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RE: =OS= Beta Release Thread 155 - Read the first post!

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5/3/2015 19:52:44   
Gorillo Titan

I suggested when Xan first came out a war kill so many fire characters in 7 days to unlock him. Also add several new fire characters like fire elemental.

I think nulgath lacks the imagination to draw energy characters which is why we get so much shadow stuff its very annoying since most the shadow characters suck anyway.

If OS doesn't get carnax its cool I was talking to AQ3D dev and they said when the time comes they will add a full size 3D carnax into that game which should be pretty amazing IMO.

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Post #: 76
5/3/2015 22:18:10   
The Jop

Sorry, what I meant to say was that free light legendaries are rare.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 77
5/3/2015 22:52:26   
Gorillo Titan

Theirs a difference between rare and nonexistent.
Post #: 78
5/3/2015 23:06:25   
The Jop

I think Omni Knight is the only one. But yeah, almost nonexistent.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 79
5/3/2015 23:29:10   
Gorillo Titan

Unless you had help the omni knight challenge was impossible for a free player those bosses were strong.
Post #: 80
5/4/2015 1:58:37   
Elite Tuga


I was talking to AQ3D dev and they said when the time comes they will add a full size 3D carnax into that game which should be pretty amazing IMO.

Good-luck with that (sometimes we get promised things they don't fulfill). Asking for stuff respectively is good tho, since we don't lose anything from "trying."


My Feedback to the Oversoul Players:

I personally don't mind seeing 'crazy characters/beasts' come to OS even if it wouldn't make a lot of sense.. because at the end of the day we don't have and probably never will get a story line anyway, thus we should be grateful to see anything special come-by to OS (at this current game state). We might as well wish for stuff that is awesome to be part of our game since all we get is characters/beasts as our main content. We should at least be privileged to have fun in playing great iconic characters like Carnax ext, (so if we have the chance to vote, make sure to pick the best) since the only thing special about OS (as of now) is to get the chance of controlling all types of cool souls from across AE.

Which reminds me... I'm disappointed in all of you who didn't vote for Sepulchure.. he's an example of my statement above. 'We should make the most of what we can', and we might as well wish for 'the best' since we won't be getting anything better than characters/beasts content in OS. Now we will regret it and never ever know what it feels like to play with a Seppy. Unless Nulgath makes him as a surprising evolution of Doom-Knight, which I doubt. Think wise next time guys!

Anyway hope my advice helps. "Try to make most of life!"


Epic  Post #: 81
5/4/2015 2:03:06   

I'd love to see a war in OS. I'm sure that would drive some players in. There are players out there who go nuts over a war in AE games.
DF  Post #: 82
5/4/2015 3:37:10   
The Jop

The picture I used for Doomknight in the poll was Sepulchure (same look as the Doomknight class), so we would probably get him if Nulgath gives the people what they voted for.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 83
5/4/2015 7:35:05   
Gorillo Titan

I doubt nulgath actual looked at the images that got posted on the forum.

I told you guys to be specific when suggesting stuff cause they might try and worm you into getting something not fully what you wanted,

Doom knight into seppy wouldn't really make sense since seppy was Valice? then seppy.

Also they had more suggestions of some characters then the ones who won and they still didn't make it to the finals.
Post #: 84
5/4/2015 10:44:32   

@The Jop

Tbh using a Sepulchure picture for someone else is pretty stupid considering the fact that many people aren't even bothered actually read what they're voting for.


Indeed, especially because mainly these special fanservice characters are what's keeping the game interesting and alive. Getting one once a month or two should be enough to make players stick around until something more interesting happens with the game.

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Post #: 85
5/4/2015 13:27:08   
The Jop

It's the same armor, helm, and cape as Doomknight as I said. Maybe you should read what I wrote before insulting me. Sepulchure only got a different armor in AQW when they came out with the quest for his armor, and that's just a darker version of the Doomknight armor with some cracks in it. I had to use that image because it was the only full set for Doomknight in AQW. Otherwise, if I used the armor or class pictures it would just be a random player's face, no helm, no cape, and no weapon.

< Message edited by The Jop -- 5/4/2015 13:32:50 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 86
5/4/2015 13:40:32   

You should've used the DF version, not use a picture or somewhere slap a big "THIS IS NOT SEPULCHURE".
Post #: 87
5/4/2015 13:43:54   
The Jop

I'm pretty sure the poll was only for moving things Nulgath drew in AQW to OS.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 88
5/4/2015 13:44:18   
the warden

the jop: it was yes
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 89
5/4/2015 14:50:19   
Vertigo Beast

@The Jop (way up at the top)

Ohhh, true, although very few legendaries are free to begin with anyways which would've again pointed at it being SGs.


I got Omni Knight easily as a free player in all but this game and AQW and neither of those really made any impact because Thok was beatable by any character that knew what they were doing and the AQW release has plenty of other players all around you. Omni Knight challenge wasn't hard at all really as long as you were willing to play the other games for a short time.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 90
5/4/2015 14:59:35   
Gorillo Titan

Did you do it with new accounts for DF and ED?

Yall better hope doomknight doesn't turn into seppy I can 99.9% guarantee that thing will csot sgs.

Cysero trolled me and told me how many mobile games they had in the works 7 of them.

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Post #: 91
5/4/2015 16:20:09   


If Seppy is ever gonna be added to the game, I can see Nulgath giving him more DF-y look to make him different from the other Doom Knights. (Basically giving him his blade from DR and few tweaks here and there)
Post #: 92
5/4/2015 16:59:25   
Gorillo Titan

not gonna joke not a big fan of seppy always thought the doomknight armor was ugly now if they do his human form as a light varrent it would be cool with me but so many people want him in game I'll be happy to see him added.

My favorite AE character is Xan if he gets added im happy and Xan in OS is pretty easy he always popping up in random places anyway I just want a war released when he comes like every game does when Xan first appears. For the doomknight im kind of hoping nulgath is cool about it and adds in two versions of the doomknight one from the gravylen defenders in gravylen doomknight and seppy versions.

Also I fully agree with the war idea add a war into OS. Make sure it gets advertised right not just something random then no devs or mods talk about it make it something big with rewards from winning it I bet the population of OS would easily triple while the war was going on.

Kill 10000 fire characters in 2 weeks with a reward at the 50% mark or something I suggest before releasing a rank up for a war related character every 25% with the 100% fighting the boss and unlocking his final form. Which someone would pass this idea to nulgath.
Post #: 93
5/4/2015 20:15:19   

I believe we need some more variations in CC before we get to a war(definitely chaos CC), it'd be nice if the released number 2 of the CC packs for each element, but instead of cards in actual decks, it'd be nice if they were either cross over cards(like a poison/straight up heal for earth) or if they had new cards entirely, after all dual characters can have more variations when you have more things to pick from
Post #: 94
5/4/2015 23:32:00   
Gorillo Titan

This game will not get any place without new features and new cards I like the idea of new cards to fix the broken elements but all it really does is show how terrible the old cards for that element was.

Imagine if fire does get a new card wildfire buns away the enemies mana so they can't charge effectively people gonna use that character over everything else.
Post #: 95
5/5/2015 0:23:57   

they need a jedi in OS like Luke Skywalker may the force be with you
Post #: 96
5/5/2015 1:10:18   
Elite Tuga

I support the War idea, but we would need a very awesome coder to dedicate his time in OS (Warlic part time is not enough). New CC's for all elements and Chaos CC's would also be great and entice more players to get active and work for something refreshing. We need to leave these ideas on Nulgath/Miltonius Tw/FB, it would be better than just leaving suggestions around here to waste since we barely have any Forum Staff who actually care enough to read around here.
Our ideas need more recognition & so spreading it to our Dev(s) media sites is vital & only wise.
Epic  Post #: 97
5/5/2015 7:59:49   
Gorillo Titan

Nulgath about to start working on his next side project won't post on his instagram as much.

New CC packs won't bring new players as is they cost to much and people just don't have the patience to do all that.
Post #: 98
5/5/2015 11:58:12   


I guess we can assume the same for OverSoul.
Post #: 99
5/5/2015 13:33:27   
The Jop

I'm so close to Drakath Fiend that I can taste it. And it tastes like purple stuff...instead of Sunny D.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 100
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