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RE: =OS= OverSoul Questions & Answers XVI - Read First Post

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2/5/2015 11:22:20   
Elite Tuga

I sent a report to AE Staff regarding the SG bonus reward system in-game. I realised it's bugged as me & my brother have both redeemed 1000 Artix Points & the reward bar didn't go up any further from the last point. This can put new/old players unmotivated to buying SG as clearly right now it's impossible to get Void Reaper & Black Dragon.

Lets hope they fix it soon, i've seen so many bugs lately, I think it was since the new Servers replaced the old ones things have been dodgy around most AE games

Corrected link to work right. ~Kiyone

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Epic  Post #: 76
2/5/2015 11:47:36   
Gorillo Titan

New servers = more power OS will never get the new power but its fun to think about.
Post #: 77
2/6/2015 2:36:27   

Quick question: WYHat characters do you think have the top 10 best animations?
DF  Post #: 78
2/6/2015 8:44:08   
Gorillo Titan

Necrosis, void archmage, time apprentice,Astor,Volt,Abberqant,PL, Pactonial Captain, revonthurkey, void mage just went with 5 hits.
Post #: 79
2/6/2015 8:54:07   
ArchMage Alexander

Father Time has good animations too.
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 80
2/6/2015 12:33:34   
Gorillo Titan

HOw about a fire card that neutralizes one ice card being used on it such as shatter frostbite or freeze?

Also a fire card called drought neutralizes HOT cards.

A card called Hypothermia its ice heals your enemy for 500 health then brings them down by 1000 after 5 turns cost less energy then shatter.

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Post #: 81
2/6/2015 15:47:57   
The Finnish Phoenix

If with effects that only work against certain elements, they should be small bonus effects as a sort of trigger on cards capable of performing some degree of function against everything. If they only worked at all against certain elements, they'd only be useable a fraction of the time. Status cancellers would be cool, but some elements rely on statuses and certain types of statuses much more than others (Drought for example would have a drastic impact against Water characters and the odd Light character but do nothing anything else), which leads to a similar situation to effects that counter elements.

I like Hypothermia, it reminds me a bit of Nature's Gift. It only does 500 damage period after 5 turns though, which is quite a bit worse than Burn's 600 in 3 so I'm guessing 2 energy would be the right cost. At 250-per-energy it still wouldn't be quite as efficient as Electric Arc and it takes almost as long.

I also agree with a lot of the characters on your best animations list. I'd throw in Hanzo, Cyber Void/Void Champion, Frost Queen and the Leis.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 82
2/6/2015 22:22:49   
Gorillo Titan

hypothermia would bring them down 1000 from the amount before the heal was used so 1500 really.

Is sage the head tester of OS now?

Also is inferno fiend alleged to Nulgath?

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Post #: 83
2/13/2015 11:39:11   

What happened to the challenge thread?
Post #: 84
2/13/2015 11:45:31   
The Finnish Phoenix

Your challenge was evidently too hard. xD
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 85
2/13/2015 11:46:35   
Gorillo Titan

You have to go searching for it. lol

We ran out of challenges anyway. -_-

Who wants to be the first to rank up there void rebirth I'll be at work and still wouldn't do it first if I was off?

< Message edited by Gorillo Titan -- 2/13/2015 11:54:19 >
Post #: 86
2/13/2015 15:34:04   

@Gorillo Titan: The Void Rebirth's evolution is called "Void Awakening."
It's cards are, three 200s, three 500s, two Defends, one Neutralize, two Iron Hides, three Fire Whirls, and one Meteorite. It lost Incinerate which is easily replaced with it's CC.

< Message edited by PyzchoPath -- 2/13/2015 15:35:20 >
Post #: 87
2/13/2015 16:35:49   
Gorillo Titan

It should of got two neutralizes. The way it's deck is set up didn't change anything.
Post #: 88
2/13/2015 20:11:52   

What's a good CC for void rebirth (the original one)?
Post #: 89
2/13/2015 20:15:24   
The Finnish Phoenix

I like Neutral-525, Fire Whirl x3, and Incinerate. ^_^

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 90
2/13/2015 23:44:00   
Gorillo Titan

Nuetral 525 incinerate and a meteorite. Less is more.
Post #: 91
2/14/2015 5:01:31   

Which is better Void Rebirth or Void awakening?
Mine Void is lvl 19 atm.
Post #: 92
2/14/2015 13:37:17   
Elite Tuga


Which is better Void Rebirth or Void awakening?
Mine Void is lvl 19 atm.


Incinerate advantages:

We know that Incinerate is 600 Dmg for 2 Energy as Firewhirl is 1200 Dmg for 7 Energy.
1. Firewhirl 171.4 Dmg per Energy as Incinerate does 300 Dmg per Energy.
2. Another view: Incinerate x 2 would equate = 1200 Dmg (overall Firewhirls DoT Dmg) for just 4 Energy (which is 3 Energy less than Firewhirl 7).
Overall Incinerate is much more efficient & effective, Damage & Energy wise.

Firewhirl advantages:

1. Damage over time card 'Firwhirl' can go through Counter Attacks & Void Reflections. (We know Incinerate can do unbreakable damage too if one add's i.e a 101 Pierce but it would be very unwise to fill a 1/5 slot for such a terrible inefficient card).
2: Doesn't require to discard a card in order to utilise unlike Incinerate.


Both are great cards in their own way, they both have 2 advantages each. It all depends on what level one is and who one is facing that determines which card is more effective/substantial.
I personally think its worth farming from 1-20 again as he has better animations/detail but regarding the decks they are pretty equal but in different ways. Good-luck w/e you decide.

P S: I look at the game differently now since that day when TFP a.k.a Dilligraphy done the Godzirra math's summary/analogy. He made me view the game differently since then & I thank him for having shared his knowledge to us publicly.
Epic  Post #: 93
2/14/2015 13:50:50   

I must say Tuga, I think this a good analysis of the strong points of both decks. Keep it up and keep things open to analysis of both card/deck uses rather then just card optimization and you'll be quite good at this.
DF  Post #: 94
2/14/2015 19:24:59   
Gorillo Titan

Dylligraphy has said several time that he goes through every characters deck to find cost and usefulness of course he has a pvp advantage.
Post #: 95
2/14/2015 20:43:48   
Vertigo Beast


I agree that each deck has its pros and cons, but in my opinion, 20 levels should grant a more powerful deck, not just a different deck of similar strength, even if we got even better animations.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 96
2/14/2015 22:12:18   
Gorillo Titan

Sage most likely didn't know it would get a rank up so made a deck to powerful to update.

It's pretty sad though we all complained about it not coming then it comes and people still complain.
Post #: 97
2/15/2015 7:33:49   

Rev vs. Earth Ram? (I'm pretty sure I already know the answer...)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 98
2/15/2015 14:39:28   

Why does the statue say "Miltonius"? I was pretty sure that name was never going to be used in an AE game again.

< Message edited by PyzchoPath -- 2/15/2015 14:43:22 >
Post #: 99
2/16/2015 1:45:56   

there is a couple of factors that needs to be taken into account:

- earth ram has 1 more defend cards
- rev has 3 500's and 2 200's compared to earth rams 2 500's and 3 200's
- rev has 2 sacrifices and a stone strike while earth ram has 2 crushes

Looking at these stats earth ram will be more defensive and last longer, the sacrifices of rev will be very damaging, especially in pvp. Earth ram also has two crushes which allow for decent damage output whilst the rev has a stone strike, which is good, but has short-comings due to only one of it.
This means that in my opinion; earth ram is a better choice especially for pvp while rev would be better for pve. You also need to take into account the costly evolution that needs to be made for rev if you didn't evolve them when they were free.
Post #: 100
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