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Prison Brawl

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9/6/2014 4:44:24   
Voodoo Master

Prison Brawl

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Espina Rosa -> Brawl -> Quest!
Requirements: Completion of The Elite Patrol
Release Date: September 5th, 2014

Objective: Can you prove to Sofist that you are worthy of being on the Patrol?
Objective completed: Two weeks pass while you train under Sofist at Espina Rosa. Above ground, war brews on the horizon. The Dragonriders are coming.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(2) Renegade Enforcer
(2) Renegade Hunter
(2) Renegade Scout
(1) Ribald
(1) Sneevil
(1) Seed Spitter, (1) Sylph Drake, (1) Sneevil - Boss

Gaston Leroux
Private Bradley

Abhorrent Agneau
Fulsome Foie Gras
Horrendous Hors D'oeuvre
Noisome Navette
Repulsive Rataouille
Sour Sous Vide


*Mritha is communicating with her dragon, Odgne.*

Mritha: We did it. I knew all along my people would never fail.
Odgne: You have such faith in the people you lead. It shows and they love you for it.
Mritha: I know, and they would do anything for me. That is a scary responsibility, to know such passion and dedication.
Mritha: I wouldn't trade it for all the wonder in Lore.
Odgne: What will we do about <Character> 's Companion?
Mritha: <Dragon> will have to choose to fight without <Character>, or stay behind and guard Sulen'eska and the Dravir camp.
Odgne: You and I both know in this instance, fighting will be chosen, with or without <Character>.
Mritha: Aye, it will certainly be different, but we must act as soon as possible.
Mritha: Seallah must be defeated...
Mritha: ... and we must assert the true Dragon reign over dragonriders and free them of the disillusion that they have sunk into.
Odgne: All you have to do is say when.
Mritha: I know.

*Meanwhile, back in Espina Rosa, Sofist and Private Bradley have just entered the room after your brawl with Vince.*

Sofist: What's all this racket?
Private Bradley: A brawl occurred in the cafeteria, Sir. It seems Vince was involved.
Sofist: A brawl?! Vince should know better than to do that! I'll have his hide!
Sofist: Vincent! Explain yourself! You know I do not tolerate this...
Vince: It... it was Edd, sir! He did it! He called the Elite Patrol a bunch of wimps.
Sofist: WHAT?!
<Character>: But that's not all. I proved it too by-
Vince: -calling you a pompous jerk!
<Character>: That's right. I-
<Character>: Wait, what?!
<Character>: No, I didn't!
Vince: Yes, you did!
Sam: Edd! Get down now! Beg for forgiveness!
<Character>: Not now, Sam!
Sofist: No, no, that's all fine. Edd can come on the Patrol.
Sam, <Character> and Vince: It is?!!
Sofist: Of course. Edd more than proved himself. In fact, let's go right now. Meet me down at the gate at the bottom of the Second Level.
Sam, <Character> and Vince: .....
Sam: Edd... Don't go. This isn't like Sofist...
<Character>: I can't back down now, Sam. Don't worry, I can take whatever gets thrown my way.

*You leave the scene and arrive at the bottom of the Second Level, near the gate.*

<Character>: I'm here!


<Character>: Strange. I don't see Bradley or Sofist anywhere...
???: *coughs* Testing.
<Character>: Huh?
???: Testing. Testing. Is this infernal contraption working?
???: Yes, Sir. Your voice is currently being projected across the 2nd Level of the jails.
Sofist: Good.
Sofist: Attention, Inmates! We have a very special event today. Some of you may actually get the extreme privilege... to leave your cell.
Sofist: You see, we have a rat down in the lower level. A very BIG rat all dressed up in a Rose Soldier's garb.
Sofist: I will personally reward whoever brings this rat to me, groveling.
Sofist: Have fun!
???: Warning. Mass cell door release command has been given.
???: Warning. Mass cell door release initiated.
???: Warning. Mass prisoner release imminent.

  • Complex Skills - equips Edd Disguise (Complex Skills).
  • Simple Skills - equips Edd Disguise (Simple Skills).

    Fight your way out of the Second Level. You may encounter Dumpling and another chef, who is currently asleep.

    Gaston Leroux: Zzzzzz...

    Dumplings: Hello! Can I get you something to eat?
    Dumplings: I have a selection of meals ready to be served.
    <Character>: What's that grey stuff over there?
    Dumplings: Those are the greens.


    <Character>: No, thanks. I'm on a diet.

    *As you attempt to escape, Sofist, Private Bradley, and Vince are waiting for one of the prisoners to bring you to them.*

    Private Bradley: It sounds like someone is coming, Sir.
    Sofist: Good... That takes care of that-

    *You emerge unharmed.*

    Sofist: WHAT?!
    Vince: Come on, Chief! Let him have it!
    Vince: He called you names.
    Vince: He mistreated the entire patrol.

    *Sofist is getting angrier as Vince keeps talking.*

    Vince: He even shamed and embarrassed me in front of the entire Cafeteria!

    *Sofist realises Vince's true intentions.*

    Sofist: He... did?
    Vince: He did. Just like he humiliated the Patrol and you, I, your best soldier, was bullied and humiliated before the entire Cafeteria!
    Vince: He deserves to be-
    Sofist: YOU LYING WEASEL!!
    Vince: W... What?
    Sofist: Did you take me for such a fool?! Did you really?! I know you Vincent... I know you and your brother's relationship very well...
    Sofist: Did you think I am not aware of your bitter rivalry?
    Vince: I-
    Sofist: You are sore loser, Vincent. The last thing you would ever do is admit to having had your behind handed to you. You would die before doing that...
    Sofist: ... unless you could get back at the individual that did it in the process.
    Vince: .......
    Sofist: Pathetic!
    Sofist: AS FOR YOU!!

    *You look terrified.*

    Sofist: I...
    Sofist: I have to admit to being honestly impressed, Edd. Vince may be a fool, but he is the strongest soldier I have garrisoned in my quarters.
    Sofist: You are strong, Edd. I could use strength like that on the Patrol.

    *You smile.*

    Sofist: But I don't let anyone just join my Patrol on a whim.
    Sofist: A soldier only ever joins my Patrol when I have personally seen what they are capable of... and that I am fully satisfied with what they can do.
    Sofist: Which is why... I'd like you to consider this offer, Edd.
    Sofist: Train under my command.
    Sofist: It will be hard, it will be brutal but if I am satisfied with what I see by the end of it... I will make you an official member of the Patrol.
    Sofist: Before that though, listen carefully to this. Whatever happened between you and Vince in the Cafeteria... I'll let it slide. This once.
    Sofist: But mark my words... if I see you disrespecting my authority however slight, accidental or not...
    Sofist: I will put you in a cell on the Third Level and leave you there. Do I make myself clear, Soldier?
    <Character>: Yes, Sir!
    Sofist: Do you accept?
    <Character>: Yes, Sir!
    Sofist: Good. Let the training begin!

    Two weeks later

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to
  • West for additional link.
  • Dread97 for additional reward.

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