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RE: =AQ= [FGC] Farming Guide Compilation Discussion/Requests

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3/14/2018 3:30:32   
Jams Loyal Subject

Just wondering, is it faster to kill Krator or Queen Hybee for XP? Am currently level 86.

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 176
3/14/2018 10:16:13   


Level 90
XP 16683
Gold 1852


Terrible Twelve
General Monster List
Level 1-25: «Boss name» (6)
Level 26-45: «Boss name» (26)
Level 46-65: «Boss name» (46)
Level 66-85: «Boss name» (66)
Level 86-105: «Boss name» (86
Level 106-125: «Boss name» (106)
Level 126-145: «Boss name» (126)
Level 146+: «Boss name» (146)

AQ's 10th Anniversary!


Level 86
XP 8034
Gold 2678

Queen Hybee

Krator has somewhere around an effective HP of 1.7k HP, hybee around 750.

1700/750 = 2.6
16683/8034 = 2.07

krator while having more HP does not have enough exp to offset the extra HP on a per monster basis.
In theory go with hybee but it all comes down to how fast you can kill them.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 177
3/20/2018 14:50:43   
Primate Murder

@ Afterlifex

Thanks for the House Guard Farming Guide!

Nerfkitten Scion proved a great farming spot from lvl 90 to 145 and the Gogg is actually superior even to top-level Hybee for xp farming in addition to gold, is accessible at all levels and goes down fairly easy as long as you survive his first strike.
AQ DF  Post #: 178
3/20/2018 17:05:21   

^ gogg section updated to reflect that, thx
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 179
3/27/2018 4:14:15   

With Ballyhoo no longer giving out Z-Tokens (or so I've been told, I can't seem to find the patch note and his in game description still mentions them), is it worth discussing spots specifically for farming Z-Tokens? Admittedly, I'm not sure if there's any at level 150 that beat Zardnado.

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AQ  Post #: 180
3/27/2018 10:13:59   
Rafiq von den Vielen

When does Nerfkitten (if I use the House Guard farming method) start being beatable? My level 70 suffers heavily, but can she be beatable if I get to 75 and upgrade his gear?
Post #: 181
3/27/2018 10:47:26   

^ depends on your build and items. It's whenever you start doing around 700 dmg. A mage using wizard robes would have an easier time getting to that point, more so if they stack other boosts.
edit: other builds could do it with a lower dmg per turn threshold since their MP doesn't matter all that much. 2-3 turns is the max I would expect reliable, so 230 to 350 dmg range.

mu695 tokens can't actively be farmed as they are random, if anything if you want to cap them you have to NOT farm other things. Once you cap you won't get token drops. Exp/Gold farming is normally a matter if speed capping, the less battles you fight the fewer chances you have a tokens. Ideally go find a high is lvl monster with low or standard rewards you can kill quickly and after your tokens cap move on to normal farming.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 182
3/27/2018 11:04:05   
Rafiq von den Vielen

^Dual Thernda. I'm struggling to 2HKO her with my best skill available, and if she buffs herself once I usually book a trip to the Boatman. Probably gonna get to 75 and upgrade before I try again.
Post #: 183
3/30/2018 14:22:49   
Primate Murder

Are you using the Taledosian Robes skill? At level 90 with dual Thernda and Taledosian I could beat Scion as long as I survive two turns of damage.
AQ DF  Post #: 184
5/26/2018 11:07:00   

When do Queen Hybee/Am-Boss/any enemy transition to the next fightable tier? I remember being able to encounter level 150 enemies at around 130, but bosses seem to be different, but I can't find a pattern. I fought Hybee until level 138, and then Am-Boss was the 140-tier, however it took until 120 for am-boss to become the 120-tier, so is there a reason for it/expected level for me to go fight Hybee more?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 185
5/26/2018 11:35:36   

Checking previous posts or the quest they come from should be your first step. I Even have the info on hybee quoted on this page.

While am-boss is from Wyvern Rider War!

Also so long as you aren't asking how or where to farm, questions are best direct towards AdventureQuest Q&A

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 186
6/28/2018 23:52:40   
Elite Warlord

Is there a viable tactic to one turning shadow gogg as pure warrior 150 without usage of sp or misc? a wind nuke skill is something i want to avoid tbh
Currently i need two turns as ultimon with wind attuned BoA!! And CIT to finish gogg off as he usually end up with 200 to 400 hp after turn 1.
Just wondering if i should risk switching out ultimon for something a bit stronger and what that might be and whether i should buy a wind weapon that triggers against shadow.
AQ  Post #: 187
7/1/2018 11:52:01   
Bu Kek Siansu

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Post #: 188
7/4/2018 3:15:03   

Regarding the Might Shadow Gogg farming, I find that the new Shinyaro Form is a good armor to use. The armor has good resistance against Light and Darkness, so you can just pair it with the Paladin Shield then just use the Armor Skill, which for me, normally OHKOs the Gogg.
AQ  Post #: 189
8/7/2018 4:19:07   

Hi, I'm not sure if this is allowed here, but I've been secretly using the Armor Golem from the updated Morningstar quest to farm gold. It gives the highest gold at Lv150, and is especially good for warriors, since warriors have a perfect setup with werewolf default armour, minotaur's, chieftain ironthorn and horo-show sword with Harm toggle. It's fast enough to be a close second to Mages farming Zardnado, and very low chance of dying.

Just complete the normal morningstar quest once, then choose it on travel map; go for Boss Rush. Fight the golem, flee the next one, repeat.

Gold per battle: 1830000 (I capped for today so I'll check this again tmr!)
Turns to kill: 1-2. 2 because I'm lazy and just use STR/DEX toggle, double Dun, no beast form. With beast form it's usually 1 turn, 2 if something misses.

My mage doesn't have it as easy, I've been using Chthonian count and Necragon guise, Voidsplinter for Harm damage, Moonwalker's grace, and an earth misc like Postgraduate's diploma (Seekrat) or Polygalactase Process (Truphma). It's slower, at about 3-4 turns (because lazy), and the chance of death is a bit higher. Haven't found a more efficient way to farm yet.

Shinyaro form with Harm nuke isn't as effective as you'd think over a long run, because the Golem has high MRM, and also because I'm lazy and don't want to spam Essence Orb every battle. Death Fist will however, one-shot most times with my warrior setup (Horo-show, minotaur, Dunamis), especially during minotaur day + Fragile.

Also, can you teach me your ways on how to farm Zardnado, my sempai's! What are some of the methods you use?

Lv150 Pure(?) Mage
Char: Here!
Farming spot: Zardnado

Notes: I don't have Pyromancer Bloodmage, been using Headless Horseman. I die about 1 in 10 battles if I get unlucky

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AQ  Post #: 190
8/7/2018 4:57:31   
Primate Murder

Pyromancer's Robe with Imbue toggled on, Celtic Wheel, Double Poes. Get Arcane Cutlass of Combustion, if you can spare a UR, or use Sila's Staff if you can't.

As a general rule, you end the battle in one/two rounds.

As for Armor Golem - how much gold does it give? How many rounds to kill?
AQ DF  Post #: 191
8/7/2018 5:24:46   

@Primate edited my post above with my findings, thanks. I'm still testing stuff out with mage build
AQ  Post #: 192
8/7/2018 6:11:37   
Primate Murder

Ok, so I did the Armor Golem myself and agree that it's a viable alternative to Shadow Gogg and Zardnado.

1 663 000 gold; roughly two turns of battle even w/o CiT.

That's about as much time and more gold than you get from Zardnado or Gogg.
AQ DF  Post #: 193
8/7/2018 7:41:43   

However Armor Golem gives more gold than exp, iirc he gives 1 million+ exp per fight, so for leveling, the other options available are still better.

It's not very often we have a more gold-heavy monster to farm, is it?

Tried it again with mage + harm weapon and Shinyaro, it will one-shot 1 out of 2 times. Recommended CIT and some damage booster. Most battles will take 2 turns. I believe this farming spot is a very welcome one for warriors, because they have the optimal gear easily available.
AQ  Post #: 194
8/23/2018 15:19:51   

Does Zardnado scale with the level of the teleport portrait? For example, if I purchase the lv15 portrait will I be able to fight the lvl 150 zardnado or will it be lv 15?

Also, I have been farming Underbeast for around 1.6m gold. Is there any monsters out there that provide more gold with easy access?
AQ AQW  Post #: 195
8/23/2018 15:28:26   

No, it's based on the lvl of the painting.

Underbeast, prob gives one of the highest gold per fight but most aren't going to bother with him given there are much easier monsters like zardnado and shadow gogg which while they give a bit less gold can be killed much quicker. Per fight rewards aren't always the end all be all of farming.

edit: ex: More than twice the effective HP of nado and over 5 times the effective HP of s. gogg, without having enough gold to offset it.

edit: have you tried the Armor golem mentioned above your post? It does take some prep work and the suggestion is more warrior centered but worth a look.

Basha I am going to mention armor golem in my post on page 7(and link to your post), that a very good find.

< Message edited by afterlifex -- 8/23/2018 15:46:19 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 196
11/12/2018 5:11:49   

How do I get to Zardnado and Shadow Grogg without a house?
AQ DF  Post #: 197
11/12/2018 5:16:51   

@Above You need a house for those.
AQ  Post #: 198
11/12/2018 22:54:28   

Is there an alternate to Am-Boss for gold farming? Everyone only talks about exp farming on here. I'm one level away from 135, so I need to hoard gold for the level 135 upgrades.
AQ DF  Post #: 199
11/13/2018 1:27:11   
Primate Murder

Generally, people farm the Shadow Gogg house guard at your level. There's a small chance of dying, but otherwise the monster dies in one (max two) turns and gives you over 1b gold.

See the General Guide for more details.
AQ DF  Post #: 200
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