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FleshWeaver and Soul Smith Class

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4/27/2015 21:23:20   
AQW Tester
Lore Adept

So by now some of you may know that Roirr is a Flesh Weaver, which is a class that is practiced by only 1 monster in the game. We also know about Soul Smiths, which are one of the great 4 weaving families.

We already have the Soul Weaver class, and it has been confirmed that the Chaosweaver class is under development, so these are the only two remaining weaver type classes that we are not able to practice... yet. My question is, how would you all feel about these other two weaver types getting their own class?

EDIT: So there has been A LOT of controversy about the Fleshweaver class. It's a shame that Soulsmith was kind of overlooked, but "Meh". I have decided to make a poll to see whether or not you guys want this class, or if the idea should be scrapped. Here is the link. Please don't comment anything mean or offensive. Happy voting!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
4/27/2015 21:30:25   

Truth be told I am kinda full of all the magic related classes, I prefer future classes to be warrior and rogue like. You know not magic classes but more hit and stab kinda classes.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
4/27/2015 21:39:43   

i kinda agree with dragon on this one, not all that amazed by soul smith and flesh weaver sounds....evil.

A stab, stab, pierce, pierce class would be nice although it would probably be between 50%-75% stab or pierce the others would have to be magic based attacks, or "power up" skills.

Not suggesting just thinking rationally.
That new tier of chickencow class feels like a perfect fusion of magic and warrior, but i get your drift more warrior, less magic, more skills affected by Strength and Dexterity, less magic and intellect.

Thing is soul smith and Fleshweaver sound like classes based no Str and Dex, would we need to study under yulgar and get the max weaponsmith before we could move on to soul smithing? done that, but this sounds interesting.

Honestly Soulweaver is like a 3 on my top 5 class ranks, story wise awesome, hyped and so on, chaos weaver doesnt have much hype from me, and the other two.... like i said, flesh weaver sounds plain evil while soul smith may spark some interest depending on the skills.
I would feel better if we had some information on them in general, before we discuss it.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
4/27/2015 21:54:17   
Lord Arkatares

@ Dragon_monster & monstervet

I kinda have to disagree with you both on this one, most of
the classes, we've seen recently have been Hybrid's of physical
and magic attack's, I'm kind of hoping for a pure Magic power based
class, like a Manamancer/Mana Lord or something, to come out,
if Flesh weaver does come out though I hope it's attack's are a gruesome
bloody version of such a class (Blood Blast, crushing Vein's, Flesh Shield,
Carnage Storm, Red Rain, ETC...), with all manner of disgusting and revolting
flesh, blood muscle tissue, and bloody exposed bone based accessories !!!

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Post #: 4
4/27/2015 22:15:01   
AQW Tester
Lore Adept

@Lord Arkatares

Wow, that was dark..... and I love it!

@Dragon_monster & Monstervet

I agree with both of you. Magic classes have been a bit unpleasant to use recently. Another class that is based on stab and hit would definitely be something to be happy about. Maybe the Soul Smith class could be like rogue and warrior, in the sense that the moves would be more based on the use of your weapon. If we ever did get a Flesh Weaver class it would have to be a magic based class. There is no way around it since we've already got a taste of it from Roirr's move set, and that it involves other magical abilities (eating souls, possession, etc.)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
4/27/2015 22:32:35   

@Lord Arkatares
you said it yourself, Hybrid, i think Dragon_monster was talking about a PURE warrior, which isnt possible having played warrior and rogue i know not all skills are smash smash. thats why i said 50-75% skills would be offensive.


Personally i dont know if the classes would be canon, Fleshweaver evokes the idea of surgery and stitches, like creating frankensteins monster, it sounds so vile and evil (hah theyre anagrams). We do have a lot of bony equipment already, so it could "work", i wouldnt dislike it so much if the word Flesh was not included, but i guess it makes sense right? Flesh and Soul? Chaos and ....Smith?

Soulsmith sounds very offensive, but also more of a job, both sound like they would carry some nice status effect skills, other than that we would have to wait, i would enjoy some of its history though, they sound like they have a rich history.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
4/27/2015 23:10:44   

Fleshweaver would definitely NOT be cannon.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 7
4/27/2015 23:48:39   
Dante Redorigin

Soul Smith, I'm not sure how it would work. I mean we already heard from Leon about how the Mageknight class is the one that can forge it's own weapons to use in battle, so what would the Soul Smith bring to the table that was any different?

As for FleshWeaver.... well uh, you guys all do realize that Riorr's skill list was just Vaal's, minus his awesome evil-laugh-one-hit-kill move, right? :P

Not exactly brand new or ground breaking, and from what we've seen and heard, since it's Vaal at base, that means its more ChaosWeaver than anything else.

Not exactly looking for another "damage type locked" class, where the moves deal locked damage like pierce or melee, but I always did think it would be something to have a more sort of "Slayer" type warrior class, one that could use dual swords the way Rogues use dual daggers.
Post #: 8
4/28/2015 0:05:04   
Lord Arkatares

@ Flashbang

The whole Flesh Weaver couldn't be Canonical is completely
based off the assumption that Roirr's Body Snatching ability and dependence
on feeding, are all manditory Flesh Weaver Art's, but
With all due respect, we have no Idea if Roirr's
body snatching ability, or his dependence on soul's and bodies is a
Fleshweaver ability and/or dependency,for example Remember
the Final 13th? Sepulchure in spite of being a Doom Knight used Necromancy,
to raise a bunch of skeleton's to attack the Hero and friend's, which is a
Necromancer/Death Knight Art, thus proving that NPC's throughout
the cutscene's at least are not as restricted by their class as our
character is in Battle, for all we know, flesh weaving is simply the art of
channeling and shaping flesh, blood, bone and sinew into a variety of thing's
including a weapon, considering how his host decays and corrupt's due to his
mere presence it's quite possible he developed the Flesh Weaving Art's simply
to Prolong and maintain his body, a kind of Biomancy which all thing's considered
would be a smart move on his part, thus we don't know if the Flesh Weaver class could be Canonical
currently, we don't even know if the flesh weaver class will be made available to us
at all, but here's to hoping...
Post #: 9
4/28/2015 0:14:41   

So you would fully support the hero, Mr. (or Ms.) Goody-Two-Shoes-Save-The-World to weave using the flesh of themselves, their opponent or some random creature to fight?
I don't know about you, but if that was the hero in my world, I'd hate him. Most would look at it as inhumane, and that would be bad PR for the Hero. If the hero has bad PR, then the normal townspeople would trust him/her and it would be a setback.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 10
4/28/2015 1:15:52   
Lord Arkatares

@ Flashbang

We don't know if the hero would need the flesh of other's,
in order to use the Flesh Weaving art's, also the Townsfolk
seem just fine with our Hero as a Necromancer/ DeathKnight,
so why would they be more upset over Our Hero using magic to
Channel flesh over our Hero using magic to bind the Soul of the
Dead, which for all they know could be deceased member's of their
family/ Loved one's, and all thing's considered they seem fine with
out hero being best friend's with the world destroyer Dragon, so
I ask you'll: in a world like Lore; A World Gone Mad, does does bending
ones own flesh with magic and weaponizing it even rate a mention?
Post #: 11
4/28/2015 4:17:09   

Flesh Weaver/Murk is just... no. Seriously, just, no.

And, as said by Lanette, Soul Smith doesn't really focus on battling. To those of us who don't remember the Soul Smith was on board our ship when we sailed to the core, and yet we didn't see him in any of the battles. So, Soul Smith class makes no sense, but, it could be an upgrade of sorts of the Blacksmithing skill, allowing us to forge more powerful weapons, with special effects.


Emperor of the Chronomancer Penguins, Conqueror of the Underworld and sushi addict.
DF AQW  Post #: 12
4/28/2015 4:57:59   
Lord Arkatares

@ AugustoCP

Oh Come on, Open your Mind
be Adventurous
try New Things
meet New People
win them Over as Friends
then Steal their Bodies and Devour their Souls!!!
Just Kidding on that Last One
but Seriously, be Open Minded, You'll LOVE it

Deleted some excess smileys, the maximum amount allowed is 3. ~San Robin

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Post #: 13
4/28/2015 7:21:31   

I don't get how Augusto is not open-minded when he's just stating something absolutely coherent. If SoulSmiths are indeed not focused on battling, why would the hero go battling as a SoulSmith? It's exactly like using the Angler armor for fighting - Angler is very competent in fishing, not in whacking monsters into oblivion. A upgrade in blacksmithing indeed sounds infinitely more logical (and, judging by the name "Soul Forge", it's probably going to happen).
Post #: 14
4/28/2015 8:08:55   
Lord Arkatares

@ Azan

I wasn't talking about soul smith's I was talking about Flesh weaver's,
since he said Just... No, to them, hence the whole steal their bodies
and devour their souls joke, how could you miss that one?
No offense...

< Message edited by Lord Arkatares -- 4/28/2015 8:09:02 >
Post #: 15
4/28/2015 8:19:46   

i would like the FleshWeaver class to exist. There could be a lot of possibilities my favorite skill would be to travel trough the elemental plane of sprits then the turn to darkness possessing skill. i dont think that we should use the feeding on soul allys skill though . Soulsmith would be interesting to use forging weapons to fight against evil
Post #: 16
4/28/2015 15:25:18   
AQW Tester
Lore Adept

What if the Flesh Weaver class had some special abilities in the game's overworld? So imagine your in the middle of a quest and you use a move that allows you to enter the body of your enemy, and then you can look like your enemy until you log out or until you possess a different enemy. Just think how cool it would be to walk around as you favorite monster. Also, there could be an ability which allows you to travel to another area no matter where you are. So you would click on yourself and a travel map would pop up.

I know that it was confirmed that another Tier-4 (God) Class would not be released after Doom Knight, but Flesh Weaver kind of has potential to become this type of class. Think about it. Sepulchure, who was a Doom Knight, was completely OP and could mop the floor with anyone. Roirr, who is a Flesh Weaver, is also OP since he can possess anyone he wants and has crazy super powers. Flesh Weaver is just as evil and powerful as Doom Knight is, so it wouldn't be completely out there to have another Tier-4 class. Obviously the class would have to cost a significant amount of money, because with great classes comes a great big hole in your wallet.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 17
4/28/2015 15:58:24   

i agree with that completely. Looking like a enemy until you log out and to travel anywhere by clicking on yourself. That would be great or it would be random like Roirr's ablity. I wonder if it would work on anyone like NPC's
Post #: 18
4/28/2015 16:05:35   
Alm Nullamors

Sounds like it would require a complete game engine revamp.


The Dark DragonLord Rises...
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 19
4/28/2015 16:20:52   
walker of the rift

I think that the staff are far too busy with other classes at the moment, like Aot and the revamps, whilst realising weekly updates, that if they do decide to make these classes that it will be a while before we see them.

< Message edited by walker of the rift -- 4/28/2015 16:23:19 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
4/28/2015 16:43:26   
Alm Nullamors

I do like Monstervet's idea of SoulSmith requiring a maxed Blacksmith level, that's a nice way to revamp the whole concept. I just hope that these two weaving classes are at least coming soon. As in Soon Or Otherwise Never.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 21
4/28/2015 17:26:01   
AQW Tester
Lore Adept

While the whole game engine would most likely have to be revamped, to adapt to the class, this would still be a really to get. I don't think the staff should stop absolutely everything to built it, but maybe it can be a small side project that would eventually see in time (like in 2 years or so).
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
4/28/2015 17:42:03   

Wow. I never thought I'd ever get told to be open-minded. That's like telling me to like sushi.
DF AQW  Post #: 23
4/28/2015 17:55:54   

There's nothing in the story or the class system that bars the player from becoming a Fleshweaver/Murk. I agree that SoulSmithing would be better implemented (if at all) as a trade skill, like the current Blacksmithing System.

However, there is nothing (yet) that says we can't practice Fleshweaving. It has been noted previously in this thread that the people of Lore seem to be alright with us being Necromancers and Deathknights.

Further, There is a significant number of heroes who are also DoomKnights, the literal embodiment of the evil that tried to destroy Lore. People haven't complained in that case either.

As far as I'm aware, the majority of the population (at least until the Freeze) had a good amount of faith that we would use our powers responsibly. I don't see an issue with learning another powerful art if it will help us hold destruction at bay. If that means fleshweaving is on the table, then so be it.

Now, whether the class will actually be implemented, I can't say... We've seen that the coding team has a ton of stuff to do, and they're already very busy with several projects, including the class revamps.

< Message edited by Alethral -- 4/28/2015 17:56:49 >
Post #: 24
4/28/2015 18:01:48   

Fleshweaver is different than Necromancers and Death Knights in that it seems more evil than darkness oriented, Fleshweaver sounds like something that will be too vicious for a 'hero' to play, so it would be non-canon, possibly dc class if ever implemented.
Doomknights aren't canon, thats why no one complains about everyone running around as one, because storywise, we never could and never will become a real doomknight.

The ideas for Fleshweaver dont seem like something the staff can do anytime soon, what with releases, revamps, and new classes.

And here i am completely forgetting about SoulSmithing. Can someone tell me what they are supposed to be/do?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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