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3/30/2014 11:36:44   
Voodoo Master


Location: InspecZion, The Runed Fortress, The Elite Patrol, Prison Brawl, Prologue - Longing, The Third Floor, Escape from Espina Rosa

Quests given

Shops owned


???: Welcome back, Edd.

???: Ah yes... I guess you probably don't remember me. Not that I would remember you either that is.
???: Bradley is the one that does that for me, isn't that right, Private?

???: *sighs* I suppose I have to present myself again?

???: Right. Welcome to Espina Rosa again, Edd. We are pleased to have you and hope you stay with us for a long time to come.
???: While you are here, you will obey and follow my every order.
Sofist: My name is Sofist. Head Officer and Jailer of Espina Rosa.

The Runed Fortress

Sofist: Why is it always so dark in here! DARKNESS IS EVIL!!

Sofist: Better... Now if you'll excuse me, I have more important things to attend to.

Sofist: Yes, Private?

Sofist: What are you talking about?

Sofist: I don't have time to deal with every weakling that crosses these doors!

Sofist: But of course! My dear Edd... Please, follow me.

Sofist: WHAT?

Sofist: *grumbles* Fine!

Sofist: And now for the jails.

Sofist: This is the first level of our jail facilities. As you can see, here we house all sorts of dangerous and malign magical creatures...
Sofist: ... that would otherwise terrorize the common citizen of our fair kingdom.
Sofist: While normally they would be shackled with anti-magic bracelets as with the rest of our "tenants"-
Sofist: For these critters we have Z's special brand of bracelets.
Sofist: This enables us not only to control their temper but also to use them to patrol all three levels of our jail facility. Genius, isn't it?

Sofist: Of course. Is there something wrong, Soldier?

Sofist: Then what were you going on about?

Sofist: Do you now? Well... there is certainly one easy way to find out. Why don't you go ahead, Soldier.

Sofist: Ask them yourself.
Sofist: Get him you wretches!

Sofist: Still think it's too cruel?

Sofist: Glad you see it that way. This is the Second Level of our jail systems. Here we house our less dangerous prisoners of the more...
Sofist: ... human like variety for the lack of a better term for these monsters.
Sofist: They are just a bunch of petty thieves, waylaying bandits and other such common crooks though.

Sofist: Bradley, go fetch the chains please.

Sofist: As you can see, they don't always behave themselves... When that happens, feel free to teach them some manners.

Sofist: Ah, perfect!
Sofist: You will find these chains most suitable to the task. They are designed to send a neutralizing shock on physical contact.
Sofist: Your standard Rose uniform is made to let you handle them safely.
Sofist: Unless you somehow manage to wrap it around your head in which case you should not even bother talking to me.
Sofist: At the end of the corridor on the right there is the Cooks' Kitchen.

Sofist: What is it?

Sofist: That is the gate to the Third Level of our jail facilities.

Sofist: No! The Third Level is off-limits to all personnel. Only myself and the Elite Patrol are authorized to go down there.

Sofist: I said it's nothing a regular Rose Soldier like you needs to know! Now get to your station!

Sofist: EVIL!!

Sofist: BRADLEY!!

The Elite Patrol

???: What's all this racket!?

Prison Brawl

Sofist: What's all this racket?

Sofist: A brawl?! Vince should know better than to do that! I'll have his hide!
Sofist: Vincent! Explain yourself! You know I do not tolerate this...

Sofist: WHAT?!

Sofist: No, no, that's all fine. Edd can come on the Patrol.

Sofist: Of course. Edd more than proved himself. In fact, let's go right now. Meet me down at the gate at the bottom of the Second Level.

???: *coughs* Testing.

???: Testing. Testing. Is this infernal contraption working?

Sofist: Good.
Sofist: Attention, Inmates! We have a very special event today. Some of you may actually get the extreme privilege... to leave your cell.
Sofist: You see, we have a rat down in the lower level. A very BIG rat all dressed up in a Rose Soldier's garb.
Sofist: I will personally reward whoever brings this rat to me, groveling.
Sofist: Have fun!

Sofist: Good... That takes care of that-

Sofist: WHAT?!

Sofist: He... did?


Sofist: Did you take me for such a fool?! Did you really?! I know you Vincent... I know you and your brother's relationship very well...
Sofist: Did you think I am not aware of your bitter rivalry?

Sofist: You are sore loser, Vincent. The last thing you would ever do is admit to having had your behind handed to you. You would die before doing that...
Sofist: ... unless you could get back at the individual that did it in the process.

Sofist: Pathetic!
Sofist: AS FOR YOU!!
Sofist: I...
Sofist: I have to admit to being honestly impressed, Edd. Vince may be a fool, but he is the strongest soldier I have garrisoned in my quarters.
Sofist: You are strong, Edd. I could use strength like that on the Patrol.
Sofist: But I don't let anyone just join my Patrol on a whim.
Sofist: A soldier only ever joins my Patrol when I have personally seen what they are capable of... and that I am fully satisfied with what they can do.
Sofist: Which is why... I'd like you to consider this offer, Edd.
Sofist: Train under my command.
Sofist: It will be hard, it will be brutal but if I am satisfied with what I see by the end of it... I will make you an official member of the Patrol.
Sofist: Before that though, listen carefully to this. Whatever happened between you and Vince in the Cafeteria... I'll let it slide. This once.
Sofist: But mark my words... if I see you disrespecting my authority however slight, accidental or not...
Sofist: I will put you in a cell on the Third Level and leave you there. Do I make myself clear, Soldier?

Sofist: Do you accept?

Sofist: Good. Let the training begin!

Prologue - Longing

Sofist: Ah good, you're here. Fall in with the rest of the Patrol.

Sofist: There, now the Patrol is ready to go!

Sofist: Bradley, open the gates.

The Third Floor

Sofist: That should be the last of those wretch...
Sofist: Private! Patrol status report!

Sofist: VINCENT!

Sofist: How are the conditions ahead, Bradley? Have any paths shifted since the last Patrol?

Sofist: That wretched wind again...
Sofist: All right. The Patrol is moving out! Remember to stay close...
Sofist: It's dark and hard to see down here and if you lose sight of the Patrol, you risk getting lost in the maze of pathways... or worse.
Sofist: Edd?

Sofist: Edd?!

Sofist: EDD!!!

Sofist: What's wrong with you? Don't tell me you are afraid of the dark?

Sofist: Then stop acting like it! I'm assigning you to rearguard. Your job is to stay behind the cart and make sure nothing sneaks up on the Patrol.
Sofist: We don't usually come across any unchained monsters from behind during our second run... but you can never be too careful.
Sofist: Don't let me down!

Sofist: Elite Patrol! Move out!

Escape from Espina Rosa

Sofist: ......

Sofist: Get him/her!!!

Sofist: Private! You do NOT set off Code Orange without my express permission!

Sofist: Then who DID?!

Sofist: Then I'll have to deal with this quickly my-

Sofist: !!??

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