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Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 7

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10/9/2014 16:00:28   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

Ok guys a nice new thread, enjoy the continuation of the PUC.

So here's my proposal.

We play a game that's sort of like Risk, conquering areas as indicated by the map by the black lines. I gave each clan 3 areas and their own color that indicates the areas they control. The white areas are not owned by anyone at the start of the game.

Battles would happen in the weekend, but it'd be up to the clans to discuss where they intend to attack. There would also be a GameMaster, who's job is to collect the attack plans of each clan, which they would provide to him/her by PM.

After the weekend comes, there's the usual score tally thing. Maybe like... if two clans are going for the same uncontested area, the one who manages to raise their Defense Score more wins the spot. Attacking a clan would require for their Defense Score to drop below what it started as.

As another example, say Dynami is going after B7, but Igneus decides that they will attack owned Dynami lands. At the end of the weekend, Igneus has successfully lowered Dynami's D.S. which will result in their attempted capture of B7 to fail. This is a tad easier to do than to somehow keep score on the Dynami's attempted capture of B7 AND Igneus' attack on Dynami lands, that'd then occur in Dynami possibly capturing B7 but also losing an area to Igneus.

If anyone has better ideas for these, do tell.


The attack plans have ONE little thing to 'em. They will only be revealed AFTER each weekend plan. Sure, the clans can go about diplomacy and make treaties and plans, but for the sake of the game's secrecy and THRILL, we politely ask that they keep such actions a secret. Anyway, after the weekend is over, the map is updated along information being given out who did what, attacked who, repelled who's attack and so on.

The first round will sort of be crucial, as it will give each clan an idea which clan they should focus their effort afterwards, one way or another.

Also, each clan can only take ONE action per weekend. Like attack an enemy clan area or try to capture a free area.

Speaking of which, the free areas are currently labelled as A, B and C.

B currently has a LOT of free spots, but it's sort of a historical area so I figured it would be allright to make it tougher to control. In case people are upset about it, go ahead and say and I can cut down on 'em.

A is the route for Glacius, Nocturu and Geoto to go about in their own corner, primarily for Glacius since they lack any contact to the mainland, just like Aerodu, who have the C area for them, along Igneus and Nautica.

While Glacius really has no chance right now but to attempt capture of either A1 or A2, depending who they wish to go after, Aerodu has the chance of either capturing C2 or attacking Nautica.

I figured the best way to go about the uncontested areas which connect some Paxia areas to the main one is to make it a 2-step thing, so it won't be that Aerodu makes one move and by next week they're ready to invade the mainland.

I figured I might do a summary of the rules explained above in details:
-Monday to Friday, you get to decide where to attack. Battles for taking control of an occupied area are done during the weekend. The clan who has gained the most points wins. If the two or more clans manage to beat the defender's score raise, the defending clan lose, and the area is given to the clan who had a higher increase in points.
-Battles begin at Saturday 01:00 AM to Monday 01:00AM AQ Server Time (GMT-5 Eastern Timezone).
-You have until Saturday at 01:00 to AM your clan's battle plan to the GM (me). If it's not received by the GM until then, the clan is considered skipping it's turn.
-Battles are done in the Adventurer Server (free button on the homepage) to give a fair chance for every player to participate.
-Each clan has two actions during the week. That is 2 areas you can attack that are next to ones you already control.

As to not create any confusion or things that might get this thread delete, THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL SUGGESTION FOR PAXIA IN-GAME!
This will be some sort of contest game for Paxians to play in, to fill the huge gap of inactivity so we can actually do something.

Current map, will try to make an image again if I get time

Round One: AQ's birthday, nice timing for a new round, good thing Igneus are not taking part or we would have had to suspend it with the hunt for Shadowfire Artix crushing their once mighty score. Things have gone rather well for a first round, Geoto took B1 and B2, Lucian B6 and B7, Glacius A1 and A2. But being neutral areas meant these were of no contest. Aerodu also took a neutral area, C2, but failed to seize Nautica's C7. This leaves last rounds winners a little behind, strangely though this seems very familiar...
Round Two: Glacius are certainly off to a quick start, its only round two and they have already attacked another active clan, Geoto, and took A8 alongside Nocturu's A6. Not sure how I should respond to this but I feel this will likely mean a war of the west is about to take place on Paxia. Elsewhere, Lucian took B11 from Igneus and the neutral B5. Aerodu took C7 from Nautica, at last, as well as the neutral C1. Geoto took B3 and B4, both neutral. It seems though the attack in the back from Glacius has put them and Lucian in joint first place with seven territories. Lets see how long it lasts.
Round Three: It seems Geoto has become the new Dynami, but with less ability to resist. Lucian have joined Glacius' attack on their former ally but were beaten back. The same cannot be said for Glacius who took A13 from Geoto and A7 from Nocturu. Geoto did make gains though taking A14 to seal in Glacius and taking B8 to weaken Dynami. Aerodu made further gains taking C5 and C6 (which has previously been mislabelled C8 since the start due to a mistake on the original template), thus eliminating Nautica. Both Nocturu and Nautica have been eliminated this week, seems this game is going rather fast.
Round Four: Glacius seem to have Geoto firmly in their sights taking both A14 and B3 with a comfortable margine. Meanwhile Aerodu have eliminated Dynami by taking B9 and B10, guess that is one less major threat to worry about. Lucian forgot to send in their plans so no action on that front. down to 5 clans now with Igneus likely to fall soon enough, seems this game has a rather fast pace so far, maybe because Dynami hasn't united all the clans in a great war against it.
Round Five: An interesting week to say the least. Geoto attacked Lucian taking A10 and A12, Aerodu also attacked Lucian taking B7 and B11; very bad week for Lucian. Their one consolation prize was that they took C3 but that still leaves them down 3 territories. Glacius surprisingly failed in their attack against Geoto, maybe they have started running out of steam. next week could get very interesting, with Lucian spread all over the map and Aerodu and Glacius finally able to attack each other we could see a heated battle, or a perhaps a very cold one is more appropriate in Glacius' case.
Round Six: Things slowed a little this week, though only a little. Aerodu sent in no plans and lost B7 to Glacius. Once again Glacius' attack on Geoto was repelled, this time from A9. To cap off a good week for Geoto they took both A11 and B6 from Lucian, putting them two steps closer to defeat. Lucian did get some compensation out of the week though, they took C4 from Igneus annihilating them from the game. Lucian still looks pretty badly off though, on their road to defeat they went 2 steps forward and only one step back; if they wish to avoid elimination they must try harder next week.
Round Seven: The battles continue to create interesting maps. Lucian seem to be trying to cross the breadth of Paxia rather than win, having lost B5 and gained C1 and C7 from Aerodu they are now almost to the opposite side of the map to their starting point. Geoto meanwhile has begun reclaiming its home territory by taking A13 back from Glacius as well as B5 from Lucian, leaving only Glacius and Aerodu as targets for future attacks; it doesn't take a genius to see who Geoto will attack next. Aerodu had a disappointing week, losing C1 and C7 to Lucian, but fortunatly for them, Glacius made the error of attacking Geoto instead of them and took no spaces this round. Map now looks quite interesting.
Round Eight: Geoto's counter attack on Glacius continues with them taking A8 and A7 back and thwarting Glacius' attacks on A9 and A13, a very bad week for Glacius. Lucian meanwhile failed in their attack on Aerodu by a measly 1 win, leaving Aerodu free to take back C4 and C7. However, I had to decide whether or not to allow Aerodu's plans since they were a little late, but before I posted the starting screenshot. I allowed them as Aerodu had a good reason but in future can everyone be extra careful to get their plans in on time and preferably not at the very last minute. To finish on a lighter note, this could prove to be our fastest game ever at this rate.
Round Nine: A relatively slow round, the only change to the map was Geoto furthering its counter attack by taking A1 and A6 from Glacius. Glacius' attack on Geoto failed and Aerodu sent in no plans. Lucian's attack had interesting results though, both Lucian and Aerodu, whom they attacked, broke even with the starting scores; a first in this game's history. Because it was tied the defender kept their land but it couldn't get more close, better luck next time Lucian.
Round Ten: Lucian have fallen at the hands of Aerodu losing both their remaining lands of C1 and C3. Meanwhile Geoto took some of Glacius' territory of A2 and A3, closing the grip on them. Glacius only have 5 areas left and could soon be joining Lucian. If so I guess it will be a Geoto v Aerodu rematch, for those who are not aware Geoto won the last time it came down to just those 2 clans.
Round Eleven: Christmas may be coming but that does not seem to be helping Glacius who lost 3 more areas this week. Geoto took A4 and A5 by just 2 points, a rather narrow win to say the least. Aerodu took B7 from Glacius comfortably and took B8 from Geoto. If they could have attacked another Glacius area I hope they would have but none the less Geoto will now be keeping a close eye on Aerodu. Glacius are down to just 2 areas and if they do not mount a surprising defence the may soon find themselves out of the game, leaving a Geoto/Aerodu standoff for the second time in the game's history. To recap Geoto now has 18 areas, Aerodu has 15 and Glacius has 2.
Round Twelve: After a week off we have now had the first round of the new year, unfortunately for Glacius it was their last. Both Geoto and Aerodu attacked them and Aerodu won their two remaining areas, B3 and A14, comfortably. Now it will be time to see if this will be a quick ending, in which case it will also be the quickest PUC we have ever had, or if we will enter a long drawn out end game. Based on past experience of Geoto v Aerodu, I would advise preparing for the latter.
Round Thirteen: Unlucky for all it would seem, Aerodu forgot to send in plans yet Geoto was unable to capitalise on it and take any Aerodu land. No change at all.
Round Fourteen: Persistence pays off for Geoto who succeed in taking A14 and B3 from Aerodu. Geoto's lead in areas has grown slightly and their land now covers more than hal of Paxia, but based on last week's results there is still a long slog ahead for either side to come out victorious.
Round Fifteen: Another Geoto win with B7 and B8 falling like dominos, Aerodu better pick it up next week or their morale could soon find itself shattered before this clash really began. Come on Aerodu we all know you can do better than -19.
Round Sixteen: Aerodu prove me right by taking B7 and B8 with a convincing score of 42 to Geoto's rather poor -99, looks like things are really going to heat up now, Geoto won't be holding anything back after seeing that score.
Round Seventeen: B7 and B8 are reclaimed by Geoto, for now at least, looks like neither side is willing to break just yet; which I am sure is not good news for the poor citizens of B7 and B8 who could easily change rulers again once or more before this is over. Still a good fight between Aerodu and Geoto is just what the PUC ordered, good luck next week.
Round Eighteen: Back and forth back and forth, B7 and B8 have been reclaimed by Aerodu again. This tussle could go on for a while.
Round Nineteen: Misfortune arrives in droves for Geoto and for me. Geoto lost B5 and B6 to Aerodu and I have had computer trouble. For my sake I hope fate is ficule enough for this to turn around quickly.
Round Twenty: The tide seems to have turned a bit since last week, B5 and B6 have been reclaimed by Geoto.
Round Twenty One: For the second week in a row Geoto take the fight to Aerodu, reclaiming B7 and B8. Looks like misfortune arrives in droves for Aerodu as well.
Round Twenty Two: Looks like misfortune is definately arriving in droves for Aerodu as Geoto steamroll their way into B9 and B10 with minimum effort, and the largest difference in points for quite a while.
Round Twenty Three: A close match but Geoto continue their relentless push into Aerodu's lands with a successful attack on C5 and B11. Still it is good to see Aerodu close the gap by so much compared to last week's performance.
Round Twenty Four: Not as close as last week and Geoto have once again pushed Aerodu back, taking C3 and C4. Aerodu's forces are seemingly disintegrating for no apparent reason, come on you guys you have turned around worse than this before.
Round Twenty Five: A stunning turn around, reinforcements in the form of Jorath take Aerodu into the lead by a significant margine and they reclaim C3 and C4. This could spell an end to Geoto's momentum, we just need to see if that will be enough to stop them. Next week will be interesting.
Round Twenty Six: Aerodu's counterattack continues reclaiming C5 and B11 by a stunning amount, looks like reinforcements have truely reinvigorated Aerodu.
Round Twenty Seven: No plans from Aerodu so no change to the map, they may regret giving Geoto time to recover.
Round Twenty Eight: No plans from Aerodu again and Geoto succeed in taking back B11 and C5, now that Geoto has had time to recover, next week could be rather interesting.
Round Twenty Nine: Back and forth go B11 and C5, Aerodu take them back with a small win. It has been a while now since any major move was made by either side, this is quickly becoming a marathon rather than the sprint I was predicting when Dynami did not take part.
Round Thirty: Geoto reclaimed B11 and C5, soon to be the new ruins of Paxia if this keeps up, by the narrow margine of just 2 wins. Both sides are very evenly matched and things could still go either way.
Round Thirty One: Aerodu take back B11 and C5, this deadlock could last some time still, neither side is giving an inch. B11 and C5 must be in ruins by now.
Round Thirty Two: Aerodu keep up the pressure taking back B9 and B10. The people of B11 and C5 will no doubt be pleased the war has moved on for at least a week.
Round Thirty Three: Aerodu's comeback continues with them taking B7 and B8, almost leveling up the playing field in terms of territory. Geoto will need to regroup for a well prepared counter attack if they aim to win back the momentum.
Round Thirty Four: B5 and B6 fall to Aerodu with a staggering margine of almost 150, Geoto needs to regroup if they want to hold on. Still shows this game won't be over for a while yet.
Round Thirty Five: Geoto regrouped succesfully for now, taking B5 and B6 by a narrow margine. It should be noted though that Aerodu sent no plans in, don't fall into that habit again Aerodu.
Round Thirty Six: Geoto's counter-counterattack continues with them reclaiming B7 and B8 from Aerodu, residents of B11 and C5 must be getting worried with the war heading their way again. I wonder how Aerodu will respond to this change of momentum. Guess we will see next week.
Round Thirty Seven: Geoto took back B9 and B10 by a measly 6 wins, not the closest we have had; but much closer than last week. The people of B11 and C5 must now be panicing with Geoto clearly about to invade and a tussle over their lands possible once again, they probably just started rebuilding so at this rate it will be the new ruins.
Round Thirty Eight: Aerodu comes back swinging with a surprise landslide win over Geoto, taking B7 and B8, I must ask though, did they choose those areas for strategic gain or so I couldn't reuse a previous map image? Either way looks like it is time for a counter counter counterattack.
Round Thirty Nine: Aerodu take A12 and A14, not by too great a margin but not a particularly small one either. Still map now looks very weird, guess Geoto is going to need to change that.
Round Forty: No change, Aerodu gained more than 200 points but failed to send in plans.
Round Forty One: In a stunning turnaround from last week Geoto won by around 180 points, taking back B11 and B8 from Aerodu. Looks like both sides are getting serious, next week will certainly be interesting.
Round Forty Two: Another win for Geoto, taking back A12 and B7, by the smaller but still substantial margin. Could this level of reinforcement be the blow that breaks Aerodu's defence? It will take a few more weeks to know for sure.
Round Forty Three: It never fails, the second we think a decisive move is made reinforcements come to flip everything on its head. This time it is Aerodu getting the reinforcements and the win, taking A7 and A13. The win was by the narrowest possible margine, literally only 1 battle! Both clans now seem fairly evenly matched, lets see now which one has the will and moral to win.
Round Forty Four: A decisive win for Geoto who took back A7 and A14 from Aerodu, now it is Aerodu's turn to step up the pressure if they want to prevent Geoto gaining momentum. Of course if Aerodu lose next week at least the map will look a lot less strange.
Round Forty Five: Another win for Geoto, taking A13 and C5. However, this could be the first controversial win we have had in a while, since a previous post by the Aerodu gamemaster suggets a very different score on their end. It has been a while since this issue cropped up but we will have to wait and see if that is the case, strange it should appear again after so long. It will not affect the official result but would be frustrating. EDIT: no problem, scores matched up. Nice to see an ordinary looking map again and nicer still not to have that issue return.
Round Forty Six: Another win for Geoto nets them C3 and C4, Aerodu seem to be on the ropes again, but we have been here before and they have recovered so it is too early to take anything for granted.
Round Forty Seven: Aerodu put in a magnificent effort, winning by over 400 points. However, due to a mistake in their plans they only got one territory, C5. Next week could prove most interesting.
Round Forty Eight: Another win for Aerodu, but this time by the much more managable 19 wins, still they reclaim C3 and C4 once more. Looks like this game will go on past the 1 year mark, surprising since without Dynami I thought it would be done by Round Fifty.
Round Forty Nine: Geoto take C5 and C3 with a minor win, not much more to say; could be a turning point or just a continuation of this ongoing stalemate.
Round Fifty: Geoto takes C4 and C6, the map is looking greener by the week. We may see this war end by Frostval after all, though something tells me after saying that Aerodu will probably make another come back knowing my luck. Guess we can only wait and see.
Round Fifty One: A win for Geoto nets them C1 and C7. Geoto now have a beachhead on Aerodu's home and they only have 4 areas left, in 2 weeks we may be setting up for a whole new game! Then again we might face a last minute counter attack, there have been a fair few of those from Aerodu.
Round Fifty Two: Aerodu gain a win by 2 points, taking back C1 and C7 in the process. Could this be another turn in the tide?
Round Fifty Three: Looks like it is indeed the tide turning again, though how long for is yet to be seen; Aerodu take back C3 and C4 from Geoto with a strong margin. Looks like Geoto better step up their game if they want any chance of ending this by Frostval.
Round Fifty Four: Aerodu's fight back continues with a massive score allowing them to take back C5 and B11, As it was a Halloween round I expected little partcipation from either side, guess I was wrong.
Round Fifty Five: Another massive score from Aerodu nets them C6 and B7, guess we are almost back to square one.
Round Fifty Six Aerodu net the biggest score in a long time of 326 and win A12 and B8 for their troubles, this looks like it is back to even stevens, square one or whatever you prefer to call it.
Round Fifty Seven: Aerodu win by another large 300+ score, talk about a push back.
Round Fifty Eight: Aerodu win by almost 400, taking A9 and A13. Guess they have some hidden soldiers since their forum activity has not gone up. Time for Geoto to begin counterattacking if they don't want all their previous efforts to be in vain.
Round Fifty Nine: Round Fifty Nine, what round fify nine? there is no round fifty nine. Ok there is but it may as well never have happened, both Geoto and Aerodu scored a big fat 0. No change in the map and while not our first draw it is certainly the least partcipated round of all the PUC's history!
Round Sixty: Oh its the season... to not fight in the PUC, Geoto win by a meagre 3 victories, not the lowest but considering last weeks results and the results from the weeks before... Still Geoto won and took back A9 and A13, the cold has clearly not agreed with them but it looks like they have dug in their heels at least.
Round Sixty One: A victory for Aerodu taking A11 and B9, the first round win of 2016 gioes to Aerodu, congratulations.
Round Sixty Two: Another victory to Aerodu, this time by a massive margine, taking A9 and A14, things look set to get worse for Geoto as next Sunday I am completely unavailable, this means any remaining Geotian fighters will need to give it their all to win.
Round Sixty Three: Oh how the tables have turned, most of thios game it was Geoto hounding aerodu into the corner, now that has been reveresed with A8 and A13 falling to Aerodu and Geoto down to ots last few territories. Geoto will need to summon up a mighty defence soon or this will be over.
Round Sixty Four: Geoto's collapse continues with A1 and A7 falling by a relatively narrow margine, just need to try a little but harder next week if you want to stay in this.
Round Sixty Five: Geoto claw back A7 and A13 with a narrow win over Aerodu, a final desperate attempt or a sign of things to come? Based on how the PUC has gone so far we could easily be seeing another counter attack in the works. If so then just don't ask me how many this makes, I have lost count of the number of counter attacks for a while now.
Round Sixty Six:If it was a counter attack it ended quickly, Aerodu make a staggering score to win back A7 and A13.
Round Sixty Seven: Back and forth we go as Geoto reclaim A7 and A13 by a comfortable margine, those areas are looking like the new B7 and B8; see earlier round logs to understand comparison.
Round Sixty Eight: Aerodu change target areas, choosing A2 and A7 to target, and win them by more than 100 battles. map is starting to look strange again.
Round Sixty Nine: Aerodu's advance continues taking A3 and A6, not by as big a margine but that will be little comfort to Geoto right now.
Round Seventy: Starting to think everyone is toying with me, overall score this week is both sides broke even exactly, again! As such no change in the map.
Round Seventy One: Aerodu took A4 and A5, another big hit to Geoto, we better rally now or we never will.
Round Seventy Two: Geoto reclaimed A7 and A8, another small counterattack or the beginning of a massive turnaround (another one), its up to you to decide. Will Geoto take this opportunity to reclaim their lost lands?
Round Seventy Three: Short answer for the above is no. Long answer is Geoto lost A7 and A8 but only by 7 points, hopefully next weekend I will have more time to help make up that difference, though probably not.
Round Seventy Four: Geoto reclaimed A7 and A8 again, back and forth back and forth we go, a nice little win but lets hope they can make something of it this time.
Round Seventy Five: A month of back and forth, talk about deja vu, Geoto lost A7 and A8 to Aerodu again. We have gone from one stalemate to another.
Round Seventy Six: Back and forth the game will go, when will it stop I certainly don't know. Geoto take back A7 and A8 again.
Round Seventy Seven: Had to take a week off but the PUC is back, Geoto also seem to be back having taken A9 and A14, maybe this counterattack will get somewhere.
Round seventy Eight: May have spoken too soon, Geoto have a narrow defeat costing them A7 and A8.
Round Seventy Nine: Another narrow loss for Geoto, Aerodu retake A9 and A13, looks like we are back where we started again.
Round Eighty: Geoto reclaim A13 and A12, I won't say anymore until next week, I am fed up with trying to predict this game.
Round Eighty One: Aerodu win but sent in no plans, didn't see that coming.
Round Eighty Two: Aerodu remembered their plans and took back A12 and A13.
Round Eighty Three: Geoto took back A7 and A13, looks like we are in for more back and forth. This is starting to get rather tedious.
Round Eighty Four: ...And forth again, Aerodu reclaim A7 and A13, with a staggering gain of over 300; must have had a lot of free time to play this weekend.
Round Eighty Five: A massive win for Aerodu by over 500 points, nice work.
Round Eighty Six: Another key win for Aerodu taking B5 and B6, if Geoto doesn't do something then this game will end in 2 weeks.
Round Eighty Seven: Geoto claw back B3 and B5.
Round Eighty Eight: Geoto's counter offensive continues, allowing them to take A12 and A13, if this game reaches 100 rounds I think we need to introduce some kind of drawing mechanism in future games, otherwise this could just keep happening almost endlessly.
Round Eighty Nine: Aerodu begin a counter offensive retaking A12 and A13.
Round Ninety: Aerodu retake B3 and B5.... Ok this is just getting weird now, how did we end up reaching round Ninety! This game has gone on now for almost 2 years! That is around double the length of the previous longest, 48 rounds I believe, and most is just Geoto v Aerodu. In less than a month we will hit the 2 year mark!
Round Ninety One: No change, Aerodu win but sent no plans. By the way if anyone has any good ideas for a drawing mechanism for this game please post them.
Round Ninety Two: Aerodu take a clear win seizing B2 and B4, Geoto only have B1 left so next week is do or die for them, though also may mark the end of the longest PUC in our history.
Round Ninety Three: Final Round! Aerodu take B1 finally ending the longest PUC in history. It was a brutal battle with Geoto and aerodu both dominant over the other for large lengths of time, but it is over now with Aerodu standing triumphant, as their noble rivals I salute their dedication and resolve to fight so hard for so long.

See previous threads for previous games. But if you just want to see the result they are on this trophy made by Heroes of the Scape.

Map will be added soon and the trophy will be updated as soon as I receive an updated link.

EDIT All up to date.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
10/10/2014 19:45:29   
Heroes of the Scape

Kind of fitting that we are starting a new round on the Anniversary of our favorite game.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
10/11/2014 1:18:31   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

I suppose it is rather fitting, though it may also make the first round a little less active than normal. Still I declare the first round of this PUC open with our first starting screenshot. Good luck to all.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
10/12/2014 20:30:29   

Checked the Glacius numbers after a night of fighting and saw something like -139711 and I was like

Refreshed the page and it was okay, but the mini heart attack was not!!!
AQ  Post #: 4
10/13/2014 1:19:51   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

Ouch, I can imagine how that felt, I imagine Igneus can too, time now for our ending screenshot

This week Geoto attacked B1 and B2, neutral. Geoto gained 6 and took B1 and B2
Aerodu attacked C3 and C7, since they can't reach C3 I assume they mean C2; neutral and Nautica territory. Aerodu gained 15 while Nautica gained 89, Aerodu took C2 but not C7.
Glacius attacked A1 and A2, neutral. Glacius gained 20, Glacius took A1 and A2.
Lucian attacked B6 and B7, neutral. Lucian lost 137, Lucian took B6 and B7.

An interesting first week, everyone but Aerodu gained two areas, map update and screenshot link coming soon.

EDIT: All added.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
10/13/2014 12:23:07   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

I can vouch that Aerodu is most likely busy wailing on Igenus thanks to the Shadowfire Artix can be there... probably!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
10/15/2014 8:52:57   
Heroes of the Scape

Well, the same thing happened to us last time and we won the whole thing. #Repeat
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
10/15/2014 12:15:16   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

Indeed, a slow start seems to be becoming a habit for Aerodu.

EDIT: Took a while to upload but here is this weekend's starting screenshot.

EDIT2: Thats it everyone, ending screenshot.

This week Geoto attacked B4 and B3, neutral territory. Geoto lost 34 so took B4 and B3.
Lucian attacked B11, Igneus, and B5, neutral. Lucian lost 117 while Igneus lost 2439, so Lucian took B11 and B5.
Aerodu attacked C1, neutral, and C7, Nautica territory. Aerodu gained 38 while Nautica gained 20, Aerodu took C1 and C7.
Glacius attacked A6, Nocturu, and A8, Geoto. Glacius gained 79 while Nocturu lost 20 and Geoto lost 34, Glacius took A6 and A8.

Quite a busy week, links to map and screenshot coming soon.

EDIT3: Screenshot and map update added.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
10/21/2014 12:03:56   

Always lovely a new game is, unlucky for igneus though (the axe is definitely worth it)
good luck to everyone!
AQ MQ  Post #: 9
10/25/2014 1:21:38   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

Ok guys sorry for the delay but this weeks PUC is officially open, starting screenshot.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
10/26/2014 23:57:56   
Heroes of the Scape

All good.
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10/27/2014 1:13:45   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

Ok guys thats it for another weekend, ending screenshot. Apologies for any math errors but the clocks went back an hour yesturday here, so I am up an hour earlier than usual.

Geoto attacked B8, Dynami, A14, Nocturu. Geoto gained 19 while Dynami lost 47 and Nocturu gained 9, Geoto took B8 and A14.
Lucian attacked A9 and B1, Geoto territory. Lucian lost 59 while Geoto gained 19, Lucian's attack failed.
Glacius attacked A7, Nocturu, and A13, Geoto. Glacius gained 40 while Nocturu gained 9 and Geoto gained 19, Glacius took A7 and A13.
Aerodu attacked C5 and C6 (currently wrongly marked down as C8), Nautica territory. Aerodu gained 20 while Nautica gained 7, Aerodu took C5 and C6.

An interesting weekend, seems some clans think Geoto is too weak to hold its own, I am surprised at you Lucian I thought you would know better. Still Nocturu and Nautica have both been eliminated in the same round, this may prove to be a relatively quick game. Screenshot and map update will be added soon.

EDIT: Screenshot added, spelling error corrected and map updated.

EDIT2: Starting screenshot for this week, good luck everyone.

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11/3/2014 1:39:49   
Heroes of the Scape

Edit prevention
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11/3/2014 2:47:17   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

Sorry the ending screenshot is a bit late today, woke up late.

Geoto attacked A13 and A8, Glacius territory. Geoto lost 44 while Glacius gained 8. Geoto's attack failed.
Glacius attacked A14 and B3, Geoto territory. Glacius gained 8 while Geoto lost 44. Glacius took A14 and B3
Aerodu need to check their plans as we do not have any areas named 'D9 and D10', though as they said they were attacking Dynami I assume they mean they are attacking B9 and B10. Aerodu lost 2 while Dynami lost 5, so Aerodu took B9 and B10 eliminating Dynami.
Lucian failed to send in plans.

Map and screenshot will be linked soon.
EDIT Link added and map updated.

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11/3/2014 9:46:44   
Heroes of the Scape

Stupid smartphone! Of well, at least you got the gist of it. I will be more careful next time. At least Dynami is gone!
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11/3/2014 12:02:11   

I think we can all agree that we can rest a little easier now that Dynami has been taken off the map! :P
AQ  Post #: 16
11/3/2014 12:44:39   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

Well you definately can, Geoto won't rest easier until Glacius either leaves us in peace or is wiped off the map.
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11/3/2014 12:52:53   
Heroes of the Scape

I'd help you out Geoto but Lucian is in the way.

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11/4/2014 10:41:59   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

Well then perhaps Geoto should give Lucian a little payback for attacking us two weeks ago.

EDIT: Its that time again everyone, starting screenshot. Good luck everyone.

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11/10/2014 1:01:25   
Heroes of the Scape

Are we in a for a surprise this week?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 20
11/10/2014 1:08:22   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

I think we may be, ending screenshot.
This week Geoto attacked A10 and A12, Lucian territory. Geoto gained 190 while Lucian lost 160, Geoto took A10 and A12.
Lucian attacked C3, Igneus, and B10, Aerodu. Lucian lost 160 while Igneus lost 274 and Aerodu lost 4, Lucian took C3 but not B10.
Glacius attacked B2 and B8, Geoto territory. Glacius gained 59 while Geoto gained 190, Glacius' attack failed.
Aerodu attacked B7 and B11, Lucian territory. Aerodu lost 4 while Lucian lost 160, Aerodu took B7 and B11.

Very intereseting week, updated map and screenshot coming soon. Be forewarned the map looks a little odd.

EDIT: Map and screenshot added. Map is probably among the weirdest this game has had, Lucian are all over the place.

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11/10/2014 7:48:37   

Wow I was not expecting such a boost from Geoto, I'll definitely have to be a bit more careful next week. Although I may have to call off playing for a short time because my laptop screen is smashed, so I'll have to get that seen to.

Other than that a very strange looking map indeed haha. Although I do love how random it is!
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11/10/2014 14:05:06   
Lord Markov

Would you mind telling me why at the top against Geoto Lucian lost 160 points, while at the bottom against Aerodu Lucian lost 274? Not that it makes a difference, I'm just curious if I'm missing something.

BTW, once Lucian gets knocked out of this round (sooner or later) I'm switching to Glacius for in-game RP reasons, so I'll be retiring as the Lucian plan master then.
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11/10/2014 14:09:56   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!

Corrected, looks like I put down Igneus' score for some reason, its early morning so I am not exactly at my most alert.

EDIT: Ok guys here we go again, good luck everyone. Starting screenshot.

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11/15/2014 23:10:26   
Heroes of the Scape

Was really busy this week and forgot to send plans. I guess it will give people a chance to catch up.
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