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The Storyteller's Overlook (Super OOC)

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12/13/2014 17:38:58   

Though I currently don't an A&R in the Pending Area that I plan on doing, I wanted to put this here so I won't keep producing OOCs that go nowhere. Besides that, here's a small list of game ideas I might run if anyone shows interest.

Supernatually Gifted

Eight/Eight Slots Open

Application Format

Forum Name: (Makes it easier to identify who each character belongs to)
Character Name:
Appearance: (Includes age and gender, Awakening may have altered their original appearance and possibly even biology)
Personality: (Just a general gist)
Awoken Spell: (They would technically only have one power, though it might include multiple things or have notable side-abilities)
Inventory: (Explain the odder things in the bio)
Backstory: (Where everything else important goes, like when they realized their Awakening and their plans)

Potential Game Concepts

Crying Darkness: Standing at the center of this world is a large crystalline tower, which provides magic to the land but no one knows where it came from or if it can be entered. The only clue is a plaque before it in an unknown language. However, over the years legends have been told of "Guardians" of this tower and that bringing all their sacred weapons will open a door into the tower. From this door would lead a tower, and it is said that whoever sits upon it becomes the World's Master. Many have futilely searched for these sacred weapons, and it has commonly been accepted it was all fanciful tales: Until detailed lists of their locations went cycling around once the old adventurer Alexander Gravel passed away. Now a mad hunt begins as countless individuals begin searching for these sacred weapons.

Demon Academy: Set in a Fantasy universe where nearly all races defer to the Angels and Demons, Demon Academy in particular is about teaching young demons about the world at a boarding school. Though don't worry about taking notes, as all the classes are rather high-packed violence. Going from simple Combat Training against golems, to subduing live monsters in Animal Taming to even facing your fears, you'll learn to be an effective demon. Of course, there always runs the possibility that Angels might attack and invade the boarding school...

Destiny Drive: During the year 1940, two "Meteorites" crashed on Earth filled with advanced technology and knowledge. Using this to advance their own progress decades, centuries ahead, humanity had reached a golden age upon establishing their UN. However, horrific impossible monsters would find Earth in the year 1995, wrecking this peace as Mecha (Mechanical Armor) is refined to ward off the creatures. Now, on the UN-created country Avalon in the year 2015, Pilots are the main force in warding off and slaughtering these Eldritchians.

Prototype Life: Taking place in a fantasy/sci-fi/etc Kitchen Sink superficially similar to our own, Prototype Life specifically focuses on the artificial lifeforms created in this world. So be it Humonculi, Engineered Life, or Mechanical Entities, your options are nigh-limitless. In addition, each faction has its own specific goal so players might end up in conflict.

Sword of Queen's Faith: In this world, there are terrific monsters born because of emotions called the Kachematc and the only ones capable of fighting them: Magical Girls. Armed with Mana Bracelets, they await dutifully for the day a Kachemetc appears. However, Magical Girls have been around for a while, and to that end the world's governments have been studying them & the Kachemetc for their own ends.

The Gods' Champions: It is Xis, a most amazing and dangerous month because of one thing: The Divine Gathering. Held once every year at the current capital of the Western Continent, all Twenty Gods come to discuss important matters that could very well change Western civilization forever. Thus, for a myriad of reasons, crime increases greatly whether it be that people are too busy or these mad individuals seek the Gods' powers. However, this is relatively normal, and what isn't is the sighting of strange inexplicably appearing violent Humonculi. Very powerful and very well crafted, whoever is responsible is truly skilled. Throwing nobility into worry and doubt, many are wondering just what will transpire during the 455th Divine Gathering.

The Way Desires Change: From a time immemorial, holy Angels looked down on the world and saw dark creatures plaguing Humanity. Spawned from the Humans sins, their dark imaginations, the Darima were a blight. Thus the Angels blessed certain humans, dubbing them Mentalists, in order to vanquish these monsters. Though even in the modern day these creatures still roam the Earth, with the Angelic Council periodically enlisting new Mentalists to fight.

Shared Worlds

Champions: Gods' Champions takes place in a very large world, that has seen much over its relatively short known history. In addition to that, there are multiple "worlds" to be explored, and mysteries to be solved. Plus, there's just so many possibilities they can't all fit in one game.

Demon Feathers:

Destiny Drive: It is a vast world of potential, too much to be contained in one thread. In addition to Mecha, major developments like the VARnet (Virtually Augmented Reality Network) and advanced planetary study/exploration are presence. Furthermore, things happen all over the world, and the main Destiny Drive cast will mostly stay in Avalon.

Queen's Sword:

Realm of Arcana:

Vitality Underground: Vitality Underground is one massive fantasy kitchen sink, so much that many of its larger stories end up as alternate universes. Somewhat prevalent are the Bad Futures, such as Cyberphile (technological betterment gone wrong) and Lost of Life (humanity experiencing a mutagenic apocalypse that won't end). Meta-Wise, these serve to highlight the seriousness of actions and events so the players will actually be worried for threads run before these Bad Futures.

Recurring Concepts

Alchemy: It is a specialized form of magic, done by drawing symbols and mentally imbuing it with a meaning that magical energy can then translate as a spell. These symbols are commonly drawn within circles, which the magical energy travels through as it stimulates the spell. However, the spell a rune produces can be altered by physical changes to the rune itself, from failure to explosions to wholly new effects. Thus for that reason runes are rarely drawn onto a person.

I'll write up more stuff when I have a functional computer, just wanted to see if anyone would play an A&R that I make.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
12/14/2014 2:34:52   

If I can give my opinion, and it's really just a thought, we have two "Serious" A and R's in the making already, three depending on how The Unlikely Quest goes, without counting the ones already in progress. Personally, I'd like to see a A and R that's a bit more silly and fun with a sense of humor. That's not to say it can't have all the epic worldbuilding and A and R aspects you do normally, I love how you do that and go into all the detail and whatnot, but I just want something where I can play as a powerful character and just muck about doing random adventures, like in the very short lived Randopm Adventures A and R that I made a freaking Dalek character for since the game runner said we could use any species.
DF  Post #: 2
12/14/2014 4:08:09   

I don't really have a sense of humor, so... In general, I don't really like doing unambiguously happy things, and prefer a flawed world the characters have to earn a happy ending for. Really not qualified to make good jokes. Though I do think I can manage a not-serious random adventures thing.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
12/14/2014 4:36:11   

A flawed world would be more fun for random adventures. Maybe have the funny come from the player characters instead while the world in it's majority is more serious?

For example, to use the example of that character again, my character in said random adventures was a Dalek (If you don't know what a Dalek is look at this http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/DoctorWhoAliensAndMonsters ): who came to realize their goal of exterminating all life was impossible but could not get rid of the itch to kill, and so packed it the universe destroying and became a All Purpose Exterminator. Leading to lines like "WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR MY CONTRACT? I HAVE REASONABLE RATES AND AM WILLING TO EXTERMINATE WHATEVER I AM PAID FOR! I ACCEPT SPARE PARTS AND UPGRADES ONLY!"

For the record, a normal dalek is the kind of guy who does this:


In the novel Prisoner of the Daleks, it is revealed that the Daleks adjust their death ray to the level required to kill their target... and then dial it down a notch, so the victim suffers a moment of excruciating agony before they die.

Point is, have the funny come from our interactions and characters if you are not good at writing funny.

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12/14/2014 9:19:54   

So we have; robots, demons/angels, humans, magic humans and Heartless"Darima" which sound like Heartless. Okay then, I think were going to need a bigger gun.

On a completely serious note, what kinds of powers will we be being gifted with? Can we make a character that is part Demon/Angel? With this random portals can we bring in characters from other universes? What types of tech have been brought back through the portals? Why did the robots go crazy and decide to attack? Are you secretly plotting an overarching story intertwined between facing the Darima and the robots, or are we just getting an open world free roam till we stumble onto some story?

That's about all the questions I have for now. Though the idea is interesting.
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12/24/2014 0:46:13   

12/14/2014 13:13:42

Spoilers, I believe one would say. For The Way Desires Change, there are four different classifications. Regardless you all get powers befitting you, varying from urban superheroics like Heroes to Henshin madness. No half-human hybrids for The Way Desires Change, and no half-Angels for Demon Academy. Characters from other universes can indeed be brought in, and the tech depends on what universes they found. I can imagine stuff like Phazon-Infused Charizards though. Finally, humanity knows the robots simply turn on them as they are known to do. In actuality, they've always wanted to help humanity and grant their dream. In addition, the Darima are actually the personifed "darkness" of humans so the Angels can make humanity "perfect"


I have updated the first post, and I'll put R.E.S.T.C.O.N back up later. Anyways, how do the new Concepts look?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
12/24/2014 10:42:22   

Hey! I remember God's Champions. I made a slightly amoral alchemist(?) for that.

Crying Darkness sounds interesting, though why the name? Will there be banshees and stuff in the dark of the night while we are scrambling for the weapons? I also want to know who was crazy enough to let those lists circulate. All sounds like a chess game by the villains if there are any.

So we pilot giant robots and fight giant eldritch abominations to protect the world? I have one full question. Will one of them be a squid that I could punch out?

What sort of powers would the demons have in Demon Academy? It sounds fun though.

Prototype life. Exploring what it means to really be human. I could get behind that project. Even have crazy fun with it. Though will the robots/mechanical lifeforms follow The 3 Laws?

The Way Desire Changes, feels like it could work well combined a bit with Demon Academy tbh. Though the enemies still sound like Heartless to me..

Sword of Queen's Faith... Magical Girls... The amount of crazy that would happen in that thread would be fun, though you'd need BA Normals in order to balance it out.

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
1/10/2015 15:08:44   

12/24/2014 18:18:02

Well, not the Great Old One, but there are certainly aquatic-type Eldritchians. However they're not actually all giant, its just the giant ones are the only obvious attackers. Smaller ones end up stalking the shadows, spawning rumors like vampires or even tales of a Slender Man.

I still have to refigure it out, but I'm going for a Disgaea-like inspiration. Though each type of Angel and Demon typically represent an "Element" be that Fire or Bird. So ultimately, it'll go (Demon Type) (Class), such as a Shadow Demon Paladin for example.

The Way Desires Change is a completely different thing from Demon Academy, and if anything the Darima should sound like Unversed. Though I'll consider that for the future.

Well... Queen's Faith really isn't about the normal. There are some options for male PCs, but ultimately the female ones are better off (male Artificial Magi might have "design flaws", Artificial Mana Bracelets are a long way off from male usage, and Kachemetc Technology isn't stronger than a smart Magus). Really, it isn't a male-centric work, and most of the important characters will end up being women (though most of the major antagonists would be government males so...).

12/29/2014 13:01:16

I have a concept for a Superpowers thing I want to do. Basically, one day you encounter a strange thing (person, quiz, etc) on the internet that asks you questions about your personality. Upon successfully answering them, you'll manifest powers the next day. While the superpowers themselves aren't public knowledge, these strange random people/quizzes/etc have been acknowledged for over a year without a clear origin. Officially people dismiss it as a scam or other kind of thing due to the personal questions, though rumors of strange events have also been registered since over a year. These include claims of a "Puppeteer" controlling people like dolls, reports of valuables mysteriously disappearing, and so on.

Though in order to get these powers, the person/quiz/etc has to explicitly show up for you. So filling out a copy doesn't work, and answering someone else's just gives them powers instead of you. Would anyone be playing this then? Though there's been less responses here than I was expecting so far.


Mostly just did this as a bump for my new A&R, though I also wanted to mention I'll answer any questions I'm asked about Supernaturally Gifted. Oh, and it is part of the Vitality Underground multiverse but is an alternate timeline instead of part of the "Main" Timeline.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
1/10/2015 21:17:17   


...most of the important characters will end up being women (though most of the major antagonists would be government males so...).

We need at least one guy with magical powers to be like the Tuxedo guy from Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was the first thing that came to mind when you mentioned magical girl btw.


Though there's been less responses here than I was expecting so far.

I blame my offline forum list settings that I'm too lazy to change. As for the setting in the 12/29 post, it sounds like the set up for the first Shin Megami Tensei game tbh.

As for Supernaturally Gifted, I do have some questions before I make a app.

1. What is the whole "Awakened Spell" thing? Do we select and element or aspect? Or do just describe the stuff we want to be able to do?
2. SERVE. What does it stand for? Or is that a secret/will be revealed in game?
3. Will SERVE try to recruit us or will they just try to kill us?

Also on that note, the timing of it give the idea for a funny conversation scenario.

Friend A: "So I got some games for my console for Christmas. What did you get?"
Friend B: *does what ever the spell thing is on a small scale* "I got superpowers."
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
1/10/2015 22:01:41   

Well, there are some male Artificial Magi and a Magical Girl (actually no age limit) can conceive superpowered children as long as they use their powers during the child's development. However all of those children would have rather weak abilities that could never rival their mother. Sadly I must admit I only really watched Cardcaptor Sakura and Madoka Magica regarding Magical Girl stuff. Seen random snippets of Sailor Moon though, in addition to it being part of my list of things to watch.

Seriously, why do I "come up" with an idea only for it to have already been used so often!? Though I do find it odd I've come up with two separate projects unintentionally ripping off Shin Megami Tensei and Persona.

Yeah, I did that on purpose purely so someone could say "I got superpowers for Christmas". Besides that, the Awakened Spell is only one power though that can end up being anything. Two examples for NPC Awakened is one who can generate insanely malleable/flexible wings made of darkness (one wicked sweet instant suit) and another who can manipulate non-living material (primarily used for replacement limbs, quad-amputee).

To the public, S.E.R.V.E (Saving Ethical Ruminations Very Efficiently) is a general-purpose organization working on genetic and technological progress. That's one part a front, and one part so they can easier manage anyone that could potentially threaten the masquerade. The name SERVE itself is merely the latest their organization has given itself, with the very original title being "The Order of Mana" (due to being mages who wanted to make the world better). SERVE are basically the good guys for the most part, and will only try to kill an Awakened if they're too dangerous to capture or be kept contained. SERVE also has numerous sub-factions for specific things, such as H.U.N.T.E.R (Hoarding Uncontrolled New Technologies Entering Retail) and S.H.A.M.A.N (Sealing Harmful Ancient Magical Artifacts North). They're mainly just referred to as the Masqueraders by their ancient nemesis organization the Dancers of the Broken Mask (the people who performed the Awakening of Magic).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
1/11/2015 2:42:34   

So, does that mean The Dancers Of The Broken Mask are bad guys? Because I'm all up for breaking some masquerades personally but if they are like some evil organisation that kills innocents and the like, I don't think I could join em.

Also, we might need a application bio, as well as a bit more info about the two forces and some clarification on powers and the like.

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1/11/2015 11:24:40   

Both think themselves the Good Guys, though the Dancers do have to regularly deal with madmen/sociopaths/general jerks because of their more lax recruitment qualifications. Both also tend to ignore general morality and societal rules, having predated it anyways & thinking it would interfere with their goals (though they're not a bunch of homicidal or amoral psychopaths either). To that end, their more secret or dangerous experiments would end up driving the misled public into an ethical rage should they find out.

The application bio is at the top of the page. Regarding the Masqueraders and Dancers, both of them were originally the Order of Mana. Founded by ancient humans aided by advanced magical lifeforms who wanted to elevate humanity. Upon the Order creating usable magic for the common folk these Lifeforms realized a dire vision: That humanity would end up destroying themselves with this magic within two hundred years. The Order then split into the Masqueraders (who wanted to protect humanity from that fate) and the Subverters (who thought the "Kutians" claim was a bunch of lies). The Masqueraders aided by the Kutians, the Subverters were defeated that day and driven into hiding.

From there, the Masqueraders have done what they can to keep the fantastic (expanding from magic to eventually all amazing things) secret, distorting historical facts into mythological lies (each "God" was either a powerful artificial magic lifeform or a Mage for example). The Dancers, on the other hand, partially work with these ancient Gods. Then there's the original Fair Folk, who started off as "failed experiments" of the Order of Mana at providing magic to the common folk. The surviving ones that avoided or broke free from seals created the Angels & Demons in time, partially as a demented game of morality and an "art contest". There's just a lot in this world to mention.

Wanted this to be a secret, but eh. The Awaken are the descendants of someone with a Gift, inherent magic, yet all the Awakened naturally got was a "meaningless" gene sequence that would only activate through being exposed to a lot of raw magic. That or an Eldritchian mutagen warping it into a hideous parody of the Gift.

Gifts themselves can end up being anything, though the majority are relatively low-powered or even "lame" abilities. The Awakening of Magic spell however used some vials of OWA (an experimental SERVE power amplifier serum), giving these people extremely stronger versions of the original Gift. Your grand-father had the ability to unwillingly trap nearby sleepers in his dreams? You're a dream-walker who can force these people to be asleep as long as you are! All your mum got was the lousy Gift of negating other Gifts? You can flat out negate all magic! I might write up a list of Gifts here in the OOC later on, though you don't have to worry about that to make an application.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
1/11/2015 11:46:41   

You seem quite commited to your games, kkutwar, and this one interests me greatly.
I'll be jumping aboard soon enough.

Though I have to ask, to what degree could our awakened power be strong? What would be the extent of our possible abilities?

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1/11/2015 12:11:12   

Not quite sure, but anything that could instantly destroy the planet would be bad. Oh, and the Gift of Creation is completely off-limits (insanely rare anyways and already one of the most powerful Gifts). The original project I used as a base for this would of had the affected steadily growing stronger. The Dancers did use a highly complex rune using untested experimental serums as well, so at least some Awakened might experience an out-of-control "evolution" of powers. There will be numerous Awakened whose powers can potentially destroy entire cities or cause epidemics, so... Just follow your own standards and try to be reasonable. The potency of your Spell would also depend on how pure your dormant potential was, and having cross-Gift genes would affect your Spell (so Dream Attraction + Silencing = Causing your victims to be completely mute in both dream and reality).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
1/11/2015 16:08:46   


Though I do find it odd I've come up with two separate projects unintentionally ripping off Shin Megami Tensei and Persona.

Well Shin Megami Tensei does have an interesting premise and Persona is personality powers as summon monsters. So fun stuff that I don't see very often in a lot of games.

Would Element-kinesis(i.e Terrakinesis, Pyrokinesis, etc.) be too a powerful awakened power? Would Death themed magic be off limits as well(Necromancy type of things really)? Or are we stuck with only one ability like Telekinesis/Telepathy/etc?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
1/11/2015 17:05:43   

Hmm... The Diablo Girl herself is a very potent Pyrokinetic, and those vials used in the ritual? She was injected with the original one as part of an experiment, turning hilariously useless pyrokinesis into the craziness shown in the Introduction sequence. Though again, just follow your own standards and be reasonable, I'll potentially allow anything. The Gift of Necromancy is a higher-tier one however, and generally considered a next better thing if there's no one with the Gift of Creation instead. I should note there's potentially an infinite number of different Gifts and sometimes the exact nature of a particular Gift varies.

For the most part, you'll only have one Awakened Spell. You could possibly learn general purpose magic, acquire Nomi (naturally occurring magical items, think Tsukumogami), or generally any number of possibilities to increase your abilities. Then there's the possibility some Awakened might experience magical mutations in the future, and cross-Awakened (those with the genes for two or more Gifts) might eventually develop the ability to use the non-fused versions of the base Gifts.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
1/13/2015 16:21:51   

Forum Name: Bastet

Character Name: Vance Kimura

Appearance: Vance looks like a man in his mid-twenties. He stands at 6í3Ē and is fairly muscular, but retains an average-sized figure. He has dark brown eyes and shaggy hair, with a ponytail that reaches down to his shoulders. His beard is short but noticeable, and a prominent, vertical scar marks his left eye. He has inherited almost no traits from his Asian father, looking almost entirely of Caucasian descent. When heís carrying it, his swordís sheath is always attached to his right hip. He wears a plain black suit, with matching shoes and pants.

Personality: After the incident, Vance adopted a completely careless personality. He is looking for a purpose, and respects strenght. He likely wouldnít follow anyone if they didnít show to be stronger than him.
Before, he had a strong sense of duty, but was often criticized for making comments about anything he saw.

Awoken Spell: Vance can increase, at will, his physical capabilities. He becomes far stronger and more agile than the average human (strong to the point that a well-placed punch or kick could send a person flying across a room, and agile enough that he can dodge the better part of the attacks he can spot in time), with his reflexes reaching the point where he can dodge bullets. This ability can stay triggered for all the time necessary to carry out all but the longest of fights, but Vance needs to rest after he has deactivated it. His body still has a limit.

Skills: Vance is an excellent swordsman, and incorporates this skill as the main part of his fighting style.
Due to the style he has trained in, he fights very aggresively, often also mocking his opponents.
He also knows his way around unarmed combat.


-Credit card

Backstory: Vance was the only son of a Japanese man, who had married an American woman with strong connections to a mafia-like organization. Vance never knew his mother: she returned to America as soon as Vance was born, and his father refused to speak to him about her. He grew up with his father, who was a samurai arts expert. His parental figure made sure that he would receive a proper education, supported by funds that came from his wife. Vance also took an interest in swordfighting when he was young, and his father agreed to teach him whatever technique he was able to learn. Vance was extraordinarily good at swordsmanship, and he made it his focus. On the day of his 26th birthday, his father gifted him the finest katana money could buy, along with a specially made sheath, appreciative that his son was such a talent.
On the night of the same day, he was awakened by the sound of gunshots in his hom. Having no weapons readily available but his katana, he rushed to the source of the noise. The sight of two masked gunmen in front of his fatherís bloody corpse sent him into a rage, and thatís when his Spell awoke for the first time. What few bullets the hitmen managed to fire before Vance cut their lives short were either deflected or outright dodged. He then collapsed on the floor and woke up the next morning, thinking that all that had happened was just a dream. He quickly dicovered it wasnít, and made a plan to leave the country before the law could catch up with him. He found a credit card on his fatherís corpse, which contained the funds that he would regularly receive from his mother. He changed into a black suit he owned and prepared to leave with his fatherís car, but he was stopped by yet another duo of masked gunmen. He found himself able to trigger the Spell once again, at will, and made short work of them. Realizing that someone really wanted his family dead, he jumped into his deceased fatherís car and began driving towards the nearest airport, looking for a way out while he still could.

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1/13/2015 20:56:07   

Well I need to know the potency of his strength and agility. I would also like to know his base personality before his Awakening, though once you add the bio he'll be accepted. Besides that Supernaturally Gifted will end up being an international thing, and there's various means of instantly or easily traveling vast distances.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
1/14/2015 17:23:20   

Understood. I'll update Vance soon enough.

Edit: Done. Let me know if I should change anything.

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1/15/2015 15:45:45   

Forum Name: Megakyle777
Character Name: James Freehold
Appearance: About in his 30's, Silver hair, male, quite tall, average looking
Personality: A kind and gentle person, although not naive. Generally helpful, and genuinely believes the time for the Masquerade to be broken is now. Fairly moral, but can put it aside sometimes if needed.
Awoken Spell: Flight and power over flight.
Skills: Flight: Can fly indefinably. Bestow Flight: Can bestow the power of flight for a time. The more people/things using it the less it lasts. Eagle Eye: Can see far and pick out small details. Dodge: Can use flight to dodge attacks.
Inventory: Custom Long Range Pistol with SERVE tech in the chamber to regenerate bullets in empty chambers. Bullets regenerate slowly however due to the tech being imperfect. Also, a knife, for stabbing if bullets are not regenerated.

"So, Tell me how you knew about the Masquerade in the first place."

"Well, I saw something I should not have simply put. Rather then kill me, I was offer a opportunity to work for SERVE in their tester department. The cases were interesting. Then I became Awakened, got these nifty flying powers. I would have been happy there and I was grateful for the opportunity.

"So why leave them?"

"Well, I had assumed that one day humanity would be told about all this. That when we were ready, we would be slowly exposed to the reality. But then I learned that the higher ups had no intention of ever revealing this. They fear that humanity will destroy itself. Maybe that was true once. But now... Now I think we are ready.

"You mentioned earlier you were grateful for the opportunity to work with SERVE.. You seem like you still have a affinity for them.



"Well, the thing is, I think they have some good points. Humanity can handle it I think, but they also need guidance and advice to handle it. We need to break the masquerade, but we need to do it slowly and carefully. Announce that this sort of thing is real all at once and you will start a panic. "

"I quite agree Mr Freehold."

"You do?"

"Yes. Such things need to be handled delicately. One more thing however. You are aware that while we try and be decent as you would put it, some of the things we do and some of the people we end up hiring are... not on the same page. We are talking about madmen and psychopaths and the like. Due to your talents and personality we will put you in one of the nicer groups, people who are nice and give a damm about causalities and the like, but it's possible you may need to deal with... unsavory people and situations. You are aware of this?"


"Good. Welcome to The Dancers Of The Broken Mask."

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1/15/2015 16:19:04   

@Megakyle: If SERVE explicitly hired James Freehold as a researcher instead of a tester that must mean he has some biological or technological skills of note. Regarding inventory he shouldn't have anything too fantastical, and it was less prophecy and more "So the lot of you will end up genociding your species through reckless and dangerous abuse of magic kay bye". I would also like more specifics regarding his Spell.

@Bastet: So I take it he also becomes more durable and his sword is made of titanium (or something non-Masquerade allowing bullet deflecting)? I would also like to know where he's going.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
1/16/2015 1:40:52   


If it's allowed, yes to both questions (though I was thinking of high-quality folded carbon steel). I also thought to leave his destination vague on purpose so that you can twist his path as you see fit, though I could give him one if you'd like me to.

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1/16/2015 2:25:31   

Made some alterations. For the record,James Freehold is generally the sort to avoid fights and is more the lookout/occasional sniper type.
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3/2/2015 13:13:47   

1/22/2015 17:39:44

I would like a general idea of where he intends to go to. Though that's acceptable Bastet. Regarding you Megakyle, can you explain why James has silver hair? In addition, the Skills section isn't specifically about your Spell. Mentioning skills that augment or derive from the Spell is acceptable, but it is more than that. I would also like to know more about the gun, but I see no reason to deny him.


So are you guys still interested in partaking in Supernaturally Gifted? Cause if there isn't even one person I should probably get it locked.
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3/2/2015 14:13:43   

Are Application still open? I've got quite a bit of time now recently and I'd this would be fun:)

Also with the term awakening spell, I was wondering if you got a bit of inspiration of a manga called Black Haze? They also have mages with awakenings, though it is a bit different.
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