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=OS= Tenth PvP Tournament Void Wars

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11/5/2015 23:12:20   

Note: Check the announcements regularly!

Ladies, Gentlemen, & Voids! The Void Wars have begun! Who amongst you has what it takes? To slaughter, butchered, and destroy any void or fiend who gets in your way. To unite an army being torn a part by civil war under one banner. To take power that is rightful yours. To save or destroy this world. Who will rise the highest to fight a shadow of their former leader and become the Void Master Eternal. Welcome to the Void Wars!

  • Great! Who is my opponent?
    You can check to see who you're fighting the bracket linked here: Void Wars Tournament Bracket

  • Alright, how do I face my opponent?
    Hunt them down! First, send them a PM with your available times. It is recommended that you list all times in EST. Writing "I'll see you at sundown, Saturday" is too vague and will not help you and your opponent meet your two-day time limit for completing your duels. You may also reply in this thread to set up matches. It is recommended that post in this thread in addition to sending a PM to your opponent.

  • Good Game! My match is over, now what do I do?
    Post the results of your duel here! We would love to see some screenshots of your epic matches, so feel free to share! Do not forget to be courteous. We will be updating the bracket and Battles List continuously as the tournament progresses, so help us out by reporting your match results promptly.

  • Who am I facing next?
    You can check the bracket or Battles List, and PM your opponent.

  • What were the rules again?
    I'm glad you asked! Please check the following quote for the rules once again. The tournament runs much smoother if everyone knows what to do and what to expect. As always, if you have any questions regarding a rule, do not hesitate to post it either in this thread or in a PM to me!



  • PVP Single Elimination Tournament. Duel invitation only, so players will have to challenge each other via the "Duel" option for each fight, one after the other. This will be new style tournament for Oversoul users. Given that its single elmination tournament other wise known as a sudden death tournament. Players no longer have the luxury of secondary bracket if they lose since the secondary bracket has been removed. To advance in the tournament you most win your match against your opponent. The players who wins their match move on to the next round and so on. If you lose your match, you're officially out of the tournament. This process of advance and elmination will continue until were down to our final two players. Where the two remaining players in the tournament will have the final match of the tournament. The player who wins the final match wins the tournament proper.
  • A match is a series of 3 duels with the same opponent. If you lose your match, you are out of the tournament!
  • You must win the best out of 3 battles to defeat your opponent! The higher level player should allow the lower level player to go first; if you are both the same level, decide who gets to be the most courteous and allow their opponent the initiative! In the case of a tie (1 win each), continue dueling until someone wins 2 matches in a row. Alternate who goes first between matches.
  • Duelists must use only characters listed for the tournament's theme . In this case, this means Voids, Fiends, and Minions of Nulgath characters. If your character is listed above here it qualifies for this tournament!
  • No level restrictions. Duelists can use any level character. (Disclaimer: Participating in the tournament could mean having to face a level 20 opponent, so be prepared!).
  • Drakath Fiend, Fiend of Vergill, Fiend of Vergill Boss, Nulgath, Nulgath's Shadow, Seraphim of Ver, Skexis Fiend, and Templar.
    Updated 11/15 - Battle Cat, Darkon, Darkon Drago, Orge Mage, Thrak, Taro, Xmas Dark Elf, Xmas Elf, all Orcs, all Orges and all Drakath characters/forms. Skexis Fiend is no longer ban.
    These characters are banned! Despite these characters, you may use any character listed above.

  • Seven day period for players to sign up, starting from the time stamp shown in the first post of the sign-up thread.
  • For a valid sign-up, players must make a post including their in-game name as well as your (roughly) Timezone! If you do not know what time zone you are in, just a general continent would be helpful (exp; Europe, Australia, Central US, Land of Purple Doom, etc.) Please do not post your actual address or zip code or even state! We only need to know enough for match-making, nothing else.
  • After the 7 days sign-up period the thread will be locked and you can't sign up anymore (this may change depending on the amount of people who sign up!).

  • It is very resourceful to check the forums regularly when the tournament has begun. This will make it a lot easier for both your opponent as well as yourself when it comes to arranging duel times.
  • If you must drop out for whatever reason, please post your forfeit in the tournament thread, AND also PM me or Axel459 so they know to update the bracket and battles list!
  • To ensure that everyone has a fair chance, ArchKnights will PM you (via Battleon Forums) to indicate that your match timer has begun.
  • When the tournament starts, players will be responsible for contacting each other (either through posts in the tournament thread or through PM's) to arrange duel times.
  • If no contact is held from a participant for over 48 hours, they will be disqualified! Remember, no-shows = forfeit!
  • For arrange duels. If an arrange duel is schedule outside the 48 hour set up time period. Please notify Kiyone by private message or posting in tournament discussion thread. So we know whats going on. If its deem that a duel is being unrealistically schedule too far and will slow the tournament down or being use as an excuse to stall. The forum staff reserves to make a judgement call on propose match if need be.

  • Make sure you post in the tournament discussion thread so we all know the results of your duel! Remember to be courteous in victory or in defeat. Post evidence of your match if you can. We all want to see! (Please read this if you don't know how to take a screenshot and upload it to a site).

  • Given that this tournament is being provided with prize support. We are going to be very strict about the rules to be fair to all participants.
  • Prizes for first place: 40 Soul Gems, a statue added in game of the character you used in tournament with your in game handle under it, and permission to participate in the special Boss Fight event
  • Prizes for Second Place: 20 Soul Gems.
  • All Artix Entertainment Forum Rules and Oversoul General Discussion Forum Rules apply in the tournament forum threads.

  • quote:

    Additional Notes:

    In order to make things a bit more clear, I'll try my best to explain some of the rules said here.

  • Timer:
    Opponents have 48 hours to arrange a duel. If there is no communication from one end of the participant, he/she will be eliminated after the specified time period. Please understand that this does not mean that you only have 2-days to complete a duel, rather, 48 hours to keep communication between yourself and your opponent. If my fellow AK's or I find that someone hasn't logged in for 2-days, that's a very clear indication that he/she is making little attempt to participate and you will be eliminated. Additionally, If I get complaints from the participants, that will also affect your position within the tournament. It's always best to update your whereabouts and keep the discussion going in the thread!

  • When a match goes too long, what happens?
    Under normal circumstances, a match may be prolonged to an insane number of duels. If that numbers reaches 7+, we will use the Poker Rules provided in the Sign Up thread. When one of the AK's sees that a duel is creating inconsistencies in the bracket, we will personally PM the participants explaining the situation. If you do not receive a PM from us, simply continue the match like normal.


  • Once again, this tournament's is Voids, Fiends, and Minions of Nulgath. So get ready to dual you way to the finals!

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  • DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    11/5/2015 23:12:55   


    Tournament Winner
    Voice of Fate aka DarkBlazer49

    The Bracket
    Void Wars Tournament Bracket

    Current Matches
    Participants awaiting for matches:

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    DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
    11/20/2015 19:05:45   
    the warden

    Ok I pmed toaster
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
    11/20/2015 19:16:47   

    I'm ready and I'll be waiting in Solace-1. Although the next three days will be a little rocky, I have work in the afternoon EST and will be gone so it is best to find me in the morning EST for the next three days. Thank you
    Post #: 4
    11/20/2015 19:46:05   

    I will most likely be ready to duel on Tuesday if that is okay with you Dave X aka H.A.L. V2. I believe this counts as my side of communication for now. Sorry if you wanted to speed things up.
    AQ AQW  Post #: 5
    11/20/2015 19:49:56   

    I'll just wait MentalDaemon's response
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
    11/20/2015 19:58:49   
    Gorillo Titan

    I sent a message just waiting on response.
    Post #: 7
    11/20/2015 20:08:27   

    Now to sit back and wait.
    DF AQW  Post #: 8
    11/20/2015 20:27:21   
    Gorillo Titan

    So kiyone has to message every single one of use who are matches are?
    Post #: 9
    11/20/2015 20:42:00   

    Yes I do. Currently working on.
    DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
    11/20/2015 20:53:09   
    The Finnish Phoenix

    Wow, remarkable job again Kiyone! A real labour of love for the game and its playerbase!

    Dr4ke it looks like we're opponents, so good luck to you and I'll meet you in-game ASAP.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
    11/20/2015 20:56:00   
    H.A.L. V2

    Ah, apologies DarkBlazer, but I'm gone Tuesday and Wednesday. If you wish to duel earlier than Monday night or after Wednesday, I'll probably be free. Thanks.
    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 12
    11/20/2015 20:57:39   
    Bionic Bear

    Well, seelkamoon, I won't be available today. I'll shoot you a PM at some point. I'll be on tomorrow from around 2:30-7:30 PM EST.
    Post #: 13
    11/20/2015 21:33:25   

    Hey Gira, I'm free from 11 am EST until 7 pm EST on Saturday. Does any time during that time work for you?
    AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 14
    11/20/2015 21:38:23   
    Gorillo Titan

    @kiyone how about next time doing the idea of suggested with the double sided bracket putting people from a closer timezone on each side would allow duels to go by faster I know its not perfect but it would help with the timezone differences.
    Post #: 15
    11/20/2015 21:56:59   

    When I bracket you guys. While still random. I put you in by your time zones. In the hopes to make this go faster. So from going down that list its starts UTC -1000 all the way down to UTC +1200. For the first few rounds you should be all be fighting people with no time zone difference or it should be one to three hours. You have to remember you different real life schedules. That's why we give you two days to coordinate to handle that unknown factor.

    Also the bracket is equal in placement to double side bracket you mention. Its was easier for me to make it from scratch to go all the way down then have it go side to side. If you look at it closely it works out the same regardless if it was side to side.
    DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
    11/20/2015 22:03:38   
    Gorillo Titan

    Side to sides looks cooler though.
    Post #: 17
    11/20/2015 22:45:34   

    oh my god ... omigosh OMYGOZH OMYEAY _ !!!
    I actually survive the first match this time.....

    Thanks giens for an awesome duel, srsly, he and I are equal in both characters and levels :S
    screenshot 1
    screenshot 2
    DF AQW Epic  Post #: 18
    11/20/2015 22:49:31   
    Gorillo Titan

    Congrats on being the first winner of the tournament.
    Post #: 19
    11/20/2015 22:54:29   
    Real Deal

    wargod , check your pms so we can get it on.
    Post #: 20
    11/20/2015 22:55:14   

    waiting for the response, odsey
    AQW  Post #: 21
    11/20/2015 22:55:34   
    Gorillo Titan

    How about a team system next tournament 5 people each time if one person on your team wins the whole team wins.
    Post #: 22
    11/20/2015 23:30:55   

    I'm be ready by tomorrow at 5:20 pm EST draken blade meet me in solace-1
    Post #: 23
    11/20/2015 23:57:26   
    Edolon xD

    My opponent is not showing up???

    All caps content removed. Please refrain from using all caps, it is considered spam. For more information, please read the =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules > Posting Behavior > Do Not Spam. ~Kiyone

    < Message edited by Kiyone -- 11/21/2015 11:05:03 >
    Post #: 24
    11/21/2015 0:00:55   
    The Finnish Phoenix


    My opponent is not showing up???

    ^PM your opponent your availability so you can be on at the same time if your opponent doesn't show up or respond within 48 hours then they will likely be disqualified, but until then be patient.

    Post edit to remove spam reference to another post. ~Kiyone

    < Message edited by Kiyone -- 11/21/2015 11:06:12 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 25
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