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New Skill Suggestions to Eliminate Overlapping Skills

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10/16/2015 4:28:02   
Silver Sky Magician

Eliminating overlapping skills is on our long-term balance agenda. It will take a tremendous effort and will not be implemented anytime soon, but we need to start somewhere and would like the players' input on this.

Please give your suggestions on a) which class should have the overlapping skill replaced e.g. should BH retain Massacre and CH get a new ultimate skill, or the other way around? b) what new skill should replace it.

Skills to be replaced:

Cheap Shot (BH/CH)
Multi Shot (BH/CH)
Venom Strike (BH/CH)
Massacre (BH/CH)
Shadow Arts (BH/CH)

Energy Shield (BH/BM)
Reflex Boost (BH/BM)
Mark of Blood (BH/BM)

Stun Grenade (BH/TLM)

Defense Matrix (TM/CH)
Malfunction (TM/CH)

Overload (TM/BM)
Plasma Rain (TM/BM)
Super Charge (TM/BM)
Bludgeon (TM/BM)

Battery Backup (TM/TLM)

Intimidate (Merc/BM)

Double Strike (Merc/TLM)
Artillery Strike (Merc/TLM)
Surgical Strike (Merc/TLM)

It is perfectly alright if the new skill suggested is nearly identical to the one being replaced. The primary aim of eliminating overlapping skills is to facilitate balance adjustments so that future changes to one skill will not inadvertently affect another class.

That being said, I would encourage you to give creative and considered suggestions to shake up a metagame many here describe as 'stale'. Remember, our aim is not only to create a balanced playing field, but also to create a fun and dynamic one - in other words, to promote build diversity. Your suggestions should address these two goals.

Please also state your justifications for replacing/recommending skills so we can better evaluate them.

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10/16/2015 5:20:12   
Cyber Dream

Class Skills/Cores

What I am suggesting is that each class and their evolved classes should have their actives(old passives) turned into cores and have the actives replaced with a new skill.

I will use Merc and Tlm as an example.

Merc Passives turned Actives

• Hybrid Armor

• Adrenaline

Tlm Passives turned Actives

• Mineral Armor

• Reroute-Battery

So all these skills will become cores only avaliable to Mercenary and Tlm. Same goes for Tm-Bm, Bh-Ch. As for what skills can be used to replace the active, I don't know. Help?

Skill Diversity

So the idea here is to make 1 skill usable in different ways. I will explain what I mean using the Mercenary skill Maul When picking the skill, you will also have to pick what function you want the skill to do.


•Strike an enemy, ignoring 20% of their defenses with a chance to stun them Energy cost: (120 Energy (+20 per skill level increase)

•Strike an enemy capping you damage at 30 with a 100% stun Energy cost: 300 Energy (+10 per skill level increase)

•Strike an enemy ignoring 80% of their defense Energy cost: 250 Energy (+15 per skill level increase)

Note: these are just examples

And again, you can only pick one of these functions when selecting the skill.
AQW Epic  Post #: 2
10/16/2015 5:24:43   

Supported. And classes should have themes again, or maybe once you get to certain level, you could combine 2 classes, with limits on skills (eg.No Static Grenade with Battery Backup, or more than two shield/nuke/energy skills that scale off the same stat. And no one can have 2 main class energy skills).
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 3
10/16/2015 5:31:14   
Silver Sky Magician

This isn't an invitation for anything goes. Class-specific cores, multiple skills-in-one and fusion classes have nothing to do with this topic.
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10/16/2015 5:35:49   

Ok. But new skills should be added.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 5
10/16/2015 5:40:05   
Cyber Dream

Just throwing out ideas, that's the whole point of suggesting and discussing something. I'll edit something in later on today.
AQW Epic  Post #: 6
10/16/2015 5:58:17   

Ok here is an idea for an ultimate skill for Blood mage to get rid of the overlapping supercharge.

Magma Dragon.


Summons a magma shaped dragon from the planet's core removing a % of total defenses for 3 turns based on skill level.

Requirement stat Support

Improves with Strength (Note this is only for the damage not the extra effect which has a fixed rate)

Level 1 removes 10% defense/resistance
Level 2 removes 12% defense/resistance
Level 3 removes 14% defense/resistance
Level 4 removes 16% defense/resistance
Level 5 removes 18% defense/resistance
Level 6 removes 20% defense/resistance
Level 7 removes 22% defense/resistance
Level 8 removes 24% defense/resistance
Level 9 removes 26% defense/resistance
Level 10 removes 28% defense/resistance

As for how the damage scales which the stat I will leave that up to the staff.

Epic  Post #: 7
10/16/2015 6:52:20   
Cyber Dream


Double Strike (Merc/TLM)

Idea to replace the overlapping double strike skill for the regular merc

Name of Skill: Damage Adapter
Description: Deploys an energy shield that lowers damage from any type/source by x% increasing damage reduction by x% with each connected hit received from opponent round lasting 4 rounds.
Requirement: none
Improves with: none

Level 1: Reduces damage by 5% per round, increases def/res by 1% per hit taken
Level 2: Reduces damage by 6% per round, increases def/res by 1.5% per hit taken
Level 3: Reduces damage by 7% per round, increases def/res by 2% per hit taken
Level 4: Reduces damage by 8% received per round, increases def/res by 2.5% per hit taken
Level 5: Reduces damage by 9% received per round, increases def/res by 3% per hit taken
Level 6: Reduces damage by 10% received per round, increases def/res by 3% per hit taken
Level 7: Reduces damage by 11% received per round, increases def/res by 3.5% per hit taken
Level 8: Reduces damage by 12% received per round, increases def/res by 4% per hit taken
Level 9: Reduces damage by 13% received per round, increases def/res by 4.5% per hit taken
Level 10: Reduces damage by 14% received per round, increases def/res by 5% per hit taken

Clearer Explanation: This skill lowers the damage received from any type of source (player,bot,core) and raises your defense each time you are attacked by an opponent. This skill lasts 4 turns. So if I use this skill,damage will be reduced and each time I am attacked, my defenses will be increased. If im not attacked on a turn then my defenses will not be increased.
AQW Epic  Post #: 8
10/16/2015 10:51:39   

Merc's surgical strike should change to ------------------> Magma Chamber Explosion

Hits the ground with his club causing the magma chamber to explode and affect all the opponents with burning damage.

Improves with str (3 damage per a str point)

requirements support

level 1 - 300 damage - 30 burn damage to all players in the opposite side of the field.

level 2 - 330 damage - 33 burn damage to all players in the opposite side of the field.
and so on...

BMs reflex boost ------------------> to the old one that used to give u energy

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AQW Epic  Post #: 9
10/16/2015 13:56:12   
Silver Sky Magician

To replace Surgical Strike for Mercs:

Refraction Burst. Scales with Dex, Tech requirement. Same damage and ep cost scaling as surgical strike.

Effect: 20% def ignore, user regains EP equal to 50% of damage done. Note that the skill still costs EP.

This skill is meant to be viable even with Merc's chronic energy deficiencies.

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Post #: 10
10/16/2015 19:57:12   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

CH Cheap Shot Replacement:
Cybertech Mark

Deals a low flat amount of true damage (damage not mitigated by defenses/resistances) scaling off of level, and marks them for 1 turn. Costs no energy The mark interacts uniquely with other of CH's skills:
Static Charge-Increases energy restored by an amount scaling with the user's max energy
EMP Grenade-Increases the drain by an amount based off of the target's current energy before the drain is applied
Malfunction-Increases the duration of this skill by 1 turn
Plasma Grenade-Deals bonus damage that scales higher the more HP your opponent has than you currently do
Any Other Damaging skill/attack-Amplifies damage by a moderate amount

Putting more skill points into this skill will improve the flat true damage dealt on cast. Will not improve anything else.


Replaces CH Venom Strike:
Battery Leak

Attacks the opponent and causes them to bleed out energy for 3 turns. This skill does very reduced strike damage but its damage also increases based off of how much more current energy you have compared to your opponents.

More skill points increases the amount of energy bled out.

Replaces Mercenary's Double Strike:
Furious Strike

Strikes the opponent for 85% damage and gains a stack of fury. Fury stacks disappear if Furious Strike is not used the next turn. For each fury stack, the damage of Furious strike increases by a percentage. Additionally, the cost of Furious strike decreases by a very small amount for each stack of fury. The max cap on fury is 4 stacks. Costs a moderate-low amount of energy.

Skill point investment increases the damage increase per stack.

Replaces BM's Intimidate

Deals no damage on cast. Bleeds the target for 3 turns, reducing all damage they deal from melee moves, their gun, and their auxiliary. The bleed damage acts identically to poison. If energy parasite is active on a bleeding target, the caster of hemorrhage will also heal for 50% of the bleed damage done when parasite drains energy.

Skill point investment improves bleed damage. Support improve the damage debuff effect.
Replaces BH's Mark of Blood
Hunter's Mark

Strike and apply Hunter's mark for 4 turns. When the mark disappears, bonus damage is dealt based off of a percentage of damage dealt while the mark was active. The caster of the mark heals for a percentage of the bonus damage when it is applied.

Skill point investment increases the percentage used to calculate the bonus damage.

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Epic  Post #: 11
10/16/2015 21:14:23   

These changes are interwoven with each other, and work best when implemented together.
A lot of the reasoning for some skill changes is related to other skill changes.
NOTE: Physical Damage over Time (Bleed) ignores 100% defence/resistance
NOTE: Energy control skills are as mandatory as they were before, because that's a more core issue that can't be changed without much more major revamps, but at least the energy game is a more interesting one with these changes.
NOTE: These are pretty much ripped straight out of This Thread, (I don't care how clever you think you are, if you're going to implement any of these skills, READ THE THREAD first. There are certain aspects in there that are not in this post) but with almost all numbers removed and some slight changes to skills that i felt were not appropriately designed. Examples being the addition of alternate RNG elements, the removal of energy locking on Blood Magic, and other minor tweaks.

Cheap Shot (BH/CH)
Cyber Hunter: Diamond Blades
Coat your blades in razor-sharp diamond, piercing a very large percentage of the defence, resistance, and armor of your opponent.

Bounty Hunter: Frenzy (Already Exists)

Yes, this means Cheap Shot becomes a legacy skill and is removed from the game.

NOTE: Frenzy on Tactical Mercenary replaced with Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon on Blood Mage replaced with:
Jugular Strike
Deal a percentage of increased damage, and has an extra chance to inflict a critical strike! If the skill does not critical, a minor physical damage over time is applied instead (even if blocked).

Multi Shot (BH/CH)
Bounty Hunter: Replicant Fury
Augment your equipment to grant you speed so great that it appears as if there were two of you;
Deals 90% damage against multiple targets;

Hits: 8 Total. 4 per target if multiple targets are present. EXTREMELY fast hits.
Cost / Scaling is the same as Multi-Shot

Venom Strike (BH/CH)
Cyber Hunter: Black Rain
Spread nuclear fallout on your opponent's side of the field, causing massive unpredictability, and dealing poison damage over time.
Causes all skills above level 1 to have their levels swapped with eachother randomly each turn.

Duration: 3 Turns

Massacre (BH/CH)
Cyber Hunter: Spark Blitz
Rush the enemy with your blades, dealing massive split damage;
50% Energy steal on the element that deals less damage;
Hits: Three Energy, Three Physical

Shadow Arts (BH/CH)
Cyber Hunter: Static Barrier
Causes a percentage of damage taken to be dealt to your Energy before your Health.
Also reduces overall damage taken by a percentage.
If not enough energy is present, all damage will be taken to HP.


Energy Shield (BH/BM)
Blood Mage: Blood Shield

Sacrifice health to activate a shield that prevents a % of all (Including damage over time) damage and healing;
This shield has an infinite duration until it prevents an amount of total damage and/or healing;

Total Damage Prevention increases with level as well as with a stat (support?)

Blood Shield on Tactical Mercenary replaced with:
Strike and sneakily sabotage a target's equipment, lowering support;
Target's skill effectiveness is reduced by an amount equal to a percentage of the amount of support they have lost [Impacted by effects of Cleanse, or any other changes to stat modification of Support].

Reflex Boost (BH/BM)
Blood Mage: Deadly Aim (Going more offensive on the BM, hence the shield that covers both types of damage)
Inflicts a percentage of extra damage with your sidearm.
[Not passive. Improves withr a stat.]

Mark of Blood (BH/BM)
Bounty Hunter: Bloodlust
Bleed out your enemy with a precise strike, inflicting a % of damage dealt as physical Damage Over 4 turns;
Damage Over Time ignores 100% Defence;
Physical Damage Over Time is regained as health;
Additional/Decreased damage from Rage, Criticals and Block are ignored by the Damage over Time.

Stun Grenade (BH/TLM)
Tactical Mercenary: Transfusion
Transfers a percentage of remaining HP to or from your partner with an effectiveness bonus;
When used on an opponent, they will bleed out a percentage of their remaining health over the course of 2 turns.

Cost: Energy Equal to 20% of Health Transfused
Energy Equal to 80% of Damage Dealt

NOTE: As the damage dealt can be predetermined, this skill knows how much energy will be spent, and cannot be activated without enough energy.


Defense Matrix (TM/CH)
Cyber Hunter: Ultranegator
Improves all non-reduced stats by a percentage of all negative stat effects on the target.
Duration: Until all negative stat effects are gone.

Malfunction (TM/CH)
Cyber Hunter: Short Circuit
Short your armor, dealing 100% resistance ignoring additional energy damage on weapon based attacks;
Additional damage is not reduced by blocks or deflection;
Energy is lost every time Short Circuit deals additional damage;
If not enough energy is present, Short Circuit will not deal additional damage.

Overload (TM/BM)
Blood Mage: Hemorrhage
A spell, cannot be blocked or deflected.
Deal primary weapon based physical damage to one target. There is a chance to inflict Stun. If the skill does not sutn, a minor physical damage over time is applied instead. (This is a really great way to handle RNG skills by the way, give them more than one effect to make the RNG more interesting!)

Plasma Rain (TM/BM)
Blood Mage: Napalm
Rain napalm down on your enemies, applying 50% of damage on hit, and 50% of damage split evenly over the course of 3 turns.

Super Charge (TM/BM)
Blood Mage: Exsanguinate
Focus your energy to bleed out the enemy dealing massive physical damage
50% Lifesteal
If not enough energy is present the cost can be paid in HP at an X% cost increase
If paid with life, 50% Lifesteal instead becomes 35% Energysteal

Bludgeon (TM/BM)
Blood Mage: Blood Magic
Converts all remaining Energy to Health;
Allows offensive skills to be cast from Health for 3 turns at an increased cost.
Does not end your turn.

Increased Cost is reduced as the skill is levelled (potentially to 0%)

Battery Backup (TM/TLM)
This skill is extremely boring and needs to go. It's nothing but a glorified energy booster, and makes you feel like you're "Wasting" a turn, rather than using a skill strategically.

Tactical Mercenary: Symbiotic Coating
Your weapons recover a percentage of damage dealt with normal strikes as energy.
The cost of your skills is slightly reduced.
Very long duration.

Tech Mage: Reroute
Costs no energy. Has multiple effects.

Strike the enemy, granting you a small percentage of their maximum energy for a very long duration;
The caster gains a percentage of the amount of energy used by targets under the effect of reroute;

If cast on yourself, a percentage of remaining health is converted to energy;
Energy gained via self-cast reroute is penalized by a moderate percentage;
Self-cast reroute does not consume a turn.


Intimidate (Merc/BM)
Blood Mage: Changed to reduce all damage dealt by the target, including robots. (Reasons: Logically, fumbling and poor control of their bots. Gameplay, because this skill is bad.

Mercenary: Armor Breaker
Deal a massive blow to the enemies armor, reducing their defence and resistance for 3 turns

Double Strike (Merc/TLM)
Tactical Mercenary: Protean Smash
Strike the target for the damage type they are weakest to;
Deals enhanced damage.

Artillery Strike (Merc/TLM)
Tactical Mercenary: Replaced with re-tooled Surgical Strike.

Surgical Strike (Merc/TLM)
Mercenary: Telluric Slam
Augment your club with bleeding edge technology giving it the power to shatter the earth;
Reduces targets rage by 50%;
30% lifesteal

Tactical Mercenary: Terminate
Barrage the enemy with a minigun, and finish them off with a well placed grenade;
100% Rage Steal

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 12
10/17/2015 0:13:52   

replace CH cheap shot: skilled marksman
deals physical damage with your sidearm equal to 90% of your sidearm's current damage while having a %chance of critical damage.
costs moderate amount of energy
more skills points increases the critical damage chance
critical damage chance also improves with dexterity

replace CH massacre with: mutilation
ignores a % of your opponent's defense or resistance. opponent's critical damage chance and rage gain is reduced by 15% for 3 turns. max stacks: 2

replace CH shadow arts with: cybernetic upgrade
activate a shield that will reduce all damage by a % for 3 turns. all incoming debuffs and already active debuffs targeting any of your opponents will be increased by 15%
moderate energy cost


replace BM bludgeon with:vengeance
moderately high energy cost
deals physical damage equal to 105% of your primary weapon damage plus a % of the most recent damage that your opponent inflicted and 10% lifesteal

replace BM mark of blood with:bloodbath
low energy cost
deal 80% of your strike damage and your opponent will be scarred for 3 turns. each time an attacker attacks a scarred opponent, they will inflict extra damage equal to a % of all damage dealt to the opponent when the scarring was active

replace BM overload with: soul assault
summon an astro projection of yourself that will collide into your opponent with a chance to stun. if the attack stuns it will also deal an extra 20% damage
moderate energy cost


replace TM defense matrix with: grand prayer
moderate energy cost
activate a shield that increases defense for 3 turns. every opponent that attacks you will be 15% more vulnerable to energy attacks


replace BH multi shot with: electron burst
attacks all your opponents with energy damage. if one of your opponents is killed as a result then they will burst, further damaging the surviving opponent


replace TLM stun grenade with: ion grenade
deals physical damage with a chance to stun and will reduce all buffs applied to your opponent

replace TLM battery backup with: blood charge
give up 10% of your current health and gain energy equal to a % of your energy pool
no energy cost

replace TLM double strike with: alkaline laced strike
ignores a % of your opponent's defense plus 15% rage and lifesteal


replace MERC intimidate with: warning strike
deal 85% of strike damage and reduce a % of all of your enemy's attacks

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Epic  Post #: 13
10/18/2015 0:55:10   
Silver Sky Magician

1. Replace TLM's Double Strike with Silver Bullet. Uses your gun to deal additional damage (so it puts your gun on cooldown) Skill cost and % damage scaling is the same as Double Strike, does not improve with any stat. Two turn cooldown.

This is meant to make a Dex TLM build viable while still benefiting STR, Focus and Tech-Tank TLMs

2. Replace BM's Plasma Rain with Blood Rain. Essentially just a physical version of Plasma Rain.

3. Replace BH's Massacre with Retribution. Base damage (i.e. damage before considering opponent's def/res) is total damage taken in the fight so far multiplied by a percentage determined by skill level. Dex and Claw Requirement with current stat requirement scale. Physical/Energy damage depending on primary weapon

Multiplier starts at 75% of damage taken at skill level 1 and 120% at skill level 10.

This is meant to make STR BH somewhat more viable while also allowing 5 focus and even support builds to make good use of their ultimate skill.

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Post #: 14
10/21/2015 3:32:07   

Replace BM's Mark of Blood with Mark of Energy. Essentially, it is the exact duplicate of current Blood Mage's BM by with its values multiplied by 1.5. (from 23% to 50%), costing Energy as usual, or have its increase from (20% to 38%) along with 50 extra energy points. (either at 150 + (Level-1)*10 EP or 75 + (Level-1)*8 HP, if cannot meet EP requirement.

Overload should be replaced with Knockout

Knockout: A Melee attack that deals 100% primary damage for a chance to stun, will not miss.

EP cost: 150 EP + 15*(Level-1), Stun chance starting at 25%, increasing to 43% at Level 10.

Intimidate should be replaced with Fear

Invoke fear into an opponent, reducing their damage and accuracy by a % for 3 turns.

Level 1: -17% Damage, -3% Accuracy, --> Level 10: -35% Damage, -12% Accuracy.

If accuracy cannot be affected, then 100% of the accuracy effect transfers over to reducing damage.

Bludgeon should be replaced with Toxic Stab

Deals 30 damage with a DoT that cannot be cured by Field Medic for 3 rounds.

Level 1: 30 Damage per round -> Level 10: 75 Damage per round
AQ MQ  Post #: 15
10/27/2015 6:17:00   
Thylek Shran

The three old (basic) classes BH, TM, Mercenary should not be touched.
Its the three new classes (CH, BM, TLM) that added overlapping skills
so only their overlapping skills could need a change.
DF Epic  Post #: 16
10/27/2015 19:41:41   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

^Reasoning? Thematically, wouldn't skills like multi shot fit better on CH than on BH, for example?
Epic  Post #: 17
10/28/2015 1:02:25   
Thylek Shran

Because they are fine and skills already have changed to much with Omega.
Its one thing to adjust skills but another one to replace them by something very different.
ED would loose its origin and I still dislike that BH EMP Grenade got replaced by Static Grenade
and that now Cyber Hunters have EMP Grenade. EMP Grenade could had been just modified.
DF Epic  Post #: 18
10/28/2015 12:37:43   

Trying to stick to its origin and traditional mechanisms (most egregious being flat values on def and res) is what caused this game to be in the state that it is.
Drastic change and branching out is necessary for progress.
If the 3 base classes skills were "Fine" then they would be balanced vs each other. They aren't.

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 19
10/30/2015 1:07:06   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

Blood Rush (Replaces BM's reflex boost):

No cost. Can be cast on both allies and enemies. 4-turn buff/debuff that increases all HP healing received by a small percentage, as well as damage taken or energy lost through DoT effects by double that percentage. Drastically reduces the target's chance to of being blocked/deflected, as well as their chance of blocking/deflecting.

Investing skill points increases the bonus healing/DoT effects.


Blood Shield (Replaces BM's energy shield):
Simple moving of this skill over to a skill tree where it thematically makes more sense.
NEW: Consuming more health with blood shield's cast (due to blood rush, for example) will improve the shield value by the same % increase that the health cost was % increased by.

Use this skill on allies who need heals/debuff cleanses to improve any healing effects they give. Use it on enemies who are going to be affected by energy parasite or hemorrhage (suggested above in an earlier post by me) to increase the effects of the DoT. Can be effectively used to counter high dex/tech builds which would otherwise block/deflect a lot, especially since it improves the DoT effects. Be careful when using this skill because it can be used against you as well if timed poorly.


Coagulate (Replaces BM Overload):
Hardens a target's blood, dealing physical damage with a chance to stun that scales massively with support (low base damage and stun values).
For the next turn, the target receives 50% less healing and damage from any source. If the skill successfully stuns, this healing/damage debuff lasts 2 turns instead of 1.

More skill point investment increases the chance to stun by a moderately large amount.


Energy Spike (Replaces TM Bludgeon):
High base cost. Stabs the target with the blunt edge of your staff, dealing normal energy strike damage plus a bonus amount which scales with technology.
Shreds 30% of the target's resistance for 1 turn.

Investing more skill points increases the scaling rate of the bonus technology-scaling damage rather than the base value. Can potentially reach insanely strong technology scaling.

A core skill for instantaneous burst with any energy-damage follow-up skill. With very high technology the 2-turn damage can become extremely dangerous, but trades off due to having a low block chance. Not cost-effective at all in prolonged battles where a very quick 2-turn burst combo fails to succeed in.

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Epic  Post #: 20
10/30/2015 1:42:56   
Silver Sky Magician


Just a note here: skills shouldn't be too complicated or try to do too many things at once. The Blood Rush skill you suggested combines the Assault Bot's special and several passive cores with its main effect.
Post #: 21
11/1/2015 0:09:25   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

Good point. Removed the cleanse effect to make the skill more tactically focused on weaving in other abilities/skills rather than a skill which focuses on being a reflexive counter-skill to debuffs with extra added effects.

Also shifted the special interaction with blood shield to blood shield's description instead to make the skill's description less complicated and overwhelming.

< Message edited by Exploding Penguin -- 11/1/2015 0:10:23 >
Epic  Post #: 22
11/1/2015 16:53:02   

Blood Transfusion - (BM Replacement for Mark of Blood)

Steal a % of your opponent's current health for 2 rounds, caster regains 75%, cooldown for 3 turns, maximum drainage of 150 HP.
Cost: 140+(15*(Level-1)) EP

Level 1: 20%
Level 2: 22%
Level 3: 24%
Level 4: 26%
Level 5: 28%
Level 6: 30%
Level 7: 32%
Level 8: 34%
Level 9: 36%
Level 10: 38%

< Message edited by kittycat -- 11/20/2015 21:33:07 >
AQ MQ  Post #: 23
11/1/2015 20:59:44   

Steal a % of your opponents health I hope you dont mean total health because that would be outright ridiculous not only that it starts at 20% as the base and not only that the caster regains 75%
Post #: 24
11/1/2015 21:30:15   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

If it is affected by defense/resistance it could be reasonable. Probably a bit underpowered if it's affected by defense/resistance actually.
Epic  Post #: 25
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