades of lore, perfect for your undead killing needs...

However, if you want to CONTROL the undeads, feel free to do so with the Necromancer. If you were to fully progress through the Necro U storyline, you can find the Necromancer Class shop. There you can either spend 2000ACs, or merge two items and some gold to get the class. The necromancer is a really decent and relatively cheap soloing class that could prove infinitely useful throughout the rest of the saga. So what are you waiting for? BATTLE ON!

Throughout the course of this saga, including AQW Zombies, how much inventory space do you think one would need?
This is a pretty tricky question. Actually, you really do not need any at all. Of course you might want to have a few classes on hand for different occasions, but other than that, there is more or less no particular inventory slots that need to be emptied. (unless you plan to keep some of that sweet, sweet loot or course!)

What classes do you think would be more practical for certain quests?
After a bit of testing, I figured that all you would really need is a relatively decent soloing class and a class that is good against low health NPCs. I would recommend Alpha Omega for the NPC killing as it has the necessary burst damage to quickly take out a target and then move on to another. Ont he other hand, I recommend the Blood Titan for the soloing. As for when you would have to use it entirely depends on your level. If you were to be of a lower level, you might find yourself having to use the soloing class more often, compared to a player of a higher level.

I recommend that you use soloing classes for the enemies that have 20k health or more. Whomever they may be. As the bosses in this saga are not all too difficult, you really do not have to worry too much about not being able to take them on. However, if you truly need help, remember that help is always out there. Just ask!

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9/10/2014 3:04:31   



For the players I have to thank for this guide

Many thanks to [ .Shadow// ] for the banner above.
Thanks, of course, to [ Zyrain ] for generally helping out with guide.
Thanks to [ Shadowhunt ] too for giving this guide the suggestions it needs.
Thanks [ Lord Coxy ] for the sweet signature!
Thanks to [ Zackaf ] for the GREAT proof reading!


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1/21/2015 12:32:45   
Raziel PL

something's wrong
i've completed every quest listed here, and everything goes to hell at vordredboss.
no matter what i'll choose, nothing will be unlocked. literally.
"go find gravelynn"? nothing.
"go find vayle"? nothing.
"go find zorbak"? nothing here.
"go find ???"? can't even choose this.
is there any way to fix this?
if anyone need to know, i've finished 97% of all quests from doomwood part 1.
AQW  Post #: 4
1/27/2015 18:06:33   

Same problem as Raziel.

Is there a fix yet?
Post #: 5
5/30/2015 11:54:28   

You misspelled "mountain" two times as "mountian" in your guide. I'll see if I can find more.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
5/31/2015 3:05:51   
Lightning Sekkara

Also,I'm pretty sure that after the undead giant part,you still have to help robina and witness a pretty important cutscene.
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