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Location: Prologue - Longing, The Third Floor, Escape from Espina Rosa, Starcrossed - The Thorns of the Rose, Icy Beginnings

Quests given

Shops owned

Prologue - Longing

???: Peculiar indeed.

???: The Primal bond between a Dragonlord and his Dragon... Reaching beyond the magic that borned it.
???: Hmhmhmhm...

???: It has been a while since I last saw that one.

The Third Floor

???: So… it truly is you…
???: But of course, it could only be you… it had to be.
???: Just as the Wind had told…

???: Yes, the Wind… YOUR Wind.

???: The Wind tells everyone’s story. Carrying their words, taking them away…
???: Though the words are taken away, their echoes remain. Echoes in the wind…
???: Make up your Wind. If you can hear the echoes, the whispers of that Wind, then you can hear the bearer of that Wind…

???: No… Not everything. Some things, but not everything… Too much sound, too much noise…
???: Like the noise of a storm. The wind blowing through many, many leaves of trees. A choir’s many voices…
???: …all come together to make a song yet every voice is distinct and different, no matter how small a difference…
???: Like a busy tavern lively in the night. Only the loudest of things said, those said again and again or said by many can be heard easily.
???: The stronger echoes.

???: Very many echoes… A storm unlike others. A great strength but not simply in terms of skill.
???: Hailed “hero” from as far as Ostveld reaches Ovungu Zoyo…
???: Many good a word, praise, thanks and cheers said to your name… Willed or not, a friend to many. The many different.
???: Caretaking of many souls both big and small.
???: The burden of caring for them but not being able to save them all.

???: Great titles given. Red Dragon Slayer. Undead Breaker. Vanquisher of the Great Darkness…
???: More recently, a similar glee to a welcomed return. Once thought to be lost… has been found again.
???: But not all echoes… ring so well.

???: An absence felt… painfully… Questions… cries of misery, despair, indignation…
???: Where have you gone? Why have you gone? Why are you not helping us? Protecting us? Defending us?
???: Why did you leave us? Why did you forsake us? Why… Why did you abandon us?

???: So much changes… in only a single year. And you, <Character>… have been gone for many a one.

Elryn: You are curiously well informed.
Elryn: Now indulge me, <Character>…
Elryn: Just what in the Avatars’ names are you doing in the dark underbelly of the Runed Fortress?

Escape from Espina Rosa

Elryn: Nothing to say?
Elryn: You could at the very least tell how it is you know of me.

Elryn: Kara SuLema?

Elryn: It has been a while since I have heard that name...
Elryn: Then again, it has been a while since I heard any old names really.

Elryn: What?

Elryn: <Character>-

Elryn: No, wait! <Character>!!

Elryn: <Character>, please!
Elryn: <Character>!

Elryn: <Character>! Listen-


Elryn: Rhydd

Elryn: That should keep them busy a while.

Elryn: I used the powers of the Wards to temporarily annul the Rhydd of their being.

Elryn: Temporarily annul the Rhydd of their being?

Elryn: Rescinded the primal aspect of their inner freedom?

Elryn: Fancyshmancymagicy paralysis stuff.

Elryn: The other magical explanations did seem to go over your head.

Elryn: That works for me.

Elryn: A group of men have stormed the Fortress and are heading our way.

Elryn: They are not your allies?

Elryn: It looks like they are having a bonding moment. It would likely be best if we leave them be.

Elryn: Now you... Dracelix is it?

Elryn: Why are you and the others here?

Elryn: Leon?

Elryn: All this recently?

Elryn: It is very much the opposite.

Elryn: It is you who have fallen into a trap.

Starcrossed - The Thorns of the Rose

Elryn: Code Orange. That is the trap!


Elryn: Only the worst…
Elryn: The full might of the Rose’s army, as much as can be mustered on sudden notice, is immediately mobilized to the Runed Fortress!

Elryn: To capture the Rebels that are attacking the Fortress, of course.

Elryn: Someone in the Rose that surmised that the Rebels would target Espina Rosa…
Elryn: … and thus it is a perfect occasion to turn the Fortress into a Rebel trap.

Elryn: Aye. Neither he nor the Rose must know that the Hero of Falconreach was involved a plot against Espina Rosa!
Elryn: You must leave immediately!

Elryn: There is no time for all those explanations!
Elryn: I may have given us a bit of time by interrupting the alarm almost immediately…
Elryn: … however I doubt it will delay them long if Espina Rosa continues to remain unresponsive to any communication.
Elryn: We must go!

Elryn: *deep sigh* It is not really a matter of choice, <Character>… You will need my help making it out of the Third Floor.
Elryn: After all, Dracelix and Navon’s company would have not made it here had I not communicated them the way…

Elryn: … was me. Yes.

Elryn: What do you mean?

Elryn: ….Fair point.

Elryn: Hmm….
Elryn: Ah, I know!

Elryn: There… Now the Wind of your little “accident” is gone. They shall not remember it.

Elryn: Two weeks?

Elryn: …..
Elryn: I can only disperse Wind when it has not echoed yet…. Two weeks… is far beyond the time that Wind has echoed.
Elryn: I can do nothing about that, <Character>.

Elryn: Where is the real Edd?

Elryn: … This will do.
Elryn: Granted, it is not perfect…. but it will confuse the Rose just enough to keep them off your trail.

Elryn: Aye…
Elryn: Let us go! And quickly now!

Elryn: Almost. We still need to escape the fortress.

Elryn: … The entrance of Espina Rosa! The Rose is here!
Elryn: You must go! Now!

Elryn: There is no need to worry about him, <Character>! He has been taken care of just as the other members of the Rose here have.

Elryn: <Character>…
Elryn: You and your allies go. I will stay here and delay the Rose a bit longer to make sure you escape safely.

Elryn: It is fine. I had already planned to go my own way once we had come to this point. To go our own separate ways.

Elryn: It is doubtful your path of escape was designed with another half dozen rebels and I in mind.
Elryn: It will be much better this way. I will use the power of the Wards one last time before leaving this place to ensure it.

Elryn: You and I both… And speaking of which, I do have one thing for you before you go.

Elryn: Since the moment the purpose of your mission here has been clear to me…
Elryn: I have been wondering what exactly motivated Kara to send you on such a dangerous mission for the sole purpose of escaping with me…
Elryn: I am certainly not the solution to all the problems that plague you with the Rose…
Elryn: But I do know something about Akanthus, and I think that it likely is or was that which was sought. Something that could help you.

Elryn: That Akanthus lies to everyone.
Elryn: That Akanthus namely, <Character>, lies to Jaania… The leader of the Rose.
Elryn: Whatever he plots and schemes about…. Jaania has been kept out of it and may have very well had the wool pulled over her eyes.

Elryn: Have you explored and delved into Swordhaven since you came back?

Elryn: Then go there… and get to the bottom of this. That is my wisdom to you.

Elryn: Go!

Elryn: *chuckles* Now that is something I can agree to.

Icy Beginnings

???: What do you seek... Guardian?

???: The children of Frostfyre?

???: The name the Ice Giants take upon themselves. It is said to refer to the first and greatest of Ice Giants.
???: As I understand it, it also is the name for a special kind of fire. But that is... from notes scrawled on the margins of old pages.

???: The lore of the Ice Giants is ancient... Whatever is known certainly is.
???: It is my understanding that once there were great numbers of Ice Giants, but what happened to them is a mystery.
???: I have read old text saying that there was once a great war against them. A great many races were allied against them.
???: After that they seem to disappear from history.

???: So far as I know, they were driven to the extreme north... That is the best information I can give you.
???: There was once a great body of information, but most of it has gone missing or perhaps been destroyed over the centuries.

???: That is lost lore. To find it, you would have to either seek the Library of the Lost...
???: ... which is impractical at best, or to find a living Ice Giant, which seems unlikely.

???: Most of the lore is lost or destroyed, but you may ask and I will tell what little there is to know.

???: What few records survive indicate that they were extremely warlike. They were a proud tribal people.
???: I understand that they were also raiders, often striking costal villages and taking what they needed.
???: To be honest, this is not completely clear... I have come across other evidence that they were farmers and hunters....

???: As I said, I kenned them to be raiders. There is a chance that their victims soon tired of the raids and thus they came into conflict.
???: I would assume that this did mean there were frequent eruptions of hostility.
???: All that was long ago, however.

???: That is difficult to say. There is word that among them were the occasional Elementalist.
???: I am not certain if this appears throughout the race, or in any single clan. I have heard rumours, but nothing definitive.

???: There have been occasional reports and wayfarers' tales of what might be encounters with them...
???: ... but these reports are largely dismissed as tall tales.

???: No, but there were some records of an Ice Giant village... shortly before their exile...
???: ... that existed in the region somewhat farther north of the Ruins of Bask.
???: Mayhap you should start there.

Alternative Image
Image in Icy Beginnings

Also See: Elryn (forum user)

Thanks to Chaosweaver Amon for image.

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