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Harvest Festival 2013

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1/20/2015 8:49:07   
Times Silent Keeper

Harvest Festival 2013

Location: Harvest Portal Painting

Once a year, the Harvest Goddess Serenia flies through the skies of Lore. As she soars over the war-torn fields, they are revived and restored to their former beauty. All must gather to make an offering of crops and flowers to thank Serenia for her blessings. Those that are fortunate enough to see her should consider themselves blessed to see such a glorious sight...

«You can skip the cutscene at anytime to where you receive two choices.»

Kosefira: Helloooo-looo-looo, «You»! You are just in time for my yodeling lesson!
Doofus von Strudel: Go grab a pint of cider at the Cider House! It rules!
«You»: Oh wow-- you must be one of the fabled LEDERHOGLINS!
Doofus von Strudel: That I am! We Lederhoglins like to come out and play this time of year because the cider is sooooo good! Did I mention that this is CIDER?
Kosefira: So we decided on a name for this holiday, finally! Festival of the Harvest Goddess was a little too long... Mog-Toberfest sounds like it happens in October...
Doofus von Strudel: -- and Autumnival is just plain weird! My fellow Lederhoglins and I really liked Mog-toberfest... *grumbles*
«You»: So what is the name you decided on??
Doofus & Kosefira: HARVEST FESTIVAL!
«You»: ..............
«You»: Let's hold a contest to choose a name next year, mm-kay?
  • Samurat Returns! - See post below
  • Harvest Quest - Continue below

    «Scene: Cider House. You can skip the cutscene at anytime to where you meet the Nepencreep.»

    «You»: Hi there, Truffle! How are you doing today?
    Truffle: Durrrrrrr! weeeet!
    «You»: Why yes, I would LOVE a mug of cider!
    Truffle: Meep! rrrrr..meepity meep, meeping meepness!
    «You»: Whoa, you need to slow down a bit. Let me put on my Truffle Amulet so I can understand you better.
    «You»: Okay, go ahead-- say that again.
    Truffle: I hope you didn't forget about collecting your offerings for Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!
    «You»: Offerings? Why do we need to do that??
    Truffle: To give thanks for the bounty of Nature throughout the world! The last harvest of the year is needed to carry us through the winter.
    Truffle: Go out and gather your offerings, but beware the dangerous Turkeysaurus Rex! It wants to eat the things you need to collect!
    Truffle: When you have enough, you might see Serenia soaring in the skies as she replenishes the land for our last harvest!
    Truffle: rrrrrutta meep meep!
    «You»: Uh oh-- my Truffle Amulet batteries died. Okay, little one, give me that cider to go! I'm off to gather some offerings!
  • Go!

    «You can skip the cutscene at anytime to proceed directly with the offering hunting.»

    «A Nepencreep bounces its way into the scene.»

    Kosefira: «You»! That's a Nepencreep!
    «You»: A what?!
    Kosefira: Nepencreeps are bad news for crops! They will eat out all of the nutrients out of the ground before any of the other plants have a chance!
    Kosefira: You need to destroy every Nepencreep you find!
    «You»: Don't worry, I can take care of them!
  • Go!

    «At this point, you immediately proceed with the hunt for the items.»
      1 BATTLE

      See monster list below
    «You found a(n) [fruit/veggie]!»

    List of Fruits/Veggies to find
    Bluestar Flower
    Bread Fruit

    Doofus von Strudel: Keep looking for the rest of your offering! Don't leave this quest or you will lose all of your fregetables.
  • Search on! - Repeat 1 BATTLE as above

    «Once you have collected all 5 fruits/veggies...»

    Doofus von Strudel: You have found everything you need to make an offering! Go on out to the fields and present your items to Serenia.
  • Go!

    Bystander: Look!
    Bystander: Up in the sky!

    «The scene pans up to the sky.»

    Bystander: It's a CloudZard!
    Bystander: It's a Drakel Air Raider!
    Bystander: No, wait--
    Bystander: It's Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!

    «Serenia floats across the fields, enriching them into a lush green once more.»

    «You»: Thank you Serenia! We will have plenty of food to last us through the winter.
    Serenia: You have shown your gratitude, «You». You have also proven that the good deeds of one person can help the many.
    Serenia: The line Chosen shall be blurred between real and unreal.
  • !!!

    Serenia: A new world arises and trouble stirs toward the inevitable collision of past, present, and a future yet to come.
  • !!!
    Serenia: You shall bring salvation, whether it is wanted or not.
  • Thank you!

    «Serenia floats away.»
    «If you clicked the pile of apples in The Cider House...»

    «The apples tumble and reveals Zorbak.»

    Zorbak: Bah!
    Zorbak: You foiled my quest to create a vast army of Undead Apples! For that, you must now have an APPLE for a HEAD!
  • Okay, turn my head into an apple!
      «As Zorbak leaves, the following message "Your head is now an apple!" appears. You then have an apple for a head which disappears upon logging out or by wearing any head accessories.»
  • Don't turn my head into an apple!
    Zorbak: Hmf! Fine, but you owe me!

    «Zorbak leaves the scene.»
    Harvest Festival

    WeaponsSpellsPetsHouse Items
  • Replay Quest
  • Back to Town
    Monster List
    Level 1-9
    Seed Spitter (2)
    Fire Seed Spitter (6)
    Am-Bush (3)
    Brawny Bellflower (8)
    FunGuy (7)
    Kelpy Clarkson (7)
    Nepencreep (3)
    Crazy Cornelius (5)
    Plant Dragon (5)
    Velocigobbler (10)

    Level 10-24
    Frankencarrot (10)
    Pea Ditty (15)
    Tommy Toe (20)
    Am-Bush (20)
    Wood Golem (12)
    Wood Golem (24)
    Razorweed (15)
    Nepencreep (23)
    Crazy Cornelius (20)
    Plant Dragon (25)
    Velocigobbler (25)

    Level 25-44
    Gregg Plant (25)
    Crazy Cornelius (35)
    Am-Bush (40)
    Strong Sunflower (26)
    Potent Poppy (43)
    Tommy Toe (40)
    FunGuy (26)
    Katharine McSeaweed (26)
    Frankencarrot (30)
    Gregg Plant (45)
    Razorweed (35)
    Nepencreep (43)
    Velocigobbler (45)

    Level 45-64
    Am-Bush (60)
    Pretty Purple Flower (60)
    Pretty Purple Flower (50)
    Wood Golem (48)
    Mighty Mandrake (60)
    Tommy Toe (60)
    FunGuy (46)
    Plantasia Marino (46)
    Crazy Cornelius (55)
    Razorweed (55)
    Nepencreep (63)
    Frankencarrot (50)
    Plant Dragon (60)
    Velocigobbler (60)

    Level 65-84
    Acid Spitter (72)
    Am-Bush (80)
    Pretty Purple Flower (75)
    Wood Golem (72)
    Power Flower (80)
    Tommy Toe (80)
    FunGuy (66)
    Carrie Undersea (66)
    Razorweed (75)
    Wood Golem (84)
    Nepencreep (83)
    Frankencarrot (70)
    Crazy Cornelius (75)
    Plant Dragon (75)
    Velocigobbler (80)

    Level 85-104
    Am-Bush (100)
    Wood Golem (96)
    FunGuy (86)
    Jordin Sharks (86)
    Razorweed (95)
    Nepencreep (103)
    Frankencarrot (90)
    Crazy Cornelius (100)
    Plant Dragon (100)
    Velocigobbler (100)

    Level 105-124
    Razorweed (115)
    Wood Golem (120)
    Am-Bush (120)
    Wood Golem (108)
    Frankencarrot (110)
    Nepencreep (123)
    Crazy Cornelius (120)
    Plant Dragon (120)
    Velocigobbler (120)

    Level 125+
    Razorweed (115)
    Am-Bush (120)
    Wood Golem (132)
    Frankencarrot (130)
    Nepencreep (123)
    Crazy Cornelius (135)
    Plant Dragon (135)
    Velocigobbler (135)

    Monster lists thanks to Scakk.

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    1/20/2015 8:53:07   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Rising BURP Kingdom!

    «A Samurat enters the scene.»

    Slim Jim McFarmer: Not you guys again!
    Samurat: That's right, we're back! And this time, we need more food than ever!
    Slim Jim McFarmer: No! Battleon needs this food!

    «Other Samurats enter the scene.»

    Samurat: And Shogun Akunezu needs it more.

    «The scene fades to black. Over at Lolosia...»

    Sailor Boon: So wait, you seriously asked for a day off?
    «You»: Yep! Adventuring gets tiresome. Even heroes need a break once in a while, right?
    Sailor Boon: And all the villains just... agreed to it?
    «You»: Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are. But after they got my memo, they were all really nice about it.
    «You»: A few of them told me that it was for the best, anyways, since they needed some time to work on their evil schemes.
    Sailor Boon: Well.... if it's okay with them, then sure. You've come to the right place my friend, grab a hammock and....

    «Warlic enters the scene.»

    Warlic: Sorry to bother you on your day off, «You», but it seems that Shogun Akunezu is back.
    «You»: What?! I thought all of the villains agreed to take a break today? That's the whole reason I took this day off in the first place!
    Warlic: It seems that Akunezu didn't get the memo. He's stealing more food than ever before, and the farmers say he's building something out in the fields of Battleonia.
    Warlic: So I went to investigate for myself.
    «You»: And?
    Warlic: ....you probably won't believe me if I tell you, so I'd better just show you.

    «Back at Battleonia, a huge tower made of harvested crops and roots stands in the fields.»

    «You»: ....you're right, I would never have believed you.
    Warlic: Akunezu himself is inside, but the castle is likely guarded by a lot of his minions.
    «You»: So much for my day off. *sigh* Alright, I'll deal with this.
  • Battle with Warlic's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4
    «You»: That takes care of the guards outside... now, let's go inside and find Akunezu!
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4
    Shogun Akunezu: Ah, «You», here at last!
    «You»: What are you doing, causing trouble on my day off? You know how hard it is to earn a day off on my adventurer wages?
    «You»: This job doesn't exactly offer a lot of benefits, either! I don't get sick leave or anything. So when I ask for a day off, I expect people to respect it!
    Shogun Akunezu: But... don't you want to know about my nefarious plan?
    «You»: NO! I want you to stop trying to rob the yearly harvest!
    Shogun Akunezu: *sniffle*
    «You»: *sigh* Fine, let's have it. But make it quick, I'd like to get back to my hammock.
    Shogun Akunezu: Bwahaha! Very well then, I'll tell you. It's a long and tragic tale....
    «You»: Not too long, I hope. I think I hear that hammock calling out to me.

    «The scene fades to black and a flashback of the tale begins. In the scene is a caged rat.»

    Shogun Akunezu: You see, I was once a test subject in a Drakel lab. I was subjected to terrible experiments. I endured much pain, not even a wheel to run on.
    Shogun Akunezu: That is, until he came along....

    «The SeekRat enters the scene and breaks the cage open.»

    Shogun Akunezu: With his advanced intelligence and ability to reach tall places, the SeekRat broke the cage open and freed me.

    «The SeekRat places a monocle on Akunezu.»

    Shogun Akunezu: Then he gave me one of his magical monocles, and I, too, became intelligent and able to think for myself.
    Shogun Akunezu: But he and I did not have the same goals, and so I left his side.

    «The scene fades to black and fast forwards several years, where Akunezu has grown. He is seen smithing something with his hammer and anvil.»

    Shogun Akunezu: I saw how the other races looked down on the BURPs, and treated us like rats.
    «You»: You ARE rats.
    Shogun Akunezu: SEE?!? That's exactly what I'm talking about! I could no longer take the blind ratcism.
    Shogun Akunezu: Anyways, I began work on a suit of armor to strengthen myself. I also vowed revenged on the humans, and....
    «You»: Why?
    Shogun Akunezu: Er, what?
    «You»: Didn't you say you were trapped in a Drakel lab? So then why do you want revenge on humans?
    Shogun Akunezu: ...w-well, because humans are....
    «You»: On second though, scratch that question. I'm afraid it'll make this story even longer. Can we just fast-forward to the part where I save the day?
    Shogun Akunezu: NO!

    «Fast forward a few more years, Samurats are scene confronting BURPs.»

    Shogun Akunezu: And so, I attempted to steal from Battleon's food supply.
    Shogun Akunezu: My plan was to treat the food with special chemicals I had created that would gift all of the BURPs who ate it with the same intelligence that the SeekRat once gifted me!
    Shogun Akunezu: But you stopped me, and so I was forced to wait until the right moment.
    Shogun Akunezu: And then, today, you announced that you were taking a day off. I knew it was the perfect time to begin my plan!
    «You»: So you're admitting that you violated the agreement to give me a day off?
    «You»: I hope you've got a good lawyer.
    Shogun Akunezu: ENOUGH!

    «Back to present day...»

    Shogun Akunezu: I've perfected the chemical and I have this castle to help me grow all the food I need. You cannot stop me now!
    «You»: So are we finally at the part where I beat you up?
    Shogun Akunezu: It is you who shall be... beaten up!
      1 BATTLE: Shogun Akunezu
      Full Heal
    «Shogun Akunezu lies on the ground, defeated.»

    «You»: Finally! Time to get back to Lolosia, crack open a Moglinberry Juice, and....

    «Warlic enters the scene.»

    Warlic: «You»! Surely you didn't plan on leaving me to clean up this entire mess.
    «You»: ....

    «You disappear from the scene.»

    Warlic: Hmph, well that answers my question...
    Return of the Samurats!

  • Choking Vineblade [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135]
  • Choking Vineblade G [L. 28 G, 145 G]
  • Choking Vineblade Z [L. 95 Z]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

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