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RE: =AK= All Classes Discussion Thread IX

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3/22/2018 1:31:40   

The short/simple animations for skills like Blood Rite are a blessing, they make farming incredibly time-efficient. The more intricate animations being reserved for skills like Corruption or Inner Darkness/Vengeance (which you'd only be using in longer fights anyway) gives you the best of both worlds in terms of animations and I think that's an incredibly underrated aspect of the class design.
DF  Post #: 401
3/22/2018 1:54:21   

I agree with you. Even moves like Shape Darkness donít take too much time. Life Carve is very quick, surprisingly! Thatís another reason I like DmK. Also, it seems to be the only somewhat-foolproof method to beat the primordials, but due to lacking a shield, unable to do Big&Small well. (Without Guests in both cases). I also love how Corrupted Malefic Binding has chances to stun EVERY turn regardless of immobility resistance.
DF  Post #: 402
3/22/2018 4:39:37   

I like lingering Doom and Spikes. Not only the animation effect is simple and fast but at the same time has a sense of pleasure behind the feeling of blasting your foe with your power from a distance.
Post #: 403
3/22/2018 22:08:22   

Since i cloudnt find soulweaver thread and since i dont know if this was discused or whatsoever, since the change to crits i think that Concentration on Normal soulweaver should be buffed? its 30mp for 10crit which is like "nothing" with the new numbers?

Also and totally apart, What happened to the 2 voted guest (if there was a votation) that were supposed to take those 2 empty slots.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 404
3/23/2018 0:54:22   

^ Thread
Post #: 405
3/30/2018 6:01:47   

I basically have nearly all the classes in the game, apart from the first 3 calendar classes.

I was wondering what the best one hit KO class is? because I am trying to do the TIME-TORN matrix and it is taking way too long with my AOT, since it doesn't have many multi hit skills and the only one it has goes on a one turn cool down.

Post #: 406
3/30/2018 6:03:54   

Doom knight version 1 of course but if you have version 2 only well then I have no idea.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 407
3/30/2018 6:13:16   

I only have V2, narrowly missed the V1 when I bought the doomknight. And V2 is not very good in incredibly long quests like the TIMETORN matrix. The only problem is that it runs out of mana very quickly and has no mana healing skills. The most effective one so far is AOT , but is not the best one hit KO class and it doesn't have many multi hit skills
Post #: 408
3/30/2018 6:28:03   

Do you have ascendant? It get good one hit well hit the longer the fights takes and it has mana recovering. Also patience dragonlord can do that also. But the fastest is of course riftwalker as for about 4 rounds it gives huge damage. But no mana regen.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 409
3/30/2018 6:49:57   

Riftwalker is good at one-shotting weaker enemies on the first turn, though I'd personally recommend ChronoZ for the Timetorn Matrix simply because the Reverse skill removes the need for potions and healing pads (and unlike similar skills on classes like AoT or Pyromancer, Reverse's cooldown doesn't carry over between battles).

< Message edited by TFS -- 3/30/2018 6:56:11 >
DF  Post #: 410
3/30/2018 7:57:07   

When using Riftwalker for the Timetorn, I highly recommend showing the Blade of Awe. If you have high WIS and END, whenever you're low you can literally just use auto-attack on a water elemental (which heals itself every round), until you've maxed your health and mana again. This can be quite tedious, though it still saves time over defensive classes (or even other Atealan classes).
Alternatively, and more efficiently, if you plan ahead you can use the damage reduction skill on an Earth Elemental, then attack it with the Blade of Awe for five turns; the Blade of Awe's special still works when the attack is blocked/parried/dodged. The damage reduction should save time overall in comparison to the previous strategy.

One of Riftwalker's strengths is its ability to trigger on-hit specials more frequently.
Post #: 411
3/30/2018 8:57:40   

Thank You, I can't use riftwalker because my base class is mage. However, I find using ChronoZ very effective, because it never runs out of mana and deal quite a lot of damage. It only takes a while to get the combo started tho. Right now, I am confused on whether I should use AOT or ChronoZ, because they are both great offensive classes.
Post #: 412
3/30/2018 18:54:25   
Sakurai the Cursed

The class I found best for the Timetorn Maze is Shadow Walker of Time, with Baltael SoulWeaver coming second. Showing the Blade of Awe, SWoT can end any of the single elementals in 1 turn with Shadow People (only having to switch weapons to their weakness on the tanky ~1k HP ones), and the 2-enemy ones in 2 turns with Shadow People then Impaling Hands. And you won't have to worry about healing with its many hits (7 for Shadow People, 10 for Impaling Hands) triggering BoA's passive.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 413
3/30/2018 19:02:49   

You don't really need BoA to make an offensive armor last a long time. Simply having a protection-focused dragon and a decent amount of END/WIS is enough to go through a long quest with just about any armor. (Though it does help.)

As far as one-shotting opponents in a 1v1 battle, BA-Soulweaver is by far the best in the game. 1000% damage is more than enough to beat any standard enemy on the first turn. It also has a number of multi-hit attacks, so you can trigger any on-hit specials fairly often.

< Message edited by andybaum005 -- 3/30/2018 19:06:01 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 414
3/30/2018 19:19:27   
Sakurai the Cursed

1v1 battles are not all that exist though, and after blowing BaltaelSync BSW is left sorely lacking powerful attacks. The fact that BSW has a higher multiplier on one of their moves is not an advantage until enemies are strong enough that other classes can't also 1shot them with their weaker moves, which isn't the case here. Also, using a pet is a loss in farming speed that's unnecessary when you can just show BoA instead. Doubly so for using a build with End and Wis rather than going fully-offensive. That's not to say that my way is the only way, but the question is about farming efficiency.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 415
3/31/2018 10:19:23   

Since the thread got locked, we can continue here I guess.

What is your favourite class in the game aesthetically and mechanically?

Bonus: If you hypothetically could, would you trade your favourite class for DmK V1? (again, this is just a fun scenario, please do not bring up the old debates about the class.)
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 416
3/31/2018 18:40:21   

Guess I should have been more specific; You don't need to press the *attack button* with BoA just to regain HP/Mana. I was talking to Shiny, who was saying that you can use BoA to regain Mana/HP by pressing the attack-button (Which would slow you down significantly, as Riftwalker's attack only does 100% damage.). I was saying that there are faster/more useful ways of regaining mana. If you can one-shot one enemy, and take 1-2 turns to kill the others in a battle with a non-nuke skill, your dragon is fully capable of assisting you regain mana, so you don't need to rely on BoA and a multi-hit attack by itself, and you can go through quests like the TTM relatively quickly without losing all of your mana, even if your armor has a heavy drain on it.

And as far as Riftwalker vs BA-Soulweaver is concerned, Riftwalker has a better second-turn skill, but Soulweaver is FAR more damaging on its first and third turn, has a higher hit-count on those turns, and its damage and defenses remain consistently high, whereas Riftwalker becomes weaker on both overtime. From my perspective, BA-Soulweaver is more useful in more situations than Riftwalker. Plus it can be used by mages and rogues, so there's that.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 417
3/31/2018 21:24:57   


You're taking what shiny said out of context. What shiny said was "whenever you're low, you can use auto-attack" In such a case, no, it wouldn't slow you dow, since you're low on mana, and can't use the other skills properly anyways. And that's assuming by some miracle you ever even get that low with riftwalker if you have BoA showing.

And, like Sakurai said, there isn't only 1v1's to think about. And the person was specifically asking for use in the Timetorn matrix.

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DF  Post #: 418
4/1/2018 0:56:30   

Oh, I guess I missed that while I was going through the thread. My bad. ^^;

@Kurtz96 Honestly, if I had a choice between V2(My favorite class) and V1, I'd choose V2 any day of the week. V2, while not as strong, is WAY more fun to play with, has a much higher number of incredibly good skills, and is also far better at tanking really high-hitting bosses than V1 is. I almost never use V1, since it's either too insanely OP for my liking, or not that useful in some situations. There's no real middle-ground with it. With V2, you're still insanely powerful and incredibly hard to kill, but it's not to a point where it feels broken. I can still go for a semi-difficult playstyle with it by turning on Hard-mode, in any case. Plus, I really like the look of it and the feel of being an unstoppable power-house kind of vibe it gives off. It has sort of a, "Sauron from LotR" kind of thing going for it, which is cool. On top of that, it also has really fast-yet-awesome-looking attack-animations, and it can bypass stun-resistance and BPD-defenses. Barring that class, I'd also keep PDL over DmKv1, since I honestly think it's more versatile, as it can tank attacks that would potentially one-shot Dmkv1 or stun-lock it into oblivion.

< Message edited by andybaum005 -- 4/1/2018 0:58:25 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 419
4/1/2018 1:04:03   


Are there any enemies in the game that can do that? I don't think I have ever run into them. And I guess DmK V1 is less well rounded than other classes, but with life carve you can beat pretty much any enemy, even the ones you are not suppose to be able to beat, and if you have a tank build with END and M/P/M the lack of defenses thing is not really an issue.

For instance DmK V1 can ignore Siofra's gimmick and beat it easier than Icebound Revenent can by just clicking life carve.

Anyways The DmK V1 thing is not the main point. I wanted to promote discussion on your favourite classes aesthetically, and just threw in the DmK hypothetical as a fun bonus
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 420
4/1/2018 1:34:39   

Kurtz96 There's a very small handful of bosses can do enough damage to beat DmKv1 before it can life-carve them into death. Razen's a good example (Can stun and DoT you to death before you can take him down). Anyways, I really don't like using Dmk1's Life-carve, as it feels way too cheap 98% of the time.

And you also asked what our favorite classes were mechanically-speaking, and I was answering by saying DmK V2 was my favorite in that regard. I wasn't just talking about V1 vs V2. But, if we were just talking in terms of appearance alone, I guess I'd say Riftwalker is another one of my favorites. I really like the idea of a warrior that is so crazy-strong that it can literally tear holes of reality and move through them to attack the enemy in numerous directions. Attack-animations are really cool, too. Plus, it has a really unique way of holding the character's weapon, which I like.

< Message edited by andybaum005 -- 4/1/2018 1:41:03 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 421
4/12/2018 9:09:41   

I believe a lot of people are debating on the Pyromancer as people have very mixed opinions on it. What are you guys' thoughts? Personally, I love the class' defensive capabilities like damage reflection from Magma Bubble and aesthetics, such as the move Paper Cannon. Now that is raw beauty. What do you guys think?
DF  Post #: 422
4/12/2018 9:25:58   

Personally, I am in agreement, though my favorite skill aesthetically would actually be Blaze Blue, because it's very reminiscent of firebending from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and for some reason, that just fits the class perfectly.
DF  Post #: 423
4/12/2018 11:20:28   

Nostalgia trip...anyone else remember when they put SoulWeaver out for testing and you could just one-shot everything with Repentance? Good times...
Post #: 424
4/12/2018 11:50:03   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

Yes, I really miss being able to use that in war waves and one-shot nearly every monster! (I can understand why it was nerfed, but I was nearly as fast as my friends on DoomKnight for a while there!)


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