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RE: =AK= All Classes Discussion Thread IX

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12/23/2015 1:29:50   

Hmm, what about level 30? Ascendant tends to take quite the amount of mana in long quests so should I put points in Wis, Int and Cha?
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12/23/2015 4:14:53   

Since you want mana, put a lot of points into WIS. INT is used to increase your magic damage so use a Staff, Wand, or Scythe type weapon. CHA just increases the damage of guests and pets and has nothing to do with your own damage.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 52
12/23/2015 4:38:30   

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12/23/2015 4:49:52   

I've always been a fan of the soulweaver classes. Good defense and offense, they allow you to bring aegis along and they do look pretty cool. SW is even even better with baltaels aventael making it one of the most OP classes in the game. I really wish the aventael worked with MSW though because i dont use it as much due to soulweavers nu OPness
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 54
12/23/2015 5:51:09   
Sakurai the Cursed

@Xrenzokr - As Chazero said, CHA is for pets and guests while INT is for yourself. If you usually use both a pet and guests then you should ignore INT in favor of CHA, as in that case CHA is much stronger (since it's applying to 2-3 damage sources instead of just 1), but if you don't then CHA is largely worthless so you should focus on INT and/or LUK.

And yeah, the Atealans are very mana-hungry at lower levels so you won't go wrong with some WIS. Do keep in mind however that Asc's mana-restoring skill should be used frequently (meaning at least once per battle), not just when you're running low. Your mana pool will effectively be much larger that way.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 55
12/25/2015 9:35:39   

Question: Would a Madness-based class work for DF, or would it be too dark?

Also, Sakurai is right about the Atealan classes using a lot of mana(at least in the case of RiftWalker).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 56
12/25/2015 10:42:48   
Sakurai the Cursed

^It could certainly be done without being too dark, but the question is whether what you want specifically would be too dark; if they made it light enough (probably more of a comical type of madness, like The Joker without the murder and such) would it still be the sort of class you're looking for?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 57
12/25/2015 10:58:23   


What new classes and related armors would you like to see in the future?

I just thought of one armor/class I'd like to see in the future: A SUPER-RARE armor made of Jewels that farms and turns gold into DC and DC into gold, lol! (Just like in Castlevania SOTN Jewel Sword)

This is no suggestion!
One important difference between DmK v1 and revamped DmK is that revamped DmK releases it's full power of it's abilities only after the use of the skill "Corruption" and that isn't so good because if you're dependent on ONE skill that make the other ones much stronger is quite risky BUT there isn't so much difference really before and after the corruption, just an extra buff to the abilities.

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12/25/2015 14:40:44   

@Sakurai the Cursed: I do like the idea of lightening it up. I might keep that in mind.

However, the idea that I had was more similar to the Madness in Soul Eater(or possibly similar to the Kishin).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 59
12/25/2015 18:21:49   

That sounds almost as if the character is going to be Death's apprentice considering that the theme is death when you talk about Soul Eater. I doubt though that Death has ever done such a thing, he is only a keeper and guard of lost/dead souls.
Maybe he is even a protector if you think carefully about it.

It's a good thing that DmK v1 can still be saved as a class. I didn't think it would be possible anymore because of the entrance of the newly revamped DmK but I just hope that nothing terrible happens if you put the revamped DmK into the bank, saving DmK v1 in Orb of Savings/Armor Closet, then go to char list and selecting the character again. I hope it doesn't affect anything about the badge or the armors because they're so cooooooool.

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12/25/2015 20:44:03   

I totally like the EnTropy,it's like a lesser version of the DmK. Srsly,you can deal 1000 - 1600 dmg easily with the Rotten Touch,provided,you used Spit and Infect before. If enemy has no Darkness Resist. (Oh yes,i use the ScanOrb which further weakens enemy elements -15 to all,which means -75 to Darkness.)

Didn't like the Ice Bound Revenant. Not like i used it,but it's said that's like an Ice version of the DeathKnight.(DeathKnight is a beast.)
Kathool Adept... well,sucks mana like a parasite...
Unforgiving,when used on long quests.

Would like to see the ChaosWeaver.
DF  Post #: 61
12/25/2015 21:47:12   

I'd like to see Master Soulweaver skills improved by the artifact before any work is done on other weaver-related classes.

I'd also like to see other weaver-related classes.

And new artifacts. A single item that changes three or four skills in an already-existing class HAS to be easier to develop than entirely new classes, right? Yet the affected classes FEEL like something new, and rare and awesome.
DF  Post #: 62
12/26/2015 9:45:36   

Ah, yes. That Entropy Armor is extremely powerful! I mean, when you think about how you nerf Gorgok with En and Tropy's abilities Gorgok only dealt 5 point of damage on them.
The Entropy Armor probably is the one who has the least cooldown with the stun ability than any other armor (With EPL as exception because of that Scythe of Enfeeblement that has a chance to stun your foe in one turn) and it hits more than once where each hit stuns your opponent! Good to use against strong bosses or bosses with healing, stun and nerf abilities.

I just defeated Ouch! Deadwood Destroyer on Hard Mode alone without DoomKnight! You actually can defeat him with DmK v1 but you need extreme luck with that as well but I defeated him without DmK v1.

< Message edited by UltimateDoomKnight -- 12/27/2015 18:11:55 >
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12/28/2015 15:56:46   

Ouch! Deadwood Destroyer? Where is that?
I like to replay my old boss fights like ManaCrest,Aspar,Tomix... etc.
And i don't even have any DmK. Trying the classes i have already (ACC,Cryptic,EnTropy,Necromancer, etc.) and see which works the best.
Planning to get the Kathool Adept. For all it's mana sucking,it might be worth it.
Pyromancer didn't impress me too much,except for that full heal ability.
Not sure about Ancient Shadow E2 (Ancient Exosuit i.e. Shadowscythe E2.) People said it's meh and unfinished etc...
DF  Post #: 64
12/28/2015 16:01:23   

My friend, Ouch! Deadwood Destroyer is nearly unbeatable and you will know why. He is located on the map Castle Valtrith Book 3, The quest Friday the 13th Again --> Boss fight (Something Wicked). I beat him alone on Hard Mode with an instant-kill from the EPL, you can also use DmK Variant One but both requires huge luck. The "Ouch!" is his third difficulty form and he deals insane damage! He can even one-hit kill one.

Here is where you get info about him. He is originally called Enraged Deadwood Destroyer.

< Message edited by UltimateDoomKnight -- 12/28/2015 16:10:08 >
Post #: 65
12/28/2015 20:12:00   
Legendary Nightshade

Ancient Exosuit is definitely not meh or unfinished. The only thing that might be lacking are the animations, which are simplistic (and much less laggy than, say, ACC) and fairly basic. Since you weren't a fan of Pyromancer, a defensive class, you might not like Exosuit, since it's also fairly low-damage compared to KAA, ACC, or Cryptic. It has fast animations though, and decent initial damage.
DF  Post #: 66
12/28/2015 22:21:29   

Nonsense,i like the Cryptic over the Riftwalker totally.
It's totally possible to do a crit,every 2 if not every attack,and you can make 600 - 1200 damage without problems.
So the E2 won't go for meh.


The problem is,i do not recall the 13th Friday invasion. Was it one with like the Cultist bosses (i.e. Opprobius?) or smth?
Can't find it.

< Message edited by dragon_master -- 12/28/2015 22:26:03 >
DF  Post #: 67
12/29/2015 8:37:39   

@dragon_master No, it was the war against Valtrith that we lost and Ash gave us a new chance.
You first go to the book 3 map, find Doomwood and then Castle Valtrith. Then you press the button "Gathering Shadows!", choose the quest "Friday the 13th Again!", then there is the "invasion" button and then click the boss fight.
Once you you're pressing the button "Boss Fight" and you're inside the quest it will be called "Something Wicked".
After a dialogue with Ashendal and Ash DragonBlade there are three difficulties against the Enraged Deadwood Destroyer. The hardest difficulty is called "Ouch!" and in my case I fought Ouch! Enraged Deadwood Destroyer on Hard Mode which was impossible without DmK v1 and any of the other two armors that had the ability to instant-kill the foe (Guardian and Evolved Pumpkinlord).
Post #: 68
12/29/2015 12:05:39   

DF  Post #: 69
12/29/2015 14:44:10   

DoomKnight Variant One is so powerful that it can take on many of the titans throughout DF easily, even Titan Wargoth on normal mode! You won't even have to use "Life Carve" on some, just add the right resistances and defense! If there ever were going to be a Titan Valtrith do you think DoomKnight Variant One would be strong enough to beat him?

Titan Valtrith is NO suggestion! Just a thought I had to compare with the strongest class in the game!
Post #: 70
12/30/2015 3:03:40   

I feel Ascendant's animations and art is quite bland it gets boring after some time, though it is one of the best offensive classes. Would it hurt to use Deathknight or MSW instead of it for some time? Any other offensive class suggestions?
Post #: 71
12/31/2015 9:31:25   

@Xrenzokr There is Ascended ChickenCowlord, Entropy, Evolved Pumpkinlord and Timekiller. Evolved Dragonlord is mostly defensive but it is quite strong anyway. Kathool Adept Armor is a very offensive class but uses a lot of mana.
Post #: 72
12/31/2015 10:04:36   
Sakurai the Cursed

Strongest offensive classes (in no particular order, and excluding classes that are rare): DoomKnight (obviously :P), Kathool Adept, Riftwalker/Cryptic/Ascendant, Evolved Pumpkinlord, Ascended Chickencow, Avatar of Time, (maybe Icebound Revenant as I've heard great things but don't have it myself). MSW and DK are more hybrids than offensive. If that level 32 you have linked is the character in question though, then remove KAA from that list because its damage is scaled by level so it won't be anywhere near as good, but will still have stupidly-high MP costs which you can't deal with at that level.

< Message edited by Sakurai the Cursed -- 12/31/2015 10:07:13 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 73
12/31/2015 10:41:13   

Well I meant non-DC classes and yeah Sakurai, that's my character. Though I'm finding DK also quite versatile though it eats my mana in a long quest, but Ascendant is still better :D.
Post #: 74
12/31/2015 10:53:20   

Most of the offensive classes are DC armors but those that you can use that isn't DC are: EPL, ACL, EDL and Necromancer can be quite offensive if used properly. It has almost a perfect mix of offense and defense.
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