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A Collection of Stories and Poems - Renn Shadowheart

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11/3/2014 16:52:08   
Renn Shadowheart


Hey guys, Renn Shadowheart here. I'll be posting my stories here, so that you can see them. I'll be reguarly updating them when I have the time too, so yeah. Enjoy reading these stories. A little backstory first though. Before I had written these stories of mine, I had written The Weaver's Lament, however that wasn't as good as my current stories creatively so I set to improve my writing skills first. On a note, however these written works, are going to be short stories, and poems only. No big fancy stories. If I do create a long story, then I'll edit this post to let you know. :) Enjoy now.

Also, link to Dicussion: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21853296



[FFS] - Falling Fire
[LDS] - A Tale of Light and Darkness


[WWP] - Within War

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11/4/2014 14:27:19   
Renn Shadowheart

Falling Fire - [FFS]


The beautiful molten gold of the sky, the pink fluffy clouds of bliss, were horribly ruined, by a person falling through the air. Well, by a person I mean me. Though, except I really don't think I'm falling. More like dream-falling. Y'know like where you fall, but at a very slow rate? Yeah, like that. The pink fluffiness of the cloud, passes right through me. Am I dying, I wonder? For I do not belive I am. Though, I don't really remember what happened before I fell from wherever Go-.

My throat chokes and burns, as I try to say God's name. I can think of him, but not say? How...precarious. I should try to work on my speech better, I believe. So, as I was saying, I do not remember where I was before, but maybe if I did thi-

All of a sudden, a shard of light appears above me. Without a second thought, I walk straight in...

Chapter 1 - The Nexus

The lost shard of light, returns me to my memories, and back to the present, in a blink of an eye. It comes back to me, but at a shuddering and juttering pace.

Heaven....Why did yo-....You are sentenced to d-

I wish I could remember, why and what happened, but I cannot. Heaven, though? Were I in Heaven? I am not completely sure. I should probably focus more on memory as well. Though, if I were in Heaven...am I immortal? Or an angel...? No, no I cannot. An angel? How preposterous! Though, I could be dead, and come back to life, but it doesn't make sense to why I'm falling.

All of a sudden, the gravity is increased tenfold, as I plummet, into a blue and green planet. 70% water, and 30% land, is what I can deduct. Hold on... shouldn't I be screaming in agony now, or something? Probably. Alas, all I can see is red, right now. The color of...blood? The molten sky is turned into pale blue, as the clouds are all white and boring. I yawn. But blood, that can only mean... I'm thrown into the dark human blood, and I figure I'm INSIDE the blood, while trying to choke out horrifying screams. Ouch. The scream is cut off, as I enter through to the other side.

Chapter 2 - Within Twilight

Beautiful molten orange glows off the memerising green trees. Where am I? I think I'm in a forest. A dark dark forest, with the sky being dark grey, and lonely, with no clouds at all, but the trees, the trees! Amazing in color, and scent, with the alluring glow... I walk up to one of them, and almost scratch its bark. Almost.

A hooded stranger, touches me on the back, as I freeze up, and turn into an offensive stance, brandishing a dagger, I mysteriously find in my weapons belt. Wait...when did I get a weapons belt, and armor...Mysterious! Fallen... The hooded stranger speaks with a amusing tone. 'Well, not's let get so fighty, my friend. You wouldn't want to be touching those trees. They are alluring, but they are designed to entrap you, and kill you.'

I shudder, as I return my dagger (with fiery marks, no doubt) to my sheath. I speak in return, 'I am sorry, friend, I did not mean to harm you, I was only afraid'.

'It is no matter, my name is Alerin, what is yours?'

'I do not know, for I appear to have amnesia.'

Alerin chuckles, as he takes the dagger from my belt, and quick as a cat, puts me in a headlock, with the tip of the blade, resting against my throat. The new blood glistened on the blade.

'Now listen here, you will give me all your valuables, and I will leave you here to be forgotten, and left for dead, do you understand? Any last wishes?' he speaks with fire in his eyes.

Chapter 3 - Falling Fire

'Just one' as I jab my elbow into his bloated stomach, and kick him in the face, while his blood splatters on the ground from his broken nose. I grab my dagger, from his numb hands, and pull back the hood, and place the knife on his throat; the same position I was under just seconds before. I speak with harsh coldness, and venomous tongue.

'Now tell me, what is this place?'

Alerin spits blood, as he speaks. 'This is the Plane of Twlight, where Her children have stayed for centuries, to be protected from those merciless humani!'

'Twilight, eh? Do you know what I am?'

'Angel', he speaks with burning hatred. I look stunned, as he tells me who I am.

'You are an angel, THE angel, should I put it. You are Toriel, the Angel of Hope, Love and Fallen. You are the First of the Throne's children to be here, within Twilight. You were prophesised to be here, within the 200th year of the Angel, or in our terms, 1354. You were meant to be sent here, 10 years back, but something went wrong. You fell from Heaven I presume, as your death sentence. You have the power to shatter this world, though I will not let you do that. I will watch you burn, Angel-'

I interrupt him with a frightening glare.

'How do you know what I am?'

'You can find that out yourself, Ang-'

Without further ado, I silt his throat and watch his life slip away. I feel no remorse for a murderer like him, as I walk away from the forest, taking Alerin's belongings.


I prepare myself for some thinking.

I think 'Wings!', and they appear in my peripheral vision, as a vast black and whitness, looking deadly and beautiful. I think 'Blade!' and it summons itself into my right arm. I read the inscription, engraved in the blade. 'Remember me, for I am the Light to match your Dark. I am the First Blade of Heaven, and contain heaven's fire'. This seems useful. I think 'Chicken!', but no chicken comes. Sad.

I run to an overlook, governing an old city, as I leap off, and fly, within the grey and lonely sky. Except this time, I'm not falling... I'm flying.

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12/3/2014 15:48:18   
Renn Shadowheart

Within War - [WWP]

Stars fall, amongst the backdrop of night sky.
As angels burn with their wings beating, and fly.
As demons, writhe and scream, in pain.

'Dust to dust' 'Ashes to ashes' or so the old laws foretold.
For this is a war of immortals, when stars will start their fall.
Angel blades scarper, and screech, as the clash of metal, turns into a dark blooded frenzy.
Demons, with their sharp claws combat the blows placed, with murderous zeal.
Lucifer and Throne, sit alone, watching with blooded eyes.

Sky turns to twilight, as the dust still has not settled.
But a man, a powerful man, neither of demons or angels
sits across the fallen sky, as he shatters the world
in a single blow, and ends the war of angels.

For blood will not call, untill the world be consumed in war.
For peace will not be brought, untill Heaven and Hell end.
But at the cost of shattering worlds, destroying Creation whole?
'At what cost?' he screams, as blood pours down, wiping the universe so.

And so, will worlds die. Within War.

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12/3/2014 16:28:38   
Renn Shadowheart

A Tale of Light and Darkness - [LDS]

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