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Escape from Espina Rosa

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5/29/2015 23:29:45   

Escape from Espina Rosa

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Espina Rosa -> Escape -> Quest!
Requirements: Completion of The Third Floor
Release Date: May 29th, 2015

Objective: You have found Elryn, the Vinds ally imprisoned in Espina Rosa, but can you escape with him from the Fortress unnoticed?
Objective completed: Out of the frying pan and into the Dragonfire.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) ManaHunter
(3) Manahuntress
(1) Bradley, (1) Vince - Boss

Kara SuLema
Private Bradley

Black Runed Blade (All Versions)
Black Runed Staff (All Versions)
Black Runed Dagger (All Versions)


*You and Elryn stand face to face with each other as the room around you darkens and lightens up repeatedly.*

Elryn: Nothing to say?
Elryn: You could at the very least tell how it is you know of me.
<Character>: Know you? That's nothing much really.

*The scene shows Kara SuLema handing you the paperwork before your mission to Espina Rosa.*

Kara SuLema: Here are Edd's papers, and some more information on your target.

*The flashback ends.*

<Character>: Kara gave me some documentation that told me all the basic stuff about you... Your name, a brief description.
<Character>: That's really all there is to it. I just got briefed.
Elryn: Kara SuLema?
<Character>: You bet.
Elryn: It has been a while since I have heard that name...
Elryn: Then again, it has been a while since I heard any old names really.
<Character>: I still kinda expected more.
Elryn: What?
<Character>: Like... bringing down a set of cell bars? Maybe two?
<Character>: I mean I at least expected it to be a bit harder getting you out of here...
<Character>: ...But hey, I guess I won't complain if it means we can get out of here sooner! Let's hit the road!
Elryn: <Character>-
<Character>: We can talk all you want after we've gotten out of here. Right now we need to make a run for it!
<Character>: There's an escape path on the Second Floor and we have to get to it before we run into Sofist and his crew! Come on!

*You run away immediately before Elryn can stop you.*

Elryn: No, wait! <Character>!!

*The scene darkens.*

Elryn: <Character>, please!
Elryn: <Character>!
<Character>: Keep it for later!
Elryn: <Character>! Listen-
<Character>: I SAID NOT NO-

*Your disguise of Edd's face falls off and lands on the ground.*

<Character>: Ow... That hurt!

*Sofist enters the area and becomes angered at the revelation.*

Sofist: ......
<Character>: It feels like I had a head on collision with a Gorrilaphant...
Vince: Edd? You...
Private Bradley: ......
<Character>: What? Why are you all looking at me like-

*The entire elite force looks at you in disbelief and shock.*

<Character>: .......
<Character> (thinking): Oh no... THE DISGUISE!
<Character>: Now hold on! I...I can explain everything!

*Sofist's eye twitches.*

Sofist: Get him/her!!!

  • Battle! (Normal)
  • Battle! (Easy)
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *After the agonizing fight, you single-handedly destroy the elite force and you stand triumphantly.*

    <Character>: Guess that armor wasn't going to do me much more good at this point anyway...
    <Character> (thinking): I've got to think of something fast though. We need to get out of here pronto!
    Sofist: Private! You do NOT set off Code Orange without my express permission!
    Private Bradley: ... I didn't set it off, Sir.
    Sofist: Then who DID?!

    *Elryn speeds right past you faster than the blink of an eye.*

    Private Bradley: I don't know, sir!
    Sofist: Then I'll have to deal with this quickly my-

    *Elryn appears right in front of Sofist, leaving Sofist in surprise.*

    Sofist: !!??
    Elryn: Rhydd

    *Elryn casts a spell that somehow paralyzes Sofist, Vince, and Bradley; they are surrounded by a white glow.*

    Elryn: That should keep them busy a while.
    <Character>: How...What did you-
    Elryn: I used the powers of the Wards to temporarily annul the Rhydd of their being.
    <Character>: Powers of the W-?
    <Character>: .......
    <Character>: Run the last part by me again?
    Elryn: Temporarily annul the Rhydd of their being?
    <Character>: Nope. I got nothing.
    Elryn: Rescinded the primal aspect of their inner freedom?
    <Character>: Uuuuuh...
    Elryn: Fancyshmancymagicy paralysis stuff.
    <Character>: ........
    Elryn: The other magical explanations did seem to go over your head.
    <Character>: How bout we just skip the magical explanations for now?
    Elryn: That works for me.
    <Character>: So what exactly was that alarm all about?
    Elryn: A group of men have stormed the Fortress and are heading our way.
    <Character>: Someone is storming Espina Rosa? WHO would be crazy enough to do that?
    Elryn: They are not your allies?
    <Character>: Shouldn't be, unless...

    *Dracelix, his comrades, and the knights meet up with you and Elryn in the area.*

    <Character>: Dracelix?! Navon?! What...WHY are you guys here?!
    Navon: To help of course!
    <Dragon>: <Character>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <Character>: Is that.... <Dragon>!!
    <Character>: I'M SO-
    <Character>: ......
    <Character>: Wait, slow-
    <Character>: WAIT, SLOW...

    *Your dragon flies on top of you and knocks you down.*

    <Character>: ...down.
    <Character>: What? What are you... AH! AH! THAT'S HOT! THAT'S HOT!
    Navon: ... What are they doing?
    Dracelix: No clue. I do not understand Draconic.
    <Dragon>: You're gone for years and come back just to leave me completely alone for weeks? WEEKS?!
    Dracelix: Do you?
    Elryn: It looks like they are having a bonding moment. It would likely be best if we leave them be.
    <Character>: AAAHH! FIRE! FIRE!

    *Flames are projected from the bottom left corner.*

    Elryn: Now you... Dracelix is it?
    Dracelix: It is.
    <Character>: SOMEONE GET ME SOME WATER!!!
    Elryn: Why are you and the others here?

    *You are lit on fire as you run away from your dragon, but they continue chasing you.*

    Dracelix: It was Leon's idea.
    Elryn: Leon?
    Dracelix: The de facto leader of our own branch of rebels.
    Dracelix: The rebel cause owes him much as he's managed to raise our profile with his bold provocations and twarthings of the Rose.
    Dracelix: He even managed to rescue Kara who had been taken from the Vind and held prisoner in Akanthus' clutches.
    <Dragon>: What do you have to say for yourself?!!
    Elryn: All this recently?
    <Character>: Say? But that's not-
    <Dragon>: *intense glare*
    Dracelix: Yes. While he was in Sulen'eska, he had caught wind of something going on at Espina Rosa...
    Dracelix: ...and he gambled that we could be used here.
    <Character>: ... Ok, ok! I get it! I get it! Don't argue with the adorable avatar of destruction...
    <Character>: ...I'm sorry.
    <Dragon>: ... Then come here and let me lick your face all wet.
    Navon: Somehow, all the soliders we ran into on the upper levels froze just like these ones have...
    Navon: We could not have had better luck! We are in control of the Runed Fortress!
    Elryn: It is very much the opposite.
    Dracelix: What do you mean?
    Elryn: It is you who have fallen into a trap.

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Guests and pet dragon are removed upon beginning this quest and prevented from being summoned as of January 29th, 2021.

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