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Elite Patrol, The

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6/28/2014 7:45:21   
Legendary AK!!!

The Elite Patrol

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Espina Rosa -> Patrol -> Quest!
Requirements: Completion of The Runed Fortress
Release Date: June 27th, 2014

Objective: Who is the Elite Patrol? How do you get in to the Third Level? Plenty of questions that need answers.
Objective completed: Uh oh... Sofist is here. Not good!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) ManaHunter
(6) Manahuntress
(1) Vince - Boss


Sapphire Pendant
Isaz Runed Chain
Kenaz Runed Chained
Emerald Pendant
Dagaz Runed Pendant
Azure Gemmed Necklace

Mritha: It's too much. Melissa has been wonderful, so supportive and helpful. The fairies are amazing in that they are ready to go at a moment's notice.
Odgne: Sister of my heart, you need to rest. You are weary and your dreams are dark.
Mritha: Ah, my dearest companion, what would I do without you? My dreams are dark, my days are rushed and bleak.
Mritha: I just wish it was over. I miss walking among the Dravirs and Dragons and laughing.
Odgne: Have you heard from Kara? The Dragons cannot "see" her.
Odgne: Senthris cannot get through, as Seallah refuses to let her hear him.
Mritha: Tell Senthris to hold on. We all have to. And then we have <Character>. Sent off to infiltrate a dangerous place...
Mritha: I hope <Character> is able to do this alone.

*Meanwhile, back at the Runed Fortress...*

<Character> (thinking): I might as well start here. There's a chance someone can tell me more.
Dumplings: Lunch is served! Please, no crowding. Everyone get in line.
<Character> (thinking): Nope.

*In the background...*

Alix: Hey... Did you see... THAT the other day?
Roussel: You mean with Paul?
Alix: Yeah.
Roussel: Didn't hear too much about it. Is he all right?
Alix: He's not here anymore. Last the gang saw him...
Alix: ... his face was Purple with Blue polka dots and he was being carried away on a stretcher by the medics.
Roussel: How did it happen?
Alix: I didn't see anything, but a guy I know swears he saw Vince give Paul some of Dumplings's food...
Roussel: Vince again... Of course. He'll pick on anyone.
Alix: Quiet! He might hear you!

*Sam, a Rose member, walks past with food. Vince trips him over.*

Vince: Hi Sam! Ha ha!

*Vince walks away.*

<Character> (thinking): The nerves of that guy...

*You offer Sam another bowl of food.*

<Character>: Thought you could use another one.
Sam: T-thanks.
<Character>: Do you want to eat together? I'm... pretty much new here.
Sam: S...sure.

*You are eating with Sam at the table.*

Sam: Hey, are you--
<Character>: DUMPLINGS!!
Dumplings: You called?
<Character>: NO!!
Sam: NO!!
Dumplings: Awww...
<Character>: So that's him? That's Dumplings?
Sam: Yep, all flesh and bones.
<Character>: Huh... He looks pretty harmless to me. Certainly not like the rumours...
Sam: ...That he's the worst cook ever? And that's putting it mildly.
<Character>: Really? I really wonder how anyone, much less Sofist, can stand him being around if that's the case.
Sam: Well, he did have an entirely new kitchen built at the bottom of the Second Level if that's any sign.
Sam: He probably has to bear with it if anything though. It's nothing he has control over.
<Character>: Oh?
Sam: The story that goes around is that Dumplings was born amongst some of Swordhaven's nobles.
Sam: Unlike most of them though, his aspiration lied in cooking.
Sam: He's a big fan of our own Gaston who used to be a great chef for the nobles before he came here.
Sam: Pretty much everything he does is in emulation of Gaston, or so he thinks. In reality, you probably couldn't find a worse cook.
Sam: The rumour goes that to prevent themselves from getting poisoned by Dumplings's food or worse...
Sam: ... the nobles pay the Rose a handsome sum of money to have him here and to keep him here.
Sam: I'm guessing you fell prey to his cooking?
<Character>: Yep.
Sam: So you got amnesia and... your face. Anything else?
<Character>: All there is as far as I know. Is amnesia really a common symptom?
Sam: Common for Dumplings. Sounds like you're one of the luckier ones.
<Character>: ...Do I want to know what happened to the worst ones?
Sam: Well, there is this story of this one Lagoon Goon that's said to have once been a noble of Swordhaven...
<Character>: ...I'll take that for a no.
Sam: Oh, but where are my manners. I'm Sam.
<Character>: I'm Edd. Nice to meet you Sam.
<Character>: Say, that's a nice necklace you have there.
Sam: Thanks! It's my grandma's.
<Character>: It must be pretty special then. Family heirloom?
Sam: Better.
Sam: It's a magic necklace.
<Character>: Magic? Wouldn't that be risky to have around here?
Sam: Hmm... Maybe, but no one needs to know, right? Besides, it's a very useful kind of magic necklace.
Sam: It's a powerful amulet that protects the wearer against magic!
<Character> (thinking): Looks more like a cheap jewelry off the cart of a traveling salesman if you ask me...
<Character>: Really? I wonder how your grandma came across it then. It must have been quite an adventure.
Sam: Oh, it's quite a story all right. *grins* Sit tight and let me tell you all about it.

One story later

Sam: And the wizard sold his rare necklace to my Grandmother for 10 gold. 10 gold!
<Character>: ...Interesting.
<Character> (thinking): Minus the fact that wizard was a complete charlatan. I mean seriously...
<Character> (thinking): What kind of Wizard wanders into villages on horse power and woos country kids by shooting off fireworks?
<Character> (thinking): I could smell that kind of fake from a mile away...
<Character>: Seeing as you have the necklace now I imagine that means she passed away and you inherited the necklace?
Sam: Aye. Unfortunately... her village laid by a forest between Lymcrest and Falconreach.
Sam: A forest through which the evil Pyromancer Xan's firey army went through years ago... Fire spread and...
<Character> (thinking): Poor guy.
<Character>: I'm sorry for your loss, Sam.
Sam: Don't be. I joined the Rose to prevent things like that from happening. So what's your story?
<Character>: ... My story?
Sam: Yeah, your story. Why you joined the Rose.
<Character>: You... wouldn't want to hear it.
Sam: I told you my story, now you tell me yours. I'm not budging from this seat until I've heard everything!
<Character> (thinking): Shoots. Now he's expecting a story out of me and it doesn't look like he's going to settle for something small either...
<Character> (thinking): Hey, wait a second, <Character>, you're a Hero! You've heard plenty of these kinds of stories before.
<Character> (thinking): All you need is one reason to hate magic and...

*A candle appears above your head as you have an idea.*

<Character>: All right... I'll tell you my story but let me first warn you... This isn't a story I like to tell to just anyone.

Another story later

*Sam is crying.*

<Character>: And after that, I swore I would hunt down Akriloth and every evil magic being like him.
Sam: So sad!
<Character> (thinking): I'll have to remember to buy Galanoth a round of Moglinberry juice next time I see him.
<Character> (thinking): I'm starting to get a bit sided tracked from my goal though. I need this conversation to steer towards more informative subjects.
<Character>: So Sam, why did you let that guy bully you earlier?
Sam: Hmm? You mean Vince? There isn't much I can do about it. Vince is stronger and taller than I am...
<Character>: Why not report him to the Chief then?
Sam: I don't think you understand how things go around here, Edd.
Sam: Sofist respects strength pretty much above everything else.
Sam: Those who are strong here get their way and can do pretty much anything they want to, especially the members of the Elite Patrol.
Sam: Not only is Vince on the Elite Patrol, but he's the best. He's the strongest Rose Solider in Espina Rosa.
Sam: He can do whatever he wants as long as he stays in the Chief's esteem.
<Character> (thinking): Bingo.
<Character>: Elite Patrol?
Sam: You don't know what the Elite Patrol is?
<Character>: Well, I heard the term. Sofist mentioned it when we were at the door of the Third Level and...
Sam: Shhh!! Keep quiet!
Sam: If you're going to mention the Third Level, keep your voice down.
<Character>: Why? What's wrong?
Sam: You don't remember, do you? Figures. I'll explain everything. You asked about the Elite Patrol, I'll start with that.
Sam: The Elite Patrol is the unit that accompanies Sofist on patrols of the Third Level. They are the only ones allowed down there.
Sam: The Elite Patrol is basically composed of some of the strongest Rose Soldiers garrisoned at Espina Rosa.
Sam: Like I said, Sofist isn't keen on the weak.
Sam: He won't have any for the patrol. Second, the thing you need to know about the Third Level is that there is no Third Level.
<Character>: What? But I saw the door... It's right there.
Sam: Not that way! I mean you should act as if it didn't exist. Anything regarding the Third Level is kept with utmost secrecy and forbiddance.
Sam: For whatever reason, Sofist keeps it that way. He despises that it be brought up.
Sam: No one on the patrol team, in fact, is allowed to talk about what they do down there.
Sam: Sofist severely punishes the entire group if he so much as hears a rumour going around about it. Same thing for anyone he hears talking about it.
Sam: If you value your hide, do not mention it. Ever.
Sam: You might have been able to get away with it once on your tour, but Sofist won't stand for it a second time.
<Character>: You know just telling me about all that only makes me more curious about it. I mean, why would the Chief be so secretive about the place?
<Character>: It just holds all of the prison's most dangerous criminals, right? What's wrong with that?
<Character> (thinking): It would certainly explain why Kara couldn't get anything either.
Sam: I don't know, Edd. And it's better not to ask those that do.
<Character> (thinking): It sounds like I'm not going to get out anything more out of Sam and the only chance I have is to join the Elite Patrol and follow them on the patrol.
<Character> (thinking): Easier said then done though. I doubt Sofist is just going to let me into the group when I just got "back" here.
<Character> (thinking): Unless he knew how strong I reall--
<Character> (thinking): ...That might actually work. A bit crazy and risky, but it just might work. Either way, it's my only shot at this. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
<Character>: Say Sam, if someone was to get into the Elite Patrol and was stronger than Vince, they could get him to stop bullying you, right?
Sam: ...I suppose they could. Why do you ask?
<Character>: Well, I am going to do just that.
Sam: .......
Sam: Ha ha! Oh, that's a good one!
Sam: I appreciate the thought, Edd, but that isn't going to happen. Even if you were strong enough, it would take a while for Sofist to recognize you.
<Character>: That occurred to me and I have an idea to fix that.
Sam: What?
<Character>: Vince is the strongest Rose Soldier on the Elite Patrol, right?
Sam: ...Right.
<Character>: Then if I beat him in a fight, that would automatically make me the best in Espina Rosa, right?
Sam: ......
<Character>: And Sofist couldn't help but recognize me, right?
Sam: But Vince'll kill you!
<Character>: Sofist recognizes strength above all else, doesn't he?
Sam: ......
<Character>: Then that settles it. First, I need to draw his attention.
Sam: Edd! Please! Don't do it!
???: ...All right. Which idiot said that?
Vince: Oh... Well if it isn't our dear "Edd", back from his little accident with Dumplings's Ratatouille. Not any brighter than when you left, are you?
Vince: But I'll go easy on you this time. If you don't remember, the Elite Patrol is the best of the best in Espina Rosa.
Vince: I should know. I'm the best it has to offer.
<Character>: Boy if that's the best it has to offer, there's not much point in having one, is there?
Vince: ...What are you implying?
<Character>: Might as well have a troupe of Moglins with wooden sticks, no?
<Character>: Or Minx Faeries. I mean, they would prove to be annoying at least.
Vince: ENOUGH!!
Vince: Elite Patrol, show this brat his place like the weakling he is!

  • Battle! (Simple Skills) - equips Edd Disguise (Simple Skills); begins gauntlet.
  • Battle! (Complex Skills) - equips Edd Disguise (Complex Skills); begins gauntlet.
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *After defeating Vince and the Elite Patrol, Vince is lying unconscious in front of you.*

    ???: What's all this racket!?
    Sofist: RACKET IS EVIL!!

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Guests are removed upon beginning this quest as of January 29th, 2021.

    Next Up: Prison Brawl

    Thanks to Dwelling Dragonlord for correction.

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